The Human Aspect of the Game – Brandon Crawford

When I heard today that Matt Duffy was traded, my heart kind of just dropped. I was hoping it wasn’t true. You get really tight with guys in this business. This is the first time someone I’m really close to had gotten traded. I’m disappointed I won’t be playing alongside him anymore. He’s a fierce player and a really good person.

But I know the Giants have to look at the big picture: How do we give our club the best chance to win? I don’t envy the guys in the front office having to make these decisions. I’m guessing this one was particularly tough.

There’s getting around the fact that the human aspect of professional baseball can really suck sometimes.

The upside for Duffy is that Tampa really wanted him, so he’ll play and he’ll shine.

I’m sorry to see Susac leave, too, especially because he grew up a Giants fan like I did and has always been with the Giants. But he’ll get a chance to start, so I’m happy for him.

I like what I’ve seen so far of Eduardo Nunez. He’s shown us a lot in the short time he’s been with us. He gives us some speed on the bases that we haven’t really had.

Boch called a team meeting last Friday to remind us that this pretty awful rough patch is just that: a rough patch. The world isn’t coming to an end. We’re still in first place. We still have one of the best records in baseball. No team is going to go 140-20.  The Cubs went through their rough patch before the All-Star break. We’ve gone through ours after. It happens to every team every season.

It happened to us in 2014. I remember we were slumping and picked up Jake Peavy but didn’t make any big moves right at the trade deadline. We called up some guy named Matt Duffy from Double A. That was our big move. It all worked out pretty well.

There were some moments during the past couple weeks I hope never to see again. Like my three-error game in New York. In my entire life, even going back to Little League, I’ve never had three errors in a game. They were weird plays that had me throwing off balance, getting a weird grip on the ball to throw home, throwing a bit off to first base on a double play.

I thought it couldn’t get any worse – until Friday night against the Nats.

Bases loaded, no outs, eighth inning, down by 3 runs. I’m at the plate – the team’s RBI leader. I’m feeling good, excited, such a great opportunity. Then whack – a line drive, triple play, inning over. Seriously?

That was one of the most deflating moments I’ve ever been a part of. If there has been a worse one, I can’t think of it.

After the game, we were sitting around staring at each other and wondering, OK, what else can happen? That really was the lowest of the low points. We were finding so many ways to NOT score runs during this terrible stretch. Surely we had exhausted all the possible ways of not scoring.

The tide had to turn. Our luck had to change. At some point it would be our turn again to enjoy a few breaks.

Yesterday we scored two runs on two errors. At this point you look for any sign the tide as turned. Those two runs are good enough for me.

Thanks for reading and for showing us such great support every day.

See you after the road trip.



The tide is turning.
I believe in Team Brandon!!!!🙂

Like you said all teams have rough spots……….it will probably has had its time and is over. You guys aare awesome, even when we screw up. Went to two of the Reds games…..both we lost, but loved watching you all. Took my granddaughter, she loves you too. Can’t wait to get back to a game.

We’re all going to miss Matt Duffy, but I can’t imagine how you players get through things like this. But he will always be your friend, and he will always be a Giant. Keep hanging in there — you know things will get better and you know that we’re always here for you all.

We support you No matter how many error you had…because you will overcome!!! You are a great player and we love you and your adorable family!!

I plan to be at the game tomorrow evening. It is too bad about the Duffman. He was getting better and better on D and his O was always pretty clutch. Nunez should be able to hold it down, and Adrianza should be back soon also so I think things are in good hands, but the Duffman was doing a good job. Phillies are dangerous I guess you know, but you guys look like you settled down some over the past two games so keep it going. Best of luck here on the East-coast. Thanks for posting. Where is that All-Star Belt? Go Giants.

I’m devasted about Duffy and I never met him, therefore I can only imagine how you feel losing a great player on your right side. At least you guys will have the friendship….your errors, I felt it too. But at least you get to go home (or call home) to your beautiful family who loves you uncondionally. I know you and the Giants will do great rest of the Season.

The feeling is mutual about Duffy and Susac. I’m glad they are wanted and will get their chance to shine again. I can’t imagine what it must be like in the clubhouse to loose some key friends and players. The decision makers must have thought long and hard about these two trades. I trust they made the right decision. Here’s to more winning and an Even Year!

We’ll always be there for you guys. Okay, ride it all out. we’ll be there for you. Always!

So sorry to here about Duffy. I was a real fan of his. June Cardinale

Disappointed to see the Duffman and Susac go. Met them at Spring Training last year, they came by and signed baseballs for fans & talked to us… good guys, great players. ‘Thought they were the future of the Giants.

Thank you so much for this blog post, Brandon. I, too, was incredulous when I read that Duffy had been traded, and I sent out a couple of tweets with the hashtag #missingduffy. I hope he knows how much he’s been appreciated during his (nearly) two years here!

It’s not the kind of trade that the Giants normally do, giving up a homegrown player who’s become an integral part of the team… the guy who made us forget about Pablo!

But.. I suppose it’s a compliment to Duffy’s talent that he was considered valuable enough to entice the Rays to trade their pitcher.

Yet, however sad we fans are, of course it pales next to how YOU must be feeling. My heart goes out to all of you.

Matt Duffy mentioned you specifically as a guy he’ll miss on the team. I was in shock when I heard that he was being traded. He’s one of my favorites. I never thought management would move such an important piece. But such is the reality of baseball I guess. You won’t get to see him every day like now, but I’m sure you’ll keep in touch. And he’ll always be a Giant to us fans. One class act right there. The tide has turned, and I think it took that triple play to cleanse all the funk and get things going in the right direction. We’ve continued to stand behind this team, and we’ll keep on doing it as long as you guys keep on trying. You’ll always be my boys. Good luck in Philly.

It’s business, yes, but it still affects the hearts of friends and fans. I hope Matt finds the same depth of love and appreciation he had with the Giants. Such a great guy.

Living outside the SF area, we don’t get NBCBA, so missed that triple play live and only saw a replay. We knew your pain, Brandon. But also that you view each new day, each new game with fresh eyes. It’s good to see the turnaround and happy faces on our guys again. Forever Giants.

It’s okay. Everyone makes errors, we’ll be making errors till the day we die. It’s human. You are an excellent player and we all know that. Hang in there!

Thank you for expressing your feeling on Matt’s trade. I was totally taken by surprise by that one! I saw him during Spring training in Arizona before he made it to the Big’s and thought he’d definitely be an asset to the team… I wish him all the best. As for you, the errors happen and that triple play was really a fluke! Love watching you and Panik turn those great plays. Baseball is a game of failures, wouldn’t worry too much. Keep up the good work and hope to see an Orange October!

Keep your head up Brandon. There’s a reason why you guys are 3-time champions AND why you’re a Gold Glove winner. You and the team never give up. The season isn’t over. We believe in you guys! We love our Giants!! #BrandonsAreAwesome

We all make errors at some point…..I am super sad too that they let go of Duffy….he was one of my favorites as I was able to meet him at the SJ Giants and get one of his jerseys……..Let’s keep up the winning so we can make the playoff’s as it’s an even year!!!!

My heart really aches with Duffy and Susac getting traded and Brandon is right that both Duffy and Susac are going to teams that will also get them their playing time. However it still hurts a lot to think the Duffman will not be a Giants for the near future.

No doubt about it…Duffy and Susac will be missed. Baseball will break our hearts and fill our hearts with love. Sometimes on the same day. This Gamer Babe started loving the Giants in 1983 and will be a Giants fan forever.

You’re all still great to me! Someday you’ll look back on this and be able to laugh. You’ll be flying high again. It will be sweeter because you’ve all felt so low. Thanks for the wonderful ride.

Duffy is a tough one for me. I live close to where he’s from. My nephew plays for the same little league. Matt held a 1 day camp in the offseason and spent a lot of time with my nephew, answering all his questions. Met his dad as well. Great guy! From a business stand point, it makes sense. Moore will help us! But .. man

Love you Crawford! Hang in there bud. We are all rooting for you. Thanks for writing. 😊

I was heartbroken when Matt Duffy was traded and can’t imagine how you and the rest of the team felt. It was an honor and joyful to be able to watch him play and OWN third base. He is #ForeverGiant and I wish him luck. Get to work and play your hearts out.🙂

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