Thank, Thanks, and Thanks – Brandon Crawford

First, thanks for all the replies! Beyond all expectations.


I was nice enough to keep Hunter updated on the tally. It was the least I could do to show my appreciation for his pinch-blog. And you’re right — he ought to get his own blog. He was hilarious. I’d read a Hunter Pence blog every single day. Not just because he’s funny, but he really is unlike anyone I know. For example, as much as he’s struggling at the plate, you’d never know it in the clubhouse or the dugout. The guy always has so much energy and is always pumping everyone else up. Every kid who plays any sport ought to study Hunter. He’s the teammate who makes everyone around him better.


Also, thanks for all the kind notes to Jalynne on her pinch-blog. Wow. She was blown away. She loved reading all the replies. When you’re as busy at home as she is, it’s really nice to connect with so many people and receive so much appreciation. Every wife and mother ought to have a chance to hear what Jalynne got to hear from all of you. It really was a gift.


I had to laugh about Belt bragging in his post about his walk-off home run. Whatever one Brandon does, we all do. I’m all for that, though I’m betting he won’t be saying much when I have an oh-fer.


By the way, thanks to those who posted gifs of the homer so I can watch it whenever I want. Only on my phone, of course. So no one sees what I’m doing. Especially Belt.


Jalynne and the girls were in Los Angeles and San Diego with me. Both babies are sleeping better, which makes for a happier household all around. We got Jaydyn’s acid reflux under control. Jalynne has had to modify what she eats, and we got some medicine, too.


And Braylyn seems to have settled down from the excitement (trauma?) of having this new creature in the family that everyone fusses over. Before Jaydyn was born, we had pretty good luck with just rocking her to sleep. But then that didn’t work. She was fidgety the whole time we rocked her. We’d put her down for her nap and she’d fight it so bad that we could barely stand it. Now she’ll just whine a little bit and settle down.


There are some upsides to Braylyn waking up in the middle of the night, though. The other night I was walking and rocking her, but she still didn’t go to sleep. I was so tired of standing with her — she’s getting heavy! — that I just laid down on the floor in her room. (There’s not much in there except a crib, as you learned from Jalynne’s post about how simply we live during the season.) As I laid there, she fell asleep on my chest. Is there a better feeling for a dad? I didn’t want to get up.


It’s kind of tough now for me because we put Braylyn down for a nap around 1 p.m. and I leave for the park at 1:30. So when I put her down, I’m basically saying, “Good night, I’ll see you tomorrow’’ because she’s asleep when I get home. The great part, though, is when she sees me the next morning she is wild with happiness, as if I’ve been away for a year.


Off to the park to face the Rockies. We’ve got to get our bats going and support our great pitchers. It’ll happen. I hope it’s tonight.

-Brandon C.

P.S. I asked Bam about the points for a walk-off home run. He said it was only five extra points. I think that means it’s 15 or 20 points total. I told him he needs to add at least a point for the splash landing. He said he would🙂


Hi Brandon,
I’m still new to your blog but I’m really getting a kick out of how open you are with us fans. I’m glad the girls are adjusting to each other, and can only imagine your joy of watching your baby sleep on your chest. Us Giants fans are so fortunate to have you all on the team! You really are a TEAM! It’s good to know that Hunter is still his positive self regardless of how he’s playing. His bat will wake up soon! You all have to take advantage of Coors and get some good hits in, set the table, and get on the boards early and often!! I’ll be watching from my couch…LET’S GO GIANTS!!!
P.S. Poor Brandon (Belt),..his birthday again and he didn’t get any hits. Boo!

Another blog post that makes me go “Awww”. This team of Brandons is just the best. Best people, best players, best dads. Now go get those Rockies, Craw!

Hi, “original Brandon” — it’s nice to see you back at “the plate” after all the wonderful pinch-blogging! This was a great post… it’s as if you feel closer to us, your blog readers (and I’ve been reading since you two started), after all the responses to Jalynne’s post.

Here’s a question: why don’t you guys buy a house here? I mean, you’re a Bay Area kid — it’s not like you’re coming from some far-away place, as Affeldt once remarked, where you would find San Francisco “scary.” You could always hire a management company to rent it out for you during the off season, if you really prefer not to live here then. I mean, eventually your girls will be in school, and your nomadic life will have to become more stable anyway.

Moreover, we love YOU and want you to spend your entire career with the Giants! Go #35! (And the “other original” Brandon too — go #9!)

By the way, it looks as if the Giants’ bats have already started to heat up. But hey, no pressure — you guys don’t need to get that many runs… just one more than the opposing team! (We fans got pretty used to that in 2010, and it worked out pretty well.😉

You guys! This blog has become a ‘thing’ here at our house! I get tickled to see a new post notification from WordPress in my inbox – I can hardly wait to read each one, and really do look forward to seeing what you can up with next!

You keep blogging, we’ll keep reading!

Good luck in Denver! Is it brutal to go from sea level at San Diego (well, technically AT&T, too), to mile-high overnight? ‘Seems like the Rockies would definitely have the advantage there. Gotta go! It’s almost time for the first pitch! :o) (very cool about Braylyn falling asleep on your chest. I don’t think it does get better than that, as a parent). :o)

Here’s something you n your wife can try to get babies to sleep I’m a bodyworker and massage therapist for 25 yrs and a mother as well and have done a lot of child care too. First calm yourself this is most important! and sometimes hardest thing Babies are very sensitive to energy around them When you’re calmer ,deep breathing helps, just lay your hand flat on baby’s back and think” i’m sending calming energy to you” Just keep your hand there. i’ve had good success with this with babies and adult clients of mine i often see parents bouncing babies about trying to get them asleep Do you think you would fall asleep easily being jostled about? Tho I’m sure there is a baby out there that does🙂 Hope it helps Go Giants

So good to hear about your family life. We have no one under 13 in our family…and that’s a whole different thing! I remember puting our babies to sleep laying on our chests…very special. Sounds like you and Jalynne have your priorities in order. I hope we get to hear from her again. We fans tend to assume all the players live lives of luxury. Your blogs make us feel closer to you. Enjoy Belt’s movie reviews too, and then there’s Hunter…what can I say?

Love hearing how much being a Dad means a to you…that’s the best thing in life, everything g else is just work.

LET’S go BRAN-dons! *Clap-clap clap-clap-clap*

hugs to you and your fam…mighty fine job you are doing on the field and on the floor with baby. hold onto these years, they fly by faster than the fly balls you hit!

Love your posts! Keep ’em coming.

You seem like such a sweet family🙂 you have the cutest lil girls and your wife seems really amazing. I’m sure y’all will get the bats going soon ! Go giants !!🙂

Love when you blog about your babies, though Braylyn is getting older and want to spend more time with you guys. It’s great that she is so aware of her sister, and they’ll be fine as they get older. Oh, by the way, I like your play, and Pence should get his own blog. He strikes me as a very good man in addition to being funny and talented.
I gotta go, I have a ball game to watch.

I loved reading this — my 8 mo baby is so tricky to get to sleep these days. (Marianne Smith is right, I’ve learned if I’m stressed it’s harder for him to sleep.) And my husband works a swing shift, so he does the same thing all the time, has to say “good night until tomorrow” when putting the baby down for a nap.

Your an amazing dad Mr B…..:)

Loving this blog! You all are so sweet to let us fans be a part of your families and we appreciate it. If you ever need a pinch parent (aka nanny), I’m a preschool teacher and mom and I live in the East Bay. You guys hang in there, when my youngest was born I had a newborn and a 3 and 5 year old. That year was a blur. I felt like I was juggling babies and I kept dropping one. Hahaha! They survived and are teens now. Go Giants! #TeamBrandon

great blogging everyone! love reading them.

Always love a new post, makes my day! Saw the Easter picture Jalynne posted on Instagram and you guys looked great! The girls are adorable!!!

Got to sit up close at the Padres game yesterday and loved seeing that single you hit early in the game. I am glad that all of your practice has been paying off. Also, I got to see lots of the Giants walking around SD, but I missed seeing you (or Pence for that matter) but I am glad that it was because you were spending time with your family. Go Giants!

I look everyday for a blog post by the Brandons and their families. I love feeling closer to any of you guys and I have never met ya’ll. ( wish I could) thanks again!! @jessecat

It’s great hearing about your lives and activities as families. It’s so easy to love a team that has such good people associated with it. Just the idea of having your little girl fall asleep on your chest is incredible. Keep up the good lives and rock the baseball world. Go Giants!

Thanks to both of you for your posts!  I really enjoy reading them and look forward every day to getting some B,B & B. I love hearing how the wives and families are doing, even as I am a true granny gamer babe!  I belong to the Kruk & Kuip site and gather tons of info about the game, all of you and the ins and outs of the Gmen. Keep playing, stay happy, have fun and……………………GO, GIANTS!!!   ~~Marilyn D. Diamond

              Marilyn Damon Diamond  The Marina Times  415-710-7496

5 POINTS FOR A WALK HR???? i love Belt but thats a bit stingy!!!! lol S/b at least 20 points!!! I just recently started reading your blog and I have to say I am hooked now! I have this goofy smile on my face reading all the posts! lol I really enjoy them alot! That woulda made an awesome pic of Braylyn fallin asleep on your chest! How adorable!!! You’re a great Dad! Sorry about last nights game! But today is another day! I have total faith in all of you! True fans never give up! And you guys got lots of ’em!!!! Stay tough!!!! And THINK POSITIVE!!!!!!!!

I think the splash landing should be worth more than one point! I enjoy hearing about your family Almost more than the dynamics of the game and team. It is so nice that you seem to be keeping your feet on the ground and lead as normal a life as possible. Such a sweet feeling when your babies fall asleep on your chest, my husband’s favorite time with our kids…it goes so fast!

Always great to read your blogs, but the part about Braylyn falling asleep on your chest took the bait today. As a mom, there is nothing more amazing to watch but a father bonding so strongly with their young daughter. You are not only an amazing player, but just as passionate off the field and that’s so nice to see and hear (seeing as we don’t get to see that inside on to many athletes). It’s also fun to hear about how players are in the clubhouse (Hunter Pence for example). As a fan, we really only see your game faces and it’s fun to hear about the antics that you all play on each other from those that are involved. Thanks for the update…..lots of kudu’s to your beautiful family and can’t wait to see you tonight against the Rockies!!

Seriously, don’t you wish you could bottle the feeling of the baby sleeping on you + your walk off homer?! Happiness whenever you need it. You are my 8 year old’s favorite player…..I got some great photos of you guys at the san diego game……I’m going to make him a B.Craw collage for his bday coming up:-) We love you guys so much……hope the rest of the season just gets better and better!

Good luck with your next games! I really like this blog post🙂 thank you for sharing about your girls! And it’s awesome to hear about what kind of teammate Hunter is🙂

Thanks Brandon for your blog. Nice to see that in your busy season that you are enjoying the best things in life….and by that I mean your family. There is nothing better than falling asleep with your child. Enjoy your babies…they grow up way too fast.

Thanks for being a part of the best team out there. Win or lose, as a family we watch every game start to finish. Looking forward to a great season.

Normally, i see cute family photos and want to barf, but seriously you guys are soo cute to watch grow as a family! You both seem like truly kind people who actually care about your fans. Brandon, there hasn’t been one time where I went to the park and didn’t see you sign for the kids! Thank you for truly being a Giant!

Thank you again for sharing during the season, it has been great following your posts, your ups and downs, your professional and personal life.

I can sympathize with being unable to stop your child from crying, I basically did the same as you did, curl and lie down (I did it on our couch), but at least it allows your spouse to get some rest even if you don’t have the best (or any) rest.

Is that all you get for a walk-off? I would think that would get you extra, though thinking more about it, I guess as a batting coach, he doesn’t want any of his hitters going up there and swinging for the fences any of the time, just hit naturally and the homers will come…

There is nothing worse than a sick baby! I’m glad you got that figured out!

That is the most wonderful feeling for anyone, to have baby asleep in their arms…I’m sure it’s even better when it’s your own kid.

Is there a certain time requirement that you have to put in before games? Or is it just different for everyone?

We all are hoping the bats get going tonight! Cheering you all on!!

always look forward to new posts from both you and Belt! It is so nice to see that you still have time for your family, especially your two little girls, while you are so busy during this new season! Keep it up! Go Giants!

Best of luck to all of you & as everyone else has said, thanks for posting on your blog🙂

Once again, an “oh, how sweet!” blog…and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, most of the comments on the blog are from women. I know that I appreciate the family life posts, and it makes me realize what a tough job you ALL have (wives, players) and that it’s not just on the field.

Last night was a tough one, and I know that tonight may be too…but know that you have not just your three girls but clearly a lot of other fans cheering on the Brandons and the entire team. Good luck, and get some sleep while you can.🙂

Another great post. Thanks, Brandon. Say, with regard to Jalynne’s acid reflux, my dad and i both suffered from this for years until some kind soul put us onto plain, non-fat (or lite) yogurt. 2 tblspns. in the morning, 30 mins. before anything else; and 2 tblspns. at night, the last thing. Works within 30 seconds and is not anywhere as harmful to the system as those prescribed and OTC medicines. i mentioned this to my Dr., after having tried it and asked him why he never suggested it. He replied that it never occurred to him, but that yes, it ought to work just fine. And, as you will find with a little digging on the internet, those medications have some serious long-term side effects I’m sure Jalynne would prefer to avoid. Good luck!

Your girls are precious and I love that with your busy schedule, you’re still able to have such sweet moments with them. They’ll benefit from having such two loving, strong parents!

Y’all bring the boom sticks tonight. I’ll bring the…watching from my couch!

I hope it’s tonight too Brandon. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying your babies so much. They are little for such a short time. I’m a great grandmother so I know how fast the time goes!

Hey Brandons, thank you for sharing your home and professional lives with us fans. It truly makes us feel closer to y’all. Sis & I go to Spring Training and usually San Diego for your games. This year we’re going to DC in August. Oh, and of course, AT&T as often as we can. She comes in from Crescent City up north and I from Sierra’s out by Tahoe. So my question is who are the team speakers chosen for these group trips? The meet and greet gathers. We go on the senior trips and always have a wonderful time. We meet old friends and make new ones too. We love to hear Dave Dravecky speak and Ryan Vogelsong is quite the character. Eli Whiteside was really funny too. We even had Blanco one time. He’s a sweetheart. How’s about yourself, Pagan, Matty, Mike Morse, the Timmys, Brandon B and of course Hunter. It would be really exciting to meet the big guns too.
Thank you for sharing your family with us. Reading about your & Jalynn’s doings with the babies takes us back to when our children were babes in arms. My children are old enough to be your parents now. They are still my babies and always will be.
Well it’s 4:15pm here so it’s time to go put my Giants earrings on and get ready for the game tonight. Good luck and TOGETHER WE ARE GIANT!

Goofball, babies are comforted by your heartbeat.

Welcome back! Love the blogs from the Brandon wives by the way. I agree, Pence should get his own blog. I know lots of people would read it (myself included). I love how you refer to your daughter, Jaydyn, as the “creature” haha hilarious. Question for you Brandons (maybe it got answered in a previous blog) how did you guys start blogging? Was someone like “Hey, you guys have the same name, wanna do a blog together?” Haha whatever the answer may be, I love the Brandon and Brandon blog!! Keep it comin! I feel like I get a chance to learn/know you guys better after each blog. Hope we can get a win today in Colorado. ( I bet my Denver uncle $5 that the Giants will take the series-Yes I know, big gambler. What can I say, I’m a teacher. I got paper, crayons and pencils to buy haha) as always, thanks for the great blog! It’s really awesome you guys take the time to blog for your fans.🙂

Nothing better than when your baby falls asleep on your chest Brandon🙂 Children grow up in the blink of an eye. Enjoy every moment!

Brandon, you should really try to sleep train Braylyn, It helps a lot. I have a 4 and 2.5 year old and sleep trained them at 5 and 8 months. It takes about a week but after that, they sleep right through. I know it’s really hard to have two small ones. But if you don’t sleep train them, I think it gets harder as they get older and a lot of times they don’t sleep through the night, therefore less sleep for mom and dad =( Keep up the great work Brandon. See you on the field. Go Giants!!!! Love reading all the blogs on the site.

My 11-year old still comes and snuggles me on the couch and falls asleep. It’s been the best thing since she was born. I’m sure i’m going to need a bigger couch in a couple years.🙂 #DaddysGirl4Ever

What are odds that any team would have three Brandons on their roster, let alone three in the lineup at any one time and sometimes batting all in a row? What are the odds?

As others have said…..enjoy the babies. They grow up quickly although when you’re going through some of the rough spots, it seems like its endless. Hmmmmm, see any correlation here with the game of baseball? There is nothing quite like having a sleeping baby on your chest. We have pictures of my granddaughter sleeping on everyone in the family and she just went to sleep with mommy tonight…and she’s almost 10.

Great game today. Hard to believe your guys scored 12 runs! It seems like it’s a home run derby up there. So happy to see some of those bats starting to come alive. I wonder how Hunter manages to keep such a great attitude even when things aren’t going so well for him. I guess he just believes in himself and know that everyone goes through slumps.

I’m curious. Jalynne said team families have a place to sit. Makes sense. Can you tell us where that might be or is it secret?


The story of the baby falling asleep on you was so sweet!

Only one extra point for a splash?!? That’s outrageous!🙂

I think they need to add 64 points in honor of the splash number that you hit!

Extra point for the splash – at least!
Thanks for all the blogging – it’s so much fun!🙂

My whole family was at your game on Sunday and we had so much fun! It was the first time all six of us went together. My dad just got a knee replacement and has trouble with stairs sometimes, but we saved up for arcade seats and ferry tickets to allow for minimal walking and everything was perfect! My mom was wearing her Crawford jersey as you’re her absolute favorite ever. Man, it was so great when you hit that rbi double- she absolutely lost her mind- and I never see her like that. It was so great! She just got into baseball a few years ago and it’s wonderful spending time with her watching games. She tried to get me to make a “Brandon! Brandon! Brandon!” sign for the game but I didn’t have time. Too bad because it would have been great for the triple Brandon double play! I’ll make one next time, you guys show your great defense every day. Can’t wait for my next game!

It’s your dream to play in the major leagues, you’re doing that and I’m sure Jalynne would love to be a teacher, as she said but it would extremely conflicting just simply due to the time a day for both careers, I’m sure she has given a lot up so you can do what you do, would you ever take time off for her to do what she loves and teach?

Hi BCrawford (as we call you in our fam),
I was following the game last night and was wondering how ya’ll are keeping track of the points amongst the 3 batting teams. I think it’s pretty awesome to have a game within the game.🙂

Lol love this blog!

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