Warriors and Frito Pie – Brandon Belt

Haylee and I went to the Warriors game last night on the off-day. Neither of us had ever been to an NBA game, so (through Giants connections) I bought two seats in about the 10th row across from the Warriors bench. We had a blast.

An NBA game could not be more different from a baseball game — there is so much going on every second! I’m thinking, “What’s happening right now?’’ I look up at the score and it’s tied. I look up again and somebody’s up by 15. Everything is happening so fast.

The other fun part was the chance to eat concession-stand food. You can get concession-stand food at a Giants game, but I don’t. Which is probably a good thing, being a professional athlete and all. But I was pumped to walk up to the concession stand at Oracle Arena. Haylee and I share a big plate of nachos, a choice we made only after discovering, with some disappointment, they didn’t have Frito Pie.

I guess Frito Pie is a Southern thing, kind of how Chicken Spaghetti seems to be a Southern thing. For those who don’t know, Frito Pie is a bowl of Fritos topped with chili and shredded cheese. I put mustard on mine. You eat it with a fork, and it’s delicious. When I was growing up, we’d eat it at home after church for lunch. I love it.

It was great to meet so many Giants fans at the Warriors’ game. As soon as we stepped out of the car in the parking lot, it was crazy how many people wanted to say hello and have their picture with me. It really surprised me. So I took a lot of pictures, and everyone was so nice. I think the only autograph I was asked to sign was for our usher, Frederic, who said he also works at Giants games.

During the day yesterday, I went to the mall to buy dress shoes. This is not exciting, I know, but it’s also not the easiest thing for me. I wear size 15 in tennis shoes, but the biggest dress shoes most department stores carry are 13s and 14s. Even at that, I have to be careful of which I choose. When a suit calls for a lighter brown, I can’t get shoes that are too light because they make my feet look like clown feet. So I have to find the right match for the suit and for my feet. You’ll be relieved, I’m sure, to hear that I found the right shoes.

I only have one movie review.

Heaven is for Real: I read the book when I was in Triple A and really liked it. The movie was good, but I was hoping for a little bit more. It’s about a kid who, after he has surgery, says he visited heaven. He’s four or five years old. He says he was sitting with Jesus and all this other stuff. Everyone is skeptical, even his dad, who’s a preacher. But the boy says stuff he couldn’t have known about, like seeing his sister in heaven. His mother had a miscarriage and the kid, of course, never knew that. I give it 2 stars (out of four).

Thanks for reading Haylee’s blogs and leaving her all the great comments. And thanks to everyone who was so nice to us at the Warriors game last night. Hope to see you at the ballpark.

-Brandon B.


I’m glad you had a good time at the warriors game, and saw all the fans that really like you. I’m so glad you are at first base, and doing so well. Your Frito pie sounds delicious, and it’s made me really hungry. Good luck, and keep on enjoying.

Nothing quite ilke Warriors at the Roaracle during Playoffs. Except maybe Giants at AT&T during Playoffs. Or Niners at… well, you get the picture. Niners at Cowboys Sept 7th! Whoohoo!

Ugh… this page needs an edit feature. “quite LIKE”

I don’t know that Frito Pie is exclusively southern food. I was born and raised in CA, and I’ve been eating that yummy crap all my life! And as a terminal bachelor, Frito Pie for dinner is second nature.
Fritos mmmmm crunchy salty!
Chili mmmmm meaty!
Cheese mmmmmmm gooey!

So who’s posting this when you’re playing



Too bad the Warriors stunk it up, but that is cool that you and the Wifee are out supporting Dub City!
Glad to see the sticks are back, too. Good luck this weekend.

Thanks for sharing this. Good luck this weekend! Stay hot!

Who posts your blogs when they turn up while you’re on the field? Like just now Friday night 8:12pm

Nordstrom Downtown SF and Downtown Seattle carry size 15 shoes in most sizes! You too can be a shoe fashionisto!

Watching the game right now and you are up! I’m glad you & Haylee are enjoying the area and getting to do some fun stuff like seeing an NBA game. Thanks for the tip on frito pie! Can’t wait to try the chicken spaghetti!

Evidently Frito Pie is not just amSouthern thing, Brandon. I grew up here in Northern California (graduated in 1972 – wow!) and Frito Pie was available at every Friday night football game held at Lower Lake High School. Now it’s my family’s “go to” meal on our first night of ANY camping trip!

Come on over and I would make you a frito pie anytime!!!

Hey Brandon! I’ve loved reading your blog since the beginning! I just had to comment on the frito pie!🙂 I was born and raised in California and when I was a kid we got frito boats at local little league games. The snack bar would use the lunch size frito chips, cut open the side, pour chili over it and top it with cheese! I still make them 30 years later! Go Giants! Glad you’re in the third spot!

Yep, I grew up in NorCal, too, and I remember “Frito Pie” at church youth group dinners. They’d take those lunch size bags of Fritos, open them, and put the chili and cheese right on top in the bag. You didn’t even need a bowl! Mmm-mmm.

I’m a little jealous……ok a lot jealous of everyone who got to meet you, and of you getting to go to the game.
I never really thought about you guys not really ever getting the whole baseball game experience, concession stands and what not. Please tell me you have at least tried the garlic fries?!

I’ve eaten what you call Frito Pie but I’ve never heard it called that. Guess its a southern thing. It’s nice to hear you two got to experience professional basketball especially since you’d never been before. Glad you were able to find some suitable shoes. My friend’s son lives in San Jose and I think he wears a 15. I’ll see if I can find out where he buys his shoes. Keep up those movie reviews. Maybe Haylee could give a review as well…if she can stay awake!

Frito pie is a specialty at Assemble, a restaurant near my house in Marina Bay. The people who own it are fancy chefs from big name restaurants in the East Bay but Frito Pie is their best-selling dish! You can get it there all the time. Marina Bay is directly across the water from San Francisco — just past Angel Island. Since you already live in the East Bay, you can take the 80 to Richmond, go west on the 580 and exit at Regatta, before the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge. It’s a cool area anyway, with old battleships from WW II you can tour. It’s also super dog friendly (they have outdoor seating at Assemble if you bring Lilly) and we are two exits from Pt. Isabel, the biggest off leash dog park in N. America. It’s perfect for dogs like mine (and Lilly) who actually hate other dogs because there’s so much room to run around they don’t have to play with the other dogs. We go there every day and my dog NEVER plays with the other dogs. Bring a jacket though. It’s on the water so it’s breezy most days. I love going to the Warriors! It’s like going to the circus, right? Never a dull moment. If they aren’t playing, they are shooting t-shirts at you or some other business. It’s awesome. P.S., Assemble is no Olive Garden but isn’t expensive and the portions are generous. http://assemblerestaurant.com/

Hey there. I am related by marriage. I was married to Buster Williams who passed away 3/12/13. This has been a tough year for our family. Buster & your Grandmother Margaret were 1st cousins. London is actually our great grandson but we have had him since he was 2 months old & he’s now 10 yrs old. As far as I know, he doesn’t know he’s adopted or he has not asked any questions which we were waiting for. Buster died the day after his birthday last year.
Margaret gave us one of your signed baseball cards last year & he got it for Christmas that year before Buster died. I’ve cut articles out of the newspaper here in ‘doches for him. He gets excited. If you get a chance, it would thrill him to death to receive something from you as a keepsake. He is playing baseball again this year. He is a Cardinal & bless their hearts, they haven’t won a game. Lol But they are doing better. He really misses not having Dad to discuss things.
Sounds like y’all r having lots of fun out that way. That’s good for ya.
His address is: London Williams
1668 County Road 153, Nacogdoches, Tx. 75965.
Y’all take care but stay “Country”! Lol
Billie & London.

Just finished watching you win tonight🙂 wootwoot anyways that Frito pie isnt only in the south its actually here in the valley at the Stanislaus county fair. They sell it you can have onions n jalapenos on it too. Sounds pretty good I’ve never tried it. But we do have it here in California too. Great game tonight hoping to go to the ballpark soon. ♡♡ and wear my giraffe hat!! Cant wait to wear a #9 Jersey soon. I agree w haylee on that. .. cant find your jersey anywhere.

Frito pie!!! As a native Californian, I’ve eaten that before, usually while visiting friends. Adding some sour cream helps to mellow out the saltiness somewhat.

you always take pics and sign for everyone! ps did Haylee stay awake for the game? lol jk🙂

Frito Pie!!😀 Xackly!

Now I have a craving for Frito Pie, so thanks for that.🙂

I know you’re not all that into stats, but I saw a list today of active players with the best plate discipline and you’re third on the list. The metrics involved made my eyes cross, but it was still cool to see you so high on the list.

I used to work at the snack bar of my son’s baseball league. We had something called Chili Boats…bag of Fritos, cut across the long side, scoop of chili, shredded cheese, eaten with a spoon right out of the bag! Yummy! Miss those days, my son is now 33, and coaches a 14u Pony Team in Orinda.

See you on Saterday!! I’m exited can wait for another win and homerun from you! Keep up the good work!

Love the blogs! Hope you had a great time at the Warriors game! That Frito pie sounds amazing and crazy all at the same time. I went to this place in AZ (during your spring training) called The Lodge. The place was insane and nuts and amazing all at the same time. My husband and I ordered a burger called the Sasquatch. Instead of burger buns they had two grilled cheese sandwiches. I was surprised they didn’t ask me to sign a waiver. Hahahahha.

Been looking forward to the next new post, but I also know you guys are extremely busy trying to win games. Thanks for writing. I also read “Heaven is for real”, 2 years ago. And loved the book. I’m waiting for the video to come out after the theater version for two reasons. 1. Since I’ve read the book I know that I will be crying and I want to do that in my own home, not in a theater full of people (impersonal)
2. I’m hard-of-hearing (since birth) and I use the closed captioned (CC) The theater has CC, but again too impersonal. Therefore on the TV screen at home the subtitle is much better. Again, thanks for writing, I look for a blog entry everyday from any of the #togetherwearebrandons #GoGiants

PS, I too have seen Frito Pie at Tractor pull contests, baseball games, and at state fairs in CA. Guess the Warriors organization are not up to speed to what people want. Giants concessions should introduce that and call it “the Brandon” Frito Pie!!! Hahahaha

It’s really fun to read the Brandon blogs, including those written by the wives. Brandon, don’t be too surprised that you were stopped at the Warriors games……….it will happen more and more! I’m wondering, too, how you were able to go into a mall and try on shoes………or even looking at shoes……….without getting mobbed!! Good luck, tonight………..it’s so great to see you on a roll!!

Glad to see you are in a better mood! Great game last night. It made me so happy. That was Giants baseball! Great pitching and great hitting. Huddy is fantastic. So glad he is with us! You guys play like that and it won’t matter what the rest of division does we will win it!!! So glad you and Hayley had a good time at the Dubs game!! I’d love to go but as I live in Fresno and money isn’t as abundant as I would like I can only really afford to the trips into San Francisco to see you guys play!
About Frito Pie, it sounds delicious. I love Fritos! it sounds like something we call a Frito Boat that you get at School Carnivals and
the like! it’s usually served in a Frito bag cut open sideways with chili beans and cheese added on top!! Delicious! ! Once again thanks for keeping this blog and it is always fun hearing from Hayley, your better half!!!😀 love you guys! !

I LOVE Frito Pie. When I was a kid (in Texas and Arkansas), my dad played softball so we spent the summer at the ballpark. The concession stand would split open the frito bag and pour the chili into the bag and top with cheese. YUM! We still make it frequently, only the chili is homemade. Still YUM! Go Warriors! Go Giants!

The warrior game sounds like a great time Brandon. Sorry they didn’t have your frito pie. I’m from Nor Cal and haven’t heard of it before but who knows. I’m going to the game on Monday and can’t wait to get a polish and see the Brandon’s kill it! 😊

Yum, now I wanna have some of that frito pie!

I know about frito pie from high school football games! I’ve seen it at one high school in Monterey county and have thought about serving it when we have chili and extra Fritos in our basketball snackbar (Fritos are always the last bags anyone wants, lol). Other than that, not big around Northern California, haha.

In my part of the south, you had fried chicken or a pot roast after church! And you can’t really call yourself a southerner if you haven’t had fried okra — sometimes dipped in flour, sometimes in corn meal. Oh, yum!

Or with stewed tomatoes.

Growing up in the Fresno area, we had Frito Pie growing up too – only we call them Frito Boats (the lunch size bags cut down the side look almost like a canoe shape when filled with the chili and cheese and sometimes optional lettuce, onion, and sour cream). They are definitely favorite concession stand treat at any HS ball game – professional sports venues are DEFINITELY missing out on a money maker by not offering them! (In fact, I actually made myself one for lunch just yesterday and this post hadn’t even been published yet LOL) I totally agree with jessecat1899 that they should be offered at Giants games and named after you somehow. 😉

Congrats on your wins yesterday and today! If you ever decide to try concession food at the ballpark I can vouch for the garlic fries…oh and the chocolate sundaes are killer!

There is another book about Heaven. It is written by a neurosurgeon who was in a coma for 7weeks. Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. Interesting read. I like reading all the Giants blogs. Where is the White Sharks blog?

Oklahoma girl here, missing Frito pie like mad. You, me, Haylee. Frito pies. NOW.

I hope I’m lucky enough to meet you and Haylee someday when you’re out and about! You both seem like the nicest people! Love the Giants!!

Thanks for the movie review! I’ve been wanting to go see that movie! haha!🙂 So i think i will🙂 or maybe read the book first🙂

Frito pie is a staple of life.

When you mentioned a frito pie I was wondering if it was similar to a frito boat. After reading what a frito pie is, I see it totally is!! Except I don’t but mustard on mine. Not a fan of it but that’s okay that won’t keep me from being a big fan of you and the team!

Hi Brandon!
I am watching the game at Elixir bar in the Mission and on my walk here I remembered that they sell Frito Pie here in The City and I had to let you know!! I can’t guarantee it’s a good as back home but might be worth a shot. Check it out: ChilePiles.com they are located at 15th & Church. BTW, sending your Olive Garden Dressing to you this week (the one from Arizona got eaten up so sending you get a freshie). Look for it in the mail! Take care! Jess

Hi Brandon!
I am watching the game at Elixir bar in the Mission and on my walk here I remembered that they sell Frito Pie here in The City and I had to let you know!! I can’t guarantee it’s a good as back home but might be worth a shot. Check it out: ChilePiles.com they are located at 15th & Church. BTW, sending your Olive Garden Dressing to you this week (the one from Arizona got eaten up so sending you get a freshie). Look for it in the mail! Take care! Jess

You just made me really hungry maybe I’ll try and make my own frito pie. Also love your humor and keep working hard. Go Giants!!!

Hi Brandon!
Thank your wife again for the recipe. It sounds like a very heavy and filling meal. I will have to make that on my “cheat day” haha but it sounds bombdotcom. Did you hear who the 49ers are playing their first game on Thanksgiving? Your team, Cowboys. Should be a fun game. For awhile I kept thinking I was a jinx for you guys because Everytime I went to watch you guys play at the park, you’d lose. I know I shouldn’t be so superstitious but last year I went to seriously at least 8 games and I was 1-7😦 I’ve gone to three games this season and fortunately you won last Friday while I was there. So I guess I’m not a jinx after all. I told myself that if you guys lost last Friday, I’m not going to anymore games and just watching it at home haha thank goodness you won because I absolutely LOVE going to Giants games. Go Giants!

First time I had Fritos/chili/cheese was at the Fair when I lived in Lancaster, CA. They called them PEPPER BELLIES! Yum! When my daughter went to middle school – it was on the lunch menu – they served them right in the bag.🙂

If you want to see a good movie watch God’s not dead!

Frito pie! I mentioned it to my sister while reading your blog and she said she used to get it at Sonic. I used to get something similar as a kid in Southern CA called a pepper bellie which was Frito chips, beans and nacho cheese.🙂

I loved the book Heaven is for real and was contemplating seeing the movie. Happy to hear you and the wife got to do some fun things and yes, basketball games are fast paced, hahaha.

Frito boats! A snack bar staple here in central CA! And my 7 year old daughter, Jaime, really thinks that SF needs some Brandon Belt gear! Until then, she is rocking her giraffe hat with her Giants jersey!😀

I BELIEVE! In Brandon Belt! Keep up the good work, you are just in a bad spell, I’m sure you’ll get the kinks out soon. And thanks for the post and sharing about your Warriors experience.

Another great recipe! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on the sweep and the awesome unbelievable plays you made!!! You are so exciting to watch! Great job! I was wondering what size your feet are…when you come up to bat, I always say to my Mom “he must be a big guy…look at his feet!” My brother has size 11.5 and I thought that was big! But how wrong I was!!!! Glad you found the right shoes! I liked the shoe story…yur so funny! I love this blog! I look so forward to reading the new posts! So thanks, Brandon, for always takin the time to write! Good luck tonight! Keep the winning streak goin!

Hey Brandon, did you see this the other day?

So many of us rooting for you! And not just on Levi’s Landing. Never forget that!

Hi Brandon! Your blogs are so fun and entertaining! From the Warriors to a Frito Pie recipe to shoe shopping to a movie review!! So random, and I love it! You’re one of my very favorites and I always look forward to what you have to share next! Amazing plays in yesterday’s game too!

I totally get the shoe struggle- my boyfriend is a 14 wide and we have such a hard time finding shoes in that size that whenever we see them we get them- whether we meant to or not. We are both huge movie buffs and love your reviews! We just saw an Indonesian martial arts mafia movie called The Raid 2: Berendal and loved it. I don’t usually do to well with violence but this one was worth it. I went to my first game first game of the season yesterday and had so much fun! Loved the triple Brandon double play. Such amazing defense you have!

Had to check w my wife (who grew up in Austin) about Frito pie, I’m a Californian that had never heard of it. She laughed, said she loves it, and even confirmed that it was a Sunday thing in her fam too. Yet another awesome Texas thing I have yet to try, with mustard.
Nice defense!
See it and hit hit BB9! We are rooting for you.
Our fam listens to games on the radio.

We grew up (in Northern Cal) eating Frito Salad, which sounds exactly like your Frito Pie, but on a bed of iceberg lettuce. Think that would make it paleo enough for Pence?

Hi:  I would like to get the Brandon blogs but not each comment.  I thought I had checked the correct boxes but I guess not.  Would your admin please fix this?  Thank you!

I love when the 2 Brandons, Jalynne and Haylee write, but it isn’t necessary for me to read what others write in response.

Again, thanks.


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Marilyn, if you’re getting notifications via email, look towards the bottom of the message and you’ll see:
“Want less email? Unsubscribe from all follow-up comments or modify your Subscription Options.”
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Thanks, Jill, for the info!

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Brandon you’re off today… Where’s the latest blog? You should write about how Buster were rather have Crawford watch the twins over you because you’d fall asleep. Prove him wrong. You should film an episode for G Mag of you watching the kids.

Hey Brandon! I don’t know if you remember but you pulled up in your sweeeet ride to talk to my brother and I after the game on 4/28. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate how nice you were to us! Means a lot that you stopped when you didn’t have to. I tried to catch you after the game on 4/30 but I heard you got out of there pretty quick. Just wanted to say you’re an awesome guy and an awesome baseball player! Really hoping I get a chance to meet you again. This blog is the best! Wishing you many more good games this season🙂

Hey Mr. Belt! I don’t know if you remember but you pulled up in your SWEET ride after the game on 4/28 to talk to my brother and I. So I just wanted to let you know we extremely appreciated it. It means a lot that you stopped even when you didn’t have to. I tried to catch you after the game on 4/30 but I heard you got out of the park pretty quick. Anyway, just wanted to say you’re an awesome guy and an awesome baseball player! I really hope I get to meet you again. Keep up the good work Brandon😉 (maybe since we met, we can be on a first name basis. Haha I’m Hannah by the way!)

This is a new experience for me to try to post so will check later and if it appears will post later. I love the blogs from you and Haylee and Brandon Crawford & wife also.

I think I read in a previous blog you like Olive Gardens Italian Dressing. Well, if you are ever in a pinch and want to make your own, here ya go.

1 packet Good Seasonings Italian Dressing
(ingredients needed to make dressing: oil, water, vinegar)
½ tsp. dried Italian seasoning
½ tsp. table salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
½ tsp. sugar
¼ tsp. garlic powder
½ tbsp. mayonnaise (not miracle whip)
¼ cup olive oil
2 tbsp. white vinegar
1 ½ tbsp. water
Prepare Good Seasonings Italian Dressing as it starts on back of packet. It makes a small amount. Once prepared, pour dressing into a medium bowl and add additional ingredients starting with dried Italian Seasoning. With a whisk, combine all ingredients.

I love your blog and getting to know you guys on a more personal note. Being a Giants fan my whole life has been awesome and I have always wished I could meet some of the players but I know thats just a dream so this helps.

Thank you

Thank you for being “real”. It’s guys like you that give kids someone to look up to. You and your wife are great to follow;)

Hey Brandons! I work at Mumm Napa, the wine you guys spray all over yourselves when you win! If you guys need a break when you get back from your road trip, come up to Rutherford and i’ll give you a tour and show you where it all comes from. Plus lots and lots of bubbles and other goodies

Did u guys wear Warriora gear? Can u post a pic of u guys at the game?😉

Branden, great job at first base , I know it must have been tough lately with the batting issues, but keep up the good work regardless . as for the frito pie, my wife and I are from the west coast and we’ve heard of it and its good stuff. I know your a pro athlete, but maybe have some gizzards and livers at the next ball game,lol. we currently live in Colorado, but have been Giants fans since 77, keep up the good work

Very sweet post!

Love that Frito Pie!! I grew up on it too but out in the sticks of Bridgeport, CA in the Sierras. We had a lil country style deli with a cow theme that served egg salad sandwiches and Frito Pie amongst other things. I want to open my own lil shop like that. I am always excited to see your blog pop up in my email in box! Stay Awesome!🙂

Love Frito Pie and I am a definite California girl! Loving the blog and all the pince-hitters are doing a great job.

Sorry you got hurt last night, but I think the club can hold the fort until you get back. Heal fast!!

Watching the game right now, wishing you a speedy recovery!! I guess my Belt sign will have to wait until you’re back in action:))

Brandon, I’m sure I speak for all Giants fans in wishing you a quick recovery! We will miss your presence in the lineup but hope to seeing your mug playing again ASAP!

Get well soon Brandon!!! The Giants need your bat, but with the starting pitching starting to come around, that might just be the boost that enables us to survive this patch without your bat in the lineup. Hopefully you are a fast healer, just in case!

I stopped at an A&W in Loveland, CO years ago and saw ‘Chili Fritos’ on the menu. I didn’t know what the heck they were, so I asked the carhop. (Yep. A drive – in A&W!)

She said it was a bag of Fritos with chili and cheese. I braved up and ordered some.

I laughed myself silly when she came out with the order. There on the tray sat one of those itsy bitsy single serve bags of Fritos, (the kind moms pack in their eight year old’s lunch box) opened across the top, with hot, steaming chili beans & yellow cheese oozing over the top of the bag. It was a miracle the bag hadn’t tipped over on the trip to the truck. I guess the weight of the chili anchored it down.

Well, it was exactly as she described … a bag (albeit a tiny one) of Fritos with chili and cheese. It was pretty darned tasty. After I stopped laughing.

Never have seen Chili Fritos on another menu, and had kind of forgotten about them until I saw the title of this blog. And now you’ve got me cravin’ Fritos … in the bag … with some homemade chili beans & yellow cheese.

Wishing you a mega speedy recovery … and some Chili Fritos!

I have always lived in California and we call frito pie – frito boat.

Also if you rehap in Fresno you need to go to the Chuck Wagon in Sanger to get a frito boat. You will love it.

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