Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride — Brandon Crawford

Even though we’re not going to the playoffs, it’s still been a really positive season for our team. When you think that, with the injuries we had, that we weren’t out of it until the last week of the season, that’s pretty good. It says two things: We battled like we always do, and the future of the Giants is in good hands.

Look how many young guys came in and contributed at time when we weren’t sure what we were going to do. Duffy, of course. He filled a really big hole at third. In any other season, he’d be hands-down choice for Rookie of the Year. It says a lot about how much respect he has in the clubhouse to be voted the Willie Mac Award winner.

I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised to see another skinny kid, Kelby Tomlinson, play the way he’s been playing. With very little experience, he has turned into a good second-baseman. And he’s able to put the bat on the ball and hit line drives. That’s what we needed with Joe going down because he’s a similar type player.

And there’s the most unexpected contributor of all, Trevor Brown, who was third in the depth chart behind Susac and Sanchez, who both got hurt. To step up and be reliable back there behind the plate when he hardly knows any of our pitchers, that says a lot about him. Leake credited him the other night in his first shut-out. And he’s had some huge hits, particularly the two-out double against Greinke. Greinke doesn’t give up two-out doubles, but apparently Trevor was not informed. Like all the young guys, he has a quiet confidence about him. He kind of walks around like he’s been here, but not in a cocky way. And he’s a Bruin, so obviously that’s a good thing.

I just had my meeting with Bam-Bam and Steve Decker, our two hitting coaches. They meet with every position player at the end of the season to summarize the year from an offensive standpoint and look at what you should work on in the off-season. You know it’s going to be a nice meeting when you have career highs in almost every offensive category. With one game left to play, I have 21 home runs, more than doubling my previous high of 10. I have 84 RBIs (previous high, 69). I finally have more than 500 at-bats (even though I played fewer games). I had 499 in 2013 but got hurt before I could reach 500. I also had fewest errors of my career.

Bam-Bam and Decker were cheerleading for me to win the Silver Slugger and Gold Glove this season. I must admit it’s pretty exciting just considering the possibility.

After tomorrow’s final game of the season, Jalynne and the girls and I will hang out here for five to seven days see my family and grandparents. We’ll drive to Southern California to see her family then fly to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for a week or so.

I think, though, we’re going to Disney first, the day before go to Jackson. Now I have nothing against Disney, but we spent three off-days there this season. Three. I’ve had plenty of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. But Jalynne loves Disney. Loves it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we go again when we get back from Jackson. Good thing we don’t live in LA. We’d be subletting a room in Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse.

In any event, we’ll drive from LA to our home in Arizona, stay there until Thanksgiving. We’ll meeting Jalynne’s family in Big Bear for the holiday. Then back to Arizona and up here for Christmas with my family.

I’m looking forward to lots of time with Jalynne and the girls. And giving my body a rest. And watching football.  I probably won’t write during the off-season. But who knows?
Thanks for all your questions and kind comments through the season.


What an amazing ride it has been this year! Enjoy your time off with your girls and get some much deserved rest. See you in Spring!

Have a great off season Brandon! Even though you’re not going to the post season, it’s been amazing to watch you play this season. Thank you.

If you get a chance, can you post something when your son is born? Best to you and your family.🙂

Awwwwww BCraw, I love Disneyland & I’m 72 years not months. I try to go back every 2-4 yrs. Have a very relaxing Fall/Winter and be sure to let us know when the baby is born. Wishing you all well. Have fun in Jackson Hole. We’ll be seeing you again at Spring Training at the end of March. My Sis & I are also going on the Giant’s cruise in Dec. Hoping you get the Golden Glove you so rightly deserve. I voted for you often. See you next year.
Grandma Mary

Hi Brandon! You are so positive and I really enjoy reading your stories. Your contribution to your team has been solid and I am so happy to see your hr numbers and rbis!! Have a wonderful time with your and your wife’s families!

Hello Brandon, thank you for writing. I’m happy. You guys won some big games with clutch hitting, defense and pitching. So it was an exciting season, and now you guys deserve a long off season because there are a lot fellas that need to heal. Enjoy your off season. Next year the team will impose its will on the other guys (I hate to think about the roster changes, however). .I can’t wait. Go Giants!!!

Good luck on the Gold Glove. Most of the numbers guys have you as the odds on favorite.

I got my BCraw t-shirt a couple of weeks ago, have you seen this one? It says, “2/3 of the Earth is covered by water. The other 1/3 is covered by Brandon Crawford.” Good luck with the Gold Glove – you sure do deserve it. I’ve been saying that for a couple of years now. It’s very exciting how these rookies are producing and how natural they look out there on the field in the big leagues; Brown, Duffman, Tomlinson, and Panik. The Giant’s future looks very bright. Finding a good back-up catcher, especially one to back up someone like Buster Posey, is no easy prospect, so I’m really excited about Trevor Brown. Bonus that he’s a Bruin (I’m a biased UC alum, though, too). I’m glad you guys get the full off-season to rest and recuperate. Everyone seems a bit banged up. Congrats on another HR today. How about that in-the-park HR by Tomlinson. He and The Duff can really run. 2016 is already shaping up to be an amazing season. Have a great off-season, enjoy your time with your family, wife, and kids. Thank you for another fantastic season. Tell BBelt to get better soon. See you at the yard next April!

It was a great year for you! Fun to watch you as a fan. My 16 month old daughter claps and says “Gians” when we watch. Raising her to love the Giants! I will miss the Giants a lot!! Have a great off season and can’t wait for 2016!

Enjoy your well deserved off season. Can’t wait to see what the Giants do next year!

🌷😉 m


Brandon, I’m so proud of you guys! Oh, you forgot to mention Tomlinson’s In the Park Homerun today! You are all so fun to watch. Have a wonderful off season and we’ll see you next year! (One year ago, we were in Maui, watching the play off games along side your aunt and uncle at the poolside bar at the Hyatt)

Thank you for a very entertaining season! Enjoy your free time with your love ones.

Gee I’m surprised that even your off season time off, you are traveling around i.e. Families homes, Disneyland, Jackson Hole, Arizona. I would think with all your traveling during the season, you would want to hunker down at one place and rest your body while everyone comes to visit you guys. Enjoy your time off, the girls, wife and you yourself. Thanks for a great season! Looking forward to hearing about your baby boy.

We’re nothing but proud of you and the entire team, Brandon. Challenging year, but the team showed so much fight and it was thrilling to watch the rookies and new additions step up. Have a great off season and enjoy some quality time with the fam. We’ll see you today and then again at Spring Training!

Stay safe in all your travels and enjoy the offseason, even if it does include Disney again!

Congrats on a great season, Brandon. Enjoy your time off with your family. The kids grow up fast so enjoy every stage. Your fans are counting the days till Opening Day!

Thanks BC. It’s been a great ride this year. Enjoy your off season.

Enjoy the time with your family, Brandon. You had a fabulous season and you deserve a rest. Looking forward to next season. Go Giants!

Amazing season, amazing team!
So regarding Football, who’s your team? I have a pretty good guess but…

Oh, Brandon, she’s a SoCal girl, of course she loves Disney! That’s just how it is when you grow up close by (I know I did). Perhaps it isn’t “your cup of tea”, but just go back at look at the pics (Jalynne posted a few on Twitter), and look at those smiles!!!! Looks like a fun family time to me. Indulge her! haha
Congrats on a great season! Looking forward to seeing everyone happy and healthy at Spring Training! Enjoy your time off, enjoy your holidays! Looking forward to the new baby news!🙂

Thank you Brandon for a fantastic season! Your recap about the rookies was spot-on and replicates how I feel so pleased to be a Giant’s fan because you all give it everything all season long and then some. Have a great time off – even at Disneyland!!!

Congrats on a great season BCraw! You were being modest in not noting that you were leading (and eventually ended up) the team leader in homers. So you got bragging rights over Buster and Belt! Hope you have a relaxing and rejuvenating off-season, can’t wait to see you play next season!

I’m a NorCal person like you, but my wife and I love Disneyland (though not as much as your wife). When the kids were young, we were bringing them there every year, basically. As they got older, the allure wasn’t as great for them anymore, so we have been trying to make the 5 year anniversaries (40, 45, 50, 55, and this year, 60th). How can someone who experienced 2012 not believe in fairy tale endings? :^)

Thanks again for all your sharing during the season! You have always been above and beyond in sharing and, selfishly, I hope you will continue, but I know that at some point you will need to stop, for whatever reasons. I will always appreciate your sharing.

One thing I hope you can share more about is your upbringing as a Giants fan. You are living the dream many of us in the Bay Area can live vicariously through, who grew up wanting to be Bobby Bonds, Dave Kingman, John the Count Montefusco, Jack Clark, Will Clark. I think many of us would love to hear your thoughts and feelings regarding your very unique circumstances of being able to do this with the team you loved growing up (and you loved, your Chron photo is famous among Giants fans, I’m sure). Your family’s role in shaping your fandom, your personal ups and downs as a fan, your thoughts when drafted (must have been bittersweet in some ways, BA had you ranked in Top 10 in the off-season for the draft, but then you fell to the Giants, so that’s the sweet there; obviously worth it now, but what were you feeling during the draft), your feelings when you were on the field, knowing you were a champ as a Giants player.

But I’m greedy. Thanks once more for all your sharing, look forward to seeing what you all can do as a team in 2016 with some luck in health, look forward to you building on what you did this season. And good luck during award season, I think you should win – finally – a gold glove, but we’ll see. Hopefully at least a Silver Slugger!

I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts Brandon. You had a great season. I really, really hope you win a Gold Glove and/or Silver Slugger award. If you don’t, those people are idiots, once again. I already miss watching Giants games. Right after hour last game ended, I told my boyfriend, what the hell are we supposed to watch now??
Sounds like you have a busy holiday season coming back. I’m sure your family is super happy to have you back full time. When is Jalynne due? Yeah Disneyland can be super overwhelming. We try to spread it out on how often we go. It’s been awhile.
I look forward to watching you guys play next year! Lets see what an even year brings 😉😀 have a great, relaxing break off. Take care!

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