Grass Under My Feet

Thanks for all the notes of congratulations. And the advice. I know I’m gonna need it.

The thumb is getting better but not fast enough for me. The cast is off and I have a protective splint but I pretty much wear it only when I work out and when I sleep (in case I roll over on my thumb). The swelling’s down quite a bit, though it’s probably going to be at least a little swollen for a couple months. But it won’t affect my throwing or hitting. I’m able to tie shoes again though very slowly, so now Haylee doesn’t have to do it. (In case you’re wondering, the Brandons won’t help me with anything. Hicks once helped me take my watch off, but that was it.)

I’m taking grounders every day and flipping the ball over to Shawon Dunston at first. It’s more about getting my legs back in shape — moving side to side again, stopping and cutting. Agility exercises are good but nothing’s better than taking ground balls.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed being on the field. You’re used to being out there for seven months straight. You take it for granted. Then you suddenly don’t have it. You’re stuck on the stationary bike in the weight room. So it’s been nice to feel grass under my feet.

Once I get more flexibility and strength back, I’ll probably go to Fresno for a rehab assignment. The last time I was there was 2011. I’m looking forward to seeing guys I haven’t seen since spring training and the folks who work at the park there. And the best part: If I’m in Fresno, it means I’m playing baseball again.

In the meantime, I’m in the dugout talking to whoever’s next to me. Usually it’s about genius stuff. But if you talk enough, there’s going to one thing that comes out kind of stupid. Ninety-nine percent of my conversations I’m a genius, 1 percent I’m an idiot. But everybody likes to change it around to make me out to be 99 percent idiot. I’m a little goofy. I’ll admit it. I’ll say goofy stuff. But if you say one wrong thing in a baseball clubhouse, you get called an idiot for the rest of your life.

Without playing, other things in my life tend to gain more importance than they usually would. Our dog Lilly’s diarrhea, for instance. We’ve taken her to the vet, and they say everything’s normal so it’s probably stress. We were talking to a dog trainer who was telling us we have to change our lifestyle. Lilly wants to be an alpha with Haylee, as if Haylee’s her pup. She growls at people and dogs who get close to Haylee. That’s why she’s stressed out. Now we’re giving her anti-anxiety medicine. Don’t ask me if it’s working on her diarrhea. I haven’t seen her take a dump lately. Haylee’s the one who sees her all the time.

To answer a question one of you had about naming our baby: No, we will not be naming him Brandon after Crawford.

Now for the movie reviews. I’m changing my grading scale. Now it’s going to be letters — A, B, C, D — so I can get pluses and minuses in there. And I’ll have a second rating: Haylee awake (HA), Haylee sleeping (HS) or Haylee not available (HN/A).


Edge of Tomorrow: Some alien life form has landed on earth and they’re starting to pretty much take over the world. They can’t be defeated. They constantly evolve. Tom Cruise is a marketing guy who somehow gets thrown into the mix. He kills an alien and its blood gets in his body. So now he has the ability to start the day over. Every time he dies he starts the day over. Kind of a Groundhog Day thing. He’s trying to figure out how to defeat this alien race. Emily Blunt is the best solider in the world basically. She has had this power before so that’s why Tom Cruise is going to her. He has to repeat everything he’s said to her every single day, but she says, “Hey, when you die come back and find me again. We got to keep on doing this until we figure it out.’’ It’s more realistic than most sci-fi movies. I’ve seen those movies before, but this is by far the best one I’ve seen. It’s my favorite movie of the year so far. I highly recommend it.

Rating: A and HA.


A Million Ways to Die in the West: I can’t tell you what it’s about because it only kind of has a plot. It’s basically a movie to see how many random funny scenes they could put into one movie, and a lot of the scenes aren’t funny. In fact they were pretty stupid. Usually I like movies like that, but this one was boring. It’s no MacGruber. Save your money.

Rating: D.  HN/A. (I saw it on our road trip to Cincinnati with Cain, Affeldt and Buster after we ate at Five Guys Burgers. They all thought it was terrible. They’d probably give it an F. I’m not giving it an F because at least it got me out of the hotel room.)


Maleficent: Angelina Jolie was in it, and Elle Fanning. It’s a fairy tale movie. You know how they did that backstory to the Wizard of Oz, Wicked? This was basically the same thing — a different side to Sleeping Beauty. They did it through the eyes of the fairy that put Sleeping Beauty to sleep. It was OK. If it was on TV, I’d probably watch it again. But I wouldn’t go buy it or anything like that.

Rating: C. HN/A (I saw in Cincinnati by myself.)


Blended: It stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I saw this awhile ago. I liked it a lot even though it got only 14 percent approval from critics. It has its cheesy parts, but every time I watch Adam Sandler, he makes me laugh. I’m a huge Adam Sandler fan. There are a bunch of funny parts to the movie that keep you entertained.

Rating: B to B-. HA.


I really want to see 22 Jump Street. My friends are in town from Lufkin so not sure they’ll want to do that. I’ll post my review when I see it.


Thanks for reading, and thanks again for all the nice comments.




Look forward to seeing you out on the field, Brandon. Take good care.

Great post Brandon! I love reading this blog. It’s so nice to read yours, it had been awhile. I’m glad you’ll be doing rehab in Fresno! I’ll try to catch a game when you’re in town. Glad the thumb is getting better! Can’t wait to see you back at AT&T Park though…

Hope Lilly is feeling better and I like the new grading system! Have you considered Bruce for a baby name?😉

90% genius and 1% idiot, huh? So…what’s the other 9%? Or maybe you’re not a math guy…? 🙂

You should take Lilly to doga. That’s doggy yoga. You could do it together, and it would be good for her anxiety and yours. Let us know how it goes.

Cant wait to see you back on the field!

Ps: Post a review for the fault in our stars! Haha😛

glad to see you’re getting better! my cousin is the catcher for Fresno so I’ll probably take a trip to go see the Grizzlies while you’re playing! love these posts as always! go giants!

I can’t believe the other Brandons wouldn’t help you! “Together my a…”

Glad you’re on the road to recovery. Being patient is always the hardest part.

Thank you for the movie reviews. My wife and I don’t get to make it to the movies much anymore, so it’s nice to hear real opinions on them. Not too many comedies can be MacGruber.

I don’t know if it’s necessarily your goofiness, but you always make me laugh, Brandon. As for taking those grounders, be careful, but enjoy the experience. Duane Kuiper always says the thing he misses most about being a player is taking grounders. Really! Ask him about it.

Hope Lily is feeling better, poor thing. Dogs can get stressed; maybe she’s just remembering her spring “adventure”.

Great to hear from you again — not that the subs have done a bad job! But you’re the one and only Baby Giraffe and we miss you out on the field, too. Heal fast!

BB has a great sense of humor. Save for when ya have I time.

me 🙂


Cooked white rice and steamed chicken or ground beef for Lilly will help her runny poo go away — oh and slowly add her normal food back in. Maybe she won’t be quite as anxious if she doesn’t have to poop all the time?
Looking forward to the Brandons on the field together ~ heal well.

Nice to hear from you, and glad the thumb is moving along. Hopefully the rest of you will follow soon on the field. Something tells me the clubhouse is a little more rowdy this, which I think is great.See you on the field.

Heal quickly Brandon we need you.

Mr. Belt, you have been missed very much. I do look forward to seeing you play again. Love your movie reviews. You need a site as a movie reviewer.

Always enjoy reading your blogs. Glad that your thumb is better. Hope to catch a game when you’re here in Fresno.

My family has Grizzlies season tickets and I’ve put them on Belt look out duty. Haha! I was hoping you’d be in Fresno next weekend so I could catch a game while I’m town but they have away games that weekend.😕

So happy to hear from you again. It’s been awhile but I understand. Keep Healing! And keep writing reviews! Sorry to hear about Lilly situation, I know how much a dog is a part of human life (I have one of my own that I ADORE), I hope she gets better. Please give Haylie a lot of attention cuz she deserves it. Rub her feet, make her breakfast in bed, after all she is carrying your 1st child (not Brandon Jr. Goodness). Love to the Belt Family! Xoxoxo

Brandon – so happy to hear that you are back on the field taking grounders and working on getting back to playing soon. We miss seeing you on a daily basis (unless you guys have an off day) and look forward to returning to the lineup again soon. I really enjoy your movie reviews – my husband and I are real movie buffs so we’ve seen most of the movies you have. I totally agree with your review of Edge of Tomorrow – it was awesome! Hope Lilly’s potty issues get better soon. You and Haylee need to take her to see Cesar Milan – The Dog Whisperer. See you back on the field soon! Good to read your post.

So great to hear from you and great to hear you are on the field. I’m hoping you are with the grizzlies when they come to Sacramento but even more hoping you will be playing for Brandon and Brandon weekend!!!! I can’t wait to pick up your bobble head. ☺️

Glad to hear you’ll be playing soon. Great blog title BTW. It took you mentioning your friends from Lufkin to make me remember that I’ve been to Nacogdoches. Early in my USDA career went there on a cattle auction market inspection trip. Spent the night before in Lufkin. It really is a small world.🙂

Glad you’re making progress! Can’t wait for you to be back in the game! Your posts are great! I love your movie reviews too🙂

You completely crack me up about the doggy runs. Wait until the baby gets here; it’s all about poop then too so consider this good practice. Thanks too for the messages about working through the trials of rehab. It’s a really good lesson for me to share with my kids about how to find the bright side in a crappy (no pun intended) situation. Looking forward to seeing you play again soon.

Dang Brandon, the Club can’t get you back fast enough. Just be careful with that thing so there is no setback. I saw a clip of you somewhere taking ground balls, not that infield defense had been a problem. The team has missed the sustained threat of the long ball that you add to the lineup with the other guys. Edge of tomorrow, huh, sounds good. Thanks for blogging. I, like you, can’t wait until you are hitting home runs again. Go Giants!!

You should name him Kyle Michael Ryan, after all three of you.

What? No plug for the Brandon issue of Giants Magazine? Sounds like Lily may be in protect mode with Haylee as she’s carrying your child, but I’m no expert. All I am is waiting patiently for your return. Miss seeing you out there. Gamer Babe Day wasn’t the same without you😉

Haha I love your movie reviews! You and Haylee are so so cute.

Too funny – love the new rating scale, especially whether Haylee is awake or not. You’re really good at movie reviews. Appreciate the feedback. Let me know what you think of 22 Jump Street when you see it. My daughter and I were laughing so hard we were crying at the first one. I hope this one is worthy as a sequel. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are a good match-up. I feel for you being out of commission. ‘Glad your healing is going well and I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you back out there on first base. Good luck with your dog. I hope she’s on the mend soon, too. I’m a huge dog lover (have 2 terriers… or more commonly called “terrors.”) and am 3 years + out from a whiplash the doctors can’t seem to fix, so I feel ya on both of those fronts. Hope you have sunnier days ahead soon. In the meantime, I’ll definitely look for the rest of your movie reviews. Too bad about A Million Ways To Die In The West. ‘Looked like it had potential.

Glad you’re getting better!

totally, totally miss you Brandon, was hoping they would have you up for Q&A at season tix appreciation Day! Do you have a gladiator helmet yet, (or whatever they picked for you?)

Glad you’re getting closer to getting back….we need all our Brandons! And speaking of which, the commercial with you and Crawford and Affeldt is SO funny. I have to stop and watch it every time it comes on! Great job guys!! GO GIANTS!!

Sent from my iPad


We miss you Baby G! Saw you today doing a workout and I miss seeing you on the field. I’m hoping you with the Grizzlies when you play the River Cats…..I will buy all 3 games just to see you play again! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Hope you’re back with the team in time for the All Brandon Weekend, or at least can come to SF for those games. I love the commercial with the two of you together with Affeldt, especially the way you say, “Together my…” Makes me crack up every time! Wish I was coming to get the bobble heads (I’d bring my husband so we could get one of each) but tickets are pretty pricy even on StubHub. Keep healing and hope to see you at the park soon!

I LOVED Maleficent. Idk, i guess i liked the idea that women dont need to fall in love with some guy in a matter of days & live ‘happily ever after’. Makeficent was Aurora’s true love, like a mother would love her daughter. Anyways. Miss you at 1st !

Brandon! Will you be back for Brandon & Brandon weekend?🙂

Couldn’t agree with you more regarding Edge of Tomorrow and Maleficent. Edge of Tomorrow was great. The plot wasn’t too complex and it had great action along with well timed humor. Was totally looking forward to Maleficent. But it was slow in the middle, kinda confused if this was more for adults or kids. Visually it was great – costumes, creatures, scenery and special effects.

Baby G-
Your blogs always cheer me up!! I really enjoy your movie reviews and LOVE hearing how your doing!! It’s driving me nuts watching you having to sit these games out, but I’m glad your taking the time you need to heal. Hope to see you at the end of the month for ALL Brandons Weekend (I’ll be the chick wearing the custom #9 giraffe shirt) * WHO do I have to talk to for the dugout store to have more BELT stuff!/&^!#*?? ♥Take care

Yay Brandon! So excited and happy you are on the mend and you’re up to blogging again! We have missed your wit and anecdotes but now we really know you’re feeling better. Hope Haylee is feeling well and all is good on Baby Belt. The one perspective of having been out is enjoying the down time with Haylee while she is pregnant. It is a special time. Okay — stay focused, dont over due, and enjoy this still incredible gift you share with us. Having a job you love and are passionate about is not a job! Looking forward to seeing you out on the field again!!

It’s great to hear you’re taking grounders and working to getting back on the field! I definitely miss watching you play and can’t wait to see you back. You’re greatly missed by me and the rest of the Giants fans. Best of luck to you and your family

So happy to hear you are back out on the grass! Morse has done a fine job in your absence, but it’ll be nice to have ya back! You have to get back working on the home runs – Kuip said you were shooting for 74 this year, right? lol Love your blog – don’t ever stop!🙂

Hi Brandon! I’m happy to hear you are doing better and the pins are out. We miss you! I miss watching you play first base. Don’t get me wrong, I love Posey and Morse, but it’s not the same without you. I was hoping to get to see you at the end of the month for Brandon weekend but I guess that’s unlikely. Take care of yourself. Hope Lilly feels better. Congrats again to you and Haylee!! Any names yet?

Good to see you’re rehab is moving along. And genius or not, you have a wonderful way of writing, that many would die for. As far as Lily is concerned: Dogs have evolved into very special animals. They can sense things like when their master is sick or depressed or happy. Lily, being a female spayed or not, has sensed that your wife is with child and is doing everything she can to protect and take care of her. Don’t be surprised if she even snarls at you a bit after the baby is born. Don’t rush your thumb along and make matters worse down the line of what will be a very long and productive career.

I can’t wait for your return. Thumbs up on your recovery so far.🙂
I think you’d like the movie Chef. See it if you get a chance. It’s a good story and it’s very well acted.
Tell Haley to check out the book The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell. Simple signals could put Lily at the right end of the leash.

Hi Brandon! We can’t wait to see you back at AT&T. And I love the movie reviews. My whole family are movie buffs. I was really surprised to hear that you didn’t see 22 Jump Street yet. You mentioned it was one you were looking forward to this year. And I totally agree with your review for Maleficent. I thought it would be like Wicked where they tell the story from the ‘villain’s’ perspective, but they just changed the story completely. It looked good but I wouldn’t pay money to see it again. Is anyone else on the team a big movie fan? What are you looking forward to seeing later this year? Post again soon Brandon, and I hope your thumb continues to heal on schedule.

Thanks for the reviews! I wanted to see Edge of Tomorrow — now I definitely will. My old dog used to get the squirts from stress. The good news is you guys have a few months before the baby comes to really train Lilly so she will be happier and more socialized and easier to deal with when you have your hands full with the New Addition. The Dog Whisperer is pretty expensive but there are plenty of free things online. The key is training yourself — to always be calm and consistent. You might have to carry treats all the time. My dog hates other dogs and is super protective of me but he loves to eat so I give him a tiny treat every time he’s friendly — or at least not nasty — so now he looks to me for a treat instead of being obnoxious. Eventually, he should just behave. It takes a while. And you have to remember to carry treats in your pocket all the time. I’m glad your thumb rehab is going so well. Everyone says idiotic things at least 1% of the time — usually way more. But no one pays any attention to what most of us say, thank goodness!

We have been on road trip following the Giants (St. Louis and Cincinnati) and will be in Chicago for White Sox on Tuesday and Wednesday. Even though you’re not playing yet, I have my giraffe hat with me! Get back soon. On another note, my husband also writes movie reviews and has included over the years whether I have two eyes opened, one eye opened, or both eyes shut.

Keep those reviews coming! I look at before I see a movie. If it’s below a “6” I won’t bother. It’s regular people, not critics. (kinda like us!) >

D@ mn but you are funny! Talking about Lily’s diarrhea. Hope that she is better and dogs can be very nervous and protective over those they love. Hope to see you really soon in Fresno because that is where I live and frequently go to Grizzlies game. Not much has changed here. Still hot; still Fresno. Your movie rating system is a hoot. Love the Hayley rating system! Hope she is feeling fine, her and the soon-to-be little one! So happy for you guys! A little giraffe soon to be here!

End of Tomorrow does sound good, though I have a slight Tom Cruise disability!

A Million ways did look kind of dumb, but there is definite value to getting out of the hotel room!

I saw Maleficient and I would rate it slightly highly than you I think because I really liked Angelina Jolie in the role!

Rough weekend. But you guys will back I know! Good luck in the bright lights of South Chicago. Love you guys!

So glad your getting better. Saw you working out with the guys at the park yesterday! You are always so generous with your time for the fans.

Glad to hear you will be returning to the lineup soon. I think that will give the team a nice boost of energy when you do, since you will be raring to go and gung-ho since you have been away so long from playing real baseball and not just doing practices. Have they given you any idea how long you will rehab before returning or might they just throw you in and let you figure it out in real time? Look forward to you returning to the lineup, as well as they have done in your absence until lately, I have missed your bat and presence in the lineup, keep on improving and return soon!

Well Brandon my family can’t wait to see u at 1st again! I’m also happy to hear u may b heading back to Fresno during ur rehab… We will enjoy seeing u in my hometown again🙂.

Happy Fathers Day Brandon. I’m excited for your return to the field!

Wait, you’re naming your kid Brandon after HICKS instead of CRAWFORD??? Rude, man, rude!!!😉

Sounds like you are doing great!!! Congrats to you and Hayley on expecting. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the field soon.

Hi Brandon,

So good to hear from you! Glad that you are starting to work out on the field. Miss seeing you play first base and hitting those balls. It will happen soon. Full recovery is so important. Hang in there and keep playing with your dog and watch those movies….June

A whole lot of us Gamer Babes were sure wishing you would have come out for the talk that Krukow gave before the game 6/14. Not that we didn’t appreciate seeing Javier, his wife, and Vogie’s wife..but you are a BIG time GB favorite!! 8^)
Anyway, we hope you are back on 1st base real soon.

watched the giants for 50 years starting with say hey Willie Had some great first baseman Willie Mac,Orlando Cepeda, Will the Thrill and now Brandon You’re in great company and fitting right in Great to watch you guys Great chemistry and the goods to win Great entertainment from this view Keep on the present course and good luck with you’re rehab

I really enjoyed ready your blog. Glad you’re on the mend, we miss you! We’re partial to the name Brandon, it’s our son’s name too.
That’s interesting about Lily, on of our dog had similar symptoms with growling when anyone gets near me…hmmm, you gave us something to look into. Hope she gets better soon.
As for your movie review, great rating system but I do find it interesting that you watched Maleficent alone.

Belt, you need to play the harmonica. You’re a walking, talking street show. LOL.

Glad you’re getting Better! Some advice regarding your dog. She appears to be jealous of others getting close to Haylee and wants her to herself. When the baby comes, that could be an issue.
What I did when I had my son is I didn’t allow my dogs in the same room as the baby when he first came home. After a week or so, I allowed the dogs to smell the bottom of his blanket, below his feet, when I was holding him. Later, I allowed them to smell his bottom/back area while I was holding him. Eventually, when I knew that the dogs knew he was part of the family did I allow them to smell and lick him. At first it was only his hands, eventually his face, (when I felt comfortable.) You can’t be too careful with jealous dogs. I’m afraid your dog may get jealous of the baby and snap at him. I would hate for that to happen.
Also, I never allowed the dogs in the room alone with the baby without an adult in the room too. I have heard horror stories of the family pet picking up and carrying out the new born baby. Again, I would hate for that to happen.
Regarding the anxiety, there is a natural alternative to prescription medications called Rescue Remedy. It’s worth a try. I have heard it is helpful for people and their dogs.
Good luck, Haylee! May you have a very easy, complicated free delivery.
Go Giants!

I’m happy to hear you are feeling better. I’m really looking forward to seeing you on the field soon. About Lily…I’m a Reiki practitioner and work with people and animals. I know it sounds woo-woo but it is very helpful and healing. I’d be happy to do it distantly if you are interested.

Carry a small rubber ball (squishy, if possible) around 24/7 and keep working the hand and thumb, squeezing as much as tolerable. I promise 25% – 30% faster recovery. I’ve done it both ways. From an ex-1B.

In Maleficent, it was Sleeping Beauty telling the story. She even tells you that at the end1

Glad you are healing well! Thanks for the reviews!

I agree with a couple of the other comments. Our sweet golden retriever started growling at my husband whenever he put his arm around me when I was pregnant. He was just being really protective. It stopped once the baby arrived and he became very protective and nurturing with our son. Hopefully it will be the same way with Lily.

Glad to hear you are doing better…dang it, I just checked the Reno Aces schedule and the next time they play Fresno is in July in Fresno😦 oh well, hopefully we will make a trip to see a Giants game this season and you will be playing there by then. Thanks for the movie updates. I can’t believe you gave Maleficent a C but I won’t hold that against you. Take care and I hope Haylee is feeling well.

Glad to hear you’re doing better, just one question: What about naming the baby Brandon, after Hicks? He did take your watch off for you…😉

Please continue your movie reviews. I seriously read them to decide whether or not to watch a movie! Your reviews are to the point and funny. Love it!

Great to hear from you BB! I’ve been hoping I might get to see play here in Fresno, but previous reports said you would be rehabbing in San Jose…. what determines rehab in Fresno vs. San Jose?

I’m sick at home today so I’m catching up on this blog – I love this! It’s so nice to read about so many of the players from our home team, & nice to hear that Belt is coming along. No fun fracturing bones – I am a mother of 2 little ones so I can empathize with the frustration. We are big Giants fans but our 5 year old son is just enamored with you guys. His favorite players are Scutaro (share same first name) & Panda, but he knows almost the whole roster. He was pretty bummed about the 6 game losing streak but we were all pretty happy with these last couple of wins. I know this sounds cheesy, but we never stop believing in you! You’re an incredible team this year – I can see the magic reflected in my son’s & daughter’s eyes when we watch the games on TV or in person.🙂

With the baby on the way two things I would like to share with you. One once your boy is born wrap him up in a blanket for while then take it Lilly. This way she is familiar with your baby boy once you take him home. And second, smother his bottom area with vaseline so when your baby has his first bowel movement it won’t be difficult to wipe him clean. The first one is the sticky and like tar! Glad see you hitting again! Take care of yourself and mommy to be!! Daddy duty isn’t too far away!

Brandon, glad to hear your getting better! However I’m a little bummed… I just found out I missed an opportunity to see you play!! I just learned that you are playing in Sacramento against the River Cats!! My dad (who is a dodger fan… please don’t hold that against me) just asked me how I had missed that you were playing in Sacramento this week! I’m so sad!! It’s too late to catch today’s game, and I can’t make it to tomorrow’s game, because I will be at the Def Leopard and Kiss Concert. Ugh! I hope you do well and win! Can’t wait to see you back at AT&T park! I’m sure the guys miss you!

P.S. Have you seen 22 jump street? What did you think?

Hi Brandon. I was just listening to some music and heard “I’m A Freak,” by Enrique Iglesias and thought it would be perfect for Timmy’s walk up song. Could you pass it on. Oh, so happy that you are back. Good luck.

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