Part 2: Brandon & Brandon In Conversation

In the clubhouse. The topic: TV binge watching.

Belt: You ever seen Walking Dead?
Crawford: You’ve asked me that, like, a hundred times.
Belt: I ask everybody so I don’t know who I asked.
Crawford: You’ve told me to watch that already. But I probably won’t.
Belt: It’s not really about zombies. Once you get into it, it’s the drama about them staying alive. The zombies are always going to be a part of it but it’s kind of like an outside thing.
Crawford: Is it like Zombieland?
Belt. No.
Crawford: Then I’m not watching it.
Belt: I liked Zombieland, too. Everything was about the zombies in Zombieland. You seen Orange is the New Black?
Crawford: I’m on Season 1.
Belt: At first, I was thinking, I don’t get this show. Then I really liked it.
Crawford: The first episode I watched, I thought, Oh, this could be pretty interesting.
Belt: (laughs)
Crawford: Gross. I watched a few more episodes and watched all of them. Way better than zombies.
Belt: I’m telling you, I was totally opposed to watching Walking Dead, too. Everybody was telling me about it. They couldn’t shut up about it. So I watched two or three episodes and I couldn’t stop. I love binge-watching. I love it to death. I hate it when it’s over.
Crawford: I know.I want to watch, like, three episodes in a row. But I find that I’m much more tired at night now than I was in the past. Nine o’clock comes around, I’m ready to go to bed. Unfortunately the girls aren’t ready.
Belt: This off season (the first with a baby), we were in bed every night at 8. I didn’t go to sleep but we were in bed watching TV. Just enjoying the entertainment. It’s so great.
Crawford: Jalynne and I will watch Breaking Bad if we’re actually both awake and the girls are asleep. We’re on Season 2. It’s kind of our new “together’’ show because at the end of last year we finished three shows all around the same time: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother and Dexter.
Belt: I started watching Dexter all over again. I think it’s a genius show — about a serial killer who kills serial killers! What can get better than that?
Crawford: I think it’s interesting how many shows nowadays have, like, the main character doing bad things but in a good way. Like you’re rooting for the bad guy, kind of.
Belt: The lesser of two evils.
Crawford: He can’t help himself from killing so he kills bad people.
Belt: Right, without his code he would be a straight-up serial killer. He’s just lucky he got that code when he was young.
Crawford: Breaking Bad, he’s producing meth to make money for his family. Which, I feel like he has a good amount of money already in Season 2, so he could have stopped.
Belt: All I’m watching right now is Walking Dead so I can’t binge.
Crawford: You’re caught up?
Belt: Yeah. It sucks.
Crawford: When I was down in the Dominican (rookie league), they showed Law and Order, CSI and Lost. One episode a week. They had it on repeat. So for week a straight they had one show on reruns. and the next week they’d do another episode.
Belt: Man, that’d really suck.

OK, now that we re-read this, it is totally boring. It was an experiment. Doesn’t work. But thanks for reading it if you got this far! We probably won’t have another blog post until we get to San Francisco. See you there.


So not boring….entertaining as usual. I just feel like I am sitting there in the conversation with you – nodding my head. Can’t wait for more and can’t wait for Opening Day though I am appreciating all of the Spring Training games and scoop.

Dexter is awesome! You guys should binge watch The Wire.

It’s not boring at all. Your conversations gives us an understanding of how “normal” you guys are. This “normal” stuff is why I love our Giants!!!

BTW, +++++1 for “The Wire”. Excellent show!

It’s not boring; in fact it allows us to know you as regular guys, not just the baseball stars we see on the field. I think it’s cute and I’m sure the true fans totally love and appreciate your blogs! SO thank you!!! GO GIANTS!!!

I recommend Showtime’s “Episodes” for your bingewatching enjoyment. Hilarious!!

No, it’s not boring. I found your conversation fascinating, really! (Especially because we have that same conversation at my house: the teenagers want me to watch the Walking Dead, and I won’t go near it!)

P.S. Bumgarner was quoted on Will Ferrell (“I’m not a big funny-movie fan,”), but I was thinking, WHY DIDN’T THEY ASK BRANDON BELT what *he* thought? He would have a true opinion!

Maybe this one wasn’t the genius comedy sketch the first one was, but that does not mean you should stop. As long as you can find an intern or rookie to transcribe for you, of course.

I think it’s great..often as fans we don’t get to see the human/normal guy side of our favorite players. We either see you in game-mode at the ballpark or in the SFGiants commercials. I still remember the first time I saw Posey laugh, it kinda freaked me out, but apparently he’s a funny guy, but unless we’re in the dugout with y’all, we’d never know.

Orange is the new Black! I find it entertaining! See you guys soon!

It is not boring at all! i also think this is fascinating. There are a lot of people who wonder, what would it be like to hang out with one of the Brandons? Not as a fan, but as a friend. This is an insight to how that interaction would be and it is awesome. We love the way you guys play, but we also love to see more of your personality when you are relaxed. Keep the convos coming!

Also, I would like to know if Belt has checked out Game of Thrones. I resisted at first, since that kind of fantasy genre isn’t my favorite. But it is REALLY good and just as addicting as the Walking Dead which is one of my favorite shows.

Mine too, can’t wait for new Season in April!

Game of Thrones is the best thing on TV right now. I recommend it as well.

Looking forward to it! Hi to Haylee, Jalynne and the babies!!! Love to hear from the wives too.

Another great series for a binge night us HBO True Detectives. I have heard they are making another series and I can’t wait. It is a bit slow the first episode as they develop characters, but by 3-4 episodes you are totally binge-watching. Thanks for the blog and looking forward to a great 2015 with you guys.

Haha! I didn’t think this post was boring.🙂 Belt, a great show to watch is Parks and Rec. It takes a couple episodes to get into but then it’s amazing. Plus they’re shorter episodes so you can binge watch a ton. And the walking dead is amazing. I just started it. See you at spring training in a couple days!

Not boring actually! ! I’m a binge watcher too! And like BBelt I hate it when I reach the end!! Sounds like a lot of the conversations me and my friends have!! Lol. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it was BBelt who lost the coin toss . BCraw is too responsible to shirk it!! LOL!! Just kidding. Love you both. Can’t wait for the season!!!

NO WAY!!!!! Binge watching is universal. Ever since the DVD came along and the commercials were gone it was bound to happen. My first one was the Sopranos and I remember lying on the floor trying to stay awake after about 6 hours straight. The only thing better would be binge blog reading you guys.

It’s the closest we’ll ever get to hanging out in the clubhouse!

Not boring! As a TV junkie, this might be my favorite Brandon Blog ever!

Belt, if you need a show to binge on, I highly recommend Lost and Game of Thrones. And Banshee. Based on your love of The Walking Dead (you’re right, it’s about so much more than zombies) I think you’d like those. Also, awesome homer this week!! I can’t wait for the season to start. See you on April 13.🙂

Yeeaaaahhh …. the first one was ok … this one wasn’t as much fun! lol But wait – what – we have to wait until you get back to San Francisco for another blog? Oh well …. we’ll take what we can get! Love reading the blog!🙂

Totally not boring! I like seeing you guys really get along with each other during baseball off-times. Unlike someone else that won’t be mentioned… Can’t wait till you guys get back by the Bay — hope I can make a few games this season!

Always entertaining to see posts from you guys. I admit the first conversation was a bit more entertaining to read, but this post was a treat to read more insights into your lives and likes/dislikes.
Binge watching really is the best, except when you’re caught up on things and have to find something new.

Have you guys ever considered doing vlogs versus blogs? Either way it’s great to get back to another season of Brandon and Brandon. I hope both of you do well this year and thank you for all that you do on here and on the field. Any arguments on who’s jersey I should get next to wear to the ring ceremony?

I love reading your posts!! The more mundane is more fun b/c it allows us to get insight on your day to day or whatever you guys are thinking. :0)

This is freakin awesome!!!

i loved it. Not boring to me. Total comedy😀

Not boring at all!!! It’s genius! And one of the most interesting parts, I am sure mostly everyone who read this, read it mentally hearing your voices!🙂 I couldn’t get into Walking Dead either. I haved “binged watched” “Girls – season 4 (?) and SF Giants 2014 Postseason & World Series games.🙂

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