Hunter, Movies and More Adventures with Lilly –Brandon Belt

If the National League wants to win the Home Run Derby, they should pick Hunter Pence to fill the last spot on the squad. Nobody hits home runs in BP like Hunter. He drops bombs out there every day. Morse, too. Morse hits them farther, but Hunter hits more on a day-to-day basis. It’s crazy. He just crushes them. He’d be an awesome home run derby participant. So I’m throwing it out there.

I’m not a BP home run hitter. When I get a home run, like I did in San Diego, it’s not because I’m swinging for the fences. I try to hit line drives, and some go out of the park. Right now, I’m still inconsistent at the plate after eight weeks out of the lineup. It’s frustrating because I want to be 100 percent right away to help the team, and my timing is still not completely back. You can only progress so far when you’re rehabbing in the minor leagues. Playing in Triple A and playing up here are two totally different things. You have to come back up here to make the adjustments.

One thing you might not know: When you’re the big leaguer rehabbing in the minors, you buy the spread. You order from a restaurant or whatever and pick up the tab. And you tip people for helping you out. In both Fresno and San Jose, I bought the spread and tipped the clubbies. You can rack up quite a bill on a rehab assignment. It’s a good incentive not to get hurt.

We’re going through such a tough stretch right now that you can forget one of the basic facts about baseball: It’s a long season. The way we’re playing right now is just that: right now. We’ll turn this thing around. We have to come ready to battle every day and do all the little things well and think only about how we can help the team win.

On Sunday in San Diego, I led off the sixth inning with a bunt. I know some people might have questioned that. I’ll tell you my thinking. The Padres had a shift on against me. There was a huge hole up the third-base line. If they’re going to give me room to bunt, I’m going to bunt if that is what can get me on base. That’s what this team needs right now — to get guys on base and score some runs. Do I want to bunt? Not really. But I want to do whatever I can to help the team. It didn’t work out, but that was my thinking.

Now to the movie reviews. I’ve seen a lot since my last post. For those who missed it, I have a new rating system. I now use a letter grade and a Haylee grade: Haylee awake (HA), Haylee sleeping (HS) or Haylee not available (HN/A).

22 Jump Street: One of the best sequels I’ve seen. Hilarious. You should see it.
Rating: A- and HA (and LHAO).

Cold in July: I watched this in the hotel in San Diego but I couldn’t finish because it still wasn’t over at 1:30 a.m. and I had to get some sleep. The next night we didn’t get home in enough time to finish it. But I liked it enough to share it with you. It takes place in East Texas, though I couldn’t figure out where. There’s a robber who comes to this guy’s house. The guy kills the robber. Then the dad of the robber comes back and tries to kill the guy as revenge for killing his son. Come to find out later it wasn’t really his son that died. It’s the police setting all this stuff up. It’s complicated. An actor named Don Johnson plays a detective. I’ve seen him in other movies, and he’s really good in this one.
Rating: TBD

Tammy: It was absolutely terrible. Haylee wasn’t feeling it; I wasn’t feeling it. I said, “Do you want to go?’’ We walked out. I was also a little tired. We had just gotten back to Alamo from San Diego and went to the 9 o’clock showing. Melissa McCarthy was so funny in her last movie, but this was bad.
Rating: F and HA (but not interested).

Divergent: It takes place sometime in the future. People are given roles in society, and they take these tests to figure out what their role should be. This girl is tested and she doesn’t fit into any role, so she’s what they call a divergent. They try do away with these people because they can’t control them. So it’s her dealing with that the entire movie, going through tons of stuff. It’s pretty cool. I’m guessing there will be sequels. I’ll watch the next one, for sure.
Rating: B and HS. (It was kind of late at night and it was a two-hour movie.)

The Other Woman: It had terrible reviews, but I heard a lot of women say they loved it. It wasn’t that great. It didn’t make me laugh that much. I’m also not a huge Cameron Diaz person. Leslie Mann’s all right for the most part. Just not my cup of tea.
Rating: C and HS. (Again it was late.)

Transcendence: These people upload a guy’s consciousness onto a computer because he has a brilliant mind and he’s about to die. When his consciousness is let loose over the internet for the whole word to use, he has unlimited capability to do whatever. He makes advances in the medical field and things like that, but after a while he starts taking advantage of it and doing more harm than good. They have to kind of take care of the situation. It stars Johnny Depp and the girl from The Town.
Rating: C+ and HA.

I also watched Phenomenon with John Travolta the other night for the 10 millionth time, and it’s still great. It’s funny. It’s dramatic. It’s not my favorite movie, but it’s one I can watch over and over. I like the soundtrack, too. I watched True Lies again, too, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. Really good movie.

Update on Lilly: She’s good. No more diarrhea. But she took the longest dump today at the park. She pooped, was finished, then she did it like five more times. She wouldn’t stop. Five right in a row. By the end it was just little bitty ones coming out. It was just ridiculous.

We’re taking Lilly to Texas with us for the All-Star break. We tried out a tranquilizer on her because she got so anxious on the plane last time. We gave her half a tablet (which we got from the vet) to see how she responded. It’s supposed to take 20 to 30 minutes to kick in. Ten minutes later, she squatted to take a pee and just fell over and continued to pee on herself. Not sure what that means for flying.

July 10, 2014

5 p.m.



So glad you are back! Win or lose you guys areur team. Thanks for the movie tips!

You are hysterical. Nuthin’ like a man and his dawg.

Just wanted to say I LOVE the movie reviews and keep them coming! If they could be ever-so-slightly less spoiler-y, that’d be awesome, but whatever, you’re not a critic. I like hearing your views regardless.

Welcome back!!! it’s so great to see you play again, go giants

Brandon, you are informatively funny. Love your posts. You are so down to earth. Just like the rest of us, you tell it like it is. Keep it up, please. How’s Halylee feeling these days? Hope she’s sleeping ok. Keep up the good work. Love, ME

Lol!!! We were going to see Tammy but think we will pass now. Thanks!!! See you at the yard!!! So happy you are back. You are doing a great job.

Glad you’re back! Your blogs make me laugh, especially when you write about Lilly.

Do not repeat do not do tranquilizer. Give Lily Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy it is holistic and safe no side effects. Twenty five years of showing and traveling with dogs I never use tranquilizers. Feel free to email me for help and ideas

Soooo glad you’re back!!!! You really have to play around with the dosage of sedatives for dogs. Some are more sensitive to them. Vet recommended a whole pill for my dog. Totally knocked her out and she’d pee on herself too. Ended up only needing a quarter of a pill and she’d be nice and relaxed and no accidents! Good luck! Love your reviews! Go Giants!

Yay! You’re back to blogging. As I asked Crawford, just curious but do you read all the comments fans leave for you? Just wondering because there’s a lot of comments to read. Anyways, your new movie rating system is hilarious esp with the Haylee rating. I fell asleep once at the theatres during one of the Star Wars movies. It was a midnight showing so I know how your wife feels. Your poor dog, hopefully she’ll be ok to fly with you next week. That’s a huge bummer about the movie Tammy. I love Melissa McCarthy movies. My sisters and I plan to watch it next week. I’m gonna have check it out for myself haha. Anyways it’s great to have you back! We’ve missed you. Take care! Hope we can get more wins before the break. Hope you, Haylee (baby giraffe) and Lilly have fun in Texas.

Oh my gosh you’re hilarious. That dog.

Surely you know Don Johnson! Miami Vice? And that tv show set in SF, with Cheech in it? (What’s it called?)

As the mother of an almost-1 year old, I can tell you that, based on your detailed descriptions of Lilly’s bodily functions, you’re just about ready for fatherhood.😉

OMG I haven’t been online for a while and thought that you and your wife had a baby named Lilly while I’ve been gone. I just about peed my pants laughing when I realized your tranquilized poop machine was your dog. Haha! Hope you’re feeling well, and thanks for the post!!! Hilarious🙂. Go Giants!

Thanks for posting. I enjoy everyone’s posts, but I like yours a little more because you seem especially able to share about yourself as a person as well as a ball player. I didn’t see the bunt but I would encourage you to feature your foot speed whenever it makes sense. I think having a couple of the bigger players on the team like you and Pence able to motor is one of those quiet features that makes it hard to adjust to playing the Giants. How is the thumb anyway? I saw the video pod on your new home and you and your wife look very comfortable there. Congratulations. It sure is good to see you back out there on the field again. Looks like Pagan and Scutaro will be back again soon also so things are definitely looking up! Thanks again for posting. Go Giants!!

Looked up Cold in July on IMDB. The Don Johnson you’re talking about is the character Crockett from the TV show Miami Vice. Heard he was good, so I’ll check that one out. Agree on 22 Jump Street. Haven’t seen the others.

Hope Haylee is feeling well and things are progressing as they should. Great game tonight btw. Go get them tomorrow.

I love the movie reviews, i see movies all the time so these are hepfull for the ones i havent seen. BTW, Divergent is a book series too Insurgent & Alegiant are the sequels. Alegiant wasnt that good to read, & i cried but you should see them when they come out in the next few years ! Thanks for the blogs. -Keianna

I’m sorry that your dog doesn’t feel well, but I also cannot stop laughing (because poop stories are always funny).

Haha your awesome Brandon🙂

Michael Morse should totally be a pinch blogger some time

Welcome back! I think the Haylee movie rating system is terrific, but it sounds like you need to take Haylee to earlier shows, especially now that she’s preggers. (Congrats!!) I’m glad you finally saw Divergent — I’ve been waiting for your review since Spring Training!

I’m glad to see you’re being poz about the team’s recent slide. Tonight you beat the A’s (woohoo!!) and y’all looked in good form, especially the pitching. We still bleed orange and black regardless how things are going.

Take care and keep having fun. Also, enjoy the upcoming break.

Haha your awesome Brandon🙂

Michael Morse should be a pinch blogger some time

Don’t take Hayley to see Transformers! That would be torture for your beautiful pregnant wife. It’s three hours and that doesn’t include the previews.

“An actor named Don Johnson”?!!! WOW!!! Now I feel old. Haha! Great to have you back on the field. Awesome HR against the Padres the other night. I hope you thanked Crawford for giving you the opportunity to hit it with his amazing run saving play in the 9th. I understand your bunt thinking, but with power like yours, it’s almost a shame not to go for the fences. Awesome game tonight. It’s amazing how one win can lift my❤ . I can only imagine how you guys feel. Let's keep it going!

Welcome back Belt!! Now be honest, you like True Lies for the hotel dance scene don’t you? What about doing more reviews on older movies like you did in this one. I wouldn’t mind hearing you share your thoughts on ones like Super Troopers, Bad Words, or even what ones you look forward too. I’m not sure I am feeling the new TMNT, but Dracula Untold looks promising. We need more movies where you want to support the villain.

By the way awesome defense tonight. I can’t wait for your timing to get back so you can get back to intimidating other teams on all aspects of your game!

Great to see you back in action Brandon. I love the bunt. I agree small ball is part of winning.
Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your off time. Dog advice: white rice and a little cottage cheese will help settle her stomach. And back off on the treats and table scraps.😉. Good luck in the second half. Go Giants!

It was so great to see you back on the field at AT&T last night Brandon! Crawford usually gets talked about for his defense, but you had a fantastic play! Keep it up; like you said, it’s a long season.🙂

Hi Brandon I am new to your blog and I really enjoy it and wanted to know if you named your dog Lilly after the dog in the Pink Martini song? If you didn’t and you are not familiar with the song you really should listen to it as you will love it and identify with it I am sure.
Great to have you back.

“An actor named Don Johnson…” That make me chuckle. Saying that to someone my age is like saying, “A baseball player named Willie Mays..”🙂

It’s good to have you back with the team!🙂

I’m so happy to see you back. We’ve missed you. It’s like having an old friend return from a very long trip. You’re doing good, keep up the good work. If you ever need a dog sitter let me know. We have family that live in the city, and they would love to help.

So glad to have you back in the lineup. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to come in and be the savior. The Giants seem to win as a team or lose as a team. It’s great when everything is going your way, and everyone up and down the lineup is clicking. You’ll get it back. You can’t win the division in June. Especially with so many guys out of the lineup.

I don’t watch a lot of movies. I’m a writer so I watch the Giants games and that’s about it. A movie has to be really good for me to take the two and a half hours away from my computer.

Let your wife sleep as much as possible now, she won’t be able to do it again for a few years. But it’s totally worth it. Congratulations to the two of you.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. Go Giants.

I talked to some of the guys in San Jose, and they really appreciated the barbecue you got for them!

Brandon, you and Haylee must see the movie “Chef” with Jon Favreau on the All-Star break. It is fabulous in so many ways. We are thrilled to see you healthy and playing again. We also loved seeing you and Haylee and Lilly on the Coldwell Banker video. Beautiful home. So excited for the rest of the season, we agree that it’s a long season and things will turn around (they already are!). Have a great time in Texas!

So glad you are back!!! And not a moment too soon, we’re back to being tied with LA! And you are absolutely right, it’s a long season, still a lot to play still.

I’m happy that you bunted. The other team has to be forced to be aware of that possibility, and, like you said, in certain situations, the Giants just need a baserunner and if they want to give us a free one, via a bunt, that’s as good as working a walk off the pitcher (only better because it improves your batting average and SLG :^).

Thanks for the movie reviews, love seeing them. I was iffy about 22 but if you like it, I’ll try it. I assume that Don Johnson is the guy from Miami Vice. To clarify for Divergent, what happened is that when she was tested, she was good for multiple roles – not one – which they call divergent. Then to push it further, she chose a role much different from the role she grew up in. I love Phenomenon and True Lies too, I’ll have to go see them again, thanks for the reminder!

You’ve got a great team spirit and I believe it helps just having you back in the line-up. You’re a great spark and even greater GIANT!!

Haha your awesome, Brandon. I’m so glad you and Lilly are both better!🙂

Michael Morse does need to be a pinch blogger one day.

I’m so glad you’re finally back! You should watch the grand budapest hotel. It’s so good!

OMGosh………so good to have you back. I love the insight into the team and thanks for sharing your life with us. Gotta love the Lilly updates and the movie ratings

OMG Brandon, I looove reading your posts! And btw i am so stoked that you are back!!! I was wondering why you bunted too but K & K explained about the shift! Thanks for the update on Lily…yur are too funny!!! And its good to know that you guys don’t give up…and you shouldnt…on this day in 2012 we were a half a game back of the Dodgers and the WS was ours that year! I have faith in your guys!!!! You’ll turn this around…I JUST KNOW IT! Good luck tonight, Brandon!!!!

Wow, you are so open. Can’t wait to hear about your baby adventures. So glad you’re back in the lineup!! I’ve been a BIG fan from the get-go…always pulling for you at the plate!

Okay Brandon. First of all, regarding Cold in July review, “an actor named Don Johnson”? Really? You’re so young. Don Johnson was the definition of hip in 1980’s tv show Miami Vice. That was prehistoric times–no internet, only the big three television networks. You weren’t a gleam in anyone’s eye yet, so i’m cutting you slack. Now to the important stuff, you boys need to form a search party, get some canine sniffers (maybe Lilly), and dig up that rally thong. Or something… Loosen up the clubhouse, maybe get Lilly to do her thing in Pablo’s magic cowboy boots for a laugh. I’ll be watching for a special dance from the Panda….

Dude. You’re freaking hilarious. Love your colorful description of your dog. Classic!

Welcome back Brandon. -OMG, Lily on tranqs… so funny! -Oh, and so minor leaguers must LOVE it when guys like you go down to rehab,,,huh? Not because you’re rehabbing from an injury but that they get treated to some nice meals.🙂 Congrats on becoming a daddy & Haylee, a mommy.

Welcome back Brandon!! Love your blogs and your sense of humor. If you need a dog-sitter or walker, call me. Congrats on your new baby!!

I just love reading your guys blogs. I love the giants and I just feel that much closer to the team when I read these. And how blunt you are about things is hilarious! Its so funny to read about you and your dog.

LOL! That last comment about Lilly was hysterical, after you gave her a tranquilizer… “she squatted to take a pee and just fell over and continued to pee on herself. Not sure what that means for flying.” Sounds like you could probably crack pill that in half or something. I wonder if dogs can take Benadryl. It’s been around forever, too, and should be pretty safe, but ask your Vet. I wonder if it makes dogs drowsy, too. A 5mg Valium worked well on my 30 lb. terrier for 4th of July (it’s also been around forever and is pretty safe). Anyway, good luck with Lilly. I imagine flying is pretty stressful for our furry family members. ‘Love the movie reviews, thanks! You’re really good at them! Yeah, ‘heard “Tammy” wasn’t good and was a bit bummed – bummed that it fell flat and bummed for Melissa McCarthy. ‘Love her. I’m sure she will come out with a side-splitting moving again soon. She’s just too funny not to. ‘Like baseball games, huh? Some good, some great, some not so good. It all comes out in the wash if you’ve got talent! :o) Keep up the good work on rehabbing. ‘Sounds like it takes time, but you look great. Luckily it is a long season and you are back for the important second half. Was it the 2010 season that the Giants had a horrible first half then went on to win the World Series? Anyway, plenty of time left and glad to see you back! ‘Hope you guys crush it through the second half! We’re all here, watching and cheering you on, whether at the park or at home watching you on the t.v.! ‘Looking forward to seeing you guys back on Friday! (oops – longer post than I intended). :o)
PS: (because it wasn’t long enough already…)
This is so cool you guys do this. Dad’s a former baseball player and big fan, but doesn’t own a computer (Old School). Every now and then I print one of these posts off and send it to him. He was surprised to see that the players “chat” directly with the fans now and thought it was pretty cool. A lot changes in one generation.

“LHAO” made me LMAO. Can’t wait to see 22 Jump Street. 21 was really (surprisingly) funny. I like Phenomenon because it’s set and filmed in Freestone, near my hometown. I hope Lilly had a clean trip, haha!

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