In Conversation: Brandon & Brandon

Today’s post is an actual combo Brandon & Brandon blog. We decided to turn on the tape recorder and share with you a conversation between the two of us in the clubhouse. (Saves us from writing anything.) We flipped a coin to see who’d transcribe the tape. We won’t say who lost, but the tape was subsequently fobbed off on a Giants’ staffer who volunteered to do it, mostly to stop a particular someone’s whining and pleading for best two-out-of-three.

Belt: It would have been awesome to be in the lineup today with Will Ferrell playing, wouldn’t it? (Neither Brandon was in the lineup and didn’t make the trip to Glendale for the game.)
Crawford: Would it have been cool to see him? Yeah. But it’s a road game. I’m not disappointed not to go.
Belt: I don’t know if we’d get to talk to him that much, anyway.
Crawford: What would you have said?
Belt: I’d give him some tips on how to be funny. How to act little bit. Nothing as far as baseball goes, I don’t think.
Crawford: What’s your favorite Will Ferrell movie?
Belt: Just your normal ones. Old School. Step-Brothers. Talladega Nights. A lot of people like Elf.
Crawford: Anchorman’s a classic.
Belt. Anchorman! Yes! That’s up there at the top. But Stepbrothers is probably my favorite. It’s so stupid, but it’s hilarious.
Crawford: Step Brothers is all right. Not the best.
Belt: Step Brothers is one of those movies I can watch over and over. Like Tombstone. SuperBad.
Crawford: Elf is better than Step Brothers.
Belt. No, it’s not!
Crawford: Stranger than Fiction?
Belt: That’s the one I was trying to think of. It’s terrible!
Crawford: It’s better than Step Brothers.
Belt: No, it isn’t! Step Brothers is hilarious.
Crawford: Are we going to stay catch partners? (They were catch partners Wednesday when Crawford played in the field for the first time this spring. Last year Crawford’s catch partner was Pablo.)
Belt: I can’t remember who mine was last season. Hicks, before he left. I don’t know what I did after that. I had a concussion for a while. I don’t remember a lot.
Crawford: You threw with Joe (Panik).
Belt: That might be right. I can’t remember.
Crawford: I think he’s playing catch with McGehee. Probably so you wouldn’t ask him again.
Belt: You know I’m really tired right now, and I slept late today. Is that weird? I am like extremely dead.
Crawford: Did you have cherry juice?
Belt: I should have.
Crawford: I don’t believe it wakes you up. For me, it makes me more tired.
Belt: It’s got like 64 cherries in it, and it’s gross. But it’s supposed to give you energy. I didn’t drink it today. I need a Red Bull right now. I haven’t had a Red Bull in like six days.
Crawford: There are a bunch of sugar-free ones in the kitchen that are terrible for you.
Belt: it’s the sugar ones that are bad for you.
Crawford: I thought you were on a nutrition kick.
Belt: So I can’t have Red Bull? Why not?
Crawford: It’s bad for you.
Belt: What are the long-term effects of Red Bull?
Crawford: I don’t know.
Belt: Exactly! So you can’t say anything bad about it.
Crawford: You might develop super powers.
Belt: Yeah! I could!
Crawford: You might actually get wings.
Belt: I could get in the hot tub and spill it and go back in time. It’s possible.
Crawford: Where’d you go?
Belt: I like today. I wouldn’t go anywhere.
Crawford: Go to the future.
Belt: Yeah, I’d go to the future. Go a hundred years into the future and see where we are.
Crawford: Where WE are?
Belt: No — well, we might be alive because they might have the technology by then to bring you back to life.
Crawford: Or maybe the Red Bull will keep you living that long.
Belt: Maybe if I drink Red Bull my whole life I’ll be a thousand years old.
Crawford: Good point.
Tomorrow in Part II: Binge TV.


You two made my day with this hilarious conversation. My favorite Will Ferrell films are Elf and Anchorman (1, not 2) and most of his SNL characters. Brandon Belt, try to find something else to drink instead of Red Bull. It’s got way too much caffeine. Don’t you guys drink water?


Oh my goodness. I can hear the two of you, and your voices, and I just completely cracked up so many times! Thanks for the laughs! I think the two of you could teach Will Ferrell a thing or two – too bad neither of you were there. It would have been a laugh riot! Enjoy the rest of Spring Training! We all are rooting for you and personally I love your blog.

This may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

Love this format! It was fun to read about nothing like Seinfeld! Can’t wait for part 2. I never cared for Will Ferrell, except my mind is changing because of his charity! Have not seen a Will Ferrell movie in full, sorry guys!

LOVE this!!! ☺🙆And the best part? While reading it… your voices in my head! ( Not is a disturbed way
.. 😊

OMG! That’s awesome! Felt like I was in the room with them! They definitely should continue with this. You know, I bet the 2 Brandons are so much fun to be around. Wish I could hang out with them!

Omg! This is so funny! I kept picturing you guys while I was reading. Thank you for sharing, you guys are awesome.

you guys are funny and Scottsdale was SO MUCH FUN!! BBelt stopped by the bar at The Saguaro where we were staying on the night we were at Don and Charlie’s. Really liked the dinner on the field and getting a chance to meet some players. Last year I saw two games, this year three; maybe the package next year will have four!!
Enjoy your month and have more and more fun along the way. Hugs to your families. Go Giants!

HA! I’m betting Belt was the coin toss loser. ELF is the only Will Ferrell movie worth watching.

lol – well that was a fun read!!! Do it again anytime! As for Will Ferrell movies – I can’t voice an opinion …. can you believe I haven’t seen any of them? But I DID enjoy all the talk about him yesterday – all over the news! Way to put baseball front and center, AND it’s a good cause!

I heard about this while driving to work – Murph and Mac were talking about it!!! So being a loyal Brandon and Brandon reader I couldn’t wait to read and you did not disappoint. You guys crack me up. I am laughing out loud at work while reading and of course – I need to share. Thanks for always lightening up my day.

I’m with Belt, Step-Brothers is the best! Elf is a close second. I would like to know what other kinds of snacks and drinks the Brandons turn to for energy or just because they like them.

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