Pinch-blogging: Tyler Colvin

My turn to fill in for Belt — a good day to do it because there’s no game. I’m hanging out here in Denver after a great weekend with my wife, Molly, in San Francisco. She flew in Friday from Arizona, where we’ve lived for the past four years. She couldn’t come earlier in the week — I was called up from Fresno May 11— because she was putting an offer in on a house in Charleston, S.C. We’re expecting our first baby in late October, so we are selling our Mesa house and moving back east to be closer to our families. My family is in North Augusta, S.C., across the border from Augusta, GA. And hers in in West Virginia, about an hour from Pittsburgh, PA.

We already know we’re having a boy. They can do DNA tests in the 10th week and find out. Pretty cool. We’re still discussing names. When people ask Molly where she’ll deliver the baby, she says because it will be during the World Series, she hopes it’ll be San Francisco.

In the meantime, we looked this weekend for a place to rent in the city. The problem is we have a 100-pound Greater Swiss Mountain dog, which is basically a short-haired Bernese. Her name is Mya. It’s not easy to find a furnished place that will take a huge dog and a short lease. Probably easier to find in the suburbs, but this is one of the greatest cities in the world, so why not enjoy it? I’ll look again during the next homestand. I hope Molly and Mya can move here in early June.

I’ve been encouraged to tell you a little about myself.

  • I grew up in North Augusta in my grandparents’ home. They mostly raised me because my dad left and my mom was young and working to get an education and a job. My childhood was pretty great. There were big ponds on the property behind my grandparents’ house, so when I wasn’t playing baseball or doing homework, I was out in our aluminum Jon boat fishing for wide-mouthed bass. Oh, we also bowled a lot. My grandfather and uncle spent a little time in the pro’s. Maybe that will be my next career. I already have my own ball and bag.
  • Despite my Southern roots, I didn’t start hunting until a few months ago. Molly and I spent the Christmas holidays at her family’s 100-acre farm in West Virginia. It was the tail end of deer season, so everyone said it was hardly worth going out. But I had all this brand new equipment and clothes so I was out every morning before dawn. I never even saw a deer.
  • I went to Clemson, where I met Molly. I was drafted in the first round by the Cubs my junior year. I’m 46 credits short of my business degree, and I promised my mom I’d go back someday.
  • My grandparents didn’t miss a single game when I was at Clemson — 186 consecutive games. They put 83,000 miles on their van during my three years there, driving to Boston and Miami and Texas and everywhere in-between. I gave my grandpa the ball and bat from my first big-league hit.
  • I’ve had a couple of weird injuries. When I was in Taiwan with Team USA in 2007, I was throwing the ball during batting practice and somehow hit my elbow on a screen. It hurt but I played through the pain in 2008, but finally had to get Tommy John surgery in 2009. Then in September 2010 with the Cubs, I was running from third to home when a shard from a broken bat nailed me in the chest and punctured a lung. I couldn’t play the last few weeks of the season.

That’s probably more than you ever wanted to know. I’m having a great time with the Giants — it’s always more fun when the team’s winning and you’re able to contribute. But this is also just a real easy team to fit into. And the fans are the best. It’s unfortunate that I’m here because Brandon Belt got hurt. But in baseball you make the most of every opportunity.

Thanks for reading. This is a cool way to connect with fans. I’m glad I got to do it.



Thanks for sharing, Tyler. Welcome to San Francisco!

Colvin your a great asset to the team. Great job, hope to god they keep you. Keep up the good work.

We loved watching you play in Spring Training and I told my husband you were the one to watch. I’m excited to see you on the field. Welcome to SF!

While I miss Belt’s oddities (and movie reviews), I’m enjoying this chance to get to know the rest of the team. Congrats on the first baby — Brandon Colvin has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?😉 You might have a better shot of finding a short-term rental with the colleges getting out, since grads will be giving up their places. You also might want to check northern San Mateo County too — close enough to the city for Molly to enjoy it when you’re on the road but better chance of finding a place with space for Mya. Glad you recovered from the lung injury (sounds horrific and I’ve seen a lot of bad injuries as a hockey fan) and hope that there might be space for you even when Belt comes back. A left handed bat off the bench is valuable; maybe if the Giants feel they can get by with only 12 pitchers instead of 13 they can hang onto you as a 5th outfielder especially if Pagan’s shoulder is a question mark.

Enjoyed hearing your story, Tyler. You’ve made an immediate impact for the good. Several of us on the fan forums are already “conspiring” to see how the Giants can keep you around. Of course, playing well creates easy solutions.

Welcome to the Giants. Hope you are here for a loooong time.

PS – If you have issues with unusual injuries, watch out for Affy. 🙂

Thanks for pinch blogging – this is such a great way to get to know the players. You’ve had such a great start with the Giants, after being called up on such short notice. This is a team that I truly feel is different from others, truly united and welcoming to new players. I hope that’s true and you feel it in the clubhouse! BTW, consider moving not to the burbs but to Oakland/Piedmont. Your dog would be welcome, tons of trails to walk on, and a quick ride into the ball park.

Thanks for sharing Tyler! Love how you’ve contributed to the team. Keep making the most of this opportunity!!!

Thanks for blogging Mr. Colvin. And thanks for bringing more power to the lineup. I also liked the way you went back on that shot last night. There always is a need for another player with a good glove and a good bat. Hope you and your family are able to get settled in the Bay Area as soon as possible because I imagine you have another stress in your life (lol). Thanks again for sharing and welcome to the Giants’ Nation!

Glad you an join the YES movement! Great to have you here Tyler!

Awwwww…I miss Brandon Belt a lot (especially as a blogger), but I’m glad you’re here, and that was a GREAT blog post. You and Molly have a lot of exciting times ahead. Hope this year goes great for you and that you’re a Giant for a long time! Thanks for the terrific post and for letting us get to know you a little bit.

P.S. Your grandparents and your mom sound amazing.

Thanks for writing! It’s always great to get to know some of the newer players on the team.

You should check the peninsula like San Mateo, Daly City or Pacifica. It’s like less than a 30 minute drive to SF and you’ll definitely be able to find a place for your dog

Glad to see you blogging, Tyler. Guess you learned a little something other than solitaire in computer class. Congrats on the little one. Keep up the good work, NA is proud of you! Go Jackets!

Welcome to San Francisco, Tyler! And congrats to you and Molly on the baby! (I must say, Brandon Colvin really DOES have a nice ring to it…;-)
And thank you for sharing some of your story with us. Wishing you all the best, and more splashers (!), Thea & Angus (my little boy, who is a big fan of yours)

Come to San Bruno!! It’s still close to the city and a lot of apartments there accept dogs, usually no weight restrictions. Good luck finding a place to live and congrats on the new baby!! Hope you get the house back east!!

Looking forward to seeing you play more in the future!!!

Tyler, as lucky as you feel to be playing, WE feel lucky to have you! Keep killin’ it out there and we’ll be behind you all the way. Enjoy your baby boy, I have two and they’re nothing but fun!!!

Tyler!! So nice to hear from you. I remember being really glad that you decided after spring training to stay with the Giants and go down to Fresno! I always like hearing about you guys off the field so we can get to know you a little! Your grandparents seem like wonderful and dedicated people, very cool. Thanks for coming up and playing so well we really need it with Brandon out. Hopefully when Brandon is back we’ll only keep 12 pitchers so we can keep you!! Congrats to the soon-to-be baby boy!!! and welcome to the Giants! !

Thank you for your candor, Mr. Colvin. And best of luck for the season. In gallo’s humble opinion, we need a 4th/5th outfielder more than we need a 13th pitcher. And if you prove that you can hit, left field might be available.

Hi Tyler! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself and your family with the fans. While I’m missing Brandon Belt, I’m so glad we have a player of your caliber in his place while he gets better. My family and I were in the stands when you hit your first homer as a Giant. It was funny cause when you were on deck, my sister asked who you were. I told her you were filling in for Belt and to watch the place go wild if you hit a home run. I was only kidding but imagine my surprise. I knew you were a great hitter but truthfully, I didn’t expect it. Anyway, I hope the team finds a way to keep you on board. You fit in so well with the team and it’s been great following you. Keep it up!


You are a great writer, as well as baseball player. Thank you very much. June Cardinale, age 86, and I’ve been a fan of bball since I was around 8 years old. I married a pro player, but though he was wanted by the Padres, he quit playing, and I won’t go into that. Just be thankful you can now be free after a few years! JC

Thanks for sharing Tyler! I think those of us here all appreciate the view into the ballplayers personal life, so no that was not too much. Good luck quickly finding a place to stay!

Congrats on the baby coming! Best advice I ever got was this: driving the baby around will usually get a crying baby to sleep, and if not, it at least gives your partner some rest from the noise. I love your wife already, I hope she delivers in SF too!

It must feel great to have such a good start in your Giants career, keep up the hard work and take care to avoid screens and flying splinters.

You owe us pictures of your dog now, you know that right? Welcome to SF and congrats to you and Molly on your little one!🙂

Thanks, Tyler for your contributions in the field and the blog! It’s nice to hear about the player’s families too. Congratulations on the new member of your family. I hope he will be a. Native San Fraciscan!

Welcome to the Giants family, Tyler! Hope you and the family (including that terrific dog) find just the right place, both in SC and SF. I really enjoyed your blog entry and hope you can post again some time. Also, please tell the Baby Giraffe we miss him and to take care of that hand in the dugout!

Welcome. Glad you seem to have swatted the injury bug. Living here and enjoying downtown not too hard, if you’re willing to use BART. As long as the trains in your target area don’t require changes on the route, pretty much all SF in easily accessible. Play hard, be a Giant, and you’ll never be a stranger in the Bay Area.

Welcome to SF!! Thanks for blogging and best wishes to you and your wife!!

Thanks for your blog, Tyler, and welcome to the Giant’s family! It’s great to hear about your family and baby on the way. Wishing you all the best! Have fun in SF and hope you find a place to rent soon…

As always, I am so proud of everything you do. I can now add “blogger” to my list. Hopefully I will be out there in June! You can thank your mom for your awesome arm. She could throw those small footballs a country mile!

Welcome to the Giants Tyler! It’s great having you on the team and thanks for all you’ve done so far. Best wishes to you and your wife, and Brandon Colvin really has a nice ring to it🙂

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Lets love Tyler!

YES! YES! YES! 🙂 Hi! Really fun to watch you play and learn more about you, your career, and your family. Welcome to San Francisco and keep up the good work!

What is your ethnicity Tyler? You look mix? But great season so far with the GIANTS!!!!

Great story. You are doing a great job. Wishing you all the best!

Thanks for pinch blogging! I just wanted to say that you were such a gracious guy at Spring Training and it was a pleasure meeting you there. Wishing you all the luck in the world for a successful career with the Giants, we are happy to have you!!

Wow, thanks for your candidness. It’s interesting to hear about your background. Those are some supportive grandparents you have there! And that broken bat story is crazy! Thanks for your contributions to the team thus far. Looking forward to more of the same. All the best to you and your wife with the baby and finding a place in The City (that’s what we natives call it). Take care.

There is always a guy on an opposing team that makes me nervous when he takes an AB. There’s a look about him and the results always seem to sting. Scutaro was like that with the Rockies, always a tough out and drove us nuts until he joined our ranks. When you were a teammate of his I got the same feeling when you came up. Not this guy again. I always thought you were a scary AB especially with runners on. So…I was PSYCHED when you made the team this spring. I knew you were going to wreak havoc in the clutch. Really great to get to know you through the blog. Write more soon. You are swingin’ it! Awesome game face.

Thanks for the blog entry! It’s good to hear from other players! You guys are doing great and I hope that you keep the trend of wins! I also hope that Posey, Cain and Casilla recover soon! Best wishes for an amazing season!

Thanks for the great blog post, and for telling us about yourself. We’re glad to have you in SF. And, if it makes you feel any better, we had an impossible time finding a place to rent with our Bernese Mountain Dog. The Peninsula is just as bad as the city – we’ve lived in both places. Hoping Mya the Swissy brings good housing karma your way.

Thank you Tyler and we’re very fortunate to have you playing in Brandon’s place at this time.  We do miss him and hope you’ll end up being a permanent part of the team.   Congratulations on the new baby coming in the Fall.  The best to you & Molly.  Talk to the Crawdaddy about becoming a new parent. 

Good luck in finding a place in SF for a few months.  The burbs aren’t bad and there is Bart to motor in and out of the city.  Or the train too. 

I’m a grammy and I’m with your Mom in encouraging you to finish school.  You never know when you might have to fall back onto your field (education) of interest.  I’m also a retired ER nurse and getting impaled by a chunk of bat is pretty horrendous.  Chest tube time!  Nasty!  Be well and we enjoy watching you play. Gamer Babe Mary

Whoa! TMI! Haha! Just kidding.Welcome to San Francisco. And what a welcome greeting you gave us in your 1st game! Way to go and keep it up! Baby name? Brandon! What else?!

Since you are now a Giant, there is no further consideration. The baby’s name is Brandon.
Welcome to the team!!!!!!!

so glad that you guys talk about your selves and your family… we really appreciate it a lot. best of luck in finding a home here in sf…. we love you

Welcome to the team!

Welcome Tyler! Thanks for blogging! So much fun to hear from you guys. Yes – sorry that you are here because of BBelt’s injury – but – hey – that’s baseball! I hope Brandon returns soon, and I hope you are able to stay, too. Gotta say – I LOVE Molly’s attitude! Hope that baby boy is born in SF!🙂

Thank you Tyler for sharing a little of yourself with us fans. We love to have you in SF I hope you stay with the team, you’re a great addition. Good luck to you and Molly. Please share pictures of your precious baby when he’s born.

We are so impressed with you, hope you stay with the team and continue to excel!!

That bat shard accident was chilling to read about, glad you’re okay now.

Thanks for writing, Tyler, and good luck finding a place. Understand your first choice is SF, but there are lots of areas nearby that might be a better fit with a large dog. Check out the east bay — Oakland has several nice areas in the foothills, and then there’s Orinda, Lafayette, and Moraga — lots of room for Mya. Keep us posted!

Awesome blog! I was at the game you hit that first pitch! Welcome to SF!

You’ve certainly made a good first impression. They’ll have a tough time figuring out what to do when everyone’s healthy. What lovely problem to have. The parks in the East Bay would let you walk Mya off lead. Come over here.

Thanks for taking the time to write this. Always love yo know more about the players! Welcome to San Francisco!!

Your grandparents sound so wonderful and supportive, to have raised you to be so successful! Their ponds sound lovely too. When I have kids, I would love to have property like that for them to play on.
We really enjoy anything you have to say. Thanks for sharing. With all the injuries to the first string players us fans feel so lucky to have a talent like you to call up. Thanks for giving it your all- it means a lot!

Hi Tyler, welcome to San Francisco! Please consider Marin County as your home for the season. Mill Valley and Tiburon are extremely “dog-friendly” and it’s only a half hour drive to get to SF, since these towns are so close to the GG Bridge — which is also a thrill to drive over, no matter how many times you do it.

Welcome to the Giants and to the City. Don’t move to the burbs, there are plenty if places to rent in dog friendly San Francisco especially for a big leager. We have a 120 pound Swissy boy who would love to play with Mya. There are a few other Swissys in the City who get together for romps at Ft Funston. Check out the Golden Gate Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club’s website for meet up listings.

Go Giants

Welcome to the Giants and to the City. Don’t move to the burbs, there are plenty if places to rent in dog friendly San Francisco especially for a big leager. We have a 120 pound Swissy boy who would love to play with Mya. There are a few other Swissys in the City who get together for romps at Ft Funston. Check out the Golden Gate Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club’s website for meet up listings.

Go Giants!

Just saw you hit a double tonight against the Cubs while I was reading your post. Sweet!

Must say, until you were called up, I had no clue who you were. Welcome to San Francisco and congratulations on your first child. East Coast??? Oh well, at least you’re playing for the Giants, though it must be difficult not seeing your family at times. GREAT job you’re doing!

Welcome to SF! If you’re still looking for places in the City, Potrero Hill and Dogpatch are great options. Just South of ATT Park and LOTS of dogs, some nice parks and restaurants, and the sunniest weather in town. Barry Zito owns (owned?) a house in the neighborhood.

Hi Tyler, thanks for sharing your stories. I hope your grandparents can make it out here to SF and watch you play. Congratulations on the baby! Can’t wait to see you guys play next Sunday when I’ll be at the park =)

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