By Popular Demand — Jalynne, My Better Half – Brandon Crawford

I know my husband said enough with the pinch-blogging, but he told me some fans have asked if Haylee Belt and I would write about life as the wife of a Major Leaguer. We both agreed. I’m up first. I think Haylee will write tomorrow.

I’m not sure what would be interesting or where to start, so I’ll begin by telling you what we did on the off day Monday. These off-days, especially when they’re during home stands, are so precious. Believe it or not, even though it’s only April, we’ll have just one more off day at home for the rest of the season.

On Monday Brandon and I went for massages in the morning. Just the two of us while my mom took care of our two baby girls. Then we took Braylyn to the park. She loved having us to herself without the distraction of her new sister! Then we had a date night — dinner and a movie (“Noah,’’ which was entertaining). A perfect day.

I don’t go to every game. It’s not easy with the babies, and the truth is I like watching the games on TV. I can be a real fan, yelling and cheering as wildly as I want. I feel like I’m supposed to be a bit more proper when I’m sitting the Giants’ family section.

I was at last night’s game, but I left in the 12th and missed Brandon scoring the winning run! I gave myself a deadline of midnight (like Cinderella, except unlike Cinderella I hurried off because I’m nursing and was about ready to burst). My mom and I bundled up the babies, headed across the Bay Bridge and cheered in the car when Hector drove in Brandon to beat the Dodgers.

We’re living in the East Bay again this season. Our permanent home is in Arizona. We chose that because in baseball you never know where you might be playing. In Arizona, we can be pretty certain about living in one place from at least November to April every year.

We’ve rented four places in four seasons. We get an unfurnished house and furnish it with the few pieces of furniture we keep in storage during the off-season. We live very simply. We still have the couch Brandon’s parents gave us when he was first called up. We have a kitchen table and chairs. We have mattresses. And we have two TVs. Not much else. We put it back in storage at the end of the season and when the next one rolls around, we take it out again and put it in the next rental house.

This is something people might not know about baseball wives. We do a lot of packing and unpacking. A lot. It’s endless. Not just at the beginning and end of the season but road trips throughout the season. I try to make one long road trip a month so we can be together as a family. Our husbands fly on a team charter where their luggage is carried for them from the clubhouse to the plane to the hotel. We fly Southwest with diaper bags and wipes and bottles and clothes and baggies full of Cheerios. Quite the glamorous life, don’t you think?

It IS a wonderful life. An incredible blessing. But like everything there are pro’s and con’s. It’s a beautiful thing that I get to stay home and raise my children. The downside is I can’t teach. From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher, and after UCLA I earned my master’s in education at Pepperdine. But if I were to teach, I’d never see my husband. So it’s a little bittersweet.

Sometimes I’m asked if Brandon is different off the field from what they see on TV. Yes and no. He is very funny, which is something I think people have recently discovered about him.  Because he’s so shy and quiet, people sometimes miss his great sense of humor. They hear something really sarcastic come out of his mouth and they’re not sure what to make of it. But I think his humor is coming out through his blog, and the beat writers definitely know this about him.

The things that ARE the same on and off the field: He’s super calm, and he’s super competitive. In the eight years we have been together, I have never heard him yell in anger. He can get frustrated when he’s driving sometimes, but that’s it. Seriously, I’ve never met anyone as easy-going as he is.

Having said that, he wants to win at every game he plays. But so do I. You might know I was a competitive gymnast, and I come from a family of athletes. Brandon and I are fierce adversaries at miniature golf, bowling, video games, whatever. He doesn’t take it easy because I’m a girl, nor would I want him to. If I beat him, I want to beat him fair and square. (And now and then, I do. He’s maddeningly good at just about everything.)

On the field, he cares like no other. He has loved baseball since he could walk. I remember seeing a video of him at a year-and-a-half. He was swinging a whiffle bat at a beach ball, and his dad was switching him from right-handed to left-handed and back again, laying the groundwork for switch-hitting. At a year-and-a-half! He feels so lucky every day he puts on a Giants uniform. How many people get to live their dream as fully as Brandon is living his? He truly loves what he does.

The other day when he hit the walk-off home run, he was like a little kid in a candy store. We weren’t at the game because Braylyn was teething and I was still unpacking boxes. We jumped right off the bed! I sent Brandon a video of Braylyn clapping for him. She is such a daddy’s girl. It’s the sweetest thing. It melts my heart.

When Brandon got home, we celebrated by going out for frozen yogurt. As we sat outside the shop, people congratulated him as they walked past. He’s still so shy that he’s a bit uncomfortable with the attention. But I can tell you he will never take your good wishes for granted. We both know this wonderful time in his life won’t last forever, so we appreciate every moment.

OK, that’s it. Have I gone on too long? Sorry if I have. I want you to know that Brandon and I read every single comment, and we are just blown away — especially with the burst of comments this week! Wow! I wish he could reply but there is just not enough time. Thank you for being there for him every day!

OK, Haylee, your turn!

-Jalynne Crawford












I am so glad that the boys let you post! Being a baseballl wife always seems so glamourous but I have a lot of respect for your dedication to your husband and daughters it sounds like it can be rough. Anyways! You sound like a great mom and Brandon is very lucky to have you! I would kill to be a Giants baseball wife someday 😍

It’s so fun to hear from your perspective Jalynne! Both you & Brandon really exemplify a true, loving family and it’s so exciting that you share photos and stories from your life behind the scenes. You’re girls are adorable & they’re destined to be athletes! Thx for sharing! @veronicaraye

Jalynne, I am really glad you took a turn. It is nice to hear another version of the boys. (MEN I know, but I am an old woman and they will always be boys) I hope you and Haley take a few turns at the blog. I love reading it. I am a huge fan of the Giants but specially the two Brandons, (guess I may have to add the third). My best friend and I go to a few of the games, we love to cheer for the boysl.

love it!!!! great job!!!!

That was awesome. So interesting learning about the wives perspective. Quick question. Where are the family seats at AT&T park? Your girls are absolutely adorable.

Excellent job. Thanks for sharing! These blogs are so much fun.

How very sweet and dear for sharing. met your husband briefly at Step Up To the Plate when our school was chosen for the grant last fall. learned more about the team in Scottsdale; really enjoyed the relaxed, small stadium play and the colorful
Saguaro. a very new fan, it was Brandon’s home run in April, 2013, that was my first big game home run, with a ticket behind home plate! The Monterey Herald does a good job filling us in on game details, once in awhile NBC Bay Area has good reception, like tonight, against the Dodgers, a game or two during the season and lots and lots of radio games. keep up the GREAT WORK, babies, baseball, diapers, bags, travel, boxes, bags–the HEAVY LIFTING. Brandon is lucky you are a good sport and talented athlete. so glad your Mom is able to help often. glad you like living in Arizona. the season is off to a wonderful start. good wishes, thanks for helping us feel like we are part of the Giants family.

I miss the Monterey Herald. Just moved from Monterey area to my new job south to the blue territory, ugh.

Thank you so much for writing! I love this blog. It is so cool to be able to get the inside scope on both Brandon’s lives. Tell your husband to keep up the good work!

What a great, sweet blog post! Thank you for taking the time to do this, with two babies to take care of…I know how little time that leaves. I love this blog for so many reasons, including that it confirms my reason for loving the Giants and the Brandons. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing a bit about the side we don’t often get to hear about…we know how important family is to the success of our talented Giants. We are thankful for our players and the special family members supporting them in the wings!

Enjoy every moment, even the low ones. Got are so very fortunate. My dream of playing short stop for the Giants came to pass when I met Jonnie “Boo” Lemaster after a game at the Stick in the early 80s. I was like 10 and he shook my hand. I touched a real Giant! I didn’t sleep for days. Tell Brandon that he is so fortunate, so talented and that we all root for him. Enjoyed your insight. Now let’s beat the Dodgers!!! My wife is nursing our one month old, Maria.

Great Job😀. Very we’ll written.


Thank you so much for posting this! It is so wonderful to hear about the boys support system and hear what it’s like as a wife. It’s also really cool to hear how you see him as a person! I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to see the love and dedication you have. Thank you!!

That was a real treat to hear your perspective! I know it is a great life for you & Brandon but I really don’t envy you when it comes to the constant traveling, especially with two babies! Thank goodness for Grandma, right? Don’t ever regret staying home to raise your babies!! They grow up so fast & there are no do overs. Enjoy your tweets & pictures of the girls. They are adorable.

Yay! I’m so glad they allowed you to write a blog post🙂 I follow you both on twitter and always look forward to your tweets and cute pictures of the babies! I’ve been a BCraw fan since his first days in the major leagues🙂

You can go as long as you want. I enjoy reading these haha. Also for the first time since I started reading this blog I got confused as to who was being referred to when the name Brandon was said. Congrats on that one🙂

Hi Mrs . Crawford🙂 how are you and the fam, hopefully all well. I so admire you for holding off your dream of teaching to raise your girls and help Brandon follow his, not many would do that. You really do have the cutest family , I hope to be as lucky as you one day!🙂 Brandon is a great giant as always hope his hamstring feels better soon !🙂

Great post! Look forward to Haylee’s and hope you will do it again.

So glad you posted! I hope this becomes a regular thing. It is so much fun following you on twitter and seeing photos and updates from your beautiful family. You and Brandon are absolutely adorable, and I’m sure he knows just how lucky he is to have you by his side, supporting him through the moves and being an awesome mom. Keep it up!🙂

This is great! I think I could read your writing all day–sure put a smile on my face. Brandon(s) is a joy to watch on the field, I guess he kept that 1 year old outlook on the game!

Thanks for sharing. It was interesting to read you side of everyday life.
Congrats on the birth of your 2nd baby girl!

You guys are amazing and he’s an amazing player! Iove watching such humble people do well! Your girls seems adorable And cute! If you ever need a sitter, id love to help out! I know it’s a stretch coming from a random college girl, but I love kids and the giants and what. Great combo!

Great job! It’s nice to hear from your perspective. Brandon makes me smile every time I watch him play baseball. You can just see and feel how much he loves the game. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.🙂

I am so happy you posted! I admire how supportive you are of Brandon and how you gave up teaching to be a mom. I shows what everyone goes through tough choices even the people who seem to be perfect. I hope you will be posting more because i love reading what life is like outside of baseball, haha (not to say i don’t love reading what brandon says). You should start your own blog… the wives of baseball haha

I think it’s great you and Hauled get a chance to tell us “How it really is.” with the Brandons. I love the inside look at a ball player and ball player’s wife everyday life. Tell the guys not let the ladies blog.

Oops spell check doesn’t understand proper names. It should say Haylee not hauled.

Nicely done! I love that you all are so grounded, and so protective of your family time. We hold you all in high regard and LOVE the way your Brandon plays THE GAME. Wonderful. Thank you for the perspective, and for your time. You blessed us. Bless you all…..

WOW! Thanks for giving us the “lady’s view” of what goes on behind the scenes. Your life sounds like my Mom’s. When we were little, my Dad moved us constantly for his job as a professor. Summers we had to be in DC so he could study Congress. And during the school year we moved from job to job, and state to state, until he found his version of the majors here at UC Berkeley. My Mom still has nightmares about packing up a house. It sounds like you have a good system though, and your organizational skills as a teacher are coming in handy. You will get to teach! Once your girls are a bit bigger, you could sub sometimes in the off season. I volunteer teach science to 4th graders in the East Bay one day a week and it’s just magic. But right now you are doing the most important work of all and raising those babies! Thanks again for giving us your perspective. It was awesome.

I’m so excited that you and Haylee are writing blog posts. I follow you on Twitter and Instagram, and am really excited that people who may not already sort of know you through social media are getting a chance to get to know you. I had no idea you wanted to be a teacher. Do you think you’ll ever teach in the future? Also, there was something I was always curious about. A lot of the players have children, so I was wondering if the team (and their wives) are honorary aunts and uncles? And, if so, are there any teammates in particular that your girls seem to like the best?

What a great time we live in where we get to hear the “inside story” of how life as a pro ballplayer, and family, really is. Great post, Jalynne. Nice to meet you. How cute that Braylyn was jumping up and down at Brandon’s walk off HR. You went on to earn your Masters at Pepperdine? An athletic and smart family! Fun to hear how competitive you guys are. My sister and I also grew up in an athletic family and it’s fun to compete when the opportunities arise. Once, on a road trip when we were little, we even each bought the exact same Word Search puzzle book, would turn to the same page and race to see who could finish first! lol! You do get the feeling, from his posts, that Brandon is a quietly extremely competitive person, which is awesome. We love our Giants and how much they love the game and how “hungry” they are for each game and each win. The best part of our SF Giants is they all seem like good, modest guys – no “celebrities” or big egos on the team, in my opinion. A lot of us remember that picture of Brandon that they showed a couple of years ago, when he was a little kid at the Giants’ game, and now he’s livin’ the dream. So happy for your success. With his acrobatics out there on Short Stop when “turning two,” it sure looks like you’ve coached him on some gymnastics moves! Very talented ball player and a blast to watch every year. When he wins his first Golden Glove and gets a huge contract, hopefully someone will be packing and unpacking for you guys! 😀

I love all the pictures you post. It is so nice to see that you and Brandon are caring parents.

I was so excited to see a pinch blog from you! I don’t comment often, but I always love reading your updates on Twitter, especially the ones that feature the girls – you guys are all so adorable🙂 I frequently show my husband your pictures, usually with the accompanying comment that you are all pretty much “the cutest family ever”.😉 Looking forward to seeing more from you ( and more splash hits from your hubby!) Go BCraw!!😀

You and Brandon are the sweetest!! And congrats again on your homerun Brandon!! #TeamBrandon!

Such a great post! It’s such a treat to hear from you. You all seem so down-to-earth which is another reason I’m such a big fan. I loved your comment about being ready to burst! I know how that goes myself. It’s nice to see that through the “glitz and glamour” we as readers can still relate to you and see that you are just like any of us non-famous wives haha.

You and your family are the ones that are there for him every day! We just get to enjoy watching him play baseball. I absolutely love his arm!
My husband is retired from a career in law enforcement, but before he totally left, he taught at a couple of law enforcement academies. His students asked him to delver their graduation speech on one occasion, and I’ll never forget what he told them. He said they would never last in law enforcement without tons of integrity AND the full support of their families. Sounds like it’s the same in baseball!
We hope you keep doing what you’re doing, Jalynne, because you’re doing a wonderful job. We appreciate all you do…and SOMEDAY you will have your turn as well!

Great job, I can tell you would have been wonderful teacher, but you found True Love, that is sooo important, it’s amazing all the adorable photos you post, always looking forward.🌻🌻 your whole family is so nice looking and Brendon is just the icing on the cake🍰Go GIANTS

So nice to hear from you. You sound like a real solid lady, and it’s great that Brandon knows you are watching one way or another. I wondered how you managed with two little ones, and they are really adorable.

Well i was gettin ready to be peeved about this but i enjoyed it You sound pretty cool🙂



Jalynne, thank you for taking the time to write this post. It is rare to hear about the life and experiences of a baseball player’s wife and it is indeed an interesting perspective. I wish there was a way you were able to fulfill your career dreams, but appreciate the sacrifices you make for your family. We are so lucky to have Brandon on the Giants (and the walk off HR was nothing short of unbelievable)! I hope you have the opportunity to blog again soon and let’s go Giants!

Thanks for taking the time to write and sharing a piece of your family. I get so excited to receive the blog email and this new pinch-blogging has been almost a daily treat. Your husband is SUCH a dynamic player to watch. His fielding is so exciting and loved the bat-flip. I don’t follow other teams but have to wonder if other teams/players have as much fun and get along like the Giants seem to. Thanks for the blogging Jalynne–can’t wait to read more from Haylee.

I really enjoyed reading that. I Iove hearing that you guys are as down to earth as you seem. You have a beautiful family. Write again soon.

Good evening Jalynne, it was very interesting to see you really do have a ‘normal’ life. I really like how accessible the Giants are to their fans. I go back to the SF Seals before the Giants came to SF. My sis and I go out to Scottsdale for spring training with the senior group and we love it. The Meet & Greet is always exciting.
We were so excited to read about you having the baby this year. Those little girlies are just too cute.
You can write for as long as you like. You enlighten all of us and remind us we are all people and we all eat, etc. Enjoy your family time and thank you so much for your blog. Please do it again.

What a great blog! You and Brandon are such nice people and it’s good to see how much you appreciate all the blessings in your life. He is lucky to have you and your precious daughters. Thanks for writing.

Your so sweet to take the time to write about your amazing life and I am so happy to have found this blog! love to you and your family!

I had the great opportunity to meet both Brandon’s at Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale. What great guys!! Very grounded and down to earth. It’s the greatest thing to have you all take the time out of your busy days to do the blogs. Thank you for giving the fans your perspective and showing us you are all great and caring people. Two great and humble baseball families!! Thank you again from a fan in the Pacific Northwest!!

Moses Lake, WA

You guys read all the comments?!? That’s impressive, given Brandon’s 300 comments on the past two posts (or however many he got – Belt said 300, but that may have been an exaggeration). It was great to hear from you, and flying Southwest seems a lot less glamourous than hitting walk-off splash homers. But at least the Southwest flight attendants are funny, and hopefully Brandon will continue tearin’ it up in the majors (he will!) and he can retire at 40, and then you can be a teacher! Good luck with the girls – I’m sure two babies is tough!

I loved the post and getting your perspective on everything- can’t wait for Haylee’s as well! You and your family are adorable. It must be amazing that Brandon gets to play for his childhood team- I can’t even imagine what that would be like. You are an amazing wife supporting your husband in his dreams! PS: love going to watch UCLA gymnastics. It’s something that my sister and I go do together since she goes to UCLA. I used to coach and do rec and I miss it terribly. Enjoy your time with your family!

Such a wonderful piece! Thank you for sharing! You and Brandon seem like the sweetest, most down to earth people and we wish you the very best. I am a teacher and a single mom, and trust me…you want to be home with your babies🙂. Sending you all lots of love from AZ! God bless you both!

Thanks so much for this, Jaylynne. It’s so interesting to find out what you all have to go through, and so amazing the support you give to your guys. I was so sad to hear about the fact that you gave up a career in teaching to support Brandon. Have you thought of subbing once the kids are a bit older? Subs are so in demand (especially if you work in Antioch where I used to live), and then you could teach whenever you wanted to and still get your teaching fix. I did it for 9 years and really enjoyed it. I bet they would be thrilled to have you. All the best to you as you continue on this wonderful adventure. Looks like hubby is going to have a spectacular season. Enjoy the little ones – every day they bring you something new.

Nice job! Go giants!

It is great to hear your side of the story, Jalynne. As a long time Giants fan, since 1960, I really enjoy hearing the behind the scenes stories. It’s wonderful to hear from you and I’m looking forward to Haylee’s blog.

Jaylynne, Thank you for sharing some of yourself and your husband with us fans! I have been a fan of your husbands since he first came up, actually! I remember his the first ST in Arizona when he was on the roster he signed my #35 jersey . It was kind of funny the one old lady standing with all the youngsters to get his autograph. I can’t imagine his thoughts.
He actually reminds me a lot of our son who is is the same age. You are blessed to have such a beautiful family and caring husband , and Brandon to have such a loving and supportive wife. Cherish your times together as a family, it is something you will remember forever!

Great post, I like the.perspective of a baseball wife. We love watching Bcraw35!

I always look forward to these updates and I think it’s great that the ladies are getting involved. Go Giants!!

So glad you agreed to do this. I think it should be a regular thing. But that’s just me. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got you more replies then the ALL the boys?! Hehe

My favorite posts on this blog are when they go into the plays and why they do what they do – what they are thinking. Thanks for doing this for us on the family front! Great blog, great pinch blogging!

AWESOME! First, you sound like an Officer’s Wife(me) with the packing and unpacking. LOL, MY wonderful life every two to three years. LOVE your post, and yes I am sure I am not alone in saying do some more blogging! Although, so understand if it is not that often…you are a mommy. 😃 Now, I am very impressed, and feel the LOVE that y’all read all the replies. Great Job! Cannot wait to read more. Keep them coming!!! HUMMM BABY!!

Thank you Jalynne for your wonderful blog. I always wondered what it is really like to be a professional athlete and the spouse of one. The Pros and Cons. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Maybe a little brighter.🙂 Are all the wives/girlfriends friends with each other? Do you guys all get together for lunch/dinner/poker, well you get the idea? I have many questions, but it’s late. Thanks again! Go Giants!

As a fan of everything Giants, I’m always ready to read the next blog, post, or article. Please do give us more of the insider’s view on Brandon and the life you lead with him inside baseball. Most players seem guarded when talking to the media and usually offer stock answers to any question posed. These blogs gives us all a chance to get closer to the real story. I think most fans want more personal insights into our beloved Giants players; I know I do. Thanks for putting it all out there. Excellent post though it left me wanting more.

What a great idea to have the wives post. Jalynne, tell all the Brandons we love the idea of “guest bloggers”, especially when it’s the folks who do most of the work — the wives!

Great blog Jalynne. Thank you for taking the time to write about your life – sweet, simple, filled with gratitude. I am a native San Franciscan, grew up being a Giant fan and I have two daughters as well. There is nothing greater for us as a family to watch the Giants either at the park or on the TV – we love it! Thank you for sharing your life with us…so interesting!

You all are awesome! Hope Brandon is doing better! It’s not the same without him! Goodluck and Beat LA!!!🙂

Thanks for the post Jalynne. We all get so much enjoyment out of the play of your husband and the rest of the club and its good to be reminded that there are sacrifices being made in order for them to perform as they do. So thanks for “holding him down” as I think young people say. Go Giants!!!

Love your addition to the blog! Thanks for letting us peek into a little piece of your personal lives! Giants players and fans are all part of one huge family that share love of the game and especially the team!!

that was a great post, thank you for taking the time to share your life. Its interesting to hear from the wife’s perspective of a major leaguer. I bet its a challenge to keep the family together, but it sounds like you’re making it work and doing the best you can. You’re right it wont last forever so cherish these times, it may not be ideal but it is your life and its a great one. Keep up the great work, you have a great husband and a great father to your baby.

Loved your post! Thank you for taking the time to share with us. God bless your family!

The Crawfords are such amazing people. Thank you for letting us fans into your lives for a small glimpse. I agree every day is a gift and we should always cherish precious moments each day. May god always bless your beautiful family.

My 4 and 11 year old waited 3 hours at Fanfest for autographs, and when they saw your husband, they were excited. Then Brandon talked to them and they clammed up tight. I had to laugh a little.

Wotus and Leonard teased Brandon and it went back and forth while my kids just watched mouths agape. Thanks again to your hubby for staying so late as we were close to the end of the line, and sure he was tired. Thanks to you for being such an awesome wife to handle so much so selflessly. Team Brandon!!

My sweet wife who died two months ago loved this blog (as I do now) and would have especially loved this one. Perhaps she’s reading it through my eyes now and is cheering for Brandon and the Giants. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

I’m so, so very sorry Richard. I’m sure she is watching over you. Read or watch the movie, “Heaven is for real” it might give you some peace.

Jalynne, just so you and Brandon know, it’s couples like you who reminds me that the world still has kind and humble people! Really am a huge fan of you two alone!

I love how you are open and real. And you would make a great teacher. I love it. Brandon is one lucky guy as you are lucky to marry the man of your dreams BUT not as lucky as the two sweet angels you both brought into this world.

Keep the fire burning in y’all relationship. I hope one day y’all can travel the South Pacific. You both would fit in with the type of personality you both have.

-Island Gurl

Jalynne and Brandon-hanks so much for the sacrifices that you both make as a major league family. Thanks for sharing some inside the Crawford house. When I went to spring training a couple of years ago, I had my picture made with both Brandons and it was the highlight of the trip for me!! I’m looking forward to the seeing the Giants here in ATL in a couple of weeks-my BFF and I will cheer loudly for Brandon & Brandon as always. Thanks for sharing your sweet pics of your family on twitter-love seeing the babies. Your blog was awesome. I look forward to seeing you at the ballpark one day and tell you “Thank You” in person. Go Brandon & Go GIANTS!!!!

What a fun idea for you and Haylee Belt to take a turn blogging! You did a fantastic job! I love your humor about the less than glamorous parts of being a baseball players’ wife! Thanks for the interesting “behind the scenes” insights. I think the fans will feel like they know the Crawford Family better after reading this! GO BRANDON and GO GIANTS!

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Thank you, Jalynne. You did not go on too long. Loved hearing about your life! I hope the Giants keep B forever. Love him and missed him last night. Check out the Kruk and Kuip web site……lots of fans love him. Thanks for writing.

Marilyn D. Diamond (415) 710-7496

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Congratulations on your new baby girl🙂 we had our second little boy Hunter in August, so he is 8 months now. Our son Kellen turns 4 in May. I can relate to not being able to see your husband a lot during the summer, my husband works at the national fire center here in Boise, ID, so with all the wildfires in the summer he is gone often. We learn to adjust and it makes the time you do get to spend with them a lot more special. So I get to watch a lot I Giants games by myself:-/

Thanks for sharing a personal side of your life. I loved the post Brandon did about your two girls and Braylyns actions with her little sister. I was with my daughter and her two girls and felt like Inwas reading something she would post. Especially about the binkys. Love the blog!

Great blog! Thank you for sharing the baseball wife side of things.

I love that you wives are getting in on the blog action too! As a baseball fan wife it’s fun to hear what real life is like for you. You did an excellent job blogging – you should start your own😉

I love that you wives are getting in on the blog action too! As a baseball fan wife it’s fun to hear what real life is like for you. You did an excellent job blogging – you should start your own

Awesome blog, Jalynne! So fun to hear from your perspective!!! You’re doing a lot and you’re doing it well and you’re teaching your children every single day!!!

I really enjoyed reading from your perspective! It brought back memories of traveling with my little girls, and I didn’t do it that much! Ugh! I feel for you! Wait…what, Brandon might not be a Giant for life? I can’t imagine! I think I’m depressed now!

Dear lovely lady, As a mom, grandma and great grandma at age 74 I wanted to say how special your words are. As you enter this phase of your life (and life is a series of phases) make the most of each opportunity to share and love. Your teaching career is already in progress and it never ends when you are a mom, grandma, great grandma. I live each day with kind words and good deeds for my family/friends and an occasional reprimand thrown in for good measure. Best wishes for a successful season………….

You are obviously a very smart woman…..a Masters, plus you taught yourself what is most important in life…..your family. Carry on…

Great blog Jaylynne. Haven’t seen Brandon since his Moondogs day but hopefully one day we will meet again, also you and the girls. SF has been on our tv a few times so we’ve seen a few good games. MN Twins didn’t play yesterday – can you believe it snowed! Some places had over a foot, My best wishes to you all and love from your friends in Mankato.

Good job Jalynne! Look forward to more from you in the future. Love these blogs from the Brandons and White Shark…

Thank you for sharing!

What if J gets more comments than B??

It seems natural for you to post since we hear so much about you both anyway from The Brandons.Thank you Jalynne and Hayley for adding your insight to B&B
This is gonna be one fun summer!

Life with two little ones is busy w/o all the packing! Hang in there! Love hearing about your life and the game. Celebrating with yogurt, awesome!

Ever since May 27th, 2011 Brandon has been and remained my favorite Giant. He has shown passion ever since his debut and you can feel his love for the game and especially San Francisco and all the fans. His beautiful family wins over the hearts of the fans as well. Getting to read this makes me appreciate him more on and off the field. This blog is great. Thank you!

Thank you for being honest about what is it is like to be Brandon Crawford’s wife and your life together. It is a very special time in your lives and you both seem very humble and appreciative of what you have been given. Here’s to a great 2014 season!!

Loved the new perspective! You guys are all so great and it’s fun getting to read your side of the baseball life. Can’t wait for more blogs. Is Braylyn showing any early signs of being competitive? Sounds like it’s in her blood!

Go Giants!

Thanks for sharing Jaylnne! Love reading the boys’ posts, but awesome to have your perspective. Love that you are honest about the life in baseball. My husband was an athletic trainer in the Giants organization many years ago. Long hours, travel, etc. When we had our first daughter we realized for us it would be too hard to raise a family the way he wanted to with him doing baseball. I know it’s not easy, but your heart and your focus is in the right spot! Go Giants!

Jalynne, Enjoyed reading your post! Thank You for sharing. DW

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Such a wonderful post! So insightful and well written – do you think about homeschooling your girls since you’re clearly qualified? I’m sure Brandon’s career will be long and successful, so lots of travel in your future🙂 Thank-you so much for taking the time to write such a great post, it’s wonderful to get a glimpse into the lives of a smart, down to earth, fun to watch player and his beautiful family. I hope you pinch-blog again if you can ever fine the time!! Go Giants!

I loved reading this post. You sound so sweet and it was very interesting to hear from your perspective. Thanks for sharing!!!

Great post Jalynne! I love hearing about life from the wife’s perspective… I don’t think people often realize how much the wives and girlfriends have to sacrifice and do to support our Giants players. I admire you for the sacrifices you have made to raise your family and be there as much as possible for your husband while being a busy mom of two young girls!

PS> Your husband is my favorite player!

Awesome post! Enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing. You’re daughters are adorable! Thanks for the sacrifices you make.

Thanks for sharing with us — we fans appreciate being considered part of the Giants family!

Love this post! You, Haylee, and Kristen Posey are my favorite Giants wives, you all seem so down to earth!

Thank you for the insightful and sweet blog about life as a major league wife. It’s always nice to see when fame hasn’t warped someones personality and values. Keep on being awesome!

Great post! Kinda hope you beat the “other” Brandons in terms of number of comments… (we chicks are competitive too!!). Go G-Men! Beat LA!

perfect post Jalynne. I appreciate all the hardwork you and the other wives and partners do to keep our Giants healthy and grounded throughout the year. Thanks for your honesty. I hope one day you will be able to teach again.

Hi Jalynne, Thanks so much for letting us into your life. I respect your privacy however it’s fun to know what you all do when the guys are off the field. I hope to see you with the girls at the Giants family softball game before a game this season. It’s one of my favorite days. Hope Brandon’s back in the lineup today. So glad his hard work this Spring is paying off. His is one of the best Giants stories since he grew up here and loved the Giants since he was a little boy. I hope he stays a Giant throughout his career.

Wonderful post on a wonderful blog. I’m a college student living away from home, but my dad and I both read “Brandon and Brandon” and are able to talk about it over the phone. Thanks for sharing your lives and allowing Giants baseball to keep me connected with my family in yet another way.

Jalynne! What a wonderful post. The part about you sending Brandon a vid of little Braylyn clapping for daddy just melted my heart. So cute. I love reading Brandon’s blog and your twitter posts. We get to know you two just a little bit and you are such nice people. So wonderfully grounded in things that matter! Brandon is living his dream of playing his hometown team and that is so wonderful to see. And no your post didn’t go on too long at all. Thanks for sharing just a bit of your lives with us. Love you guys!

Hi Jalynne, I am really glad that you agreed to do the blog. As a mom of two grown children, I know how busy your life is by just being a mom, it is 24/7 for the rest of your life. I admire how you are juggling it all. Enjoy this part of your life with Brandon playing ball and raising your kids, because it goes by in a blink of a eye. I hope to read more in the future, maybe all you wives should just start your own blog! Best wishes to you and your family. Go Orange and Black!

Jalynne! I remember Brandon’s first game with the Giants. It was two days after Buster’s injury, on the road against the Brewers. There was such a pall over the team and the fans because of what had happened to Buster and Brandon hit that Grand Slam in his first game. It brought such joy back to my baseballing heart and I think we realized then that we could still have joy and win games even without Buster. Sorry to be so sappy but I’ve always remembered that and Brandon has always had a soft spot in my heart because of that. Just wanted to share!

Hello Mrs. Crawford, that was awesome! It was not too much and very interesting. Thank you for sharing as much as you did! I am new to all this social media era..just learning about blogs. Once again thanks!

Great job, Jalynne. Thanks for sharing.
And, about your teaching career? Consider it a “dream deferred” not a “dream lost”.
Time will pass. Circumstances will evolve (both with B’s career and the amount of time and attention the kids require).
Just stay receptive and watch for the doors that open in life. If teaching is where you’re meant to be (and it sounds like that may be the case), the opportunity will present itself in the fullness of time.
Sorry if it seems presumptuous of me to offer this feedback. Just my opinion based on enough decades of living to almost be your grandpa.🙂


Jalynne! Thank you SO much for posting! This is great! And Haylee tomorrow? Perfect!
Thanks for sharing all about you & Brandon … it’s very interesting to hear from the MLB Wife perspective. I hope you will be a Giants wife for a very long time! Feel free to post anytime! And thanks for suggesting the guest post with Brandon Hicks – you certainly started something fun here on the blog page!🙂

Wow thank you for the family perspective and behind the scenes look at life from diapers to teething!! My wife and I met Brandon in 2012 outside the stadium in Pittsburgh. What a nice guy!! Of course my wife totally loves Brandon and we love the blog. We are making the trip to Pitt again next month. I am personally lobbying for a Gold Glove for Brandon. I also know now that his hand is healthy he will hit closer to .300 like he is capable. Good luck and thanks again for the pinch-blog!!

Thanks so much for the post, Jalynne! It is so interesting to hear what your life is like! I enjoyed reading it so much! Its sounds like you have a wonderful relationship! That is so rare these day! Brandom seems like he would be just the way you described him! I love watching him play! He doesn’t get the credit he deserves for playing SS the way he does…he is so talented!!! I am from NY and baseball has always been my fav! I fell in love with the Giants just randomly watching the 2010 WS and they just won my heart!!! I am a true from far away! Whats funny is my Mom has been a Met fan for years but I have even hooked her on loving my Giants! We scream and yell for them together!!! Sorry this is so long….Please keep posting from time to time! Its so nice to hear from you!

I wish there was a Giants’ Wives blog — anyone interested could take turns writing about how things are going. We have the best players and smartest (and prettiest) player wives in all of MLB! I love the idea of you substitute teaching once the girls are older during the off-season; maybe when BCraw retires it’ll be time for your career. I’ve got two teachers in my family; my oldest niece has been an elementary school teacher for 23 years, and my youngest niece is going to be a high school English teacher (she’s waiting to find a permanent job till she and her fiancé figure out where they’re going to live). Keep the pictures of the girls coming on Twitter too — I love to see those in my timeline.🙂

I agree, it would be amazing to have a Giants wives blog! It would be very interesting to see what each wife goes through and see their unique perspective. Get on that, Giants!

I like hearing from the wives because not only do you put things into perspective, but there’s a side to the player’s lives that fans don’t see or hear about. Thanks for sharing!

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Loved reading this very articulate and insightful post! Can’t wait to see y’all at the ballpark!

Great blog! Thanks so much for sharing your life(here, on Twitter, and Instagram.) It’s heartwarming to see all the strong loving Giants families making sacrifices every day. Looking forward to more blogging from the wives! Oh, and all the Brandons!

Great post! Thanks for the insight into your life. Sounds crazy and fun!!

I follow you both on twitter and it’s usually just normal twit stuff, but I must say, this was a very revealing look into the life of a ballplayer (and his family). I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing. You both seem cool as hell.

Loved reading your post! You are so generous to share some of your time and stories with Brandon’s fans. Your experiences of packing and separations and appreciating the little things remind me a bit of my daughter-in-law’s life as a Marine officer’s bride. My son is a 2012 UCLA grad. Always rooting for your hubby here. Go Giants!

Brandon’s starting to hit lefties. That must put him in a good mood when he does that. Very happy he’s with the team and the starting SS. Good luck!

Dear Mrs. Crawford,
I loved your blog and it was such a great idea for your husband to let you blog about the lives of wives of baseball players. What you said about being a fan at home, but sitting there quietly in the family section sounded weird to me, but then it’s like you’re representing the Giants. It also made me think of British people when you were talking about acting “proper” at games. KEEP PINCH BLOGGING!!!!!

Great to hear about the life of a baseball wife. It will be fun to hear from Haylee as well. Her’s will be different because she isn’t a mom yet. We all tend to think your lives are glamorous so this gives everyone a dose of reality. Like everyone you have ups and downs and the season is long. I never thought about all the packing and unpacking you do. I guess one advantage of it would be you won’t be a pack rat! Not easy to do with two babies. I’m glad to know that you guys read our posts (even if Brandon is only counting how many he gets!). I was worried when I got home yesterday and he wasn’t in the game but I guess he’s ok since they were going to put him in today. I’m so happy for Brandon when he gets up and gets a hit. It’s so cool that he’s living his dream and I hope he never leaves the Giants!

Great reading the female prospective. Thanks for sharing part of your private life with the fans!

Love, love, love your blog Jalynne! It is wonderful to read about the life of a baseball wife, especially one with two young children and a husband who is playing wonderfully for our Giants!
Brandons, please allow for more pinch blogging! This is a real treat!

Thanks, Jalynne! Between these blogs and twitter it’s so great to get to know the life behind the spectacle. Families are families no matter what you do for a living. However, I never had to pack my 2 girls on a plane as regularily as you do. Kudos mama! Thanks again for sharing 😊

Thanks Mrs Crawford. I love all the pictures you post of your sweet family and thank you for sharing with us. you are a splendid addition to the blog. hope you get to do it again soon. Go BCRAW35!!!

You’re a great writer Jalynne. Feel like a know Brandon — reminds me of my older brother.

You’re a great writer Jalynne. Seems like I know Brandon. Reminds me of my older brother.

As you can see from my avatar pic, I had the privilege of meeting Brandon in SD last season. I told him I was stuffing the ballot for his all star appearance. (we’ll try again this year!) He thanked me, and was very kind. Thank you for sharing! You have a beautiful family! GO GIANTS!

PS: I also have him on my fantasy team!

Loved the blog. It’s nice that your thankful for your blessings and I’m glad you let people know how tough it is to move & pack & unpack & pack. When I was growing up we went to the same school as Robby Thompson & Bob Brenly’s kids. I remember they were only in school during baseball season and then they were packed up & gone til the next year. It’s really tough. Your girls are adorable!

Nice job Jaylynne! That was so informative. Thanks for bringing some insight / normalcy to what seems like what would be such a glamorous life. We sat behind you and your Mom and baby girl last fall at Yankee Stadium. What a nice family, you are truly blessed and talented.

Thanks so much for posting. I have been wondering what it would be like to be on the home end of a major-leaguer. Never occurred to me that you too would be on the road so often. I too left a career to stay home with my two girls. Because I home school I find many opportunities to teach, not only my children, but others by tutoring and running co-op classes at home. My best to you and your lovely family.

So glad you had a turn at the blog. With your Twitter posts, it’s like we’re old friends! Thanks for describing “a day in the life of a baseball wife.” BCraw is fortunate to have such a trooper and resourceful other half. We wish you much success on and off the field and hope to meet you and girls one day. Please feel free to cheer as loud as you’d like at the park.

Lovely perspective my dear! Your hubby is such a great addition to the Giants and you have represented him well! Good job!!

Really appreciate the time you and the Brandons take to post – I’m a teacher mom of two little boys. I’m also Giants obsessed, mostly because the players all seem like such great people. Good luck and congratulations on your new baby!


Thank you sooo much for sharing a bit of your life with us!! I love how the Brandon’s brag about their wives & BCraw his baby girls!! I had a custom Orange Friday Giants shirt made last season with Crawford 35 like a jersey on the back! Now I wish I would of put BCRAW 35!

Again Thank you for pinch blogging it was fun to “see” another side of baseball life!!

Sincerely, “BCRAW & Family #1 Fan” fr Willows, Ca! CanT wait for the 26th, my first game of the season!! GO GIANTS!!


A few years ago, a friend and I were working at a fastpitch softball tournament which happened to be right before Halloween. All of the teams and employees dressed up in fun costumes to get into the spirit. Well, naturally, my friend and I got as decked out in Giants gear as we possibly could and worked at the front gate collecting money. Later that afternoon, this man with a mustache walked up to us and complimented us on our choice of costumes. We struck up a conversation about the Giants and how big of fans we both were. He asked us who our favorite players were and I mentioned Buster Posey…he asked “what do you think about Brandon Crawford?” I responded that I liked Brandon too, that he was HOT! He then casually mentions that he was Brandon’s DAD (he was there coaching his daughters softball team)! We weren’t sure if he was just pulling our leg or telling us the truth, but they look so much alike that it had to be true (he also mentioned that Brandon was getting married very soon). He was just too convincing not to be.

I clearly remember how he was more than willing to answer some of the questions we had…I mean, it’s not too often that you get to talk to the father of a player who’s on your favorite baseball team! And the next day, he walks up to us and hands us each an autographed picture of Brandon and thanked us for the support.

If Brandon is anything like his dad, then you are one lucky girl because he couldn’t have been nicer to us and was such a pleasure to talk to if even for a few minutes. I’m sure that kind of thing happens to him all of the time and he didn’t think twice about it, but for us, It was definitely a memory that will last a lifetime!


Beautiful blog, Jaylynn. It makes me proud as a fan for 63 years!

Good to hear from the wife of one of my fav players! Congrats on the new little girl in your family, how exciting! Doesn’t sound like a perfect way of living, but as you say, Brandon is living his dream and we are so glad he is! Kudos to you for being a great baseball wife and supporting him in what he does! I cheer every time he gets up to bat! So go Giants, and keep living the good life with your great family!

Thanks for writing. You are truly blessed. As your children grow, consider homeschooling! I am a mother of six beautiful children, pregnant with my seventh; I graduated from the university of Michigan , then started my Masters in Teaching degree at the University of San Francisco 14 years ago- when I had my first daughter. I had always imagined myself as a teacher in a classroom, until God gave me the perfect schoolroom: our house! Homeschool is awesome- you get to grow with your children, and no matter where you move you are always the home team. Anyway, Keep up the good work as a wife and mother!
God Bless, Jennifer

This is wonderful! You are doing a great job, both of you! Much love!

Great blog, thanks so much for telling us some details of your life. I am lifelong Giants fan and a teacher a Berkeley High. One of my colleagues went to UCLA with you and Brandon! (I wont write her name on this blog) We have a high school staff softball team and we always talk about how Brandon is doing on the field. I hope that you are able to teach sometime in the future! Wishing you and your family well.

Samantha in Berkeley.

This was great! Perfect! Thank you!

I am both envious of him and very happy for him, he’s living the dream, I grew up in the Bay Area too, loved baseball growing up. I root extra hard for him because he’s one of us, and feel bad when he’s not going well.

Hopefully you can get to teach at some point. Unfortunately, a baseball player’s career don’t always last that long, so maybe he can take his turn at sacrifice and let you pursue your dream once his is over. But Brandon looks like he’s got the skills to last into his 30’s, so it won’t be anytime soon, I would bet, I think he is one of those who can have a very long career, guys who can control the strike zone like he can and make the contact that he can, end up playing later (like Scutaro). At least you get to raise your kids, that is always a blessing.

Here’s a question: probably not something he’s ever thought about, but since you know him well, you can probably guess, what do you think Brandon wants to do when he’s done as a baseball player?

I love reading this blog! I have been a fan of bcraw since the very beginning when no one thought he would stay in the majors….hope one day to meet you! Thanks for the insight Jalynne!

Great Blog, Jalynne! You and Brandon are terrific people and we fans are so blessed to have players like Brandon on this amazing team! To a man, the Giants have the nicest, most fan-friendly players anywhere in the MLB. We had the honor of seeing you and your beautiful daughters on the back field at Scottsdale Stadium in March, just taking pictures and sharing a run down the baseline with your oldest daughter. And then we accidentally parked right by “The Brandons” at Tempe one game, and both were SO NICE! They took pictures with us and thanked us for coming to an “away” game to watch them play. Meeting the Brandons was out highlight of Spring Training!

I laughed out loud visualizing the difference in how the team travels, and how the wives travel! lol Thank you for sharing and giving us a different view on the life! I wish your family continued happiness!

Well done, Jalynne. Going to Spring Training the last 3 years and games throughout the season is very exciting, but reading the articles and comments makes us feel like part of the family. BTW, I jumped up and down and screamed with joy when Brandon hit his big home run, too.

Hi Jalynne 😄
I thoroughly enjoyed your blog- many people see you and Brandon as a gorgeous couple with beautiful children, but your pictures also convey your true joy of family time: Halloween costumes, birthday cakes, & trips to the zoo. Thank you for sharing parts of your private lives with us – my mom has Altzeimers, & she loves to see pictures of your little girls! She always recognizes Brandon on t.v. because of that connection. Best Wishes Always!

Jalynne, I enjoyed your blog. Such a journey in which you and Brandon our traveling. Marriage, kids and baseball! Enjoy the ride!

Yes, a lovely post. Even better seeing that you appreciate how special your life is, diaper bags notwithstanding. So often in the middle of things we lose sight of what a true joy it is to have a supportive and loving spouse and active kids who require so much energy but bring so much love with them. Just keep on enjoying it all – every day – in every way. Life IS way too short to get lost in the grumbles. Lucky you. Lucky Brandon to have you.

“B-craw is my favorite Giants’ player!!!” I’m sure there are plenty of kids who would say this, but I’m a fifty-plus year old guy who was born and raised in The City who has lived in Southern California since my college days at UCLA. Now you know why I’m a Crawford fan – go, Giants, go, Bruins!! I remember when the Dantzschers (sp?) were gymnasts at UCLA; didn’t they win an NCAA title when you guys were there? Little did I know that the Bruin shortstop during those years would end up on his (and my) favorite MLB team growing up as a kid and help them win a World Series in 2012. Glad you enjoyed Quality Meats when you were in NYC last season. My brother-in-law used to be a chef (possibly the executive chef) there but is now a partner in the group that owns a few restaurants in New York, including Quality Italian and General Assembly. Let me know next time you’re in the Big Apple; I’ll tell my brother-in-law to look out for the Giants. No one should be surprised how well-written your blog is, since you graduated from one of the finest universities in the nation. Besides doing my undergrad at UCLA, I also got my teaching credential and master’s in education and have been teaching for over 25 years myself. Good luck with your teaching career, although it can wait for now. One more thing: my older son also attends UCLA. I was so proud when he got accepted! Thanks for your contribution with the blog; the Giants’ family is happy to have all the Crawfords.

Jalynne, thanks so much for sharing your experience as a member of our special Giants family. I love that you get to stay home and take care of your girls and support Brandon in his dream. That is what your family needs right now, so enjoy! I stayed home with my kids and it was the best thing I ever did. They are my pride joy…Now they are grown and doing well and I have a career of my own. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Love your blog and Brandon’s too. So interesting to get your perspective and very proud of our Bay Area boy! I hope he has a long career with the Giants!

Congratulations on a great blog; I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading it as it opened my understanding a great deal of what it is like for a woman to be married to a baseball player. But, more specifically it wove together many insights into the character and disposition of your husband and your family. Truly, having a spouse in a major league uniform and succeeding at his craft is a family affair. Being happy at home sets his mind free to concentrate on his opportunities to perform on the field! God bless the Brandon Crawford family!

I am sooo happy to hear about your life with a real life Giant’s baseball player…Brandon has been my very most favorite Giant since his first time at bat… Keep up the good work, and Good Luck and enjoy your life with Brandon and your beautiful daughters….

What strikes me most is – normalcy. Normalcy amidst a non-normal life. Good job, you two! At some point, I hope you do get to teach other children – you have many life lessons to impart, along with guiding young people through life. All you’re experiencing now will only add to that. My hope is that Brandon is a Giant for a very, very long time. I’m sentimental that way, having been a fan since I was 6…so many decades ago it’s mind-boggling. Brandon is an integral part of this TEAM. A team that is, in my opinion, like no other in its cohesive appreciation of each other. Thanks for posting.🙂

Keep on bloggin’. Our daughter and SIL are Pepperdine graduates and live in Pleasanton. We took our 11 year old grandson to Spring Training this year and he was SO, SO disappointed we could not buy a Crawford authentic jersey in the Giants Dugout store. He wore his older (too small) Posey jersey and had a black & orange Mohawk feather “head piece” that drew lots of attention along the dugout wall. He did get some autographs and a few balls. He will be going to Foothill HS in a couple of years.

nice writing! but hey just so u know THE most favorite player on my list is Crawford…. knowing that he was Giants fan when he was young and now he is playing for it its just nice… Tell him To hit more Home runs this year! because not only me most of the Giants fans knows that he has that power to do it! GO GIANTS

I had the pleasure of watching Crawford in the Fall league games a few years back. I was sitting in the front row watching these young kids play with all they had and taking photos of them at the plate. A woman came up and sat down next to me and started a conversation. It was Brandon’s mother. She was a lovely person who shared her story of juggling being a mom to an up and coming MLB hopeful and his two siblings. We bonded in that way only two moms can. Still, she had me beat for “mom of the year.” She talked of how she and his father took turns coming out to AZ to see him play. We shared stories of kids and the Bay Area. She also talked about how much Brandon loved the Giants, the game, and most of all- the fans. He has always seemed like a nice guy, and I can appreciate his skills, but meeting his mom made him “real.” I happily cheer for him on every play and each at bat, but reading this sweet account from his wife about their behind the scenes every day life just adds to it. I send the whole family best wishes, and happy, healthy, thoughts. May he continue to play (as a Giant) for many, many, years. A nice kid, from a nice family, with a lovely wife. God bless. 🙂

What a wonderful peek unto the home front of a ball player’s life. My dad was in the military for 28 years so I can relate to the senescent packing/unpacking, Actually I liked moving from place to place and picked up different accents and cultures. How lucky can a guy get with a family like this and a baseball career with the Giants. (hugs)

Great read. I am a huge fan. I have had to chance to meet Brandon a couple of times. Great player.. but more importantly a great guy. Hopefully he is a career Giant.

Thanks to the both of you for making it easy to be a fan! Happy Easter Crawfords.

Love your blog! Brandon is a terrific shortstop! Rooting for him to be in the All Stars 2014!

You are so sweet to your fans and we really appreciate it! My mom and I were both screaming our heads off when Brandon hit that walk off. Watching baseball is our family time. What a trooper you are, taking care of two babies while traveling all the time- sounds like three full time jobs! Blog as long as you like, we love it!

I’m a faithful Brandon blog reader and I ALWAYS wonder if they read ever single comment/reply. That makes me happy that you guys do (hopefully Belt does too haha). I really enjoyed this blog. It’s interesting to hear what baseball wives lives are really like. I had no idea. The Brandons (and other MLB baseball players) are lucky to have wives like you gals🙂 I just learned me and you have another thing in common. We’re twins and I’m in education (my twin sis is a traveling nurse) I’m a 1st grade teacher.🙂 I love the pics you tweet of your beautiful daughters. They really are a great combo of you and Brandon. Thanks for taking the time to blog!🙂

As a woman who always fantasized of being a ballplayers wife, I really appreaciated your articulate description of life with Brandon/MLB. You have such a lovely way of sharing your life, all with gratitude. One thing – your MA in education is not going to waste – you are your daughters’ teachers for their entire lives. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve always wanted to be a baseball wife. I’m only 15 but a huuuuge Giants fan and I would give anything to have a husband who plays baseball😂 but I really enjoyed reading this and getting a taste of what your life is like. It sounds amazing. I look forward to reading again from you soon!

This is such a cool article! I have always liked Brandon since he started with the Giants. He definitely is the best SS ever. I love to watch him play. I followed the articles when you got married and I was so happy for you two. This was a very cool article! It was great to get the wives perspective because to the female fans it would be a dream come true to have your husband be a SF Giant!! Love hearing about the babies, too!

Hi M/M Crawford,
Although we have never met, a student of mine a couple years back at the University of Arizona Law School gave me a Brandon Crawford signed baseball. She is a friend of Jalynne and was at your wedding (so she said). Well, the ball sits in my Tucson office with my other Giants bats/balls/cards (my Giants shrine, I am told). Perhaps no one knew back then who Brandon Crawford was. They do now. Keep up the passion.

Great blog and perspective. Keep writing, especially about the interesting challenges of being a road-warrior momma. We’re eager to take our little guy to a game soon but he’s also teething like mad. My husband and I are total zombies. We’ve always wondered how Brandon kicks ass on the field it with a new baby to boot. You’re a huge reason how, I see!

Great to hear from you, Jalynne! Go GIANTS!❤

I’m catching up on reading B&B Blog while watching our boys and the Padres right now, I’m a little tardy on my reading. Thanks for sharing about your day to day life. As fans we really have no idea what you all go through. I have a friend who’s husband is a pitching coach for a Triple A team, the stories she tells are crazy, she’s able to travel with him because they don’t have kids. I got to meet your Brandon a few months back at a signing at Lefty’s, I’m shy, he’s shy, as I stepped in front of him I became stuck on stupid (one of my favorite sayings), I couldn’t speak. It was still one of the best days ever. Sadly my picture is very blurry.

I’m a teacher as well. I love my students!

Thanks again for sharing.

Yay for the wives – :o) I love seeing men in the spotlight that truly have great character – but I LOVE hearing from their wives. How important for us all to see them as husbands and family men… Thanks for taking the time. I am praying for you, your marriages, families and all the crazy that goes along with it. :o)

Just found this from your twitter!! What a great post! I’ve followed you on twitter since Brandon got called up, it’s such a joy that you let us have a glimpse of your life! Having 3 girls myself you will love having girls! My daughters love seeing the pictures of Braylyn and Jaydyn you post! What made you choose April for Jaydyns middle name? I rarely hear my name so I thought it was really cool! Wishing you and your family all the best!

I love reading this day to day stuff. I am a physician and it is not all glamor (by any stretch of the imagination) which is contrary to what most people think. My husband is convinced that if he didn’t get socially cut from his ball team in high school he would be a major league player. I think it would be such a tough life style (even harder than being an OB/GYN with 4 kids!), but your husband is living the dream. I am in awe of your total devotion to your husband and family. It sound like you are doing an amazing job juggling a crazy schedule and raising 2 beautiful girls!

Just found this blog and love reading the wife’s posts. It’s amazing that whether your husband is a pro baseball player or an engineer, one thing is certain, being a momma is HARD! I laughed out loud at the southwest plane comment. I always accuse my husband (who flies business class for his job) that he has no idea what it’s like to try and fly with 2 kids by yourself, in the cheap seats no less.🙂 What a wonderful blog post. We love having our family being part of the giants family!

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