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I’m writing this before the game. I’m saying this up front because if you’re reading this after the game you won’t be wondering why I didn’t mention my four home runs or my unassisted triple play. Usually the blog doesn’t post right away so I never know when you’re going to see it.

Let’s get yesterday’s game out of the way. I have never seen a week like we just had, with those two horrific innings, giving up 12 runs one day and 13 a few days later. I’m seeing all these guys at the plate last night getting one hit after another and I’m thinking, “You couldn’t get that many hits in batting practice!’’

If you think it’s torturous watching on TV or from the stands, it’s worse when you’re on the field and wanting to do everything you can to help the pitcher get out of this. As a defense, we failed our pitchers. We made some mistakes that were pretty embarrassing for everybody. I didn’t get a scoop off a throw in the dirt that I felt I should have gotten. Every time the defense makes even a small misstep in an inning like that, morale gets a little bit lower. You can’t seem to stop the bleeding.

But the truth is when we came into the dugout after that inning, we still felt we could win, as crazy as that sounds. We felt, “Let’s see if we can keep chipping away.’’ Crazier things have happened.

Let’s hope tonight goes better. With Bum on the mound, I like our chances.

On another note, did you see Samardzija break his bat over his knee? I asked Samardzija if it hurt, and he said when it breaks you don’t really feel anything. I think he was implying that if it DOESN’T break, you’re in for a long night of ice packs and Advil.

The only time I broke a bat intentionally slamming it on the ground was after a strikeout. I knew enough to be conscious of where I slammed it — you can’t do it on grass, obviously. Still, I had no idea if it was going to break. But I needed it to break. I’d look like a complete wuss if it didn’t. I was very happy with my effort. I didn’t get the oohs and aahs Samardzija did. In fact, no one said a word about it when I came back to the dugout.

I was reduced to asking how it looked.

“Pretty good,’’ one guy said.


I also asked Samardzija if there was a trick to breaking the bat.

“You’ve got to bring your leg up as fast as you bring your bat down,’’ he said. Then he looked at me and said there was one more thing: “You gotta be committed to it.’’

That’d be my problem. I’d be completely committed at first. Then as soon I started to bring the bat down, I’d bail out and end up breaking my leg.

But it would be so cool to do it. Maybe the next time I crack a bat at the plate – I mean when the bat is good and cracked, like almost dangling – I’ll finish it off by snapping it over my knee.

Next blog: A review of The Jungle Book. Oh, I’ll give it to you now. I walked out. Super boring. The kid wasn’t totally not believable. A kid growing up in the jungle would be a lot tougher than that guy. Haylee and I lasted an hour.

Let me know if you go see the Captain America: Civil War movie. It looks awesome.


I agree about Jungle Book. Did you see Eye in the Sky? I loved that one. Our communications technology is mind blowing.
You will all get back on track.. Baseball is such a mental game. Love watching the Giants!!

Saw Captain America on Monday (5/2) and it was great. Everything about it, great. I think it’s worth the hype

It’s going to be an interesting season. I’ve written four books, about baseball, of course, and with each one I’ve had to find a different way to get to the happy ending. Each baseball season is also like a novel. You know how it will end (or at least you hope how it ends) but the fun part is in getting there. There will be challenges along the way, there will be moments of pure joy, and we go along for the ride because we want to feel all the emotions. We know that if things are going too well in the beginning, we’re in for some conflict along the way. And with each challenge, we’ll have that hope that the final triumph will only be that much sweeter because we had to work so hard to get it.

Let’s Go Giants. I can’t wail to see how you inspire my next book.

Loved that you assumed you would have had 4 home runs or a triple play for tonight’s win! Haha. Yeah last night (5/5/16) was not fun to watch or read about this morning. I just hope those 12, 13 runs never happened again except for our side. Looking forward to Captain America soon (waiting for the crowd to melt away). Thanks for blogging! Hi to Haylee and of course baby baby Giraffe!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT attempt to break anything over your knee! Unless the one you got fixed in the off-season is bionic! Congratulations on the extension. I’m so happy I’ll be able to watch you play for years to come! Stay hot!

Brandon, CONGRATS on the new contract!!! I’m super excited to have you in SF for the next 6 years. And so happy for you and your family.🙂

Yeah, please don’t try it. The Giants need every able players so the reward does not justify the risk. Go Giants!

Great email. I love bb and the blogs.

Great work last night! I worry that you are underappreciated but your contract would tell us otherwise. Did you see “Everybody Wants Some!”? It looked really good and I didn’t get a chance. I think even Haylee would like it.

And great work today too! You guys are so fun to watch — even when things aren’t going your way.

Amazing game tonight, hanging on for the win! Please, please don’t try breaking your bat over your knee, though! Don’t want to see you get hurt!

Thank you for spending your precious time writing and sharing these with us. You are doing great. Take care always. Regards to your family.

Thanks for writing…I always love the inside scoop and the movie reviews!

Be like Bo Jackson and break a bat over your head! haha And you are the first person I’ve heard who didn’t like Jungle Book!

Loved how you started your post! I laughed every time I saw it. It’s that never say die attitude that I love about the Giants the past few years. We would be behind and the offense would chip away and then we would be in the lead and then we win!

Keep up the great job hitting this year! Not that you weren’t good before, but you brought things to another level. It appears that you are ready grasshopper (if you don’t get that reference, look up Kwai Chang Caine).

Don’t listen to the people complaining about the walks. Keep on doing what you are doing and the team will succeed in scoring a lot more. Go Giants!

And congrats on the contract! It made me so happy to see it, I had been hoping for years it would happen.

once again thanks for writing! I ‘m just reading this on May 18 and I loved the Instagram pic of everyone at the San Diego Zoo! BCraw said in the post-game interview that the girl giraffe was uninterested in the treat you had in your hand but loved licking your ear! LOL! Just a mommy tending to her baby Giraffe!! LOL!!

Congrats on the new contract. It is most definitely deserved!!

The last few games have shown how when you as a team endure through the hard times, the good ones will come. The recent wins have been great to watch, especially against a tough team like the Cubs.
I always look forward to your movie reviews. I haven’t had much free time to get to theaters so a good recommendation makes it easier to decide what might worth seeing.

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