Steph, LeBron and Talking Turkey — Brandon Crawford

I started this post yesterday and didn’t get back to it. So I’ll try to finish this morning and see if it can get posted before game time. (I don’t post them myself.) Day games after night games are kind of rushed. Always such a fast turnaround. You sleep and then you’re back on the freeway heading again to the park. BUT . . . it’s great weather today, a sell-out crowd and we’re playing baseball. No complaints.

I’m a huge Warriors fan, and Jalynne and I were lucky enough to go to the game Sunday night. Getting a hold of tickets isn’t the easiest thing, but my agent used to work with Bob Meyers, the Warriors’ GM, so that was my connection. We raced over to Oakland after our game and got there around 5. It was cool to get kind of the VIP treatment. We parked in the special access lot — pulling in right behind Floyd Mayweather. At the security entrance, he was waiting for his whole posse to get together, so he told Jalynne and me to go ahead of him. Pretty cool.

We had great seats — directly across from the Warriors bench, 20 rows up. It was fun just to be a fan — to be one of the watchers instead of a guy being watched. Curry has to be the most fun athlete I’ve ever watched. What impressed me about him is what impresses everyone about Curry — his quick ball handling, his vision on the court and then how quick his shot is — it’s unbelievable. When you don’t think he’s able to get a shot off, he not only gets it off, he makes it.

And then LeBron. I don’t know if people grasp how big he is if you’ve only seen him on TV. He’s so big and he’s so quick. I think that’s why he’s able to make things look so easy. He’s able to back you down, but if give him too much room, he can blow by you, too, because he’s that quick. At one point I looked up at the scoreboard stats and he had something like 8 assists, 20 points and 8 rebounds — he almost had a triple double at halftime! And everyone else on the team had zero assists.

We’ll be on a plane to Seattle tonight during the game. I hope we land in time to watch the second half. We’ll all have our iPads and headsets on while we’re riding the bus to the hotel. Let’s hope they clinch tonight.

OK, should we talk turkey taps? Seems to have attracted a bit of attention after our White House visit and Matt Duffy doubled over. It was from a sneak attack by Cain, who landed the punch as he passed by. Some people who saw it on TV thought it was me because I was standing next to Duffy. I’d have to have really flexible Inspector Gadget arms to reach Duffy. And the evidence is stacked against Cain. When Morse was here, Cain gave him a little reach-around on camera. I put a clip of it on Twitter. He and Belt lead the team in turkey taps. It happens a lot when there’s a big group because you can’t really tell who’s doing it. I do get Belt a lot, but he’s gotten better at blocking it, so it’s not so fun anymore. Why do we do it? I don’t know. We have a lot of characters on this team who like to keep things fun and relaxed.

Turkey tap aside, it was really an honor to go to the White House again. Not many people get to go inside and meet the president. We took a train to Philly after that. I wish we could travel more by train. We had a chartered train to Philly, which means we had a whole train to ourselves. I think it was four or five cars. One car was for players who didn’t have their wives on the trip. Another car for players with their families, then the dining car and the coaches up font.Unlike flying, as soon as everybody boards the train, we leave. On a plane, it seem like it’s an hour before the plan takes off. I’m sure it’s making sure the plane is safe, but it was a nice break to take the train. We took it from Philly to New York, too.

In New York, Jalynne and I decided to see a play on the off day, Monday, but not many theaters are open on Mondays. We went to Phantom of the Opera along with Chad Chop and his wife, and Hunter and his girlfriend. Hunter had made dinner reservations for all of us but when we found out it was a 20 minute drive there and 20 minutes back — and theater was just a five-minute walk from our hotel — the Chops and Jalynne and I decided to play it safe and just grab dinner nearby so we wouldn’t be late for the show. We ended up having pizza across from the theater. We’re not picky, so it was perfect for us. In New York, you’re supposed to get pizza anyway.

We had a hitters’ meeting before the game today. Nobody’s freaking out. It’s baseball. It’s a long season. We’ll get it going. This happened last year in June, too. Everybody wasn’t hitting all at the same time. Last year ended up all right.

Thanks for reading. Next blog: I’ll answer your questions. Keep them coming


Great blog again!!!

Hi Brandon, when you are on the road, who watches the kids when you and Jalynne go out? Do you have help on the road?
Do you guys eat out every meal, or do they feed you in the clubhouse when you are on the road? Any outstanding restaurants you would recommend?
Thanks for posting, it’s fun to read and I’m watching the game right now, so even better!

Question: I saw on Strickland’s Instagram that Heston bought a bottle of Blue Label for everyone on the team after his no-hitter. I thought it was crazy that HE threw the no-hitter and is buying YOU guys the gifts, haha. Although… you definitely deserve one after that backhanded stop to end the 8th! Anyway, are you a big whiskey guy? Blue Label is definitely a treat for a whiskey fan.

Thanks for the update, keep the posts coming!

Gee Brandon, the way you play shortstop, I think you do kind of have Inspector Gadget arms! Turkey taps???? I had never heard of them…until now. Questions: How early are players supposed to get to the park before the game? Coming from Castro Valley, I look for players driving across the Bay Bridge to the game. Haven’t seen any yet so you must have to get there super duper early for warm up and batting practice. Also, did Morse get any flack for his plaid jacket? Love reading your blogs and watching you play.

Yes, great post! Love hearing about what you guys do between games and off the field. I wondered about LeBron. He looks massive on tv. His presence in person must be… even more massive. lol! That is awesome you two got tickets to that game. What an amazing game to be at. Curry is a magician. It must have really been something to see him in person. He’s almost unreal. So much of the game is psychological and he believes in himself even after a bad game. ‘Looks like a good way to go. ‘Love watching him. Can’t wait for tonight’s game, too. Hope you guys get a chance to see it – at least the second half. Gotta love sports in the Bay Area. We are spoiled, but I love it. I have a silly question for you. Has Jalynne ever taught you some gymnastics moves? With some of the amazing plays you make at short stop, I joke that, “Well, his wife was a gymnast at UCLA, he probably picked up some moves.” lol! Sometimes it looks like you are to baseball at short stop what Steph Curry is to basketball at guard. :o) (…again I ask – what DO people do who don’t watch sports?!). lol! :o) Safe travels, go Dubs! and go Giants!

Do you, Belt, and Panik (I suppose Duffy too!) hang out at all outside of games/practice? Seems like you three are pretty close, especially with the Crawnik infield, chemistry-wise.

I quickly met you last year and got your autograph on a ball, but it’s fading. Unfortunately I guess I didn’t realize and used a cheaper synth-leather ball, which doesn’t work as well for those. Hope to meet you again before a game this season!

Thanks for sharing your Warriors expedition, I was curious of how you got to the Oracle Stadium so fast after just finishing a game, get cleaned up, drive ove

(…sorry, I wasn’t finished) Anyway, I’m glad you got to go watch the new NBA Champs. Also, I’m impressed that you, Hunter and Chad went to a play in NYC. Now a question that has been in my mind lately… How many hours is your “work” day? I know traveling takes a lot of time away from your family, but I’m just curious, meetings, batting practices, games, charity work, filming commercials, autograph signings, etc. Dina

Thanks for the blog post, Brandon!

Congrats to the Warriors! Your family must be pretty stoked! I can still remember the one 40 years ago, and while that one was a surprise, this one was more a fait accompli!

Questions: How did you get so good at hitting? Did the Giants recommend any batting mechanics changes when you were coming up the farm system? Is there a Giants Way for hitting? For example, does the team recommend Ted Williams book, The Science of Hitting? Did you use any tools, like Belt did, with the video training system?

And when did it finally start to all click together? I used to analyze all your game results, and sometimes you knew the strike zone stone-cold, and didn’t strike out much, then other times you were lost (like Belt :^). Was it just a matter of reaching 1,000 professional ABs or was there some advice that turned things around (like Belt’s grip)?


Love the blog!
Yes – pizza while in New York – sounds right to me! And travel by train … that sounds like fun, and a great change from all the flying you do!

Loved your last blog, BC. But tell me, who is Chad Chop? Also, obviously Phantom of the Opera is revived. I enjoyed your experience at the NBA game (you ARE a VIP) and the train trip. I especially like when you and BB talk about your off-the-field experiences……….getting to know you better. I have your t-shirt: my husband gave me my favorite Giants gear for my birthday. Good luck in Seattle.

I love reading your guy’s blog. Everytime i see a new blog post out it makes my day even better.🙂 What’s your favorite thing to do on an off day?

I find the topic of Brandon Belt and turkey taps very intriguing. Can you confirm Bagg’s statement about Belt never wearing a protective cup?

Thanks for taking questions. I’ve always wondered if the bat boys traveled with you? I enjoy your posts, thanks.

Hi Brandon, Bob, Jen (“Fifi”) and I were at the game in Seattle last night but you didn’t play😦. So sad we didn’t get to see you in action. Given the apparent strength of the Giants’ fan base in Seattle, I think you should play up here every year! Was the team surprised that there seemed to be as many Giants fans as there were Mariner fans last night? Our best to your family, Susie

Hi Brandon! I love your posts and i follow your wife’s instagram OMG your little girls are so cute !!!! And you guys are a cute couple I am jealous of your trips to Disneyland :0) my ? is do your little girls play with other players’ kids? Thanks for your post and I LOVE UR HAIR !!! SO JEALOUS:0)

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