Itching to Play — Brandon Belt

It’s really disappointing to be out of the lineup right when the season gets started. I won’t be out for long, but missing any time at all is so frustrating because all you’re thinking during the off-season and especially spring training is, “How do I get ready for Opening Day and the new season? What can I do to get better?’’ You can’t wait to get back out there.

I still got butterflies on Opening Day down here in Arizona. I imagine I’ll feel them again for the home opener on Monday. Maybe you think at this point in our lives, playing in the Major Leagues, we’d get kind of jaded to it all. But you don’t. It’s still a huge deal. You’ve been waiting four-and-a-half months. You’re so raring to go and so excited that you have to learn how to calm yourself down and clear everything out of your head.

You do that by going back to basics. As a little kid you’re always told to keep your eye on the ball, and that’s basically what it is. When you have a lot of stuff cluttering your mind, that’s when you get yourself in trouble. You need to go out there and be free and easy both mechanically and mentally. It’s something I really worked on this spring.

One thing that really helps: Having a seven-month-old baby. You cannot be in a bad mood around that kid. It’s awesome. He’s just loves being alive every day. He’s a lot like me as a kid. You might not know it now, but I was kind of goofy growing up. You can ask some of the guys I played with in the minors. I was goofy. And Haylee’s just like me. So we expect Greyson to be the same way.

I have faith that this little setback is just that. It’s no fun watching a game from the dugout when all you’ve been thinking about is being on that field. I’m feeling good and know I’ll be back in the lineup very, very soon. No movie reviews until then!


Hopefully this is a minor setback because we love it when you’re out there. Get better quickly.

So glad it wasn’t worse! You had us worried for awhile. Looking forward to your return.

We miss you, too! You’ll be back in no time.

Can’t wait until you get back!

I’m glad to hear that this is probably just a minor setback. We need you! I don’t know what your warm up routine is but encourage you to stretch and warm up as much as possible. I’m not surprised at all that you still get butterflies. No reason to get jaded. Glad to hear Greyson is a happy baby! I’ll be there for the home opener (actually 6 games through the Dodgers series) rooting for you and the rest of the team. Take care and hope to see you on the field again real soon!

Hope you are back in the lineup soon. Enjoy your blogs too.

Hang in there, you are very much needed! Go Giants!!

We miss our giraffe! And congrats on Gregson………….didn’t know you were having a baby. They are the best!! He’ll cheer you up. Looking forward to seeing you next week………or whenever it’s safe. Go Giants!!
Marilyn D. Diamond

Hey Brandon! Sorry to hear about your injury , I am glad to hear that it not very serious but it still hurts :0 (. Wishing you a speedy recovery & enjoy your down time with your family!!! Go Giants!!!!

Goofy? You? I don’t believe it!😛 I hope you’re back in the line up by Opening Day at AT&T. It won’t be the same without you.

It feels weird without you at 1st even with Posey, Face of MLB, out there!
P.S.Good Decoy tonight at Petco Park!

I don’t believe it, either. Goofy? No way! 😉 Thanks for sharing about the butterflies…It’s been a long wait, but glad the season is finally here!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!! GO GIANTS!!

Get well soon! Looking forward to a breakout season (no pressure!), just really believe in your bat.

I assume you have heard that a lot of lefties are considered to be a bit goofy, so perhaps it is your left-handedness taking over.

Hope you get to feeling good and back in the lineup soon! And yes – goofy parents have goofy kids! I know, I am one, and I raised one! It’s the best way to be!

Brandon, Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date on a personal level. I was absolutely sick when I saw you “come up lame”, but am glad it looks minor. Good luck and watch out you pick up Gregson — don’t be like Affelt and get injured doing that, too!

Get better soon! We miss having you on the field!! I feel like most people are goofy, being goofy is awesome…and I could definitely see you passing some of that fun along to little Greyson.

The butterflies are a good thing. They keep you on your toes and down to earth.

HI Brandon! I know that you posted this awhile ago but hang in there! You’re a great player and it’s still early in the season. I expect great things for you and the rest of the team! I have faith in the 3 time champions!!

PS Greyson is absolutely adorable!!! Love the pics Haylee posts on IG.

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