A Few Nice Words for, Well, a Couple of Dodgers — Brandon Crawford

Some of you might have seen Jalynne’s instagram a few days ago of the sonogram: We’re expecting our third child. Jaydyn has no clue what’s going on, but Braylyn understands there’s a baby inside Mommy’s tummy. Or at least she pretty much understands. When you ask her who’s in there, she says, “Baby Buzz!’’ (She’s been kind of obsessed with Toy Story lately.)

She’s funny, though, because when Jalynne told her that she had been in Mommy’s tummy, she seemed kind of appalled. She was like, “No, Mama!’’

The baby is due in mid-January, right around my birthday. We’re all really happy and excited.

I’m still smiling about being part of the All-Star Game. It was an honor, first of all — something that no one can ever take away from you. You grow up playing the game and being on Little League All-Star teams, and then you make it to the MLB All-Star team — representing the San Francisco Giants, your hometown team. I don’t dwell too much on the unbelievable good fortune I’ve had, but I couldn’t help it this week. Playing with the Giants. Winning two World Series Championships. And now playing in the All-Star Game. Even I couldn’t dream that big.

Besides being an honor, the All-Star Game was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. When you play against guys, you form an impression of what they’re like. Then you get to spend a little time together and you sometimes see another side. For instance, Adrian Gonzalez. I could never get a read on him because he never really talks to you at first base, unlike some other first basemen. But I talked to him a bit in Cincinnati and he seemed like a really good guy. He was loose and having a great time in the dugout.

So was Kershaw. When the first-base umpire called a foul ball against us, Kershaw yelled in a high-pitched voice, “C’mon, Jerry! That was fair!’’ Then he turned to Dee Gordon next to him and in his own voice said — real loud — “Yeah, Dee! You tell him!’’  He was really funny, which is not what I think of him when I’m standing in the batter’s box.

A.J. Burnett is another one. He has this angry face when he’s pitching and so he doesn’t come across as the nicest guy. But as soon as we crossed paths in Cincinnati, he introduced himself and his sons. He couldn’t have been nicer. After the game, even though everyone was kind of rushed with packing up and figuring out where the buses were, he made a point of coming up to me. “Hey, nice to meet you. Good luck the rest of the way,’’ he said. “Remember I’m coming after you.’’ We both smiled: He hadn’t forgotten my home run off him earlier this year.

During batting practice, I introduced myself to Kris Bryant because we hadn’t played against each other yet, and I talked to guys like A.J. Pollock and DJ LeMahieu who don’t really talk much when you play against them.

Bum was great. He was actually a little social butterfly. He went around talking to everybody. He was especially giving Kershaw a hard time. It started the first moment they saw each other and didn’t stop.

My only regret is that I didn’t get more autographs. The clubbies set out boxes and boxes of baseballs that we all signed. Every player received one signed ball, and you could buy more. I bought six National League and six American league balls. But I wish I had gotten certain individual guys to sign balls. I have a display case in my house here in the Arizona with balls signed by future Hall of Famers (or just really good players). I started it a few years ago when we played the Yankees in New York and I got one of the clubbies to get autographed balls from Jeter and Rivera for me. (That’s how players usually get other players’ autographs: tip a clubbie to do it. It could be weird if you just walked up to somebody.) I was thinking after I left Cincinnati that I should have gotten Pujols, Trout and Harper while I was right there with them. Once a fan, always a fan.

Another thing about the All-Star Game: They actually played our walk-up music. That surprised me. I noticed it with Bryce Harper in the first inning because I remembered his walk-up music from just playing them in Washington. Then when I walked up to the plate, I heard mine. That was pretty cool.

Two other cool things:
One, my dad made a last-minute decision to fly out to the game. He had been my coach on Little League All-Star teams, so it was great that he was there. And he flew home with us on the Giants’ charter.

Two, my sister Amy finally could root for both me and her boyfriend, Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole, at the same time. During the workout on Monday, Gerrit told he was going to propose to her. He showed me the ring and described his plan to surprise her the day after the All-Star Game. I guess he nailed it because Amy looked pretty surprised in the photos she tweeted out on Wednesday. I’m really happy for them.

We flew back to San Francisco right after the game. Jalynne, the girls and I got to our house in the East Bay at around 5:45 Wednesday morning. Jaydyn, of course, woke up at 9. So we didn’t get much sleep. We flew early in the evening down to our house in Arizona, where I had a great night’s sleep.

I’m looking forward to starting the second half of the season, so I guess I have to put the All-Star Game behind me. But I’ll tell you this: I wouldn’t mind going back.


Im so happy that baby #3 is on the way!!

What a great blog! I loved hearing about your All-Star experience and your interactions with the players. I always got the impression that Bumgarner and Kershaw were very cool with each other. You deserved to be there and I have no doubt we will see you there for many years to come! Congrats to you, Jalynne, and your family on baby #3 and to Amy and Geritt on their engagement!

Congratulations to you and Jalynne on your third baby-to-be! And to Amy on her engagement! And the All Star game sounds amazing! So much exciting stuff going on. Really enjoyed hearing about the behind-the-scenes. Kershaw sounds like a hoot. That’s pretty funny what he did in the dugout. I can’t believe you have signed baseballs from Jeter and Rivera. That’s awesome. What’s a “clubbie,” so I can keep my eye out for one. Good tip. You’re on the news all the time now because of that foul ball that the kid caught that almost hit his dad in the face. Pretty funny. Kruk and Kuip commented during that game that the dad was too busy looking at a pretty lady. lol! Those guys are hysterical. Do they fly on the same plane with you guys on the road trips? Hey, who gets to sit in First Class on your flights? lol! Thanks for the post – always so fun to read the scoop from you guys. Good luck tonight! ‘Glad you guys are back!

I have Pujols on a ball… what would you trade me?😀

You will undoubtedly get another chance at an All Star game. You are a wonderful fielder and now your hitting is going into the awesome column (I think Barry Bonds really set you on the right track). One of my all time favorite Giants was Omar Visquel because he was a “ballet dancer”. I am so happy to have you in that position, I follow your every move, like I did his — a real athlete following in the footsteps of another beautiful athlete.
Congratulations on the upcoming birth of another Crawford — another little shortstop perhaps?
So enjoyed your “down to earth” description of how much you enjoyed the All Star Game. So fun to hear the inside scoop. Thank you so very much for sharing these moments with us. Believe me, all the fans are appreciative that you give a little extra of yourself by writing these blogs. It means a lot to us.

Congratulations to you and Jalynne on your third baby, maybe you’ll get a boy! And congrats to your sister on her engagement. I loved hearing all about your ASG experience, and you prove what I’ve learned from my own experiences working in the music business: people are people, and everyone has someone they admire, idolize, are nervous about meeting due to their celebrity, etc. Just because you’re a pro ball player or someone is a famous musician, that is just your gift to the world. It doesn’t make you any better or that different from other people who aren’t in the public eye (of course there are exceptions where famous people have big egos and attitude). But once you meet them you see just how human they are. I attended the Snowman Classic Cocktail Competition last week (JT Snow’s benefit) and got to meet Hunter, George, Matt, JT, Dusty Baker, and other sports celebs. Everyone was so nice and friendly! I had real conversations with all 3 Giants. Back to you, that is so cool that you got to hang out with those players and found all to be friendly. I’m glad for you that you took Buster’s advice to make the most of the experience, and I’m with other fans…this won’t be your last ASG! Now it’s time to get back to business…and play for the division win!!! This ASG seemed long to me, I’m ready for Giants baseball!

It was awesome getting to see you on the All-star team! I voted for ya over and over! I know the selection was from the Players/Coaches but “Tulowho”?. ..Definitely shoulda got the 3 you mentioned. Trout, well, is Trout. Pujols is a HOFer and Harper (if he can hold off Goldschmidt) is gonna be MVP also. That’s a ton of MVPs in one stadium. I get your autographs at the park whenever I sit Field Club. You’re always so accommodating. I just wanted to say thank you. Have a great 2nd half! –Mike (sfgiantsdiehard).

You’ll be back. Congrats on the future Crawford. You two are baby-making machines!

Congrats on the baby!! I don’t know if you care, but I hope you have a boy.🙂

Loved reading about your All-Star experience. It’s cool how you are fans of other baseball players the same way we are your fans!
You are my favorite player by the way so if I could, I would get your autograph first!
Congrats on Baby number 3!

That’s gotta be one of my fave of your blog posts! To see a “child-like” giddy post from the usually more stoic, even keeled Crawford, is a refreshing thing! I am so thrilled for you and of course a bit jealous!! There is no doubt in my mind that you will be back at the All Stars before you know it!!! Next year is in San Diego…one of my other fave places to go watch the SFGiants play!!! I am really going to try hard to get tix to that!!! My lil bro has a cherished pic with you when we saw you in Reno with the Grizzlies the day before you went to play with the SFGiants!! You also signed the copy of that pic when we saw you in San Diego the next season!! Thank you for being so amazing to him!! He will never forget it!! He started out as a pitcher but is now catcher/3rd base. He wants to be an SFGiant like you!! Good luck out there the rest of this season! It’s going to be another long one I think…you know, all that October baseball and all!😉 We’ve gotten even, now we’re gettin odd this year! Congrats on the next lil Crawford!! Just Sunday I saw a pic from Jalynne on Instagram and asked when the next lil Crawford was coming and then saw her post a couple days later and had to smile!! You have such a beautiful family. I wish you continued happiness and the best of luck!!

You’ll be back to ASG again and again. A lot to congratulate- ASG autographs, Baby on the way, and Gerrit/Amy’s engagement. Another pro baller in the family, Wow! Thanks for sharing your perspective of the behind the scenes at ASG. After seeing Kershaw on one of the late night talk shows, Jimmel Kimmel, perhaps, I don’t dislike him so much (only when he’s on the field playing you guys). Haha he really has respect for the Giants organization, so I’m sure he enjoyed talking to you, Bum. Great game last night! You guys were playing til 1am, ouch! I was right there with ya’ll. let’s get those ♦️🔙 again tonight!

Hey Brandon……….nice to hear your comments on the other guys. And congratulations on the third baby! Don’t blame you for being honored as an All-Star, and to be voted in by your peers……..very cool and well deserved. I never vote for All Stars because I’m afraid those who play in the game will get hurt and be DL’ed for the regular games, but you would have been my first vote if I did! Continued good luck to you, and what a game last night! Excellent!

Marilyn Damon Diamond

What a great post! Love the comments about other players! And congrats on #3!🙂

Congratulations for the new baby! Thanks for the blog about the All Stars too. It’s nice to hear about how the players. Interact.

Congrats on baby number three, and thanks for sharing your insight from the All-Star Game. I’m not surprised that Bum is so friendly – the announcers were talking about how he supposedly got deGromm water after he struck out the side, which I thought was pretty cute. By the way, nice job on that sac fly,and thanks for always being so fun to watch.

Congrats on a third baby!🙂 My niece and I were at the game on Saturday in Phoenix and we noticed that when Boch is calling out a new pitcher from the bullpen the infield is grouped together and the outfield groups together while the new pitcher is throwing a few balls to Buster … what are you guys talking about? We would make up our own ideas of conversations such as are you hungry, what are you doing after the game, etc. We have fun with making up conversations for you guys but really, what random convos are being had?

CONGRATULATIONS on baby #3 Crawfords! So exciting for you all. I’m sure you’re hoping it’s a boy. It was awesome watching you, Panik and Bum playing in the All Star game. I didn’t realize or think baseball players would like or want other baseball players’ autographs. That’s cool. What a great opportunity. Cheers to the second half of the season! Go GIANTS!!

Enjoyed reading your post and you meeting fellow all-stars. Congratulations to you and your wife for the news of your upcoming arrival! My wife and I are expecting our first in October (a boy). Love the way you play the game!

Congratulations! How exciting for you and your family

CONGRATS!! What were you and Belt talking about in the top of the 7th against the Padres? You were laughing!

Congrats on the new baby! And on getting to the All Star game as well. You deserve it. It sounds like you all had a great time interacting with the guys from other teams in a different way than usual. You can get those autographs next year. I have a hard time imagining Madison as the social butterfly somehow. Wish I could have seen that. I was helping a lady at the animal shelter where I volunteer and she said ‘We’re big Giants fans’ of course I said so am I and Brandon Crawford is my favorite player. So she whips out her phone and shows me a picture her son took of you and one of the girls at the All Star game. Pretty cool. Neat that your dad could enjoy that experience with you as well. I had a question I was going to ask you but now I can’t remember what it was! Darn…old age I guess.

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