A Few Random (Musical) Notes — Brandon Crawford

There’s a lot to catch up on. Let’s start with music.

During batting practice last week in San Diego, the Padres – or at least whoever’s in charge of pregame music – had a little fun. The first day of the series, as soon as their own BP ended, the edgy, rappy music stopped. Suddenly, when we took the field, it was all boy bands, ‘90s pop, teeny-bopper pop.

I was smiling because it seemed like they were trying to mess with us. I was standing out at short stop and thinking, “They don’t know what they did. They’re locking me in.’’ They don’t know that we like this stuff. Or at least I do. I hit a home run that night.

The second day of BP, it was all Enya. If you haven’t heard her, the songs are like massage music — for batting practice, it was kind of rough. The third day, they played stuff like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’’ and “It’s Raining Men’’ –kind of girl-power music.

So did we return the favor when they played in SF this week? No, because to be honest I don’t think the music has anything to do with how you play during the game. BUT . . . if I were going to mess with them . . . since it seems they don’t like that ‘90s pop, I’d probably throw on the Sneaky Awesome playlist we listen to every day. Except it really wouldn’t be messing with them because they’d realize they actually like it.

Now that we’re two months into the season, every now and then I run out of ideas of what to play in the clubhouse. So I’ll ask around. Bum and Belt are never afraid to give me a song. Belt’s tastes are all over the place. He’s like me in that way. He’ll go from “I Knew You Were Trouble’’ by Taylor Swift to a punk-rock-scream song by System of a Down to rapper Rick Ross to Luke Bryan.

Bum’s been surprising. He’s requested Rihanna and “Sugar’’ by Robin Schulz. He’s liked the Drake song I’ve put on recently. Not what you’d expect from “Fire on the Mountain’’ Bum.

I have other random things to share, which I will. But I’m going to post this and finish the rest in a little while.

By the way, pretty good week so far all around, isn’t it? Happy flight to Denver yesterday.


I read a really good interview with Samardzija on the Metallica website. Maybe you could throw on some Metallica and/or classic rock for him when he’s starting.🙂

It’s been super fun watching you play lately! Keep it up! TEAM BRANDON!!!

Yeah Brandon, you guys have been awesome. Not sure of the identity yet, but pitching, defense and coaching with some good base running and timely hitting have been the formula for a while so I’ll go with that for now. Thanks for your great play. You guys make late nights (The truth is I find out what happens in the morning a lot of the time. Not as young as I use to be.) a lot of fun on the East coast. Go Giants!!!

Needs more \M/etal!!! Craw, maybe you can request next year on Metallica Night that they play all your walk-up songs LIVE. This past weeks games have been incredible. Esp loved Hunter’s bloop walk-off. Only the Giants… stay hot!

P.S. Please give Belt’s ankle a kiss for me :*

You guys rock!

Thanks for sharing! Have a great road games! Go Giants!

Keep up the I incredible play both with glove and bat, at the rate you are going you will be HOF bound ! I used to call Omar “the Barishnikov of the Diamond”. You have taken his place!

Just wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to write these blogs. We fans love feeling up close and personal

LOL! We were there from Las Vegas for the first two games (I was the one at the elevator Monday night wearing your BP jersey. 😊) The Enya was a trip! And they played a Christmas tune that I’m guessing was her, too. My husband and I were wondering out loud, “What the heck??” Too funny now, knowing it was on purpose!

We had a blast and we know you guys did. It was especially written all over Johnny Cueto’s happy face!

Keep up your awesome play, Brandon… Absolutely spectacular!

You are definitely on fire right now and I do hope you continue on this path… I like that you play girl power songs because soon enough that’s all you’ll hear when your girls are teenagers. And then Braxton will get into Rock! Have a good series with the Rockies!!!! Hi to Jalynne!

You guys are playing AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

You guys have been playing solid defense along with some brillant pitching! These two weeks have been a blast to watch! How about the other guy’s reaction with the club music? Cueto and Samardzija for instance? I’ve noticed that they fit the Giant’s chemistry in the clubhouse already which is a good thing. Love seeing them laughing and having a good time which makes it easier for everyone to keep the rhythm going. Keep playing that funky music white boy!

Go Giants!! Sounds like you guys are out there having fun and getting the job done🙂 Thanks!!

I laughed out loud at your comment, “I was standing out at short stop and thinking, “They don’t know what they did. They’re locking me in.’’ with their 90’s music. That’s hilarious. We’re so lucky – you guys are so fun to watch. Even better, our Giants seem like a group of genuinely good guys. And these blogs are such a kick to connect with you guys. Kinda bummed to see Timmy go, he was such a big personality and part of the team, but that’s the game. A few changes each year. The club still looks great and Bochy seems like he watches the game like a chessboard. Can’t say enough about Kruk & Kuip, too. They’re hilarious and educational. (Dad just called, from San Diego where I grew up. He says, “We’ve got the day off down here since the Padres don’t have to play the Giants today.” haha!!). Enjoy your day off!

A pretty dang good 2 week stretch. Showing the world that the Giants are for real by taking the series against the Cubs! Brandon Crawford. You’re the best. #Goldglove #silverslugger #twotimeworldserieschamp

Safe Travels and have fun in Colorado.

Music is crucial. I’m always the one worried about playlists for pretty much everything. Cooking playlists? Yep. Sitting by pool playlist? Definitely. So I have loved hearing about all the music stuff this season. So, Crawford, want to DJ my friend’s wedding July 31? Day game….short flight to the central valley for an evening dance party. There will be a taco truck….

This is hilarious! Love hearing about this sh*t!! Keep up the good work and beat the Rockies!!! GO GIANTS!!

Always enjoy reading anything you have to say. I was having a temper tantrum last night because I couldn’t find the Giants game. Finally my 12 yr old granddaughter discovered the reason……you had a well deserved day off! We’ve been enjoying the games of late. Hopefully you guys can keep it going in CO tonight. Hopefully there won’t be any rain delays. As usual your fielding has been awesome and you’ve been able to come through with some spectacular hits as well. We were at the game where your bobble heads were given away so we got them both! I wore my Crawford jersey with my Brandon t shirt under it. We enjoyed all 13 innings! Go Giants!

Great post! I got a good laugh. Keep up the momentum, been great to watch!

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