Haylee’s Turn

All the pinch-bloggers have been so good! Unlike the guys, I am not thinking of this as a competition. I’d never even try to beat Brandon at anything! He is soooo competitive. (And Jalynne, I learned yesterday that you have your own competitive streak!)

I’m going to be kind of random and just toss some things out that maybe you’ll find interesting.

I remember after Brandon signed with the Giants, some people in town had this idea that when a guy makes it to the big leagues, he doesn’t stay with his high school sweetheart. They thought , “If you get big-time you’re going to forget about where you came from.’’ Nothing could be further from the truth.

Brandon and I met in eighth grade when he transferred into my middle school. The best friends we had then are still the best friends we have now. One works in the oil fields. A couple are teachers. Another works for his dad. When we’re home in Hudson, which is about 90 minutes from Houston, we hang out at somebody’s house and barbecue and talk and laugh. The guys might play video games. Nothing too exciting. Our lives haven’t changed that much, which I’m really happy about.

But I confess that I had this picture in my head of what life would be like if Brandon made it to the  Majors. I thought, “Oh, that is going to be awesome!’’ I thought I’d be shopping every day and going to the gym and going out to lunch. You kind of think it’s going to be right out of a movie. Some of it’s true. We stay in nice hotels on the road and I definitely shop more than I would if Brandon didn’t have the job he does.

But like Jalynne wrote, we stay pretty busy with packing, moving, settling in, taking care of all the day-to-day business of laundry, car repairs, grocery shopping, hair cut appointments, vet appointments for our dog Lilly. (With two babies, Jalynne’s even busier!) The guys really don’t have time for all that stuff.

During spring training and the regular season, our schedules are built completely around theirs. Brandon always tells me he feels bad about how much time the wives spend just waiting — after games, for their planes to land, for interviews to be over.

I love to cook, so I’m always happy when Brandon can eat at home. Usually he eats at the clubhouse after games because Joe, the chef, is so great. When I do cook, Brandon usually wants chicken spaghetti, a dish his mom taught me to make. It’s noodles, shredded chicken, Velveeta, cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup and Ro-Tel diced tomatoes. It’s sooooo good.

Jalynne talked about the pros and cons, and one of the pros is the group of wives we have here. I love all of them. I’m particularly close to Ali Bumgarner and Nicole Vogelsong. We always sit together in the family section. It’s great because if Brandon is in a slump, for example, I can vent about how he’s being a baby and getting on my nerves! And the other wives aren’t going to think I’m a terrible person. We’re all going through pretty much the same things so we can relate to each other.

Actually Brandon’s easy. We’ve been together for so long and have been best friends for so long that we can talk about anything. I don’t know if everyone can do that. So I feel really lucky.

One other thing about the wives. We do a lot of charity work together. This month we each have to do a “favorites basket,’’ which means putting together a gift basket filled with our husbands’ favorite things. So for Brandon, I’ll put in popcorn, a bottle of Coke, a gift card to the movies (as you know, he LOVES the movies), a few DVDs, some books, the Bible and autographed stuff. Each basket will be auctioned off.

I mentioned Ali Bumgarner. Well, here is a story I hope I never have to live through again.

I was staying with her in Arizona after the team’s season-opening series against the Diamondbacks. (Brandon and I had to move out of our rental, and the Bumgarners still had their house.) Ali and I stayed in Arizona while the guys went off to play the Dodgers in LA. Our plan was to pack up our cars and drive to San Francisco, where we’d meet up with our husbands for the home opener.

Ali and Madison’s rental had lots of land. It was way off in the desert. I had our five-year-old dog, Lilly. One day, I left Lilly at the house with Ali’s dad, and she darted out the door and disappeared into the desert. It was horrible. Lilly is Brandon’s baby. He was in Los Angeles and can’t do anything about it. He was devastated.

Ali and I put signs up everywhere and sent out emails. When Lilly didn’t come back that night, a neighbor told us that not too long ago a pack of coyotes had snatched and killed a chihuahua right off the leash while a guy was walking it.

Another night went by. We kept putting food out. We kept scouring every inch of the property. Nothing.

After the third night, we were sure she was dead. So Ali and I packed the cars early that morning and set out for San Francisco. Three hours into our trip, Ali’s father called. He spotted Lilly in the front yard. But she wouldn’t come to him. Ali’s brother tried to rope her — he’s a champion roper — but he couldn’t get close enough. We turned the cars around and went back to Arizona to track her down.

When I told Brandon, he hopped on the first flight to Phoenix after the Dodgers games that night. The next day was an off day. He got in around midnight. We put out clothes that had our smell on them. We put out more food. We went to bed around 1, setting an early alarm. We wanted to find her before anyone else got up. Lilly might not come to the house if she saw anyone but us.

We got up at 6:30, and Lilly walked into the back yard at 7:15! Amazing. I don’t know how she survived for four days. Probably because she’s so anti-social. She’s snappy with other dogs and won’t go near them. She probably thought the coyotes were dogs.

I’m not sure what Brandon would have done if we didn’t get Lilly back. Sometimes I think he loves her more than me.

One blog reader asked Brandon how we go about finding places to live in San Francisco. It’s not always easy to find a six- or seven-month rental. Most landlords want a year. We always use a Realtor to help us. We look for a place that’s furnished and the utilities are included. It’s a pain to set up accounts for electricity, water, garbage, internet, all that stuff, and then have to cancel all of them six months later and pay a cancellation fee.

As far as players who have school-age children, their wives and children usually stay back home until school is out then spend the summer in the Bay Area. They’ll come out for long weekends and spring break. Or they’ll meet up for a road game. But most of us don’t have school-age children yet.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some interesting things. But I imagine this is more than you ever wanted to know!

Thank you for being so nice to Brandon. I love seeing the Baby Giraffe hats and stuffed animals at the park. It is so cool. I wish we could meet all of you and thank you personally. This has been such an awesome experience here in San Francisco.

And one last thing: Don’t believe everything Brandon writes about me in his blog. I don’t always fall asleep at the movies!

-Haylee Belt






Another sweet blog from a patient wife – and another great reason to love the Brandons. Thanks for pinch hitting!

Haylee, you Jalynne are by far the better bloggers..Good info. Have a great season and thaks for sharing

Can’t believe I had that many typos. you and Jalynne…….Thanks…try again

Honest question: why don’t more professional athletes permanently move to the city they work in?

Great blog, Haylee. I enjoyed your perspective very much. I can relate to losing a beloved 4 legged friend. My wife and I searched for 2 weeks once, in hopes of finding one of our beloved cats. It was not a good time for us. I’m overjoyed that you found Lilly. Thank you for your wonderful post!

Awesome post, Haylee. Love these blogs, super fun to get the ‘inside’ scoop.

Haylee – thank you for sharing your wonderful stories. It has been refreshing to read this blog (I stumbled across it at the beginning of the season) and find that Brandon, Brandon and so many of the players are so grounded and “ordinary”. I too, have always had this vision in my mind of what it must be like to play in the Majors and be the wife of a professional baseball player. I’m sure there are many perks but also drawbacks. I can’t imagine the moving as frequently as you do it! I have two young sons and for those moms on the team it must be difficult to play the single mom roll while the guys are on the road or “home” is somewhere other than SF. Thank you for letting us into your lives a little bit. I feel like this team is even more special than the rest as a lot of them have played together for multiple season and have a special bond together. Thanks for keeping it real! Good luck to you and Brandon this season, we love the Giants and can’t wait to see them rock this season!

I LOVED your blog, Haylee! Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us!

Keep Belt Awkward! And thank you for keeping him grounded. As much of a stud your husband is, I think what’s most attractive is how he hasn’t let the Big Leagues change him. I know you must have a huge part in that. Cheers to you both!

Great blog Haylee!! Like the stories and the fact that you have been with Brandon so long and maintain your best friends. It is great that you found Lilly – she is scrappy for sure. Also love all the things in your gift basket. I hope that you and Jalynne will blog again because it gives an even fuller picture of the Brandon’s we love!

Love to hear about baseball life from your perspective and Jalynne’s. Thanks for the pinch blog!

Thank you for the blog. It is so nice to hear the family side of the players we admire.

While I am sitting here watching the game in San Diego, I just read your blog. Belt just hit his sixth home run. I just wanted to let “The Brandon’s” know that working the gates at AT&T Park, I am informing the wonderful Giant fans about your blog. I wish the Brandon’s and the Giant’s the best season. Keep writing and I will keep spreading the word.

Thank you Haylee, another perspective from a major league wife and mother, GREAT story about the dog too, so happy you found her. I follow Brandon’s career more than the other guys because of the Showtime special when Bochy called him into his office to tell him he made the opening day roster and watching his reaction was priceless. Still remember Bochy telling BB “You need a beer grab a beer.” I am happy he’s found early success this year and hope he can keep it going.

How was that phone call you got from Brandon telling you he made it to the majors FINALLY?

I love hearing how down to earth you both are. And I’m glad my feelings about the Giants players (and wives) being a family is true. That’s why I love you guys so much! Yes, I’m a Baby Giraffe hat wearer. I’m hoping for a Team Brandon t-shirt in the Dugout Store soon!

My wife and I are High School Sweethearts too.. Married going on 29 years.. It can be done no matter what circumstances.. Bless you guys!

Thanks so much for sharing! It’s great to hear those little details that make these great guys who they are. Go Giants!

What a wonderful story about your lives together, and apart. I’m so glad you got Lily back, and the high life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. You two and the other Giants wives strike me as wonderful down to earth people. Thank you for blogging.

Oh my goodness, that story about your dog!! How scary!

Ps… NEED that recipe, it sounds delish!

love reading the brandon’s blog – and the pinch hitters!!! thanks for the insight to your crazy lives – our family loves the giants – the brandons – and the wives!!!! and the chicken spaghetti – sounds awesome – we are going to make it tonight – can you give the measurements? GOOOOOO GIANTS!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your life with so many fans. When I watch a game it’s not just a bunch of guys out there, they are like a good friend or family. I love hearing from you wives & to know how much you contribute to helping them live their dream. For me, seeing the family side of the guys makes them even more likeable. What they do out on the field every day is pretty awesome. Glad you found your Lilly. Pets become like family, so losing them is tough. I have a daughter who is the best mother in the world to her horses & dog. Hope you & Brandon continue to be part of the Giants family for many years. Love reading the blogs from all of you.

Hi Haylee, I enjoyed your blog very much! You are so open and it’s nice to know how down-to-earth you and Brandon are. I agree, you are very lucky to have married your best friend, and to stay close to long-time friends. That certainly helps ground you both as you navigate the Majors. I met Brandon before last year’s Play Ball lunch and told him I empathize with him about the Baby Giraffe since I was the tallest girl in my class in 5th grade until Jr. High. Kids called me “Toothpick” because my legs were so skinny. That got a big laugh and grin out of Brandon and I got a great photo! I enjoy looking at those auction baskets but haven’t bid on them yet. I met a group of wives at one of the past events and was very impressed with Nicole Vogelsong. I love all the Giants so it’s nice to know the wives are just as nice (and not “trophy” :-)) I’ll look for you this season! Brandon’s season has started out so positive, glad he kept the new batting grip since it’s paying off big time. I hope he stays a Giant his entire career. Oh, I started to get real sad that you might have lost Lily to the coyotes so I was very relieved for you both that there was a happy ending to that story!

What a great blog post, Haylee! I loved reading all the details about your lives together; it was definitely NOT too much. And re: Lily, anyone whose pet has run away can identify with your story. So happy she finally returned to the Bumgarner’s ranch!

Please — you and Jaylynn should keep alternating posts with the “real Brandons”!

P.S. Glad to know that you don’t *always* fall asleep at the movies. I’ll admit that was one of the few facts I thought I knew about you.

You are adorable…all the wives are! Those boys are just as lucky as you girls!

Awesome job , Haylee !!!

Wow, that blog is so sweet and intimate, thank you! I’m glad that I discovered this blog and that the Brandons have opened it up to some of the other interesting folks who are front line members of Giant’s Nation. I am really shocked that the dog made it back because the desert out there looks pretty barren and forbidding for a house pet. Thanks again for warmly writing Brandon!! Go Giants!!!


Thank you for writing, Haylee! We love inside stuff. I didn’t know Bums brings horses to AZ, that’s crazy …🙂

I like this pintch-blogging, keep it coming!!
Go Giants!

It is really nice to know that the “wives” of the majors (well, two of you so far) are not what I called “Valley Girls”. It just makes us fans love and respect our G-men more. Thank you for sharing with us and for letting us get to know you all “Brandons Wives”. We truly appreciate it. Stay classy you all!

Thanks for sharing Haylee! It is so interesting to me. Sad as that may be! It’s great to hear what nice people my kids look up to. Best wishes!

This was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing Haylee! I have been a Giants since I was a little girl (I am now 48) and being a fan is a big part of my life. If is fun to read the Brandon blogs to get their insights, and I love the last two from you and Jayleen. Thank you so much to take the time so share such personal, sweet part of your lives. also, I lived in AZ for 8 years and lost a few pets to coyotes. SO glad your story had a happy ending!!! I am also so glad to hear that you guys are happy here because we fans are so glad you all are part of the team!

Thanks for sharing…I think your Brandon is the most underrated first baseman in baseball. Go Giants


Love the blog and the stories! Make sure to pinch blog again!!

My comment extends to all the guest bloggers. You’ve been great. I’ve enjoyed reading each and every post, from the original Brandons, to the new Brandon, the faux Brandon (apologies Hunter) and finally, the Mrs. Brandons. I think it’s a great idea. Guest blogging offers a wider perspective and relieves some of the burden carried by the originals! I think, IMHO, you should continue the practice! You don’t have to post as often, you can do a blog a week, and keep having guest bloggers. Why not? And the blog name can stay the same because, as Hunter said, you’re a team if Brandons! It’s fun and interesting to read about your experience because it is so different from the fans experiences. Keep up the good work, and always, GO GIANTS!!!

Great Blog, Haylee! I love most that you and Brandon are best friends. As one who really is old enough to be your mother, I have found that being best friends and keeping a sense of humor are the keys to a long and happy marriage. I love having the Brandons and Mrs. Brandons on the Giants!

P.S. I do have a question, for you and Jaylynn (and the guys). (Somebody asked it up above.) Why don’t you buy a house in the Bay Area? You could have a property management company rent it out in the off season, if you like. But with real estate going up, it would seem that if all you guys had bought houses during your first seasons with the Giants, you’d have quite a lot of equity by now (and much less packing and unpacking to do!).

Thanks Haylee for the insight into the guys home life. Baseball, after all is a job and like anyone who comes home after work, they have a home life. No baseball, just do some gardening, play with pets, go to movies,etc. (I’ve fallen asleep at times too.) Would you & Jalynn keep up blogging, please. This is fun. I’m a retired ER nurse and live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains up by Lake Tahoe. So I have a very rural life. And we have a girlie dog to. Thank again ❤

Haylee, that was a great blog. So very happy to hear about Lilly. FWIW, there are alot of Giants fans at this east bay veterinary hospital if you ever have a need for her care.🙂

great read, haylee! i hope you and jalynne get to steal the blog more often.
glad lilly’s ok (and i’m sure brandon loves you most, hehe).

I love this team even more.😌

Hard to imagine, but I love this team even more than before…

Shout out! To all High School Sweethearts! (Right here!)

Woo hoo! Agreed!

I think that is so awesome how you and Brandon have been friends since the eigth grade! That is something out of a movie! I truly appreciate your dedication and hardwork because without you the team would not have Brandon! I hope to meet you both one day and thank you in person for helping make my life an excitinf adventure by reading your blog and following the best team in baseball!

Great blog! Maybe you all should start a “Giants wives” blog! It’s so cool to hear your perspective – your fans but your also married to players. It’s unique. Thanks again ladies for letting us in!

I vote for a “Mrs. Baby Giraffe” blog too! You could write about cooking, like I do, but everyone would read it (unlike mine). Who said Major League players dump their sweethearts? That’s crazy — and sort of mean. Lots of people have a hard time dealing with fame and fortune but it’s not restricted to pro athletes. Your story about losing your dog almost made me cry. My dog (who also hates people) ran away in LA once for 20 hours. I was beside myself when he finally came back. I wondered what kind of dog Lilly was and where you guys got her? Thanks for blogging! It was awesome — and I’m glad you do like some movies!!!!

Haylee, you are an excellent writer. I really enjoy reading these snapshots of the lives of our favorite ballplayers and their families. It makes being a fan so much richer. Thanks to all of you for putting yourselves out there for us.

So enjoyed your writing. So fun to get to know the wives. Have heard from others that the team’s families are all so nice and really get along, that is great! Love the Baby Giraffe.

Haylee — I am so glad you two got Lilly back! We live way out in the country and are always finding people’s lost animals (and sometimes animals they have left off to survive on their own; luckily we have a good animal rescue group here). With the guest bloggers this week, I think the Brandons have expanded to include not just the entire team, but all of the fans, too. Together, We’re Brandon and this Brandon hopes you blog again soon!

Thank you ladies so much for writing! I really enjoy reading your thoughts. My husband and I are huge baseball fans and are trying to see every stadium in the country. We actually watched the Giants play the Braves, Mets, Padres and Yankees away this past season. We are only going to make to the Padres stadium this season for away games. We actually saw two home games last week and I’ll be back with our kids next weekend. We love the Giants and it’s fun to hear all of your stories and experiences. It’s wonderful to hear about your families and how you make it work even during the busy/crazy times. There are a lot of people who couldn’t do what you ladies do. You’re all wonderful and I look forward to hearing more from you ladies again soon.

Oh and I ALWAYS have my giraffe hat! I love it! The only thing I’m missing is a Belt jersey to go with it. Hopefully I’ll get one for Christmas this year.

Haylee, Thank You for sharing! What a nightmare over Brandon’s dog! Hope that never happens again. Enjoyed your post! DW

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So happy you found your pup! The Brandons are very lucky to have such great wives. Your blog entry is wonderful. It is nice to hear about the wives lives and friendships. Don’t forget to put something from Olive Garden in your charity basket!

Started reading the blog this year. I just love it. It makes you feel like you are watching people you know play in the games. You could hear how much both Brandons are loved by their wives.

Thank you Haylee for sharing with us!

Thank you for your post, I had asked BrandonB about you and the other wives. I have the day off today, and as I am a new reader this week of the blogs I went back to the beginning of all the blog posts so I can catch up with everything. My heart sanked when you 1st mentioned the coyotes as I have a dog and I live in the desert (Palm Springs). Amazing Lilly survived for 3 days. Again thank you for sharing. Go Giants Hi to other wives!

Great blog Haylee. You and Brandon actually remind me a lot of my brother and his fiancé. They’ve been together since their freshman year in high school back in 2003. I can only imagine how it must have felt to lose Lilly. I have 3 dogs and i cried like a baby when one of them was gone for a couple days. Good thing was, she was at the local shelter. Brandon has always been one of my faves, his autograph was my first one. It’s a little faded but still have it, hopefully one day I can get my #9 jersey signed. I hope you write another blog soon, it’s great to hear what it’s like for the wives.

Haylee, I love your blog. Interesting little tidbits – middle school sweethearts is the sweetest thing. So glad Lily was found – it is painful to lose a member of the family whether furry or human. Keep guest blogging – doing great. BrandonBelt9 is my favorite (and Pagan, and Baum but not the snotrockets, and Cain is class act and of course BP captain america). I am so glad the Giants finally snagged him – he was a yo-yo from AAA to Majors every other week. I’m glad Sabaen/Baer got BB, aka baby giraffe – K & K called him in the earlier days and I do sport my giraffe hat when I get to go to games! Best of luck this year to the SFG!

Thanks for this, Haylee. It’s always nice to hear the wife’s perspective. So nice that all you wives can support each other. I would imagine that would be really important, to be able to vent to someone who actually gets it. All the best to you. Enjoy this ride! Looks like hubby is going to have a fabulous year!

It’s always encouraging to hear about high school sweethearts that actually make it in the real world.
I love that you’re putting a Bible in the basket! That is an awesome way to share!
Thank you for being open to sharing some of your life, and showing that life isn’t always easy and perfect. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that watching these boys on TV.

Great job, Haylee! That dog sounds like a handful. I have a cat who is also antisocial, so I feel your pain. Safe travels this season! Go Giants!

Really happy you took a turn at the blog. It is always nice to hear the female version of things. I love both the Brandons, but yours is my favorite, my best friend is a big Crawford fan and we always give each heck when one or the other does something spectacular!!!! I like reading about the movies you all see, and it is funny cuz I do fall asleep most of the time during a moving, even if I really like it. I liked hearing that the wives are close and do good things. You should let us know if there is something special you are planning maybe we could get involved. Enjoy your stay in the city and GO GIANTS!!!!!

I would love the exact recipe for the chicken spaghetti. Any chance of getting Brandon to include it in a later blog? Thanks!

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Thanks so much for the post,Haylee! I find myself smiling as I’m reading! Except during the story about Lilly. I love animals so I can only imagine how scary that was! You two make a nice couple! I love all the Giants… all for different reasons. The thing that stuck with me about Brandon was in his blog when he wrote how he tries not to swear because he doesn’t want kids to hear that kind of language from him. I thought that was so awesome! You never hear of guys doin that! That just shows what a respectable guy he is! Sorry this is so long! Thanks again for the post! Please post again!

Wow what a story about Lily You’d think ballclubs’ mgmt would set up certain apt’s in big complex to be available if players want them Maybe all wouldn’t want to be in city but be easier than all that you have to do No comment on that noodle dish🙂

Haylee and Jaylynne, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and time with all of us. Both of your comments were especially meaningful to me. As a kid I spent many afternoons on the field at Candlestick along with the other players’ kids. My dad was best friends with one of the players and he would frequently take us with him. I am so glad to hear about the players’ families’ area. There were many games when we kids would be reduced to tears by the horrible things people were yelling about our friend/dad. Our moms frequently had to have words with the so called fans around us to get them to be more careful about what they said. I still have wonderful memories of things like getting dressed up in fancy dress clothes for opening day and the moms waking us kids up to go meet the plane in the middle of the night when they won the pennant! Our friends lived in the Bay Area for a good many years while he was with the Giants and yes we had some fantastic BBQ and swim times (although he had to be careful so he wouldn’t be fined by the team’s kangaroo court for swimming) and always ice cream! So continue to enjoy the game but especially enjoy the special times you get to spend with your families and friends. Time goes by so fast and it is easy to forget to slow down and savor the moment. May God continue to bless you all!

You sound like a sweet down home Texas girl, Haylee. I went to college in Columbia, Missouri with lots of girls from Texas and I loved them. Thanks for taking time to write the blog. As an avid fan, I love to get to know a little of what goes on behind the scenes so to speak. It’s very cool that you and Brandon have been together forever and he’s your best friend. You really need that in a marriage. But you need those gal friends as well. They provide support in a way no man ever can.

So glad you got Lilly back unhurt. I volunteer in our town animal shelter. It’s so sad to see so many dogs without forever homes but we do our best to take care of them while they’re with us and to find them good homes if possible. I work there 4 days a week and we are trying to raise enough money to build a bigger shelter. It just occurred to me that maybe Brandon would be willing to donate something to be raffled off at one of our fundraisers since he obviously loves dogs. It’s neat to hear what you do as charity work as well. I wish all celebrities and athletes would be active in their communities and I’m sure many of them do but the general public doesn’t always hear about it. For instance, where will your favorites baskets be auctioned off?

I love Brandon , the movie critic. I told him in the comments on his last blog to go see Divergent. I never pay much attention to professional critics. I rarely agree with them but I listen to what Brandon has to say!

Haylee- your sweetness and love for Brandon and everyone just shines through here. Thx for blogging. I’m so glad you found Lily (my hubby makes the same jokes about me loving our dogs more than him). And even more glad that you found and kept the Baby Giraffe. He’s lucky to have you.

So glad you found your dog.!! I had the honor of meeting you and Ali at the Boston Strong mystery ball giveaway last season and both you picked out baseballs for me. I’m always impressed of how down to earth and kindhearted the players and and their families are. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us fans. The SFG family is amazing and really as the theme of this year is “together” we are all Giants.

Tell Brandon I said Happy Birthday!! I was at the game with a big sign last season but since they don’t play at home this time i can’t go!! hope he has a good one! let’s go Giants!!

Hi Haylee, 😄
I’m so glad you & Brandon found your dog; I recently lost my 1-year-old cat for a very stressful day. We searched for hours in the pouring rain – he was stuck inside a tall hedge, so we cut off a huge section & pulled him out. He was sopping wet, muddy, & terrified. I was so relieved!! Thank you for sharing parts of your private lives with us -I really enjoyed your blog. Best Wishes! 🐶🐱😄

Loved your post! So glad Lilly came back, unharmed🙂 What kind of dog is she?

Love, love, love this blog from Haylee! To hear more from her about being a baseball wife was wonderful! Is Ali next?

I’ve never commented on a blog before but just wanted you to know how much I enjoy all of them (including Gregor Blanco’s!) Thank you so much for taking the time to write. And like so many others, I am SO glad Lilly came back. We have 3 small doggies who are also members of the family, and I know how devastating it can be to lose a puppy. Here in California I’ve had to fight off a couple of racoons who attacked our girls, and my nephew in Virginia actually pulled his doxie out of the jaws of a fox. So thank God Lilly had the moxie to survive by herself in the desert. She must be a force of nature.

I like all these blogs, keep them up. The weird part is that this is the first time I comment and it’s for a pinch blogger, lol. I enjoy that the giant’s family are made up of humble and easy going people. I hope one day I can say hello to the Brandons and their wives. You guys are nice. Salute from Nicaragua🙂

Thank you for sharing Haylee I love both Brandons… Is wonderful to hear from the wives. Everybody knows that behind a successful man there’s a kind, loving, sweet wife…please share your recipe maybe if I tell my picky eater that is Brandon’s favorite meal he will eat it too🙂

Great blog Haylee Belt!! SFGiants wives should start their own blog?!

Haylee! Thanks so much for the pinch hit blog! Really good job!! It is just so nice to hear from the wives and it is really cool that it is good group you guys have because you are thrown together so often. So glad that you were able to find Lilly! Scary! especially where there are coyotes! Eeeeek! I always take whatever Brandon says about you with a grain of salt! LOL! Men! Just teasing! Brandon always seems so funny and something of a little troublemaker sometimes! Love you guys!

Thanks Haylee for pinch hitting and sharing your stories. Especially loved that last line! We love having someone as awesome as Brandon on the team and are glad you can be a part of the family too!

Thanks for the post ! It was nice to read (:

Haylee! Welcome! You did an awesome job with the blog! I found all of your tidbits very interesting! Chicken spaghetti … sounds yum! Perhaps you can share the recipe? We live in AZ – I know of the coyotes … we have cats, and I don’t let them go out of the yard because of that. I am so glad that you were able to find Lilly! Of course she holds a special place in his heart, but you KNOW that Brandon loves you more! Thanks for sharing!🙂

Great post Haylee, I love seeing a glimpse into a real life love story. I wish you and Brandon nothing but success.

Haylee, you’re honestly the biggest inspiration in my life. You and Brandon are my favorite people ever. People always ask me how I would react if I saw you two in public – and honestly, I’d probably be more excited to see you than him. You should really keep writing on this blog because I love to hear about your point of view and how you live your life, even if it’s just packing all the time! I wouldn’t mind! I’ve always wanted to marry a baseball player, and considering that chance is 1 in a million, hearing about your life lets me dream a little bit more. Keep on being a fan (and teasing Brandon when he’s in a slump, because I’m thinking the same thing in my head), and keep us updated! I always love to hear a funny Brandon story.

You should post more often, Haylee! You could definitely beat Brandon in a blog-off (but his posts are great too). It’s absolutely adorable that you and Brandon have been together since high school. I would imagine you make a very cute couple, and I’m so glad you found Lilly. It’s really nice to hear that you and Brandon appreciate all the attention, and I love that you keep a blog, because I love getting to know you guys. Hopefully that doesn’t make me a crazy stalker…I always wear my giraffe hat to the games, and I’ve been looking for a Brandon Belt shirt for a year. (I already have a Crawford shirt).

Thanks Haylee. I think all the wives should blog. It’s interestin foe us fans to hear about your lives,

Love your post. It’s so honest and really funny. You and Jalynne should write more often, it’s nice to hear the wives’ perspective of what a career in the major leagues really looks like once the players leave the ballpark and head home. Please write more often!

Love hearing from you and Jalynne! Thanks for taking the time to do it. It’s lots of fun to hear the wives’ perspective on everything. I have a dog named Lilly as well and she’s the same exact way with other dogs. Must be something about the name! Hope to see you blogging some more throughout the season!

Thanks for sharing. It’s great to hear about your day to day lives. Thanks for being so sweet to your fans!

From one East Texas girl to another – thank you for a great blog! We love having the Belt family in San Francisco.

Completely unrelated to the recent blogs — though I have thoroughly enjoyed them all — but wanted to see if Haylee and Brandon have seen Frozen. There is a character in the movie (an ice logger) who looks like Brandon. Seriously looks as if they based the animation on Brandon’s features. Uncanny.

What a lovely post. I wish I was a home girl right along with you. I’m disappointed you don’t fall asleep during movies; it was my favorite thing to imagine about you. I am an opera buff and my husband always falls asleep. I used to call it the world’s most expensive nap until I wised up enough to stop taking him. I love to hear about your family gatherings, your friendship with Ali, true country girls looking out for each other. I know there are too many of us fans to ever really get to know any of us, but know you are in our prayers. If you ever want to hang out in Santa Cruz, CA, you have my email. Beat LA!

Love this blog! I hope you, Haylee, do get a chance to read all these replies. It’s nice little change to read the Brandons’ wives (not that I don’t love reading the Brandons’ blogs). Yeah Brandon definitely makes it seem like you’re a movie hater/sleeper. I’m guilty of falling asleep during movies (mostly at home though). I can definitely relate with the dog situation. My boyfriend and I have two dogs who he, like Brandon, probably loves more than me haha. I’m a HUGE Brandon Belt fan. I met him once at one of the Melt locations and was fortunate to get a hug and picture with him. Made my day!🙂 thanks for the great blog! Hope to read another from ya soon.

You did an awesome job Haylee!!! Thanks for sharing. Me and my friend talked to Brandon one night after one of the games here in ATL (when he was waiting for his cab) when he was having a rough time. He is so awesome and so kind. He took pictures and signed autographs for all of us. Brandon is loved here in ATL too. I think I saw you down in the bus tunnel last year in ATL-thanks for sharing Brandon with all us fans. We will be at the series in ATL again and will be cheering ALL of the Brandons on. Hope you’ll write again soon. Now, what I really want is the chicken spaghetti recipe….

Hi Haylee,

My husband and I had the pleasure of talking with you near the end of the last spring training game. We have the son that looks so much like Brandon. We really enjoyed talking with you; you are a lovely person, and I can understand completely why Brandon stayed with you even after he made it to the majors. It shows that he’s smart as well as talented! Hope his birthday was great; it’s nice they got a win!


Anne-Marie and Randy

Don’t worry, Haylee. We know Brandon well enough not to believe everything he says😉

Haylee, loved your blog!! Such honesty and it is so fun to better know you and your life. Glad that you got Lily back. Thanks for all the charity work you do too. You and Brandon are blessings to the team….June

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Thank you Haylee! It’s so nice to read about the Human Side of our heroes! You wives are heroes yourselves.

The search for Lily sounds epic. I’m so glad she came back; I’m sure both you and Brandon would have been devastated if she hadn’t. I’m really not surprised that you and Brandon still have the same hometown friends because you both seem very grounded. Reading Brandon’s posts and now yours, I can’t imagine either of you forgetting your roots. I’ve read about how rough it can be to be a ballplayer’s wife; you all are major leaguers too.🙂

Thanks Haylee for your lovely words about your life. It makes the fans feel even closer to the players when we hear from the ones they love. Here’s to a great season!

I remember when Brandon once wrote in his blog, “I married a sweet girl”. So obvious that he adores you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Love to hear from you Haylee!! We are so blessed to have your husband on the Giants Team! Thanks for your recipe too!!! I hope you will be part of this blog too!!

Loved hearing from you Haylee! I’m probably the biggest Baby Giraffe fan EVER. I seriously cried AND peed my pants a little in the rain when he homered in Game 7 of the NLCS 2012 against the Cards…. seriously, the GREATEST day of my life! I love that you guys are down to earth, good hearted ol’ Texans. I was Bay Area born and raised, but my best friend moved to Austin in high school. I visit her as often as I can, and my life mantra is: I leave half my heart in San Francisco and half my heart in Texas! GO GIANTS!❤

Great post and So many comments. So glad you guys are with us here in SF. All I have to say is that being a baseball players wife sounds a lot like being a Pastor’s wife… from the much needed honesty with another players wife, to the crazy schedule and so much more. What a challenge it must be to balance faith, life, joy and marriage in the middle of all the travel. I will be praying for you and all the other wives. Thanks for your sacrifice so he can do what he does :o)

I love reading these blogs. You are a vary eloquent writer! I need to make your chicken spaghetti. It sounds fantastic. I was at a game for my daughter’s 7th birthday last week and sat next to a guy wearing a Belt jersey. It was great! Brandon also signed a ball for me at spring training this year. My first autographed ball (and first time at spring training)!! Your devotion to your husband (and his career!) and his devotion to the game is inspiring!

Love your take on the life you and Brandon lead. So proud of both of you! Brandon signed a baseball for our baseball-playing grandson (age 12) after the Giants won the pennant! For Grayson’s July birthday, he and Clark ( our son) are flying to SF just to see Brandon play. Hope Brandon will be in the lineup!! He is super excited….never misses a Giants’ game on TV!! A huge fan!!! Have a great season….looking awesome so far!!
Lisa Hurst

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