Seriously? Two Grand Slams in 1 Year?

I know you all are happy with MadBum for the grand slam today. I’m mad at him. I have two grand slams in my whole life. He has two this year! I’m never going to hear the end of it.

My two grand slams: One in Triple A, and one in high school. The one in high school was against Will Alvis. That’s Will Alvis. A-L-V-I-S. He’s one of my buddies now. I want to make sure everybody knows I hit a grand slam off him.

This win against the Diamondbacks was a great way to go into the break. Great offense, great defense, great pitching. As Bochy has said, we’ve been a Tale of Two Teams. But we can’t change that. Now we have to use this game as kind of a springboard into morphing back into the team we know we really are.

I was scratched from the lineup right before the game. I tweaked my back in batting practice and started spasming. It’s nothing new. It happens about twice a year. It almost happens in spring training because I’m not used to playing. That’s probably the reason it happened today, too. My body is not all the way back from my time off with the thumb injury.

I did treatment in the training room all afternoon, but nothing helped. I’m about to get on a plane back home to Texas tonight, so I’ll take a pain reliever. I’ll rest it over the next few days of the All-Star break, and it’ll be fine.

Haylee and I plan on setting up the baby’s room while we’re home. We’ve shipped a crib we bought here and a bunch of great stuff people gave Haylee at her baby shower a couple weeks ago. Those baby showers are pretty awesome. I’m not sure we have to buy anything!

The rest of the time at home we’ll hang out with family and friends and take it easy. We’ll have people over for a cook-out Tuesday and watch the All-Star Game. To be honest, I don’t know if I’d watch the game if my friends weren’t coming over. It might be nice to get away from baseball altogether for a couple days. But we’ll have a good time.

No movie reviews today. I drove to the theater Thursday night to see the new Planet of the Apes movie, but when I got there I was so tired I turned around and went home. I drove there again yesterday and when I pulled up, I said, “Nah.’’ Too many people, for one thing, and I just didn’t have the energy. I think I’m just not used to playing yet.

I’m empathizing a little more with Haylee and her tiredness being pregnant. If this keeps up, I’ll  have to add another grade to my movie rating system: BA — Brandon Asleep.

Here are a few answers to your questions:

Yes, I read all the comments. I like reading them. I appreciate all the advice and suggestions and funny replies. Sorry I don’t answer all of them.

We don’t prank new players when they arrive. We wait until the end of the season. That way we can include the September call-ups. It’s not that bad: Mostly you just have to dress up in ridiculous outfits. The photos will be all over the internet, so you’ll get to see what we do. ICYMI, here’s a photo of me and Crawford in 2011.
No, I don’t like True Lies because of the hotel dance scene. But it’s pretty comical. It’s Jamie Lee Curtis stripping for her husband but she doesn’t know it’s her husband.

We did not name Lilly after the Pink Martini song. I’ve never heard it. I will try to check it out sometime soon.

That’s it! If I don’t get out of here right now, I’m going to miss my flight. Talk to you after the break!


Awesome game today! Such fun to watch. Go Giants! Have a good rest.

If Haylee’s feet are bothering her, I understand that soaking them in Epsom Salts helps. Hope the flight isn’t too long for either of you, or for poor Lily. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the break!

Or…you can always give her a nice foot massage. Just sayin…(wink)

Wow! I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but that pic is almost TMI! And Crawford with the shades! ROFLMAO! Was so bummed to see you were scratched, but Posey’s and Madbum’s Grand Slams cheered me up!

Great to have back, Brandon. I know how difficult it is recuperating from an injury and watching your teammates performing. I suffer from back spasms at times and use a product called Soothanol X2, that is only available online from Northstar Nutritionals. It’s essentially a combination of numerous beneficial, natural pain relievers in a DMSO & Wintergreen Oil base. I’ve used it for about 15 years and it really helps me out.

I can only imagine the clubhouse ribbing that goes on especially when you have a pitcher that can literally knock the snot out of the ball like Bumgarner can. I guess he and Buster will go down in history for their efforts today. First ever battery combo to hit grannies in the same game.

Keep up the good work and relax deeply during the break. Enjoy life to the fullest as it’s what we’ve got now.


My husband and I were sitting across from you and Haylee and the Bumgarners in the restaurant in San Diego on the 4th of July. I’m the one who said hi and told you it was great to see you back on the field. We didn’t want to bother you guys for a picture or an autograph or anything, but here’s what I REALLY wanted to say to you:

Brandon Belt: Best. Blogger. Ever. Missed your blog posts when you were injured. Loved your pinch-bloggers, but don’t leave us again!

Wow…two Grand Slams today….what an awesome way to end the first half of the season!! It’s great having you back at first…you were sure missed! Hope you enjoy these few days off….you guys all deserve a little down time with your families! Be careful of your thumb….don’t whack it putting that crib together!! 😉 See you all after the break! Those guys on the other side of the bridge might have the best record for now, but Giant’s fans know you guys are THE BEST!! ❤️SF GIANTS!!!!

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Hey there
My 86 year old mother adores you…..she has her giraffe hat hanging in the family room when you play. So glad to have you back. Good luck with the new little one. If you need a sitter I am sure mom will volunteer….

Brandon…this is Chris from Athletes in Action-St. Louis. I hope all is well and congrats on the baby! Send me an email sometime to catch up when you get a chance. Thanks!

Thanks Brandon. Yes that big bang was the way to end the first half!! Sorry you didn’t get a piece of it. But, rest that back because they seem to be very difficult to keep right. I probably would get tongue tied and not want to impose on you if I saw you in public so I’ll say now that it is a pleasure seeing you develop and I think the sky is the limit for your game. Go!! Enjoy everything about your break, because another pressure packed, thrilling pennant race awaits you. Thanks again for taking the time to post. Go Giants!!!

Great game today -rest up and we will see you after the break-take care and God Bless you and your family🙏

Love your blog. Do you think they might get Bonds to help with hitting again? Was he a help at spring training?

Enjoy your blogs. I have a place in my heart for the Giants..our son was with this team after being drafted (in 1975) & winning the CWS at UT. A very long time ago, but the thrill & excitement remain the same. Kept up with you at
UT also. By the way, I live in Lufkin..a suburb of Hutson. Hoping for a good second half after the break & looking forward to you & Haylee with your sweet little one. Good luck!

just want to say that this is the best blog on the interwebs! congrats on ending the first half on such a high note. i hope your back responds well to the time off. being a huge film buff i enjoy your takes on the movies… i have a recommendation for you: snowpiercer. i had never heard of it when i saw it, and it is one of the best sci-fi films i’ve seen in ages! based on your reviews, i think you’ll really like it. check it out, and rest up for the pennant run! (if you want to see some silly movie reviews, check out the reviews my friend kevin and i post on youtube, search under i am kevin wong.)

Get that back better! I can relate. Back spasms happen to me, too. I’m a nurse, so it goes along with the job. Have a relaxing break! Don’t be too hard on Bum!

Have a great break!! You’ll have fun doing Lilys room. Remember it as it will never be the same! It will be a love you could have never imagined!! i’m a retired Labor and Delivery nurse so this is my passion! So happy for you and I think you will be a great Daddy!

I hope you have a peaceful break with your family and friends. Nice to see catching balls when I went to the game on 6/25. Hope your back relaxes soon and you can return to the field. Take good care of Haylee.

You just made my night! Thanks for answering my question!🙂 that’s nice to know you do read all your fan comments. Sorry to hear your back isn’t feeling right. Ben gay? Haha get lots of rest, have lots of fun during the break with your family and friends back home. Happy flight Belt family! See you after the break. Take care

Really Love that I stumbled across the brandon blog last year , its great to read and its really nice of you guys take the time to do write it. ( all the guys not just the brandons) Awesome game all around today and in this series, living with an As fan last week was tough. I can’t wait to see the pics of the new guys and what you guys put them in. Why has Morse started wearing his pants up? He had that great catch in left with them up, when he had to run in on the ball and snag it by his knees so maybe there making him faster! I wish one game everyone would wear them up like the old days of baseball.🙂 Enjoy the Break and time with your family & thanks for taking the time to do the blog .

Get some rest this 3 days
U guys deserve it … We believe in u guys… We need u guys fresh!! Have fun and good luck !!!

(((Brandon))), I just love your posts! Sorry your back is hurting, hope the break allows it to heal so you can get back out on the field. I have missed seeing you play. You’ve been one of my favorite players for quite awhile now, you signed my children’s “Cain” t-shirts a few years back, you were very gracious and called my oldest, “Sweetie”. I don’t think she will ever forget how you made her feel that day. You live on the same street as a friend of mine does, she’s a dog walker so if you ever need your dog walked, look out for Barbara. Enjoy the break, see you on the pitch🙂 p.s. Is there any chance of getting a signed picture of you?

I am just so glad you are back, Brandon B. It was not the same without you.

Enjoy the break! I think when you do wear spandex, those dreamsicle orange and white colors “suit” you best!

Although I voted for all of you like I do every year, I was actually glad most of you will be taking a break instead of playing more ball. I truly believe it made a difference last year because you played in the all star game then played and played all the ay to the series. Just the dare lien rushes had to have worn you out and left you with a short break to recover… rest and relax and enjoy your family and friends. You’re due for a big life style change very soon which is going to be exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

Grand slam….all I can say is WOW! I missed Busters but when MadBum came up, I thought he’s not your average pitcher up there to lay down a bunt. I’m sure the D backs didn’t underestimate him but they had to think the odds were in their favor…NOT THIS TIME SNAKES! We kill rattlers in Cali! So glad you got the win to end the first half.

Hey Great Win and Great way to stay in the hunt going into the second half of the season. I have faith things will turn around. I do have one question and I don’t mean this as a negative; just a simple question. It seems like a lot of guys are getting back-related issues lately of one form or another. Is that just common for teams in general? Have the trainers maybe suggested some added exercises to strengthen the back so that guys are less likely to get injuries to the back. Just asking.

Always a loyal Giants fan since I was kid. Go Giants!!!

So great to have you back! Rest up during the All star break and pamper your wife! My husband is taking me to the Dodger game in a couple of to see you hit your first major league grandslam against them…ya think? Just kidding! Enjoy Texas! Thanks for the blog!

The Grand Slams were great!! Hope your back is feeling better! Enjoy the break! Go Giants!!

My bestie and I were at yesterdays game. We were very disappointed you got scratched at the last minute. We always look forward to seeing you play. The grannies made up for it though! Our hands hurt from clapping so much! Love reading your blog, you’re a funny man and it just makes us love you all the more! Keep it up!

Super happy you’re back Brandon! I love how you promised you’d hit a home run for a young cancer survivor when you played in San Jose last month, and actually hit one for her! So when you were at bat, were you thinking about having to make good on that promise or just taking a normal at bat? Any additional pressure? What you wrote on her souvenir ball was perfect and so sweet–what a thoughtful guy! And don’t fret, no doubt there’ll be big league grand slams in your future! Get some rest and enjoy your time off. Oh and I sure do miss the Brandon and Brandon commercial now that it’s no longer aired anymore. It was the very best one ever.

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Glad you’re getting to rest a few more days. What kind of stuff do you like to grill?

I highly recommend Hylands homeopathic for colic, teething, etc. we used them with both of our little ones and they helped tremendously. Check it out.
Sorry we missed you playing yesterday. My husband and I brought the kids even though I have strep and a sinus infection- I knew there was some reason I had to be there! Love the bobble head too- we put it on te mantle with our Pence, Crawford and my son’s favorite, Belt.

Hi Brandon, get that back rested! The Giants will need you in the second half. Now that most teams are shifting against you, will you be working on bunting for hits? Might as well take what the defense gives you!

What a fun game!!! I was so bummed when you were scratched off…feel better soon!
Enjoy your rest, enjoy some time with your wife, and have fun with the baby room!!

Ps love the picture…laughed so hard🙂

Love your blogs- especially love your movie rating system. We are happy to have you back on the team! My question to you is – How often do you guys find time to check/respond to fan mail during the regular season? What’s the craziest one you have gotten?!

Brandon, I was at the players gate after the game yesterday and I kept telling “Can you believe that Brandon?!” you were kind enough to look my way and smile. Your commercial with Crawford was awesome and they should have you in more of them! P. S. Planet of the Apes is worth seeing. Thanks and go Giants!

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your baby boy! My baby boy is 6 weeks old today and we’ve been able to watch a lot of the day games while I’m on maternity leave. We love all of the Giants but you are our favorite. He loves the book Giraffes Can’t Dance (it’s about an awkward giraffe). If you don’t already have a copy, I would be happy to send one to the ballpark for you. Do you actually get all of the mail that’s sent to you?

Great to see you back in action! I was wondering if you plan to be the kind of Father that brings their child to the games to hang out in the dugout or would you rather have them out of the spotlight and behind the scenes? I don’t know what your childhood was like or if you grew up around baseball but I’m sure it is quite a experience. Congrats on your Baby Baby Giraffe. I wish you all the best in the 2nd half and GO GIANTS!!!

So glad you’re back! Love reading the blogs too! Enjoy the break!

LOL! Trust me, there is still plenty to buy for the baby. I assume you have plenty of Giants onesies? My brother, daughter & I took a 5-hour train ride to SF for All Brandon weekend and now we have bobble heads of you both to add to the collection. Good times! Missed seeing you play that day.

Have a great rest with the family. I’m sorry to hear the third Brandons not there, I hope he will be back someday.

Hey Brandon!

I saw you super briefly next to the clubhouse before last Friday’s game against the D-backs. I was actually hoping to meet you but I was kinda rushed out of the area by the umpires so that people could get Brandon Crawford’s signature – I did actually get one too, so thanks Brandon if you’re reading!

I’m really glad you’re back (no pun intended!). Keep pushing ahead man and make sure you rest up!

Not umpires! I meant the ushers😐 oh well

Great to have you back Brandon … I hope that your back heals quickly. I seem to remember that in your two World Series Championship seasons the team hit some rough spots in the seasons and they had a positive impact on building the character and chemistry of those teams. I believe that this year’s June swoon will make you all stronger together! I hope that your break is relaxing and congrats on your baby being on the way. Stay healthy Brandon and have a great second half of the season! Your grand slams will come!

I love you guys! Best team in baseball with the best fans!!!

It’s so good to have you back and I love your blog!! Makes me feel like I actually know my Brandon’s. Rest that back, we need you! And congratulations on the New baby🙂 Brandon Jr or Brandette? Both sound nice…..;)

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Great read. Your time will come. I’ve never heard of the Pink Martini song either. I’ll have to look that one up. All my best, H

Hey Brandon,
Long-time Giants fan (since Candlestick Park), first time commenting on your blog. If this helps any, I play in a Sunday summer softball league, playing catcher & 1st, and recently developed a muscle/nerve strain in my clavicle. I decided to put myself on the DL, to avoid prolonging the strain. Don’t know when I’ll play again, but hopefully soon.

Since you now have a break for 4 days, focus on your personal life, esp. Haylee & baby-to-be, and decorating the room. Congratulations to you & your wife!

Brandon, it’s refreshing to see you and Crawford in a crazy outfit that doesn’t take the make-them-dress-like-a-woman angle so they will be appropriately humiliated. As a woman, and a longtime Giants fan, I get so tired of the players who think this way. I know it was not your choice about how to dress, but it’s nice, nevertheless, to see the rookie hazing ritual going a different direction.

Go see your chiropractor for that back!

#9, Just wanted to let you know how much I love YOU and your blogs!! Don’t worry about the SNOTROCKET you’ll get your time to shine soon! Since day one I’ve watched you grow and become a true ALL STAR in the game. If it were up to me you would not get a break at all this week, you’d be where you belong representing the GIANTS in Minnesota. *Sorry, I voted as much as I could…* O well, God works in weird ways maybe because your back’s acting up he decided you needed this time to be at home with Lilly, your family, & friends and finally be able to relax in TEXAS. I couldn’t believe how great you looked in San Jose when I went on the 26th! It was so exciting to get to see you for your first time back on the field… even if it wasn’t @ At&t park for your bobble day. Let me just say thank you for making my dreams come true! Maybe someday I’ll get to meet you + have you autograph my giraffe BELT shirt. Until then I would love to see photographs of you, your beautiful wife, and the new baby when he comes in September! *Keep BELTing home runs & blogging!

I am new to this blog and have enjoyed reading it. Have a safe trip. And a suggestion regarding the back–YOGA! Seriously, I am a person with lower back problems–started with a lower back injury a few years back.

Loved every word of it. I am looking forward to October baseball with the Giants!!

Congrats on the baby coming!

I am so thankful I was actually there yesterday to see that game. I only get go to about 1 a season so this was the ultimate for me. Thank you Giants! I was super bummed you didn’t play Brandon, we were really looking forward to seeing you at 1st base. Have a wonderful break with your family! As always, Go Giants!!!

Brandon, digging the facial hair this year. I feel if you work towards building muscle in the gym this offseason, step in the batters box, push your eyebrows down and get aggressive you’ll have much more success at the plate. Too often–yet not as often this season–I can nearly hear the gears grinding in your head through the television while watching you bat. You seem like an intellectual human being and perhaps you’re overanalyzing your approach and thus out thinking yourself. I’d like to see beard, more muscle, more aggression and more confidence. You’re the only one keeping yourself from success at the next level. Pound your chest, man up and crush the ball like you know you can!

Just so you know, I yelled “you got this brandon” right before you hit that home run in San Diego last week. I like to think I played a role in that dinger! Anyways, if you’d like, I can do the same thing when you guys play in LA in a couple weeks, just shoot me a ticket!

Brandon – YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED DIAPERS! In fact, I’d buy a pack a day from now until lil man arrives… that should get you through the first month or so😉 Congrats on your future 1st Baseman!

We were wondering if you hurt your back building your baby crib. (ala Affeld-esc) Over the break, Please don’t prove us prophetic….

Looking forward to the second half seeing how the team rally’s together. Hope everyone’s good and healthy!
Btw, I’m pretty sure you’ll get your big league grand slam soon😊

No advice from me! Just wanted let you know how happy we are that you’re back playing again. Have a relaxing break! Back to Giants Baseball on Friday.

You and your battery mates are so REAL and humble, which is why we (our family) are such true Giants fans. My boy is a 6’2″, 185 lb, 15 year old varsity baseball player and he is inspired by how truly down to earth you all are. I truly believe this is what separates you guys from so many other teams, the “chemistry of the clubhouse”. We love watching you guys play, and know you will be there at the end to show everyone what a great team you are. I know you have probably already heard about Arnicare (anti-inflammatory cream), and Icy Hot, but they sure seem to help those aching muscles. Take care of your family and your back, and we’ll see you after the break!

Hey Brandon! I’m really happy for you guys that you won the other day. I live in a suburb of chicago so I can’t watch all the games but I watch the score tracker every game! My family shuns me because they are Chicago Cubs fans and I have converted to being a Giant fan. They say I’m a traiter. But they’ll understand my reasoning when you guys win!! When you guys come to Chicago in August I’ll be at one of the games showing my true colors! I can’t wait to see you guys at Wrigley!
I just saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes today and thought it was great. I hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to see it.
Well I’ll let you have fun on your break.
Don’t worry, I won’t let my family stop me from being a Giant fan. 😄

The babies room is Giraffe themed right?

You’re hilarious Brandon!!!

How did Lilly do flying want to take our dog on the airplane with us but never done it

Sorry to hear about your back pain. It seems epidemic on the team this year. I’m sure you get the best of PT treatment but in case you don’t know about the McKenzie method, it’s well worth a look.

I’m really glad you are back. I am super happy for you and your lovely wife. I 100% enjoyed seeing a video of you at home the other day. Very sweet!

I do have one question for you. It really bugs me the way people seem to think it is OK to say rude comments about Madison’s allergy problem. For you guys and the broadcasters to yuck it up over something like seems really unprofessional. I’ve written to Comcast Sports channel and also left messages elsewhere. Does anyone besides me see this as showing kids everywhere that it is OK to bully another person? Please tell the others to lay off. This is really not a good example.

There is a way to correct this: hit 2 yourself! Good Luck, we’re cheering 4 U

I have a good new walk up song for you… Collective Soul, Better Now. Has anyone ever used that?

I’m so glad you’re back so soon from your injury! It was weird watching games without you in the lineup! Is it true you had a good luck charm during your rehab game in Triple A? Hope you and your family are doing well. Congrats on the pregnancy! What will you name the baby?

Thanks Brandon …have a good rest!

That’s so weird about your back, and how you know it is going to happen to you a couple of times a season. I would freak out if my back started spasming! Hope you can get lots of rest over the All-star break. I always wondered if you guys actually watched the game or not. I get that you would like to just get away from baseball for a while. Looking forward to an amazing second half – I know you guys can do it! GO GIANTS!!

Technically, MadBum hit two grand slams in HALF a year. He’s on pace for four this year.

Congratulations on Haylee’s pregnancy. Parenthood is the best job ever.

So glad you’re back. Get well, be well. God bless Mrs. Belt and you’re little gift He is growing just for you two!

Enjoy the break!

I love your blog and I want to thank you for being so positive. Family is everything. I am so glad you know where your focus should be.

Have a good rest, Brandon. Can’t wait to see your awesomeness back on the field! TOGETHER WE’RE GIANT!!!!

Dear Brandon,
My family and I watched About Love last night and we all just about loved it (especially my dad!), so thanks a million for the recommendation. Like everybody else has said, I’m so glad that you’re back! I know the hitting probably isn’t where you want it to be quite yet, but that home run in San Diego was huge. You’re defense has been awesome, too, and I think we really missed that while you were gone. Hopefully you’ll win the gold glove. I’d definitely give you it if I were the judge, but I guess you could call me biased. I’ve been wearing my giraffe hat to all the games I’ve been to, and I’m still looking for a Belt shirt. They have them at the park now, but the colors are all weird and ugly, so I’m holding out for something better.

Enjoy your break, and I’m looking forward to watching you guys get on another major roll when you get back on the field.

P.S. Sorry about the pun🙂

Wow, I just realized that I got the movie name wrong. Guess I was a little eager to make that pun…anyway, I though of a couple questions for you. What’s the best perk of being a professional baseball player, besides the fact that you get to make buckets of cash doing something you love with thousands of people cheering you on? Also, what do you do in the clubhouse before games?

Didn’t you think they were throwing at you during rehab. Bouch should have made some calls

I have one recommendation for having a baby, read “The Happiest Baby on the Block” ( I hear there’s a great DVD as well. You will not regret it. and you can thank me later. Also, happy to have you back in the line up!

BB, I have a cousin-in-law that is a home grown bay area Giants fan, and he looks a lot like you, especially when he (unintentionally) grows his facial hair like you do. He doesn’t think so but I’m pretty sure if we dressed him up in your jersey, he could probably walk right into the yard and start taking some BP. Although I think you’ve got him by an inch or two, and I question whether he could make contact on anything over 70 mph. Anyhow, I can’t put a picture of him in these comments, but if you ever want to see your doppleganger, let me know. It’s uncanny.

Hey Brandon!
I really missed you when you had the thumb injury and I’m so happy that your finally back! We need you! Good luck with your baby🙂

Did you watch the world cup?

hope your back feels better soon also just get rested..on your wife’s name how did they come up with her spelling HAYLEE? my grand-daughter has the same name and spells it the same. the reason it caught my attention is ,my son and her mom spelled like that so no one else would. i have never seen it spelled that way until now! trip!

Been reading your blog since you started a couple of years ago. Don’t stop! I love hearing from you! Enjoy your break, Brandon!

I missed you Belt! Well, I missed watching you play.

Giants have a good team this year. I feel like when the bats go cold, everyone is trying to do too much. Just let the pitcher feel the pressure and everyone just think line drives. This year has been pretty fun, can’t wait for the second half.

Hi Mr.Belt. Thanks for your blog. I went into the movie theatre reluctantly to see “Planet of the Apes”, but I came out pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was mostly because the apes were using sign language (and voice) to communicate and I am an interpreter. Don’t worry for all of you non-signers, there are subtitles… I have a question for ya, Is there one person who perform as Lou Seal or alternating people? Just curious. Thanks for representing #SFGiants

Hope you are enjoying your much deserved break! I am glad you are finally back from rehab… the Giants need you! You’re my favorite Giant and I can’t wait to see you hit a grand slam in the major leagues!!!🙂

Don’t be too mad at MadBum. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll eventually hit a big “Salami”. You got lots of power and you are more than capable of hitting one. You just need to be at the right place at the right time.
Maybe talk Bochy into putting you into the number 5 spot and have Pence fill your number 2 spot. You will have a higher chance of getting you Grand Slam that way, especially knowing you got some big bats in the early line-up. Number 2 spots don’t always get the opportunity to bat with the bases loaded. Normally it would be the 5 or 6 spot that bats with 3 men on.

Congrats on the upcoming new addition to your family. Like another blogger said . Diapers Diapers Diapers Can’t have too many. Glad you’re back in the line up. Good luck on the second half. Go Giants!

So happy to have you back, Brandon! Hope Haylee is feeling much better and doing great! My husband and I love watching you play! And Madison is truly amazing!!! Can’t wait for the second half of the Season! GO GIANTS!!

We’re so glad to have you back! And thank you for signing my son’s hat at the River Cats game. He is still talking about it and shows everyone he comes in contact with!

***** Please Answer *******

1. Does anyone on the team verbally motivate you guys in the club house before games to pump you up, like you see in football? Or is there some type of team ritual you guys do to get everyone pumped up and unified as a team before the game starts?

Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your life with this blog! I cant tell you how much I love watching you guys play well! I love this team! Your talent, chemistry and humility set a high bar in professional baseball!

The Giants Sometimes do a Pre-Game Speech (Like they Did During the Postseason (2012) w/ Hunter Pence).😀

I love that you’re back Brandon. Watching you play makes me smile!

Glad you are back and hope this little road bump won’t be too long and that you get back again quickly. Totally agree that Mad Bum should have been in the derby, that or Pence both would have done much better than Puig! Get better Quick!

B & B: Taking the family down to The Bank in Philly tomorrow for game 4 of the set. Last night was epic. It’s a shame Joe Panik got hurt. Hey, if Joe has some downtime, maybe a guest paragraph or 2? On a play like Panik had, can he intentionally miss the bag and immediately appeal for obstruction? He had not one molecule of that base to shoot for. I want to know for coaching kids–for real: what do you do in that situation? Maybe (ask Huddy) it’s time for the bigs to break out the double bag–it’s still 90′. My little guys are very excited for tomorrow. Usually, when we go to Philly, it’s because I’m displaying my life size Jackie Robinson statue for JR Day or for Af-Am Heritage Night. It will be nice to just be a fan and take in a Giants game. Still not sure if I will wear my #35 jersey. Philly Phans can be tough; might be better to low key it. Good luck! BC, you are 4th on the Giants in RBIs at 40–way to go! Sweep them, willya? –Brian

Hey Brandon,
Would love your perspective of the DL for this season. I realize this is not what you or any of us would have wished for, but in the spirit of your connectedness with the fans here in San Francisco, would you mind sharing what has it been like for you through this particular year? I’m sure you weren’t expecting to deal with the effects of a concussion to this extent. What do you do mentally/physically during a regular season with this type of injury?
If you are able, thanks for sharing. This message is from your local, high school choir director over at St. Ignatius College Prep in the Sunset (we sang at the first home series against the Dodgers this season).
Hope you are well and hoping we see you in the post season!

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