As I Was Saying . . . – Brandon Crawford

So where was I? Oh, right. August 13. We were 4.5 games behind the Dodgers. We had lost five in a row before finally beating the White Sox.
A lot has happened since then.
You might have seen it.
Belt, Gregor Blanco and I stopped blogging when the team was struggling so much mid-season. And then we started to win. Not that blogging had anything to do with anything. But we figured we’d just focus on winning and, well, you know the rest.
Now that the season is over, and I’ve had a month to rest — sort of (more on that later) — I’m blogging again.
First, I’m really happy for Bum getting SI’s Sportsman of the Year. I haven’t read the story yet, but I hear he sounds a bit like Paul Bunyan. Bum apparently tells the tale of hacking up a snake during spring training last year and finding two baby jackrabbits inside it still alive. I had heard Hunter tell that story when MLB network asked us to do our best impression of Bum. The story was so outrageous I assumed Hunter had made it up. I guess not. Only Bum.
Nothing fazed him the entire postseason — so much so that it was almost kind of weird after Game 5 of the World Series. He had just thrown a complete game shutout in the WORLD SERIES and it was like, “Oh, just another day.’’ Like it was the Diamondbacks in June. I think I was more excited than he was. During the season, you’d see him give a fist-pump after a third out every once in a while. I don’t remember any of that in the World Series.
One thing that wasn’t in the SI story was Bum’s obsession with his hair during the postseason. Every day he was scheduled to pitch, or if there was going to be introductions, you’d know it just by the way his hair looked when he walked into the clubhouse. It was all curly and perfect. His wife Ali gelled it and scrunched it at home then sprayed it to keep it in place. You could whack Bum on the back and he wouldn’t bat an eye, but don’t go anywhere near the hair. He was real sensitive.
I’m also really happy for Joe Panik getting the Gibby (Greatness in Baseball Yearly) Award for his diving stop and glove flip to me at second for the double play in Game 7 of the World Series. I’ve probably watched the replay 50 times. It’s on a commercial on MLB network, so that was a few dozen times right there. And I watched it on’s Statcast. It shows that Joe went 18.5 feet to get the ball and flipped it to me in .83 seconds. I released it in .77 seconds and threw it 72 mph to get Eric Hosmer at first. Pretty cool information that we usually don’t see. And pretty cool for me just to relive it.
I’m at home in Arizona now. We spent about a week after the season in the Bay Area with my family then spent time in LA with Jalynne’s family and took Braylyn to Disneyland for the first time. (We bought a season pass, so there is more Disneyland in my future. We’re going again in a week to take my niece.) We were back in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving then finally settled back into our house in Arizona — without either set of grandparents or siblings to help with the girls.
As tired as I was at the end of the World Series — mentally as much as physically — let me tell you that two children under two years old is more exhausting than baseball. They’re nonstop. Our first week in Arizona, I was drained every day. Jalynne managed to schedule them to nap at the same time, so we have a small window of time in the middle of the day to catch our breath.
I took a month off from working out and started up again about a week ago at the Giants minor league facility. I did pretty light workouts but was still ridiculously sore the next day.
I haven’t seen many guys since the season ended, but I’ve been in touch more with Javy Lopez than anyone because we’re co-owners in Fantasy Football. Now that I think about it, just about all contact I’ve had with guys is about Fantasy Football. I think we’re all taking a break from baseball in general. It will be starting up again soon enough. Right now is time for family.
We’ll be spending Christmas in LA with Jalynne’s family. Christmas is a lot different when you have kids – way more fun. Hope all of you have great holidays with your families and friends. Thanks for reading and for all the amazing support you gave us through the entire season. Loved seeing everyone at the parade. I promise to post again soon! And I’ll try to get Belt back on here, too!


Thanks for taking the time to post, Brandon — Happy Holidays to you and your family! (get some sleep)

awesome to hear from you and glad to know you’re enjoying much needed time with the family! and again, a huge CONGRATS on winning the WS! we’re so proud of you guys.🙂 A question for you…i know it’s all part of the business, but how does it impact the players when a beloved, key player departs (i.e. pablo)? have you spoken with him since his decision? and most importantly, i hope you and the family have a wonderful, relaxing rest of the holiday season. meanwhile, we’ll anxiously await the start of the 2015 season…

We miss you guys can’t wait to see you all 😊 happy Christmas to you and your families!!!

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Merry Christmas!

It was great to hear from you again, and please do get Gregor and The Other Brandon blogging again. Good to hear you’re all resting up from a looong season. It was incredible to watch you all throughout the entire post-season, starting with a game in Pittsburgh (where somebody made major league history) through the last out in Kansas City. You guys are special and deserve every accolade you get.

Have the best holiday season possible, and don’t even think baseball for another … couple of days at least!

Your hiatus sounds wonderful if a little busy. Have a wonderful holiday with your family. I’m missing baseball. And all you guys.

Giants baseball…makes my heart happy.

OMG, Brandon is back! I really missed you guys at the end of the season. After Belt’s HR in the 18th, I checked all my settings *again* because I wanted to read /something/ from you guys about that game. Now that you’ve explained it, I guess I can let it go this time.

BTW, I loved that Gordon didn’t run on you. I saw countless articles on “should Gordon have run” and they were all unanimous – you can’t run against Crawford. It was nice to see you getting some national recognition (*cough* wtf, no Gold Glove, *cough*) for your defense and arm.

so happy that you are enjoying your WELL DESERVED time off…..i have to admit though, that i miss you guys so much!! i think watching every game has made me feel like you are all family lol. thanks for the update!!

I’m having a very frustrating fantasy football season, Craw. I’m assuming by one of your recent tweets, you are too. But it’s good for you guys to get away, have some fun. We all are so proud of all of you guys! WORLD CHAMPIONS! AWESOME! Also what a great Christmas family photo your wife posted! Enjoy YOUR time, Craw! I pick you again in fantasy baseball draft!

Thank you for the post. You were missed. Wishing you and your family a great Christmas.

Love hearing from you again. I live in Indiana and probably wouldn’t watch ANY baseball if you weren’t playing. I think my husband is a little jealous…the cameraman seems to like you too. Ha! Anyway, welcome back and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Congrats on winning the World Series.. it’s just as amazing when I watched the 2010, it never gets old. Keep up the good work!

My husband was the nicest guy ever and bought me all three winning seasons on DVD – the collectors editions? Creeper much? Not really just happy this is happening in my lifetime! Great job again and I can’t wait until next season starts!

By the way, the double play in the 7th game with you and Joe Panik was amazeballs! I was at work with all my friends and we couldn’t believe it! The noise and the crowd were OUTRAGEOUS! (I work at and Irish Bar)! The two owners couldn’t believe how nuts the building was!

Question: What do you like to do in the off season?

Great job again!

Merry Christmas to all of you and enjoy your time off with your family! #muchdeserved

Seeing this was a lovely bright spot in my day! Congratulations, and have a Merry Christmas with your girls.🙂

Welcome back to your blog! We missed you guys! Giants Baseball and Disneyland… Just the top of my list of favorite things! I hope Braylyn had a blast (well, duh… of course she did!🙂 ) Merry Christmas to you and your family, Brandon, and all the very best in 2015!

Great to hear from you, Brandon. The new season will be here soon enough. In the mean time, Merry Christmas to you and your family and Happy New Year too!

Brandon, congratulations on the amazing ending to the season, all of us fans were on the roller coaster ride with you, I was lucky enough to retire Oct 1, and was able to see it all, I’ll never forget how happy I was for all of the team. When I saw the news about SI’s Sportsman, it brought tears to my eyes,,,,, since I live in Pleasanton, you are a special player to me and i enjoy peeking into you and the girls lives. You have adorable children, who love the camera…..relax and maybe take a trip again this off season, if you can squeeze it in😃😃

I missed the blogs a lot. What happened in the batting contest? Congratulations on the big win.

So happy you’re blogging again!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!! Enjoy the break! What an incredible season it was!!

Brandon, I was in Maui for the 1st few games of the postseason, I watched games 1 and 2 against the Nats, (the 18 inning game) with your aunt and uncle ….Jennifer and Bryan, at the poolside bar. Very fun! Congrats on a great World Series!

I don’t blame you for NOT blogging. By the end of August, what could you say? It is our job as fans to keep cheering you on; we did, and by he end of September, concentrating on WINNING was the VERY BEST you could do. I watched all the post season games, in three different states, once missing dinner, so I wouldn’t lose the table in a Sports Bar in Jacksonville, Oregon, to catching Game 5 on JetBlue, flying from NYC to San Jose. Though we will all miss Pablo and the Sandoval Heads, we are thrilled to think that the Giants team we know and love will stay intact and together for 2015. Wishing you and your beautiful family the very best for your holidays. Such a dear photo of your daughter on the pitcher’s mound at the end of one game. You and your family bring such love to the game. Thank you.

Thanks for posting and sharing. Glad you have a well-deserved rest. Looking forward to 2015!

Thank you for posting we love to hear the inside tips you tell us from the other players. What an amazing end of the season I’m sure it never gets old. You have a beautiful family. God bless you and go Giants.

Yay!!!! You’re back! For the longest time, I thought my internet was broken or something because I haven’t seen a new post in awhile hahaha! I was like “There’s no way they haven’t posted in awhile!” But I guess you haven’t. Understandably so. Sounds like a very busy time off with your cute kids🙂 I’m a 1st grade teacher so I know first hand how exhausting and draining it is (and your awesome wife knows too obviously) to be with kids all day. I look forward to my winter break. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and a relaxing break! Hope to read more soon! Yeah, get Belt on it and have him post some pics of His son Grayson. Take care Brandon!

2 kids under 2 is hard! I had that too, then my husband and I decided our lives weren’t crazy enough and 3 age 3 and under. Plus only the baby napped and no one was in preschool. Ya I don’t recommend it unless you are trying to intentionally drive yourself insane. Haha! Great season you guys! Oh and fun fact!, each year the Giants won a World Series are also the years my kids were born. Too bad we’re done right?

So excited to have the Brandon Blog back. Congrats on a great season and glad to hear you enjoying a well deserved off season. See you at ST in March. Happy Holidays and GO GIANTS!!!

Soooooo good to hear from you! Was afraid you were gone for good. Understand completely now. Wining the WS was the highlight of the year for me. It seems there’s no stopping you guys once you make it to the playoffs. Incredible, truly incredible!!! Take care and enjoy what’s left of the “off season” with your family.
See you in the Spring..

Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to see more Panik Crawford DP’s in 2015.

Can you get belt on here to talk about that 18th inning home run???? And his latest movie recommendations? And his baby? I miss that stuff.

After a most fabulous World Series, you deserve all the rest you can get! I am grateful for YouTube so I can watch the postseason again and again – it was all so wonderful!

Jeez, Brandon, I’ve been waiting for you too blog since August! But, hey, no hard feelings🙂 Congrats to all of you, and I’m still really glad that you didn’t have to make a play at home plate on Gordon for the last out of the World Series. We all know that you would have gotten him (Statcast says the ball could have gotten there about ten feet ahead of him, so it would have taken a throwing error for him to score) BUT I’m still glad it didn’t happen that way. I was totally freaking out, and I don’t know how everyone on the field wasn’t screaming and going nuts. I know you’re all completely used to the pressure, but I would think that the ninth inning of Game 7 of the World Series with the tying run trying to score would be a whole new level.

Anyway, the Sports Illustrated article about Bum was pretty funny. It that he writes and ropes right-handed, so my question is: can’t he learn to pitch right-handed too? Maybe you could suggest it so that he could pitch twice as often?🙂

Congrats on the grand slam in the Wild Card game! I was at a volleyball game (I couldn’t skip it because so many teammates were hurt, and I knew I might need to skip later on…). My dad told me you hit a grand slam, and I was so excited I couldn’t focus at all. But luckily we won quickly and went to a restaurant to watch the last couple innings.

That’s awesome that you’ve watched Panik’s play so many times, but I still think that you should have gotten the GIBBY for that play in the 9th inning the night you beat the Cardinals. It was really awesome, and SUCH a huge play, but of course it was doomed to be forgotten after Ishikawa’s walk-off. I was actually at that game, and I still can’t believe it! For what it’s worth, I was screaming and going crazy for you after you made that play, but I think the rest of the stadium was too nervous to cheer. Meanwhile, you stole Belt’s glove when he went to the bathroom during the pitching change. I loved that. Thank you for being so much fun to watch and hear from! I hope you have a great Christmas season. Your girls are adorable, by the way – I’ve seen the Twitter pics. You should have Jalynne blog again, and of course please get Belt back here too.

Thanks Brandon! I missed your posts. Enjoy your time off and maybe we will see you at Disneyland. 😄

Love that you are posting again! Congrats on a great, great playoff run! Rest up and enjoy the family – we can’t wait for the new season to begin.

Thanks for writing again! Us fans missed you on here, but understand that you had to focus on more important things! Not to take away Panik’s deservingly award for his postseason play, but I distinctly remember during the regular season the role was reversal, so you are a great inspiration to Panik. The whole postseason was was so fun to watch


Dear Brandons,

Great to hear from you again! I thought I had done something to stop the communication, and it is so interesting to read about anyone connected with the Giants!

I’ll respond to some of your thoughts as soon as this big storm is finished. But, let’s hope the drought is over! June Cardinale 86 years young, and Musial was at his best when I was young. I’m still going strong, and LOVE the Giants. I do hope you are no longer sore!

Brandon! thanks so much for getting back to the blog! So very nice of you to take the time to do it!! Yeah!! First just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful season! I couldn’t be happier or prouder of you guys. You all are amazing. I just loved when you played hide Brandon’s glove in game 5 against the Cards!! LOL!! Bummy being obsessed by his hair is a hilarious story!! Please have a most wonderful holiday! Bless!

Oh so terrific to hear from you! What a wonderful Christmas gift! Thank you for sharing your thoughts all year… yes, we missed you and Belt and Blanco during the latter part of the season, but certainly understand why! Enjoyed seeing your family photos on Twitter… keep sending them; we cherish our Giants families, too!

Thank you for all the details of the game. Good to hear it first hand. Love seeing the family photos, including your little dogs. The girls are adorable. You are a beautiful family. So glad you get to spend some time with them even if it is exhausting. They grow so quickly so enjoy each day. Hope you have a wonderful christmas with family and looking forward to the new season.

Yay! Yay! Yay! Brandon blogging is back! I have missed it! So good to hear from you!
Love the stories about Madison and his hair, and running ragged after two little girls. You are right – the little ones do make Christmas so much more fun. I hope you and your family have fabulous fun this Christmas …. and we’ll see you in the Spring!
But do please keep blogging until then! And yes, please, get Belt to join in!

So glad to have you back at the blog. I have missed all of you. I cannot imagine how stressful those last few months must have been. You looked great out there and we are all so proud of all of you. Thank you for all you give to the game, to your family, and to your fans. Can’t wait ’til April. Rest up. Merry Christmas.

It was great to hear from you again! I didn’t open the blog right away like I usually do, because I like the anticipation. I’m that way with presents, too! I spread them out so I can enjoy each one, one at a time. We are so proud of our Giants and what you all accomplished this last season! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Great to read your post again n would love yo hear from Belt. I have photo of you holding your daughter on parade stage its beautiful. Happiest of holidays. And thanks for a great season

Happy Day, you’re back. So glad you’re up to blogging again. Congrats of your WS win. So darned awesome. We’re all sitting in from of our TV’s shouting, rooting and jumping up & down. So you guys must have felt the universal energy from all of your fans. So glad you’ve had some time to rest & play (Disneyland). The happiest place on earth I’m 71 Yrs young and I still love Disneyland. Hopefully Bralynn isn’t frightened by some of the characters.
Enjoy your off season and rest too. Yuppers, it would be nice to hear from Papa Belt and his take on Fatherhood. And of course Blanco and his post season activities.
Missing the Flan Man and his stairwell serenades. Going to see him in Redwood City in Jan, 2015. I bet you miss him on a whole different level. “My butt’s on the line, my butt’s on the line. Not any longer. Bye bye.

Glad to see you blogging again. An opportunity to add my congratulations to the many well deserved congratulations I’m sure you have received over the last couple months. What great storybook season. What great focus and determination not to give up even when the chips were down. Rest up, re-charge and most of all enjoy and cherish your family. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and let’s see what 2015 brings.

Congratulations to you, your family and the team. Go Giants!!!

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I love me some “Brandon”

Oh wow, this was fun to read! Thanks for the post, Brandon, and I hope you enjoy Christmas with your family! See you at Fanfest!!

So kind of you to take time out to write on the blog again. Love reading everything you both have written. Thanks!

Enjoy your time off & the holiday with your family. My Christmas present is 12 games for next season (2-6 packs)! Nothing better than that.

Thanks for writing us Brandon. You are helping us get thru the offseason! I just showed the HR (Splash Hit #66) you hit me to some of your many fans at a XMAS party at my house. It was a thrill for me to grab it. You nearly hit my kayak that day only missing me by a foot. I have to say I used statistics to predict you would most likely reach the Cove right down the line. Fox Sports replayed your splash hit #66 in their McCovey Cove pregame special during one of the WS games at AT&T. Have a great off season and I will see you at the “Play Ball” lunch on April 7th in San Francisco. I am already signed up!

Merry Christmas you guys! Thanks for the post.🙂

Who is the moderator? My comment is still waiting after five days…

I don’t see what the problem is, no swear words, everything positive. Maybe this makes it through:

Have a very Merry Christmas, to you and yours! Happy Holiday season! And as Buster said in 2010, let’s do it all again next year! Some argue whether or not the Giants are a dynasty (they are; really, is that a question?!?), but there is no arguing against this: Giants, Team of the 2010 Decade!

Merry Christmas Crawfords!

Thanks for writing it was like a breath of fresh air as Football suffocates me. A very Happy Christmas to you and your Girls! See you in Scottsdale.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Brandon. I love hearing what you think and do off the field. See you back in action soon.

I love your blogs. It’s great to see how you can be a family man as well as a Three Time World Series Champion ballplayer. I write romance novels about baseball players and I’m happy to see how you and Jalynne work out your own happily ever afters. As much fun as you’re having being a dad, make sure to take some time just the two of you. It’s the best gift you can give to your daughters. Enjoy the magic of Christmas with little ones. I can’t wait to see you back on the field.

How do you feel about the acquisition of Casey McGehee? He started 34 double plays in 2014. Seems as though you two are going to be working closely together. I love Casey’s hustle…Great success!

Congrats on your amazing World Series win & thanks for taking time out to write this. It’s funny hearing that baseball players actually want a break from baseball. For us fans, the off season seems like forever. I can’t wait for baseball season to start again. I guess it’s different when you are the ones actually playing🙂 Hope you have a great Christmas with your beautiful family. See you at Spring Training (counting the days).

Congratulations of the World Series win and I want you to know, personally, from mr, that you were a big part of the win. I was critical of your up and down season, but you pulled it togather and took the field every day, Gold glove next year for sure-there is no one more deserving.
I hope you and the family had a very pleasant holiday. All of us here in San Jose can’t wait for the 2015 season to begin.
Thank you for youe blog it is much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing! Been checking the blogs for a while hoping that you or Belt would write about this third go around in the World Series. Utterly amazing. Love your insights and commentary – the player’s perspective is just so unique.

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