The Catch (Awkward Division) — Brandon Belt

Back in the day The Catch meant Joe Montana to Dwight Clark.

Before that The Catch meant Willie Mays.

This is the modern day The Catch.

People might say I look stupid, but I’d like to call that play athletic. That was an athletic play by the first baseman. My teammates said the same thing. “You are such an athlete out there!’’ they said, though I think they were being sarcastic.

What happened was, I misread how hard the ball was hit. So I was getting ready to jump and I realized the ball wasn’t there yet, so I was turning and turning and finally I went up on one leg. Wotus said I looked like I was part of the Russian ballet.

I caught it, and that’s all that matters. But in truth, I felt so stupid that I just got the giggles. I couldn’t stop laughing. I saw it on the big screen right after. It was just as bad as I thought. I was all sprawled out. My legs all over the place. But . . .  I caught it.

Remember those signs from a few years ago that said, “Keep Brandon Awkward’’? There you go. Done.

It just so happens that Melissa wrote in to share her own awkward moment. She went to shake hands with someone who put out his fist for a fist bump. She ended up grasping the guy’s fist. Melissa, I’ve done that many times. It’s even better when you do it on purpose to people. Then it’s funny. And if you didn’t do it on purpose, act like you did. You go in for the fist bump then you open your hand for the fist hug.

Another question from the comments: Am I stressed in left field? No, not really. Our left field is a little tricky because the wind blows so much, but I don’t get too stressed about it. I’m capable of making the plays out there. Nobody expects me to make the really good plays, so if I do it, it’s great! The truth is I’ve made some pretty good plays out there. I even surprise myself sometimes. If I played out there all the time, I think I’d be just fine.

Another question: Was I bummed I wasn’t part of turkey tap scandal at the White House? Well, they stole the idea from me, so I think I’m part of every single one. I get plenty in, so it’s OK.

It was fun but very busy playing in Texas. You want to see everybody and talk to everybody you can. I feel bad if I don’t get to everybody. We organized about 25 tickets for a bunch of people — I put that off on Haylee. I don’t have time. And there were a lot of people who didn’t ask for tickets who came to the games.

It’s been awhile since a lot of those people had seen Greyson, so he was way more the focus of attention than I was. He’s moving around so much  now, so it was great having lots of people to take care of him.

He’s not walking yet but he is a major crawler. He loves dog food. We’ve had to put the dog food in the pantry because he likes to grab it and eat it. When he found out where we’d put it, he went right to it, so we always have to make sure the pantry door is closed tight. He’ll take a big handful and try to shove it in his mouth, but so far we’ve always caught him. I tasted it to see what he’s so excited about. It’s really bland. But I think he just wants to chew on something.

Other than the dog food, he’s awesome.

He’ll be a year old in two weeks. He loves the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I think we’ll have a Mickey Mouse party for him in the family room at the field. Every time the Mickey Mouse Club theme song comes on he’s moving and smiling. I downloaded it to my phone so I can play for it. I hope we can get our moms out from Texas for the party. Got to have the grandmas here!

We just bought him a new toy, a tunnel that leads to a pool of plastic balls. It’s in the living room with the rest of the toys. It’s like an amusement park in there. I’m trying to post a video but it’s not working. I’ll do it when I figure it out.
Thanks for reading — keep the questions coming!


Love the blogs! Happy Birthday to Grayson too!

I loved it when you broke your game face and smiled.

You didn’t look stupid, more like stupendous. I didn’t think it was possible for you to top the 2 homers that night, but you did with that CATCH! I was at Wrigley the day they had the bomb threat. I saw them sending the employees outside, yet players were led back inside. Do they have a special bomb shelter for players? They didn’t show us that on the tour.

Nice toss to MadBum at 1st today (vs. Cubs). Looks like you’re not the only one with mad ballet skills. Happy 1st birthday to Greyson. Hope he got the Mickey Mouse party you were planning.

Hi Brandon,
I also have a son named Grayson. He is 14. Great name!🙂

I have to ask though…on your wife’s social media posts, she spells his name Greyson, and you spell it Grayson. So, who is spelling it wrong?? ;o)


Brandon – I’m SO flattered you shared my story! Together we’re awkward.🙂

P.S. I’m going to Six Flags tomorrow, looking forward to seeing Brandon the giraffe.🙂

Awesome post! I’m still laughing about the dog food comment. We are so proud of the team this season, especially given all of the injuries. What has been the highlight of the season so far for you?
Thanks for taking the time to write. Happy Birthday to your son!

Thanks so much for your post, Brandon! That story about the dog food had me laughing aloud, and I hope the Mickey Mouse party goes over well. Also, can you please post a video of that catch?😉 Keep it up with the home runs!

Oh wait, there’s the video…the email didn’t show it. (Yes, I get emails from your blog!)

So nice to “hear” the excitement in your voice about Grayson … being a parent is undescribable 👍

Your catch was hilarious. Very graceful. Hey, with B’Craw doing his gymnastic moves over at short stop all the time, I think it fits in well with the infield. :o) It was funny when you started to crack up. Made me laugh. I think it was NFL Wide Receiver and Hall of Famer, Lynn Swan, who actually took ballet off the field. It helped him with his game. So own that Russian Ballerina tag with pride. lol! :o) And I’m definitely trying the “fist hug” next time I get a chance to see what kind of reaction I get. August looks a little more challenging than September, although you can never let your guard down no matter how well your opponent is doing. Do you guys have a general strategy with each team you play? I’m guessing it might be focused on the pitcher you’ll be facing as well as the hitters on the other team. Do you all study the “scouting reports,” or do the coaches do that then prep you guys for each game? Thank you! Keep up the great bats and smooth moves!! ;o))

Dog food, I don’t know about, but my mother used to give us Milk Bones to gnaw when we were teething. They’ve changed the formula since then and they don’t taste as good as they did, but check with your vet. I mean your pediatrician!

Love your blog! Anything about Grayson makes me smile, keep them coming! Question: Who was your baseball idol growing up? Did you ever meet him?

My niece kept trying to eat rocks when she was a baby, and my other niece tried to eat a matchstick once, so the moral of the story is babies will literally eat anything.

Thanks for blogging. Glad to see you have heated up and going out of the park in left fairly regularly. Are you trying to flatten out your swing? Go Giants!!

LOVE it, love it, love it! I really enjoy how you answer questions that people post, I love that you can laugh at yourself (and get the giggles – that was almost better than the catch! haha), it’s fun to hear the updates on Grayson …. all in all – I just really love the blog! Thanks for sharing.🙂

I thought that catch was awesome! You all put on the Serious Athlete faces out there. Nice to see a bit of mirth.

That was a fantastic and extremely athletic play you made!!

Happy early 1st birthday to Greyson!! 🙂

So much fun to read about your life! Thanks for being so real.

That game was one of the few where I could watch it for free (I live in Iowa so catching a game is hard). It was a great catch and I had a good laugh over it too.

Happy birthday to Greyson!

It’s a treat as a fan for you to share as much as you do about your life with us. Plus, I can’t imagine how busy life is with baseball, traveling, and trying to spend time together as a family. The few extra minutes you share with us are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Thanks again for blogging and sharing! I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts (as well as BCraw’s).

And early Happy Birthday to Greyson!

I got a question. It’s been amazing how well Duffy has done so far, and he’s been crediting it to a book he got from a coach (Mental Keys to Hitting by Harvey Dorfman), and I’m wondering if you 1) ever heard of the book before, and if so, what your thoughts are, and 2) ever read and/or used any of the teachings of that book? Is it good? Is it not so good? Are any other Giants players using the book’s methods? Just curious to hear another viewpoint from a professional athlete. (The book is discussed in this interview of him: )

We were at the game you made that amazing catch! When you caught it, my husband shouted “Belt says NO!” and cracked our kids up. The rest of the week, they kept shouting it to each other.

I’ve been meaning to mention to you that I LOVE the “bat drop” when you hit homers. Don’t change a thing. Classier and less insulting to the other team than the bat flip. In fact, do ANY of you guys do a bad flip?
And the beard…keep it, but keep it neat!

That play yesterday afternoon… you’re recruiting Bum to Team Awkward, aren’t you?🙂 It was a FANTASTIC play by both of you.

Missing our blog! Can you give us something???? PLEASE!?

~Christine Gruber

Brandon – thinking of you and hoping you are recovering from concussion! You are so valuable and integral to Giant’s success and want you out there healthy and playing. Hope that you will have a good time off healing and enjoying your wife/son and family. Let us know how you are doing. You have lots of ardent fans rooting for your success!!!

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