Haylee’s Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

Haylee is filling in today to follow up on your questions. I’ll write again soon. I’ll be in a better mood when we start hitting again. And winning. I promise it won’t be long. This lineup is just too good.


So here’s Haylee:


Thanks to everyone who read my blog! Here’s a picture of Lilly for those who want to know what she looks like and proof that Brandon loves her more than me😉 For those who asked, she’s a Heinz 57 dog! We think she’s beagle and dachshund.


Brandon Belt and Lilly

Brandon Belt and Lilly

I went through every comment everyone left! You all are so sweet and supportive. A couple people asked for the chicken spaghetti recipe. Here it is.


-1lb. cooked shredded chicken (I buy a rotisserie chicken already cooked and seasoned and just shred it)

-1 package of Velveeta cheese. It comes in a big block. I use most of it, but it really depends on how cheesy you like it. I cut half of it in cubes that I’ll melt for the sauce and then slice the other half and put a layer on top of the casserole and melt.

-1 box cooked noodles, any kind really but I use spaghetti

-1 can cream of chicken

-1 can cream of mushroom

– 1 can ro-tel


Mix in a big pot on low or medium heat,the cooked shredded chicken, cooked noodles, cubed cheese, whole can of cream of chicken and mushroom and ro-tel until cheese is melted. Salt and pepper to desired taste. Don’t turn heat up high or it will scorch the food. Dump it all in a 9×13 casserole and add extra cheese on top and put it in the oven until cheese on top is melted.


Someone else asked why most players rent houses instead of buy in San Francisco. I can only speak for Brandon and me. We love our Texas family so much, and we still love calling Texas our home. So we are not ready to leave that. We love going home as much as we can. It gives us a break from this fast-paced life in the city and with baseball and we get to relax! Maybe one day we will have a home here!


Also, there were a lot of comments about the Dugout stores not having Belt T-shirts or jerseys.  I know it’s kind of weird. Brandon’s fans need to complain to the stores and petition for them to carry his jersey😉 I don’t even own one!


Thanks from Brandon for all the birthday wishes, even if his day didn’t turn out the way he wanted, at the plate anyway. We went out with the Bumgarners Saturday night after the game to Lou & Mickey’s, a restaurant near the park. I brought an assortment of cupcakes and made sure there was a big chocolate one for Brandon. We had a great time as we always do with Ali and Madison.


Thanks again for all your comments and questions!

Go Giants!

-Haylee Belt


The chicken spaghetti sounds like a heart attack on a plate…and something I MUST make! Thanks for sharing, and for the photo of Brandon with his other baby. Your blog was great, and just like Jalynne’s, helps us all to remember who these guys are off the field and the team at home that helps them through the slumps and the highs.

I cannot wait to try this-and if you’re going to be posting recipes, I say bring it on, girl! I could use some new ideas.
Please tell Brandon not to overthink the hitting. I know he must hear this all the time, but it’s true. It seems like every time he comes to the plate, he thinks he has to hit the long ball. You can see it on his face. Calm down…we’re gonna win this thing!
Haylee, again thank you for contributing to this blog. I love it.

Thanks for that recipe haylee it sounds delicious and I will definetely be making it soon! We are owners of a dachschund and a beagle…they both have so much personality I can only imagine what a mix would be like. My daughter was looking for a belt jersey too. They told us she could special order one so that’s always an option for you 😉. Go giants!!

Ok. I’m going to try it. Sounds really cheesey.

I have complained to the dugout store every time I’m there. Anyone know who we should direct our comments to? Maybe we can send an email blast.

Love the puppy pic and love you guys. ❤️

You can have any current player’s jersey made on the spot – they only carry a handful of current players in stock because of overhead costs, but can easily do any. I had a Crawford jersey made for my husband last year, and thanks to that he actually got to meet Brandon when we were down on the field for batting practice. Just be at game early or order online, and you’ll have the Brandon jersey of your choice!

Thank you Haylee. I’m going to try that recipe. I know what you saying about the jerseys in the dugout store, but I think in San Fran you can have one made to order. Watching the Giants and the NBA playoffs tonight so I better get going. Thanks again for blogging Brandon!! Go Giants!!!

I really love ALL the pinch blogging ! Seems we are getting blogs more often, not to mention the great insights from the wives🙂

I have seen the Belt shirsey both at AT&T Park (in one of the stands on the concourse) and in the Stonestown Galleria dugout store. So they do exist, finally! I’ve been whining at the official Giants twitter for years! Still haven’t seen them in the ladies sizes, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Until then, you should get one of these: http://www.redbubble.com/people/swiener/works/10651031-these-shoulders-dont-slump

Nice recipe, but, oh the calories! Never mind, it sounds delicious. Lily is really cute. Does she lonely for Brandon when he’s out of town? You might talk to the people who do publicity to get a Belt tee. After all, they sound like they’ll sell. Plenty of giraffe heads around, though. I ike your posts . It’s just like you are talking to us.

I had a Brandon Belt shirt made and on all my surveys (season ticket holder, luxury box rental and event planner) last year I commented that the Giants needed more Belt items. A few more home runs early on the season and they will start cranking on the Belt merchandise!

my favorite giant of all time ( i love them all, but he was MY guy back in the day ) was j. t. snow. by the time i decided to get a jersey, he no longer played….some guy named huff, and some guy named belt were on first. maybe you know one of them ? 🙂 anyway, i couldn’t narrow down a player because i love them all, and they are such a ” team “, i couldn’t pick one over another. so…. i ordered one and had them put ” snow ” on the back. you could always do that to get your very own BELT shirt. i remember the letters cost $10 each, and was thankful his name wasn’t bobolowskient or frankenhausen or some name that would cost a fortune. nice 4 letter, $40 name. try it…..they are the exact same jersey as all the others…. and you will be the only one sporting one at the yard !

My favorite was Mays. I saw a fan wearing a casual shirt that had Willie on the back of it last year when the Giants were in NY to play the Mets. I asked a dugout store in San Jose about it, but they are not sold out here.

Thank you Haylee for posting the recipe can’t wait to try it… I will complain to the dugout store because I want my Belt t-shirt…Go Giants🙂

I’ve had Brandon’s shirsey for a couple of years now. Glad I got mine early. I also have some giraffe ears. Love watching Brandon play, and really enjoy your contributions to the blog. Good to know my fav player has such a great life partner!

That sounds like a hearty meal! Thanks for recipe! Can’t wait to try it! I had to buy my Belt jersey online (actually my bf did haha). Hope we can get a win today at Colorado! Thanks for the blog! Take care Belt family!

Seriously, could you be any sweeter?!?! I love reading the player blogs and always recap the best/funniest stories for my husband (an OG Giant’s fan who got me hooked!) After your first post I immediately told him that you and Brandon seemed like the type of people everyone would want to be best friends with =) You both seem so genuine and sweet it really is a pleasure to read these posts. We are also both so excited for Brandon (even though he thinks he has had a few bad games) and his potential this season. It is so amazing to see him grow from his rookie season. I can guarantee he will have Giant’s fans’ hearts for his entire career.

Thanks for the recipe, sounds delicious! The picture is great too, I put it on my Baseball Pinterest board! I like the wives blogs!

Haha two of my three favorite Giants, Bum, Belt & Scutaro when he isnt hurt 😞 Glad his birthday was good ! Ready for the Wins ! 👏👏👏

After reading your first blog and the chicken spaghetti dish, I was reminded that when we lived in Texas (and hubbie was a dining room manager at Texas A&M while I was a student), there was a popular dish called King Ranch Chicken. He said they made tons of it for the students. It is all of your ingredients, substituting flour tortillas for the spaghetti, layered with chicken and your sauce, like a lasagna. Maybe something you would like to try. Go Giants!

Sorry but would like to clarify…hubbie says the traditional King Ranch Chicken didn’t use velveeta but used shredded cheddar on the layers and the sauce was the soups. But I contend that your sauce would be awesome in it. Keep posting. Go Giants.

I think you should start a wives blog and include ALL the Giant’s wives! How fun would that be?!

Thanks, Haylee, for sharing your recipe. I love the photo of Brandon and Lilly…he looks like he’s in love! I really like your blogging…hope you continue!

Cute dog!

Glad to see you back, Haylee! Thanks for the recipe! I tell my husband he loves our dog more than me too haha! In fact I’m sure I have a very similar pic of my husband and our dog.

To Brandon and the boys – keep your heads up! We are all rooting for you and are forever faithful! Thanks for giving it your all every game and trying to give us all a win. We all appreciate it so much!

Hello there Mrs Brandon Belt!! I think it is SO cool you ladies are taking over!!!! Honestly, you are the backbone to the men in your lives and though they will never admit it out loud, you gals are the stronger ones! Will defintely try that wonderful recipe…I think my niece will love it! Men and their dogs and cars…just can’t mess with it! Anyway, the guys will start their hitting streak again…it’s just a matter of time. They always do so I’m not worried. Love em anyway I can get em! Thanks for allowing us in! Go G’s!!

I just found out about this blog. I love it! Haylee, that is so cool of you to share your recipe. Great pic of Brandon and your dog. My husband and I love our dogs, we treat them like children. I have a great Brandon Belt t-shirt. I”ll paste the link below. My husband and I have a new tradition of seeing the Giants play at a new ballpark every year. Went to Washington D.C. last year and San Diego this year. Thinking about going to Colorado next year. Maybe Toronto. We like to sightsee, check out fun bars and good restaurants. Any suggestions for ballparks we should check out? Here’s the link for the shirt. http://heroicsclothing.myshopify.com/products/brandon-belt-signature-series-t.

I really enjoy reading this blog… Even when the wives post! I can’t believe you don’t own a Belt jersey! Can’t your husband just give you his after the game?! My friends and I love the Giants and we all have a favorite player… Mine is your husband. We have started calling each other by our favorite players last name… Mrs. Posey, Mrs. Lincecum, Mrs Mad Bum… And myself Mrs Belt. Hehe. You might find this weird… But my friend decided to have a jersey made for me that says Mrs Belt with the number nine. I think it’s fantastic and quite hilarious… I am thinking you should have one made as well… Since you are the real deal.😉 Keep posting and tell your husband not to worry… The hits will come and so will the W’s for the G men!


I’m new to this, but I’m enjoying it immensely. Being from Tyler, Texas, chicken spaghetti was always one of the dishes on the menu, along with brisket, potato salad & other great dishes, including a cocoanut cake!

I’m 85 years old, and those days are gone forever for me, as well as the baseball wife tale. My husband was a pro player and the year San Diego went into the majors (about 1952) Lefty O’Doul called our apartment and told my husband he wanted him to be his catcher (in the bigs); however, Vcitoria. B. C. of the International League wouldn’t give Rocco his release, so Rocco quit pro baseball. I could write a book! Talk about being tied to a club…….you don’t know the half! Oh well.

He played semi pro with other pros on his team, managed that team, and coached Colt League for years. But, I want to tell you that I love both of your columns…..I have always thought Brandy was great, and I think you are lucky to have each other. The same for Belt and the rest. They’ll get their hits eventually, and away we’ll go!

Good luck with the girls and your nice husband. As they grow and change, keep us informed, please. Sincerely, June Cardinale.

Love the pic! And awesome job on your two blog entries Haylee! I love hearing your insight. I agree on the jerseys, until I find one I’ll keep wearing this shirt to support my fave player!


I vote for a wives blog! Or just continue to post frequently! Love it. Tell Brandon to keep it up. The bats will come alive soon enough!

Thank you so much,Haylee, for the recipe. My husband will love it.
I didn’t have time to comment after your first blog but I truly enjoyed the read. I can imagine what you must have been feeling when your dog was missing..What a nightmare!
The guys aren’t doing so well right now and that’s dampening everyone’s mood. Well, if you’re a Giant’s team member, family, or fan, that is. As soon as the bats come out of the deep freeze we’ll be back. If we’re going to have a slump, let’s have it now and get it over with. There is too much talent and goodwill on this team to stay down for long!
Best wishes to you and Brandon, and thanks for keeping all of us in the loop.

Need to get that sweet puppy of yours a giraffe costume. And Brandon must have a crazy workout to eat the chicken spaghetti and stay so fit! Thanks for filling in again and let Brandon know the fans are behind him, we know he can get his mojo in gear. Calling about a Belt jersey in the morning.

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Haylee, thanks so much for the recipe….sounds super good! And that pic is great!!! Thanks for sharing that!!! I was wondering what kind of dog it was too! She’s so cute! I just love reading your posts! I hope you’ll keep posting! I was hoping so badly that Brandon woulda hit a HR on his BD…but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be! Maybe on his next one! I’m glad Brandon had a nice birthday celebration! I feel so bad for all of them going thru this rought patch! But it is a part of BB…it happens! But I know that they’ll come outta this! Those first couple of weeks is who they are!!! They have an awesome group of guys! Can’t wait for your next post!

Thanks for the recipe!!! My daughter plays soccer and this will be an awesome make ahead dinner to have for after a game….she loves spaghetti!! It would be so cool to be able to exchange recipes with the playes wives-that would be awesome. My daughter’s favorite recipe that I make is for “rolly chicken”……crescent rolls stuffed with cooked chicken, covered with cream of chicken soup and cheese and then baked until brown and bubbly……..so yummy and easy…..Thanks again Haylee. GO GIANTS!!

One more thing Haylee, have you made your chicken spaghetti with the Velveeta Queso Blanco (white cheese)-just an idea…..

I must be one of the lucky ones that own a Belt Jersey!!

Haylee, Back again to let ya know that i just told my Mom about your recipe and she is very excited to try it! She has alotta football parties so I thought she may want to save it for that but it sounded so good to her she is going to make it now! lol So THANKS again! And I also wanted to mention how much this blogs means to me…I am from New York so being a SF Giants fan is rare out here…but this blog makes me feel like a part of the Giants family! So I am grateful to Brandon C and his wife and your Brandon and you for making this possible for me! You are all so sweet and such genuine people! I always look forward to reading this blog! I am hooked!!!! Now lets get outta this funk and go get ’em this afternoon!!!!! Go G-men!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tough love, Haylee! I say make Chicken Spaghetti for Brandon only when he hits a homer. Make him work for it😛 Just kidding. Clearly, the way to his❤ is through his stomach… popcorn, pudding, and pickles?!!!

See? It worked. Tough love = HR #7! Now he gets to come home to a chicken spaghetti dinner😀

The picture looks like the karaoke machine might have been involved?!!

One of my prized possessions is a Belt Jersey that my siblings gave me for my 60th birthday. I was really lucky in that I wore it to a Giant’s Commercial Day and it was when Brandon was filming and I got to have him sign it!! Thanks for showing the picture of Lilly – she’s adorable! You are a great contributor/writer to the blog – thanks!

Love your writing Haylee. I have a beagle and she has a tummy just like Lilly, they really are walking stomachs : ) Having been to Spring Training for many years I cannot imagine her being alone out in that desert, poor pup! Keep posting!

Thanks Haylee for the photo of Brandon & Lily.  My youngest son had a beagle for many years but he has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge now.  Speaking of him, he’s a SF firefighter down there in the North Beach area.  Along the lines of food, I don’t get to worked up about cooking, my hubby is a fine dinning chef.  We owned our own restuaurant  for 12 years.  LONG hours and 7 days a week.  You guys know all about long hours and 7+ days a week. But his cooking is to die for.  I do most of the cooking at home though.  He’s a real health food nut, soy this and tofu that.  YUK!  You guessed it, I’m not.  We too have a dog.  She is a German Shepard and her name is Peja.  She’s a goofy dog.  She & Layne have a very special relationship. 

Well today I’m going down into the valley to Vacaville to my eldest son’s house for 3 days to do childcare.  Their youngest is out of school this week.  I get to do some granddaughter –  grandma bonding.  I love it.  She’s 8 yr. old and she is going to her first Giants game on 6-14-2014.  Gamer Babe Day.  I’m a Gamer Babe.  I even have the pin from Krukow.  I bought her an orange Giants tee and her own tu tu.  Can hardly wait.  She has never ridden on the ferry or gone to a ball game.  She watches the games with me on TV and even has input.  It’s going to be our day.  Along the lines of baseball, my Sis & I are going to be at 7 days of games in SF in June and the trip to DC in August.  We’ve never been to DC so it should be very exciting.  We do the Giants Vacations groups.  It’s all inclusive and very convenient for 2 ole seniors.  Plus we have too much phun.  New friends we met at ST will be going too.  We love the ST trips, old friends and new friends every year.  Just have to save up for it.

Well I should go for now and again thank you for posting to us fans.  It’s always heartwarming to see you all have ?normal? lives too.  Love your blogs.

Ahh I love Brandon and I got a custom jersey made in his honor I’m like the only person with one

Hi Haylee, I had read the post last time about buying a home in the bay area, and I always wondered how you all did it during the season, especially the ones with kids. I totally understand you guys wanting your primary home to be in Texas, that is home, that’s family, where you are from and where your roots are. I think it grounds you keeping your home there. Enjoy it when your there. I look forward to your blogs, I love the wife’s take on baseball.

Will have to make that recipe and let you know how it goes! Love how you and Jalynne wrote these blogs! Lilly is so cute! Glad she is ok!

Hi Haylee, Love your blogging! I wondered what kind of dog Lily was, she is cute.. OMG that recipe, dont you know they don’t sell velveeta in the healthy Bay Area (LOL). Hello clogged arteries! Whatever your man wants to eat, he does bring home the bacon! Keep on blogging. If you lived in Danville you could have acres like Texas! Go Giants!

Seriously…been trying to get a BELT #9 jersey T-shirt for literally years now. Had to get a custom BELT jersey made last year.

Hi Haylee! We have 2 Rat Terriers and Lilly looks like she might be the same breed. Thanks🙂

You can get a custom jersey with Brandon’s number and his (and your) name, like I did!🙂

The changes in your grip. How long did it take to really feel comfortable and not think about ?

Have a great season !


I asked for my Belt jersey for Mother’s Day during Brandon’s first season with the Giants. Been a proud wearer ever since!

Haylee, The Giant’s wives should consider doing a cookbook again. There had been a couple of different volumes that were sold to raise money for their charities. We loved making all of the recipes. Laurie Wotus can tell you details about them as she was part of the sales team at the time. I think they would do very well right now. Can’t wait to try your recipe.

There’s a Belt shirt at the Dugout Store in Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara. I walked in there one day and nearly ran across the store when I saw it. I’m now the proud owner of a Belt shirt.😀

On another note, I totally understand completely loving a dog. My family had a Boxer for eleven and a half years. He died last August. I was about nine or ten when we got him, and I’m the oldest of my siblings. The youngest was only seven months older than our dog. Our whole family was absolutely devastated when he passed. We have two puppies now, though. A Husky and another Boxer. They’re a lot more energetic and a little bit more clingy, but I love them.

I’m sorry about the loss of your boxer. We have two boxer and they are our babies! I love reading about players and their dogs! It’s so much fun!

I love the guys blogging but it’s awesome to have you and Jalynne put your spin on life on here! The casserole sounds great! So glad to know that you were able to get your dog back!! Our pets are more like our children!! Keep doing what you do and keep Brandon in line!🙂 It will get better today I hope!!

love you guys! thanks for all the awesome blogs.

I was able to purchase a BELT jersey shirt in the park last week, and I rock it with pride! Thanks for supporting your man and keeping his spirits high, and his fans satisfied!😉 Oh and by the way… Brandon has more HRs this season than Pujols! Our bats will be back! In SF we DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’!

I love hearing from the wives of my favorite ball players! You ladies should get your own blog! I love reading what the Brandon’s have to say too, so a blog from them AND their wives would be great. No more pinch-blogging from the wives! Give’em their own blog!😄

So excited to try your casserole recipe. Love Belt, he was an eye catcher when he was pitching for the Longhorns and I was very excited when he was signed to the Giants organization.

They sell Belt jerseys now! I just seen them last time I went on the 15th.

Im glad i have my own orange friday Belt jersey!!! Got it customized at Majestic.com

Getting caught up on the blogs, watching the day game on Wednesday and Belt hits a HR!!! So long slump! See ya!

I agree with Ariana, I got a personalized one made at MLB store. I also bought an Orange Giants shirt for Orange Friday’s at Old Navy and had Crawford 35 screen printed on the back. Now I need a Belt one too!

That sounds like a delicious recipe, Haylee.  Also delicious is BB’s day at the plate today!  I think a lot of fans like to know about the private lives of our favorite players……..we’re nosy!!  Thank you for filling in, and I guess if you have to share your love with someone, that adorable dog is not too threatening! Go Giants………….keep the blog going!!

              Marilyn Damon Diamond  The Marina Times  415-710-7496 marilyn94123@yahoo.com

I had to special order my Belt Jersey too. I haven’t seen too many of them out there, but I always get compliments when I go to a game. That pasta recipe sounds horrible. Sorry. Go Belt! Go Giants!

Thank you for the recipe. I am so glad I found your Blogs… I have been a Giants fan my whole life (i’m 37) and it is really great to hear personal stories and really feel how much the players care about their fans who they will probably never meet. I appreciate your candidness.

Thanks for the post and the recipe, gonna try it this week. Tell Brandon he will start hitting again and so will the rest of the team……….positive thoughts. AND Lilly is adorable, I am a big fan of our furry friends, I have to Foster Goldens from Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and I love them like my own. Have a great week.

I have been making this chicken spaghetti recipe for about 15 years..got it from foodnetwork..It is great..thanks for taking time to blog(sometimes if I don’t have the Rotel I make it w/o it

Great job today Brandon!! I know it wasn’t a great start today but you guys pulled through. Keep it up & Go Giants!!!

LOVE the pic of Brandon and Lilly! Thanks for posting it! I love this blog and it’s so fun hearing from the wives too! Go Giants!!

To the belt and Crawford family: I’m an avid giants fan and love the team through thick and thin! When you guys win we win! When you lose we feel it too! Nothing makes me happier than seeing you guys so happy like on craw daddy’s walk off or when B Belt hits a monster blast. Us giants fan love you last place or first. You spoiled us with ’10 and ’12 so we have greedy high expectations. We love you though here in Chico, Ca and will forever support you.., would love a response. Viva gigantes and hope craw and belt are lifers!

Hi Haylee, thanks for posting! I love the picture of Brandon and Lilly. She’s too cute. It must be something about those dachshunds; we have two and I know my husband loves them more than me haha!

There’s nothing better than being a SF Giant fan. Thanks so much Haylee. This will be on our dinner table tonight.
The kids and I spent last weekend in San Diego watching the Padres series. We flew in from Salt Lake City. Like a lot of you…our travel plans revolve around the Orange and Black. The results were not what we wanted of course, but hanging out with the Giants fans all weekend was incredible. I know we were louder in that stadium than the home crowd. It’s just one big family. Thanks to everyone, especially our classy organization. See you all at AT&T in July for the Dodger series!!!!!!!

Herb Caen is rolling in his grave! Velveeta, Cheese? Ugh!

I think your husband is one of the greatest first basemen I have ever seen. I am 62 years old and have seen hundreds or maybe thousands of first basement; He’s the Best.

Love the pic of Brandon & Lily!! My husband and I have 2 dogs, Buster & Murphy, who love watching the Giants play too!! You should totally get a custom made jersey, my dear! Santa brought me an orange Vogelsong jersey for Christmas and I always wear it on Orange Fridays! Thanks for writing your blog and GO GIANTS!! Yay!! 🙂

you guys are too cute!

I tried Haylee’s Chicken Spaghetti Recipe last night. My family loved it! Yum! I read all of your blog posts. This is my first time commenting because I am a baseball and soccer mom and am super busy! We love the SF Giants! I enjoy reading your blog!

Cute blog…our Chi/Jack Russell “FiFi” (no, she’s not a poodle!) watches the games with us and our “kid” Tim (oh, he’s 30+) usually wears his Giraffe hat when the game is on as well as to the park. My “BEAT LA” orange t-shirt is appropriate any time as I think whoever is playing LA should win. BB keep up the good work, I’m hoping for 30+ homers from you this year (oh, no pressure there).

I love your point of view as a player’s wife. I love hearing real life love stories and seeing how you make it work with the pressures of the long schedules, the media attention, both positive and negative, and the people who think that a public figure is public property. It must be tough to have your husband in the spotlight.

I write romance novels with baseball player heroes. I hope my books are seen as a tribute to the men who play the game and the women who are strong enough to love them.

Hi Brandon..I am Audrey Lourenco..You are my favorite player..May I make a
suggestion…You need to stand back a little’ You are droping your shoulder..

That recipe sounds terrible. I’ll never make it. Ever. But if it helps Brandon hit bomb, keep making it for him!

My hubbie thinks the Chicken Spaghetti sound great so I will be making it soon! Thanks so much. I already make Chicken Enchilada in honor of Ryan Vogelsong So I will end this to the list!

Love the guest blogging Haylee! I enjoy reading all of your tidbits – and thanks for the recipe! Come back anytime!🙂

Yea Haylee you can get a custom made jersey with any name and number on it, so just request Belt and the number 9 and you’re good

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