New season, new shoes (and gloves . . .) Brandon Crawford

You remember the first day of school when you were a kid? (If you’re a kid reading this: Remember September?) You have new stuff, right out of the box. Shirts, shoes, backpack, notebook.

It’s kind of the same at the start of the season.

My new cleats arrived Monday, two days before we left Arizona. They’re not just new cleats, though. I got to design them. I have a Nike contract so they give me money to use however I want on their Nike site. So I’ve designed my own shoe. It’s surprising how many color and pattern choices go into designing a shoe.

There’s the top of the shoe, the sides, the back, the swoosh, the sole, the tongue, the laces. You can choose a color for your number and name on the side. In the past, the only option was solid colors but this year they have a graphic option. I don’t know how to describe it so I’m including a photo here of my home shoe (left), road shoe (middle) and batting practice shoe (right).

MLB says the shoe has to be 51 percent black. I know these don’t necessarily look like there’s 51 percent black but that’s just because the orange stands out so much.

Usually you need just two pairs of cleats in a season since you’re alternating road and home. I might make more, though, because it’s pretty fun. I might make a pair that has more black since we have the black jerseys this year.

I have a new glove, too, which I’ve been using all spring. This one came out of the box already pretty broken in. That happens sometimes. It arrives and you can play catch right away. Other times they’re really hard. Do I use the same glove all season? If it’s doing its job, it’ll stick around.

I also get new batting gloves. The manufacturer sent me four different color combos, three of each, so I have 12 pairs. They’ll send me more throughout the season. How long does a pair of batting gloves last? Depends on how well you’re hitting and how fast they tear. If you’re hitting well, and there’s a hole in them, you stick with them.

We had a great time at the Play Ball lunch today at the Hilton. Here’s a photo of the table set up for Belt, Justin Maxwell,  Jean Machi and me. That long line in the background? That’s all the people waiting for Buster and Madison.


We did get some people in our line, though.


I think the strangest thing I signed was the lining of a guy’s sports coat. That was a first. I should have taken a picture of that.

Thanks for reading!


Like Like Like!

I hope you’re in a slump next time you come to Petco. That way you wont mind throwing me a batting glove at batting practice! Then maybe you’ll hit a home run with your new pair.

I’ll be looking for you on the 11th!

Daughter and I saw you guys at Spring Training this year for the first time. It was a blast. A lady yelled, “Smile, Brandon!!” at your practice which embarrassed us as fans. You were walking toward home plate along the 1st base line and raised the corner of your mouth briefly as you kept walking. It was pretty funny. Yes, we’d like to get signatures, but you must get bombarded all the time. Hopefully most fans are respectful. Saw Kuiper in the airport and paused to the side of him until he acknowledged me, then said quietly, “Would you rather not be bothered?” He said, “No! Come on over!” He was so nice. Got a signature on my cap for my daughter who missed him and was already on the plane back to UO, Eugene, OR. She was pretty stoked to get the cap. Have a great season. Hope to see you at the yard.

Cool shoes Belt! I like the middle pair! How lucky can a guy get! You better hit at least 20 HRs this season. I am counting on you to have a break out year!

Those are going to be your lucky shoes, for sure!

Nice shoes Brandon! Glad the Giants are back.

Was there in Scottsdale on Tuesday vs. Rockies, would have loved you to sign my Dooney Burke SF Giants purse, but no way was I going to bother you before the game. Maybe someday at Petco (live in Palm Springs)! Good Luck this year

Thanks for the post Brandon! Always love to hear from you guys. You are not only an amazing player but wonderful to the fans. You’ve always been kind enough to sign autographs and acknowledge the fans when you can and we greatly appreciate that. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see you boys back in action this year!! Best to your family too, your daughters are adorable!

Hi Brandon!!! I enjoyed the blog today just like other days. That’s awesome you got a contract with Nike. You deserve it! Love the cleats you designed. I didn’t know about that black on the show rule. That’s weird. Are there any other specific weird uniform/cleat rules you all have to abide by? I designed my own Nikes a couple weeks ago with Giants colors. It ended up being $190. It’s still in the “shopping cart” hahaha maybe next paycheck I’ll treat myself to those bad boys. But I did purchase a new Giants theme tote bag and 2 pairs of decked out Giants shoes from Etsy. So maybe I don’t need to buy those Nikes at the moment, now that I typed that all out. But I’m already and excited for new season as well! Can’t wait to watch you boys play next week and in person. I’ve miss you guys! Have fun this season!

Thanks for posting Brandon. Your cleats look alright. Believe it or not, I like your practice cleats best. I remember my first pair of cleats. Such a joy to have them, I’ve watched most of the pre-season games and I think you guys look pretty good, You have showed off that arm a few times that I saw and it looks very strong as usual. I just hope you can Casey can keep your side of the infield shut down as it has been in the past. How long does it take to get use to playing with a new guy over there? Ok, I won’t hog your time, but how good is Pagan looking? I saw him going down to first the other day and it looked like he got into another gear 3/4’s of the way down there. I instantly thought to myself, these guys can do it again!! Best of luck and health to you and the family this season. Go Giants!!!

Love the shoes!

I made myself some custom orange and black Converse Chuck Taylors; it really is a lot of fun. Have a great season!

I’m such a girl because this was one of my favorite posts — about shoes! Super interesting about your gear, glove, etc. I did wonder if you had to break in your glove for months like my brother did in Little League. Looking forward to an amazing season. P.S., I would have waited in line at your table. I’m a huge fan of this blog and any and all Brandons on the Giants.

It is cool to hear that you get excited about your new gear!! That’s pretty neat to get to design your shoes. I would be in your line also , by the way you guys look MR. GQ in your suits:0) go giants!!

Hi Brandon that’s so cool you designed your own shoes, as a shoe lover that’s a dream. Does your wife give you input?… Can’t wait for the season to start. Go giants!

Looking forward to seeing you and the team start the season tomorrow in AZ!
Our group really enjoyed your company at the Play Ball Lunch and that you kindly humored the strange signing tradition that Angel started last year. I don’t know if the banquet staff knew what to think when they saw what was going on. LOL!
Good luck tomorrow and keeping positive thoughts for another great season!

As a retired teacher, I remember the first day of a new school year well. Such excitement and anticipation! I share it every year now with my 2 granddaughters. I can see the same excitement in your post. Know that your fans are ready and waiting for a new season as well. Great shoes and how much fun is that to get to design your own. Hey if I’d been at that luncheon, I’d have been in your line! I love Bum and Posey but I never feel you get enough credit for all you do for the team.

Its funny how things change. At the 2014 Play Ball lunch, there was a short line for Madison Bumgarner. I got two 2010 World Series balls signed by him with ease. This year MADBUM had a huge line. New player Justin Maxwell had no one asking for his signature this year and I felt bad for him as you and Belt had pretty good lines! Now, after two game winning hits, everyone knows Justin Maxwell and things would be different. Thats the way life goes!

Your neighborhood HS choir director from St Ignatius College Prep here. Had a question about that bunt in the second inning during the first game of the Dodgers series earlier this week. Was that decision made during the seconds it took for the ball to leave the pitchers hand and travel to the bat, or was that a decision you made as you scan the positioning of the defense? How many times does that call get made from the dugout compared to the hitter seeing something and making that decision in the batters box?
As you know, this music teacher is totally fascinated by the strategies of the game for which you are a pro. Thanks for your insights and perspective out here in the blogosphere for us fans. Bringing our students back out to sing the National Anthem on Tuesday, May 19 for the opener of the Dodgers series. See you at the yard!
chad zullinger

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