Guest Blogging — Brandon Hicks!

Just like old times. Guest blogging again.

It’s great to be back with all the guys. There’s still sort a Brandon row in the clubhouse — we’re within a couple lockers of each other but not adjoining like in SF. (I am happy to report we have not revived the Brandon handshake. It was not the greatest handshake, as the other Brandons will tell you. In fact, it kind of gives you an uncomfortable feeling when you do it.)

To refresh your memory, I was sent to Triple A in mid-July. I watched the World Series from my home in Galveston, Texas, with my girlfriend and a buddy of mine. We parked ourselves in front of the TV every evening.

I admit it was a little difficult at times. I wished I could have been there and been a part of it. But of course you’re rooting for the guys you battled with earlier in the year. What stood out for me about the team was their fight — their ability to never give up or give in. They had their backs against the wall a lot of times and kept on pushing. That’s just the type of guys that are in there.

I’m really proud to have contributed during the first half of a championship season. There’s a lot of satisfaction in that. Plus, I’ll get a ring, which is every ballplayer’s dream.

When I arrived at camp a couple weeks ago, a few guys did a double take. They didn’t really recognize me. I’ve got longish hair now. I haven’t cut it since last June. Not sure why. I’ve never really had it long, so I thought, “Why not do it now?’’ It kind of got a little curly on me, though.

I’m not comparing myself to Pagan. He’s probably got the best hair on the team. But I might be in Crawford territory. He gave me some of his product the other day to use. It turned out all right. Gave it that wet look he likes before the game.

Here’s a photo of the two of us. See if you can guess which Brandon is which. (Hint: I bulked up.)IMG_1842
Hope to see you here in Arizona. And I really hope to see you in San Francisco.





Here’s our better side . . .



Hi Brandon,

I’m glad you made it back to Spring Training and wish you all the best this season. You made a positive contribution last season so wear that ring with pride. I like your longer hair!

Go Giants!

Welcome back! We missed you. Love the hair.

Welcome back, Other Brandon! Happy to have all the Brandons we can on the team! #TogetherWeAreBRANDON

The more Brandens, the merrier! The hair, not so much🙂. Have an awesome spring training and hope to see you at AT&T soon! GO GIANTS!!!

Hey Brandon, I was there when you hit that home run off Kersaw during spring training last year. That was major! But, I’m not coming out this year. Thanks for what you contributed last season. I hope you do well. Good luck!

That’s a great photo, Brandon3! And welcome back; we all hope to see you in S.F. again and are so glad you’re getting that ring. Maybe you guys could get together and contrive a new Brandon handshake. You could do it on the field after a Brandon to Brandon to Brandon. I’m still hoping for an all Brandon triple play — work on that, would you!

So great to have you back, Brandon! Really missed you and I know Belt missed being able to do the Brandon handshake. He will be so bummed when he hears it’s not happening anymore. I believe he thrived in its awkwardness. Go get ’em at Spring Training. Hope to see you at AT&T Park this season. Longing for those Triple Brandon Double Plays.

So happy to see you back “guest-blogging,” and I loved reading your post! Have fun in spring training — yeah, work on that “all Brandon triple play! — and my husband and I look forward to seeing you in S.F. later on this year!

(I was able to figure out which Brandon was which in the first photo… but mainly because Brandon C. has a particular way with his hair that I know very well by this time. Anyway, you both look great from the front!)

Great to see the Brandon’s sharing their blog again! What team spirit! Good luck to Brandon Hicks!

YAY! Welcome back Brandon! Good to see you doing well! I’m happy you got a ring, you were a huge contributor for the 2014 season! Good luck in Spring Training and I hope you do well!

Hoping to see you part of the team this year B. Hicks! Glad to have you back on the blog🙂

Hey Brandon. Glad you are still with my favorite team! Hope you get some playing time this season and that everything goes well for you. This team needs to win in an odd numbered year! GO GIANT. By the way, love the hair…..front and back! : )

Look forward to seeing the hair in Arizona in a week and a half!

Welcome back Brandon… I can’t wait to hear Krukow & Kuiper announce “and that was a beautiful play from Brandon to Brandon to Brandon”!!!!!

I’m SO happy you’re back! And also so happy you’re getting a ring! I’m very proud of our team and will be at the ring ceremony game at AT&T. Can’t wait to see you play again this season. I like the hair too!

I’m so happy that you are with the Giants during Spring training and hopefully you’ll be in SF this season. I missed you, I just loved the Brandon-Brandon-Brandon joke, every parents must have liked the Brandon on Beverly Hills, 90210. Look forward to seeing you at the end of the month. Good Luck!

Welcome back! And thanks for jumping in on the blog! I like the longer hair!

Welcome back Brandon III. Hope to see you in October!

Never for a second doubt that you were a very important part of the 2014 Giants. You were! The way you played second base in the first two months of the season was one of the major reasons we had such a great start to the season and it was that start that helped carry us through the rougher times later on in the season. So Thank you! You had a special place and made some very important contributions on the 2014 Giants!! Love the longer hair. It suits you! Best of luck in trying to make the team this year as well. Hope to you in SF.

Welcome back and congrats on the ring. You deserve it but I bet it was difficult watching the WS on TV and thinking you were so close to being there. Good luck at ST and the rest of the year. Hope to see you in SF. The hair? I love brandon but I think the hair looks greasy, not wet. Then again I can’t imagine him without the hair! My son sent me a picture of him from ST yesterday and he had it in a ponytail! Yours doesn’t look quite long enough for that!

Hey Brandon! Thanks for all your efforts last year, i hope you do even better this year. Good luck! The long hair did change your look a bit. It looks great🙂

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