Picking the Oscars . . . Brandon Belt

So I’m making my first stab at video blogging. This video is pretty rough, I admit it. We overloaded the iPhone so had to stop in the middle, delete a bunch of stuff to free up storage and start up again. We’ll get better.

This is shot this afternoon (Saturday) in the dugout after practice.

It’s great to be back on the field with all the guys. And sorry, Crawford, for posting on the same day . . . But I had to get my picks out before the Oscars tomorrow.



Thanks for watching. Really, this will get better.

By the way, think it’s time to update our photos over there on the right side? [Updated: DONE…take a look.]


I can only see the second video (there are two posted), but love your picks!

Me too, the first one says it’s private.

I think we fixed it. Try it now.

I LOVE the video blog!!! So good to see you again after a long off season. I agree Straight Outta Compton was a great movie. And yes, it’s time to update the pics. You guys take new pics every season, don’t you?

Have a great season Brandon! 2016 is the Year of the Baby Giraffe!🙂

Agreed. Only can see the 2nd one. Brandon “Adapted Screenplay” means the book the movie was based on already existed, and the movie script was adapted from that. Original screenplay means it was written for the movie (only). Thanks for the post – hope the technology works out better next time!

Hey, love these video blogs, slight technical difficulties and all! (I was going to explain what “adapted screenplay” means, but Christina from San José beat me to it.)

It’s great to see and *hear* you talking about the movies. Also it’s wonderful to see you in the dugout! You remind me of my godson (age 24) — like you, he’s a true film lover, and would share many of your opinions, I think… such as not giving an award to a film that got you so bored that you pulled out your phone in the middle!

Jennifer Jason Leigh was a huge actress in the late 80s/early 90s. Check out Single White Female… well done and creepy!

I’m really happy that you posted, Brandon Belt — earlier today I had scrolled down to find your last post, about your “ballet catch” — and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the field in April!

P.S. Funny you should mention it… earlier today I thought to myself that those photos on the right should be updated!

Am I crazy or did the 2nd video cut off right before he gives his best actor pic? lol I’ve got to assume you agree with pretty much everyone on the planet that Leo is finally gonna get his Oscar. *Fingerscrossed* haha

Love the video blogging idea! Keep em coming! So glad it’s baseball season again. Now if you can get through Spring Training without a bout of food poisoning, this could be the best spring ever!😉 Go Giants!!

PS. I’m quite sure it’s very complicated, but I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear that you’ve signed an extention with the Giants. You’re such an important part of this team and a lot of us would be heartbroken if you decided to go elsewhere. Just my unsolicited 2cents on your life choices. hahaha Have a great spring training and even better season!

Ha! Good to see you guys posting again. I really enjoyed “Brooklyn” with “Seer-sha Ronan” (that’s how it’s pronounced). You should watch it!

Loved this!!!🙂 I always enjoy your movie reviews, but your videoblog had me smiling the entire time!! (Didn’t get on my phone once!😉 )
Have a great season! #GoGiants!!!!

Love the video. It makes me feel like we are sitting right there in the dugout. Thank you so much for taking the time. See you guys in a couple of weeks. CANNOT WAIT!

Loved the video blogging but the second video cut out before best actor pick!
Always have enjoyed your movie reviews! Have a great spring training! Can’t wait for
the season to start!

I can’t tell you how glad I am to see the Brandons back and sharing things with us again. I haven’t seen any of those movies, and won’t, but whatever you want to talk about is fine with me! Hope the family is well and maybe we’ll get a glimpse of them on one of your vid later. (And pick do get those photos at the top right changed!)

Loving the video blog (or “vlogging”) Brandon! Keep up the movie reviews, they kill me!

Hey, Brandon, good to see you back and getting ready for the season, and thanks for coming to an agreement with the club. You are quietly one of the mainstays of the team and this may be your biggest season yet. Best of luck. Go Giants!!! Thanks for the movie review also!

I dunno, I like those profile photos, hee.
Love the video blog idea, and looking forward to more – perhaps a video blog of you and Other Brandon in conversation?

I agree with your thoughts on The Martian – loved it. Hope it wins. Love your down-to-earth take on all this. Stay real! Also stay healthy and have a great season. I’ll be in Scottsdale at the end of Spring Training and hope I can get to congratulate you on getting all your picks correct!

Love the video blogs!! Keep them coming

Video blog!?!?!?! Yes, please!!!! Loved it!

I, too, vote for The martian – great movie! Thanks for sharing!

PS – YES, I think it’s time to update those profile pics! While the two of you are adorable in those photos, it’s time to bring them current!

Brandon: loved hearing your picks for Oscar gold. I hadn’t seen any (not 1!!) of the movies, but I managed to pick 16 out of 24, using some of the same logic you employed. I do that every year, then decide which movies to see. BTW–adapted screenplay can be adapted from a book–like The Big Short, which was written by Michael Lewis, the same guy who wrote Moneyball–but also might have been from a play, a short story (like Field of Dreams or A River Runs Through It) or even a TV show (Bewitched? Maybe even The Flinststones?) Anyway, loved Ryan Goslings definition, and the presentation he and Russell Crowe gave–very funny! I enjoy your blog, can’t wait to get into mine–gamerbabesfromhalfmoonbay.com–always positive, always Giants!

Brandon, CONGRATS on the long term deal. Finally! I’m so very happy for you!!! And for me, because I get to watch you play for 6 more years. Fist hug!🙂

Congrats on your contract, ecstatic that you will be in the middle of our lineup for the next six years ( at minimum). Glad to see you so excited to stay with your teammates, and you should have brought your son up with you, that would have been fun at the press conference. Keep up the good work!

Go Giants!

That was quite entertaining. I agree with your criticism on the length of Revenant. I thought it was fantastic but I was getting restless leg syndrome… As always, I enjoy the blogs.

PS you guys need to sell those Brandon shirts that you and Crawford were wearing In your commercial. Like ASAP 👍🏾

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