Pinch-Blogging: Jalynne Crawford

I’m jumping in for Brandon today to let you know about something going on this weekend at the ballpark. I’m wondering if you could help us get the word out.


The players’ wives and girlfriends have put together “Player Favorite Things Baskets.’’ We’re auctioning them off tomorrow and Saturday to raise money for three great charities: the Giants Community Fund, The George Mark Children’s House and The Homeless Prenatal Program.


You can see the baskets and bid on them at the Community Clubhouse, which is on the Promenade Level behind home plate. (Half will be auctioned off Friday and half Saturday.) You can make bids through the first three innings of the games. There’s also an online auction ( through Wednesday, May 28)with experience packages — like lunch with Tim and Kim Hudson, Batboy for a Game, Batting Practice Experience, First Pitch and more.


Here’s what I put in Brandon’s basket: a game-used bat, a signed ball, three signed baseball cards, one men’s and one women’s signed Crawford T- shirts, Junior Mints (my dad surprises Brandon with them when he gets good hits or needs a good hit), some of his fav chocolate, Sun chips (one of his fav chips), Mountain Dew (FAV soda), crossword puzzle book (he loves doing these on his phone before bed, on the plane, in the training room with Javi Lopez while heating sore muscles before games), Hunger Games book, (he enjoys reading but doesn’t have much time anymore and he really enjoyed the movie), Starbucks gift card (loves his caramel macchiato), Cheesecake Factory gift card (one of our fav places to eat but haven’t been in a while). In past baskets I’ve included a Bible, but the store I went to was sold out. With the time constraint I couldn’t go to another place to get one😦


Here’s info on some of the other baskets:

Kristen Posey included a signed baseball, signed game-used batting gloves, two signed baseball cards, signed Giants hat, Dumb and Dumber DVD (Buster’s fav movie), BodyArmor (fav drink), jalapeño chips, Reese’s cup (fav candy) and his fav snack, beef jerky (“We are from the South!’’ Kristen says).


Jessica Morse did something really cool. She put together a regular basket, then she did one that resembles a Giants locker. It has hooks where she hung a signed pair of Mike’s game-worn cleats, a signed jersey and other cool things. Her regular basket has Mike’s fav candy bars (KitKat, Hershey’s, M&Ms), signed ball, signed batting gloves, iTunes gift card, signed baseball cars, a bottle of wine, signed bat, signed hat, an 80’s music CD, Beast Mode apparel from Fresh 22.


Mirna Blanco, Gregor’s wife, said she included signed cleats, signed bats, signed batting gloves, magazines that Gregor likes (car mags and Cosmopolitan!), and PlayStation and Wii games.


Lisa Pilgrim is David Huff’s girlfriend. Her basket has a nice bottle of red wine, signed memorabilia, iTunes gift card, a few of David’s favorite movies such as The Hangover (“He likes so many movies it’s hard to pick. He basically watched everything that comes out,’’ Lisa said), Red Vine licorice and clothes from Lululemon. (Lisa: “He’s obsessed with Lululemon. It’s ridiculous.’’)


Haylee Belt’s basket has a gift card to Olive Garden (of course!), gift card to AMC theatre, Vacation movie set, Red Bull, popcorn, a SF T-shirt, autographed game-used hat, autographed game-used batting gloves, signed baseball and Brandon’s signed pink Mother’s Day cleats.


Ali Bumgarner said her basket has a signed Giants hat, a to-go cup with a straw (a type that Madison loves), a game-used bat, a signed baseball, beef jerky, the movie Taken, an iTunes gift card, signed shirt, signed Jesus Calling Devotional book and a signed Bible.


Nicole Vogelsong must have a big basket to fit all this: signed Marucci bat, signed ball & case, SF Giants 2014 Yearbook, SF Giants Metallica Hat, SF Giants Throw Blanket, #32 Vogelstrong T-shirt, Cal Ripken Book, The Dark Knight Trilogy DVD Set, Hoosiers DVD, For Love of the Game DVD, Alter Bridge CD, King James Backpack Bible, Starbucks Travel Cup, $50 Starbucks Gift Card, $25 Under Armour Card, $25 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card, bag of Reese’s Pieces, bag of Chocolate Goji Berries, 50-pack of SF Giants Golf Tees and a 3-Pack of SF Giants Golf Balls



Hope you can help us get the word out — and maybe bid on a basket yourself! We want to raise as much as we can for these great organizations that help so many people. Thanks!

Bumgarner Auction Basket Romo Auction Basket Blanco Auction Basket Crawford Auction Basket Morse Auction Basket Hudson Auction Basket


I don’t know much about Facebook, but I have posted this there. Linked it? I don’t know, but it’s there! Always a fun thing and Giants’ wives are the best at putting together baskets to bid on. I’ll be watching these auctions long-distance and checking out the items available for bid on-line!

OMG Jalynne. Those look wonderful!! I am so touched that everyone has a bible or bible related item. I didn’t think I could love my Giants any more…but now I do! I doubt I will be able to afford one, but I wish you every success and will be praying for
loads and loads of money for your charities!!!

I’ll be at the game on Saturday. Can’t wait to bid on something!!

So wish I was going to be in the bay area for this. Everyone loves your guys, but you ladies are awesome!

Hey jaylyn!
I just wanted to say that i love what you all are doing. I think it’s really really awesome🙂 and i wish i could bid on a basket i just don’t have the money right now. I just had nose surgery so I’m recuperating by watching the giants play the rockies. Best wayto get better.🙂 And i also wanted to say that our entire family thinks Brandon is the best short stop in all of baseball. He’s incredible. Thanks for the pinch blog! Hope to hear from you again soon!

Hmmm… if I bid on and win Belt’s basket you think Haylee will lone me Brandon for the dinner and movie? He’ll be the only thing that’ll make Olive Garden tolerable.


That’s awesome and my favorite tidbits are that Blanco likes to read Cosmo(!!) and that Bum has a bad-a** movie like “Taken” AND a Bible and devotional in his basket. That is SO Bum. I should buy his basket because he and I have the same birthday (day, not year) and I’m a lefty, too.

Those baskets look awesome! And I love the basket you chose for Brandon’s, it’s so cute. 🙂

Wish I lived in the Bay Area so I could attend and bid on a basket!

So nice! Oh to be young again!

Am sure the baskets will get a lot of promo from announcers at the games, wish I had the cash to buy one — great idea, thanks for putting them together!

I am on limited budget, but I did my part by spreading the word, I shared the post on SFGiants Gamer Babes on FB. I really appreciate what the players’ wives/girlfriends are doing to raise awareness to all good causes. Thank you!

This is totally awesome! I so wish I was going to be at one of the games!! I will definitely pass on the info! It is so exciting to see you ladies pulling together to do this! It’s also really cool to see how many of them put in a bible…very cool!!

Thanks to all the wives in helping to put some money in the coffers of the Jr. Giants. It must be difficult to share your husbands with the world, as you do. Good work to support them and especially to support the children of the Bay Area.

Jalynne, of all the great baskets graciously assembled by the Giants wives, I think yours is the best by far. Well done, young lady! I’m sure someone is going to be stoked to snag your thoughtful work. Go Giants!

Sounds amazing, and a bit out of our price range. We still donate to the the stretch and glove drives so nothing but the best for your auction! The devotional bible is the one thing that would dig up to bid. My father would cherish that. 🙂

These look awesome! Maybe I’ll convince my mom to bid on one for me

Wonderful baskets, and wonderful talk about your fellow Giants’ wives. There is something wrong with that sentence. Anyway, I think Brandon’s work at short stop is all star level. I’m very glad he landed here in San Francisco!

Those baskets sound all awesome! I want them all! Haha great charity!

All of them are so cute! I hope you guys raise a lot for those awesome charities!!!🙂

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I would love to buy one of these baskets. Any chance of an online sale? Shoutout from Sydney Australia.:)

Can you switch this to instead. Thanks and go SF

What a wonderful way to celebrate your husbands and raise money for charity! I’m still hoping for a wives blog for us GamerBabes. Thanks to you and all the other wives for sharing with us on IG, Pinterest and Twitter. Go Giants!

These look and sound Awesome. Wish I wasn’t on a disability income . My son would be all over this. He’s a Giants Fanatic! We are 4 Generations of Giants fans . We Love our G Men.

Thanks for telling us about the baskets Jalynne! What an awesome project for you gals to get involved with! Love it! Wish I could be at AT&T to see the baskets in person, since I can’t – I will share, and will check them out online!🙂

Wow! Sweet baskets! Can these be bid for online?

George Mark Children’s House is a gem of an organization–I’m delighted the Giants will be supporting their efforts and publicizing them to the world! (And of course, the other causes are beyond worthy as well!🙂 )

HOW AWESOME! I am a huge Giants fan from far away (NY) but I sure wish I could be there for that! I hope you have much success and raise lots of money! Knowing those Giant fans there…I AM SURE YOU WILL!

I’m so proud of my GIANTS!!! and their fantastic ability to pick great christian wife’s and girlfriends… makes me realize this is truly the BEST baseball team in the world!

Great Baskets and Great causes you all have graciously put together. I’m sure they will raise lots of money for your organizations. Is it a bit surreal for Brandon to be signing and donating his gear as a major leaguer?..That he’s become one of the San Francisco Giants idols he used to watch and admire? I just watched Brandon make the last play to Buster Friday night beating the Twins. LOVE WATCHING YOUR HUSBAND PLAY!

You ladies are so great. How you find the time to do anything with two little ones and constant travel I still don’t know! I wish I could sell my car or something to buy the basket you made for my mom- it would literally be her dream come true. But I certainly will spread the word!

I love the idea of auctioning a gift basket with a few of the players’ favorite things. I shared it on my Facebook Author Page since I write Baseball Romance. My first book, BETTER THAN PERFECT is about a couple who didn’t stay together during the player’s rise to the Majors, but are reunited years later. I’m glad you and Brandon were able to go from college sweethearts to parents of two beautiful baby girls. I’ve enjoyed following your real-life love story.

We’re may I bid for these baskets.

These looks wonderful. I could love my Giants anymore. Wish them in every success and will be praying for good and bless for the charities they been helping.

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