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Part 2: Brandon & Brandon In Conversation

In the clubhouse. The topic: TV binge watching.

Belt: You ever seen Walking Dead?
Crawford: You’ve asked me that, like, a hundred times.
Belt: I ask everybody so I don’t know who I asked.
Crawford: You’ve told me to watch that already. But I probably won’t.
Belt: It’s not really about zombies. Once you get into it, it’s the drama about them staying alive. The zombies are always going to be a part of it but it’s kind of like an outside thing.
Crawford: Is it like Zombieland?
Belt. No.
Crawford: Then I’m not watching it.
Belt: I liked Zombieland, too. Everything was about the zombies in Zombieland. You seen Orange is the New Black?
Crawford: I’m on Season 1.
Belt: At first, I was thinking, I don’t get this show. Then I really liked it.
Crawford: The first episode I watched, I thought, Oh, this could be pretty interesting.
Belt: (laughs)
Crawford: Gross. I watched a few more episodes and watched all of them. Way better than zombies.
Belt: I’m telling you, I was totally opposed to watching Walking Dead, too. Everybody was telling me about it. They couldn’t shut up about it. So I watched two or three episodes and I couldn’t stop. I love binge-watching. I love it to death. I hate it when it’s over.
Crawford: I know.I want to watch, like, three episodes in a row. But I find that I’m much more tired at night now than I was in the past. Nine o’clock comes around, I’m ready to go to bed. Unfortunately the girls aren’t ready.
Belt: This off season (the first with a baby), we were in bed every night at 8. I didn’t go to sleep but we were in bed watching TV. Just enjoying the entertainment. It’s so great.
Crawford: Jalynne and I will watch Breaking Bad if we’re actually both awake and the girls are asleep. We’re on Season 2. It’s kind of our new “together’’ show because at the end of last year we finished three shows all around the same time: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother and Dexter.
Belt: I started watching Dexter all over again. I think it’s a genius show — about a serial killer who kills serial killers! What can get better than that?
Crawford: I think it’s interesting how many shows nowadays have, like, the main character doing bad things but in a good way. Like you’re rooting for the bad guy, kind of.
Belt: The lesser of two evils.
Crawford: He can’t help himself from killing so he kills bad people.
Belt: Right, without his code he would be a straight-up serial killer. He’s just lucky he got that code when he was young.
Crawford: Breaking Bad, he’s producing meth to make money for his family. Which, I feel like he has a good amount of money already in Season 2, so he could have stopped.
Belt: All I’m watching right now is Walking Dead so I can’t binge.
Crawford: You’re caught up?
Belt: Yeah. It sucks.
Crawford: When I was down in the Dominican (rookie league), they showed Law and Order, CSI and Lost. One episode a week. They had it on repeat. So for week a straight they had one show on reruns. and the next week they’d do another episode.
Belt: Man, that’d really suck.

OK, now that we re-read this, it is totally boring. It was an experiment. Doesn’t work. But thanks for reading it if you got this far! We probably won’t have another blog post until we get to San Francisco. See you there.

In Conversation: Brandon & Brandon

Today’s post is an actual combo Brandon & Brandon blog. We decided to turn on the tape recorder and share with you a conversation between the two of us in the clubhouse. (Saves us from writing anything.) We flipped a coin to see who’d transcribe the tape. We won’t say who lost, but the tape was subsequently fobbed off on a Giants’ staffer who volunteered to do it, mostly to stop a particular someone’s whining and pleading for best two-out-of-three.

Belt: It would have been awesome to be in the lineup today with Will Ferrell playing, wouldn’t it? (Neither Brandon was in the lineup and didn’t make the trip to Glendale for the game.)
Crawford: Would it have been cool to see him? Yeah. But it’s a road game. I’m not disappointed not to go.
Belt: I don’t know if we’d get to talk to him that much, anyway.
Crawford: What would you have said?
Belt: I’d give him some tips on how to be funny. How to act little bit. Nothing as far as baseball goes, I don’t think.
Crawford: What’s your favorite Will Ferrell movie?
Belt: Just your normal ones. Old School. Step-Brothers. Talladega Nights. A lot of people like Elf.
Crawford: Anchorman’s a classic.
Belt. Anchorman! Yes! That’s up there at the top. But Stepbrothers is probably my favorite. It’s so stupid, but it’s hilarious.
Crawford: Step Brothers is all right. Not the best.
Belt: Step Brothers is one of those movies I can watch over and over. Like Tombstone. SuperBad.
Crawford: Elf is better than Step Brothers.
Belt. No, it’s not!
Crawford: Stranger than Fiction?
Belt: That’s the one I was trying to think of. It’s terrible!
Crawford: It’s better than Step Brothers.
Belt: No, it isn’t! Step Brothers is hilarious.
Crawford: Are we going to stay catch partners? (They were catch partners Wednesday when Crawford played in the field for the first time this spring. Last year Crawford’s catch partner was Pablo.)
Belt: I can’t remember who mine was last season. Hicks, before he left. I don’t know what I did after that. I had a concussion for a while. I don’t remember a lot.
Crawford: You threw with Joe (Panik).
Belt: That might be right. I can’t remember.
Crawford: I think he’s playing catch with McGehee. Probably so you wouldn’t ask him again.
Belt: You know I’m really tired right now, and I slept late today. Is that weird? I am like extremely dead.
Crawford: Did you have cherry juice?
Belt: I should have.
Crawford: I don’t believe it wakes you up. For me, it makes me more tired.
Belt: It’s got like 64 cherries in it, and it’s gross. But it’s supposed to give you energy. I didn’t drink it today. I need a Red Bull right now. I haven’t had a Red Bull in like six days.
Crawford: There are a bunch of sugar-free ones in the kitchen that are terrible for you.
Belt: it’s the sugar ones that are bad for you.
Crawford: I thought you were on a nutrition kick.
Belt: So I can’t have Red Bull? Why not?
Crawford: It’s bad for you.
Belt: What are the long-term effects of Red Bull?
Crawford: I don’t know.
Belt: Exactly! So you can’t say anything bad about it.
Crawford: You might develop super powers.
Belt: Yeah! I could!
Crawford: You might actually get wings.
Belt: I could get in the hot tub and spill it and go back in time. It’s possible.
Crawford: Where’d you go?
Belt: I like today. I wouldn’t go anywhere.
Crawford: Go to the future.
Belt: Yeah, I’d go to the future. Go a hundred years into the future and see where we are.
Crawford: Where WE are?
Belt: No — well, we might be alive because they might have the technology by then to bring you back to life.
Crawford: Or maybe the Red Bull will keep you living that long.
Belt: Maybe if I drink Red Bull my whole life I’ll be a thousand years old.
Crawford: Good point.
Tomorrow in Part II: Binge TV.

Even as a Player, Still a Fan — Brandon Crawford

     With the All-Star Game tonight, I was thinking about how I watched it as a kid. I was a huge Giants fan, but also a baseball fan in general. I liked seeing the players line up before the game because back then, before Twitter and MLB network, I didnt necessarily know who had made the team.

I was one of those kids who collected all the playerscards. Im sure theyre all still at my parents’ house. My dad has plenty of cards and memorabilia that he hasnt thrown away, so Im sure he hasnt thrown away mine. He collected cards from football, baseball, some basketball. He has a boxing glove signed by Muhammad Ali, a Joe Montana football, a lot of cool stuff he got signed at card shows.

That was a big thing for us, the card shows. Id go with my dad even when I was really young. My dad tells the story of Gaylord Perry holding me as a toddler while my dad took a picture.

Its kind of funny now going to those cards shows and being one of the people who are signing. The shows are a lot different now. My dad said hed sit there and talk to a guy for a while because nobody else would be around. Now theres so much security. They put us in the chairs and tell people no pictures except while were signing. They want to get as many people through as possible.

I hope people know its not the players refusing to take photos or take time to chat. Its the people holding the event wanting it to move quickly. So its changed a bit since I was going to the shows with my dad. But its so cool just to be there and sign stuff for people who want my autograph. Its cool to think my card might be in a kids binder or box.

For me, its still kind of amazing seeing Will Clark here in the clubhouse so often, and hitting with Barry Bonds in spring training, and seeing Willie Mays almost every day. I was able to get Mays to sign my dads copy of Sports Illustrated from 1970 with Mays on the cover for getting his 3,000th hit. And my dad got to sit with Willie McCovey for a few innings in spring training this year. He doesnt get real excited about things, but he seemed pretty excited about that.

Thinking about the cards, I remember reading Sports Illustrated for Kids in elementary school. Every issue had nine cardboard cards that you tore out of the magazine. I collected those like I collected every other card. Theyd have athletes from other sports — swimmers, basketball players, gymnasts. Years and years later, I was talking with Jalynne and she mentioned the name of a gymnast she knew through her sister (who was an Olympic gymnast). The name sounded familiar to me. Then I remembered.

I think I have her card!’’

          I’m sure I’ll watch the All-Star game tonight because I know we’ll be home. Other than visiting my grandparents in Lincoln (near Sacramento), we’re just hanging out and relaxing during the break. I didn’t watch the home run derby last night. What’s the point if Bum’s not in it? Jalynne leaves tomorrow for LA so she’ll be with her parents during our road trip. The team leaves for Miami Thursday morning.

See you at the park when we return. Thanks for reading.

    IMG_1174Here’s a photo someone took during Family Day at the park a few weeks ago.


Seriously? Two Grand Slams in 1 Year?

I know you all are happy with MadBum for the grand slam today. I’m mad at him. I have two grand slams in my whole life. He has two this year! I’m never going to hear the end of it.

My two grand slams: One in Triple A, and one in high school. The one in high school was against Will Alvis. That’s Will Alvis. A-L-V-I-S. He’s one of my buddies now. I want to make sure everybody knows I hit a grand slam off him.

This win against the Diamondbacks was a great way to go into the break. Great offense, great defense, great pitching. As Bochy has said, we’ve been a Tale of Two Teams. But we can’t change that. Now we have to use this game as kind of a springboard into morphing back into the team we know we really are.

I was scratched from the lineup right before the game. I tweaked my back in batting practice and started spasming. It’s nothing new. It happens about twice a year. It almost happens in spring training because I’m not used to playing. That’s probably the reason it happened today, too. My body is not all the way back from my time off with the thumb injury.

I did treatment in the training room all afternoon, but nothing helped. I’m about to get on a plane back home to Texas tonight, so I’ll take a pain reliever. I’ll rest it over the next few days of the All-Star break, and it’ll be fine.

Haylee and I plan on setting up the baby’s room while we’re home. We’ve shipped a crib we bought here and a bunch of great stuff people gave Haylee at her baby shower a couple weeks ago. Those baby showers are pretty awesome. I’m not sure we have to buy anything!

The rest of the time at home we’ll hang out with family and friends and take it easy. We’ll have people over for a cook-out Tuesday and watch the All-Star Game. To be honest, I don’t know if I’d watch the game if my friends weren’t coming over. It might be nice to get away from baseball altogether for a couple days. But we’ll have a good time.

No movie reviews today. I drove to the theater Thursday night to see the new Planet of the Apes movie, but when I got there I was so tired I turned around and went home. I drove there again yesterday and when I pulled up, I said, “Nah.’’ Too many people, for one thing, and I just didn’t have the energy. I think I’m just not used to playing yet.

I’m empathizing a little more with Haylee and her tiredness being pregnant. If this keeps up, I’ll  have to add another grade to my movie rating system: BA — Brandon Asleep.

Here are a few answers to your questions:

Yes, I read all the comments. I like reading them. I appreciate all the advice and suggestions and funny replies. Sorry I don’t answer all of them.

We don’t prank new players when they arrive. We wait until the end of the season. That way we can include the September call-ups. It’s not that bad: Mostly you just have to dress up in ridiculous outfits. The photos will be all over the internet, so you’ll get to see what we do. ICYMI, here’s a photo of me and Crawford in 2011.
No, I don’t like True Lies because of the hotel dance scene. But it’s pretty comical. It’s Jamie Lee Curtis stripping for her husband but she doesn’t know it’s her husband.

We did not name Lilly after the Pink Martini song. I’ve never heard it. I will try to check it out sometime soon.

That’s it! If I don’t get out of here right now, I’m going to miss my flight. Talk to you after the break!

No Shortcuts in Parenting or Baseball – Brandon Crawford

I’m getting ready to board the team bus to the airport for Opening Day in Arizona. Our home is in Arizona, so Jalynne stayed there with the babies while I came here for the Bay Bridge Series. (Jalynne’s mother has been there since Jaydyn was born.)

Can’t wait to see all of them tonight when we get in. After the Diamondbacks’ series. Jalynne will drive with her mom and the babies to Los Angeles for the Dodgers series, then drive up here for the home opener. Our rental house is pretty much ready because we moved all the furniture in when we were here for FanFest.

About the birth: When Braylyn was born, Jalynne was in labor for 52 hours. It was brutal. Jaydyn was born by scheduled C-section – a hundred times easier. We went in at 7:15 on a Saturday morning, and the baby was born at 9:30. Two hours – and that’s including paper work and surgery prep.

The nurses allowed me to clip the umbilical cord, then they weighed and measured Jaydyn, cleaned her up a little, wrapped her and put her in my arms. I brought her over to Jalynne, who had been awake and chatty through the whole thing. I took that day off and the next. My dad and sister, who where at the hospital, joked that I could just run across to the Giants’ stadium across the street, pinch hit and run back.

Braylyn was a little confused at first about this cute little creature in her life. She gives her little sister kisses then bops her on the head. I think she means just to pat her but she doesn’t have a concept yet of rough and gentle. She’ll jam a pacifier in the baby’s face, like “Here! Take it! You want this!’’

The best description I’ve heard about going from one kid to two is it’s like basketball – you go from playing zone defense to man-to-man. It’s been a little crazy. Jalynne’s got Jaydyn for the most part because she’s breast-feeding; I’ve got Braylyn, who never stops pulling out pots and pans, DVDs, video games. I think she plays with everything in the house except her toys.

Back to baseball: A highlight of spring camp was working with Barry Bonds. I was pretty terrible at the plate the first three weeks of camp but finished strong, and I think at least some of the credit goes to Bonds.

The second day he was in camp, I went to the cage to work on stuff with Joe Lefebvre, the assistant hitting coach. Right when I finished, Bonds showed up. He was talking to Hunter, and I stuck around to listen. Bonds was talking about drills Hunter could do to track the ball deeper. He told him to keep his front shoulder in so it didn’t fly open — which was exactly what I was just working on in the cage.

At some point, Bam-Bam told Bonds about my situation – that I was a really good fielder but needed to hit better. He said the team didn’t want to sit me against lefties, which Bochy did a lot during the second half of last season.

So Bonds talked to me about how it took him three years before he felt he had become a good hitter in the big leagues, mostly because he struggled against lefties. It was kind of cool hearing from Barry Bonds that it was only after his third full season that he thought he became a consistent hitter. This is my third full season.

During Bond’s week in camp, when I wasn’t in the lineup I tried to work with him. Once I took a half a bucket of balls from our new left-handed BP pitcher. Half a bucket is a lot of balls. Bonds stayed at the cage the whole time. He told me to actually aim my front shoulder at shortstop as kind of an exaggerated way to make sure I kept it closed. It was just a drill for BP, but he said to think about it during the game as a reminder.

The first couple games after that, I had two hits off lefties. One was a line drive to left field, which I hadn’t done all spring off a lefty. I broke a bat the next time up, but it was a good swing and the ball got through for a base hit. I broke three bats, in fact, because I was keeping my front shoulder closed so long that I was getting jammed.

It’s still a little uncomfortable, as all mechanical adjustments are, but I’m keeping my shoulder closed now without having to exaggerate it. There are times when I’ll take a swing and think, “Oh, man, I flew open a bit there.’’ The important thing is I’m recognizing when I’m doing it and making the adjustment.

Obviously I have to hit better against lefties this year to help the team. I feel as confident about it as I ever have, given how I’ve been feeling at the plate the last couple weeks. It took Bonds three full seasons to find consistency against LH pitchers, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected I’d get there a whole lot faster.

Can’t wait to get this season started. See you back at AT&T on the 8th!


-Brandon C.

Hair Club for Men – Brandon Crawford

Jalynne and I are back home. Everything’s fine. We’re hanging out with Braylyn and having a nice quiet day. I’ll take a few minutes for a short post.

We have a team meeting most days before practice. Bochy goes over the schedule and stuff like that. It is also the time we get to know guys who are in big league camp for the first time. Bochy summons two each morning to introduce themselves. They give their name, position, where they’re from and what they like to do.

Then they get questions from the rest of the team. You can’t imagine the ridiculous questions. They make me uncomfortable. Guys will bait the new player by asking him to name his current favorite song. The player will say what it is.

Then: “OK, now sing it.’’

That’s when I think, “Oh, I’m so glad I’m not up there right now.’’

In my first big-league camp in 2010, the hardest thing I had to answer was Brian Wilson asking why I cut my hair. I had reported for physicals the day before and had pretty long hair. Later that day I got it cut because it was Big League camp and I didn’t want to come in with ridiculous long hair. So Wilson asked me why I cut it.

“Um, I don’t know,’’ I said. “I thought it was a good idea.’’

That was the toughest question. I was lucky.

It’s a fun clubhouse again this year, so Mike Morse fits right in. He’s like a combination of Ryan Theriot, Mark DeRosa and Hunter. He likes to have a good time and has a good sense of humor. He’s also a great storyteller. (I won’t share any here for a variety of reasons.) But as I saw in our first game yesterday, he’s pretty intense on the field and in the dugout. That’s the Hunter part of him.

Morse, Pagan and I are in the same BP group. It quickly became known as the Good Pelo Group. Pelo is Spanish for hair. Who has the best hair? It’s not for me to say. But if you asked Pagan, he definitely would say himself. I think Morse would probably say me. Angel spends way more time on his than I do on my mine, by the way. He puts in his products and smoothes his hair really carefully into this Mohawk kind of thing. I just put gel in and put a hat on. I’m not sure what Morse does.

Then the other day Belt joined our BP group and messed up the Pelo thing. We told him yesterday if he wanted to stay he had to grow his hair.

I hear Belt is doing yoga. It’s almost worth getting up early to see that in person. Almost. But not quite. I like yoga. I don’t like 6:15 a.m. yoga.

Back to the field tomorrow. We have a split squad: here against the Brewers, at Phoenix Municipal against the A’s. Let’s hope Morse draws the Brewers. Not sure he’s ready to see Reddick again just yet.

-Brandon C.

Family, Then Baseball – Brandon Crawford

It’s nothing serious – dehydration from a stomach bug – but Jalynne had to spend last night(Tuesday) in the hospital. She’s less than two weeks from giving birth, so the doctors are being extra cautious. They hooked her up to an IV, and she told me to go home.

​“You have a game tomorrow,’’ she said. “Go home and get a good sleep.’’

“It’s a spring training game,’’ I said.

Even if it were a regular-season game, I’d still stay, especially knowing that Braylyn was in good hands with our close friends. Family comes first, no matter what you do for a living.

I slept on one of those hospital cots next to Jalynne’s bed. They are not the most comfortable things. Even so, I know I slept better being there than going home and worrying about her. This morning, the doctors said she was doing well but they needed to continue the IV drip.

I went to the ballpark, which happens to be right across the street from the hospital, and kept in touch all day by text and phone.  After I came out of the game, Jalynne texted that the doctors want her to spend another night. So I’m going home to play with Braylyn for a little while , then will go back to the hospital. I think I’ll bring my own pillow.

Lucky for me we have an off day tomorrow. Good timing.

I hope all this doesn’t sound worse than it really is. Everything’s fine. If it wasn’t, would I be taking the time to blog right now?

I have more stuff to share but I’ll do it next time.

Thanks for reading.

-Brandon C.

As I Was Saying … – Brandon Crawford

I can’t believe how fast this off-season is going by. It’s been three-and-a-half months since I posted – way too long, I know. But I have excuses.

In my last post, I told you about a 12-day cruise through the Mediterranean with Jalynne planned for mid-November. It was my first time in Europe and got to see Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Cannes, Pisa, Dubrovnik. If I had to pick a city, I’d say I enjoyed Rome the most. So much history. You go to the Colosseum and can imagine 50,000 people – more than the capacity of AT&T — packing the place to watch gladiators and whatever other events they had there. You walk through the ancient ruins of the Forum and it’s like a movie set. And it’s right in the middle of the city.

I had a funny experience in Florence. Jalynne and I were walking across the Ponte Vecchio, a famous stone bridge on the Arno River. We asked an American girl if she would take our picture. She did. When she handed back the camera, she said, “By the way, are you Brandon Crawford?’’ It turned out she and her family were from the Bay Area. So Jalynne took a photo of them with me. Small world.

On the last day of the cruise, Jalynne and I celebrated our second anniversary. We had a really nice, relaxing day out at sea. But that night a storm hit, rocking the ship with huge waves and 100 mph winds. I have to tell you, it was scary. Jalynne, who was almost six months pregnant at the time,was especially happy to get back on solid ground and fly back home to Braylyn, who turned one a few weeks later on December 18.

We hosted a combination first-birthday party/Christmas celebration at our house in Scottsdale on December 22 for our families. There were 25 people! My immediate family plus my grandparents, and Jalynne’s immediate family plus a cousin. Plus husbands, wives, kids and significant others (including Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole, my sister’s boyfriend). Luckily Jalynne’s parents arrived a few days early to help with the cooking and setup. The weather was perfect for tables outside.

For New Year’s week we went to Park City, Utah, with Jalynne’s twin sister and her husband, my best friend and his wife, and my brother-in-law’s best friend and his girlfriend. It was the first time Braylyn had seen snow and she didn’t know what to make of it. We went dogsledding, snow-mobiling and snowshoeing. I didn’t join the others when they hit the ski slopes. I don’t know if skiing is prohibited in my Giants’ contract, but it’s just not a smart thing for me to do.

All the rest of the time, I’ve been working out at the Giants’ training facility with Cain, Romo and some minor league players. It’s great because our strength and conditioning coach and trainer are there. They can supervise the workouts and take care of all our aches and pains so nothing interrupts our preparation for the season.

I ended up finishing third in the Giants fantasy football league. Javy Lopez was my partner, so we talked almost every Sunday. I’ve kept in touch, mostly by text, with all the guys I played against through the football season, including Belt. He was 10-3 in the regular season; I was 6-7. But somehow I made it to the playoffs – and I beat him in the first round. Roger Kieschnick came in first with Romo and Hunter as his partners. Barry Zito came in second and Timmy fourth.

I’m a huge Niners fan, so last Sunday we had Dan Runzler and his wife Michelle and Jalynne’s brother Johnny over to the house to watch thegame. Not sure what we’ll do this Sunday for the Seattle game. We probably should have the same people. Don’t want to mess with our luck.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of you at FanFest, which is just around the corner. It will be great to be back in San Francisco, if only for the weekend. Then spring training. Jalynne’s due in March, smack in the middle of training camp. As Ron Wotus said on the phone the other day, we ought to plan the delivery to coincide with roadtrips to Surprise or Goodyear . . .

Just saw this afternoon that Clayton Kershaw signed a new contract with the Dodgers. As I said on Twitter: 7 more yrs . . . yayyyy . . .

Thanks for reading. Let me know how you’ve been spending your off-season. And what’s your one prediction for the 2014 season, other than a skinny Panda?

-Brandon C.

Time for the Comeback – Brandon Crawford

There’s no explaining what’s going on right now. Usually what’s contagious is winning. Like what we did last year. What the Cardinals did the year before. A few guys start going good. Then a few more guys. And soon everybody in the lineup is a threat to break the game open at any time. I don’t know the science behind it. Maybe you’re feeding off each other’s energy. All I know is the domino effect exists because we’ve lived it.

But I’ve never seen the flip side, what’s been happening the last few weeks.

The truth is we actually feel as confident as ever. I was 0-for-whatever when I went up to the plate in the ninth inning with Homer Bailey throwing a no-hitter. I was certain I was about to break it up. Absolutely sure. Well, you know how that turned out.

The point is we’re as confounded as you are. We had a hitter’s meeting with Bochy and Bam-Bam in Colorado. We’re doing everything we can. I watched video of myself comparing recent at-bats to ones earlier in the season. I noticed I was lifting my hands too high during my load, which caused my shoulders to go up, which meant I used my shoulders to swing instead of my hands. I worked on it and felt better at the plate in Cincinnati. My first at-bat there I hit a line drive into center. I thought, OK, finally! I thought it was a double. I’m rounding first, look over and see Choo running it down. Another 0-for day.

That’s baseball. When it’s not going well, it’s really not going well.

Very glad to get a hit yesterday to break the streak, but obviously we need to string a few together.

Away from the field, I take a break from the game by playing PSP. Of course, I’m playing the MLB game. I don’t keep precise track of my record in PSP but I have not lost 10 of the last 11. Baseball is a lot easier when all you have to do is push a button.

I also relaxed on our off day in Colorado by going to see “This Is The End’’ with Belt and Kontos.They’d already seen it but thought it was so funny they wanted to see it again. It was hilarious. A good escape for a few hours.

We have Bum on the mound today against the Dodgers. It’s amazing that as bad as we’ve been going we’re still only five games out of first. Anyone can win this division. It’s going to be a great second half with everyone contending.

A lot of people ask me about Puig. As a fan, which I still am, you always like to see players like him. He reminds me a lot of Mike Trout. He even runs like him. I was on the bench (when I jammed my fingers sliding into second) when he had his first at-bat against us. He swung what looked like a protection flick on a change-up to send the ball foul. I thought, “Wow, that’s going pretty far for flicking it foul.’’ Then it sailed fair into the stands for a home run. I was like, check that guy’s bat. I couldn’t believe it.

I could do without seeing any more of that in person this season. He can save it for Arizona and Colorado and San Diego.

I’ll end this by telling you we’re working as hard as ever. We’re as confident as ever. And there’s still half a season left to play. We have too many great players to continue the way we have. This is the same team that was so good at making comebacks last season and earlier this season. You can’t make a comeback unless you’ve fallen behind. Time for the comeback.

-Brandon C.

Fluke Injury – Brandon Crawford

I’ll be watching from the dugout today, only the second time this season I’ve done that. And the first time because of an injury. When I jammed my right-hand index and middle fingers trying to steal second yesterday, I couldn’t tell right away if I could still play or not. The trainers said they weren’t broken, so I went back out for the start of the next inning. Good thing nothing came to me. The pain had arrived full force. When Cain struck somebody out and we were throwing the ball around the infield, I had to chuck a palm ball to Scutaro. I couldn’t use either finger.


It kind of bothers me that some people said it wasn’t a good idea for me to be sliding headfirst. I’ve been sliding headfirst my entire life. And I’ve never been hurt until now.


There’s a good reason why I and so many other players slide headfirst. When you’re going full speed, your body is leaning forward. So the fastest way to reach the bag is to build on that momentum by diving forward – rather than leaning back to slide feet first. Also, if you have to change direction to avoid a tag, you can maneuver more easily with your hands than your feet.


I looked at the tape afterward to see how I jammed my fingers this time when I had never done it before. Like most runners, I slide with my hands open and fingers up – like a “halt’’ gesture — so that my palms hit the edge of the bag. On the tape, it looked like the fielder brought his glove down onto my two fingers before I reached the base, so they jammed into the side of the bag. Bad luck.


Maybe I’d consider holding my batting gloves in my hands, essentially creating fists, so my fingers wouldn’t be exposed. But I think the natural reaction when you’re sliding is to reach out with your hands, so I’d probably end up just dropping the batting gloves.


My prognosis is “day to day.’’ We can’t afford another injury in this lineup. But between yesterday and today there’s been no improvement. I hope the healing process kicks soon, like in the next few minutes. In the meantime: ibuprofen.


Just a note on facing my sister’s boyfriend in Pittsburgh. As you might have read, my sister Amy has been dating Pittsburgh’s rookie pitcher and former Number 1 draft pick Gerrit Cole since they were classmates at UCLA. So she was at the game when he made his Major League debut against us last week. So was Jalynne, Jalynne’s mother and Gerrit’s family and friends. Amy tried to be neutral as she possibly could. She told me the Giants could win the other two games of the series, but she wanted Gerrit to win his debut. Which he did. The first time I was up, he broke my bat with a 97-mph fastball up and in. But I got a hit off him later.


After the game, Gerrit’s parents hosted dinner at a steakhouse across from the park. He was very professional, not gloating or anything. He’s not like that. When I showed up at the restaurant, I had a gift for him: my broken bat, signed.


Hope to see you at the park. Hope I’m in the lineup.


-Brandon C.


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