The Good (Greyson), the Bad (Blanco’s concussion) and the Ugly (Jurassic World) — Brandon Belt

Let’s catch up on a few things now and I’ll answer questions in the next post. I’m hoping to get this out before game time. There’s no batting practice but I’ve already been out in left field taking field practice. I’m starting out there today. The baseball commissioner is coming to the clubhouse before the game for a short Q&A. So not sure I’ll get this finished.

First, Greyson. He now has six teeth with two more coming. He’s eating more real food. We went to Chik-Fil-A yesterday and we gave him a little bit of chicken. He loves chicken. He loves applesauce. I’m not sure we’ve found something he doesn’t like. We give him one of our french fries now and then. If you don’t give him something we’re eating, he gets mad at us. So we have to give him what we’re eating. I know — great parenting strategy. I don’t do it if we’re at home. I just let him get mad. But if we’re at a restaurant, I’m like, “Here take anything you want. Just be quiet.’’

I haven’t written since I hit Gregor Blanco with a ball. I still feel terrible about it. I can’t believe it even happened. Outfielders are running through all the time when we’re throwing the ball around the infield. Gregor usually looks in at me, and sometimes he’ll catch the ball on his way to the outfield. Or he’ll wait for me to throw then run through. For some reason he didn’t look in, and for some reason I threw the ball thinking he was through, and it just hit him.

Oh, I can’t tell you how terrible I felt. I had flashbacks about when it happened to me. He shook it off and played. But he told me later he felt dizzy and didn’t want to say anything because he didn’t want me to feel worse than I already did. That was nice of him, but I want HIM to be OK. We had a day off the next day and the day after that, Gregor came up to me in batting practice and asked, “How did you feel when you had your concussion?’’

Well, that’s a sign right there. You know he doesn’t feel right. I said, “You need to tell the trainer, so he can properly treat you for this.’’ A concussion is something you don’t want to mess around with. It’s your brain. You take another shot to the head after you’ve had one concussion and bad stuff can happen. Just to make sure, I went to the trainer myself. I just wanted to make sure they knew something was going on with him and he needed to be checked. So he went through the tests, and they realized he did have a mild concussion. I hated that so much. Fortunately, it didn’t take him too long to get back.

I hate to admit I did it one other time in my life. Little League practice. I was playing shortstop and taking relays from the outfield. I just turned around and chucked it home, and I hit my best friend in the head. He was halfway to home plate. He was fine — although we didn’t pay much attention to concussions back then. He had a big knot on his head. I think I’ve reached my lifetime limit on hitting others in the head and getting hit in the head myself.

Movie Reviews!

Jurassic World. I watched it after we got to Seattle last week. A group of us — Maxwell, Duffy, Romo, I think  — had all planned on going at 9. But I had something to do, so I went by myself at 10. I had asked Chad Chop (our batting practice pitcher and video replay analyst) if he wanted to go but he said, “No, it’s the same thing they did before.’’ He was right. I thought I was going to love it because I love Chris Pratt. He’s one of my favorite actors. I loved him in The Five Year Engagement. That’s a sneaky-funny movie. So Chris Pratt is still pretty funny in Jurassic World, but the overall acting wasn’t very good. Maybe it was the writing. There was a lot of cheesy writing in there. The story is they have this theme park based on their dinosaurs where fans can kind of interact, like in a petting zoo for the baby dinosaurs. The main part of the story is they made an animal with a genetic mutation. Basically if they put this hybrid animal next to a T-Rex, you can’t tell the difference. But supposedly it’s bigger and has more teeth. And of course this thing gets loose and it’s running through the park filled with 20,000 people. It’s just the same plot they’ve done before. Nothing different. Completely predictable. You knew the guy and the girl were going to make out at some point, and they did. You knew they were going to catch this animal, but that people were going to get eaten along the way. Towards the end, I thought, “Is this all that’s going to happen? I’m bored.’’ It’s a really lazy script.
Grade: D+

Spy: This was a much better movie. I really like Melissa McCarthy, except in Tammy — I walked out of that one. But everything else she’s really funny. In Spy, she’s a spy’s assistant back in the office looking at satellite video and saying “There’s people coming down this hallway, so take that hallway,’’ telling him what to do. The spy ends up dying out in the field, and she goes out and does all this spy stuff. At first I thought they were trying too hard to be funny. Then it got better as the movie went on. Jason Statham is hilarious in this movie. I didn’t even know he was funny. He always does the action movies. I was pleasantly surprised.
Grade: B+

Thanks for reading. Next post: Answering your questions.


Awwww, I’m sure Blanco isn’t mad at you. He seems like he’s the nicest guy alive. Thank goodness it wasn’t serious and he’s back because we need that guy!

When our kids were little and we went to a restaurant, we’d bring along Tootsie Pops (they were a little older than Greyson, but say after they were 1). It takes a toddler a really, really long time to eat a Tootsie Pop. That was the only time they ever got one. We called them “SW” for “Secret Weapon.” They liked lemon slices or wedges (!) too, but I read that maybe those are bad for their teeth…unlike Tootsie Pops. 🙂

Nice triples today. I felt like I was on safari in Africa watching a giraffe gallop.

The Good: Belt belting two triples! In Belt I trust!

I can’t imagine Blanco being mad at anyone other than himself. But I thought it was great of you, and so sweet, that you made sure that Blanco went the the trainers, when the beat writers reported on it, that gesture really touched me. Shows that you had good parenting, good values, and it makes it that much easier to root for good people like you. Thanks for being a nice person, thanks for taking the time to write this blog and sharing.

Crawford, Panik, Belt are my favorite Defense trio. Love watching you 3, catch and throw to get everyone out. Great game today, Padres vs SF 6/25/15, 8-13! Love hearing about Grayson. And the movie reviews, keep those coming whenever you catch a movie. Questions: out of all the Stadiums you’ve play in, which one is your favorite (beside AT&T, ofc 😜) and which city you like visiting?
Hugs/Kisses to Grayson and Haley!! Dina

Brandon, thank you SOOO much for taking part in the Gamer Day chat! It was such a treat to hear from you and Haylee, and to see you on the field with Greyson.🙂 He looks like he’s getting ready to walk soon.

I have an awkward story for you. On bobblehead day a few weeks ago, I just wanted a Belt. I got Petit. My dad kindly traded me for his Crawford. I made my way up to the third deck, where there was a guy holding his Belt up, saying he’d trade for Crawford. So I totally made the trade. Then I went in to shake his hand, but he went for a fist bump and I ended up shaking his fist. Just like a baby giraffe.

Keep up the great work on the field! And happy belated first Father’s Day!

Greyson is super cute and getting so big. I love chick-fil-a. I don’t have any kids of my own yet but I’m a 7-year 1st grade teacher so I’ve had my share of tantrums. I probably would do the same thing you did. No one wants to make a scene with their kids in public haha
I almost always watch your games but I must have missed where Blanco got hurt. That’s such an unfortunate incident and could easily happen to anyone. Blanca’s back already and back to doing great! Same with you! Watched you hit two triples today! Ooh and I was at last nights game where you played left field. I literally sat in the section right by you. My question for you is how do you feel about playing left field? Is it a nice change or extremely stressful when touch plays come to you ? You make 1st base look so easy. Actually any baseball position seems stressful…
I havent see those movies you watched. I heard bad reviews about Jurassic World. Did you watch Pitch Perfect 2 and/or Me, Earl. And the Dying Girl? PP2 was good but obviously not like the first one. I gave it a B. Me, Earl, and the dying girl was incredible sad (obviously from the title) but some funny parts. I gave it a B+.
I’ll be the game tomorrow. I think we will be sitting near the dugout. I’m bringing a sharpie just in case I get to meet you again and/or other players and get my shoe signed or something haha
Thanks for a great post!! See ya tomorrow! #teambrandon go giants!

It was so much fun watching you crawl around with Greyson on Gamer Day. He’s too cute! I went to this event last year hoping you’d show up in your Gamer Babe outfit, but no such luck. Glad you made it this year though and brought your family with you. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your stories with us.

Question: Are you bummed you weren’t part of the Turkey Tap Scandal at the White House? I thought surely you’d be the mastermind behind that.

When I heard about Blanco’s concussion, my first thought was how awful you must’ve felt. Accidents happen, and I bet you’ll be even more careful to try not to do it again. Congrats on your hits 6/25. You really nailed the ball.

Do all teams have the camaraderie it seems that the Giants have? With all the time you spend together, it must help. Thanks for taking the time to post, we really love hearing from you.

hahahahahaha “Here take anything you want. Just be quiet.’’ … been there, done that!
Yeah – I bet you did feel bad about Blanco … I guess now younow know how Scutaro felt, huh? 🙂 LOVE the blog!!! It’s so much fun to hear from you guys!

I usually get to many movies late, so your reviews help us old guys decide on what to watch. Thanks for that. I got to relive splash hit #68 for Comcast Sports Net Central last week and it was fun. They made like a three minute mini segment out of it. I got to go to their studios and bring memorabilia that you have signed for me! It was all very cool. I am hoping you hit splash hit #69 real soon. I am going to be hanging out between the 3 and 4th water cannons hoping that is the lucky spot. I am hoping next year when I see you you at the Play Ball lunch I can get you to do a minute on Periscope. I have about 1500 Giants fans on it so far and they would love to see you at lunch before we eat. I plan to Periscope interview the fan that gets the next splash hit, so if you hit it, check out my Periscope interview of the fan. Take care and thanks!
Here’s the link to the Comcast Splash #68 story:

I loved the recent picture of you and Greyson playing on the field. Thank you for sharing so much with the fans.
One question I’ve wondered about having not played baseball is do you know when the pitcher is going to throw a pickoff pitch to first, or are you just always ready for it?

Wow, I’m glad I back-tracked and read this post. I missed it first time ’round and wanted to dart out and see Jurassic World. ‘Glad I saw your review. Too funny – I forget you’re the 1st baseman for the SF Giants when I read that part of your blog. lol! My friend and I saw Spy and laughed our butts off. Melissa McCarthy is hysterical. Her comedic timing is priceless. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself about the concussion. It sucks, but things happen when you’re playing a sport. I played a pick-up game of touch football in High School and a guy blind-sided me. I think he was going for the interception when I was going for the pass and we collided. Almost knocked me out. I was pretty shaken up, but it’s just part of being out there, being in the zone, competing. I was also hit in the head by someone’s bat during their back-swing because they didn’t see me before warming up… hmmm… now that I think about it, I’ve been clocked quite a few times. lol! Anyway, it happens. I will NEVER forget when Buster took that collision at home and broke his ankle. I immediately wondered if it was career-ending and froze. Can you imagine how that runner felt? Yikes. Fans sometimes get hit by flying balls… still pretty infrequent, though, when you think about how many games, innings, practices you guys have. ‘Nuf said. ‘Looking forward to seeing you guys back out there tonight! You look great in LF and 1B, either way. And the stuff you dig out of the ground routinely at first…. crazy. Good stuff, B’Belt. :o)
PS: The locker room commercial of you trying to get a bad pic of B’Craw – pretty funny. lol!

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