Thank You — Brandon Belt

Yesterday was an awesome day. For a lot of reasons. I made the All-Star team, a dream come true. Actually I never really dreamed it. Earning a starting job on a Major League team was the dream. The All-Star team is something I can’t even put into words.

But it turned out the main emotion I felt yesterday wasn’t excitement, though I felt plenty of that. What I felt more than anything was gratitude.

I couldn’t believe how many people messaged me that their thumbs were about to fall off from voting for me. I couldn’t believe how hard Becky Biniek in the Giants’ social media department worked to keep reminding the fans to vote. I couldn’t believe how many of my teammates tweeted out #VoteBelt.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it all.

But I was thinking yesterday about one person more than anyone else.

When we got word – in a text from Ali Bumgarner – that I’d made the team, I was driving back from lunch in Lafayette with Haylee and Greyson. Haylee immediately started crying. I knew it wasn’t just that she was happy for me. It was about all the hard times and hard work and the doubts and the load she has had to carry so I could achieve my dream.

I got a little misty watching her cry because this has been about both of us every step of the way. This doesn’t happen if she’s not with me. I’m not being cheesy. It’s the truth.


It’s not easy being a baseball player’s wife. It’s not like she can do whatever she wants. She’s working constantly, getting everything ready when we travel, organizing our moves, renting houses, doing charity stuff, putting up with me when things aren’t going well. Everything. She makes sure I don’t have to worry about anything off the field.

This is a very public job, and I know how tough it was for her to read and see some of the mean things people said about me over the years. It hurts her. I don’t think everybody can put up with that. I really don’t. But she’s strong, mentally strong. She can take a lot of crap and come out on the other side, looking even better than before.

She’s always there for me when I’m feeling down about something. She knows me so well. She’s there to dig me out of whatever hole I get myself in. When I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, she was there to show it to me. She can say stuff to me that no one else can say. She tells me the truth even when I might not want to hear it. She’s the one who keeps me grounded.

Haylee and I have known each other since high school. She had no idea what was in store for her when we started dating. It’s amazing to me that she has stuck with me through all the years of ups and downs. If it were me, I don’t know if I could have hung in there. You’re staying in there for somebody else. She’s not getting anything out of this other than “your husband achieved his dream’’. It’s selfless. She might be the most selfless person I know. I feel pretty selfish in comparison.

So when she got emotional in the car yesterday, I knew it was because it’s been such a long road and because this amazing gift of going to All-Star Game was for both of us, together, not just me.

On the other hand, Greyson didn’t really care. Wasn’t impressed at all.

belt family





That was beautiful. I write baseball romances, but you live it.

Thank you for sharing.

Great post ALL STAR!

Best post ever! Haylee, you’re a star!

I just fell even more in love with your family. You are the epitome of the Giants spirit and this is why your fans love you and Haylee and Greyson. I will be watching on Tuesday good or bad, I’m a fan for life. Of your playing and you as a person. Congrats!!

You have a career as a writer when you’re tired of being an All-Star first baseman! I was one of the fans who voted my fingers off for you and I’d vote my fingers off for Haylee too. Giants fans have a lot to thank her for and you’re an even bigger star for recognizing it.

Your tribute is a wonderful gift to her Brandon. You’re lucky to have each other. Awesome post. Congratulations on making the NL All Star team. Have a wonderful time at the game and the festivities.

You deserve it Brandon!!! You have been one of our favorite players since you joined the team. You’ve worked your tail off and we are so honored to call you our Baby Giraffe🙂.

What you just wrote about Haylee brought tears to my eyes. That you recognize what she has sacrificed for you to achieve your dream is inspiring. Keep up the good work, thanks for all you do on and off of the field…can’t wait to see you playing in your 1st All⭐️Star Game.

The Smith Family
Concord, Ca

Well thanks for getting me all misty while reading your blog, and for making me laugh when I read your last line! Sweet how you’ve publicly acknowledged how much you appreciate Haylee and everything she does for you. She sounds like a wonderful person and I know she does it all because she loves you and is proud of you. My thumbs were fine but my eyes crossed several times while voting for you. I was beyond excited when I heard you won! You deserve it and I’m SO happy for you!

What a beautiful tribute to Haylee! Thank you Haylee for allowing him to live his dreams and sharing him with us……as a lifelong Giants fan and a BIG Baby G fan from day 1, I thank you both for being who you are. Congrats on your first All Star appearance! Can’t wait to watch……Go Giants!

Go Brandon! You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us proud to root for you. Your gratitude and expression of love for Haylee is so sweet and just what makes you our favorite Giant.
Jimmy and Lori

Got a little misty myself there, Brandon. All the pain in my hand and arm are worth it — _you_ are worth. But you know what? Haylee just might be worth even more.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more, you write something so beautiful. You’re both so lucky to have each other, such an amazing family.

All the hours I spent voting were totally worth it for you and your family to have the All-Star experience. Enjoy it and CONGRATS!!!!

So glad you made it to the All Star game you really deserve it. Keep up the good work! 👏👏👏

You and Hatley are such an awesome couple. I voted and voted even at work hoping you’d make the All Star team! Now get out there an win it for the National League so the Giants will have home field advantage in October! Congratulations….

My thumbs were sore yesterday and it was so worth it. I’m so happy for you, and for Haylee, and for Greyson (he’ll appreciate it later!). You deserve every bit of this. I’m thrilled that you’re a Giant.

This is by far one of the best blogs you have written! I have so much more respect for you and your relationship with Haylee after reading this! Congrats Brandon & Haylee, this is a well deserved accomplishment! #WayToGoBelts #ReationshipGoals

Brandon you are a special man. I have so much more respect for you after reading this blog. I always loved you as a BB player, but now I know you are a great man. Thank you for making BB so much fun to watch and for doing this blog!

Thanks for posting, especially this one. You have been very generous with us the fans. You share much more of yourself than most ball players so little wonder the fans were very happy for the opportunity to show their appreciation in a tangible way. But, let there be no mistake, your balling made all the difference. I know I went back day after day to vote over and over because you have been tearing the cover off the ball. Take your place with the best. You earned it. Go Giants.

Great job, Brandon! You have a wonderful family. So glad you’re a Giant!

What a wonderful tribute! I am happy for you and Haylee, and hope that you all have a great All-Star week.

As one old enough to be your mother, I have listened to mean talk about so many players, from Zito to you and many who came years and years before you. My position has always been that there is not a player who chooses to perform beneath his potential. Difficulties, slumps, injuries happen. It’s how you handle them that defines your true character. You pass with flying colors, Mr. Belt! You and Haylee deserve to be so proud of your accomplishments. The credit you give Haylee for her role in your success speaks to your character in a GIANT way. Many congratulations and, Haylee, don’t listen and don’t read the naysayers. They are paid to stir the pot. You’re a smart cookie. You don’t need anyone to tell you a damn thing about your husband, his abilities, or his (and your) GIANT character. So happy for you both.

So glad for you and Haylee. Have a wonderful time in San Diego. Please try not to get hurt! And yes my thumbs are sore as well.

So very thrilled for you and your family, Brandon!! (Greyson will understand soon enough. LOL)

And I’m sure you realize now that there are thousands upon thousands of Giants fans that have always had your back and love what you bring to the team.

Have a blast in San Diego and win that home field advantage for the Orange and Black! Yeah baby!!

Brandon, What a beautiful tribute to your wife. No wife could want more than this message of love.
Congratulations on going to the All Star game – you deserve to be there, and congrats to al the fans who just kept voting and voting. HooRay. You have worked very hard to achieve this pinnacle, and the result are quite positive. Show the USA that you are the champion that we all know you are.

I cannot tell you and Gregor and “the other” Brandon how much I appreciate your taking the time out of such busy schedules to write these blogs. They just bring us fans closer to the team.

BTW cannot imagine anyone saying anything mean about you – you are so down to earth, and work so hard – You are an inspiration to all of us – young and old.

Aww, Brandon, that was sweet. So happy for you and Haylee. Too funny about Grayson. Lol

Brandon, I’ve always thought you were The Best Blogger Ever because you’re so funny and quirky and you make me laugh. This is the first time you’ve made me cry. What a lovely, heartfelt, beautiful tribute to your “better half.” I knew she was special years ago when she did her first “wives” interview with Amy G. You could see how much she loves you. You are a lucky man.

Now, as to the All-Star Nod…yes, I voted for you about a cajillion times and so did my husband. I watched the MLB Network live results of the Final Vote…and I had tears in my eyes. I still remember “meeting” you in “The Franchise” in 2011 when you first heard you had made the team. I’ve been pulling hard for you ever since through all the ups and downs and never stopped believing in you. You are a GREAT Giant and I love watching you play.

God bless you and Haylee and little Greyson, and I hope you all have a wonderful time at the All-Star Game. You ALL deserve it.

Hi Brandon!!
That was a beautiful tribute to your wife got me misty eyed😢. Most fans forget that baseball wives and families sacrifice alot and it was soo genuinely beautiful to read what your Haylee means to you. Warmed my heart too oh btw CONGRATULATIONS !!!

Wow, this is one of your best blogs. Not that I haven’t enjoyed your other posts but this was very sweet and personal. This blog definitely got me a little teary-eyed and gave me the gooseys. As fans, I don’t think we realize how hard it is to be an athletes wife. I think people envision this “cushiony” and “easy” life they have with the money, nannies, mansions (maybe not for the Giants players because it’s ridiculously expensive here in the Bay Area for housing and in general-except for maybe Buster Posey because ya know, it’s Buster Posey 😬 haha and I’m on a damn teacher’s salary! ), anyways, it’s “nice” in a sense to hear how human you guys, your wives and families are because to me and maybe other fans, you guys are like celebrities. Every time I go to the game and get within 100 feet, I go all star struck haha I will probably get like that too for the wives. My boyfriend thinks I’m a little crazy that I know “so much” about the players and their personal lives. I love it haha I always tell him, “I would give anything to hang out with them and their families.” Anyways, I don’t know if your wife reads these blog comments with you, but congratulations to you, Haylee, and little Greyson, even he doesn’t care yet, on getting into the All Star game. It sounds like Haylee sacrificed so much and was a super mom/wife. Brandon and Greyson are very blessed and fortunate to have you. Not to toot my own horn, but I was a truly dedicated fan texting til my thumbs were numb and hands cramped up haha while walking my dog AND later on the treadmill. I would do it all over again! #teamBrandon #BrandonsAreAwesome #teamBelt So sorry for the ridiculously long comment! Go Giants! Enjoy San Diego! You deserve to go!

good man. Let her pick the next movie.

Congrats Belt family! You deserve your slot at the All-Star Game (and my thumbs are recovering so it positive all around!)
I think what draws my girls and I to you and your family is that is seems like you have this rare (among sports stars) ability to remain humble and not take yourself so seriously. You all seem to have good hearts and I appreciate the value you put on your family. We wish you continued success on and off the field.
Enjoy your time in San Diego, we will be watching!

Lisa, Arianna, and Sienna
Sonora, CA

I was going to tweet you a message, but I no longer have thumbs. I’m so glad we made a difference. It was worth the effort. A Giant atta girl to Haylee for doing the heavy lifting, kudos to you for recognizing that. Have fun with Greyson.

I just read your post again, and I am in tears. It was even more moving the second time. Congratulations on a beautiful marriage!

Congrats! Haylee is a wonderful lady and you are blessed to have her.

Oh my goodness. Brandon! What a wonderful person you are. To feel so much gratitude for your wife, and to say it – not only out loud – but out on the internet! You are truly a good man. You have always been a fave player of mine – ha – I even used you as a password one time! lol I, too, feel angry when the internet trolls post negative things. I wonder sometimes how those of you in the public eye handle it, I don’t know that I would be able to. I have shared the negative comments with my husband sometimes – and now, when we watch a game – every time you get a hit, make a great out at 1st, whatever …. he says …. oh that was that old Brandon Belt. He’s no good. hahahhaahaha I just wanna shake those nay-sayers ….. morons! Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself on this blog – I always enjoy every new post. And thank you Haylee for the Instagram pics of Greyson! What a cutie he is! Have a FAB time at the ASG.

Very sweet of you to share this. I am one of those fans that gave up break time just to vote and vote and vote. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the All Star games!

Wow – what a great, touching blog Brandon! I have been a devoted fan since your arrival and you continue to impress as to why you are an All Star Player, All Star Giant and have an All Star Family!! Congratulations to you and Haylee and know that as a long-time Giant fan you have never disappointed me. Love the pic’s of you and family – you and Haylee look so happy and Greyson is adorable!! Keep up the great work!!

That’s AWESOME! So nice for a brother in baseball to also have the gifts of emotional honesty, selflessness, and gratitude. Good for you Brandon Belt and HELL YES I texted the hell out of N1 to 89269 (thanks to Jon Miller and David Fleming who did the same and encouraged me to during the only game we lost against the Rockies). Too bad Crawford can’t be there to assist you with some double plays but maybe that chip on the shoulder is just what he needs to keep rippin ribbies~;)

Congrats and thanks for sharing your feelings! I was getting misty just reading it, both of you are very lucky to have found each other!

It might not have been a dream long ago, but being an All-Star must have been a dream/goal in recent years. You have been that good. I expect that there will be more in the future, though as your fellow Brandon found out this season, there are no guarantees even when you are playing well. Still, you earned it and I think you and your buddy will earn more in the future.

Hope the both of you had a lot of fun at the All-Star Game! You both earned it!

Wow! This is really deep, in a good way, of course. (wink)
You both compliment each other so well. (2 thumbs up)

You are an awesome dude Brandon Belt. Thanks for providing us fans with lots of cherished baseball memories. And thank you to your wife and family for making a lot of sacrifices that allow you to come out every day to entertain others. Take care and keep on being awesome. Go Giants!!!

Good ol’ Greyson! haha

You are an awesome baseball player, husband & human being, Brandon!!! I love to read your blog and watch you play. I grew up in the Bay Area but now live in Charlotte, NC and watch every game! I may stay up until 1:30pm EST cheering you guys on and wearing my Giants gear in a non baseball town (almost every day!) but what you do affects SO many people and brings happiness to our lives. Forever Giant!! ❤️❤️❤️

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