Favorite Giants-Dodgers Moment? — Brandon Crawford

I know the last two days against the Dodgers haven’t shown it, and we’re dealing with injuries to key guys, but we feel really strong starting the second half of the season. That 14-inning game in Philadelphia told you everything you need to know about this team: We battle. It’s kind of our signature since at least the 2012 post-season. Whether we’re struggling through a few-week stretch or a six-hour game, we fight.
I was happy to get that double in the top of the 14th to put us ahead. But I would have been happy with anybody getting a hit at that point. I received a lot of the credit after the game, but Buster’s home run in the ninth to tie the game was just as big or bigger than mine. Papelbon hadn’t given up a home run all season. And the bullpen was awesome — eight innings and they gave up only one run.
I’ve joked — well, I’m actually kind of serious — about wanting to pitch sometime in a game. But I knew Bochy had to go with Colvin or Blanco if the Phillies had tied it up in the bottom of the 14th and we went to the 15th. There were no position players left on the bench, so Timmy — who pitched the 14th — would have had to stay in the game and play the field. There’s no way Bochy could let me pitch and put Timmy at shortstop. He’d have to play in the outfield, so that meant either Colvin or Blanco would have to pitch.  Luckily, it didn’t come to that.
You might have read about the virus or whatever that’s been lingering in the clubhouse for what seems like months now. I’ve had it at least a month if not more, and it’s finally gone. I think Miami shook it out of me. Or maybe it was the All-Star break. I spent the break very quietly, as I mentioned I would in my last post. I saw my grandma one day. Another day we went to Buster’s to hang out and let the kids play. Braylyn, who’s a year and a half, is still a little new to playing with other kids because she hasn’t had many opportunities. But she was good with Buster and Kristen’s twins, who are three. Javy and Renee Lopez were also there with their two kids — their son is almost two and their daughter is four, I think. (I’m not good at guessing ages.) Braylyn would go play with something and want to play by herself. Then she’d join the other kids. She loved the pool. Buster grilled up some hot dogs and hamburgers. It was just a really great, relaxing summer day. When you have so few off days, you really appreciate each one, especially the ones that aren’t crammed with errands and appointments.
So since have some down time during All-Star break, I’ve been feeling much better at the plate. My first at-bat in Miami was maybe my best at-bat all season. I stayed in against Eovaldi for 10 pitches before hitting a two-run homer on the 11th pitch, a 97-mph fastball. I was happy to fight off some pretty good pitches then square up like that. I hit balls hard in the series even if they didn’t translate into hits all the time. When I feel like that at the plate, I know the hits will start to come.
Playing the Dodgers this weekend got me thinking about my favorite Dodgers-Giants memories from when I was a kid. I kind of remember the Brian Johnson game in 1997 when he hit the game-winning home run in the 12th inning to sweep the Dodgers and move into a tie for first place. I’m pretty sure I was at Candlestick for the game that day, but I was really young so I don’t remember it well.
The moment I really remember from the Dodgers-Giants rivalry is kind of unusual. It was a single at-bat. Bonds was facing Cy Young winner Eric Gagne. It was early in the 2004 season. The Dodgers were ahead 3-0 in the ninth. One out. Runner at first. I was at the game with my dad. Gagne was throwing 100 mph fastballs, one after another. Every player not on the field hung over the dugout rails watching power against power.
Bonds fouled the first pitch past the Dodgers dugout.
Then he took a called strike inside — 99 mph.
Ball outside.
Ball inside — 100 mph.
Foul into the stands behind the plate.
Towering foul into McCovey Cove off a 101-mph fastball.
Then Gagne threw another fastball — 100 mph this time. Bonds hit it into the center field bleachers.
I thought, “Wow.’’ Bonds just kept battling. The Giants lost, but I’ll never forget that at-bat.

(Full disclosure: I looked up the exact pitch sequence. I didn’t remember every single pitch.)
What’s your favorite Giants-Dodgers moment?

July 27, 2014

2:30 p.m.



Maybe it’s time to sterilize the clubhouse, make guys stay home when feeling sick and reteach hand washing

My favorite Dodgers vs Giants moment. The last game of the season 2007. Nothing big I just remember being there and watching the giants win.

One of my favorite Dodgers vs Giants moments happened off the field last year. I heard on KNBR that their bus broke down on the way to the airport after being swept by us!

There are many, but my most recent favorite was last September when the Giants beat the Dodgers 19-3 in LA. I kept that game on my DVR all winter and felt like that was the 2013 WS for the Giants. Not everything is going right this year, but as a fan – I love to see all of you guys have fun. Whether it is the boots or the Phanatic making fun of Pablo – remember to have fun.

Glad to hear you’re finally feeling better. “The crud” seems to have hung around for far too long. Lysol for everybody next year!

I have a lot of favorite Giants-Dodgers memories, including that Bonds at-bat against Gagne, but I was at the ‘Stick when Joe Morgan homered to knock the Bums out of the play-offs. That might be my all-time fave.

But who knows? Maybe we’ll all get another favorite memory tonight. Let’s hope so!

I hate to ask this here, but how is Belt doing? I’m worried about him. My favorite Giants moments involve Rings. 🙂

Any chance “the crud” is whooping cough? I got it in May and my son got it in June (even though we’re both fully vaccinated). It could be pretty dangerous for you guys with young babies.

Oh, I have a great Dodgers-Giants moment. Actually I have several, but here’s the best one: Sunday, August 1, 2010. It was my 50th birthday, and I splurged on eight seats in Club 208 for some family and friends to come watch the game with me and my husband and our teenage daughter. The Giants were in the thick of it and had won the first two games of the series and were going for the sweep. It was Cain vs. Kershaw, and Cain had never won against the Dodgers in his career.

The place was rocking like it was foreshadowing the playoffs (turned out it WAS), and it was a tense 0-0 duel until the seventh, when for some reason the Dodgers decided to walk Rowand to get to Edgar Renteria. Renteria had missed most of the season with injuries, but it still hurt his feelings that they’d walk Rowand to get to him. In more playoff foreshadowing, Renteria was the hero, hitting a two-run triple. Cain beat Kershaw 2-0. After the game, Renteria said (about the walk to Rowand), “You never wake up the baby.”

It was so awesome. I got some great gifts for my big day, but all I really wanted was a Giants win and sweep for my birthday. And I got it!

Our favorite Dodgers-Giants moments are any game the Giants beat LA!

Glad I’m not the only one with a baby who doesn’t get out much — my year old son is always sort of puzzled by other kids.

Ever think about a future in sportswriting some day? That at-bat recap had great pacing.

My favorite Giants-Dodger memory is from last seasons 19-3 Giants win at dodger stadium. 22 hits 😏 best A** kicking ive ever seen ! Lol

I love all the moments watching the Giants! My recent favorite was when Posey hit that homer against Philly. My 4 year old grad daughter and I were watching and Posey was up..we said, “let’s give him our mojo” so we wiggled our fingers and said, “home run” and then he hit one! Her face lit up and she said, “we helped!” We went to a resturant the next day and she actually asked the hostess to seat us where we could see the game. She then said, “under pants is your favorite, right,” I’m like, huh? Then I realized when I say Hunter Pence she hears Under pants..lol..keep on blogging..fans forever. .win or lose…I love your attitude!!!

My favorite Giants-Dodgers moment came during a game at the end of July 2010. My husband has been a fan all his life, but me, not so much. We had been celebrating our anniversary at AT&T park every year since 2004…I just had to get him tix every year, and he loved me for it! This particular day, I had a bad and busy day at work. Then I went to meet him at AT&T and I couldn’t find parking, so had to pay $30. Stubhub had issues with our tickets, of course! When the lady came back to the window, she gave us better seats! We walked in and it was “Beat LA Beach Towel” day. Things were turning around. Our seats were great, the crowed in our area was great…yelling “BEAT LA” at the top of our lungs, the Giants won….THAT was the day I caught the fever! I’ve been a crazy fan ever since!!

We were there this past Friday night, celebrating our 20 year anniversary. Even though this wasn’t like that day in 2010, I still believe…GO GIANTS!!

Hey Brandon, I know I’m supposed to be answering your question about my favorite moment, but I wanted to let you know how impressed I am that you have the energy and dedication to your fans that you were willing to write a blog entry after those two tough losses. You show lots of integrity, on and off the field! And by the way, your bobblehead is THE best. Rockin.

Thank you for a great blog – a little bit of everything as usual. My favorite Giants/Dodger’s memory is a couple of years ago sitting next to a bunch of blue jacketed Dodger fans who couldn’t have been nicer. We had a wonderful game laughing and rooting on our respective teams. My kids still talk about how much fun we had at that game – “with all the Dodger fans”. As a fan, I love reading how much you love the game, how everyone handles all of the ups and downs of injuries, trades, slumps and hot streaks. Thanks Brandon. I hope Belt is feeling better soon!

my favorite moment is the game today as it is the only Giants/Dodgers game I have seen. the fans are always fun, the orange glasses a treat, the weather wonderful and watching you and the team work as hard as you do, day after day, is truly inspiring. thanks so much for taking the time to fill us in on the play by play, your days off, and how much you enjoy spending time with your family and team mates. I have been learning so much about baseball the past couple of years; your blog is a big part of the reason I enjoy watching and learning. Our school was part of the Step up to the Plate education grant last fall and I got to see a couple of games in Scottsdale this past spring. A wonderful Giants year. Best wishes for a successful second half. Go Giants!

My favorite Gaint vs Dodger moment is whenever we beat that nasty, self-absorded group of Hollywood hasbeens. Didn’t happen this weekend, but it will. Love you Brandon, keep up the good work. The hits will come, as will the victories for our Giants!

My favorite Giants Dodgers moment was on September 20, 1989. We were down 3-7, bottom of the ninth, and we came back with 5 runs without an out to win the game. My favorite moment was moments after that winning score, when I turned to my date (our first date) and explained to her that the Giants had just won the game, in exciting fashion, and she screamed “Yay!” At that moment, I knew I wanted to see more of her and see where it goes.

25 years later, we’re happily married, got two great kids: it went pretty well. And for a bonus, her father was a big Giants fan! We got to listen to some Giants games together before he passed away too quickly. And she reminded me to go see the trophy and got our picture together with the trophy. Go Giants!

Truthfully, I couldn’t watch this weekend b/c it was my wife’s birthday and I didn’t want to be in a foul mood for her b-day. It’s funny. I know if the Giants win or lose my life won’t be any different. But nevertheless I am still affected. My first thought when I woke up this morning was, “damn, we got swept.” Growing up a Giants fan I was wondering losses like these hold more weight for you? In high school our losses to our cross town rival (not to name names, but their mascot was a blue in gold bird, let’s just call them the “Falcons”) would eat at me for years after.

Best Giants-Dodgers moment? 2010 Pat Burrell (another local product) hit a two run homer in the 8th. Giants won 2-1. I knew then the Giants were going to do something in the playoffs.

Maybe not all time, but last year when Quiroz hit the game winner over left field was great. He was so stoked because as soon as he hit it he KNEW it was gone! My friend, who is a big time Dodger fan texted me “F*ck you and the Giants! I am so f*ckin’ pissed off right now!”

That double you hit in the top of the 14th was awesome. Great job. What I wonder is, how do you even hit a 100 mph pitch?? I’ve got good eye-hand coordination, etc., but just seeing the ball and being quick enough to tell where it is, if it’s hittable, then coming around on it in time, the mind-physical reaction time is a split second when a ball is thrown that fast. It boggles my mind! And awesome to watch you pros do it all the time. I can’t think of my favorite Giants-Dodgers game, but that no-hitter against the Padres, when Timmy had 2 hits and got on 3 times, now that was a game to remember. lol! We were lucky enough to actually be at the 6/25/14 no-hitter game. My daughter came down from college up at Oregon with her roommate, who has never been to ANY kind of baseball game, even little league, and we went to that game. It was amazing to be there. I jokingly said in the 3rd inning to my daughter, “Hey, what if Timmy hits a no-hitter today!” Then she wouldn’t let me say it after the 5th inning anymore because she was afraid I would jinx it. Then it happened! We were very stoked. :o) Well, time to brush off the Dodger series from this past weekend and set your sites, game by game, to get to the post-season. You guys can do it. We all know it. :o))) Keep up the amazing defense, too, BCraw. You’re way fun to watch out there.

* oops… what if Timmy THROWS a no-hitter (correction to above post).

Finally; my chance to comment on the crud ya’ll have been dealing with. I ran across this information while researching how to scent the soap I was making. I’m really sensitive to chemicals, so I wanted a change from the unscented soap I’d been making. That’s when I ran across information about origanum vulgare which is the essential oil of wild oregano leaves.

I don’t scent my soap with it because it isn’t safe for skin applications, but it is food safe (I make pasta sauce and soup with it). I take it to stay healthy through cold and flu season. I’ve been taking oregano capsules (it’s in a gel cap with olive oil) for about 10 years now. It gets rid of cold and flu viruses. I only got the sniffles for a couple of days last December. If it’s taken morning and night all the way through the season from October through May, it can keep you well. If you already have the crud, take it every 6 – 8 hours for 10 days (even if you feel well don’t stop taking it before 10 days are up).

Now I’m not a doctor, and this information is what is considered in scientific circles as anecdotal. To let you know that I’m not a crazy lady, here is some information with scientific journals cited as to what oregano oil’s capabilities are, and the results of some scientific trials. I want my guys healthy in September and October when ya’ll bring home the pennant! So check the information out, then hopefully you’ll feel comfortable with it enough to let it work for you. It is used in Europe way more than it is here. You can get it at any natural health store. I can’t swear to this, but Whole Foods might carry it.

I’ve been dying to get this off my chest ever since hearing that Vogey has had the crud lingering on. No one can play their best when they don’t feel well. I didn’t know that you’d had it hanging on before. Here is an article with a scientific citation: http://hyssophealth.com/pages/life-sciences/origanum-vulgare.php

What the heck – arnica cream or salve works magic on contusions or bruises on skin that isn’t cut or broken, and plai essential oil works wonders on muscle aches and pains. I might as well go for broke and put that out there while I’m at it. I’ll be happy to get you information on those two if you’d like.

Here’s to a healthy team during the 2nd half that kicks Dodger butt! That’s my prediction that will become a favorite memory. 🙂

So fun to hear about you going to Buster’s for a BBQ, because it’s sometimes hard to believe that you are actually real people and not just baseball superheroes featured on the posters in my room! Too bad about these past couple of games, but I absolutely believe that you guys are feeling good, and the winning streak will start any day now.

So awesome (Crawsome – did you know they made that a hashtag!?!) that you remember that at bat. I think my favorite Giants-Dodgers moment was last season when Buster hit that walk-off homer against Bellisario. I was listening to the game on the radio and my dad was trying to make me go to bed, so I told him I’d go to bed after Buster batted (but don’t worry, I would have stayed up until you guys won, no matter how late!). I don’t remember every pitch, but I think he fell behind 0-2. Dave gave the stats for the matchup of those two, and I think Buster was about 0-6 with 5 strike outs. Anyway, Buster hit a bullet that was just foul and probably saw 10 pitches. Then I knew he was going to hit a home run, I don’t know how, and a pitch or two later he did! Of course, Guillermo Quirroz hit a walk-off homer the next night, so that was pretty special too.

Okay, two more questions:
How do you ever get enough sleep? You guys are always up so late, and then I would imagine that your adorable little girls get you up early.
Also, were you as mad as I was when Bochy pinch hit for you on Brandon night?!? I was fuming, and I drove our friends crazy on the way home because I couldn’t stop talking about what a dumb mistake that was. You don’t mess with the bobble head mojo – and you were hitting.338 against lefties at that point! I was listening to a game a couple of days later, and Dave was talking about how controversial it was, I was thinking “Nothing controversial there at all! He should have let Brandon hit!”

Have to agree with several other writers….my favorite moment is when we beat the d… Dodgers. We were at the game Sunday. Loved yelling beat LA even if we didn’t manage it in the end but at least it was a close game. So glad to hear you guys relaxed during the break. I think you needed it and maybe it helped you all fight whatever this creeping crud that’s in the clubhouse. Maybe next time you guys are on the road, place place needs to have a deep cleaning!

I wouldn’t be concerned about Braylyn not wanting to play with other kids yet especially if she isn’t exposed to them very often. Young children tend to be very self-centered until they get a little older. Preschool might be a good option for her in another 6-12 months.

Well here’s hoping tonight’s game goes better than last nights. We love you guys no matter what but we don’t mind a win now and then! I love that you guys stick together and have such class. GO GIANTS!

I am wearing all orange to work today, that includes Giants earrings, necklace, etc. Can you feel the power surge from Iowa all the way to SF?

1962 SF-LA playoff game 3. Giants scored four in the 9th to win and advance to the World Series. I was 8yrs old and listened to the game on the radio. Got in trouble for jumping on my bed in that great 9th inning.

I can’t remember the exact year, but it was either ’82 or ’83. ( I was just a kid). The Giants were not going to the playoffs and the Dodgers were one win away from going. At the end of the game Joe Morgan comes to the plate and hits a blast at the Stick which caused the Dodgers not only to lose the game but knocked them out of going to the playoffs. If the Giants weren’t going, Morgan made sure the Dodgers weren’t wither.

My favorite moment was seeing my boys excitement after getting your autograph before the game on Sat! They were so bummed that they didn’t get to meet you during their week of camp, so that day was one they will never forget! Thanks for taking the time out for them🙂

So how do the wives/moms of toddlers get to enjoy the games? I can’t imagine three year old twins or a one and a half year old sitting for long enough to watch the game… is there a suite or someplace moms can be there to watch and let the little ones roam around a bit?!

So I’m assuming that Buster’s daughter isn’t afraid of you anymore? I remember you mentioning that and couldn’t help but laugh! I love that you guys went over to Buster’s and just had a fun relaxing day with the kids.
Your kids and Buster’s twins will grow up together!

I was wondering how is the hitting competition going, with all the injuries, and lack of hitting?

My favorite Giants-Dodgers moment was when the teams finished 1-2 in 2012, with the Giants winning the division. The Dodgers still had a chance at a Wild Card spot until the Giants spoiled their hopes with a 4-3 win at Dodger Stadium on the second-to-last day of the season. And another was when we scored like a ton of runs at Dodger Stadium. I remember Hunter was having the game of his life that day! Thanks for the post,Brandon! I am glad you’re feeling better! I am so excited because I am a huge fan but I live in a small town in Upstate NY, so I am taking my 77 yr old Mom ( who was always a huge Met fan now converted Giants thanks to me!) to the Met game on Sunday! I have only gotten to see you guys once before this in Philly on July 20th 2012. I cannot wait! Wish you lots of luck in this second half! I have faith you guys will be there in the post season! GO GIANTS!

Good decision not to have Affeldt at the All-Star Break BBQ at Buster’s, especially with a knife and hamburger patties…That would not have been safe…

Wait when you guys go for away games, how do you travel? Like I know you guys go by air, but do you guys charter jets from the airlines, or do you just fly on normal tickets. Im a high school baseball player, and a huge aviation geek and it would be great to know how you guys travel. Thanks for the inspiration! #fog>smog

You just hit a triple in the first game against the Mets. Nice job! We’re up 5-0 right now. Are the players nervous or do you hear rumors about potential trades before the deadline? What was the vibe for you and in the clubhouse?

I remember that Bonds AB. Wasn’t at the game but at home in the South Bay. Very memorable! Thanks for sharing

September 14, 2013 in LA, 19-3 win featuring the couple in the crowd wearing the awesome SF Giants World Series ring hats. I’ve been a Giants fan forever, but I’ll admit that when my parents first started taking my two older brothers and myself to double headers on both sides of the bay (they were all about the game, no allegiance), I was all about making sure I got a Carnation chocolate malt and one of those pink bricks with the creepy clown on it made out of a popcorn like substance. Then one day the nicest player with the coolest name signed a baseball for me and that was it, Candlestick side of the bay wins. I still have my Vida Blue signed ball. I realize now that if I’d been born a few years earlier I could have gotten that signature while he was playing for the A’s and I know how lucky I am because that green and yellow is just nasty.

I forget you were born in the Bay Area because my loyalty to you stems from being a fellow UCLA Bruin. I grew up in the LA Area but *never* became a Giants fan. As a child, I couldn’t help but like the RedSox (older brother had control of the remote and I was born in New Hampshire – it felt better to root for them than the Dodgers). But I’ve been a Bay Area transplant and both of my sons were born in San Francisco so it seemed natural to root for the Giants for the last 15 years. It was fun to be on campus at UCLA and watch the Giants and Dodgers rivaly unfold there. Do you have a favorite UCLA memory? It’s been so sad lately to watch the water damage.

Ooops – I meant to say I *never* became a Dodgers fan. Sigh . . . nervous posting on your blog for the first time.

One of my favorite moments is the game when the Giants won 19-3 against the Dodgers… Pence with 7 RBIs and Belt with 6RBIs. Too bad I didn’t go to that game. I was literally cheering at the top of my lungs at home. Brandon (Belt), you were amazing, and you still are an amazing player. Congratulations on your HR today. It’s nice seeing you back on the field. Brandon (Crawford), you are an amazing player too.🙂 On another note, is it nice to have kids around the same age as the other players? and do you guys set up a lot of playdates for them?

My favorite Giants-Dodgers moment is when ever the Dodgers mess-up or lose!

Just changed my fantasy baseball team name to: Hunter Pence Hits Balls

Get well soon, Belt! We miss you on the field but more than that wish you a speedy recovery. You need to be healthy when the (baby) baby giraffe arrives!

Like I said in a recent blog…”You are my families favorite player because we are defensive minded”. You have most assuredly picked up your game both defensively and offensively. Your defense saves the Giants many games and your offense will win us many games batting in the 8 hole. As you know and have experienced, we have the best fan base here in the Bay Area “BAR NONE”. We are very supportive of our Teams and the players we play for our teams. Your play has won you the hearts of our fan base. Keep up the great play and lets bring another Championship here to the Bay Area.

May the Morse be with you

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