Long National Nightmare Is Over — Brandon Belt

Yes, the blog is back.
This was supposed to be posted on Tuesday, but the posting got screwed up and here it is now:

Today was the first official day of spring training. Everyone is here. We had a great team meeting first thing in the morning. Bochy talked and Hunter talked. It If we weren’t already pumped to go after another World Series title, we are now. I love spring training personally. It’s good to see the green grass again and get back on the field and feel it beneath your feet. As much as we all work out in the off-season, nothing gets you into baseball shape like playing baseball.

One of the things we do in the first few days here is sign baseballs, jerseys and photos that the community relations department uses through the season to try to fill all the requests for charitable donations. They set up a bunch of tables in a hallway near the clubhouse and we sit there before or after practice and just sign. I’m in the midst of signing 27 dozen baseballs. Hunter has to sign 43 dozen. The bigger the star, the more baseballs you’re asked sign. Travis Ishikawa said he used to sign one dozen balls. This year he signed 20-something dozen.

We’re also asked to make a few appearances during spring training.

“There’s a barbecue here at the park,’’ Bobby from community relations said as I signed the baseballs, “or an event at the local zoo, but you have to drive out there so it’ll be more consuming.’’

“And a lot cooler!’’ I said. “I’ll do that one.’’

You know what my favorite zoo is? The one in Omaha, Nebraska. They have all these different sections so when you go to see the water animals, it’s like a swamp area with alligators and beavers. It’s low lighting so you feel like you’re in the swamp at nighttime. They have all these little bridges and the animals swimming underneath you. It’s awesome.

Another thing about spring training is you’re back with all your teammates. We saw a lot of guys at FanFest but now we’re really together. And there are more guys. Brandon Hicks! The third Brandon. I was happy to see him back and happy to be able to use our Brandon handshake. It’s a pretty easy handshake. Kind of feminine actually. We tried to make it as awkward as possible.

For whatever reason, spring training also means — for me — watching a lot of Shark Tank.  I’m too busy in the off-season to watch, but here it’s like the best thing to watch after practice. It’s kind of Shark Tank non-stop on X-box video. I like the feel-good stories about people who bring stuff in and make a company out of it. I love the brutal honesty the Sharks have with these people. It’s hilarious sometimes. I like rooting against some people and rooting for other people. Haylee hates that I watch it all the time. But she’s just as bad with HGTV. Every time I come home, HGTV is on. She used a lot of the info when we built our house. But we’re done building our house, so I’m not sure why she still needs to watch it.

I did take a break to watch the Oscars, or at least about half of it. I thought it was boring. It took them like an hour and a half to do six awards, and they’re mostly awards nobody cares about. And I wasn’t as interested as I usually am because I didn’t see most of the films because it turns out when you have a baby, you don’t go out as much. That’s my excuse for getting one pick correct — just Patricia Arquette. Me and the academy do not agree on a lot of things.
I saw two movies when I was in San Francisco for FanFest. Here are my reviews.
The Kingsmen: It’s about this secret, kind of James Bond organization. This kid’s dad was a part of it, so they kind of recruited the kid to be a part of it as well. He goes through all these tests and ends up being a spy. It was a less cheesy version of a spy movie in that they didn’t follow the same storylines that most spy movies follow. A more adult version. The acting was great. Samuel L. Jackson had a lisp, though I’m not sure why he found that necessary for the movie. Otherwise there were a bunch of English people.
Rating: B+

Jupiter Ascending: Honestly to this day I still have no idea what I watched. It’s about this girl played by Mila Kunis who is a reincarnated Queen of the Universe. Her kids weren’t dead so they could take control of the universe, I guess. Channing Tatum is protecting her so they can get her back to power, I think. Honestly, it was a weird movie. There’s a lot of detail in it. It was very confusing. They colonize planets. It was a forgettable movie. It really was. Pretty cool special effects, that’s about it. I think it would have been kind of a cool movie if you knew what was going on.
 Rating: C-

Finally, just want to say how happy we all are that Bochy is fine and back on the field. He’s the leader. He’s the guy who gets the best out of his ballplayers. We’ve got to have him at the reins if we want to go out there and win another championship. He’s the one who sets the tone. That’s why, I think, when new guys like Casey McGehee and Nori Aoki show up, they fit in so quickly. The rookies, too. They figure out real quick we have a pretty special bond in this clubhouse. Everyone fits in, which is why we’ve been so successful.

OK, Hunter is giving me a hard time about getting back to signing baseballs. He’s been flying through his. So I’m diving back in. Then heading home. Shark Tank is cued up and waiting.


Looking forward to seeing the Brandon’s at the Play Ball Lunch on April 3rd. I got news that I have a 50% chance you be at you table Brandon Belt. I can hardly wait! I will have the last splash hit #68 that you hit on September 25th. It was the 1,000th Giants HR at our Park. And it was also the game that Tim Lincecum got his 100th win. Thanks for hitting it to me Brandon!

Brandon great blog. I see you in Arizona soon like March 9th and March 11th!

My awful, horrible, no-good day just got 1000% better. Welcome back, Brandon!

I have missed your blog, Brandon — both Brandons! But BG Brandon, I have one of the magnetic plaques from your convertible in the 2012 parade. Did the team let you keep the other one? If not, I’d like for you to have this one. Please let me know — Jeremy Affeldt lives about an hour away from me in Spokane, so I can leave it with his family to get it to you.

Sure missed your blogs and movie reviews, and looking forward to another season of great baseball. Any fun baby stories to share yet? Would love to see a pic of your son.

So glad baseball is back!

Yay! The blog is back! So excited!
Also – so excited for Spring Training! My husband and I have been at your workouts all this week – it’s so good to see you all back on the field!
Yeah – going out to the movies and a new baby – something has to give, huh? haha Hope we can see a new pic of your boy!
Sign those baseballs! Next year – you’ll have more to do!
So glad baseball is back! Go Giants! Go BBelt!!🙂

Thanks for writing Brandon! Always appreciate your comments and film reviews, and excited to see what you can do when you can play a full season!

Yeah, babies do that, but aren’t they the best?!? Have a great season, I know you can do it!

“Otherwise there were a bunch of English people.” Yeah–like COLIN FIRTH. But maybe that’s not as big a deal to a guy as it is to me.

Anyway–Best. Movie. Reviews. Ever. That’s totally what you should do with your life when you’re done playing baseball. It’s your calling.

I agree with the other commenters that we want a picture of the baby next time. The Crawfords are always posting pictures of their little girls on Twitter. You can’t let the other Brandon win, can you?

Welcome back Brandon! SO happy to see a new post from you.🙂 I can’t wait to see you, and the whole team, back on the field. You’re going to have a great year, I just know it.

So glad to see your blog aga

Hey Brandon! Thanks for blogging again, and it sounds like you’ve been very busy practicing and signing baseballs. How is your baby?!

So glad to hear from you and love the inside scoop from Spring Training, baseball signing and Bochy being back at the helm. Also love the movie reviews, hearing about how life is with you and Haylee, but missed hearing a little more about Greyson. So glad Brandon and Brandon Blog is back!!

Great to see you back blogging! So happy baseball season is upon us. So sad not to be going to spring training. We tried to get on a tour but couldn’t . I was especially interested in the dinner and chances to meet some of you guys which is why I was willing to pay the extra bucks but it wasn’t in the cards this year. We also missed FanFest due to the weather….which of course turned out fine! I just couldn’t believe after the rain we got that we would be allowed out on the field. Wrong again. Bummer. Oh well we plan to come to several games at ATT this year and of course root you on from the best seat in the house…..my chair in front of the big screen! GO GIANTS! You are the best. It’s great to hear how the new guys are fitting into the clubhouse and it has to be because you guys are so welcoming and Bochy is such a wonderful leader.

Welcome back!! So happy to see the Brandon & Brandon blog is back up and running. I cannot wait til baseball season! I’ve been counting down through the other sports. Football is over, basketball is almost over. Finally spring training. Too long. We have our tickets for the second opener already. I’ve never been to spring training. I’ll have to go sometime. How’s your son, Greyson, and Haylee? Did you have a nice off season vacation? Can’t wait to be back at ATT park!! Go GIANTS!

Great to see you back and in good spirits. Looking forward to the 2015 Edition of this blog along with another competitive season of Giants baseball. (You guys gotta’ a lot of good old fashioned team chemistry…and that’s priceless)

By the way, my wife and I love Shark Tank for many of the same reasons you site. We especially like “Mr. Wonderful” and a lot of his catch phrases like always telling contestants with bad marketing plans or so-so products that their gonna get squashed like “cockroaches”. (It’s weird…. but it’s kinda funny weird). Anyway, have a great spring training and great season. Good to see ya’ back.

All is good again, finally a new post! Congrats on the WS win and the new baby. I hope you have a healthy and fantastic season Brandon.

I can totally understand that you and Bcraw were off from the blog during off season, but I had still looked and hoped for the blog all Winter since you guys had free time and to express how it felt to go through the wild card, postseason, to another World Series. But now it’s a new season and I am looking forward to the torture the Giants always bring into the games. Glad to have you back. Missed the movie reviews.

You were hitting some serious zingers at BP today, looking good! It’s always fun to be back at Spring Training to see you and the boys back together🙂 thanks for the autograph, we always are grateful when you take the time to do them.
I was just on a long flight and watched several movies. One stand out for me was Serena with Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence. My boyfriend and I both liked it. Give it a whirl! Maybe your wife won’t fall asleep. Of course Chef is a great movie but I guess that’s considered old now and Kill the Messenger was excellent which was about Contra.
Have a great season, looking forward to opening day back in San Francisco!!

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