Give Me More Tony Bennett — Brandon Crawford

Nice to hear Tony Bennett this afternoon. We haven’t been hearing him nearly enough.

That seventh inning was like a burst of pent-up hits. Last few games, we’ve been battling back but haven’t gotten that big hit to put us over the top. Of course, it would be Angel to do it today — the guy we’d been missing. He got the big two-run single, then we piled on. People say hitting is contagious. I don’t know why that would be. It’s a weird baseball thing that really seems to be true.  

I had a front-row seat to the play at home that got White Sox manager Robin Ventura tossed from the game. I was on deck when Gregor was tagged out for what would have been the second out of the seventh. Bochy challenged the call. The officials in New York decided Blanco was safe. They said the catcher blocked the plate, a violation of the new catchers’ rule.

I’m glad the call went our way, of course, but I think they have to change the rule. I know I’m not alone in this. The White Sox catcher just had his leg blocking the plate — something that’s allowed at every other base. It shouldn’t be illegal at home. It’s part of baseball. It’s one thing if he had his entire body there. But you should be able to have your leg. 

If a catcher is completely off the plate while he waits for the throw, he has to catch the ball then reach back for the tag. As a middle infielder, I know how hard that is. In Pittsburgh, I was covering second on a steal. I caught the ball, reached out and put my glove in front of the bag, expecting the runner to slide into it. But he did a kind of swim move with his arm and maneuvered around the tag. I still probably got him, but he was called safe. 

So what’s happening at home is more guys are sliding head first, or more accurately hands first. For a catcher, it’s hard to reach back and tag a guy when his arms can be doing all kinds of maneuvers to avoid the tag.

I’m sure the rule will be revisited and probably changed this off-season. But of course I’m glad it helped us today.

We almost broke through with a big inning last night, too. We had three straight hits in the ninth. Then the second baseman makes that spectacular double-play on Panik’s ground ball. Given my struggles at the plate, I was glad to come through with a single to tie the game, especially against their closer and down to my last strike. 

But I must say I was glad not to face Chris Sale again. He’s one of the best pitchers I’ve ever seen. He’s like 6-6 and 150 pounds, just arms and legs. And he throws from way down here so it seems that every pitch is going behind me. His slider breaks about three feet. He starts the game throwing around 96 to 98 mph. He throws his change-up to lefties, too, which not a whole lot of guys do. He is so tough. To be honest, I’d put him right up there with Kershaw.

It’s nice to go into our off-day tomorrow on a high note (unlike our off-day on Monday . . . ) I will be at the Bayview YMCA in San Francisco from 12 to 1:30 supporting their Red Cross blood drive. Joaquin Arias will be there, too. Jalynne’s brother, Jeremy Dantzscher, works for the Red Cross in Southern California. He knows somebody here helping with the blood drive, and when he heard Joaquin was going over there, he asked if I’d go too.

Later in the day, I’ll be going with my family over to Buster’s to celebrate his twins’ third birthday. 

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you’ll have a post from Belt soon. I know he’s been having tests to figure out why he’s still having concussion symptoms. I’m not having nearly as many laughs without my locker mate here. Hope he’s back soon. 


August 13, 2014
5 p.m.


I was really glad you guys won, too. I would say I’m a pretty die-hard fan, but I was on strike the past couple of days. That first game against the Brewers was extremely frustrating, although I’m sure it was much more frustrating to play in. But then I decided that my anger probably wasn’t healthy for me and my family, so I took I break, but I’m back now. I’ll be there on Friday with some hopefully amazingly clever Hunter Pence sign. Enjoy your off-day, Brandon, and happy birthday to the twins!

Great game today Brandon! I think this was our lucky 7 turn around game. 7 runs in the 7th inning! I still believe in all of our Giants. My twin, BFF, and I will be in Chicago next week to root you on- there will be orange and black in the stands. Please say HBD to Buster’s twins. Tell Jalynne we love her tweets and pictures of your girls-adorable. And give Brandon Belt our best wishes for a speedy recovery-we all miss him and want him to be well.

And #7 scored the first run!!!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Thanks for posting. I for one was glad to see that you were coming up in the ninth yesterday because you have come up with some clutch hits in the past. Pagan looked really good up there in the seventh today because he went with the pitch and popped that ball right into left field from the left side. I think he has very good bat head control and it seems like it is increasing as the years go by. You guys can run down the Dodgers or cop that wildcard, and I hope Belt will be a part of it. Have a great day off and get after those Phillies!! Can’t wait till you guys get to DC next week. Thanks again for posting. Go Giants!!!

Loved that win today🙂 I hope Brandon Belt is feeling better and is back soon too! We miss him! Go Giants!!

Funny you mentioned going to the twin’s birthday party …I wondered if you would be after blogging about going there for BBQ and knowing their birthday was this week
Great win today !!!

Say hi to Buster & his kids for me. He’s my 5th cousin (but doesn’t know it). The relationship is from when Susan Adair married Captain Posey. They were literally nieghbors with George Washington. Both Susan and the Captain were quite characters! There are some pretty great stories…

Cool, I love family history!

Great game today! I don’t get depressed until the 9th inning, therefore 7th inning was perfect! I do enjoy that the plays are usually after 2 outs on any given inning. Again thanks for a great game today! Hugs to the girls and Buster’s twins! Have Fun on your day off tomorrow.

Missing Brandon Belt too

My daughter suffers from post concussion syndrome and created a website with helpful info for those suffering from this invisible, yet powerful, life changer…
We miss BB, and wish him (and you!) well.

It was such a nice surprise to come back into my office after my lunch break and see the score… totally made my day. I’ve been so bummed about the losses and especially about Belt’s concussion. I hope they are just being extra cautious and that the situation isn’t as bad as the news reports make it sound. Miss seeing you guys do your thing out there. Thanks for your insight and explanations about the rules. But yeah, I’m really glad that one went the Giants way. BTW, what would your Hunter Pence sign say?

My Hunter Pence sign said “Hunter Pence Can Eat His Food Anyway He Likes With Stats Like These: 8 vs NY .321 AVG, .786, SLG, 2HR, 8 RBI.” Alas, I don’t know if he saw it and my son said he didn’t see me get on camera. I did some Giants fan with a sign that said “Hunter Pence Eats His Wheaties Out Of The Box”. What the heck, aren’t we supposed to back our guy?

Today was GREAT! My Giant fan gals friends and I have been up in the mountains since Sunday… phone, no TV or internet service! We were surprised to discover that we could still get KNBR at the cabin on our car radios….with a lot of static! Last night I made two trips to the car and listened to our ups in the first and then back for the third. After that we all went to bed sad imagining the worst so we missed the late rally.

The challenge which ended up in our favor today really seemed to get something started and the 7th inning was so exciting. I was so glad I made it home in time to see it. Loved watching Ventura throw a baby fit at home plate…..and get kicked out.

Have a great day off. I wish I could run over and give blood so I could meet you. I’m thinking this blood drive will be a huge success if people find out you’re going to be there! Happy birthday to Buster’s twins. All the kids will have a ball even if they don’t have a clue what all the fuss is about.

As a retired teacher, I was so pleased to hear that you are promoting the Stand Up for Education program. It’s hard to believe that you weren’t allowed to play baseball as a freshman because of a substandard grade but it certainly makes a point.

We’ll be at the game on Sunday. I’ll be wearing my Crawford jersey and cheering you on. Hoping to hear Tony!

Brandon you are my familys favorite player….I guess because we are a family of shortstops. We realize you are struggling and really can’t understand it. You definately don’t look comfortable in your AB’s….you really look stressed and pressing. Relax my friend and get the job done….you have all the talent in the world.
Time for the beard to go.
We support you no matter what. Keep on keepin on!

Great win today. Glad that Peavy got the win….well deserved. Baseball is a funny game the way things happen. We are all behind the Giants and know you guys will turn it around. Keep on plugging away and good things will happen.

Thanks Brandon for posting. It really is wonderful to hear what you guys are thinking and feeling. Congrats on the clutch hit in the ninth in that first game against the Sox. Way to come through for your teammates after that gut-punching (and if it wasn’t against my Gmen) spectacular DP. Especially after how you’ve been struggling lately. Great job!

I’ll admit I’ve pretty depressed lately about you guys. I know you are all trying your hearts out but when so many bad breaks come your way after I know how hard you guys work it gets me down a little. So in this state of mind I am somewhat illicitly listening to the game at work and by the time the seventh rolls around and Jake is pitching his little socks off and we are trailing 1-0 I am thoroughly despondent and it just all turned around and I am stamping my feet in joy as Hunter and Buster come around to score! Wee-hee! Thank you guys for Cheering me up immensely! Just keeping playing solid fundamentally sound baseball and this division is still takeable (is that a word?) 😀. I believe in you guys!. You have heart, talent, tenacity and resilience. Just go out there and play your game!! Today was a correct call of a rule that seriously needs redefining but at a break went our way for a change! Great to see Jake get a win finally!! I think he will be really good for us down the stretch.

I hope you have a really nice time over at Buster’s for the twins’ birthday party. Three years old already!! TIme does fly.

I worry that Brandon doesn’t seem to be getting much better. I hope to see him well soon! Cheeky little sod, I miss him on here and playing, but health is the most important thing!

I hope Belt’s back soon too. Not nearly enough Brandons in the line up the past week or so.🙂

Thanks for sharing Brandon. The team is doing great. Miss the Brandons in the line up also, please give B Belt our best and wish him a speedy recovery. Enjoy the Bday party with the babies at Busters. They grow up so fast,my twins are 54 years old………love them to pieces.

Great game, but then they all are! Win or lose, love watching you guys play. I like hearing about what the players think of the rules and why. Makes a lot of sense. Have fun at the birthday party. =]

Thanks, Brandon it’s nice to hear from you! Go Giants!

I think back to that game where Bochy lost a challenge on a pickoff play at 1st and then Cain tagged a man at home and he was called safe and we all could clearly see he was out, but since there was no challenge, it couldn’t be fixed. And it annoyed me that the umps just sat there and didn’t review it, but I suppose, that before the 7th, they would not be impartial if they did that. I was joking that Boch should have gone to Gibson and said, “…I’ll swap Bum for Belt if you throw your challenge flag”. Anyway, point is, the Replay Geist taketh and yesterday they gaveth. Don’t feel guilty. Just turn it around and spank the Phils. I was at the Huddy-Hamels game in Philly when he looked pretty unhittable. Lay in the tall weeds and whale away on this guy. This is the turnaround–these next few games. Good luck. And love that Panik fellow–have him write a post sometime! –brian

Gosh! Your “rag” is always so interesting and well written! Such a contribution! I haven’t been watching regularly the past 2 weeks. Need to see Timmy WIN and Belt BACK! Made me so upset to hear of his latest reoccurrence of concussion symptoms.

Hope your partner in crime gets better soon! By the way, my wife desperately wants to see one of Brandons change their walk-up music to the 90210 theme song. Any chance of that happening?

Brandon! I hope you and Jaylyn had a really nice time over at Buster’s for the twins birthday party! Just wanted to write and say that I believe in you guys! You are so talented and have such heart and fight and passion for what you do. I know you can rally and pull even with the Dodgers. Just play your normal sterling defense and make every at bat count. These last two months have been rough but I’ll bet you guys are stronger for it. Be focused and calm and let your considerable talent flow. I’ll love you guys anyway, but you all seem like such good people that I would love for you to win it all once again. Much love!

Thanks for the newsy blog! You are such a good writer, maybe because your mom is a teacher? We will be at the game on Saturday! Would love to see a win. Tell the guys that 80 year old Fran the Fan is going to be there! Go Giants!!

Well it’s Saturday evening and you guys eked out another win. I’ve watched you struggle a bit lately and know how frustrating that can be. Keep your chin up, play every inning to the best of your massive abilities and it will all come together. And oh yeah, Cut your hair and shave the beard. Try old school for a while.

Brandon, I love reading your blog. I, too, miss BB but worry about him. He shouldn’t be getting so. many concussions. Wish he were older and finishing a brilliant career and becoming a Giants’ coach! Anyway, I wasn’t awake when you won the game for us in the 14th inning! You are an amazing ss and I know you’ll get your spark back at the plate! Also love hearing about your family and your Giants’ friends. I’m a huge Giants fan, win or lose!

No, KEEP THE BEARD! I don’t usually like beards but I love yours so please don’t shave it! I’m sorry my other comment on this post (the very first one) was mean. I still love all of you guys, even when it gets hard to watch. I think sometimes we fans take the winning too much for granted. And you’re still my favorite, by the way. Great hit last night – I think you won the game for us right there.🙂 Nice sac-fly, too, and I know you didn’t get one Friday or Saturday. But you still have the second most sac flies is the league, in case you didn’t know that. I hope we get Belt back soon, because I have a theory that you hit better when he’s there. We all know you can hit, though, and according to Kruk “big leaguers will get their numbers by the end of the season”. So you’re due for the magic wandoo!

Oh, you should get Panik to blog! I just read that in someone else’s comment and I second the motion. I still want Bum to blog, too.

Hello Brandon You guys looked excellent last night putting the brakes on the Nationals’ streak. Sleep deprivation sometimes has a way of producing beautiful results. Okay, can you pass something on to Joe Panik for me? I’d appreciate it. Every time I see Joe Panik play, I think on a 50 year old song from the Rolling Stones. “….Don’t ya panic, don’t ya panic……..keep on trying….” The song is “One More Try.” Snappy, bluesy, Brian Jones riffing on harmonica. I’m fairly certain Mr Panik has never heard this tune. It could be his walk up song , easily. And he might get a kick out of knowing some old guy’s out there hearing the very young Rolling Stones every time he steps into the box.

link to “One More Try” sample, number 12 song, Out of Our Heads, Rolling Stones

Things will get better if you really try
So don’t ya panic don’t ya panic
Give it one more try
Don’t ya panic don’t ya panic
Give it one more try
Keep on trying
Keep on trying
Keep on trying
Keep on trying
Keep on trying
You gotta keep trying

Thanks for your time, Brandon. See you in October.
Joel (way north 300 miles)

This happy talk needs to end after that display at SS last night (Tuesday, 8-26). I’m embarrassed for you and the great game you shamed with your play.

Way to be supportive when Brandon is already down, show some respect!

We are all supportive of Brandon, but he knows that he has to pick up his game. He is a Major League ball player and he knows that he has to pick it up. His bats, as of late, can pretty much be scripted e.g. foul ball, called strike, swing through, grap some pine. The ball has to be put in play. Brandon is a very good ball player but 20 errors and a .230 batting average is not acceptable for a player with his skills…..something is definately wrong. He has our bsupport but his “A” game is needed now more than ever.

Thanks for blogging. Tell the other Brandon that he can type with one eye closed.
Way to back up Mad Bum what a game! Hey can he blog? Now that would be interesting.

I believe in Brandon.

I have 2 questions. First, your wife’s birthday is the 26th of what month? 26 is my favorite number, my birthday is 6/26. Second, do you ever play the MLB video game before playing a team to familiarize yourself with certain pitchers or ballparks before a game?

Brandon you are Awesome! My 8 year old daughter loves to watch the games, she knows I am a big fan of yours and she runs through the house just to tell me when you are up to bat. We took her to a few games in SF and every time you were up she would start up again and slightly annoy the people around us with her hooting and hollering (so cute). Keep up the great work and we hope to see you guys all the way to the end, Go Giants!!

Long time no blog – would love to hear from both of you! Great to see BCraw’s hot bat and to see…finally….drumroll please (not the Hunter kind…) BBelt back in the game! Woot!

I’m not ready to let go of the 2014 Giants yet soooo, please don’t make me–get this game tonight. Good luck out there. As loud as it will get, just know that we’re being that loud for you all, just in (a) different place(s). This team is special. Stay loose–stay hot. thanks! brian, thomas & jack

Great game by the Brandons last night! All Brandon all the time!

Agreed. Yay Team Brandon!!!!

I hope you realize, BC, that this is a new comment where YOU were the hero last night! The city of San Francisco (the whole Bay Area!) wanted to jump you after the grand slam!! You won that game for us………and Madbum wasn’t bad either:). Thank you from all Giant fanatics!! What a thrill!!!!
October 2, 2014

Congrats Craw!! That Grand slam was awesome last night! I hope we get to hear from you guys soon! Its been way too long!

Another great night for Belt last night! Congrats to all! Time to put away the Nats on Monday! Go Giants!

Good luck today. It is a joy to watch this ballclub…I just heard my son outside say, “now batting, Bradon Crawford” with the whiffle bat! haha! HAS to be a good omen! Go get them–you’ve worked your butts off for this. brian thomas & jack. (the little guy just did a “now batting Brandon Belt”–another omen. I have to get out there.

Brandon Belt – welcome back! You and Brandon Crawfish have been the stars of the postseason!
I’m writing this in the middle of the 5th inning on Monday, still 0-0. So whatever happens, there are hundreds, thousands of fans who appreciate what you’ve done! Go Crawfish, go giraffe, go Giants!

Congrats guys in the NL championship! you deserve it!

WORLD SERIES HERE WE COME! Congrats Giants! #sostoked #iknowhashtags dontcounthere

Hey Brandons! Congrats on the pennate!!! My family is so excited! I hope you can blog again soon!

Game 1 day of the World Series! Love my Giants! Missing the blogging. You’ll have plenty to blog about when you win the Series again…every two years!

So excited for tonight’s game that i can hardly breathe! Let’s go Giants!!!!

Congratulations on winning the World Series!! So much fun to watch! We miss the blog posts. Have a great off season.

Big series for both Brandons! Congrats on being World Series Champs again! Never gets old! Enjoy the off season and your family time.

Special team. Thanks for the lifelong memories. My boys and I watched it and will always have this memory. Now we can write “World Champions” on the balls you gave us in Pittsburgh at the Machi-bunt-game! Thanks. Awesome, right the way through! brian thomas & jack. (and mommy).

Brandon c: you should have won a golden glove!,,,,

Marilyn Damon Diamond 415-710-7496


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