Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt

I’ve got news. I’ve been sitting on it since January, waiting for the right time, which seems to be now. There will soon be a baby Baby Giraffe. Haylee is six months’ pregnant, so there is no hiding her belly any more. The baby is due in September. We already know it’s a boy.

We’re really excited. We know we’ll be getting lots of advice from teammates and their wives. We might even listen to some.

It’s been two weeks today since my surgery. It’s kind of driving me nuts not to play. Someone asked me on Twitter on a scale of 1 to 10 how much I wanted to get back into the lineup and I said a million. I love watching baseball, and we’re winning, so that part is great. But in the dugout, because I don’t have anything else to do, I’m talking a lot more. I need to shut up. No one’s told me to shut up, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. The more I watch, the more I want to play. And the more it drives me nuts.

Morse is doing a great job at first. He’s an athlete. You heard about him tossing the ball in the dugout and hitting my broken thumb? He was throwing it to one of the clubhouse guys, but it bounced, hit the dirt and came toward me. I was on Vicodin at the time, soon after my surgery. So my reflexes were a little slow and my coordination was a little off. I waved my right hand at the ball to bat it away, and I completely missed it. And it happened to go right where my thumb was. That did not feel good. I spent a little time in the clubhouse until the thumb stopped throbbing. When I returned to the dugout, I put a batting helmet over it.

Right after the injury, I watched a couple of games on TV. I thought it would be weird. But, it was weird only in that it wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be. I felt like I had done this before, and I realized why. Sometimes I’d get home from a game and CSN would be showing a replay, and I’d watch some of it. So that’s what it felt like when I watched live games. Of course, the best part of watching any Giants game is listening to Kruk and Kuip. My family back home won’t watch any Giants broadcast if Kruk and Kuip aren’t doing it.

I’m getting a little better at using my ring finger and middle finger as a kind of claw to grip a fork to eat. I tried eating with my right hand and it wasn’t pretty. Haylee has to help me with my socks and tying my shoes. She’s in Mom Mode, taking good care of me.

A couple of movie reviews. (Thanks for saying you missed them!)

Godzilla: It’s a little long and kind of confusing at first. I was like, “I don’t know what’s going on right now.’’ But I liked the story line. Godzilla is kind of a good guy in this movie. You kind of like him at the end. It’s a different perspective.

Two and a half stars.

About Time: It stars Rachel McAdams and some British guy. The men in his family have always been able to travel back in time. They can even travel back to a memory and change it if they want to. They can do whatever they want. It’s kind of a like a normal Rachel McAdams movie like The Notebook and The Time Traveler’s Wife. So I wasn’t expecting much. But I really, really liked it. It hit on a lot of emotions. It was funny. It was sad. It kind of makes you appreciate the people you have in your life. I just really liked it. Of all her movies, it’s the best one. Haylee fell asleep. We started watching it late at night, she just couldn’t stay awake.

Three and a quarter stars. (I’d give it three and a half, except I’m just not crazy about the romance/chick-flick genre of movies.

Neighbors: I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out since December. I think I had built it up too much because I was kind of disappointed. It didn’t meet my expectations. I thought it was funny but not as funny as I thought it was going to be. It was kind of stupid, really.

2 stars

Thanks for welcoming all the guest bloggers. I’ll jump in now and then. In the meantime, I’m working hard to get back on the field as soon as I can. Thanks for all the encouragement!


-Brandon B.


Congrats to the both you! How exciting!

Congratulations on little Brandon Junior, because what ELSE could you possibly name him? Really happy for you and Haylee, and it’s nice you have something else to think about while you’re recovering. We really miss you, but thanks for sharing the happy news!

Congratulations on the new baby! You will love being a daddy.

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you and Haylee! I will be praying that everything goes great! You are going to be such a good dad clearly shown by your love for your dog. I am so happy to have you back on the blog because I missed your movie reviews and was curious how your hand was! Last year at The Melt I told you that I picked my movies from your reciews and you said you would keep doing it so that makes me happy! If you ever want to tweet me and see what I thought haha Im right here at @wiseralexa Best wishes and I cannot wait to see you back on the field!!

Wow congrats ! Good poker face when the fan at Fan Fest in Feb. asked if you would be starting a family soon !

OMG OMG OMG How exciting!!! I know you’re both going to be great parents. I’m going to run and tell my daughter. A baby boy Baby Giraffe! Now that’s good news. And yes, all of us Giant fans in Tucson miss you-so please stay away from dangerous objects, namely Affeldt-he’s a magnet for trouble!
So excited for you both.

Wonderful news on the expansion of your family. Best to you and Haley. Here’s to a quick recovery too!

Congratulations on the baby baby giraffe!! Yes, Morse is doing a good job, but we still miss you! Maybe you’ll be rehabbing with the Grizzlies when we go to the Rivercats game in Sacramento in July

Congratulations on your player to be named later. Wishing you and Haylee all the best.

Congratulations on being a Daddy. Take it easy on that thumb. Looking forward to seeing you back on the diamond.

Oh boy, a baby Baby Giraffe! Your life will never be the same. It will be more frustrating and wonderful and amazing and confusing than anything you have ever experienced. Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for the movie review. Don’t miss “Chef”. Best movie so far this year. even Haylee will enjoy. Did I hear date night mentioned?

How exciting!!!! Congrats to both of you…. Enjoy your time together for sure!!! and be ready for everything!!!! Also wait for all the baby giraffe toys that you will receive!!!
from all the fans….

Awesome news PAPA Giraffe!!! Congrats Brandon!

Congratulations to you and Haley!! Can’t wait to meet baby Brandon!

Congratulations to you and Haylee on the new addition to the Giants family!

Wow congrats on the news of Haylee’s pregnancy! Excited for you:). Glad you are taking care of yourself and looking forward to you returning as soon as you can! Thanks for the movie reviews – helpful😄👍

I’ve been hoping for this wonderful news!!! Congrats to you both. Poor Hayley…that is going to be one long baby!!! I’m really looking forward to Brandon and Brandon weekend. Love the commercial…”ours”. Cracks me up every time. I hope you will be back on the field by then. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery and a healthy baby baby giraffe. 😍

Congrats Belt Family!! Such exciting news!! That’s one lucky baby! I agree about Kruk & Kuip! They’re the best! Happy to hear from you again!

Congratulations to you and Haylee!

Have you considered naming your son Leather?

….Leather Belt?


Congratulations!! Parenting is the best thing in the world! Glad to hear you are getting better, we miss you out on the field.

Haylee and Brandon — congratulations! You are going to be wonderful parents, and I only hope you two get eough sleep in September and October. Be sure and treat your doggie with extra attention when the new baby gets home. Your family is growing!

Brandon, of _course_ we miss you! You don’t think anybody else could take your place, do you? Get well as quickly as possible. Everybody misses you and hopes to see you on the field soon.

Congrats, again!

Congrats to you and Haylee!!! This year WORLD SERIES BABY”!!

Congrats in the baby boy!!

someone TOTALLY asked about a baby baby giraffe at fanfest! hehe.
anyway, congrats to you and haylee! very happy for you two.

and good hearing from you, brandon. we’ve missed your blogging amongst the pinch-bloggers (no offense to them of course!).

Wow! Congratulations! SO HaPpY for you and Haylee!!! You’re going to be such a fun Dad. Can’t wait to see your little guy in a baby Baby Giraffe hat at the park! Hope you’re on the mend because we sure miss watching you play. Thanks for writing because it was fun to hear from you again.


Our family is beyond thrilled for you and Haylee!! You are missed on the field and the batter’s box, but love your commercials and seeing you in the dugout. Read as many parenting books as you can during your recovery time, you won’t get this time again, so take advantage. Books or no, you will be an incredible dad! Thanks for writing the great news!!

We all knew this wonderful news was coming!! Congrats to you, Hayley and your families! Everyone must be ecstatic! And a boy at that….Between yours and Tyler Colvin’s bb, it’s gonna be a lot of sleepless nights for YOU boys! Better get used to those short hours now🙂 Keep those movie reviews coming! Gonna see ‘Maleficent’ this Friday…can’t wait to hear your take on it! Take care of that special gal of yours and waiting for the day we see you back on that first base soon!

Congratulations on your wonderful baby giraffe news !!!! How sweet. You two seem like such a wonderful couple. Enjoy the sweet ride!🙂

Congratulations Brandon and Haylee! What great news! You must be over the moon having a boy first. I’ll bet you’ll have more, you both seem like you’ll be great parents, coming from strong close-knit families. I always look forward to the Family Softball game before one of the day games, to see all the kids. It’s a real good crop, this extended Giant family! I’ve seen you in the dugout and wondered how you’re handling your rehab. Good idea to keep your thumb covered too. I miss seeing you at first and at bat but the 2014 Giants are the most unselfish and most team focused. You’re going all the way again, I just feel it in my bones…just like 2010 and 2012. I share your appreciation for Kruk and Kuip. They’re part of the best broadcast team in MLB, including the camera crew. I never feel slighted watching from home. Hey, I’m 5-4 this season (5-2 in April and 1-2 in May) on my way to at least 30 games this season. Keep up the good rehab and enjoy this time with Haylee. September 4th is an off-day but between series in Denver and Detroit. If she’s on time you’ll probably miss some games but that’s the way it should be. Take care and keep up the good rehab. Oh, liked the movie reviews. I’ve only seen About Time and enjoyed it too.

Congratulations!!!! A boy first is the best…. Can’t wait until you come back and play again… Take care

Congratulations!!!! A new Baby Giant! Please get better soon! We miss you!

Congrats to both you and Haylee, can’t wait to see the little one running the field in a few years. Thanks for sharing the great news with us.


CONGRATS!!!! That’s so exciting! Get well soon Brandon!

So happy!! Congratulations!! Just in time for a father day gift!

Congrats on the new baby giraffe! So excited for you both.
Good luck on the rehab with your thumb. I work in rehab (I’m a physical therapist assistant), so I know it can be rough.
As for movies, I just came back from watch x-men: days of future past. I hope you watch it, and love it as much as I did.

Congrats Brandon! Your baby is going to be a Virgo and they’re the best! Can’t wait to hear what you think about Xmen! After you have your kid, ask Posey if he’d trust you to watch the twins!

Huge congratulations to you and Haylee from a long time fan from sah Jode xxx

Congratulations to you and Haylee! Glad to hear your thumb is improving and can’t wait to see you back out on the field!

Congrats on your new baby arrival!! Hope to see you back on the field by end of June.

Congratulations to you both! We always need more Giants fans (and future team members)!

Congratulations on the terrific news!! Can’t wait till you get back in the lineup. Heal fast! 🙂

Congratulations on Baby Belt!!!! That is fantastic news. Will sure be glad when you get back out on the field. Take good care and hurry back!

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations – the Esparza’s hope for a healthy lovely baby boy and for Haylee to enjoy a successful pregnancy and delivery for both your baby and her. Enjoy every second it goes by really fast. Boy the Brandon’s can start a coed baseball league with all these babies coming.

Congratulations! Your news is awesome! Glad to have you back blogging! Heal quickly!!!!!

Brandon, your blogs are always so entertaining! And now such exciting news! Congrats to you and Haylee and your impending Baby Giraffe ! Playoffs will be very interesting for you this year!

Congratulations on your new little Belt. September may be a very exciting month for many reasons. Hopefully, your thumb will be all healed, and you’ll be belting som ball again-I couldn’t resist that! Hope all goes well.

So happy for you and Haylee! I see a little league in your future! I purchased your basket in the Giants fundraiser. Haylee did a great job. My son was very excited, wore your batting gloves in his little league playtoff game. He had been in a slight slump after hitting .700 during the season. Didn’t really help but he had fun and the team won! I think they may have been a bit large for a 14 year old:)
Thanks from a fellow East Texan!

Congratulations on the news of a baby Belt on the way. Having a child is the most rewarding gift ever. My family misses seeing you on the field. Hope to see you back soon.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can’t wait to see back on the field – but a new baby is even better news, in the big scheme of things.

Congrats!!! Best advice I ever got as a parent: when your baby won’t stop crying, drive him around until he sleeps. And if he still won’t sleep, at least your spouse gets some rest while you are out driving the boy. Have fun (if not sleep), it’ll be one of the best things in your life, I guarantee it.

Thanks for the movie review. I was on the fence about About Time, but now I’ll have to check it out. I wanted to see Neighbors but now maybe I’ll just wait to Redbox it.

I heard on the radio from Krukow that oftentimes players benefit from being forced to sit down and watch the games, like you are, and that they get insights about the game, how to play the game. You don’t need to share secrets, if it’s that good, but I was wondering if you found that to be true or not.

Congrats on the baby giraffe! I think you have the right idea on the advice you’ll get. Listen politely and then do what feels right. There will be some tough days and nights but try to keep in mind that it won’t be that way for long…..I think there’s a country song with some lyrics like that but it’s so true. Time goes by quickly and it gets worse the older you get. Thanks for the movie reviews. Get better soon!

Congrats on the good news. I cant wait to see you back in a Giants Uni. keep hanging in there buddy.

I appreciated the guest bloggers. Good idea. Glad to have you back. Congratulations on the baby.

Congrats to you and Haylee! Can’t wait to see pictures!

When Haylee was writing about there not being many wives with young children to deal with like Jaylynn has to, I remember thinking that Haylee’s next. Glad to know that my intuition wasn’t wrong. Congratulations to both of you. Exciting times are ahead!

Congratulations to you and Haylee! So awesome that there will be a baby Baby Giraffe.

That’s fantastic news about the baby….congratulations to you and Haylee! Better get that thumb rehabbed for holding the new baby giraffe! It’s so exciting right now….the team is just playing amazing ball! Hurry and heal soon…the fans all miss you!

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Congratulations on Baby Giraffe. So excited for you both!!! Get better soon.

Congratulations to you and Haylee! You both seem like you would be great parents! I Can’t wait to see you back on the field… cuz how else are you going to get 80 HRs this season! Morse is giving you a run for your money but I still think you’ll come out on top!


Just wanted to say I love the movie reviews! Keep them coming! I liked Godzilla, but similar to you and Neighbors, I let my expectations get too high for Godzilla, so I was a bit disappointed. But it’s still a very well-done film. I’d recommend it to anyone. I’ve heard About Time is good, but I’m not really interested in seeing it. Too chick flick-y. I wanna see Neighbors, too bad your expectations ruined it a bit for you. Glad to hear it was at least funny. Watch Noah! That’s a great movie.

Great job at keeping a secret! Congratulations on baby baby giraffe to be! So excited for both of you. Will hold off on the advice for now as I’m sure you’re getting it from everyone. Hope you heal quickly and get back to us. I really miss seeing you at first base. Thanks for keeping us updated while you’re out. Take care.

Congratulations on Baby Belt!

Congratulations! I am really happy for you both… Sooo glad that I found the blog and will continue reading it. Thank you for sharing your life, something I always wanted to know. Hurry back!

So many congrats to you and Haylee!! That is so cool.🙂

Congratulations! We had our first baby last September. You’ll find parenthood will change your and your wife’s lives…some changes are easier to deal with than others. Im sure you and Haylee have certain habits and routines…just be patient and flexible esp with each other. And with your Sept baby start buying some long-sleeved tops/onesies. The ones that have cuffs that fold over the hands are the best because the little ones scratch and their little nails are so hard to clip sometimes. Ok enough with the advice. You’ll get plenty so take in the ones that work best for you guys. Enjoy enjoy! And get well soon Daddy-to-be! We miss our Baby Giraffe!

Many blessings on Baby Belt! I think that this image is perfect for the occasion:

Congratulations! Being born on Sept. 2nd I can say he will love having a three day weekend near his bday for the rest of his life! Maybe he’ll be early😉

Congratulations!!!! Having been born Sept 2nd I can tell you he will love having a three day weekend near his bday for the rest of his life! Maybe he’ll be born a few days early and share the 2nd😉

Awesome news, Brandon!!! So happy for you and Hayley! Was wondering when there would a Little Baby Giraffe making an appearance! Yeah!! Hurry back as soon you are able! We miss you! Mike is doing a fine job but I want you BOTH in the lineup!!!!

Congratulations!!! Very exciting! Prayers for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby! Any ideas on names? You two must consider Brandon Jr.!🙂

i’m so happy for you both! give haylee our regards and best wishes for the pregnancy. this is so exciting and i’m just kind of beside myself🙂 if he’ll be just like his dad, he’ll turn out wonderful. i love you guys.

So so happy for you guys. Biggest congrats and get well soon!

OMG CONGRATS ON THE BABY BABY GIRAFFE. He’s gonna be a total stud, i can see it now lol. I loved Godzilla, i wouldve given it four stars, i guess you’re a tougher critic than i am lol. Get well soon !

Congrats Brandon! Can’t wait to see if the little one is going to look like a giraffe too! And get better quick, us belt fans miss you!

Congratulations- I bet you will both be wonderful parents!!

Congrats to you and Haylee! Such exciting news to hear! Can’t wait for you to be back on the field! Kruk and Kuip are the best! Its definitely hard watching games when they aren’t broadcasting!
Sending you good thoughts for a speedy recovery!


I thought you were acting more awkward than usual when asked at FanFest about starting a family! Congratulations to you both!

Congrats Brandon! 🎉 That’s exciting news!!!🙂 keep up your spirits and we all know you will be back at it soon enough.

Congratulations to you and Haylee, and thanks for sharing the news with your fans! Wishing you a healthy and happy baby baby giraffe…

Crawford’s girls are going to be all over your little boy!

Congratulations on the baby giraffe! I am so excited for you!

Brandon ,

Thanks for the news and congrats on the upcoming birth of your son! We all know you wish you were out on the field with your teammates, but right now, that’s not gonna happen. No disrespect to Morse, who’s doing a pretty great job filling in for you, but I’m gonna feel a little bit better having your glove and experience back there for the stretch run. Keep working hard. We need you back there at full strength.

It’s great to see the Giants off to such a great start. Rest up, rehab and we’ll see you back out there sooner than you think.

A fan

Awesome news about the baby! Having a baby around will strengthen your immune system, so you should not be getting sick next Spring! We miss you at 1st and your bat of course, but you’ll come back stronger than ever…….praying for a speedy recovery for you!

Ah that’s so exciting for you two! Congratulations Brandon and Haylee!!! I was reading your blog title and was like “baby baby giraffe? What does that mean?” That’s so awesome. I sure do miss watching you play at first base. It’s weird seeing Morse there or Posey there for too long. I’m glad to hear you’re healing is comin along. When do you think you’ll be back??? Hopefully by June 28, Brandon weekend (maybe that’s asking too much too soon?) I’m gonna buy tickets for my boyfriend’s 30th bday. I’m really hoping you’ll be playing then. Team Brandon are my fave (it’s ok, my boyfriend has accepted the fact I’m a huge Belt fan haha)
One more question, which specific Melt’s make the Belt Melt? Not all Melt’s make it apparently (very lame and inconvenient). Congrats again on the baby boy!🙂

OMG!!!! I am so excited and happy for you and Haley!!!! Hopefully ur thumb is getting a lot better!!! ;))) Finally a real baby Baby Girrafe on the way!!!!🙂

Kruk is always saying, “When you’re on the DL it’s like you’re not on the team. You don’t get to participate or contribute and nobody feels sorry for you.” I’m sure that is true in the dugout and in the clubhouse but for us on the outside we’re hanging on every scrap about you guys and you can contribute hugely your fans. We’re lucky to have an experienced Morse to fill in until you get back but we need you big time and eagerly await your return. Congrats on the littlest giraffe to be and keep us posted even if only a quick hello.

Congratulations Dad!!! The team is doing great, really proud of them…BUT, you are missed SO much! Just not the same without you! Going on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks, but have mt At Bat ready on iPhone and IPad! GO GIANTS!

Congrats on the new Belt addition. Get the thumb back to working as fast as you can. We miss you! 😍

Awwwwwww!! How exciting and adorable! Congrats to you and the Mrs.

Glad to hear your rehabbing is going well. Morse is definitely doing a nice job filling in right now, but ain’t nothing like the real thing! We miss you out there completing those special Brandon double-plays!

Thank you for blogging. Congrats to you and the misses and the rest of your family. A baby, baby Giraffe (lol) what a blessing!!! I love the way you kinda casually put that out there. So mello! Can’t wait to get your steadiness back on the field and back on your home run march. Morse has done a good job but so has Posey, and I think I remember Hector playing a couple of innings over there, too. The club is built very flexible like that. But more than once I have seen where one more home run threat in the lineup could have made it very tough for the pitcher. Well, the truth is that you are missed so get back as fast as you can. The team needs to settle into its identity so it will be ready for the challenging days ahead. Thanks again for blogging. Go Giants!!!

Congratulations, Brandon! Great news – fatherhood changes your whole perspective (I have five kids of my own)! I hope the thumb is coming along nicely, also. It’ll be great to have you back in the lineup, but your teammates are picking up the slack so far. Go Giants!

Congrats to you and Haylee!!! So exciting!! A baby boy Belt-you will be a great dad and Haylee a great mom. Glad your surgery was a success and that rehab and healing are going well. Just know that you are a very important part of the team and that We Miss You!!!

It’s not difficult to picture you two as patents! Baby Giraffe will be the highlight of your lives!!!! I can only imagine the glow on your faces!!! Surely miss you at first base, but hopefully rehab will go smoothly and you will return as soon as possible. Our grandson (whose baseball you signed while in Lufkin) and our son will be in SF to see you play on July. That was Grayson’s request for his birthday! They are both excited about the trip and can hopefully get to see his favorite player….YOU! Love to Haylee….she will be such an awesome mom, and you will never stop your smiling after he is born!!

Congratulations……………no advice from this Grandma Gamer babe……..just love that little one and enjoy your happiness. Miss you on first base……….nothing compares to the “Brandon& Brandon Symphony” when the two of you make those awesome plays.

Congrats to you and Haylee. For the last two World Series – Affelt’s wife gave birth to his two boys now it’s time for you to keep the tradition going! A boy for the Series!

Great blog Brandon. Congratulations on the arrival of your new son!! It’s an exciting time and September babies, whether Virgos or Libras, are AWESOME! (I’m a Libra, LOL).

I enjoyed your movie reviews. Felt the same way about a couple of those movies too. Can’t wait for the release of “1 Million Ways to Die In The West.” You’ll have to do a review!

We can’t wait to get you back in the line up!! Good vibes being sent your way for your continued recovery.


Congratulations on the baby baby G and on your recovery, BB! It’s good to hear from you, but I also enjoyed the fill-ins. Heal fast! MM is amazing at first but we miss you there, too.

Yay!!!!! Congrats!! That is such exciting news!
It’s good to hear your doing well! I’m sure everyone understands where you’re at so I doubt they will tell you shut up until you can start to practicing again.
I’ve always wondered if the team listened to Kruk and Kuip. I love them! It’s torture to watch any other broadcast.
I hope you continue to heal quickly!

Congratulations Brandon & Haylee! That’s awesome news! Glad to hear you are doing well! You’ll be back in the lineup before you know it. Definitely love listening to Kruk & Kuip! They are the best for sure!

Congrats Brandon and Haylee! I’m wondering if you’ll follow the Crawford’s rule for naming their kids by combining your names together. Hmmmm….if you were having a girl she could be Braylee and for a boy maybe Haydon? Branhay and Donlee just don’t cut it. HaHa! Looking forward to having you back on the field. Love the blog.

Great news! Congratulations Haylee and Brandon!!

glad to hear you are doing well, and now are adding to the giants family. maybe name him after your SS pal, brandon crawford ?

Congrats on the little one. So exciting, and Brandon hurry back soon. We all miss you on first

So thrilled for you and Haylee! Congratulations.

Congratulations to you and Haylee! Awesome news…..Take care of yourself…we miss you!

Congratulations to both of you! Your lives will never be the same – in a good way. And we really miss you at first base; Morse is doing a fine job but he isn’t Brandon Belt!

Congrats to you and Haylee . Your pup is now going to have a buddy!!! Wow- when October comes you , Baby and Haylee are going to be busy :ON THE ROAD: WS #3…Yipee

Aww Brandon, I’m so happy for you and Haylee, congrats!!!

I totally agree about only watching Kruk and Kuip on TV. The only bad thing about the Giants in the postseason is not getting to here them call your games. (Joe Buck is the WORST!)

Looking forward to seeing you back on the field soon; hopefully just in time for All Brandon Weekend.🙂

Congrats on the new edition to your family Baby baby giraffe!!! I was wondering when it was your turn to join the daddy’s club!! Do expect some gifts from me!! The games are not the same without you Brandon!! Hope you thumb heals fast so you can start playing again!

How exciting for you!!! Congrats!! Looking forward to seeing you back in the line up again soon! GO GIANTS!!! 🙂

Baby baby Giraffe! Awesome! Best wishes to you and Haylee!🙂

Come on, you’ve been sitting on this news so you could win the comment competition!😉 Congratulations to you and Haylee!! Also way to break the girls-only streak the Giants had going there for a while!😀

Brandon B., Congrats on the start of a great Zoo! All the best on that and a speedy recovery.

Congratulations Brandon!!! How exciting to soon be adding a baby baby giraffe!!!

Congratulations! Being a parent is amazing! Can’t wait to see the baby “baby giraffe”. Get well soon. We miss you!

I like the name Brandon Brandon Belt. BB Belt.

Love reading your fantastic news…..Congratulations to you both!!

Congratulations on the impending arrival of your new tiny overlord.

And get well soon!

Congrats Brandon for you and your wife on this new path in life of being parents. It’s so rewarding and awesome. I definetvy miss to see you

Congratulations on the baby!! What an exciting time in life! I’m sure you and Haylee will make wonderful parents : )

by the way, I’m a lefty too! don’t you hate how pen ink always stains the side of your hand as you write? :p
lefties rule! hope your finger gets lots better soon

CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!!! So happy for you!!!!!

Congrats Brandon and Haylee!! It’s so exciting to be a parent especially for the first time. Can’t wait to see you on the field.

Awesome news! My wife and I are expecting our first in July. Also a boy.

Congrats!! And thank you for noticing that Godzilla was a good guy! I think he’s a cutie. Maybe you can name your baby boy Godzilla!! (Maybe not…)

Congratualtions to you and your wife! Babies are blessings! It’s very exciting becoming a parent, I have two! My 5 year old daughter, Alana, who I took to the game on Memorial Day and a 7 month old baby boy, Jonathan!

Can’t wait for your return! Go Giants!

congrats….a new life to make your family complete…

Congrats Brandon and Haylee! I just watched “About Time” as well and loved it, but I guarantee you’ll like it even more when you have a couple of kids under your, er, belt …🙂

Congrats on the baby! Miss you playing, but hope for a good recovery though and in first place! Yeah! Best record in baseball!

Brandon, Thanks for sharing your wonderful news and for being such a genuine pro. Wishing the best for you and your family, and hoping to see you on the field again soon. You are so fun to root for! Go Giants!

Congrats to your Family! i wish all of the best to you guys! and im just gona say im the fan who is missing you LIKE CRAZY….i want to see that BIG HOME RUNS… that you could only hit with beautiful swing of yours! #TogetherWeAreGiant

this is Liisa I wanted to let you know I enjoyed those books too.

CONGRATULATIONS! Please tell Haylee to take very good care of herself and SLEEP whenever she’s tired🙂 …Believe me, when the baby arrives, sleep will become a distant memory. I’m so happy and excited for the two (soon-to-be-three) of you!

How long did it take you to type this with one hand?

Hi Brandon! My husband and I hope you get well really soon because we miss watching you! Congratulations on the baby news, so exciting!!

Take care!

Jacki and Jasin

Congratulations! Enjoy each moment because time flies by! 30 years ago today I was holding my own 4 lb 14 oz premie boy. Today he’s over six feet tall!

Yay for new babies! Congrats! Will he be Brandon Jr? You know that will almost guarantee him a spot on the Giants team one day. 😉
Here! Here! for Kruk & Kuip! They are awesome! So are Jon and Dave. I love watching/listening to them on Giants Post Game Wrap.
We miss you Brandon! Hope your recovery is quick so you can get back out there and GO YARD!

Congratulations!! Wishing you both the best!

Congratulations to you both!! So happy for you! Miss you Brandon can’t wait till you’re back in the line up. Tell Haylee to take good care of herself.

Best news ever

Now that you hang out in the dugout more, you need to stay away from Affeldt. Don’t want his clutz curse to rub off on you!!!!!

Congrats on the Baby News!!! Heal fast we miss you on First….

Wonderful news! Congratulations to you and Haylee! Good to see you on here, too, and hopefully you’re back on the field soon.

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Congratulations to you and Haylee!!! That is awesome news!!

We all can’t wait till you’re back in the game as well…but don’t rush it and risk addl injury!

Congratulations the only joy bigger than being a mommy and daddy is becoming a grandparent! Relish your time with your soon to arrive son!

Congrats to yall on the new baby! Hurry up and get back on the field.

Great news for both you and Haylee. I thought it would either be a Belt baby or a Bumgarner baby that would be the next birth on the team.

I’m going to root for your son to share my birthday – the 9th. Being born on the 9th day of the 9th month would be fitting for your child.

You’re missed by the fans; thanks for blogging!

CONGRATULATIONS!! I think I may have seen you at the gas station in Alamo last Friday!!

Congrats on the next generation of Giant Giraffes. So exciting. Good to see you in the dugout even though it’s frustrating to not be in the game. We miss you, get well soon!

Congrats Belt!

Congrats on Baby Belt….Oh how exciting. You will just be over the moon in love with him.

Oh and if you are taking pinch blogging requests🙂 How about Posey? Would love to hear from him…not that you said you were but in case you wanted a suggestion.🙂

My son has been obsessed with you since he was 2. He’s now almost 5 and still argues sometimes that he is not “Jack Groves” that he is “Brandon Belt”. He screamed your name a few times in Atlanta in May and you smiled & waved. He was so excited!

Im so excited you’ll have a son of your own soon! Congratulations and get better soon!

You are going to be a father! How wonderful!

Congratulations Haylee and Brandon! Can’t have too many little giants!

Congrats on a baby boy! Hope your doing well

Congrats Brandon!!! That’s very exciting for you and your wife.🙂 Hope your recovery continues to go well… we need all our Brandons back in the line-up!!🙂

September Babies are world.series good luck, Affeldt is 3for 3, Your Wife’s name is spelled the same as my daughter’s, these are all wonderful omens for a great season. 4 Killer P ‘s , 3 Brandon ‘s, a M&M , Looking forward too your return Brandon. I do appreciate Tyler Colvin , but your the best first baseman, send M&M back too left.

I’m SO excited for you and your wife to not only bringing a baby into the world, but even better a BOY!!! I have two and while they’re a LOT of energy they are the BEST thing I’ve ever done!!! My youngest is missing you on 1st as much as me so hurry back BB!

Sounds like Haylee will be a great Mom. Other than the thumb this is a great time of life for you both. Get well soon, though. I really miss you out there.

Congrats Brandon and Haylee on the new additon to your family

Congrats to you and Haylee! I can’t wait for baby giraffe and for you to start playing again!

Congratulations to you and Mrs. Brandon. Hopefully come September the Giants will be preparing for their 3rd World Series Ring run.

Brandon, so glad to hear you are doing better and hanging in there!! All of us ( you’re fans) miss you out there on first base, but you will be proud to know Mike Morse is doing a swell job in you’re absence. Hurry back as soon as you’re thumb is well. A huge CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW BABY BOY GIRAFFE!! :))) I am so happy and thrilled for you both!! Theres no other gift greater thsn the gift of a child! God bless you and you’re wife and the new baby. Get well soon and looking forward to seeing you back! #HugsToTheBabyGiraffe ♡♡♡

Congrats to and your lovely wife. You think baseball can be tough wait until you change that first diaper. We miss you so much can’t wait until your back on first base Brandon.

What wonderful news! I’m so excited for you and proud that you are entering that next stage of married life. I know you will be a great father! I love following the stories of you and your teammates… by sharing your lives with your community, you become a part of a larger family, and there is nothing better in this world than family! Congratulations!

Congrats and go see movies now (Chef!) before baby giraffe gets here. And sleep now. A lot. It’s been fun to watch the drama at first base but am ready for you to be back. Best of luck to your whole family during these next months.

Congratulations, you two love birds! May you have the best outcomes with the birth and thumb! You’ve got a lot of fans pulling for y’all!

My mom had to have her thumb knuckle repaired. She is so dominant right that we made her practice using her left hand. You have a very patient wife, helping do those little things like socks and shoes. And because I can….who’s tying your shoes in the locker room? Sir Bam Bam?

I’m glad you have something/someone to keep your mind occupied. It’s good to stay busy with other things besides baseball. That way, when you get back in that box for the first time, you won’t have months worth of bottled up anticipation ready to burst through the flood gates. You’ll be more relaxed. I, as a fan, on the other hand will have gallons of bottled up anticipation ready to burst the flood gates when you get back in that box. No pressure, though. Get well soon and congratulations.

Congratulations! How exciting, very happy for you both. Can’t wait until you’re back.

Congratulations ! And can’t wait for you to return to first base.

Congratulations! This is a very exciting time in your lives! Looking forward to you coming back! Get well soon!😉

Congratulations on your upcoming birth. Enjoy and treasure your time together, they grow up fast. Wishing you a quick return to lineup. You are missed!

congratulations! It must be frustrating sitting in the dugout, but it makes us happy to see your face. You are missed and look forward to your return

Congratulations to you and your wife, I hope your recovery is going well you are truly missed!!

Congratulations to you and Haylee! September babies are awesome! ;o) Wishing Haylee a smooth third trimester and you a speedy recovery with your thumb! =o)

Thanks for sharing the baby baby giraffe news with us! Hope Haylee is doing well and having an easy pregnancy. Early September is a smart time to give birth, even if the Giants continue to do well and make the playoffs.

As someone also employed by the Giants, but one who must not engage any players in conversation in the hallway, just want to say it’s fun to read all the posts — they humanize you nicely, and make me glad to share that connection.

Congrats on the baby baby giraffe Brandon. Hope to see you on the field as soon as you’re 100%.

Congratulations! My wife and I are also expecting our first (a girl) in September, so I share in your excitement. Time to start planning playdates at the ballpark!😉

Congratulations! That’s awesome! Are you going to give him the best name in the whole world?

We miss seeing you out there, Belt. Rehab it so you will be ready…because this seems like another special year, and the team needs you. Such great news about your baby boy!! Congrats.

Awesome news on the baby Baby Giraffe! I’ll bet he gets a lot of giraffe toys. And his favorite animal will probably be… a seal. For Lou Seal! lol. Just kidding. It will probably be a giraffe.🙂

Congrats on the baby! That’s really exciting news. Can’t wait to go to a game! I’ll wear my Belt jersey.

Also, I’ve been wondering, I’m an adult who would love an autograph, but how do i get one without elbowing kids out of the way?

Congratulations to you both. Babies make everything better. I saw the suggestion to name hime “Leather” but I recommend “Asteroid.” By the way, do you travel with the team even when you are injured?

Congratulations to you and Haylee! Thanks for sharing the news with us and taking the time to blog. I do always enjoy your movie reviews and I might actually see “About Time” (I never really go to the movies cause it’s so expensive).

Krukow and Kuiper (woah, I typed Kruk and Kuipe and it autocorrected! Even my iPhone knows their names!) are pretty great, but I always listen on the radio and Jon and Dayve are awesome too. I don’t know if you ever get a chance to listen to them, though.

Okay, one last thing: do you think you could get Bumgarner to be the next pinch blogger? He sounds hilarious, but maybe he’s too much of a cowboy to do computers…🙂

Thanks for everything, and I’ve been wearing my giraffe hat to every game I’ve gone to since you’ve been out. Can’t wait to get you back!

You poor baby!!! Im glad your wife is taking good care of you! Miss you on the field!! Congrats on the baby!!

Hey Brandon B.- I’ve been a Giants fan since I was a kid (I’m 50 now), and I remember being pretty excited a few years back when you were being called up. A Belt! And since I have the same last name as you I couldn’t resist telling all my friends here that we were cousins.
Yeah I’ve had a lot of fun with that! Especially, being a Giants fan here in Cardinals territory (Springfield, MO).
There just aren’t a whole lot of Belt’s around are there? Congrats on the baby!

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Congrats Brandon!!! Based on one of your previous blogs I saw that you live near me in the bay, and I was wondering what some of your favorite bars and restaurants in the area are, and if there’s anywhere you’ve found particularly good food!
Going to a game in a few weeks! Hoping you will be playing:)

Belt, this team can’t wait till you get back. Time for the June Turnaround, and the July Fly! You’ll be (at) First. Keep bogging, you’re good. Thanks,

Er, previous, I meant blogging. They’re “bogged” right now, but will soon boogie!

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