Maybe It’s the Cowboy Boots – Brandon Crawford

I was thinking today about how every team has a different vibe. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just a feeling you get about how guys click, how they approach the game. The team this year, if we lose a game, we move on. We were shut out at home by the Braves then put up 10 runs the next day. We lost in a walk-off in Colorado then came back and beat them the next day. Somebody steps up.

I don’t know what that is — the medieval helmets Morse is leaving in guys’ lockers, Pablo’s superhero T-shirts or what — but something’s working. It wasn’t the same last year. I think it has a lot to do with adding a personality like Morse. We kind of lost that when Ryan Theriot left. You need a guy who keeps everybody loose. Morse is just a positive guy. You never really see him down. He’s funny but he can get you fired up, too, which is how Theriot was.

I shouldn’t single out Morse because there are a lot of guys in the clubhouse who make the team what it is. Every guy, actually, because it’s the combination. There’s always something going on in here. You probably know about Pablo’s cowboy boots by now. I think it started when we were in LA. He put on Bumgarner’s boots, which I’m not sure that was the smartest thing he’s ever done. But he ended up getting a big hit so he kept doing it. Then Bumgarner got him his own pair. Pablo puts them on in the dugout before his first-inning at-bat. He actually takes his cleats off, puts the boots on, dances around and puts his cleats back on. It’s ridiculous. Whatever works.

My contribution is music. I’m generally the DJ in the clubhouse. About 45 minutes or an hour before the game, I’ve been putting on the same four songs because they’ve been working. We’ve lost with them, too, but mostly we’ve won. I’m not going to say what the four songs are. We don’t want other teams to know the winning combo.

We’re back on the road, as you know. I was lucky the last road trip because Jalynne and the girls met me there. Jalynne’s cousin Mechaela, just started working as our nanny, so it’s easier for Jalynne to travel. The two of us went for a nice dinner the first night, while Mechaela and the girls had room service at the hotel. The next couple of mornings, before I went to the park, we went to the zoo and to a children’s museum.

Unfortunately, they got stuck at the airport on getaway day, the day our game had to be suspended. They arrived at the airport early hoping to get out before the worst of the storm. They were there about six hours with two kids under a year-and-a-half. Not fun. Finally they hitched a ride on the team plane. (Families don’t fly with the team except on specially designated family trips.) A big thanks to Boch for giving the OK.

A few more things:

Jalynne wanted you to know the wives raised $21,000 from auctioning the baskets. Thanks for helping to get the word out.

Someone asked for a photo of Tyler Colvin’s dog, so here it is.


To McCovey Cove Dave: I was happy to sign the Splash Hit home run ball for you. You mentioned Katie Sherwood getting my first Splash Hit. She is supposed to be visiting the park sometime soon and has agreed to give me the ball in exchange for another autographed ball.

I’ll answer your questions next time. Keep them coming!


-Brandon C.








DJ C-Raw in the house!

Thanks for blogging, love to read what you all write, whatever the topic. We’ll be watching the away games and looking forward to having you back in SF. You all are so articulate, you’re ruining the preconceived image of the “dumb jock.”

As a die hard Giants fan in the middle of central Illinois, glad to see you coming to St. Louis. I will be there on Sunday! Go Giants!

Another great post, Brandon! I always enjoy reading this blog no matter who writes! I really like the “superstitions” in the clubhouse. I put that word in quotations because I really don’t like that word because I do the same things when it comes to my teams winning and when I played softball. It’s like that saying on the commercial, “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work”, or something like that. Keep up the good work! It’s great seeing you guys win and if you don’t, you all brush it off and move on to the next! I like that. I’ll be making it out to the Brandon Bobblehead game in June and I really hope to get the Crawford Bobblehead to go with my Fresno Grizzlies one! 🙂

The boots, the helmets, the music, the return of the scooter…it’s all working!! Good luck on this road trip to you all! Keep the magic going Giants!! Safe travels!! ❤️SF⚾️

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Special thanks to Boch for giving permission for Jalynne, cousin and babies to ride home on the team plane. Can’t think of a more miserable situation than having to leave them behind at an airport during a storm. #commonsense and #kindness LOVE our Giants family!!! Thanks for your entertaining post Brandon🙂

Great blog! Love the picture of Colvin’s dog and results of the player’s auction. Please announce more things like this on your blog as many of us are unaware. You guys are great!

Really appreciate this blog – yours, as well as guests – thoughts about the team and baseball. What a great way to connect with the fan base right?! (makes me wonder what we did 10,20, 30, etc years ago??). This is your local HS choir director from St. Ignatius College Prep asking yet another player perspective specific question.
First, once again the kids and I had a blast singing the National Anthem at the first Dodgers home series back on April 15. We caught a cool photo with the team during the Jackie Robinson tribute
Ok – question: Driving into work this morning I was listening to the Sergio Romo spot on KNBR and began to think… Do our hitters practice against our pitchers? I remember back when Hunter Pence joined the club and one thing he said was that he was glad to not have to face our pitchers anymore. How does Michael Morse or Hunter fare against a Sergio Romo slider or Tim Hudson? Do our hitters know what it feels like to hit against Tim Lincecum?
Thank you for responding to my question about preparation for teams you all don’t see that often. I suppose it is the process-oriented teacher part of my personality, that as a Giants fan, I am curious about knowing. As a director, I also have my list of questions for Bruce Bochy whenever that opportunity presents itself!
Good luck in the midwest – have great memories of the road to the 2012 World Series against those clubs! The team’s record and ALL of your collective accomplishments this year is most impressive and the work it takes to achieve that does not go unnoticed.

I really enjoy hearing about the inside the clubhouse adventures and hijinks. Whatever you Giants are doing in the clubhouse, KEEP IT UP, please!!! From the fan perspective, it looks like the Giants have a clubhouse full of characters.

I really enjoy your posts, and this was wonderful. In addition to all the kudos, I often wonder how much rest you get with two under two🙂 It hasn’t heard your play any that I can see. I had two under three, and I did a lot of running. Loved your water shot, and your fielding is the best.

This is a great blog. You guys should convince Morse to pinch hit on here so we can know more about him. One of my fondest memories at the park this year was his when Take On Me was playing and he was on the big screen smiling like a giddy school girl. It was really awesome.

I stumbled across your blog while on the SFGiants website and am hooked. I went back and read every post. Your love of your family, team mates, fans and your passion for the game is evident in each posting (that goes for both Brandons). I feel like a better fan for reading it. Love all the insight you provide. We used to live in Danville but were transferred to Atlanta a few years back. Still follow the Giants exclusively. When the Giants are in town, we’re at every game. We go hours early to watch BP. So glad you swept them here (in ATL) this year! Last year, we were at the last game in the series and my daughter held up a poster that said, “May I have your autograph please? I’ve been trying for 3 days!” You read it when you were walking toward the dugout and came over and signed her ball. You really made her day! Thanks for that!

I love how perfectly the different personalities mesh together, making for the most enjoyable team to watch on the field and off. I hear your little girls will soon have a Baby Belt to drool over. I can just imagine the play dates. So cute! Congrats on the awesome start to your season.

Thanks for all the info on the little rituals and things that go on inside the locker room…. The chemistry of the team makes you guys so much fun to watch. The wives, the kids, the dogs, love it all! Bought my daughter in law a signed Crawford ball the last game we went to, she loved it!

Love the glimpses into the clubhouse your blog provides! It’s also nice to know that rules aren’t so carved in stone that exceptions cannot occur, ie, your family hitching a ride back to SF on the team plane. Things like that can make an enormous difference in team morale and trust in management. It sounds as if you all are having a wonderful time in your lives and I hope it continues. We love the wins, but we know there will be losses along the way. We love all of you either way!

Brandon, I,m an old guy who has been a Giant’s fan and folower since My fist game at Seals stadium. Your steady demeanor and fantastic skills at short may just get you to the hall of fame someday. Enjoy your off the field insights and hope they keep Tyler Colvin, Especially now that I’ve seen his dog.

Hi Brandon! I went to the game versus the Chicago Cubs yesterday. I really like your player photo. If Brandon Belt is a Baby Giraffe, I think you should be a Baby Lumberjack!

Thanks for a great game!
Lulu Mae

Enjoying your blogging as always! Always interesting insights, fun stuff to learn about the players and in the clubhouse. Thank you!

Maybe you can share the four songs after the season is over?

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Great post!!!! Gotta go with what’s working no matter how crazy it is! I love this team! It seems like you guys all mesh well together! And I think that makes for a winning team! Love watching you play, Brandon! You make such incredible plays!!! And you make it look easy! You’re the BEST!!!! Good luck tonight! Can’t wait til game time!

BC – thanks for the post. I really admire the way you play the game and have a question about how you maintain your calm while being so competitive. For instance, you have to be considered a favorite to win a Gold Glove this year – and I really hope you do – you deserve it. You make so many difficult plays look easy, and as a competitor, I know you believe you should make every play hit near you. So how do you shake off the rare instance when you commit an error and not let it impact you the rest of the game? I mean, it has to make you mad, so what do you do with those feelings so they don’t prevent you from making the next play or having a good next at bat?

Best of luck on this road trip.

I don’t comment often but I really enjoy the blogs. Wish all the players logged. What happened to the White Shark blog? I too would like to know how our batters would do against our pitchers.

Tyler Colvin’s dog is gorgeous!!!
Another great blog, Brandon! Love hearing about all of you guys. I would suggest Lincecum change something up like the cowboy boot thing. Honestly, I would say he needs to grow up and ditch the hoodie! Quit acting like a dang gangsta. You’re a man not a kid anymore, Tim.
Keep up the great hitting, Brandon. Your defense is ridiculous, too. All-star!!!

If you don’t get a golden glove award this year I will be shocked…. Thank you for sharing this info with us fans..keep up the good work🙂

I had the pleasure of sitting with all of your girls today on a flight down to Southern California. All are beautiful, all were happy, and the babies with the best traveling babies I’ve ever seen. I did feel a little like a stalker, because I know so much about them due to this blog. But it was nice to meet the woman who holds the Crawford family together! Keep up the good work on the field — you have been amazing to watch, especially the last couple of weeks. We love seeing you on MLB play of the week!

Brandon, you are more and more exciting to watch every game. I am so proud of you. The way you share yourself here is very good, and, yes, I’ll say it, touching. Keep on young man. Your are on fire!

I love reading the Brandon Blogs! They make us fans feel so connected to the team. Keep ’em coming!

Thanks for your post Brandon! Love hearing about you and your cute family. Go giants⚾️⚾️

Always enjoy reading the blogs, it’s always fun to read about you guys. What great results for the auction! Love the picture of Tyler Colvin’s dog.

Thank you Brandon Crawford for signing splash hit #66 for me!!!! I will treasure that ball and some day I hope to display it at AT&T Park when the Giants do a McCovey Cove Splash Hit display.

I am the unofficial historian of McCovey Cove and only 2 hitters (Barry Bonds and Pablo Sandoval) have ever hit 3 splash hits in a season. You just need one more splash hit this season and you are in the group of three!🙂

It was your career HR #21 and 21 is a special number for me as Roberto Clemente was one of my childhood favorites and he wore that number.

For the record, I went to UCLA before you were born! Go Bruins!

Please tell Brandon Belt to get better quickly as us kayakers want him to “Brandon” the Cove too!

Another great blog. Do you read all the comments us, fans, leave? Love reading about the superstitions. How bum really was Hunter when his scooter got jacked? Can’t wait for Brandon weekend! Hopefully you answer my question, then I’ll know for sure you so read all the comments haha take care! Go Giants!!

Way to go Boch! That would be totally miserable, and that would definitely have been hard/distracting for you to leave them there…good call.
Hahaha I love all the little pre game routines, everyone is different, but it totally works.
From one nanny to another…tell Mechaela to enjoy your sweet little girls. Watching them grow up will be so much fun.

He’s the professor!

Good win today! When the season is over, hopefully it runs into October, could you give us the name of the songs? Thanks and keep on winning. Go Giants!

Love hearing about all the clubhouse rituals. Disappointed that you won’t share what songs you play, but I can’t argue since your season is going so well!

I have a couple of questions for you…

Of your plays as a Giant which one are you most proud of?
If you were not playing Baseball as your career, what would be your career of choice?

Another great post Mr. C, I’m loving these little tid bits of some of my favorites players, you guys make it easy to love you guys like family and care for all your adventures.

Thank you Brandon for another great post. You don’t have to do it but you and Beltdo and your fans really appreciate it. My 13 year old daughter just adores you. Has the black t-shirt that has your name and number in it, watches the games with my husband and I just to catch a glimpse of you. How could I get an autographed picture of you to give to her? She would absolutely flip out to receive it. A few years back, it was Matt Cain t-shirt day and she was hoping with all her mite that you would have signed it for her that day. Luckily, she was able to get Belt’s signature but something with your signature would send her into orbit. Speaking of Belt, I absolutely LOVE the commercial airing of the two of you and Affeldt. Now with Hicks on board, are there plans to do a commercial with all 3 Brandon’s? Thanks again for keeping us fans up to date with all the fun you guys have and for giving us an insiders view into your life outside of baseball. I’ve never really thought about family life, that the families have to fly separately. Bochy allowing Jalynne and the girls to fly on the team plane was a class act! Being the mother twins and an older sibling, when they were your girls age, we never left the house, for Jalynne and the girls to join you, even with a Nanny, blows my mind…major kudos to her! WTG on tonight’s win…this season is amazing, you guys are really clicking, keep it up, I for one am having so much fun watching you all play…GO GIANTS ⚾️⚾️⚾️

I agree with you, there really does seem to be a different vibe with the team this year. Was it the off-season rest? The new blood? Whatever it is, keep it up! I’m so glad that Panda found something to lift his spirits. Cowboy boots! Who’d have ever thought that would do it! Ha! Gotta love Bumgarner for giving him his own pair. You all really do pick each other up! Love it! Go Giants.

Speaking of music, what kind of music is your favorite?

Please please please post a group photo of everyone wearing their helmets! Will everyone on the team eventually get one? Do you get to pick or is that up to Morse and Hunter? It would be great to see fans joining the fun and coming to games with their own versions. Please?

Great post. I love hearing the inside story of how you guys get along in the clubhouse. I think the Giants have something really special, and I’m glad to be a part of it. As a romance writer, I especially love hearing about how you and Jalynne keep your romance alive.

Great to hear about the auction totals – way to go wives! And a big way to go to Bochy for letting the girls hitch a ride on the team plane!
The cowboy boots are such a funny story- Amy G has reported it more than once, including a video of the dug out shoe swap and dance. You are right …. ridiculous – but hey – whatever works! haha To quote another Brandon – you can’t buy chemistry!🙂

Stay Humble, True and Classy and try not to have big heads Giants/Brandons Team and Baseball God will guide you All to another Championship run.

Love to hear about you guys! Thanks for writing, Brandon! And Pablo looks awesome in the dugout in those cowboy boots!! Stay hot Pablo and GO GIANTS!! Woohooo!!

Can you sing? Or have you attempted? Hahaha DJs are awesome! Whatever those four are I hope to add them on to my SFGiants PLAYLIST🙂 (after the season) GOOD LUCKKKKKKKK

-Island Gurl

Hey Brandon,
I love reading your posts. I look forward to it every time and am a huge fan of yours.
I have a few questions:
If you didn’t end up a MLB star, what do you think you would have done for a career? Once you retire (a long time away I know), what would be your dream job? Do you ever give away your baseball bats or only when they break? I’ve been dying to get one! Thanks in advance for your time.

Also, what was your all time best Halloween costume? Jessie and the Rippers?🙂

thanks for the post BC! good luck on the next game!

If Pablo had to pick a lucky item, I think this is better than a repeat of Huff’s red rally thong…… Thanks for sharing so much with the fans.

Maybe you all need cowboy boots! Lol I can imagine MadBum wouldn’t want anyone wearing his boots. Cowboys are like that. Whatever works cause you guys are doing great. I’m proud to be a Giants fan cause you guys are a class act. Good that Jalynne has some help with the girls since you have to be away quite a bit and nice that it will make it easier to travel…..except when the planes don’t cooperate. It was good of Bochy to take pity on them and let them fly with the team. GO GIANTS!

I’m going to have to ask that AFTER the season you share your songs!!! PLEASE!!! Keep being the BEST SS in baseball and enjoy all your girls:)

If we were to blog as fans, we would tell you that it is so much fun to watch you guys have fun again. The chemistry on the team is not bought, it is legit. Doesn’t suprise me in the least that Boch gave the ok to your family. Giants family extends beyond the dugout. GO GIANTS

Thanks for sharing. Always fun to read you guy’s blogs. Will see you guys next Sunday at the Park =)

Just stumbled upon this blog and I love it! So great to see my favorite players providing insights into the clubhouse and their personal lives. Keep up the great work on and off the field! Go Giants!

Is Tu Pac and Snoop’s Gangsta Party apart of your playlist? Because I thought it was awesome background music during Bochy’s post-game interview lol… You guys are awesome, The Giants’ energy is so electrifying it shows on the field!

Love reading your blog. I am a P-Town lifer and my kids went to Foothill also. You visited my Grandson’s elementary class earlier this year. He was excited. Colvin’s dog looks like an Entlebucher. My good friends have a couple. Keep up the great fielding and your season work.

Do you guys use alternative medicine for some of the injuries? Like acupuncture? I use accupunture anytime I have a nerve pain issue, for my back or migraines. If you don’t, you guys should! It works wonders and is non-invasive.

You guys are killing it! Keep up the good work!!! Love being a Giants fan!

Brandon: I have a question: how did the new home run celebration you guys do in the dugout get started (the one where you all point into the air with both hands) and what are you chanting when you do it? Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun and that’s awesome.

Hey Brandon! I was wondering if you would make a post talking about all the different tattoos of the guys on the team. I’ve always been curious about what some of their tattoos are and why they got them.

Hey Brandon, do us all a favor a shave Baby Brandon(Posey)’s beard for us. I’m so proud to be a Giants fan, especially this season when we currently have twice the amount of wins than losses! Brandon is doing fantastic this season and I hope we can ride this momentum to the 2014 World Series. Oh and I should be at the Nationals game on Wednesday and it’d be great if you could kick some ass for us.
I don’t really know how to end this so keep it up!
-Claire L.

I finally got to go to Spring Training this year and as disappointed we only got to see you once for a DH on March 20😦 Then is as split squad on Sunday, March 22…talk about disappointed. I had my one-of-a-kind Crawford Orange Giants Friday shirt on! WHAAA…We’ll be down for the ring ceremony on the 18th…can’t wait to add the 2014 to my ring collection!! Win or Lose love the GIANTS!

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