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All-Stars and Maw-Maw – Brandon Belt

I’ve said before that we have the best fans in baseball. Now there is factual proof:

I got something like 3 million votes in the All-Star balloting. I finished second in the National League at first base.

That should not have happened. That right there shows you how crazy our fans are. You can’t say enough about them. The outpouring of votes to get our our guys into the lead was pretty amazing.

I was watching the All-Star announcements on TV in the clubhouse. It was pretty calm because it was only me and a couple players and a lot of reporters. I’m really happy for the guys who made it. There are other guys who could have made it. Bum, Vogey, a few others. It shows what a good team we have this year. All of us are really proud of the ones who made it.

If you watch me play today, you might think I’m growing a beard. I’m not. I just can’t find my electric razor. The last time I had it was in Oakland, and I could have sworn I put it in my truck. But it’s not there. So I haven’t shaved since Oakland. I’ll probably buy a new one at Walgreen’s when we get to D.C.

During the All-Star break, I’m going home to Texas. All I want to do is nothing. I want to watch TV and be lazy.

Well, I might go swimming at my friend’s house. I’ve been wanting to swim for a while. I don’t know why.

And I know I absolutely have to go see my grandma, my last surviving grandparent. Her husband is the one who helped me so much in baseball when I was young. He died a few years ago. I call her Maw-Maw. All her grandchildren call her Maw-Maw. (We called my other grandmother Maw-Maw Dumpy. She was real short and round. I know that sounds kind of mean, but even her friends called her Dumpy. “Hey, Dumpy!’’ That was just how she was known.)

When I go see Maw-Maw, she likes me to sign a lot of stuff, which she gives to her friends. If she doesn’t have one of my baseball cards on hand, she’ll go on the internet and print out pictures of me and I’ll sign them. She’s definitely a proud grandmother. I try to bring her as much stuff as possible. Game-used stuff. Maybe some batting gloves, a bat, baseballs. She has stuff from me and pictures of me all around the house. She has pictures of all her grandchildren, so I can’t say she favors me. But I like to think so.

Another thing I’ve got to do when I’m home is eat at Café del Rio and the Barbecue House in Nacogdoches. I also want to see my aunts and uncles and cousins, though I doubt that’s going to happen because they’re all spread out down there. And I want to hang out with my friends.

But I still really want to do nothing. I guess I’ll just have a lot of people to do it with.

-Brandon B.