No Place Like Home- Brandon Crawford –

Last night, with the new contract signed and delivered, I celebrated at the House of Prime Rib with Jalynne, my mom, my agents Joel Wolfe, Josh Persell, Rich Aude and Joel’s wife and daughter. (My dad had to work.) No champagne. Nothing extravagant. For me, the most important thing — whether it’s work or a night out — is the people I’m with.

That’s why this contract extension means so much. The money is great, don’t get me wrong. But  now I know for the next six years I’ll be around the best guys in baseball — Buster, Joe, Matt, Bum, Hunter, the list goes on. Hopefully Belt will work out an extension, too. The no-trade clause was a big deal for me. I wanted to know I wouldn’t be going anywhere. By the end of the six years, Buster and I will have played ten years together. I can’t imagine a better guy to go through a career with.

We have something really special going on here, and the front office — namely Bobby Evans and Brian Sabean — is making sure this core group stays together to win more World Series Championships.

I said this in the press conference today: I’m living a dream beyond my imagination. It’s not only that I’m playing for my hometown team. But I have the two things I think everyone wants in whatever career they’re in: You’re around great people, and you have the opportunity to do great work.

Part of that work is giving back to the community. When you’re as fortunate as I am, I feel strongly there’s a responsibility to give back. So I’ll be getting more involved in the Giants Community Fund and Junior Giants. I’ll help to build or rebuild a field here in the Bay Area so kids will have a safe, clean place to play. I’m going to buy season tickets that will go to kids who otherwise couldn’t attend a Giants game. As a father myself, my focus is on helping kids, though I’ll continue the Craw Claw that helps Casa Colina, a brain-injury rehabilitation hospital.

We’ll also start looking to buy a house in the East Bay now that we know we’ll be here. We’ve always rented apartments or houses.

I have to say this week has been the most amazing week of my life career-wise. It began when Jalynne and I flew to New York last Monday. On Tuesday, we attended the Major League Baseball Alumni Association gala where they present Heart & Hustle Awards. The alumni association chooses a player from each team then vote on an overall winner, which was Anthony Rizzo this year. Brooks Robinson is the president of the association, so it was really cool to meet him.

On Wednesday we went to dinner with Joe Panik and his fiance, Brittany, to a great steakhouse called Quality Meats. Joe had never been, so I felt good about showing him a new spot in his own backyard. We went afterward to see Aladdin on Broadway. The movie was better, or at least I thought so. It was one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid.  Then we went for frozen yogurt in Times Square.

Thursday we walked around Central Park, bought the girls some gifts in Times Square and had dinner with my agent.

Friday there was a lunch for the Gold Glove winners, the Rawlings guys, the award presenters and past winners and George Lopez, the host for the awards dinner later in the night. I sat next to Greg Maddux, who is a great guy.

The awards dinner was at The Plaza, where we were staying. Ozzie Smith presented my award. Jalynne and I sat with Salvador Perez and his family and Alceides Escobar and his family. The whole experience was pretty amazing.

And it got better: Right around that same time, I found out the contract extension was about to be finalized.

Now here I am on a Wednesday afternoon in November, a week before Thanksgiving, with so much to be grateful for. Jalynne and I are flying back home to Arizona today. Jalynne’s parents had been watching the girls and drove them yesterday to Arizona, so they’ll be there when we arrive.

Then we’ll be driving next week to Big Bear in SoCal to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jalynne’s family. We’ll go home for a bit then drive to Los Angeles, where we’ll celebrate Braylyn’s birthday on December 18, there, drive back up here to the Bay Area for Christmas with my family.

We’ll be driving everywhere because by then Jalynne won’t be able to fly. She’s due in late January. We already know it’s a boy. We’re naming him Braxton. I came up with the name. Jalynne and I chose the babies’ names while were still in college.
So happy I’ll be spending the next six years with all of you. Thank you for everything you do during the season. You make being a Giants player the best job in the world.

Happy Early Thanksgiving!


So thrilled you’ll be here for 6 more years. My son and daughter are 9 and 12, and you, Buster, Hunter and more will be a steady and positive inspiration for them as they grow into adulthood. #OrangeAndBlackForever

This is truly an early Thanksgiving, not just for you and your family, but for all the fans, too. The Gold Gloves, the Silver Slugger awards, and now your extension — we couldn’t be happier! Well, unless there should be another opportunity for a parade down Market Street, that is. And now we have a great chance for that to happen. Let’s just keep the Brandons together, Buster and Matt in charge, and the rest of the guys doing what they do best — playing baseball at the highest level and charming the socks off their fans.

Many, many congrats! And please keep us updated on the family and your move to the Bay area. Happy Thanksgiving!

So very deserved. You continue to be an inspiration. THAT is why the Giants are my team. 😍

Congrats to you and your family. It’s great to hear you will be a long time Giant! Congrats on all your awards this year and the new contract. I was super stoked to get the news! Take care and enjoy those kids. They aren’t young for long!! Happy holidays to you and your family.

I jumped for joy when I heard about your contract extension! We, as Giants fans, are so lucky to have you!! Thank you for all that you do not only for the team, and the fans but also what you give back to the community. Everything is falling into place for you and your career…..first a Gold Glove, then a Silver Slugger award and now this. Congrats to a well deserved young man! Enjoy your holidays and off season and can’t wait to see you on the field soon! Can’t wait to see you all back on the field and hopefully we can keep our Brandon’s squared together🙂

I don’t know you but I am so very proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished personally and as a Giant. You’ve always been one of my favorites and I’m so excited and relieved that you’ll be with us for a long time. Congratulations on the great season, well deserved awards and contract, and Braxton Crawford (what a wonderful name)! You are loved!

There certainly is no place like home, especially when home is the SF Bay Area. Congrats on the extension, GG, SS, and of course Baby Braxton. Best to you and your family. Looking forward to the even year ;P

Such great news about so many things!! Congrats Brandon!! So deserved and couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!! So happy about your extension and my fingers are crossed that Belt will get one too!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and safe travels!

So happy for you, your family and for me!!! I have had my Crawford jersey for 3 years, now I know it will be good for many more years. Congratulations on the awards too!

Congrats Brandon! You are a great role model! I’m glad the prospects got to see the press conference today. Hard work pays off!

You’ve said it all so eloquently. I’m so happy for you, for your family, for the Giants, and for us fans. We are so lucky to have you for 6 more years and maybe more. The fact that you’re a hometown boy who’s dream came true to play for your favorite team is incredible. This news came at the most appropriate time…Thanksgiving! We’ll all be giving thanks for you this season. I love reading that you plan to devote more time to the Community Fund and Junior Giants, and buying tickets so kids can go to Giants games (like Tim Lincecum). Your trip and the awards ceremonies sounded so special and I’m sure you’ll carry these memories with you the rest of your life. I guess the only person better to present your Gold Glove besides Ozzie would be Omar Vizquel. I’m glad too to hear your family will now settle in the Bay Area. I sat behind your wife and eldest daughter at one game last season and they were all bedazzled with Crawford on their backs. Loved it! Enjoy the holidays and congratulations! So well deserved!!

I am so happy and thrilled for you and your family! It’s so nice of you to diary these all important life events and thanks for sharing. Looking forward to spring training and another World Series win!

Congratulations Brandon. I’m so happy for you, your family, and Giants fans everywhere.

Hmm I’m trying to remember the contract my fictional shortstop in my upcoming book inked. It was a big one. But I know you won’t have any of the problems living up to the contract that my character does. You’ve already married the love of your life. I write Romance, so there has to be a lot of conflict on the way to happily-ever-after. You and Jalynne seem to have a great relationship. I love that you let the grandparents take the kids so you can spend time as a couple.
I’m sure Jalynne doesn’t have air of time to read but I would love to get her opinion of what it’s really like to love a ball player.

Congrats Brandon! We are so blessed to have you for six more years🙂

I’m so happy for you Brandon! A great Giant playing for a great team!

Brandon! I don’t believe I could be more happy for you and your whole family. And I am so happy for the Giants as well. When I heard the news I had an ear to ear grin it made me so happy. You really deserve this. You’ve worked so hard. Even back in 2011 when the offense was struggling so much I just knew that you could be a really good hitter one day because you knew the strikezone and could work counts. Now you are a gold glove winner (about time too!) and silver slugger and that makes me so happy!

It is true that the Giants have built some really special over the last several years. I’m so proud of you all.

I love the fact that you want to help and put back into the community. Well I am just rambling now but wanted to write you and tell you how happy I am for you and Jaylynn and the little ones and the one on the way!! Yeah! Much love and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years!

BTW thanks for continuing with this blog for as long as you have! It is really appreciated and really fun to hear what is going on in your life!

Brandon, you and your family are truly blessed and so very deserving of all the goodness you’ve worked so hard to achieve. From your first at-bat for the Giants (yeah, THAT awesomeness), I and so many other fans just knew you were special. Everything you’ve done since then for the team and community has cemented our admiration. Happy Thanksgiving #35!

I’m super happy that we will get to see you play in a Giants uniform for, at the very least, the next SIX years. As someone who also grew up in the Bay, it’s very awesome to see the dreams of all Giants’ kids get fulfilled by the best of us. Can’t wait for the season to start. Go Giants!!! Also, your kids are SUPER cute so I can’t wait for Braxton to arrive and give us more reasons to get glued to Instagram for pictures of the kids.

Huge congrats to you and your growing family!

And we are all SO happy that we get to cheer you on for another 6 years. Congrats to you and your family!

Brandon: We all knew your were a great player but your comments in this blog show that your real awesome human being as well. What great role model. What a great asset not only to the team but to the community. May God bless you and your family and, of course, Go Giants!!!

Hopefully you get a chance to read this. I know it’s been an exciting past few weeks for you. I wanted to express a huge congratulations to you. You’ve accomplished and achieved so much in a short career. I was beyond ecstatic as well as relieved that you FINALLY got a Gold Glove. I’ve literally tweeted, IGed, face booked and said that you’ve always deserved one ever since you’ve joined the team. (Once I found out, I immediately tweeted you and tagged your wife on IG a pic of me, you and my student at the Step up the plate grant ceremony a few years ago haha) With all biases aside, it’s extremely entertaining and amazing to watch you play shortstop. You really make it look so easy and effortless. About time you’ve been recognized! Also congratulations on extending your contract!! The Giants are so fortunate to have you! Omg and congratulations on your upcoming baby boy!! So exciting for you and your family! I hope Jalynne’s pregnancy is going well with all the traveling. Have a happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful to have you on the team! Go Giants! #teamBrandon

Ps please text Belt and tell him to post a blog for us. He’s slacking…haha

I’m so happy for you and your family! Us McCovey Cove kayakers are glad to have you signed up till 2021. Enjoy the off season, find a nice house and get ready for Braxton! And we will be waiting for you in the Cove in 2016!

I about gave myself a whiplash the other day when the local news announced that you got the Gold Glove. “I knew it!!” So happy for you. THEN the news that you’ll be with the Giants for the next 6 years – “Yeah!!” Just like when Buster landed a long-term contract with the Giants. Very exciting. It’s so nice when a ball club keeps players together and continues to build on it’s existing talent while brining in new talent as needed. (Bochy is a baseball magician). With the recent blend of new rookies, the coming years for the Giants are going to be very exciting. My favorite catcher and my favorite Short Stop. You two are both so, so talented, it’s just so fun to watch. Congratulations on the soon-to-be new son and good luck with the new house-hunting. We’re so glad you’ll be with us for years to come and I, personally, enjoy your baseball gymnastics over at short stop. Pretty entertaining, too. :o)

Congrats! And just as equally happy that you’ll be around for six more years (at least! :^). Great reward for a great player, more importantly, a great person! I was hoping for something last spring, but glad that it has happened so fast this off-season.

This is all such a wonderful story of you being able to live out the DREAM of not only playing for your boyhood team, but starting at SS, and now able to spend the vast majority, if not entire career, with them. Layer on top two championships, then this season, All-Star, Silver Slugger, and finally Gold Glove, this is a story that people won’t believe it if it was in a movie. Or would call a Disney movie, it’s great that you and your sweetheart (now wife) had picked out your future children’s names while in college!

And thanks for your closing remark about winning 3 more championships under this contract! Giants: Team of the 2010’s!

You picked an excellent place to celebrate!🙂

CONGRATS on the fantastic season, the Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and now the new contract. I’m excited to be able to watch you play in SF for the next 6 years.

Now let’s get Belt a long term deal!

Congratulations Brandon, you deserve it! I am thrilled you will be a Giant for 6 more years!! Best wishes to you and your seem like such loving, humble people, it’s really inspiring.

So thrilled to see all the great things happening for you Brandon! I’ve thought from the beginning that you were going to be a Golden Glover despite some of my family’s disparaging remarks about your early errors and struggles at the plate. Thank you for sharing some of your personal life with us. Sounds like you’re going to have your hands full come the end of January…..or Jalynne will. Hey with the new contract you can hire a nanny! Speaking of the new contract… sure deserve it and I love the no trade clause. I’m not ready to hang up my Crawford jersey any time soon! It’s so nice to see you and all the Giants giving back to the community. It seems you recognize your good fortune in getting to do something you love in a place you love. I think that’s what makes me proud to say I’m a Giants fan every year not just the even numbered ones! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Looking forward to Braxton’s birth announcement in January as well.

Congratulations and YAY that you are going to be a Giant for a while!!! I was totally stoked when i heard the news. Also CONGRATULATIONS on your little boy and GOLDEN GLOVE!!! Best wishes to you and your family!!!!

Thanks, Brandon, for being a great Giant and an even better ‘one of us’.

The best for you and your family always from mine,
Diane Nagura

Great news, Crawford. You are an awesome husband, father, role-model and shortstop. So-o-o-o glad you are a Giant.

So happy for you, Craw. You truly deserve all of it. Excited you’ll be spending your career as a Giant. Thanks also for the great blogs. Always cool to hear from you.

Wonderful! Re-Blog

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I for one let out a big sigh of relief when we told this guy he wasn’t going anywhere! B-Craw, I promised you that Gold Glove and well…I delivered.🙂

Brandon, Terrific job this season, and congrats on the new contract, you really deserve it. Being a lifelong Giants fan (1979), itl be good to see the core players all signed on. BIG TIME CONGRATS on the Gold Glove, you’ve been overlooked by the media for far too long. Lastly, Tracy and I hope the new boy will be healthy and happy. Keep up the super work. From your fans in Sturgis, SD

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