You asked . . . Brandon Crawford

Why not buy a house in the Bay Area? One reason is it’s so expensive. Also, Arizona is kind of in between Jalynne’s family and mine. And we can be in our home during spring training. But eventually we’d like to have a house here in the Bay Area.

Did Hicks and I wear our pants up in New York as a tribute to Belt? No. Hicks said he was wearing his pants up that day, probably just to change things up, and he asked me if I’d wear them up, too. So I did. There were strong opinions here in the clubhouse that I look better with my calves covered. I think they’re jealous.

Toughest part of playing shortstop in the Majors? The speed of the game. The runners, ground balls — everything’s faster. It’s a cliche, but if you don’t step back and take it one pitch at a time, one play at a time, things can kind of spiral on you.

Favorite restaurant in the Bay Area? La Fogata, a Mexican place in Walnut Creek. With two babies, we’re doing more take-out now than eating at the restaurant.

What position I’d play for one game if I could? Pitcher, just to see how I’d do. I still occasionally throw pitches to Pablo during warmups. Maybe Bochy will take notice . . .  

Question about whether it’s a good idea for a 9-year-old to play only baseball all year round: When I was nine, I played basketball, soccer and baseball. At 12, I stopped soccer and took up football. Those other sports help your athleticism. You’re not focused on  just a few movements. In baseball, you’re using your arm all the time. In soccer I was using my legs and developing a different kind of agility. If you’re a little kid and you’re only playing one sport, you might get burned out. It’s ridiculous how many travel teams there are now. I’d say every American guy on the Giants played another sport, not just baseball.

Does having family members in the stands affect how you play? At this point, no.

Funniest or craziest thing a fan or rival has yelled to throw off my concentration? I’ve heard people yell, “Get a haircut’’ and “Nice mullet’’.  I know there have been funnier things but I can’t really think of anything specific.

Strangest thing you’ve been asked to sign? A female fan asked me to sign a certain body part which I did not do. I think she was a little surprised and maybe a little upset. Some kids have asked me to sign their hands or arms and I ask, “Do your parents know I’m doing this?’’ Other than that, I’ve signed people’s shoes, phones, things like that. I say, “You know this doesn’t come off, right?’’

How many times did you laugh making the commercial with Belt? We did about 20 takes, and I’d say 15 were ruined by laughing. It was mostly Belt laughing. I was trying to game-face him. We had a lot of fun.

When my Dad didn’t let me  play baseball once because I got a C, what class was it? Honors geometry. And it was actually a C+.

How is Team Brandon doing in the hitting competition? Since we lost Belt, our first-round pick, we struggled a little bit last month. Fortunately I got off to a pretty good start this month and Adrianza had some hits. Bam-Bam replaced Belt with Perez, who’s not an everyday starter so he has no chance to rack up a lot of points. When we also lost Adrianza to the DL, we thought we’d get Panik. But he went to a different group. I’m not sure how this game is being played. I’m starting to wonder if it’s rigged.

Is language ever a barrier in the clubhouse? Yes. No one understands Bumgarner. But now we have Hudson as a translator.

Pitcher that gives me the most trouble? I could probably speak for most of the big leagues and say Kershaw.

That’s it for now. Keep your questions coming. I know Belt wants to do a blog before he heads off to San Jose for the start of his rehab assignment. Glad he’s getting closer to being back in the lineup. We need him. Don’t tell him I said that.

Finally, a plug for Opera in the Park at AT&T July 5 at 8 p.m. It’s a live simulcast of Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata. And it’s free! I know nothing about opera, but I had fun at the photo shoot!

June 25, 2014

11 a.m.


Very funny

i remember you talking in a blog about someone being awkward, but not belt awkward, and it killed me. now with the language problems with bumgarner. your humor is really dry, and great. i must add, as i always do, please shave. you have a great face, and i miss it.

sorry, i forgot the most important thing ( next to you shaving ), your gold glove is coming….if we are exposed nationally this year, maybe 2014. you deserve one. i LOVE watching your defense, all defense really, but infielders and SS the most, and simmons does not outshine you ! nothing is better than the leather…..

Brandon(s) my family and I want to to extend an invite! I have an awesome horse rescue here in Santa Cruz…and we specialize in babies! After you gentlemen win the world series you guys with little kids, grab your wives and come down. Enjoy the beach and watch your little ones go crazy over the ponies!

*Honors* geometry? I’d be lucky to make it out alive…

Love, love, love that you take time to do a little Q&A! It was a whole lot of fun to read! And then I get to this one ….
Is language ever a barrier in the clubhouse? Yes. No one understands Bumgarner. But now we have Hudson as a translator.
LOL – glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time – it would have been out my nose! haha You made me laugh out loud with that one Brandon! Too funny!
Again – thanks for taking time to blog – I enjoy it a lot!🙂

LMAO about Bumgarner!

So, is Belt not even going to be in the park for All Brandon Weekend? That’s a bummer. But if it gets him back sooner, I guess I’ll manage.

Reading your blog today brought me pure delight. Thought provoking, humorous, informative – just great Brandon. Thanks for making my afternoon!!

Brandon, thank you so much for answering all three of my questions! It was the highlight of my day, even with Timmy’s no-hitter. Congrats on tying the league lead in triples, and I can’t wait for you to untie it! I’ll probably come up with more questions later, but I’ll let you off the hook for now.🙂 I’d love a pinch blog from Bum though – if he can write in any coherent language that can be pushed through google translate.🙂 Thanks again!

Hey thanks for answering questions! So my family got to meet Posey and Cain, we asked them about playing only one sport as a kid. Both of them encouraged my brother to enjoy playing other sports while he was young (not that he listened).

I love reading your blog and your answers are pretty funny too. The Brandon’s commercial gets a chuckle every time my family sees it. I have a question…How do the players get to the ballpark? And leaving after the game? Do you have drivers or do you drive yourself?

Pants up! If you got it, flaunt it!

In light of bringing up new players, how did you feel getting called up into the majors? Did you get no sleep like K&K were talking about?

What was it like being the new rookie? What was it like at your first at bat? Were you nervous, or did you get into your own groove when at bat/playing defense (hooray muscle memory!?)? I’m sure getting approached by a equipment coach, in a major league dug out, would be mind blowing.

Thank you!

Can’t wait to see you Sunday for the all Brandon weekend. My question: Is there any sort of hierarchy for calling fly balls? I see other teams run into each other every now and again while chasing pop flies and you all rarely do that. For example, that catch where Morse ran right in front of Blanco during Timmy’s no-no: how did Blanco know to back off? How do you guys practice not running into each other?

Brandon, I am a huge fan of the Giants, especially you🙂 and I love your blog so much! You are hilarious and I actually laughed out loud when I read your response to the language barrier question. Keep up the good work (on the field and online🙂 I’m still trying to come up with a great question to ask you…

It is my birthday and you answering my question made my day! Along with Timmy’s no hitter of course. You are also hilarious. Thanks for that! I was wondering, do fans/rivals yelling things ever successfully psyche you out? You’ve probably learned to ignore it, I imagine. See you at the all Brandon weekend! I’ll be in the cove on Saturday and in the nosebleeds n Sunday!

Hudson translating for Bumgarner! LMAO!! You are TOO funny Brandon! Love these Q and A sessions!😀

Loved the format of you answering questions. It is fun to hear your responses along with your general blog. Anxious for Belt to return. Miss him!! We love you too!!

You must all being smiling as much as the fans after last night. And don’t think for a minute that we’ve forgotten your triple and Buster’s 4 hits! Let’s carry on with this winning stuff; I like it a lot!

I howled out loud on your answer about a language barrier!!! You are funny! Do the other players read your blogs and ever make comments or tease you about what you’ve said? Saw the footage of Timmy in his medieval helmet for the locker room celebration after the No-no. Do you have a helmet yet and are there any team rituals involving the helmets? Lastly, do you and other players get nervous during the last few innings of a game that may become a No-no, and ever talk about it during the game? Thanks Brandon!

When is the best time for autograph opportunities for a 12:45 or day game? I’ll be there next Thursday the 3rd and want to get my 4 year old son up close to some of his favorite dudes.

Re: wearing the pants ala Pence — I wish you would all wear the pants in that fashion – it is very cool. Take a look at how great Romo looks wearing his striped sox. And of, course, all the girls, are crazy about him, so let that be a lesson to the rest of you guys! Even Pence with his “spindle shanks” looks better with the pants bloused at the knee — old fashioned. After all its an old fashioned game – respect it.!

The Brandon commercial is so funny – Love it, and no wonder it took so many takes to get it done. You two were pros, but I can just imagine how many times you broke each other up!

Thanks again for taking the time to keep us informed of your thoughts.

Love this!! OMG your comment about Madison made me laugh out loud!!! I am a CA girl that has moved to Charlotte, NC and I know that low Southern drawl too well!! GO GIANTS!! ❤

Crawford – adding to the question about kids playing all year.. Did your dad ever coach your team in little league? Do you find it more beneficial to have a your dad coaching you as a kid, or did you prefer to take instruction from someone else?

Another great blog! I can’t wait til the All Brandon weekend. Everytime that promo commerrical comes on, I literally drop everything im doing, watch and laugh like I haven’t seen it before… (I think my boyfriend gets a little jealous, but oh well..he knows I’m team Brandon haha). I got us tickets to Saturday’s game, his 30th birthday. We really hope we can get both bobbleheads and not repeats.
I don’t blame you and Jalynne at all for not owning a house here. It’s absolutely ridic how expensive it is to live. I definitely feel it livin on a teacher’s salary. That joke about Bumgarner, hilarious. I’d love to hang out with him for a day…or anyone on team. You guys seem like you have lots of fun together.
Enough with my rambling, my two questions for you are: how do you keep composure or focused during stressful situations such as Timmy’s no-hitter or Cain’s perfect game? (I’m a hot mess watching it, sweaty hands, heart pounding, upset stomach. I can only imagine how you and others on the field may feel). Second question you may have answered before: if you HAD to be stuck on a deserted island with one of your teammates, who would it be and why?
Now that I know you for sure read these blog comments, thank YOU for reading my long reply🙂 see ya Saturday! Take care and have fun out there!

I am devastated that I missed a game where the full complement of Brandons in the game (if not on the team) wore their pants up. I think you should all do it when Belt’s back in celebration.

I love that you ask kids if their parents know what they’ve asked you to do before you’ll write on their hands in Sharpie.

Here you go, clubhouse DJ. I reworked the late John Denver’s “Back Home Again” in keeping with the extra tough times the Giants have experienced during the last two home stands:
There’s a fog across the outfield, gulls are flyin’ in

The losing steak is heavy on your shoulders

There’s runners on the bases, no one knocks them in 

Pressing for a win just makes it colder

Ridin’ high on expectations, like prayers up in the sky

And half the baseball season is barely gone

There’s a fire hotly burning, LA is rollin’ high

But it’s two World Series memories that keep us warm

Hey it’s tough to be back home again

Sometimes this old yard feels like a prison pen

Yes ’n’ hey, it sucks to be back home again

There’s all the news they tell us, how injuries are on the rise

What’s the latest thing the web site posters say?

And your mother called last Wednesday Timmy made her cry

His gem made it feel like yesterday

Hey it’s bad to be back home again – yes it is

Sometimes ATT feels like a fickle friend

Yes ’n’ hey, it’s rough to be back home again

Oh the times that Pagan gets hurt, did Posey break his toes?

Feel the doubts fall heavily upon me

The Giants that I root for, the team that finds a way

The torture that rootin’ for you brings me

It’s the sweetest thing I know of, just watching you guys win

It’s the team thing that make that clubhouse home

Like a Pence mighty homer, or a great Pablo play

The fight in the Giants beats the storm.

Make it good to be back home again

Sometimes this old game becomes a long-lost friend

Yes ’n’ here’s to making wins back home again

Great photo Brandon. So glad you are living the dream! I’m really happy for you.

Thank you so much for your advice about my son playing other sports! When he saw your response he about peed himself, haha! You and your Giants teammates are such wonderful role models for him. His team won the Pony League State Championships last weekend, so his break from baseball will have to wait until at least after Regionals🙂. After that, it will be soccer and basketball for a little while. Thank you again! We❤ you guys!

I really enjoy reading the blog and am dying laughing at your Bumgarner comment🙂 thanks for all of the updates!!!

Tonight, during a tough game against the Reds, you threw my 10 year old son a ball. To say that it made his week would be an understatement – a ball from Brandon on a Brandon night. But more importantly you demonstrated – more than words ever could – what it means to be an amazing role model, a class act, just by looking at a kid for two seconds. You won’t remember him but he will never forget. Priceless. You, and the entire team, work hard and play hard, but it is good clean fun, and a gift for my kid, and all the kids, who are not just fans but who dream of growing up to be just like their ball playing idols. Thank you.

Love all your blogs!!! Keep them coming Brandons!!!🙂

You asked . . . Brandon Crawford « Brandon and Brandon

Hey Brandon, some pretty cool pics of you and your family at Guide Dogs For The Blind. You should also check out Canine Companions for Independence up in Santa Rosa. They also do amazing things for adults, kids, and veterans with disabilities, matching them with dogs that forever change their lives, much like Guide Dogs for the Blind. You won’t be disappointed in making that trip !!

The Brandon weekend has come and gone (with, alas, many don’t-we-wish-they-were-forgettable moments), but I bet there were Brandon T-shirts.
When I got to my one-game-a-year at AT&T (we live in Oregon) and asked the DugOut Store for a Brandon T-shirt, they laughed at me — literally laughed. “No one would know who you were rooting for,” they said. Well, isn’t that the point?? Life would be much simpler and harmonious if it were all Brandon, all the time! (Except maybe not so much Brandon Phillips.)

BTW, thanks, Brandon, for the splash hit during my one game — Giants creamed Atlanta for me, and I am grateful.

– Susan

Is Belt still in Fresno? when is his last day?

Happy July 1! Time to put the June Swoon blues behind you and get back to winning ways. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you guys are just at the 13 mile mark and getting a few leg cramps. Having Belt and Pagan back will help, and hopefully the rotation’s worked out their woes. Don’t really have any questions right now but glad to see you and the team reaching out to the fans. Watched Hunter Pence playing Hearthstone on and even though I have no idea what the game is about it was a lot of fun listening to his chatter! Best of luck tonight.

Oh my goodness, you are so funny. I just wanted to say that your commercial for education about not getting to play in high school because of your grades made my day. I once had to ground my son from the team because of his grades, and no one in my family supported that decision. Years later, it’s nice to have that validation. He did not become a pro athlete, but he is a wonderful man. Thanks for everything you do!

Thank you for answering the question about the 9year olds playing full time baseball. My son plays in Pleasanton, and is 13. It is the transition between lil league and high school. There are parents on our travel ball team that think we should play all year long and practice all week. My son plays golf, and will start basketball for the first time this year after not liking football. But his passion is baseball. But like you said, being very athletic, he should try a lil of everything. I think more parents need to let their kids try more and not focus on one thing. That will fall in place as they get older. Thank you again. I have a pic of you and my son at Strech baseball camp in Pleasanton the weekend you reported to the Giants camp for the first time. We prayed for you that weekend. I will never forget that! You kinda look the same, but my son looks so tiny! Lol makes me laugh!

What did you do on the Fourth of July in San Diego? I saw that Jalynne was there with you!

Brandon, some music suggestions for you: “Head On” by Man Man, “Riptide” by Vance Joy, and of course “Giants” by Bear Hands.

“No one understands Bumgarner.” Funniest one liner ever. Love you Brandon

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