Pinch-blogging: Tim Hudson

When friends back in Georgia and Alabama ask what it’s been like here in San Francisco, I tell them that everything about it’s great. The city’s awesome. The fans are awesome. The organization does everything right. That’s what I heard before I got here, but you have to be here and experience it to really get it. Boch is a manager who makes anyone feel comfortable right away. The whole coaching staff – Righetti, Gardy, Flan, Wotus — they’re all that way.

And the clubhouse is all a bunch of nice guys. A pretty good number happen to be from the South. Bumgarner’s locker is by mine, so I’ve had a great time getting to know him. He’s even more Southern than I am. He’s a cowboy. He comes in here every day in cowboy boots and long Wranglers. He ropes cattle. He’s a big tough guy — but with some of the thinnest skin you’re ever going to come across. You can really get to him.

As soon as Puig flipped his bat — for example — I thought, “This is not going to be good.’’ Bum jawed at Puig, who jawed back. Later in the dugout when we asked what was going on, he said,  “I don’t even know what was said! I don’t even know what I was saying. We were just kind of yelling at each other!’’

It was pretty funny because it was so Bum. Of course we continued to prod him because that’s what you do. It’s one of the things you have to love about baseball.

I’m renting a house near the Presidio. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know the Marina and Cow Hollow and checking out some of the great restaurants. I’m still trying to figure it all out — particularly the best way to drive to the field every day. Sometimes it gets a little challenging depending on the time of day. But the discovery process has been fun. And the house is starting to feel a little homier, but it will be a lot better once the family gets out here in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten together for lunch a few times with a buddy I know from my Oakland days who lives in the Marina. I’ve had lunch with a couple of friends from Walnut Creek, too. I found a little breakfast spot I like on Lombard called Home Plate. I didn’t go there because of the name. I just Yelped breakfast places, and it was one of the first things that came up.

Some people have asked what it was like going back to Atlanta to play the Braves. It was a little odd being in the opposing dugout. But that’s part of baseball. If you play this game long enough, you’re going to play for different clubs and play against former teammates. It’s one of those things you have to accept. Lucky for me the different club I ended up with was the Giants. The fans here are always so supportive. And right now we’re playing some pretty good baseball. So it’s always fun to come to the park and suit up because we know we always have a good chance to win. And we always know we’ll have a full house. What’s better than that?

Thanks for such a warm welcome. I know my family is going to love it here as much as I do.


Thanks for stepping in and pinch-blogging, Tim! I’ve enjoyed watching you pitch and hope I get to see one of your starts in person this season.

Thanks for stepping in to blog! We miss Belt, but it’s been a lot of fun to hear from other guys. Giants fans are glad you’re here with us in SF! Keep up the good work.

Every outing you impress more and more! So glad you’re a giant. Thanks for the blog- tell Belt we miss him and hope he’s doing well.

I enjoyed reading your post! It’s always great to get to know you guys. Welcome to the best club ever! And just be yourself… be a Giant.
I know somehow you will end loving San Francisco and leaving part of your 💙 with us.

We love having you, Tim. I always look forward to your starts. Welcome and welcome to your family.

Welcome to our great club, great city, & the great restaurants. So glad you’re settling in. We the fans love having you out here. Hopefully your family will love it out here too. You are living is a very beautiful neighborhood. The bus service (muni) in the city is awesome. Together We Are GIANT! ❤

Woohoo, thanks for pinch blogging, Tim. I’m constantly talking with one particular friend about how lucky we are to have you as a Giant. Welcome to San Francisco and thanks for pitching so well. GO GIANTS!!

It’s great to have you on the team!

What a great blog. We love having you as a Giant and love hearing the inside scoop of how if feels to be new to the team. Hope your family likes the City too…you are in a great location. Again, it’s great having you on the team and thanks for a great blog.

Welcome to the city Tim. We are lucky and honored to have you… such a great addition to an already great team. Would never have thought MadBum (oooh, I hear he doesn’t like that nickname) was so sensitive, but makes me smile to think about it. Please give Belt a get well hug and smooch for me🙂

You’re a very classy addition to our Giants. I’m glad you like it here and hope you stay a long time. Thanks for my Mother’s day present against Kershaw.

Thank you for pinch blogging Mr. Hudson. I think everyone here is more than a little curious about everything related to you joining the club. I hope your hip is getting better so you will not have to miss any more starts. Having two or three “stoppers” in the rotation is one of the ways that the Giants has been so successful the past few years and your performance certainly qualifies you as one. You and Morse have come in and lifted up the team in just the ways that were needed. By the way, give Pablo a hug, although he already seems to be coming out of his slump. Thanks again for sharing with us. Go Giants!!!

You and your family , Welcome to the best group of guys in baseball, #SFGiants, the best fan base I am so proud to be a part of, SFGiants Gamer Babes and Dudes, and to the most glorious and friendliest city in the world. We all hope that you like it enough to stay year round (with of course long visits during off season in the south). We are so happy you are here with us. Thanks for pinching in for #BBelt.

Hi Tim, thanks for pinch blogging! SF is an awesome city and u r going to like it here.
I hope you are feeling better. Go Giants!

It’s great to have you on board, Tim. I remember you from your Oakland days and was a fan even back then. You are a great addition to our team. Hey, I also go to Home Plate for breakfast and brunch. They’ve got great scones and potato pancakes with their breakfasts. It’s a favorite of mine too. I hope I run into you you sometime and say a quick hello.

Hi Tim! So great to hear from you! Once it was announced that you were coming to the team, boy were we excited! Talk about anticipation!! So happy you’re a Giant, pitching well, and enjoying the team, city and fans. It’s interesting to hear our players talk about how well the clubhouse is run and how well the guys get along because I assumed all teams were like that, but I guess not. Must really be true: Together we are Giant! Please tell Brandon Belt that we miss him and it’s great to catch glimpses of him (on TV) in the dugout. Thanks for the blog and I hope your hip is better!

So glad you’re loving San Francisco! We love having you on the team. Hope your hip is feeling better!

Welcome, Tim……….it didn’t take all of us fans to welcome you with open arms. You are amazing! Thanks for subbing for the Brandons. Hope the giraffe is back on the playing field soon but it’s fun to hear from his other teammates, too. I live in the Marina, too, and write for the local paper, with the Presidio being my being (I’m taking a couple of months off to travel but if you want to read some of my stuff about the Presidio, log into The Marina Times and plug in my name). Anyway, you are a GREAT addition to the team. Since you are without family for a couple of weeks and may have some time (!), you might want to check out the Kruk and Kuip web site. Lots of fan reaction (I started when it had 1,000…………now past 13,000). Not all of it good reaction but I don’t think you have been a target!
Marilyn Damon Diamond
The Marina Times

My family has been Giants/Braves fans since the 80’s. My dad was diehard Giants (forever) and my mom loved the Braves. My 3 sons became Braves fans. We live in Giant country! I love both teams, which my son insists I can’t do, what can I say..I’m a rebel. I love that you came to play for SF. My husband & I brought my son & his wife to the Monday braves game for his birthday. Son & I in Braves gear and hubby and daughter in law in their Giants gear. I left my foam tomahawk at home. Any way, hope you are enjoying the milder weather. Loved the pinch blog. Welcome back to California!

We have the Brandon/Brandon blog, maybe we should have a Tim/Tim blog..or is Tim another name for Brandon?

Welcome Huddy!! We love havin you on the team! Love watchin you pitch! Have a great season!

You sound like you are really happy with your house, and location. Welcome to San Francisco. I love watching you pitch. you are just so smooth and look so sure on the mound. I was disappointed that you didn’t play last night. Hope you feel better soon, and oh yes, thank you for the blog.

Thank you for taking time out to share with us, Tim. My family and I have loved watching you pitch and are so proud to have you as part of the Giants family. Thanks for sharing the breakfast spot, Home Plate. We are moving back up to the Bay Area this summer and will have to check it out. Best wishes for a great season, welcome to SF!

Welcome Tim.. Hope you feel better I enjoy watching you pitch you are a great addition to the Giants… You’re family will love it here. California is the best.

Welcome back home, Tim. It’s great to have you back in the Bay Area and in the correct uniform this time!

Welcome to San Francisco……we love having you on the Giants!!!!

We love having you. Hope to see you pitching in person soon. 😄

Tim, Thanks so much for the blog. It is so great that you take the time to let us get “up close and personal with you”.
I am thrilled that you chose the City in which to live – the Marina District is a great place for kids – and as you have already discovered, has some fine eateries.
I used to watch you and Barry when you were with the A;s – so nice to have you on our side of the Bay, and especially nice that you have produced some of our best games.
I would be a huge fan anyway, but the fact that you were born on Bastille Day gives me special reason to put you on the top of my list. I was born on July 14 also (perhaps a few years before you) and I love sharing my birthday with such a great pitcher and such a great guy. I see Juan also shares our birthday! Maybe all the Bastille Babies can share a toast on that day.

Thanks again for loving our city as much as we love you, and especially for leading our team to victories. Our Mantra: 10 12 14 – Just wait till you see the parade!

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I was going to turn you on to a couple of the best breakfast places you’ll ever eat in, but everyone is so welcoming and warm, I can’t blow the mood. Oh well, maybe another time.

Thank you for coming! Hope the “minor” injury heals up nicely and you’re back to getting crappy contact on the next start.

Hey tim, great to have you in SF. Huge fan. BTW, have you played the new pokemon games? I heard they’re really good.

Good luck healing from your injury and striking then out!


Welcome Tim! It’s wonderful having you in the rotation – hope your back is better soon!

Welcome, Tim!!! You are a great addition to the Giants. I was blown away the first time I saw you pitch. Glad you are loving my hometown…San Francisco is amazing!

Thanks, Tim I hope every Giant takes a turn on the blog!

Thanks, Tim! You’re a class act! We love having you on the team. GO GIANTS!!!

Welcome to the City by the Bay! Glad you are enjoying living here. As a native San Franciscan, and Giant Fan from as far back as I can remember, I wish you and the team nothing but success and another World Series win! We had the good fortune to have the Vogelsong’s living in our flat when the Giants won in 2012! They are such great people and the Giants really are a class organization! Give Ryan our best and I wish you and Belt a speedy recovery. GO GIANTS!!!

Welcome Hudson to the best team in baseball🙂 We, the fans, will support you forever….once a Giant, always a Giant… fit right in with all of them and glad to have you on board……keep it up and enjoy your time with the team!

Welcome to you and your family, it is always great to hear the other side of the players. You are a Giant in our book feel better soon.

Welcome to the Giants! So Happy for You!

Tim! Thanks for the pinch blogging! We love having you with the Giants. I will tell you that the moment I heard that the Giants had signed you as a free agent I was so happy. I knew it was a great signing and it didn’t even register that you hadn’t even thrown since July because of the injury. I knew that you would be Great for the Giants. I was at Opening Day and you were as expected—Fantastic. Thank you for coming back to the Bay Area!

Welcome to California and the Giants, Tim. SF is a lovely city with so much to do. I’m sure your family will love it although it will be an adjustment compared to the South starting with the weather. The fans are excited to have you here.

Us Giant fans are so glad to have you on our team. I love watching you pitch, and can’t wait for your next start. You have been such a gift to all us fans, and I thank Sabes everyday that he had the desire to sign you. Giants are the best team in baseball! I expect you will help us get into the post season. Keep up the good work Hudson, we love you in orange and black!

Welcome to SF, Tim! Boy, have you been a shot in the arm. I’ve really enjoyed watching you pitch and look forward to every start. I’ve even come up with my own call when you strike someone out: “THUD” – It struck me that it was an appropriate acronym] (for T.HUD[son]) to send an opposing team’s failed at bat back to their bench. I love it that you guys are taking turns on the Brandon-blog to let us hear your voice without total direction from the PR department! Hope your family can get used to the fog in SF and will enjoy the cooler summers (I sure did!)

Thanks for pinch-blogging Tim! We fans appreciate all the sharing of inside baseball tidbits. Especially your insights on Bumgarner (is Bum his preferred nickname or what the players have chosen to call him, i.e. does it bother him? For example, a common fan nickname is MadBum and I’ve read that he doesn’t like that one at all).

I’ve been really excited to have you on our team, and you have exceeded my deepest hopes of what you could do, so far. You have been among the best in the majors for the vast majority of your MLB career, and am hoping that your process and techniques will help out our already good corps of starters become even better.

I’m also hoping you can be an inspiration to local kids who are more normal sized like us (though at 6 feet tall, I’ve always been among the tallest, so I feel a deep irony about stating this) who don’t have the greatest velocity, who is not bigger, stronger, faster. What would be your top 3 tips for success to young pitchers who might not be bigger, stronger, faster become better and best, like you?

Welcome aboard Tim! And thanks for pinch-blogging! Always fun to hear from you guys!🙂

I love the pinch-blogging! Hope your family will be very happy here!!

Thanks for the fantastic blog Tim! It warms our hearts knowing that you’re loving our city and our team (well your team and your city now too). We enjoy watching you play. You’re fast becoming one of our favorite pitchers. More power to you!

Wow! Good pitcher and classier person. Mr Hudson, you might be a Giant at heart…

So glad you came over to help solidify the rotation. It’s already clear that you’ve had a calming influence on your rotation mates. Hope the hip gets well soon.

Welcome to San Francisco. You have been a great new addition to the staff.Man, I’m a huge Tim Hudson fan. Go Giants!

You are a great pitcher Mr.Hudson. I really enjoyed watching you pitch. San Fran is a awesome city just like you said. we do have a lot of chance of Winning IT. #TogetherWeAreGiants!

Welcome to San Francisco. You have already endeared yourself to the fan base here by being a real gamer. You have earned major style points just by being yourself. Of course, winning games helps. Enjoy your time here. We certainly are.

Great to have you here Tim! I was really tired of you dominating us over the years! haha

Welcome to the Giants! Great having you on the team!!

Great job, Tim! Watching you pitch is a lot of fun.

You are a great pitcher! Glad to have you on the team!

& the fans lobe having you here ! (: we miss Zito, but if anyone was gonna take his place we’re glad it was you.

Love Home Plate; when my husband & I have the opportunity to stay overnight in SF we’ll usually stay out in the Marina (either the Cow Hollow, Coventry or Chelsea motels) and hit Home Plate for a breakfast. If it’s still there, First Watch on the ground level of the Cow Hollow is also a really great place for breakfast. If you’re looking for a restaurant to take the family when they get out here, Izzy’s on Steiner has good steaks and chops, as well as unique atmosphere.

Thanks for pinch blogging, and tell BBelt that we all hope he’s mending well; Brandon to Brandon to Michael Morse on the double plays just doesn’t have the same ring.😉

Glad to have you on our team, welcome!

Thanks for clearing up the Bum/Puig “conversation”! As others have stated, it’s great having you as an addition to the Giants! Hoping to make one of your starts in person…nothing like seeing the magic live!

While reading through this I thought, “I gotta tell him about Home Plate,” but you’ve already discovered it! Great spot – great scones. Come to Clement Street in the Inner Richmond and check out all our great places to eat. Tim, thank you for your enthusiasm, endurance, sense of humor, and of course, awesome pitching. You’re a great addition to the Giants and we’re lucky to have you!

I like these blogs, they show us the behind scene. I am a big fan of Hudson now. I know he was good with Atlanta but I didn’t know he was great when following all his starts. We are glad you are a Giant.🙂

SF is so lucky to have Huddy. Braves fans are missing him!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the city! We’re certainly enjoying your contributions to the team🙂

Miss you on the Braves, Tim, but so happy that you are doing so well.

Welcome, Huddy! My daughter has named her stuffed bald eagle “Huddy”, because we’ve decided that should be YOUR nickname during what I hope is a long and illustrious career with the Giants. You’re intense, powerful, focused, and…well…you know.

You’ve quickly become a favorite in our household, and we breathe a little more easily when we know that the Eagle is on the mound. I hope you like that name, since I plan to campaign Kruk and Kuip to take it on…so much better than Baby Giraffe, don’t you think? Brandon will never truly love that one, I’m sure.

Welcome to the Giants and the best fan base around!

homeplate has some of the most magical scones I’ve ever had! I’m guilty of coming back to SF JUST for those scones. glad you got a chance to try it🙂

Tim (or Huddy as one of my friends would say)! Thanks for the pinch blog entry! My friend is a huge Braves fan and I love giving him crap and when we found out you were going this direction. He did mention that I would really love having you on the pitching staff because you are so great! And he is absolutely right! You are a great asset and contributor to the starting line up! Love it! So welcome to San Francisco! I hope you stick around! Good to see you in orange and black!

Thanks for the awesome post! You seem to fit in perfectly with this team! So glad we have you…you are certainly a valuable asset to this club!!! You have pitched some great games!!! So glad you’re happy here! And I hope upir family will be, too! Good luck tonight…not that ya need it🙂

Welcome to the Club, Tim!

Welcome to the West Coast! Great job tonight 4-0 against the Twins. Great job nearly always! I hope some of the younger guys are watching how calm and collected you are. I love all the team- some seem a wee bit young at times. Glad you are here and really glad you’re enjoying San Francisco. Living there was marvelous.

Welcome! FYI, there is no great way to get from the Presidio to the ballpark, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff to look at in between🙂

Hi Tim, thanks for sharing some insights about you. You’re such a great fit to this team and we are super happy that you are with us. The team is playing great and the pitching is awesome. Keep up the great work! See you next Sunday at the park.

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