Laying Low For Now – Brandon Belt

Thanks to everyone for their messages of encouragement. I got through surgery fine this morning and I’m following doctor’s orders to take it easy today. For the next couple of months, I’ll be focusing on rehabbing my thumb and staying in shape so I can get back on the field as soon as possible.

So I’m going to turn the blog over to my teammates while I’m rehabbing. I might throw in an occasional update, but believe me, it will be way more interesting to hear from the guys who are actually playing.

Thanks again for all the good wishes. You guys are awesome.


-Brandon B.


Get well soon Brandon! We’ll miss you.

Thanks for the updates! Get that thumb well soon; we’ll miss you both on the field and on the blog.

Come back as soon as you can! The team is not the same without you!

We will miss you! Take it easy, and don’t worry!

best wishes for a speedy recovery… can’t wait to see you back at first where you belong!

I hope your rehab goes quick Brandon! You will be missed every single day that you’re out.

Hope it all continues to heal well. Would love to hear how your rehab is going.

thanks for the update and please take it easy so we can see you soon!!! miss ya already

I can’t wait until you’re back. GET WELL SOON bbelt9!

So glad it went well. We will miss you terribly at first base. You can still write some movie reviews ya know. 🙂

Dang, I was hoping for a few more movie reviews, or maybe DVD/on demand offerings. You can always watch from the treadmill while doing your cardio after all. Oh well, get well soon so you can help the team in the stretch run to the NL West title.🙂

We’re rooting for your fast recovery! Hope you get to enjoy your time off a little bit.🙂

Get well soon, Brandon and keep your head high! We’ll miss you!

Hey Brandon, I was so sad to see you break your thumb and have been praying for your full recovery since. Hang in there, rest and rehab, and you’ll be back playing before you know it. I’ll miss you being an active player but with be sending you good vibes in the dugout.

So good to see you on Twitter and on the blog today! This sucks out loud, but glad to hear all is going well. Wishing you the speediest recovery! WE NEED YOU ON THE FIELD!

Brandon – keep on bloggin’. It may help you feel even more connected through this time, knowing how many of us support you. The brevity of this blog speaks not so much to your dexterity right now but your probably low spirits – but know you’ll be back and strong in a matter of weeks, and we’re all pulling for you. In your honor, we saw The Neighbors on Friday night. Not my usual kind of movie, but ended up being tons of fun and just the escape I needed. Might be just what you need right now!

Get well soon Brandon, Keep blogging too.. Interested in the process you guy’s go through when your rehabbing..

I’m with the others — write us movie reviews. There’s no one who reviews like you! Speedy recovery. Of course you are bummed but you will be back out there soon and better than ever! Fingers heal fast.

Hey kid get better soon we will miss those home runs! Take care

Now you can tweet during games right?😀

Wishing you a speedy recovery!! Don’t leave us hanging for too long. We will miss your movie reviews and updates. And of course miss seeing you out there on the field.

They need you so much! Get well very soon, but take good care of yourself.

Get well soon Brandon! Miss seeing you play already😦

I’m thinking of you Brandon, I am so sorry you got hurt.

I object! But ok. Heal up quick! Everyone misses you! You should’ve heard the talk in the seats at ATT last night. Morse is fine and all, but We The Fans want you back ASAP. And your movie reviews.

glad your surgery went well – the most important thing is your rehab and getting that hand working again. we sure will miss you out on the field – GO GIANTS!! take care!!

Glad to hear the 1st step in your rehab process is complete! We’ll certainly miss you while you’re out but don’t be a stranger to the blog! Like others are saying, movie reviews are always awesome and frankly, I’d be interested to hear about the rehabilitation process as well! Keep your chin up and we’ll keep sending healing vibes your way. Take good care of yourself, Baby G. See you soon!!❤

Hope you recover quickly!!! We are are still rooting for you and cheering you on. No such thing as the Giants without the Baby Giraffee..

Don’t go! I still want to read your movie ratings!

Really bummed to see you on the DL. Plenty of ball left when you get back though. Hurry back so we don’t have to watch Morse take too many off his face at 1B.

You have a legion of fans out here in cyber land who are all pulling for you to get through this as soon as possible. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the team even though you’re more of a spectator for now but it gives you a different perspective and would be fun to read. You don’t need your thumb to type, do you?

We are going to miss you.

Wow. Man another challenge to overcome, but I am sure you have overcome many in the past. This time you will do it again, come back stronger and pick up right where you left off. Go Brandon! Gonna miss that nice little short stroke!!

You will be missed on the field, Brandon. Wish you a speedy recovery!

So bummed when you got hurt! Tough break (no pun intended). Miss you already, BB! Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your thumb!! Blog if you can, but not if it hurts! Just get better fast! We need you!

Will really miss you on First Base…………..but, do take care and recover quickly!!!

We will all miss seeing you on the field, Brandon. You’re a big part of the team. Take care of yourself and come back soon!! Well wishes coming your way.

Thanks for the update, and glad it went well! If you do feel like blogging, well…I’m not sure it’s possible for you to be boring.

Sure do miss having you play, but you’ll be even greater when you get back. Can’t wait!

Glad to hear surgery went well. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Missing you on 1st base already.

Hey Brandon, glad you are doing better. Watching you get hit was awful, and of course they replayed it a ton! My family is wishing you the best, and are anxious to see you back on first base!

Missing you at first base! Praying for a quick recovery, look forward to seeing you on the field again soon!

I’ll tell you Mr. Belt, you really don’t miss something until it’s gone. The bats fine, but bring back Mr. Mitt.

Miss you already Brandon! I also hope you’ll continue to blog because it’s always fun to hear from you whether it’s about the game, a movie, a favorite recipe, or anything else for that matter. I hope your recovery goes super well and I know you’ll kick butt when you come back! Can’t wait to watch you play again!

Glad to hear that the first step in the recovery process went well. I know rehab can be tough; I hope it isn’t too grueling. Take care and hang in there.

I know it must be hard to type with your hand all wrapped up. But please keep your blog alive! We miss you! Get well soon! You complete the Brandon triangle!

Rehab well and take it easy!
Miss you on and off the field, so be sure to blog about even the boring stuff as it shows what the game can be like, also shows more of you as a person as well as a player.

We really miss our favorite giraffe (hope you don’t mind this nickname)! Really, although your teammates are doing a great job, we still miss you. Good luck with your rehab…………hope to see you out there soon.

Get well soon buddy!

We are all going to sorely miss you while you are gone.

It has been a pleasure to watch you grow as a hitter the past couple of years.

Can’t wait to see you back in the line-up.

Also, on a side note. I live in Sydney Australia (originally from NC). I will be coming to some games in September… your a big Olive Garden fan… what do you want most from there?

Hang in, Brandon! *THUMBS UP*!! uhh, you know what I mean!!🙂
(And it’s not just about gaming… we consider you family so plz update us! It isn’t about what you can do for us, we dig you as a person!)
Looking forward to your return, Gamer!

You need some good comfort food that’s easy to eat with the “wrong” hand, so have Haylee fix up some ham and mac and cheese:

Really good and easy, too. Keep blogging (maybe dictate to Haylee?) because we love hearing from you and want to know how things go. You’re in our thoughts and prayers, Brandon. Take good care of yourself and maybe we’ll see you back sooner than the experts think!

Please Keep Blogging! You’re efforts, challenges and successes during rehab can be a great inspiration for those of us who face our own battles toward a recovery, especially the kids who look up to you!

Been praying for you since hearing of the accident….YES, you will come back even stronger.

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Wishing you all the best during this difficult time. Like everyone else has said, don’t leave your fans behind while you go through rehab on your thumb. We need to stay connected. We’re still your fans through good times and bad.and I think you need your fans now more than ever so please keep writing and updating us on how you are doing and with what you are doing and thinking. Most of all know that we care.

We are rooting for you even harder now! Hang in there. We know you’ll come back even stronger!

*Get well soon!

*I think many would disagree: we would love to hear about how you are getting through this injury, what you are thinking, what you concerns are, plus get status updates on a regular basis regarding your recovery. For example, is it 6 weeks as first reported or 8 weeks that the media is reporting now, to account for rehab and stuff? Any lessons about avoiding pitches that came out of this latest HPB injury? This is your second one in three years, any tips from teammates on what to do or not do? Pablo provided photos of his hamate bone surgery, any pics for you?

*And later future stuff. How crazy are you getting having to wait out this process? When do you get to start swinging the bat again to get back into baseball shape? Does the team have you watch videos of yourself hitting well to keep that in your brain? (a former pro, Mitchell Page of the A’s I believe, thought that watching videos of him getting hits would help him visualize when he’s at bat, something about muscle memory, so this could be something you could do too while out). What does the team have you do?

*Silver lining is that you now have even more time to see movies out in the theaters… And you can also write about foods too… I think we all need a good Belt (post) once in a while, it has been interesting to hear from the Brandons the last couple of years, and I would still love to hear how things are going for you, even if you are not in the clubhouse.

Heal fast, Brandon. You’ll be missed greatly!

Hope you recover quickly. I really enjoy your posts so don’t stay away too long.

Glad to hear it. Think positive. Try yoga again to help keep you ready. We are rooting for your quick recovery, and we will need you for the WS run!!!

Good luck on the healing and rehab. One thing going for you…you are young and in great shape so all should go well. Oh, and think of all the movies you can go to!! Hee Hee

Get well soon. We’re going to miss you!

You should keep blogging, Brandon – only if you want to. I hope the rehab goes well, and I can’t wait to see you back in action! I’ll still wear my giraffe hat to all the games.🙂

No, YOU’RE effin’ awesome…and add one more voice to the chorus of, ‘Keep on bloggin’!!!’ Get well soon and come back to help the G-Men kick some serious butt in 2014!!

Get well soon B. Miss you bunches out there. Xoxo

Follow the rehab plan religiously. You’ll be back sooner than you know it. We’re as disappointed as you are not to have you on the field, but you’re still a Giant. Together. With the rest of us. We’ll be looking for you in the dugout as well as more of your singular movie reviews. Don’t underestimate the contributions you will make to team and fan morale from the sidelines. I don’t need to see you in your Marina Mammacita orange wig again, but I do need your inside line and all the encouragement you can pass on to your teammates and us fans so we win again (lots) TOGETHER. Hang in there, and may you heal quickly!

Praying for a quick recovery!! Glad to hear you made it through! Injuries are no fun!

Awww, miss you already. Glad the surgery went well, but please don’t think we don’t want to hear from you just because you’re not playing. You’re one of the best bloggers EVER–so real and so funny. It’s bad enough we’re deprived of watching you hit and play first base. Don’t make us do without your blog posts, too!

Take care of yourself and come back soon! You are missed a lot…

but Brandon….how will we get through the summer movie season, especially now that you might even see more movies! seriously, we wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to your return to the game.

yeah no kidding! we need your reviews Brandon!

So sad that you got hurt😦 Take good care of yourself and recover quickly! We miss you and need you back!!

I for one was extremely upset and bummed when I saw you get hit by the pitch. I’m very sorry you got hurt and are on the DL because of it. It’ll be (and has been) really weird seeing other people play first base. I’m glad to hear your surgery went ok. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy and healthy recovery. Take care Brandon! We miss you!!!

Hang in there, Brandon. You will be missed.

I miss seeing you on the field, and there’s no doubt the Giants will miss you. I’m so sorry you were hurt, I wish you a good recovery. I’ll think of you every time You are supposed to come in for defense in the ninth, and you were looking so good with your hitting. Take care.

You just concentrate on getting everything right and all healed up properly. You will be missed! By the way tell Hayley that I made the Chicken spaghetti and my husband loved it! I will be adding it to the Giant (Ryan) inspired Chicken Enchiladas as things I make for dinner!! Heal and we will see you back soon playing the guys!!

We will miss you! Please take care of yourself, and spend some quality time with Hayley🙂

Praying for your recovery.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

I will definitely miss seeing you play! What about blogging as a fan while you recover so we can still hear from you and it not be a complete loss for us since you’re unable to play?

And since you shared one of your favorite recipes here’s a simple one that has always been a favorite and a well kept secret. The ration is two Philadelphia cream cheese packages to two Hormel Chili cans. At least one can has to be the tabasco chili or both if you want it spicy. Warm it up in an oven and use chips or bread to dip in. Trust me it’s ridiculously good, and if you do read this and try it report back, that would be awesome!

See you after the All Star break so we can make a run for the playoffs, we will need you!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! And it would be great if you keep blogging during rehab. I thought that was only silver lining on your injury-more time for blogging🙂

get well soon, we miss you already!

Hey Belty, glad to hear you are doing ok. Before you know it you will be hitch hiking, giving a thumbs up (or down), texting, and best of all, playing 1st base and hitting a few into the water now and then. Yeah, I call you Belty – it’s cute!

I was so upset that you were injured! Here’s hoping your thumb heals fast and you’re back on first base with your Golden Glove before we know it😃

Brandon, NOOOO! I look forward to watching you play and on your spare time (when DO you have time?) your blog, but I understand. Take care of yourself and your beautiful wife, Haylee. I hope she can write again.

I’m bummed I won’t get to see you play Friday at Metallica night, but I’m looking forward to seeing you back in the line up soon. Best wishes!

You are interesting even if you’re not playing, Brandon! Do take good care of yourself and I’m looking forward to seeing you back in the lineup when you’ve recovered. Best wishes!

Get well soon…I’ve broken my share of bones and i am feeling your pain. We’ll miss you! All the best

Keeping you in our prayers…for a quick recovery. We will ALL be missing you Brandon. I’ve been a fan since sitting behind home plate in one of your first (impressive) at bats in spring training. Godspeed!

So sorry you have to go through this! You will be missed so much by all of your fans!! I may be one of your older fans(67) but have been a fan since you first started!! Good luck and hurry back when the time is right!

Get well soon.

Get that thumb healed soon. We miss you playing 1st base AND those home runs you hit so often.

To join the voices of many of your fans, I would be very interested in your blog even as you are recovering, Brandon! I am so glad the surgery went well. My family and I will miss seeing you play but are looking forward to July when you will come back with a BANG! or should I say with a BELT! Enjoy your bonus time with Haylee and Lilly! Get lots of Olive Garden takeout and we will be trying out the chicken spaghetti recipe.

I am missing you already and hope that your thumb heals really fast!! Be sure to follow all of the doctor’s suggestions though because you want to be fully healed and not re-injure yourself! Like everyone before me – want some blogging – movies etc but also your perspectives on what is going on with the team! Take care Brandon!

But who will do movie reviews!?!? Get well, Buddy!

Get well soon Brandon! I sprained the same thumb playing softball the day before you broke yours. We miss you like crazy, hurry back to us!

We miss you! Tell the guys to update us and enjoy some extra time with your family!

Brandon! So glad you posted and that your surgery went well. We will miss you so much! Hurry back. But keep posting and updating…

Wishing you a speedy recovery. WE MISS YOU!

Really hope you’ll keep blogging Brandon. Would enjoy some summer movie reviews and off-field stories. Keep your spirits up during the rehab process and get well soon!

I was so upset to see you get hurt the other night.:( pissed me off that the dodgers were the ones to do that to you. Lol dam rivalry. Im glad to hear that your surgery went good this morning and hope its a fast recovery. Im goin to the game tom and am sad to not gef to see you play. Its supposed to be 92 but im still goin to wear my giraffe beanie for you!!! Hurry up and recover so I can see my fave player on that beautiful field🙂 Love ya BB!! #babygiraffesunite

So glad to hear that everything went well with the surgery. I was so concerned the day you got hit. I hate to see my boys in any kind of pain. Especially sad since your batting average was over .400 in the last 4 games you played in! Get plenty of rest. You are definitely going to be missed, but I’m sure you’ll be fantastic when you get back. And I’m hoping you’ll post regularly and let us know how you’re doing. I think it would be interesting to hear what goes on while you are on the DL. Just one more part of the game. Take care, and heal quickly!

PLEASE GET BETTER SOON! We need you at 1st Base. Be careful during rehab, and don’t waste time! I want to see you back on the field ASAP. The team isn’t the same without you! I’m sending you great wishes and will pray for your speedy recovery. Pretty sure I want you back on the field more than any of these other fans!!!!

We already miss you! Don’t let this get you down; it’s part of the ups and downs of life. As bad as it is now, you’ll be on the top of the world before you know it!

speedy recovery!!! keep it positive! aloha!

Heal quickly! Hearing about your rehab or even your thoughts watching the games would be very intetesting. .maybe even some movie reviews!

I have a great product idea… Kevlar batting gloves.

Please let us know how your rehab is going. We are all pulling for you. You are a Giant and we are all Giant together.

We miss you already! Get well soon! Can’t wait until you’re back at first base!!!

Glad to hear all is well!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!! We need you back at 1st!🙂

Thanks so much for the update, Brandon.

On the face of it, it’s just terrible luck that you should get your finger broken through no fault of your own! But I believe that everything happens for a reason — it’s just not at all evident when things first happen what that reason could be. You’ll discover why eventually….

Sending prayers for your rehab and recovery!

Going to miss seeing you on the field and hearing from you off the field. Get well soon- we miss you already!

Missing you already. But focus on rehab and come back fully recovered🙂

Sending you healing wishes to you Brandon. We will miss you and can’t wait for you to get back into the swing of things.

Brandon, we’re rooting for you and wish you a speedy recovery! Greetings from your biggest fans in Portland, Oregon!!!

Miss seeing you out there…..Prayers for a speedy recovery.

We miss you already. Get better quick and keep a good though. Go Giants!

Thumbs up, Buddy!
What? Too soon?
OK — sending all that good healing ju ju your direction Big Guy!

Guest bloggers are fun, but we DO still want to hear from you, too! Glad to hear surgery went well – take care – relax, rehab … and we hope to see you soon!🙂

Praying for quick and full healing. Miss seeing you play but you will be back soon!!!

Heal swiftly and perfectly, Brandon! We love and miss you.

Get better soon! #TogetherWeAreBrandon

Aw, I wish you would keep blogging! Love reading about the travels, funny stories, your wife, and teammates. You will be missed and we cant wait for your comeback. My 4 yr old son LOVES you- Star Wars Day will be his first game- hope to see you back on the field then🙂

Wishing you the quickest and easiest of recoveries! So happy the surgery went well, please keep us updated when you can.

Hope you will put this free “time out” to good advantage. Strongly urge you to check out the concept of Visualization, as many successful athletes have used it to great advantage at the pro level. Sure made a difference in my life. Recommend:
“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” in Paperback
by Dr. Joseph Murphy Ph.D. Best way I found was to knock down a chapter a night just before turning out the light. Try it, Brandon—you’ve got nothing to lose and it just might make your life a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

Hey Brandon, don’t run Haylee ragged. Get well and we’re all rooting for you. Hugs and❤
Grandma Gamer Babe From Volcano, Ca.

So happy the surgery went well! You are definitely in my prayers for a speedy and full recovery! Cannot wait for your return! You will be missed!!!!!!

So happy that your surgery went well! You will b ein my prayers for a full and speedy recovery! Cannot wait til yur back! YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!

Wishing you a quick and complete recovery!! You are a good person besides just a baseball player! Where are we going to get our movie reviews???? Please keep posting!! Take care BBelt9! Enjoy the extra time with your lovely wife and family!!

we’ll MISS you

Get better soon, Brandon. Miss you out there already. I just got my Belt T-shirt in the mail yesterday to complement my Baby Giraffe hat. Can’t wait to wear it when you get back!

Get well soon! And, if you come to Fresno, I’m gonna be front and center ready!

get well soon!🙂

Speedy recovery, bbelt9. We’ll miss you!

We miss you when we see first base and there’s no BB there. Sending good thoughts your way and hope you have a quick recovery!

Brandon B: How are you going to keep fit when you can’t use your thumb? Get well soon because I can’t shout “Belt it out of there!” if there is no Brandon Belt playing.

Just to echo what “Kris” said: Don’t stop paying just because you’re on the dl. I don’t read the blog for the ballplayer “meat”. I read it to learn more about you guys as people. I can learn about the baseball meat pay off your life from the media.🙂

Prayers and good wishes to you Brandon, recover quickly as my favorite Giant, I need you back on the field. We all need you back.🙂

Prayers for a speedy recovery! Take it easy so you can get back to us soon. #TeamBrandon !!

Get well soon!

Don’t stop the blog! Or, at least, keep us updated! We miss you already 😢
-Lisa, Arianna, & Sienna

Belter…I made a 50$ bet with my friend that you would hit at least 20 taters this year. I know you’re banged up but when you get off the shelf you gotta bang out those last 11 for me. If I win I’ll take that 50 spot and take you out to Olive Garden!

Brandon, Dude! We need you. Praying for your best recovery.

I hope you have a speedy recovery Brandon! And thanks for posting an update about your health.🙂

We are all wishing for a speedy recovery and rehab, Brandon. We need you.

Prayers for a speedy recovery, we want you back!

I miss you Brandon!!! Hope that thumb heals fast so we can see you play and hit more homeruns!!

So happy to see you up and about chatting with Posey and the guys in the dugout during yesterday’s game. Cannot wait until you get back on the field. I’m not sure who’s hurting more during your absence… you or your fans. Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery. Games just aren’t the same without you, Brandon.

Hoping for a quick recovery. We’re all rooting for you!

Hey Brandon! Hope your recovery continues to go well and you are back on the field at AT&T in no time! Gonna miss you tomorrow night at Metallica night! A few weeks ago, my 13 year old, cousin, Corrie, a HUGE Giants fan and star ahtlete himself, saw you in a Walnut Creek restaurant. He was too shy to approach you but I guess the server told you, and on your way out you punched him on the shoulder and said Hey Kid. Thank you so much for making his day! That simple, kind gesture to a young man meant so much to him and all of us, his loyal, die-hard GIANTS loving family:)

We miss you,Brandon, the adult giraffe.😉

Feel better soon, dude!❤

Hope you are having an opportunity to explore the neighborhoods as you recover those days of waiting before actually starting rehab can be so boring. Take in lots of movies and let us know what you think of them. Love those movie reviews!

I went to the game Friday night; amazing seats, saw all the guys including Larry, BUT it wasn’t the same without YOU! The BEAST did a great job, but NOBODY can replace what YOU bring to this team. Get better and come back better than ever.

Hope Haylee is taking good care of you! Feel better soon! Don’t get too bored!

Watching the Giant isn’t the same without you on first base! You are my fav B.B! Get well soon!

Chubs? And so the mind wanders…

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