Catching Up

There’s a lot to catch up on. It was great, of course, to win the last two games in San Diego. I’ve been pretty awful at the plate, so I was really happy to make the play in the ninth on Saturday to keep the winning run from scoring. Belt ought to thank me for giving him a chance to hit the two-run homer in the 10th. Nice to have him back, by the way. Looking forward to getting Pagan back soon, too, and hopefully Scutaro, too.

Do I think the team meeting we had on Friday made a difference over the weekend? I do. As we told the media, we talked about having fun and being excited for each other. We were doing more of that earlier in the season. I’m not sure if we started taking things for granted. Of course, it’s kind of a chicken and egg thing. Are we a little flat because we’ve lost a little of our enthusiasm? Or are we not showing as much enthusiasm because there is less to be enthusiastic about?

Now to answer some of your questions and comments.

Thanks for the comment about my visit to Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael. Here’s a photo.

It was really cool. Braylyn loved all the dogs. I had the opportunity to walk with one of the guide dogs while wearing a blindfold. I have to tell you, it requires a lot of faith. The dogs know exactly what they’re doing — they can tell you when you’re at a curb, or if there’s something in your way, even if a tree branch is hanging low. But I didn’t know the dog’s signals so I wasn’t a very good partner. It’s crazy how fast you think you’re walking when you have a blindfold on. And I kept walking toward the left because it felt like the dog was pulling me that way even though he wasn’t. A really interesting experience.

What did I do July 4th in San Diego?

I watched fireworks with Jalynne and the girls from our hotel window.

How do I keep my composure during a no-hitter or perfect game?

It’s a lot easier during a no-hitter. You’re rooting for your pitcher just like the fans are, so you’re kind of nervous for him. If there’s a ground ball you want to make the play for him. You’d rather the scorekeeper give you an error than have it mess up a no-hitter. It’s way more nerve-wracking in perfect game. If you make an error, you’ve messed it up. In Cain’s perfect game, that’s probably the most nervous I’ve ever been in a game — more than the World Series, anything. I went in cold off the bench in the seventh inning as a defensive replacement. Arias started at shortstop that game, then moved to third when Pablo came out. Sometimes a ball can take a bad hop and hit you in the chest and suddenly you’re the guy who messed up the perfect game. I fielded one grounder and made the play.

Do players talk of a perfect game or a no-hitter in the dugout?

Sometimes it sneaks up on you. I didn’t realize Timmy had a no-hitter til the fifth or sixth inning. I remember seeing a hard hit and thinking, “They haven’t had a baserunner for a while.’’ I looked up at the scoreboard. “OK, that’s probably why. They have no hits.’’ As for not talking about in the dugout, I didn’t use the word no-hitter but I think I might have said, “Timmy has more hits than the Padres.’’

Did my dad ever coach me in Little League?


Was it beneficial?

Yes, but it didn’t always feel that way at the time. He was always hardest on me, but that probably made me better. I’d play harder because I wanted him to get off my back!
And people can say you’re a starter or you made the All-Star team because your dad’s the coach. That made me work harder to prove that wasn’t the case. My dad is not my coach any more but he still tells me stuff. Once a coach, always a coach.

Is there any sort of hierarchy for calling fly balls?

Good question. There is a hierarchy. The center fielder has priority over everybody — outfielders and infielders. Outfielders have priority over infielders. If there’s a popup between the OF and the IF, it’s an easier play for the OF. The shortstop has priority over all infielders. If the ball’s near second base and the shortstop is calling for it, he has priority. If it’s in shallow left field behind third base, and I’m calling for it, Pablo backs off. Infielders have priority over the catcher. And everybody has priority over the pitcher. A pitcher would catch a fly ball only if it’s a low pop-up that only he can reach. You don’t see it very often.

How do the players get to the ballpark?

And leaving after the game? Do you have drivers or do you drive yourself? We drive ourselves. There’s a parking lot for the players.

Thanks for reading and for leaving all the comments and questions. Looking forward to our four games against the A’s!

July 7, 2014
4 p.m.


Hi Brandon,
Do the players get to pick their music played when they walk up to bat?

Thanks for the blogs, I appreciate you taking the time to share more about yourself and the game with us. =)

Question for you – the announcers call the pitch almost as soon as it’s caught. Is it really that obvious to the players, whether it’s a curve or fastball or slider or whatever? I know they have access to the speed of the pitch, but certainly not the same perspective…

Love this blog! Your family is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Oh, Brandon, we are all so thankful to you for that amazing play! Thanks also to the person who asked the question about a hierarchy for calling fly balls. Great question and very thorough answer. I thought maybe it was just whoever yelled loudest. HA! Good luck against the A’s.

Love the blog! My question: what is the best way for kids to get autographs? My daughter is 6 and we try to come down once a year from Oregon. No luck at the games so far, what’s the secret?

Love the blog, and thank for sharing the pics. My question is how do you shake off the bad plays?

The dogs and your daughters are adorable…not to mention your wife. You and Belt are excellent bloggers. I enjoy hearing about non-baseball stuff…your family and Belt’s movie reviews, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball and the Giants. It’s getting to know a couple of the players otherwise that’s very cool. Thanks.

Great story about Guide Dogs. I can understand why you’d think they were tugging to your left. And what a great organization — thank you for publicizing them!

Okay, so the first game against the A’s didn’t go so well. Keep yours heads up; you’re just about to start that next winning streak. We all believe in you, Brandon, and the rest of the team. Go out there and have some fun tomorrow!

Thanks for your answers to these questions, especially the fly ball hierarchy. I always wondered how you guys aren’t always crashing into one another, and now I know. Tough game tonight, but just keep remembering that play you made against the Padres. That’s the real you. The fans know that you guys are still trying and that magic will be back. I have a couple of questions: I’ve noticed some guys wearing a long, tight sleeve on one arm when they bat. What does that do for you? Is there any significance to the chain you wear during games (and do you pop it when you hit a home run and run the bases??)? Also I noticed recently that you changed one of your walk up songs from Burn to Applause. Why? I’ve been curious as to how guys select their walk up music. Did your wife and daughter have any input? I love Applause and always rock out to it when I hear it at games, so thanks for that! Always remember – the fans will be there for you through thick and thin. The thick will be back soon! We know it will! Don’t stop believing! And thanks for writing this blog – I always look forward to your answers and insight.

I always enjoy the Q & A, because some of the Q I would asks too. Thanks for sharing. I look so forward to the blog whoever wrote it.

Hello, Brandon, thanks for posting. I’ve got a question for you. Do you have a nick name for your throwing arm? It’s a good one. I hope you guys enjoy the days to yourselves that you have coming up and return settled down and really to show what you can do under second half pressure. Thanks again for posting. Go Giants.

Well last night didn’t go so well! Actually I didn’t watch the game as we went to the movies and when I got home the family was watching a movie so I didn’t insist on taking over the TV. When I checked the score, I was depressed. I’ll be at the game tonight with a group from this valley. I hate toe A’s stadium but I guess there must be more A’s fans in this group than Giants fans(could that be possible?) so they picked this game rather than one at ATT. I hope things will go better for us tonight. Thanks for answering everyone’s questions. I noticed someone asking how to get autographs. I’ve about given up. I have your jersey I’d love to have signed and we were at FanFest hoping but the lines were so long and then they change you guys out so there was no guarantee you’d be there when I reached the front so I gave up. Thanks for the pictures of your trip to the Guide dogs. Such wonderful work they do there. One plea….when you decide to get a dog for the girls,please consider adopting from a shelter. I work in animal rescue and we get so many great dogs many of which never make it out of the shelter due to lack of adopters.

Question….do you have a nickname? Keep making those great plays and the hits will come back. I’ve been happy that K and K seem to be giving you credit where credit is due on the fantastic plays you make in the field.

Brandon and Brandon, I love your blogs, and the ability to see baseball through your eyes! I also enjoy the non-baseball stuff, too, as it gives everyone insight into your lives. Stay strong, you guys will get through this and do well.

I wonder if whomever runs this site would be able to include some sort of “like” button that we could hit after reading your entries. I don’t always have a comment to post, but think it would be cool to at least let you guys know we read it and liked it. And then maybe you and Belt can add up who has more “likes.”

I had asked about your walk up song in the comments of a previous blog; after hearing it again, I have decided that it is indeed “Jungle”. That’s pretty sweet. Also real cool that you went to guide dogs for the blind. Great organization. Go Giants!

You have a beautiful family, Bradon. We are all glad to see Belt back too.

It’s great that you answered questions! Win or lose, our family loves watching you guys play. The team work and fun you have on the field makes it even better! Games about to start , my 4 1/2 year old grand daughter are watching together & they are talking about you in the pregame talk! You can do it! have fun!

We were at the no hitter ……it was awesome!!! But I always enjoy watching you all even when we lose. I think it is really cool that you spent time with Guide dogs, I have a friend in Hawaii that uses one and her dog Lilac is absolutely the best. I took my grandkids to a Grizzlies game when they were in SAC and Belt was playing. I gotta take the opportunity to Thank him in a big way for autographing their hats and balls. There was eight of us by first base and you would have thought I bought them the world when they saw how close they were to Brandon B.!! SO…….Thank you from the bottom of my heart that was awesome. Looking forward to more great times, going to a game on the 30th of July with my granddaughter, a 10th birthday gift for her. she is a big fan.

I love your blogs!
Question: How do you act around your wife after a tough loss?

Great blog. Thanks for answering my question. What a fun and interesting experience for you and your family. You have a beautiful family. Your daughters are growing up quickly. Tough loss yesterday to Oakland. Hopefully you can come back for a win today. Keep your head up along with the rest of the team. We have a great squad this year! Your fans support and believe in you guys! Go Giants!

PS tell Belt he’s slackin on his part of the blog🙂

Brandon, I’m just an old dude who has been following Baseball for about 63 years and I recently read that you changed your stance and now they want you to do something else and so on. Here’s some gentle advice. Baseball is a 50% physical and 50% mental game. Be true to yourself. If you let to many folks get inside that hairy head (plse get a haircut and shave) of yours, your bound to start getting confused and then lose your confidence. I know you can be a solid 300 hitter and you know you can be a solid 300 hitter and I’ll bet your dad knows it too. So the next time someone comes up to you with advice on what your doing wrong, smile, nod and do what you need to do to be a better you. Good Luck

Hi Brandon: Love reading your blog.  What has been the mood among the players  during this last slump.  Is Rev. Pence doing his thing?  Is Bochy as frustrated as he seems? The Giants have so many true fans…….win, lose or draw……but like you we’d rather you win🙂 However, the Gmen are still our faves. I liked what you said about preferring to get an error over ruining a win or perfect game.  You’re a great team player. Thanks for the blog, welcome back to BBelt and let’s hear from BHudson!! Luck tonight! Marilyn Diamond July 9,2014


Marilyn Damon Diamond  The Marina Times  415-710-7496

That’s really awesome that you went to see the Guide Dogs. My daughter got to volunteer there about 10 years ago. It was a great experience for her. They even named a dog after her. 🙂 She now works at Happy Hollow Zoo which is right across from the San Jose Giants stadium.

Hey Brandon, so I know obviously growing up you were a giants fan, but how big of a fan were you? Did you watch all the games? Who was your favorite giant growing up? Also how excited was your family when they found out you had been drafted by the giants? Thanks! Keep up the good work against lefties!!

Your daughters are adorable. I think your eldest looks more like you and your youngest daughter looks more like Jalynne.
So I have a question since Timmy pitched a no-hitter over two weeks ago, could you please please get him to pinch blog for you guys when he gets time. I know he’s not really a Twitter guy and it would be cool if we could hear from how he felt after the no-hitter or even something about some random stuff. Thank You and go SF Giants!!!!🙂

That experience with the guide dogs sounds pretty cool! I know we all take alot for granted including our sight! So to put yourself in their place like that has to truly make you feel so lucky! I love the Q & A thing! So interesting! I have a question: Timmy L always ties his shoe on the field before he starts a game. Is that some sorta superstitious thing? Just wondering! Just wanna say how awesome you are! You have made so may incredible plays! You are THE BEST, Brandon! I hear you may get more time off the second half and as much as you probably need it and/or like it (maybe?) I dread it because no one can take your place there! Good luck tonight! And as I said in my previous post to BB, PLEASE DON’T EVER GIVE UP! On this day in 2012 we were a half game behind LA and the WS was ours that year! You guys will turn this around!!!! I truly believe that! You have such a talented bunch of guys!!!! Hang in there! It’ll happen!!!! GO G-men!!!!!!!!!!!

B-Craw! B-Craw!
What are you planning on doing during the all star break? Do you and your family watch the game and homerun derby?

BC: I got a brand new #35 Giants home jersey for my birthday! I love it. I’ve never had an authentic jersey before. I’m going to visit my friend’s dad in NC and he’s a rabid Dodger fan going back to the late 40’s and Brooklyn. I wanted 35 because, besides BC, it was Sal Maglie. I want to psych him out some with the Maglie ref. Dad, who passed recently, used to pump me up in little league by telling me of “The Barber”, Sal Maglie, because I was afraid to pitch inside–afraid to hit kids. It worked. I moved them off the plate without headhunting and went on to some success. I spoke to Maglie once–he was very nice to me and signed some of my artwork–it was a big thrill. We love to see the modern #35 making those slick plays. Good luck the rest of the way. Oh, the artwork is birrerart dot com if interested. –brian

Hey Brandon, I really enjoy watching you play! You are improving in your hitting this year but everything takes time. I met you face to face on 9/1/11 and you signed my hat. Still remember your GS in Milwaukee. Much love – Ed from Reno.

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