Pinch-blogging: Brandon Hicks

I think Belt will be blogging tomorrow — he’s been talking about movies, so you can expect some reviews. His cast his off, so we’ve had to stop calling him Chubbs. (If you haven’t seen Happy Gilmore, ask someone who has.)

Since I last pinch-blogged, I moved from the Courtyard Marriott into an apartment in San Bruno. How’s this for generosity? Marco Scutaro told me to stay in his apartment while he’s still in Arizona on the DL. I met Marco for the first time last winter in Florida through my former Braves teammate Martin Prado, who was my workout buddy this off-season in Orlando. Martin knows Marco from Venezuela. We all went hunting together on Scott Proctor’s ranch in South Florida.

Then we saw each other a lot during spring training not only because I was with the Giants but because I stayed with Martin at his house in Arizona during spring camp. Marco took me out one day to a dairy farm near Scottsdale to hunt pigeons and doves with air rifles.

He won’t take any rent for the apartment, which is not OK with me. So I have to figure out how to thank him. Maybe some hunting gear.

When the Mets were just in town, I couldn’t help thinking about how much my baseball life has changed in a year. Last season, I was with the Mets’ Triple A team in Las Vegas, the 51’s. I never got a call-up. You always believe you’ll land back in the Major Leagues but you don’t know where or when. It’s humbling to think I’m now not only in the big leagues, I’m on a great team and playing almost every day. It’s a great opportunity that I’ve been blessed with and I just want to make the most of it.

Any player who’s being honest will tell you he gets a little extra satisfaction when he does well against his former team. I was happy to have a good night Friday — double, triple walk, two runs. I wasn’t so happy Sunday when I struck out three times in a row. But that fourth at-bat, I still believed I’d get a hit, and I singled home Crawford. You just got to keep grinding.

That’s kind of the motto of this team as a whole. Keep grinding. You never know who’s going to step up. It’s a different guy every night. We have so many good players on this team. Our pitching’s awesome, our defense has been good and you never know who’s going to get that big hit. That’s what’s helped me so much — the atmosphere in the clubhouse. Everybody knows what they need to do to be prepared every day. And when things don’t go our way, there’s no panic. We proved ourselves early on with comebacks. We feel like we’re never out of it. You get a couple guys on and you’re one swing away from getting right back in the game.

That’s it for me. Check out the latest Giants Magazine with the all-Brandon cover. Our mothers tell why they named each of us Brandon, plus other Brandon trivia.


Thanks for reading.



So cool about Marco letting you stay in his apartment. Must be so much nicer than staying in a hotel. Glad to hear that you guys all take care of each other. Enjoying watching you make those double plays and always hitting when it’s needed. Thanks for that. If you like pizza, be sure to check out Toto’s in San Bruno. Best pizza I’ve ever had. I take my mom to bingo in San Bruno once a week – maybe I’ll run into you on an off day. LOL! Win the next two against the Nationals for us. We know you guys never give up.

It’s so good to hear from you, Brandon! Marco sounds like a great guy. What a warm welcome to the Giant’s! I like the motto “Keep Grinding”. It says a lot about the Giant’s determination. I look forward to seeing you play Saturday at the park. It’s Gamer Babe’s day, but they can’t call it that anymore. It will be a fun day!

Scutaro is a class act! Glad you are settled in!

Got the magazine, but haven’t had the chance to look through it yet. Looking forward to some Brandon trivia! I noticed you and Crawford wearing your pants up the other night. Reminded me of❤ Belt❤ Can't wait for Team Brandon to be back full force. You guys are a joy to watch!

Brandon! you just hang in there and keeping grinding and keep trying. You guys are a great team. Close loss tonight unfortunately but Good pitching will do that on occasion. Just hang in there and do what you guys do. So nice to hear that about Marco. Always felt he was a good guy and not just a great hitter. Going to the game on Thursday so I will make to pick up the program with you my Brandons 3. Mike’s been doing a great job at first but I do miss the Brandon to Brandon to Brandon DPs! Love you guys!!

Thanks for pinch blogging, again. Like others have stated, it’s great to learn about the other side of your lives. What do you think the chances are that Sandoval would be willing to become P. Brandon Sandoval? An entire Brandon infield would be the best. Here’s to the Giants beating Washington the next two games!

I used the write in spot on the All Star ballot to vote for you. Team Brandon all the way!

You’ve already been a great addition to the Giants and Team Brandon. So nice of Marco to loan you his pad while he’s away. It’s nice to hear how you guys help each other on and off the field. Looking forward to having all the Brandins back in force soon. Tough games the last two nights but everybody knows you can’t win them all. The Nats are a tough team. Keep grinding!

Am glad to know that you are settled in…. Try to win the last two games against the Nationals…. Thanks for pinch blogging.

wrote you in on the AS ballot as well. i’m loyal to my guys. i knew marco was a good and kind guy,written all over him. since i asked this of BC, and now here you are, please tell me why you never smile ? i know there are game faces, but pure JOY must be a part of being in the show, and hitting big RBI’s, or making those beautiful defensive plays. must make you joyful. being humble is probably part of it, but even the toughest working ( and i’m sure you are) guys, break it out once in awhile. i think the fans want to see the pure joy ( for example, morse after the triple’s alley single walk off last saturday ), and you just don’t ever seem happy. now, i have a face that is naturally sour, so i understand the face at rest thing……not everyone looks happy when they are concentrating, but i just would love to see you laugh when something great happens ! i look for it. i look for a sneaky smile somewhere, and never see it. okay, that is my snark, i have wanted to know, ” why doesn’t brandon the third ever laugh ?”. as a fan, i want you to know how much i whoop and holler when you all pull these things off. i’ve thought since ’10, my guys are SCRAPPY, and with that comes joy. anyway, there it is. i guess i want to see you as happy as you make me,,,,you all make me,,,,,. the nats have been killer, but i thought we would pull it out last night. they will not sweep ! good luck to you and the guys ( it is brilliance and hard work, not luck ), and i’ll be looking for that joy ! thanks for taking the time here…….

hope that wasn’t weird🙂

Thanks for the post! You have been a great addition to the Giants!!! so good at second! What an arm! So bummed about the loss last night! ;( But I have faith that you guys will bounce right back tonight! Because thats the kind of team you are! Ya can’t let them sweep!!! Good luck tonight, G-men!!!!!!! Can’t wait for Belt’s return!!!! MISS YA BRANDON BELT!

Is so nice to hear from you, Scutaro is the best. You have been an amazing addition to the team and us fans couldn’t be happier. My kids tease me because one of my favorite things to say when we watch the games is “Brandon to Brandon to Brandon”
Can you please smile once in a while we would love to see that. Welcome to SF and I hope you stay.

Nice to hear from you, B3! Thanks for sharing the inside stuff. Scutaro sounds like a real stand-up guy! Glad you’re settling in! So happy to have you on the team!

Any fan who’s being honest will tell you …. we were worried about who was going to fill in the spot at 2nd base and in the line up with Scutaro’s back problems …. and you have fit in quite nicely! It’s the nature of the game – the faces change all the time – and we’re glad to have ya! #TogetherWeAreBrandon has been lots of fun to watch! And what a guy – for Marco to offer up his apartment. That was a nice story for you to share. Tell him HE should pinch-blog! lol Thanks for blogging. Keep up the good work!🙂

This just gives one a “feel good attitude” about the Giants baseball team. Glad you feel more settled now.

good insight thanks bhicks

Glad to watch you play for the Giants! Your hard work has paid off and you have helped make this team better!

I also wrote you in on the AS ballot. I think you’re doing a terrific job and I love the “Brandon” chemistry. It seems to be working out well for the team. And I agree, I think we’d all like to see at least a little smile, maybe once. Please?🙂 Crawford is pretty serious too but I can still picture in my head when he couldn’t hold back the smile after making that play a few weeks ago. Also, I love your walk up song!

Love the pinch blogging! Glad to hear Belt is doing well. Can’t wait to get his latest movie review. Nice of Scutaro to let you stay at his place I would say some hunting gear is a great thank you! Love watching you play..didn’t realize you are a former other team! You have been an awesome addition to the all just seem to mesh! Love the Brandons! Have to find that magazine! I have the one with Hudson on the cover. Now I need the Brandons! Keep on grinding! Ps I know a great pheasant hunting club about 2 hrs east of SF…

Please tell Scutaro that we miss him too!


We’re so blessed to have you with the Giants. Some haters will hate, but you definitely contribute well with your clutch hits and your awesome defense @ second base. Just keep believing in yourself.

The apartment offering was a sweet gesture by Scoots — I actually did read what he did on the Giants Magazine.

By the way… I’m excited to see you up close and personal on June 29th @ Lefty’s in Burlingame (near San Bruno… how close, eh). I’ll actually be heading straight there after I attend the game @ AT&T Park.

See you again soon and “Stay Brand-On.” GO GIANTS!🙂

Joseph C. (@CiNDER_JOE)

Watching you is a pleasure. You are really god in the field, and I get a kick out of every extra base hit you produce. Keep up the nice work!

All of you are a Class Act🙂

I hope you’ll be a Giant for a long time because you always seem to come through for us. Impressive and exciting to watch. And I don’t care if you smile or not because your at bats and plays sure make me smile from ear to ear!!! Keep up the great work!

I was wondering if maybe you could set up a huge placard at the park saying something like, “Miss you, Scoot. Get well soon!” and have fans sign it as they come in. Then you could have it sent to him. But don’t think we don’t appreciate all _you’re_ doing! The defense, the hustle, the on-base percentage. Oh, yeah, and the dingers! Glad you’re on our team, B3 — have a good game tonight!

Not that I hope you get sent to AAA… But if you do come to Fresno.. Ive got a dairy to shoot pigeons at less than 10 minutes from the park!

I can’t wait to pick up the All-Brandon issue of Giants magazine. Preferably at the ballpark, but the Newsstand in my town carries back issues. I just picked up the May issue today, with Tim Hudson on the cover.

I love that you’re staying in Marco Scutaro’s apartment. Funny thing, is in my second baseball romance novel, WORTH THE TRADE, I have a character named Marco who moves from a hotel into a teammate’s apartment for the last part of the season. I’m glad to know I wrote a realistic scene. I do model my characters after Giants players. I’m going to have to write a character named Brandon, though.

Keep up the good work.

You are a welcome addition to the team. I named my only son Brandon 24 years ago & he is a huge Giants fan. Will be coming to the all Brandon weekend on Saturday for my birthday. Will look forward to picking up a magazine & watching you all play.

Glad you are with the Giants’ organization and I love your playing time on 2nd base. All three Brandons making a double play exciting in itself!!! Thanks for sharing! P.S. I also would love to see you smile once in a while!!

BTW, I voted for you too every time!

What an awesome guy that Marco! Great well deserved opportunity for you. You’re paying back with being a great addition to the team he as we all love. I’d say pay it forward. Specially to someone who can’t pay you back. It’s what keeps the world in balance. Keep the awesome work! We’re glad you’re part of our beloved Giants team!

Hi and so glad you’re with our team. You are a great asset to us. And, yes I love the Brandon to Brandon to Brandon plays. I also love the Brandon to Brandon to Mikey plays. We loves our Giants! ❤

This reply is re the Chad Chop catch in Pitt. My boys were there and saw it and we all got excited when Brandon C answered our question about it, so now the boys are “Chap Chop this” and “Chad Chop that”, when we do popups with the tennis ball. It’s pretty funny. Chad should know that somewhere in NJ, there are two little boys who worship him, and that’s the idea behind the little video I posted on utoob. I’ll paste it in here and it will probably flag the comment bc there’s a link in it, and it’s fine if it doesn’t get published, but we wanted Chad to at least see it once. Thanks and good luck. Dad, Thomas & Jack Benny.

Dear Brandon,
I feel like I can call you Brandon because you and I are so much alike. Do you like to duck hunt? We can go duck hunting this September if you want? I like to go pig shooting because pigs are so mean and they tear up my pasture. We can hunt them all year long at my place. Do you have a good relationship with your father? Me either. These are all things we can talk about and more. It would be great to have a catch some day. I’m sure our relationship will be a real home run!

We all know Scutaro’s a classy guy. You just reinforced that more. As much as I miss him at 2nd, you’re doing great! Not just defensively, but also hitting. The Brandon movement couldn’t have come if you hadn’t joined the team. Stay awesome, Brandon!

Thanks for writing. And thank you for being a Giant.

that is so kind of Marco! Hope you have a great game tomorrow!

I hope the other Brandons invite you to be in the next Team Brandon Giants promo. I think it’s very cool that Marco offered you his apartment to use. Maybe you can pay him back by slipping a WS ring under his pillow. Brandon to Brandon to Brandon double plays are awesome and I’m certain unprecedented in Major League history so it will be nice to see BB back in the line-up. You’ve done a fantastic job at 2nd. Keep on grinding!! GO GIANTS!!!

B3, great to hear from you. You have just confirmed what we all know about the team…..All Together! BTW-let Marco comp the rent. It’s his way of welcoming you to the team. Enjoy it and remember to pay it forward! Keep up the great work. We will be down there to see you kick some Dodger butt in July….cant wait!

Hey Brandon! Just wanted to let you know that even though you’re in a slump right now, just keep grinding you’ll get out of it! You’ve done an excellent job at 2B so far!! Hope to see you in the starting lineup again soon!❤

Hicks, it’s fine with me if you don’t smile. Just keep on doing Scutaro proud and I think he’ll feel repaid for that apt. I would like to know: is it really *that* different in the Giant’s clubhouse. Many guys (Morse, yourself) talk about the atmosphere in the clubhouse as if it’s drastically different from other teams’. The only game I get to see live is on the “All Brandon Weekend.” Looking forward to it!

It’s good to see two San Jac players on the same team.

Not sure if you’ll see this, but I’m writing it anyway. Tonight’s game? Incredible. Thanks to both of you, MadBum, and the rest of the team for an absolutely awesome game. Congratulations!!!

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