Thanks for Asking… – Brandon Crawford

First, make sure you get the latest Giants Magazine. On the cover: Three Brandons.


If you’re wondering why Hicks isn’t in the TV commercial for the Brandon Bobblehead day with Belt and me, it’s because that commercial was shot in January (when we were all in town for Fan Fest). Hicks hadn’t made the team yet. He was a non-roster invitee to spring training. It’s a pretty funny commercial, I have to admit. My uncle texted me that every time he sees it, he laughs out loud.


Now to your questions:


Chad Zullinger, the choir director at St. Ignatius, wants to know if Giants hitters take batting practice against Giants pitchers.


Only during spring training because hitters need to face top pitching to get their timing back. I’ve seen other teams, where a pitcher might be coming off a DL stint and a batter hasn’t been getting a whole lot of at-bats, and they’ll face each other. But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen us do that. Sometimes pitchers throwing a bullpen will have someone stand in at the plate. I saw one of our pitchers hit Eric, one of the trainers who was standing in as a batter. If Cain had hit a player, we probably would be second-guessing that a little bit. Or if a hitter took a swing and hit a pitcher with a line drive. I don’t think we want that to happen.


By the time the season starts, our timing’s there. So in BP we’re working on specific things and keeping loose.


Steve asks how I shake off an error. “It has to make you mad, so what do you do with those feelings?’’


It definitely makes me mad, especially if I have a dumb error like I had Saturday night. I tried to be way too quick on a ground ball, and I bobbled it. Those make you mad because it’s your own fault. I should have slowed myself down and made sure I had the ball first. I probably would have gotten the runner. You just have to tell yourself you’ll make the next one. You have to have that confidence. I feel like I’ve always had a good demeanor. Even as a kid, I was pretty good at shaking off errors. Knock on wood, but I can’t remember too many times when I’ve let one error lead to another. I’m not going to lie, though — after the error Saturday night, I was still thinking about it even a couple innings later. It bugs me right now thinking about it!


I’ve had a few recently where the ball has taken a bad hop. Those are easier to shake off because there isn’t a whole lot you could do about it.


Margaret wants to know where the White Shark blog has been.

Gregor’s been writing it. Sorry you’ve missed it. Here’s his latest.


Jill wants to know how bummed Hunter was when his scooter was stolen. She also asks if I really read the comments.


I think everyone could see how bummed Hunter was. It was like a piece of him was missing. And yes, I always read the comments.


Ann asks, “Which play as a Giant are you most proud of?’’


There were a couple good plays in the World Series. I made a diving stop up the middle on Miguel Cabrera in the eighth inning of Game 3. We were protecting a two-run lead. Timmy was pitching. Cabrera led off the inning. Prince Fielder was on deck. If Cabrera gets on and Fielder hits a home run, now it’s a tie game. I guess I’m proud of that because it was against one of the best hitters in baseball on the biggest stage in baseball in a close game.


I also remember in the fifth inning of Game 4. We were behind 2-1. Runner on first. Two outs. Quintin Berry was up and Cabrera on deck. Berry hits a come-backer that glances off Cain’s glove. I barehanded it and threw Berry out to end the inning.

Another one: This was in Game 7 of the NLCS against the Cardinals. We had a 1-0 lead in the second inning. They had runners on second and third with two outs. Kyle Lohse, the Cards’ pitcher, hit a soft line drive over my head that would have scored both runners. I leapt up and caught it. Giving up a two-RBI single to the pitcher could have been a backbreaker.


Ann and also Dan Hunter ask: What would you be doing for a career if not baseball? And what’s your dream job after baseball?


In high school I took an architectural drawing class on computers. We designed the floor plan for a house. The dimensions had to be right, things like that. It was cool. I thought that would be interesting.


My dream job after baseball would be to be a Dad. It’s a dream because I’d have to make enough money so I could do just that. Otherwise, maybe I’d coach.


Jon Adams asks, “What’s your favorite music?’’


I like a little bit of everything. There hasn’t been much new music I really like. It’s kind of disappointing. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.


Courtney asks about the medieval helmets and if we get to pick the style we get.


I don’t know much about it, to be honest. I don’t know how it’s decided who gets what helmet. I’m not even sure who does it. I think it’s Hunter or Morse or both of them together.


Island Girl asks if I can sing.


No. Definitely no. Listen to my radio commercials. I don’t have the voice for singing or for broadcasting. I know a lot of lyrics — not as many as Timmy — but I know a lot. But you don’t want to hear me sing. I don’t want to hear me sing. I turn the music up so I don’t have to hear myself. I sing to my daughters at bed time, but it’s just the ABCs and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.


This is from Melissa: Do you use alternative medicine like acupuncture?


We do. Haro Ogawa, our masseuse, has his license for acupuncture. I’ve used it a few times.


Richard asks: The new home run celebration — how did that start and what are you chanting?


I think it’s from wrestling or maybe Michigan football, or both. I’m not positive. They’re yelling yes, yes yes. I haven’t gotten into it. I hit a home run the other day and everybody’s waiting — and I walked through giving high fives. Buster doesn’t do it either. And that’s fine. Not everybody has to do everything the same.


-Brandon C.




I hope to give Jalynne the baby sampler I made for Jaylyn this weekend!!!

Thanks Brandon. I can’t wait to see you on Brandon and Brandon weekend. 😍

Yup, I got the new Giants Magazine the other night… and a new Giants scarf to go with it🙂 Speaking of the 3 Brandons, I noticed you and Hicks wore your pants up for the Mets game yesterday and wondered if that was a tribute to Brother Belt? Can’t wait to have all 3 of you back on the field. Waiting for that Triple Brandon Triple Play!❤❤❤

That’s very cool you took the time to answer so many questions just now. ‘Must be a time delay in posting… at least we don’t see you in the dugout with a smart phone and it was posted an hour after game time tonight. 😀 Let me give this a shot… what is the toughest part of playing Short Stop in the majors? (You make the tough stuff look so easy, so I’m especially curious).

Thanks, Brandon! Looking forward to the All Brandon weekend (and I hope they rename EVERYBODY on the big screen!). Not sure if it’s your style of music but I caught The Habit (Brooklyn band) in NYC during your September series there; they really rock!

Brandon, thanks for answering my question! Made me super excited. I noticed you have multiple songs as your walk up music. How do you pick them? I’m excited for Brandon weekend too! I’ll be there behind the Giants dugout on the 28th!

Like your uncle, I crack up each time I watch your and Brandon B’s commercial. The very, very, very best part is when you look into each other’s eyes and say “ours”. OMG, so hilarious! The out takes are funny too! Keep up the great work, love watching you play!

Your uncle isn’t the only one who laughs at the Brandon & Brandon ad. It always cracks me up. We’re looking forward to the All Brandon Weekend–hoping to see more Brandon awesomeness.

We all know Belt loves Olive Garden, but what’s your favorite restaurant to go to?

Brandon, I remember that Game 7 NLCS snag like it was yesterday. I still don’t know how you got up there and caught that ball. Such an amazing play. Keep on keeping on. You guys are doing so well. GO GIANTS!!

Thanks Brandon. I just saw the Brandon & Brandon commercial for the first time tonight, it made me LOL as well.

one thing i love, is when you guys do something fabulous, and ACT happy ! i know there is some humbleness, but still. brandon hicks looks like he HATES playing ball. it makes me crazy. probably his game face, and if he is like me, i have turned down lips and in general have had to hear people tell me to smile my whole life, but if you hit a grand slam, i think showing a little JOY is not out of the question. everyone has a smile or laugh when something is great….but hicks. it makes me miss scutaro so much, , who could have fun and be a serious player. our team seems loose, but serious too. we know you are all having fun, but work hard. please, would it kill him to look like he is in the show, and not digging ditches ? he gets better and better, but from one brandon to another, could you tickle him or SOMETHING !!!!! please ! also, love the brandon commercial, especially ” together my ———–” 🙂

Brandon, get into one direction! I can perfectly see you jamming out to midnight memories😀

Hi Brandon! Thanks so much for all of your posts! Hearing such candidness from you and all of your teammates is incredible. It’s hard to always get all of the insider information here in Phoenix, so your posts make us feel much closer to all of the action! If you do another Q&A, or if you just want to answer this question in a post🙂, we would be forever grateful…My son, Carter, is 9 years old and a baseball rat (and die-hard Giants fan just like his proud mom!). I am encouraging him to take the fall off from playing baseball (he’s only had two weeks off in two years). I just don’t want him to get burned out or get himself injured from only doing one sport. He’s a little reluctant about playing soccer and basketball in the interim. From your perspective, do you think this is a good idea? Did you play other sports growing up? We genuinely appreciate any advice you have for us🙂. Thank you, and Carter and I hope you and your adorable family are doing great!!

I really enjoy reading your blogs! I think it’s great that you take the time to do this for us fans, so thank you! We love our Giants🙂
Here’s my question,
If you could start one game at any position, other than shortstop, what would it be?

Hi Brandon! I feel like I should call you Mr. Crawford, I’ve gained so much respect for you over the years. I live in Kentucky and can’t see the commercials. Is there a way to get my hands on those commercials?

To stephentaylor48,
The Brandon & Brandon commercial can be viewed through this link which contains several Giants commercials.

Thank you for writing, it’s been awhile. I always look forward to a new entry to this blog. I live in Southern California nowadays and I am in ANGELS territory. Not so much in the blue team, thank god. The point is how can I get the Giants Magazine with the three Brandons on the cover???? Anybody? Help me!

Brandon-Thanks for all the great info, it is a pleasure to read! I remember that fabulous catch in Game 3 of the World Series, I was there! I am a Giants fan from Canada, so Detroit was a great chance to see the Giants close to home, and what better time than the World Series!? Love the Giants defence, and really enjoy watching you make those amazing plays. I’ll be back in Detroit in September, GO Giants!

I always get excited when I see I have Brandon Blog in my inbox. Do you always have family in the stands at your home games? I’m guessing Jalynne can’t be there as often now with the babies but what about other family members? Does that affect how you play knowing they’re up there? Yay!!! I get a Brandon Bobblehead on 6/28! Thanks for posting – you all are having an AMAZING season!!

i love being able to hear what you and the giants do off the field. thanks for helping the giants become world champions. it is still a dream come true for me. i hope to meet you some day. i am always routing for you and the giants. keep up the great work!!!!!

Love the Q&A … thanks for taking time to answer questions! Brandon commercial, huh? I am gonna have to see if I can find it online! Keep up the good work and keep blogging!🙂

Love the blog! Here’s my question(s): What is the funniest/craziest thing a fan of a rival has yeled ut to throw off your concentration? What is the strangest thing a fan has asked you to do or sign?

B – thanks for answering my question about how you shake off an error. Good stuff. I had mentioned to my 10 year old daughter (who is a big Giants fan) that I sent you a question. She thought that was pretty cool. And when we saw your response, she was extremely excited (ok so was I). Anyway, appreciate your time in responding and keeping us posted on your life as a big leaguer. Go Giants.

Hey Brandon, for music give Grace Potter and the Nocturnals a try. They make me feel like I could play shortstop for the Giants!

Another great post from my favorite Brandon! I can’t wait to attend the Saturday game of the All Brandon Weekend! I hope to get your bobblehead. I noticed at the game on Sunday against the Mets you wore your pants up. Any plans to continue that? It looked quite good on you. Can’t wait for the next post. Until then, keep up the great work!

As far as music is concerned, I would recommend Peter Gabriel, Bob Seger, U2 to find the mellow. Nirvana, Soundgarden, NOFX to get pumped. Just a thought.🙂

thanks for answering all those questions, brandon! and i’ll definitely grab the new giants magazine when i go to the game manana.

as for music.. i’m on the same boat – i like listening to my faves from 80s, 90s, early 2000s (can you believe the stuff from late 90s early 2000s is considered “old school” now? gross).

anyway. have you listened to BANKS? really loving the beats from her, iggy, and rita ora.

oh.. one question — on sunday when you AND hicks wore socks up.. coincidental? on purpose? for belt?


BRandon, for new music check out the Winery Dogs. Great stuff.

Im sure if anyone loves you’re singing its you’re daughters ! Lol love the work you’ve been doing at short, keep it up ! (:

I love how you take the time to answer all these questions. You’ve always been one of my favorite players since you’ve got to the big leagues. Especially your first hit being a grand slam! I hope this year is your year for a gold glove! You deserve it.

Besides One Direction’s song “Story of My Life”, what other songs by them do you like?

Besides One Direction’s song “Story of My Life”, what other songs by them do you like?

Do you play pokemon? Have you played pokemon XY?

Given the way you prepare, and the way you use anticipation from the pitch to cue that movement, how is playing behind lincecum different than playing behind other pitchers?

Just a quick thank you for showing up at Laskey’s fantasy camp each year.
I take the ball you sign each year and give it to our t-ball mvp.

My brother loved the outtakes for the Brandon weekend commercial. You guys are hilarious. I have one music suggestion. You should check out the whitest boy alive. I listen to them when I run. They’re great.

Thank you for answering my questions!

We are looking forward to cheering you and the team on from the vistor’s dugout seats during the Friday game in Arizona next week.

SF Giants help keep me positive. Serious illness has sidelined me for nearly a year, and I’ve not made it to the ballpark, not even for my b-day (53). But I watch or listen to EVERY game. Its the one thing that I can count on lifting my spirits, win or lose. Because you guys have the ATTITUDE. I’m learning how to keep score, which is a bit confusing especially when a Brandon to Brandon to Brandon play is called on the radio. What’s apparent though, is how everyone contributes, and how much fun you are having. Thats what I love the most. Thanks for blogging, guys. And tell Morse to keep on smiling, its infectious!

I’m a Bay Area native but now living in Colorado, I LOVE when you guys come to Denver. Its great to see all the Giants fans here at the ballpark supporting you guys! The park doesn’t compare to PacBell (It will always be PacBell), but its awesome to root for the away team. I’ve been a Giants fan for 15 years or so, I just recently found the blog (not sure how I missed it!!) but its great! Recommendation for music, if you like southern rock/blues/soul, I highly recommend JJ Grey & Mofro. Keep up the good work guys!!

From the first day you played for the Giants, you have been my favorite. I love baseball and love watching you. How do you turn such fantastic turns and snags when in the field? How do you practice them?

Holy crap! You really do read all the comments! 😳😁 hahaha you answered my questions! Thank you! I appreciate that. Made my day! I was wondering when the next Brandon blog would be posted, but I understand. It’s been a busy schedule for you guys. I love the Brandon commercial! I pause what I’m doing and tune in like I’ve never seen it before. I definitely crack up Everytime. I gotta find that magazine with the Brandons! Thank you again for replying. Now I know for SURE you do read these replies🙂 take care! Go Giants!!!

If you’re a fan of reggae music check out For Peace Band’s (from Guam!) new album on iTunes. Easy going and positive tracks from start to finish.

I can’t wait to see the giants play in Chicago, I am pretty sure I am the only fan here in Indiana🙂 I so enjoy all the blogs and I love that you are answering questions!

I LOVE all the cool things you and the guys do that make it OUR TEAM!!! I think we are special and it’s because of how the team draws us in with their antics. WE ARE GIANTS!!! Do you guys ever drink wine from Lodi, ca? Just curious. Julie from Lodi

So how many times did you laugh when you filmed the all Brandon commercial? It seems like you guys can barely contain yourselves! I’ll be aboard the California Hornblower in the cove on Saturday and at the game with my mom (a huge fan of yours) on Sunday. So excited! I have nlcs game 7 on dvd. One of my favorite games of all time. Sometimes in the off season I put it on and it makes me happy.
It’s funny, my co-worker brings her baby to work and not ten minutes ago was singing to her, mentioning how she sings so off-key but doesn’t care because the baby loves it. You seem like a great dad!

Brandon – I just wanted to say thanks (again) for always being such a great guy to root for. Miller, Flem, Kruk and Kuipe just finished the post game wrap for today (Thursday) and they spent the entire first segment raving about you. You should listen to it on the podcast when you get a chance, because they gave a pretty accurate rundown about your successes. I love that you’ve absolutely disproved your label of “great shortstop, definitely an 8th place hitter”, and it’s been so much fun watching you do it because you seem like a great guy. You are far and away my favorite Giants player, and I see more and more Crawford jerseys every time I go to the park, so I guess everyone else is catching on. Two more hits and your average will surpass Buster’s, so hopefully Boch will move you up in the lineup! I love all the stories about your daughters, by the way. Go Giants!

P.S. How is Team Brandon doing in the hitting competition? I was also wondering if it’s ever hard to communicate with teammates because of the language barrier. Also, in one of your radio ads, you talk about how your dad didn’t let you play baseball because you had a C, and I was wondering what class that was in.

Thanks for this blog Brandon – very informative. What is interesting is as a fan when you are talking about the plays that you are proud of – I was reliving them and saying to myself – “yes – that was outstanding!” Also interesting your comments about shaking off errors. Love how important being a Dad is to you. Happy Father’s Day to you Brandon!

Brandon, thanks for the post. I love reading this blog so much and I can’t wait for more posts! Also I can’t wait for All Brandon Weekend! I’ll be there for both games. I had a couple questions… I’d really appreciate it if you answered. I know Brandon Hicks talked a little about this in his post but how big of a role does team chemistry play in team success? I would think it has at least some importance cause obviously the Dodgers chemistry isn’t great and they aren’t doing as well… Also is there a specific pitcher in the Majors that you have the most trouble against? or is it just how good your game is that day and how well you are seeing the ball? Thanks so much again and GOO GIANTS!!

I love the blog and I love the commercial. You, Brandon C, look very feisty in that commercial for some reason. Very cute, too. But for the life of me, I can understand the last comment on the commercial. I have replayed it, turned up the sound, etc. What was said?

Tell us about Morse’s new shirt…”may the Morse be with you”!!

If you want to sing, anybody can learn – really! Your voice sounds great on the radio ads, it just needs some stretching to use it in different ways. I bet the Giants or Kuip could connect you with a voice over coach if you want. Thanks so much for these great blogs!

Love reading these blogs! How often do you change your walk up song and I swear some of you guys have more than 1, does Morse have 3?! How do you go about deciding what you want and when try change?
Thanks for sharing and playing your hearts out, you all make baseball season my favorite season!


The Two Brandons commercial is the BEST of the bunch. I can only imagine how many takes it took to say ” ours” without busting up!!!

Hi Brandon,
Not sure what your taste in music is but I have been enjoying Dierks Bentley’s new album Riser.

No “masseuse” Brandon !! First of all that refers to a female its masseur for male. But qualified people that really assist in your healing and most folks performing massage in the USA prefer massage therapist or practitioner. We’re not in France:-). Marianne. CMT



Hey Brandon!! Love the blogs thanks for taking the time to write them for! I have a question: I know Belt is the movie buff, but what are some movies you’ve seen lately? Do you agree with the reviews Belt has given if so?
Thanks again for doing the blogs and as always good luck on the field!!!

Who makes your bats? Have you used the same company since you came to the Giants?

What a Hunk. Great Ball Player too

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