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Itching to Play — Brandon Belt

It’s really disappointing to be out of the lineup right when the season gets started. I won’t be out for long, but missing any time at all is so frustrating because all you’re thinking during the off-season and especially spring training is, “How do I get ready for Opening Day and the new season? What can I do to get better?’’ You can’t wait to get back out there.

I still got butterflies on Opening Day down here in Arizona. I imagine I’ll feel them again for the home opener on Monday. Maybe you think at this point in our lives, playing in the Major Leagues, we’d get kind of jaded to it all. But you don’t. It’s still a huge deal. You’ve been waiting four-and-a-half months. You’re so raring to go and so excited that you have to learn how to calm yourself down and clear everything out of your head.

You do that by going back to basics. As a little kid you’re always told to keep your eye on the ball, and that’s basically what it is. When you have a lot of stuff cluttering your mind, that’s when you get yourself in trouble. You need to go out there and be free and easy both mechanically and mentally. It’s something I really worked on this spring.

One thing that really helps: Having a seven-month-old baby. You cannot be in a bad mood around that kid. It’s awesome. He’s just loves being alive every day. He’s a lot like me as a kid. You might not know it now, but I was kind of goofy growing up. You can ask some of the guys I played with in the minors. I was goofy. And Haylee’s just like me. So we expect Greyson to be the same way.

I have faith that this little setback is just that. It’s no fun watching a game from the dugout when all you’ve been thinking about is being on that field. I’m feeling good and know I’ll be back in the lineup very, very soon. No movie reviews until then!

Part 2: Brandon & Brandon In Conversation

In the clubhouse. The topic: TV binge watching.

Belt: You ever seen Walking Dead?
Crawford: You’ve asked me that, like, a hundred times.
Belt: I ask everybody so I don’t know who I asked.
Crawford: You’ve told me to watch that already. But I probably won’t.
Belt: It’s not really about zombies. Once you get into it, it’s the drama about them staying alive. The zombies are always going to be a part of it but it’s kind of like an outside thing.
Crawford: Is it like Zombieland?
Belt. No.
Crawford: Then I’m not watching it.
Belt: I liked Zombieland, too. Everything was about the zombies in Zombieland. You seen Orange is the New Black?
Crawford: I’m on Season 1.
Belt: At first, I was thinking, I don’t get this show. Then I really liked it.
Crawford: The first episode I watched, I thought, Oh, this could be pretty interesting.
Belt: (laughs)
Crawford: Gross. I watched a few more episodes and watched all of them. Way better than zombies.
Belt: I’m telling you, I was totally opposed to watching Walking Dead, too. Everybody was telling me about it. They couldn’t shut up about it. So I watched two or three episodes and I couldn’t stop. I love binge-watching. I love it to death. I hate it when it’s over.
Crawford: I know.I want to watch, like, three episodes in a row. But I find that I’m much more tired at night now than I was in the past. Nine o’clock comes around, I’m ready to go to bed. Unfortunately the girls aren’t ready.
Belt: This off season (the first with a baby), we were in bed every night at 8. I didn’t go to sleep but we were in bed watching TV. Just enjoying the entertainment. It’s so great.
Crawford: Jalynne and I will watch Breaking Bad if we’re actually both awake and the girls are asleep. We’re on Season 2. It’s kind of our new “together’’ show because at the end of last year we finished three shows all around the same time: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother and Dexter.
Belt: I started watching Dexter all over again. I think it’s a genius show — about a serial killer who kills serial killers! What can get better than that?
Crawford: I think it’s interesting how many shows nowadays have, like, the main character doing bad things but in a good way. Like you’re rooting for the bad guy, kind of.
Belt: The lesser of two evils.
Crawford: He can’t help himself from killing so he kills bad people.
Belt: Right, without his code he would be a straight-up serial killer. He’s just lucky he got that code when he was young.
Crawford: Breaking Bad, he’s producing meth to make money for his family. Which, I feel like he has a good amount of money already in Season 2, so he could have stopped.
Belt: All I’m watching right now is Walking Dead so I can’t binge.
Crawford: You’re caught up?
Belt: Yeah. It sucks.
Crawford: When I was down in the Dominican (rookie league), they showed Law and Order, CSI and Lost. One episode a week. They had it on repeat. So for week a straight they had one show on reruns. and the next week they’d do another episode.
Belt: Man, that’d really suck.

OK, now that we re-read this, it is totally boring. It was an experiment. Doesn’t work. But thanks for reading it if you got this far! We probably won’t have another blog post until we get to San Francisco. See you there.

In Conversation: Brandon & Brandon

Today’s post is an actual combo Brandon & Brandon blog. We decided to turn on the tape recorder and share with you a conversation between the two of us in the clubhouse. (Saves us from writing anything.) We flipped a coin to see who’d transcribe the tape. We won’t say who lost, but the tape was subsequently fobbed off on a Giants’ staffer who volunteered to do it, mostly to stop a particular someone’s whining and pleading for best two-out-of-three.

Belt: It would have been awesome to be in the lineup today with Will Ferrell playing, wouldn’t it? (Neither Brandon was in the lineup and didn’t make the trip to Glendale for the game.)
Crawford: Would it have been cool to see him? Yeah. But it’s a road game. I’m not disappointed not to go.
Belt: I don’t know if we’d get to talk to him that much, anyway.
Crawford: What would you have said?
Belt: I’d give him some tips on how to be funny. How to act little bit. Nothing as far as baseball goes, I don’t think.
Crawford: What’s your favorite Will Ferrell movie?
Belt: Just your normal ones. Old School. Step-Brothers. Talladega Nights. A lot of people like Elf.
Crawford: Anchorman’s a classic.
Belt. Anchorman! Yes! That’s up there at the top. But Stepbrothers is probably my favorite. It’s so stupid, but it’s hilarious.
Crawford: Step Brothers is all right. Not the best.
Belt: Step Brothers is one of those movies I can watch over and over. Like Tombstone. SuperBad.
Crawford: Elf is better than Step Brothers.
Belt. No, it’s not!
Crawford: Stranger than Fiction?
Belt: That’s the one I was trying to think of. It’s terrible!
Crawford: It’s better than Step Brothers.
Belt: No, it isn’t! Step Brothers is hilarious.
Crawford: Are we going to stay catch partners? (They were catch partners Wednesday when Crawford played in the field for the first time this spring. Last year Crawford’s catch partner was Pablo.)
Belt: I can’t remember who mine was last season. Hicks, before he left. I don’t know what I did after that. I had a concussion for a while. I don’t remember a lot.
Crawford: You threw with Joe (Panik).
Belt: That might be right. I can’t remember.
Crawford: I think he’s playing catch with McGehee. Probably so you wouldn’t ask him again.
Belt: You know I’m really tired right now, and I slept late today. Is that weird? I am like extremely dead.
Crawford: Did you have cherry juice?
Belt: I should have.
Crawford: I don’t believe it wakes you up. For me, it makes me more tired.
Belt: It’s got like 64 cherries in it, and it’s gross. But it’s supposed to give you energy. I didn’t drink it today. I need a Red Bull right now. I haven’t had a Red Bull in like six days.
Crawford: There are a bunch of sugar-free ones in the kitchen that are terrible for you.
Belt: it’s the sugar ones that are bad for you.
Crawford: I thought you were on a nutrition kick.
Belt: So I can’t have Red Bull? Why not?
Crawford: It’s bad for you.
Belt: What are the long-term effects of Red Bull?
Crawford: I don’t know.
Belt: Exactly! So you can’t say anything bad about it.
Crawford: You might develop super powers.
Belt: Yeah! I could!
Crawford: You might actually get wings.
Belt: I could get in the hot tub and spill it and go back in time. It’s possible.
Crawford: Where’d you go?
Belt: I like today. I wouldn’t go anywhere.
Crawford: Go to the future.
Belt: Yeah, I’d go to the future. Go a hundred years into the future and see where we are.
Crawford: Where WE are?
Belt: No — well, we might be alive because they might have the technology by then to bring you back to life.
Crawford: Or maybe the Red Bull will keep you living that long.
Belt: Maybe if I drink Red Bull my whole life I’ll be a thousand years old.
Crawford: Good point.
Tomorrow in Part II: Binge TV.

Guest Blogging — Brandon Hicks!

Just like old times. Guest blogging again.

It’s great to be back with all the guys. There’s still sort a Brandon row in the clubhouse — we’re within a couple lockers of each other but not adjoining like in SF. (I am happy to report we have not revived the Brandon handshake. It was not the greatest handshake, as the other Brandons will tell you. In fact, it kind of gives you an uncomfortable feeling when you do it.)

To refresh your memory, I was sent to Triple A in mid-July. I watched the World Series from my home in Galveston, Texas, with my girlfriend and a buddy of mine. We parked ourselves in front of the TV every evening.

I admit it was a little difficult at times. I wished I could have been there and been a part of it. But of course you’re rooting for the guys you battled with earlier in the year. What stood out for me about the team was their fight — their ability to never give up or give in. They had their backs against the wall a lot of times and kept on pushing. That’s just the type of guys that are in there.

I’m really proud to have contributed during the first half of a championship season. There’s a lot of satisfaction in that. Plus, I’ll get a ring, which is every ballplayer’s dream.

When I arrived at camp a couple weeks ago, a few guys did a double take. They didn’t really recognize me. I’ve got longish hair now. I haven’t cut it since last June. Not sure why. I’ve never really had it long, so I thought, “Why not do it now?’’ It kind of got a little curly on me, though.

I’m not comparing myself to Pagan. He’s probably got the best hair on the team. But I might be in Crawford territory. He gave me some of his product the other day to use. It turned out all right. Gave it that wet look he likes before the game.

Here’s a photo of the two of us. See if you can guess which Brandon is which. (Hint: I bulked up.)IMG_1842
Hope to see you here in Arizona. And I really hope to see you in San Francisco.





Here’s our better side . . .


Long National Nightmare Is Over — Brandon Belt

Yes, the blog is back.
This was supposed to be posted on Tuesday, but the posting got screwed up and here it is now:

Today was the first official day of spring training. Everyone is here. We had a great team meeting first thing in the morning. Bochy talked and Hunter talked. It If we weren’t already pumped to go after another World Series title, we are now. I love spring training personally. It’s good to see the green grass again and get back on the field and feel it beneath your feet. As much as we all work out in the off-season, nothing gets you into baseball shape like playing baseball.

One of the things we do in the first few days here is sign baseballs, jerseys and photos that the community relations department uses through the season to try to fill all the requests for charitable donations. They set up a bunch of tables in a hallway near the clubhouse and we sit there before or after practice and just sign. I’m in the midst of signing 27 dozen baseballs. Hunter has to sign 43 dozen. The bigger the star, the more baseballs you’re asked sign. Travis Ishikawa said he used to sign one dozen balls. This year he signed 20-something dozen.

We’re also asked to make a few appearances during spring training.

“There’s a barbecue here at the park,’’ Bobby from community relations said as I signed the baseballs, “or an event at the local zoo, but you have to drive out there so it’ll be more consuming.’’

“And a lot cooler!’’ I said. “I’ll do that one.’’

You know what my favorite zoo is? The one in Omaha, Nebraska. They have all these different sections so when you go to see the water animals, it’s like a swamp area with alligators and beavers. It’s low lighting so you feel like you’re in the swamp at nighttime. They have all these little bridges and the animals swimming underneath you. It’s awesome.

Another thing about spring training is you’re back with all your teammates. We saw a lot of guys at FanFest but now we’re really together. And there are more guys. Brandon Hicks! The third Brandon. I was happy to see him back and happy to be able to use our Brandon handshake. It’s a pretty easy handshake. Kind of feminine actually. We tried to make it as awkward as possible.

For whatever reason, spring training also means — for me — watching a lot of Shark Tank.  I’m too busy in the off-season to watch, but here it’s like the best thing to watch after practice. It’s kind of Shark Tank non-stop on X-box video. I like the feel-good stories about people who bring stuff in and make a company out of it. I love the brutal honesty the Sharks have with these people. It’s hilarious sometimes. I like rooting against some people and rooting for other people. Haylee hates that I watch it all the time. But she’s just as bad with HGTV. Every time I come home, HGTV is on. She used a lot of the info when we built our house. But we’re done building our house, so I’m not sure why she still needs to watch it.

I did take a break to watch the Oscars, or at least about half of it. I thought it was boring. It took them like an hour and a half to do six awards, and they’re mostly awards nobody cares about. And I wasn’t as interested as I usually am because I didn’t see most of the films because it turns out when you have a baby, you don’t go out as much. That’s my excuse for getting one pick correct — just Patricia Arquette. Me and the academy do not agree on a lot of things.
I saw two movies when I was in San Francisco for FanFest. Here are my reviews.
The Kingsmen: It’s about this secret, kind of James Bond organization. This kid’s dad was a part of it, so they kind of recruited the kid to be a part of it as well. He goes through all these tests and ends up being a spy. It was a less cheesy version of a spy movie in that they didn’t follow the same storylines that most spy movies follow. A more adult version. The acting was great. Samuel L. Jackson had a lisp, though I’m not sure why he found that necessary for the movie. Otherwise there were a bunch of English people.
Rating: B+

Jupiter Ascending: Honestly to this day I still have no idea what I watched. It’s about this girl played by Mila Kunis who is a reincarnated Queen of the Universe. Her kids weren’t dead so they could take control of the universe, I guess. Channing Tatum is protecting her so they can get her back to power, I think. Honestly, it was a weird movie. There’s a lot of detail in it. It was very confusing. They colonize planets. It was a forgettable movie. It really was. Pretty cool special effects, that’s about it. I think it would have been kind of a cool movie if you knew what was going on.
 Rating: C-

Finally, just want to say how happy we all are that Bochy is fine and back on the field. He’s the leader. He’s the guy who gets the best out of his ballplayers. We’ve got to have him at the reins if we want to go out there and win another championship. He’s the one who sets the tone. That’s why, I think, when new guys like Casey McGehee and Nori Aoki show up, they fit in so quickly. The rookies, too. They figure out real quick we have a pretty special bond in this clubhouse. Everyone fits in, which is why we’ve been so successful.

OK, Hunter is giving me a hard time about getting back to signing baseballs. He’s been flying through his. So I’m diving back in. Then heading home. Shark Tank is cued up and waiting.

Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt

I’ve got news. I’ve been sitting on it since January, waiting for the right time, which seems to be now. There will soon be a baby Baby Giraffe. Haylee is six months’ pregnant, so there is no hiding her belly any more. The baby is due in September. We already know it’s a boy.

We’re really excited. We know we’ll be getting lots of advice from teammates and their wives. We might even listen to some.

It’s been two weeks today since my surgery. It’s kind of driving me nuts not to play. Someone asked me on Twitter on a scale of 1 to 10 how much I wanted to get back into the lineup and I said a million. I love watching baseball, and we’re winning, so that part is great. But in the dugout, because I don’t have anything else to do, I’m talking a lot more. I need to shut up. No one’s told me to shut up, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. The more I watch, the more I want to play. And the more it drives me nuts.

Morse is doing a great job at first. He’s an athlete. You heard about him tossing the ball in the dugout and hitting my broken thumb? He was throwing it to one of the clubhouse guys, but it bounced, hit the dirt and came toward me. I was on Vicodin at the time, soon after my surgery. So my reflexes were a little slow and my coordination was a little off. I waved my right hand at the ball to bat it away, and I completely missed it. And it happened to go right where my thumb was. That did not feel good. I spent a little time in the clubhouse until the thumb stopped throbbing. When I returned to the dugout, I put a batting helmet over it.

Right after the injury, I watched a couple of games on TV. I thought it would be weird. But, it was weird only in that it wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be. I felt like I had done this before, and I realized why. Sometimes I’d get home from a game and CSN would be showing a replay, and I’d watch some of it. So that’s what it felt like when I watched live games. Of course, the best part of watching any Giants game is listening to Kruk and Kuip. My family back home won’t watch any Giants broadcast if Kruk and Kuip aren’t doing it.

I’m getting a little better at using my ring finger and middle finger as a kind of claw to grip a fork to eat. I tried eating with my right hand and it wasn’t pretty. Haylee has to help me with my socks and tying my shoes. She’s in Mom Mode, taking good care of me.

A couple of movie reviews. (Thanks for saying you missed them!)

Godzilla: It’s a little long and kind of confusing at first. I was like, “I don’t know what’s going on right now.’’ But I liked the story line. Godzilla is kind of a good guy in this movie. You kind of like him at the end. It’s a different perspective.

Two and a half stars.

About Time: It stars Rachel McAdams and some British guy. The men in his family have always been able to travel back in time. They can even travel back to a memory and change it if they want to. They can do whatever they want. It’s kind of a like a normal Rachel McAdams movie like The Notebook and The Time Traveler’s Wife. So I wasn’t expecting much. But I really, really liked it. It hit on a lot of emotions. It was funny. It was sad. It kind of makes you appreciate the people you have in your life. I just really liked it. Of all her movies, it’s the best one. Haylee fell asleep. We started watching it late at night, she just couldn’t stay awake.

Three and a quarter stars. (I’d give it three and a half, except I’m just not crazy about the romance/chick-flick genre of movies.

Neighbors: I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out since December. I think I had built it up too much because I was kind of disappointed. It didn’t meet my expectations. I thought it was funny but not as funny as I thought it was going to be. It was kind of stupid, really.

2 stars

Thanks for welcoming all the guest bloggers. I’ll jump in now and then. In the meantime, I’m working hard to get back on the field as soon as I can. Thanks for all the encouragement!


-Brandon B.

Pinch Blogging: Javier Lopez

With Belt on the DL, we’re taking turns filling in, so here I am. I’m not a social media guy. I don’t do Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever else is out there. But I thought it might be interesting to tell you a little about the bullpen.

Relievers are kind of a family within a family. Like our own band of brothers. We know we’ll be facing some pretty stressful situations later in the game, so in the early innings we keep things really loose and light-hearted. We’ll bring up some topic — maybe current events, something that happened the night before, something in the game at the moment — and we get the banter going.

Let’s say Santiago Casilla made a nice play on a come-backer the night before. He’s normally not a great fielder, so we start making fun of him for that. And he gets playfully defensive about it.

You can imagine the field day we had with Machi after his bunt in Pittsburgh. We all know he’s a good athlete even if he doesn’t look it, but we kidded him about not knowing how to hold the bat and about chugging down the baseline to first. Casilla promptly said he was faster than Machi, and Machi countered that not only was he faster than Casilla, he was the fastest in the bullpen.

I chime in and say I can take either of them. So someone says, “OK, we’ll have a footrace.’’

You’ll be relieved to know cooler heads prevailed. One of us would have gotten hurt, no question. (This is where I could take a cheap shot at Affeldt, but you’re already thinking it so I don’t have to.)

In any event, Machi was upset he didn’t get a hit on the bunt.

“A hit?’’ we said. “The ball beat you to the bag! How is that a hit?’’

You get the idea.

This is a different bullpen than I’ve been a part of. It’s very international with a lot of Venezuelans. There are no cliques. That’s one of the things that makes it pretty special. We spend some time learning English, some time learning Spanish. Casilla is one of my favorites because he genuinely tries to learn English. He’s always learning a couple of new phrases, and he has a few he goes to all the time.

The Venezuelan guys tell a lot of stories about the winter league down there. Machi told me Panda doesn’t talk in the Venezuelan league. He is not vocal at all, contrary to the singing, laughing character we see (and hear) in our locker room. Machi said it’s because there’s a pretty strict hierarchy down there, and Panda’s still considered a young guy. I found this hard to believe, but Gutierrez and Petit said it was true.

It’s kind of the reverse for Machi here: He doesn’t have a lot of time in the big leagues, so he doesn’t talk a lot. He’s talkative around us, but if you were to walk into the locker room he’s a pretty quiet guy.

Another thing I didn’t know that I learned in the bullpen: Even though Machi has been a closer in Venezuela for four years, he didn’t have a save in the big leagues. I had just assumed last year he must have gotten one with us at some point. (Shows you how much I really remember about our games.) He already had five wins but he really, really wanted a save in the big leagues. And he got one during the last road trip in LA. To see him do it, knowing how much it meant to him, was pretty neat.

So all this talking among the relievers is great, but what if there is no bullpen, like here at AT&T Park? The joking and laughing don’t go over real well in the dugout. We have to be kind of careful. At the start of the game, we park ourselves at the far left of the dugout, up by the rail. The coaches are at the opposite end, and the position players are usually on the bench against the wall.

At some point, we usually make our way to a small room at the bottom of the stairs (behind the dugout), where we can watch the game on TV and not bother anyone.

I don’t want you to think we don’t talk about baseball. We talk about situations that might have come up the previous night, and maybe there’s a similar situation today and Bochy has decided to go with a different pitcher. We’ll talk about different strategies and ask each other what we’d do against this hitter or that one. It’s always good to have Plan A but sometimes you need Plan B, C and D. So it’s nice to bounce stuff off each other.

The best thing about our bullpen is that we realize we’re in this together, and we have each other’s backs.

Thanks for reading. Now when you see a shot of us on TV in the early innings, you know we’re enjoying each other’s company and keeping things loose. Until the bullpen phone rings and everything changes.

Laying Low For Now – Brandon Belt

Thanks to everyone for their messages of encouragement. I got through surgery fine this morning and I’m following doctor’s orders to take it easy today. For the next couple of months, I’ll be focusing on rehabbing my thumb and staying in shape so I can get back on the field as soon as possible.

So I’m going to turn the blog over to my teammates while I’m rehabbing. I might throw in an occasional update, but believe me, it will be way more interesting to hear from the guys who are actually playing.

Thanks again for all the good wishes. You guys are awesome.


-Brandon B.

Warriors and Frito Pie – Brandon Belt

Haylee and I went to the Warriors game last night on the off-day. Neither of us had ever been to an NBA game, so (through Giants connections) I bought two seats in about the 10th row across from the Warriors bench. We had a blast.

An NBA game could not be more different from a baseball game — there is so much going on every second! I’m thinking, “What’s happening right now?’’ I look up at the score and it’s tied. I look up again and somebody’s up by 15. Everything is happening so fast.

The other fun part was the chance to eat concession-stand food. You can get concession-stand food at a Giants game, but I don’t. Which is probably a good thing, being a professional athlete and all. But I was pumped to walk up to the concession stand at Oracle Arena. Haylee and I share a big plate of nachos, a choice we made only after discovering, with some disappointment, they didn’t have Frito Pie.

I guess Frito Pie is a Southern thing, kind of how Chicken Spaghetti seems to be a Southern thing. For those who don’t know, Frito Pie is a bowl of Fritos topped with chili and shredded cheese. I put mustard on mine. You eat it with a fork, and it’s delicious. When I was growing up, we’d eat it at home after church for lunch. I love it.

It was great to meet so many Giants fans at the Warriors’ game. As soon as we stepped out of the car in the parking lot, it was crazy how many people wanted to say hello and have their picture with me. It really surprised me. So I took a lot of pictures, and everyone was so nice. I think the only autograph I was asked to sign was for our usher, Frederic, who said he also works at Giants games.

During the day yesterday, I went to the mall to buy dress shoes. This is not exciting, I know, but it’s also not the easiest thing for me. I wear size 15 in tennis shoes, but the biggest dress shoes most department stores carry are 13s and 14s. Even at that, I have to be careful of which I choose. When a suit calls for a lighter brown, I can’t get shoes that are too light because they make my feet look like clown feet. So I have to find the right match for the suit and for my feet. You’ll be relieved, I’m sure, to hear that I found the right shoes.

I only have one movie review.

Heaven is for Real: I read the book when I was in Triple A and really liked it. The movie was good, but I was hoping for a little bit more. It’s about a kid who, after he has surgery, says he visited heaven. He’s four or five years old. He says he was sitting with Jesus and all this other stuff. Everyone is skeptical, even his dad, who’s a preacher. But the boy says stuff he couldn’t have known about, like seeing his sister in heaven. His mother had a miscarriage and the kid, of course, never knew that. I give it 2 stars (out of four).

Thanks for reading Haylee’s blogs and leaving her all the great comments. And thanks to everyone who was so nice to us at the Warriors game last night. Hope to see you at the ballpark.

-Brandon B.

Haylee’s Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

Haylee is filling in today to follow up on your questions. I’ll write again soon. I’ll be in a better mood when we start hitting again. And winning. I promise it won’t be long. This lineup is just too good.


So here’s Haylee:


Thanks to everyone who read my blog! Here’s a picture of Lilly for those who want to know what she looks like and proof that Brandon loves her more than me ;) For those who asked, she’s a Heinz 57 dog! We think she’s beagle and dachshund.


Brandon Belt and Lilly

Brandon Belt and Lilly

I went through every comment everyone left! You all are so sweet and supportive. A couple people asked for the chicken spaghetti recipe. Here it is.


-1lb. cooked shredded chicken (I buy a rotisserie chicken already cooked and seasoned and just shred it)

-1 package of Velveeta cheese. It comes in a big block. I use most of it, but it really depends on how cheesy you like it. I cut half of it in cubes that I’ll melt for the sauce and then slice the other half and put a layer on top of the casserole and melt.

-1 box cooked noodles, any kind really but I use spaghetti

-1 can cream of chicken

-1 can cream of mushroom

– 1 can ro-tel


Mix in a big pot on low or medium heat,the cooked shredded chicken, cooked noodles, cubed cheese, whole can of cream of chicken and mushroom and ro-tel until cheese is melted. Salt and pepper to desired taste. Don’t turn heat up high or it will scorch the food. Dump it all in a 9×13 casserole and add extra cheese on top and put it in the oven until cheese on top is melted.


Someone else asked why most players rent houses instead of buy in San Francisco. I can only speak for Brandon and me. We love our Texas family so much, and we still love calling Texas our home. So we are not ready to leave that. We love going home as much as we can. It gives us a break from this fast-paced life in the city and with baseball and we get to relax! Maybe one day we will have a home here!


Also, there were a lot of comments about the Dugout stores not having Belt T-shirts or jerseys.  I know it’s kind of weird. Brandon’s fans need to complain to the stores and petition for them to carry his jersey ;) I don’t even own one!


Thanks from Brandon for all the birthday wishes, even if his day didn’t turn out the way he wanted, at the plate anyway. We went out with the Bumgarners Saturday night after the game to Lou & Mickey’s, a restaurant near the park. I brought an assortment of cupcakes and made sure there was a big chocolate one for Brandon. We had a great time as we always do with Ali and Madison.


Thanks again for all your comments and questions!

Go Giants!

-Haylee Belt


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