Your Questions Answered – Brandon Crawford

At least some questions answered. I keep forgetting to save the questions, so when I sit down to do the blog, I don’t have them in front of me. I pulled some recent ones.Here goes.


Quick question, where were you during the 2010 World Series?


I spent the off-season that year at Jalynne’s parents’ house, so that’s where I watched most of the Series. We had just won the California League championship. I had spent most of 2010 with the Richmond Double A team. Then I broke my hand and rehabbed with the San Jose Single A team, which happened to be in the playoffs. We won the championship against Mike Trout and the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. I didn’t know anything about him yet, I just knew he was a  prospect. Jalynne and I went to one game at AT&T with tickets we got from Bobby Evans. We were up in the third deck.


What is it like traveling so much and having to adjust to different beds and climates and time zones? Do you ever have issues sleeping? I know I do when I travel. Do you have any special things you do to help adjust?


It is kind of tough to adjust sometimes. The time zone messes me up the most. We’ll have a game in Atlanta, let’s say, and we’ll get back to the hotel around 12 o’clock. I’m still wide awake because it’s 9 on the West Coast. To be honest, that happens even when we’re home. I can’t shut myself off right away after a game. It helps sometimes with the kids because they’ll wear me out a little bit and help me sleep. But on the road trips when they’re not there, and we’re on the East Coast, it’s hard to go to sleep. I’ll watch a movie or play a video game to wind down and get myself to sleep.

Some guys have trouble with different beds and pillows. But that hasn’t affected me that much.

We actually had a sleep doctor come in this spring and talk to us about some of those things. What I remember is you’re supposed to stay away from anything with light, which means TV, laptops and video games. But they help shut my brain off, so I still do it. I don’t remember what he said about time zones, but I don’t think there is really any way to adjust with as much travel as we do.

As for climates, we’re used to playing all over. You bring the clothes you need for that trip and you’re fine. And playing in San Francisco, we get every climate. Yesterday and today we have hot weather. And obviously we get a lot of cold nights and wind and fog. We get it all.

I have a question about team and/or player study before you actually play the team. For instance, since most of the games this next month are in our division, will you and others spend any amount of time looking at stats/tendencies of players (probably pitchers too) on the Twins, Pirates, Braves or Cubs out in May?

We do that for every series whether it’s guys that we’ve played a lot or teams like the Twins who we play once every three years. I’ll go over my positioning at shortstop with bench coach Ron Wotus. He’ll also go over the other infielders’ positions with me so I can help set them up if necessary. We do a more in-depth meeting the first day of the series. Then we’ll meet for a shorter time other days, especially if there’s a drastic difference between our starting pitchers. Let’s say Timmy’s pitching one day and Bum’s pitching the next. That’s a big difference. Timmy’s throwing a lot of sliders right now. And he’ll face a different lineup than Bum will face. There will be a lot fewer lefties when Bum’s pitching. And he’s throwing cutters in on righties, so we’ll position a little different for each day.

We also study up on opposing pitchers, too. Bam-Bam has a list of the pitches each guy throws. He’ll have us look at it usually during batting practice. If we want to see film, we do that on our own. I usually do, especially with pitchers I haven’t see before or only see maybe a couple times. Like the Marlins right now. I’ll go into the video room and watch what their pitches do so I’m not seeing it for the first time at the plate.

I also try to look at the bullpen guys, too, though it can get to be too much. I’ll focus mostly on their closer and the lefty specialist that I’ll probably face.

There were a few questions about the hitting competition.

I’m happy to tell you that Team Brandon won the first month. Angel Pagan (who’s not Team Brandon) won top individual honors. Bum was the top pitcher. I think he got more points on the grand slam than the rest of the pitchers combined.


During BP Monday night (in Pittsburgh), a pitcher absolutely laid out for a ball in right center. Everyone went nuts. We could not tell who it was. It seemed like it might have been Lincecum, but I don’t want to spread rumors. We were speculating that Bochy was probably not as amused as the rest of us. Can you reveal who it was?

It was Chad Chop, our left-handed batting practice pitcher. Cain bet him he couldn’t catch the next ball hit out there. The next ball was hit right to him and he caught it. Cain was like, “No way.’’ I don’t know if it was Cain or Bum who then bet him he couldn’t make a legit diving catch. And the next one was hit out to right-center, and Chad dove and caught it. The cameras are on even during batting practice, and there’s like 16 different angles. So we all watched it a bunch of times on the replay monitor in the clubhouse. Chad’s the master at replays because he’s the one who works the monitor for Shawon Dunston to decide whether to challenge a call. Chad’s new this year to the team. He threw batting practice to Hunter this off-season so Hunter could practice against left-handed pitching. I guess Hunter told Bobby Evans about him.

All right, thanks for reading. Keep asking questions. I’ll try to answer them more frequently.


-Brandon C.



Thanks for answering questions, I can tell you there will be more questions on the comments in your post tonight, 5/15/14. Good way to finished the game tonight!!!

Thanks, Brandon. It’s great to hear your insights into the game. I used to have to travel for work and I understand the challenges. I take Melatonin when I travel as it is a natural way to get sleep. Keep on rockin’

Just wanted to say congrats on the awesome season you are having! Watching you turn one amazing play after another is SO much fun! Wishing for you to stay healthy and have continued success! GO GIANTS!!! ❤️SF⚾️

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I love this blog!! I feel like an insider and truly adds to my appreciation of you and the team when watching the games! Thanks Brandon for taking the time.

Thanks sooo much for taking the time to answer those questions!!!! Interesting reading!!! I think you’re the BEST SS in the majors!!!! You make the toughest plays look easy!!!! And I love the game face too! You’re awesome, Brandon!!! I hate whe I see someone else playing SS…,makes me nervous! Not much gets past you! And you are doing soooo well at the plate too! Good luck tonight! Thanks again for the post!

Thanks for answering questions! Did you happen to see that the cameras caught Matt Cain giving the middle finger to them the other night? Who/what do you think he was flicking off and did you guys find it hilarious in the clubhouse?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer those questions. Go team Brandon!!

Love this! Thanks Brandon!🙂

When I watch you play, I’ve asked myself who your game reminds me of. It clicked about 6 months ago, and we (fans) kid about it online. IMO, your first step and footwork remind me of Ryne Sandberg in his prime. Simply phenomenal speed and balance, coupled with soft/quick hands. He had your arm as well. In that vein, have you ever though about second base as a future career position?

Q & A! Love it! Thanks for the answers, Brandon!🙂

I second Kobracola. What’s that all about. Enquiry minds need to know.🙂 Stay Classy G-Men and have fun. See tomorrow!

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Thank you for taking the time to share and answer questions. I especially love the ones regarding the process of baseball, whether it be handling sleep and time zones or prepping for hitters and pitchers pre-game and pre-series.

I’ve heard that watching video helps beforehand, both seeing the pitcher you are going to face, as well as seeing yourself when you are hitting well. Looks like it is working, you have been hitting great, good job, keep up the good work!

Here’s a question: per the media, the Giants appear to study defensive metrics, noting that there is proprietary metrics that they use. For some reason, the current publicly available defensive metrics like UZR and DRS do not rate you that highly, when to our eyes, you are indeed the Professor. Does the Giants proprietary fielding metrics also don’t give you much credit, or does it rate you much higher than the public metrics?

And do you care, either way? :^)

I can’t remember what I wanted to ask you which is way worse than you forgetting to save the questions.

Thanks for answering the questions! I was really hoping that Team LaserSwag would win (only because their name is so ridiculous!) but figured that Team Brandon would win since you guys are on fire right now! I have a question that I hope you or anyone else would answer: What are some silly or funny things some of the guys do during pre-game? Like rituals and such? Even yourself?

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Woohoo!! Way to go Team Brandon!!!
Thank you for taking the time to answer questions, it’s really awesome that you are willing to be genuine and open with your fans!
Here’s a question: How does the team react/handle playing through a game where a player gets hurt (like when Belt got hurt)? Does it make you nervous to face that pitcher the next at bat?

I really enjoy reading your blog and the pinch bloggers are great too. I wish we could hear from all the giants!

Thank you for signing your 2nd splash hit for me on Thursday. You HR nearly hit my kayak, but I was doing my best to position for you. I play others like Belt and Panda in different spots. It was your 21st career HR and your longest splash hit by one foot traveling 409 feet. Since 21 is one of my favorite numbers, I consider that extra special! I was especially happy that this was a HR you hit off righty pitcher as everyone talks about your ability to hit lefty pitching. I was the bridesmaid to your first splash hit and I am so glad Katie Sherwood grabbed it. She is the first gal to every grab a splash hit!

Yeeeeee! Thanks for answering the first question! As well as the rest!


Good stuff Brandon! Keep crushing lefties!!

I love these insights into the game and into the Giants ball club. You guys are so fun to watch and follow. I’m a Padres fan by origin, but since 2012, you guys have found your way into my baseball loving heart. Stay healthy and take this season all the way!

Do you think you could persuade Bum to pinch blog ? Lol he seems quite intresting. Nice D lately btw ! (:

Hey brandon- I like how you’ve been hitting a good amount of homers lately. You’ve also made some great web gems- keep it up. When are we gonna see some behind the back trick plays? Or that bounce throw on the double play? Also have you played pokemon XY yet? I heard it’s really good.

Thanks for this! It’s really interesting to hear about how you prepare for the games.

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