Sex! (Will this headline get me more replies?) – Brandon Belt

I’ve been telling people today, “Yeah, it felt great when I hit that walk-off.’’

That’s the great thing about being a Brandon. Craw hit a walk-off yesterday but it was like I hit it. When one Brandon’s hurting, we’re all hurting. When one Brandon feels good, we all feel good. I didn’t have such a productive day yesterday, but Craw and Hicks carried the Brandon flag. Hicks got a couple hits and made some game-saving plays. So I have to say overall it was a really good day for me.

I want to go to a movie on our off-day today, but there’s nothing too exciting out there. I’m not interested in Draft Day. Sports movies are usually not very representative of real life and they end up being stupid. I don’t want to see Captain America. Maybe we’ll go to Noah or Divergent, though Divergent didn’t get good reviews. Maybe Joe with Nicholas Cage.

The movie I’m waiting for is Neighbors with Seth Rogan and Zac Efron. I think it’s out in May.

If Haylee and I don’t go to the movies, we’ll probably just hang out at home with the dog. Maybe go for a walk. The exciting life of a Major Leaguer.

We really like the place we’re staying. We’re two exits from Walnut Creek in one direction and two exits from Danville in the other. And at the end of our street is a shopping plaza with a supermarket and restaurants. Very convenient.

Wait, I just took a look at Craw’s last two posts. Do you know he has almost 300 replies between the two? Three hundred! That’s got to be some kind of blog record. I’m really proud of my fellow Brandon. Way to go! Of course, he had to ask you to reply so he could beat Hunter’s 90-something replies. I love Craw but he is so competitive it’s almost sad, really. Only somebody colossally insecure would stoop to such juvenile tactics to get readers to post replies (which you can do below; it’s very simple; doesn’t take any time at all). Really, Craw, give it a rest. Just let the best blogger win.

-Brandon B.


You are awesome!

Hit a couple homers vs the Dodgers.

You had me at ‘Sex!’😉

Go Brandon(s)!

Hi Brandon!

I totally love watching you and Crawford. The
new Brandon seems nice but we don’t know him yet. I hope you all have a great season and win the World Series again. Maybe you are on the ” every other year plan.”


Nooo, I was waiting for your Movie review …😦
Nooo, SEX headline would not give you more replies … jk
I think story about your dog will give you more replies ..🙂

Here is a reply Brandon…. not that you wanted it or anything!

I was gonna read the blog no matter what it was titled. Congrats on the walk-off, I personally think it needs a new title that depicts its total awesomeness. And hope you have fun tonight!

You guys crack me up! Glad you are not feeling down…the hits will return. I am sure. Love the Brandons. (hope you beat Crawford ;))

BB. I almost always reply to you. I never ck the box that i want a reply back. I figure you’re busy I may have replied to Craw once only last yr or maybe after his 2nd child. If that makes u feel better i’ll wish you happy birthday now n case u dont post again before Sunday n this time i’ll ck reply so you can say it to me🙂

Let’s beat 300.. healthy competition!😉

You are adorable.

Loving the continued Brandon themes on the blog this year – a reality series might be in the works for you all! We’ll keep replying as long as you guys keep posting posting posting!

I volunteer to go watch Neighbors with you!! I want to see that movie it looks funny!!
Your next on the splash hit!! Have a good day off!!

YES! YES! YES! Somehow I picture you blushing writing that headline. Did ya? I just saw your interview with Intentional Talk. FYI your rump > Kim K’s any day. Did THAT make you blush? Glad you decided to join the party… I was worried you’d get too comfy letting the “pinch hitters” take over. They are awesome, but not nearly as satisfying. Waiting for #6. Hopefully, I’ll be there to witness it! BEAT LA!

definitely grabbed the attention there with your title, BB! nice tactic. hope you & haylee enjoy your day off and are ready to rock and roll tomorrow against the dodgers. and equally as important, hope your comments soar…beyond all other brandons.😉

You do know there are mountain lions in those hills, don’t you. It only looks tame. Great hiking at the ridge as well, especially behind Alamo.

I’m such a proud Brandon fan lately! (Well, always really… But this season has been super exciting so far) I like Hicks, and LOVE the Brandon-Brandon-Brandon double plays! However, like I said in BCraws comments section.. The OG Brandons will always be my top favs! I hope you both stay with SF for a very long time. After all, #TogetherWeAreBRANDON🙂🙂🙂

Hey Branden, im a movie fanatic as well, if you like military ones I can recommend a few. Great job the first few games with the long ball. But, i’ve got to give you the biggest props for all the dig outs you get from lousy throws from the other infielders,lol.

BB Captain America is a great movie, you must not be into the comic book movies?!? Anyways, I like your blog, keep up the great work and congratulations on the hot start, tied for 2nd in the majors in home runs, NICE!

Even though you didn’t hit a home run during my first game at the Park this season (and I was wearing my “these shoulders don’t slump” Belt t-shirt and everything), you’re still my favorite Brandon! Posey may be the “Face of the Franchise,” but Together We’re Brandon, baby!

Just sit down and do True Detective from beginning to end. Then squint your eyes, and you can see East Texas and Louisiana. Depending, that might be comforting, or not.

You are one funny dude

I have to echo the “you are adorable” post up ahead. All the Brandons are, of course, but the Baby Giraffe is the most adorablest of them all. Together We Are Brandon!

Both tactics worked for me! The headline got me to read it much quicker… First time responder! Love you both and love the blogs!

Love you guys and really enjoy the blogs! Now…BEAT L.A. !!! #giants4 life

I always look forward to the Brandon blogs! Going to the game against the Dodgers (beat LA!) on Wednesday night…go team Brandon!!

LOL! You are hilarious.

Love you, Brandon. Keep hittin’ them out. ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾

You had me at Sex. Lol jk…..maybe.

Looking forward to seeing home run number six against the Dodgers!

You’re my favorite brandon so I’ll reply how many times to make sure you win!!! But I love all you brandons!

Captain America has been getting good reviews. Better than the first one, they claim.

Your splash hit is next!

Hi Brandon! This is the first time I’ve ever left a comment, and it’s on your post. Maybe it’s the headline?

The Brandon and Brandon blog is on FIRE lately. Almost as on fire as the Brandons playing baseball! I think you’ll like Captain America 2, if you decide to go see it. It’s a really good movie, and I say this as someone who normally isn’t especially enthused about super hero movies. Draft Day seems bad, I agree, not worth going to in theaters. Noah is supposed to be quite good, and I LOVE the director, Darren Aronofsky. He’s directed some phenomenal films, like Black Swan, The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream, and Pi. Divergent seems like the usual young-adult crap where a kid somehow magically saves the world through contrived circumstances. Joe is supposed to be quite good, but it seems like it’s not the usual Nicolas Cage action movie you might expect. Other good movies that recently came out in theaters: Oculus (if you like horror), The Railway Man, Under the Skin, Alan Partridge, Bad Words, and The Raid 2. I think there’s always something good out in theaters if you look hard enough!

My name is Brandon…ha! Yesterday there was a kid at the park who said his name was Brandon when he was asked before his question at the Q&A before the game. I was sitting there and thought, no his name is really Brandon! But I couldn’t stop laughing and had to tell others about this blog so they didn’t think I was crazy or laughing at the little boy! Anyways, great blog…I can’t stop laughing! Love it!

Reply, reply, reply! Have a great day off Brandon. You’ve definitely earned it. But be prepared to BEAT L.A. !!!

You’re my favorite brandon so I’ll reply how many times it takes for you to win!! Haha I love all you brandons though.

Brandon Belt. You are awesome too!!!! Have a great day off. You sound like a pretty normal person. Chill with your wife today! Go Giants!!!! Darlene W

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Very simple indeed. Here’s a question for you… How do most major leaguers go about where to live during the season? Do you rent a furnished house for 7 months or a year? Also, what if the player has kids, do their families stay in their hometown, missing their spouse/dad? Go Brandon’s! Thanks for blogging, been reading
Since post #1

Brandon, thanks for sharing you daily life with your fans. My daughter, 9 is playing little league with the boys. She was unfortunately drafted by that blue team, which was really depressing. We are adjusting as we have great coaches. One of the players, Brandon (really, he is a Brandon) bleeds orange and black, so when his parents told him he was drafted he was so excited, then they had to break the bad news of what team drafted him and he cried. He wears his orange and black whenever he can and sneaks some in on game days. Glad to hear Walnut Creek is treating you and your wife well. A great place to live!! Thanks for keeping us posted. Maybe you can convince Brandon Posey to give us a post or two. Good luck against the guys in blue. (Can’t bring myself to call them by name)

I second on Brandon Posey posting or even Brandon MadBum..:)

The headline is the reason why kids cannot read your blog. If you want to see a movie, go see “Million Dollar Arm.” It’s about a guy who goes to India to find cricket players who he thinks can do well in the majors.

P.S. Asking for replies is not a juvenile tactic. It’s called being lazy and not creative, JK.

I’m referring to the major leagues in BASEBALL BECAUSE BASEBALL IS SO AWESOME.

Cool blog, but get out there and see the Bay Area on your day off! Enjoy the sunshine!

I love all my Brandons but you are by far (not like its ever gonna change) my favorite! so exited for the LA series, go get them Giants!

Are you Brandon no 1,2 or 3? Whichever I enjoyed your blog. A suggestion for your day off if you don’t go to the movies. The drive up Mt Diablo is nice and there some interesting things up there. The Bay Area is full of great things to do. I live in Chico now but I was a Bay Areaite for 60 years. Keep up the good work all you Brandons and Hunter too!

Sex sells

Captain America rules, you should see it.

you will be the next brandon to shine🙂 ….against the dodgers!

I am so glad I found the Brandon and Brandon blog! I always enjoy reading it. I always look forward to your movie reviews. I can’t wait to see Neighbors also. Enjoy your day off. It is a beautiful day today! Beat LA!!

You are so funny! I love this blog. I saw draft day. It was pretty good. Not the best sports movie I’ve ever seen, but I’m kind of a big sports movie fan so I think I would’ve liked it no matter what. Happy early birthday!!!

Good blogging Brandon B!!! The power of the Brandon’s!

I just wanna thank all the Brandons forbeing so awesome. I love to read your guys posts, they always make me laugh/smile!

Belt! You and Crawford are hilarious. Excited to hear more stories and movie reviews this season! Keep calm and Brand-on.

Leggo Brandon’s, #beatla

Love you guys!

You are very funny! Enjoy your day off, no matter what. Smart move to incorporate the average amongst Brandons, safety in numbers.

I’m already not wearing pants!

I saw your evil twin brother at the Denver Chop House & Brewery, right across the street from Coors Field. He’s got a beard too but unfortunately his name wasn’t Brandon. Good luck the rest of the season.

You’re never very far from your wife’s family here in the East Bay! We would love to see you guys if you have free time🙂 I read all the Brandon blog post but I never comment, you’re the fav so I thought I would try to help with the numbers!

Well, that headline definitely earned you a reply from me.

I want to see Neighbors too. However, I kind of want to see Draft Day. I live in Cleveland right now and I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions. It’s a Browns town.

I was never a Giants fan until I saw you play with Fresno and then made the Giants – the team is so much fun to watch with you and all the Brandon’s. On your next day off in the Bay Area go explore the areas south of San Jose – its beautiful there – stop at a roadside stand for strawberries, they are the best!

These are blogs are absolutely wonderful. Makes my entire day!

Hey Brandon, I always read your blog but never leave a reply.
The title did catch my attention so here you go. Good luck this season and enjoy your day off!

Who doesn’t love a Brandon? You guys are great!! Can’t believe that Walk Off Splash Hit!! The Brandons have been pulling some major weight early this season! Keep it up guys!!!🙂

Hi Brandon. You know, Craw and Craw’s wife post these pictures of their adorable baby girls on Twitter. I know you and Haylee don’t have kids yet, but maybe dog pix or something? Anything to give you the competitive edge. Not that you’re competing, of course, you’d never stoop that low.

Brandons 4-Ever!

Hahahahahahha. Yall are just awesome. And those.beards btw needs to stay on. Everybody looks better with some facial hair. Except for Tim

Okay bye. =)


enjoy the boring day! You will appreciate them later in life–trust me.

I highly reccommend Captain America anyway!

Belt has an excess of runs, Crawford has a Walk Off Splash Hit, and Hick gets Hits and Plays…We are World Series Champions in waiting!!! 10,12,14 We got this!!!🙂

Hi Brandon! I always enjoy the dry humor in your blogs! I honestly assumed you guys are too busy to read our comments. This “thing” between the players & fans here is truly magical, & we don’t take any of it for granted – we feel like we’re part of the team 😄 Keep playing hard and keep blogging – both bring smiles to our faces!

Brandon! I just wanted to let you know that I think your doing great so far this season and to keep working as hard as you are! You guys are all pretty amazing!! Together we are Brandon ❤️

I gotta tell you, Divergent was a great movie if you didn’t read the book. Definitly worth seeing in theaters.

And I’m a little disappointed you don’t want to see Captain America. That movie was phenomenal! Even if you take the superhero equation out of the movie, you’re compelled by a gripping story about ethics, government, and privacy.

Anyways, looking forward to your review on Neighbors!

Hey Brandon B., didn’t you notice that Brandon C. was asking for replies so that the original Brandon’s wouldn’t be upstaged by the pinch hitters. That means that many of those 300 replies were just as much for you as for him. It’s really not a competition, except something tells me a certain Brandon is not going to rest until he can blog about his own splash hit and/or walk-off.

I’m one huge and happy fan of Brandon and Brandon. Team Brandon. And all the Brandons. Don’t stop being Brandon.

GIRAFFE BABIES FOREVER! Who can resist a post entitled “Sex!” written by a baby giraffe? Wild Kingdom indeed!! Nowhere near as wild as the bloodshed witnessed (God willing) when those prissy showkid Lads trespass on the sacred stomping grounds of AT&T! Go TeamBrandon! BEAT LA!!! Lotsa love and good vibes flying to you from Kauai!

Hahahahaha totally obsessed with this whole Brandon madness going on. Ever since there was 2 of you starting back in ’11, my best friend and I have loved you two. You guys are so funny. Now that the whole teams full of Brandon’s, its almost unbearable awesome.

Captain America was a great movie! Don’t miss it on the big screen!!

Missing you and baseball today!

Definitely waiting for the Neighbors review!! But you should totally go see captain america!

Your my favorite Brandon! Enjoy your off day. 😊

1. I said Craw he was my favorite, but I was lying to make him feel better – YOU are my favorite! 2. You boys sure are competitive!🙂 3. I want a Belt jersey but they didn’t sell them last year. Could you put in a word? 4. Divergent is a good, fun movie. Go see it. I’m not a big movie person, but our staff is going to Heaven is For Real on Wednesday. I’ll let you know if it’s good. 5. I should post all of these separately so you beat BCraw. Oh well.

You can get custom jerseys….I did it last year for my husband, who wanted The Other Brandon.🙂

You are definitely the Best Brandon Blogger, that includes those new Brandons too!

My best viewing experience recently – given the dearth of good movies, as you noted – was your interview on Intentional Talk. Very funny, and glad you chose Huddy’s haircut over Bochy’s biscuit. And you represented the Giants well; an original good guy we can all be proud of.

Whats it gonna take to meet and get your autograph!? Youre my fav player!!! Hooefully tomorrow will be the day!

You guys are so competitive. Your title seems like something out of Anchorman…just saying. I forgot whay else I was going to say but here is your reply.

Go Team Brandon!! Always love your Blog Posts. Another great thing about Walnut Creek is great food and shopping downtown. Go Baby G!!

Brandon Number 1!! Thanks for posting again. I think I only failed to respond to one or two of your posts, but I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you on the awesome fast start. Love that short stroke and I hope you make it to cleanup because I think it could settle down the entire line up. Things still look pretty good though so no worries. I recently saw “Big Men” which is a movie about oil drilling in West Africa. It gets pretty deep into the in an outs of the discovery and marketing of mineral wealth from a couple of third world countries. I recommend it. Enjoy your day off whatever you do because, now that you have hit a couple of inside on the plate pitches out of the park, you know those Dodger pitchers are conniving about how to get you to swing at the inside off the plate pitches that you have been spitting on for a good while now. Thanks again for posting. Go Giants!!!

No fair! I used to always reply but I didn’t get the feeling anyone was reading the replies. So maybe that’s why they got a lot of replies…They read them! I’m going to see Captain America this week. I don’t have high hopes but those Marvel movies usually have good scripts, great effects, and a laugh or two. And yes, I play favorites too, and you are my favorite Brandon. Always have been, always will be.

Hey Brandon. I’m competitive too so here’s my reply to help you compete. I’m having a lot of fun reading all of the Brandon Blogs. Keep it up.

Left a comment when Crawford begged, so it’s only fair to leave one for the most underrated 1st baseman in baseball.

Can’t wait to see you play in Denver next Tuesday. You better be playing that day!! I moved from San Francisco 6 months ago and miss going to games at AT&T so very much. But I’m so pumped for the game next week!

Ok Brandon, you got everyone’s attention with that title! Speaking of begging for replies! I almost always reply if I feel I have anything worthwhile to say. I love your movie reviews. I saw divergent opening night with my daughter and granddaughter. My granddaughter was told she couldn’t see the movie until she finished reading the book. She’s 9 and she made it through the day before. Now she’s finished the second book and is impatiently waiting for the next movie. I told her it will be awhile. Anyway we all enjoyed it. It was entertaining….not Oscar material, but still entertaining.

Anyway you’ve had a great beginning this season. No one can be ‘on’ all the time. The season is too long for that. Thankfully when one of you isn’t hitting another one is and since you’re such a great team you keep each others spirits up. Can’t wait to get to the ballpark to see a game. We’re in Hawaii at a wedding and our condo doesn’t have a channel that has the games on so we were reduced to listening to the game yesterday. Thank goodness for the Internet so I could see replays of craw’s walk off splash dunk homerun. GO GIANTS. Beat the dodgers.

what a great month for Brandon Giants! Got to see some Scottsdale action last month. scanning StubHub for an affordable ticket asap. keep up the excellent batting. much more fun than the movies! Go Giants!

ALL of the blog posts have been extra entertaining lately (and Belt…this is my first reply in a long time). You guys seem to be (but just kind of) competitive in many more ways than one!! Makes for good blog reading! Keep up the good work on the field. You guys are off to a great start! Look forward to a winning season!!

Brandons are so cool

I have to admit, you’re my favorite Brandon (for today). On the other hand, I have a very serious question for you. My sister and I were sitting in the left field stands yesterday during the game and became very distracted…by Angel Pagan’s hair! It just flows in the wind and not a hair is out of place. This sparked a debate. Does he really spend as much time on “the hair” as we think?!?
Also, do you ever get jealous of the attention that Morse, Crawford and Pagan get for their luscious locks? BE HONEST🙂

I hope you guys keep making us happy. You are very funny together, and I’m really glad you are a Giant!


Love the area of Walnut Creek you’re staying in! My husband grew up there and we’ve visited many times. Lovely. I’m also waiting for Neighbors. Looks hilarious. Hope your day off has been superb! Wait, Hubs says Alamo but beautiful none the less. #goteambrandon

Why not Captain America? From what I’ve heard it’s great. I’d definitely skip Divergent, though, which is saying a lot considering I have a huge crush on Shailene Woodley. For the most part, though, there aren’t too many movies coming out this year that I’m looking forward to, outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at least.

said the guy who put sex in the title


People need to get a course in tongue-in-cheek tone.🙂

Go watch Captain America!

C’mon Brandon, you don’t have to resort to that tactic.😉 You guys are hilarious! I guess having a good sense of humor is a requirement in your line of work. Sounds like you guys have a loose clubhouse this year. The magic ingredient for another trip to the World Series? But first things first…BEAT LA!

brandon! you should see the grand budapest hotel! i saw draft day and it was corny as hell, don’t see it!

Don’t tell the other Brandons, but you are my favorite Brandon. Well, second favorite, after Brandon Pence.😛

Even though Crawford grew up in my town, you’re still my favorite Brandon. By far. Shhhhh. Don’t tell the other Brandon’s!

Baseball and movie reviews in one place!!

Hahah this is great Brandon!
I can’t wait to see you play on Thursday! ⚾️

I wonder what it is like to see an adult movie…. We took our 3 almost 4 year old Kellen to see Rio 2 today, and I think we have watched Frozen 17 times in the last few weeks (in between Giants games of course) I hope you enjoyed your day off cause you need to beat LA tomorrow!🙂

This is great! I laughed so hard! BTW, the Captain America movie is worth seeing, but if you’re not interested, I guess it’s your life. Good luck with this season and the Giants!

You could always go treat Haylee to a Belt Melt 🙌

I love the Brandons’ Blog & Team Brandons. It’s the first blog I’ve ever subscribed to & the White Shark’s is my second. Pence’s pinch-blogging was hilarious. All youse guys are GR8! If you haven’t seen Lone Survivor, I highly recommend it. I saw it 2x. True story. Deborah

Love the competitiveness. Didn’t even know you guys were blogging, but you found a fan in print & on field.

Every Brandon has it’s day!🙂 Love you🙂

You had me at Baseball,,, you guys are so funny! I guess being competitive got you where you are so it’s all good. Love hearing about your adventures, movies, the game & life!

I’ll be in San Diego Saturday, hit me up if you are short on Olive Garden dressing, there’s one right next to my work!

You are literally my favorite Giant. The #togetherwearebrandon on twitter and all the jokes that day were hilarious. FOR THE RECORD, I’ve been yo #1 fan since day 1 so you know I’ve been trying to make #babygiraffepower a thing but it hasn’t happened. Help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left a comment for Crawford so I’m gonna be fair & comment for you too.

Really enjoy watching you play, keep up the good work & let’s continue to #BeatLA

Hi Brandon! I’m a huge giants fan and your my favorite player! Let’s make it a good season!!

I’m so proud to be a Brandon fan. Not many teams have the initiative to enjoy their fans as much as the Giants so. That’s why we are fans for life, win or lose, good days and bad. Because even watching ‘bad’ Giants baseball (which rarely happens) beats watching any other team any day of the week!!!
Love you guys. Here’s to another winning season
p.s. Captain America is worth it.

I agree with mindy@manhattan beach…sex no,,, but put your dog in the title and see the replies!

#TogetherwereBrandon Splash hit tomorrow against the Doogers o.k.? Go GIANTS!

okay, i think this post deserves the most comments, even though the title was a cheap (and hilarious) trick….just don’t let Buster near your blog, because he’d win the comment competition just by being Buster Posey….

This house consists of 3 girls and there are more giraffes in this place than hair products…. Just saying…..

Captain America was actually really good. I was surprised.

at this point in time how can you be going to a movie with 2 young children in tow? or do you have a brandie (brandon nannie?!)

I used to live in your area. It’s beautiful! Check out the Alamo Cafe for breakfast sometime. They have good corned beef hash. 🙂

Your sarcasim is almost as good as mine lol, props. But seriously, Captain America was AMAZING. *emphasis* GO SEE it. See the 1st one before though if you have’nt. its on Netflix. Your welcome. Goodluck agains the FOdgers tmw !

Brandons trolling for blog replies! It works.

Congrats to all the Brandons, each day someone new will step up, you are all great!

Great post! Hope that East Bay life is treating you and your wife well…and that the area opens up an Olive Garden in your honor! 🙂

Don’t worry about the replies… Hitting more home runs than Crawford will put you ahead naturally

Love all the Brandon’s!! I can’t wait for Neighbors to come out.

Well that got my attention!! LOL!!! NO really you should go see Captain America. It was really good! I like it where I have no idea where the story is going and I can just go along for the ride! Lots of good action! BCraw really ran that one yesterday so you guys are repping well as “Brandons” keep it going!!

There’s only one Big Brandon! The rest are just posing. How does Team Brandon doing?


I usually never comment, but I think you’ve earned it🙂 Keep up the great start! You need another ring!

Loving the rivalry between the Brandons. I definitely think that title will get you plenty of replies. Let us know what you think about the movie if you decided to go. Definitely recommend Captain America though. Not sure if you’ve seen the first one, but if not you should give the series a chance. Good luck against the Dodgers this week!

Have you seen the trailer for “a million ways to die in the desert”? It’s Seth McFarlane’s new movie. It looks pretty funny.

I’m just commenting so you can get more replies – go team brandon!

I’m just commenting to get you more replies! Go team Brandon!

Hahaha you are now just as guilty as craw for asking for replies.
It is so awesome to see the way you Brandons pull together!
What kind of dog do you have?

Love my Brandons…So proud of you Belt…you have done a great job and you’ve a great year ahead of you!

Love the blog and it definately got everyone’s attention . You and the other Brandon’s are doing great. A piece of advice if you love movies, don’t see Noah, Russel Crowe is a great actor but they ruined the story and added stuff that was just crazy. The “Neighbors” looks pretty funny, gatta love Seth Rogan he is very funny! Keep up the great work on the field, love watching the Giants play! BEAT LA!

Speaking of sports movies, what did you think (or did you see) “Trouble With the Curve”? Your posts are awesome. Power to the Brandons!

“When one Brandon’s hurting, we’re all hurting.” -Dear Brandons, That is absolutely true. Most Sincerely, Your SF Giants Fans

Absolutely adorbs. I can’t stop laughing reading this series of posts. I’m glad someone was asking the tough questions (“Will Brandon Hicks ever write for the Brandons’ blog? When will Pence just change his name to Brandon so that he can write for the blog?”)

And now for more hard-hitting questions: I’m wildly curious to know what batting team Madison was on. Does he get extra points for the Grand Slam since he’s a pitcher? Do the pitchers get extra points for being able to zip up their jacket without delaying the game? So many questions.

Hey, BB! U r all funny! I love reading the blogs… #beatLA

You are still my favorite Brandon!

The Neighbors is going to be awesome! Good move skipping Draft Day, it was bad😐

Big Fan have a Good Day!

Hahaha man I am just loving all these posts. How come you don’t want to see Captain America? I wouldn’t really recommend Divergent, it was so cheesy it made my sister cry of laughter in the movie theater. I think I’ll just start to patrol your neck of the woods with my Belt jersey on.

I absolutely adore you and Bcraw! You are so fun to watch and your blogs are great! I hope you are both with the Giants for a long, long time!

Hi Brandon,

I first have to say, I have never, replied to a blog of any sort. But, for you, I felt I had to.

First of all, you seem like a genuinely nice man, second I am ALWAYS happy to see you come up to bat, and love watching you do what you do at first, ( in my family, we call the days without you starting, the ‘suspenders’ line up (no Belt), and we miss you….. And last, but certainly not least, I LOVE THE BEARD!!!

Hi Brandon, Lil Sis & I will be in SF for a weeks worth of games and I’m bringing my little 8 yr old granddaughter in for her 1st baseball game ever on Gamer Babe Day. I bought her a tee in Scottsdale Spring Training and her very own Tu Tu so she should fit right in. We are very excited. Lil Sis & I will be in DC for a week with the Giants Vacations group. We’ve never been to DC so we’re very excited. We love you guys and good ole Baseball. We were little girls when the team was the San Francisco Seal at Seals Stadium. Any hoot, Loves the Brandons. You guys are awesome. Beat LA, beat LA, beat LA. Have fun in all you do. Say Hi to Haylee and happy day off. I’m up in the Sierra’s and lil Sis in up in Crescent City. We’ll see you on the 14th on June. Keep up the competition, it’s a hoot.

Every post for any Brandon is a post for all Brandons! You will always win.

Love how this blog already has 109 comments. Guess sex sells, huh?? Seriously, I know the hits will return soon for you. Going to the game tomorrow, and looking forward to chanting “BEAT LA!!” And something people take for granted about you are all the amazing plays you make at first. I’m predicting a gold glove in the near future (actually, I also predicted 30 homeruns, .310 BA, and 100 RBIs for you before the season began as well). Hope you win the comment competition.

Can’t get enough of your blogs hahaha. I miss being at AT&T watching you guys play, but this makes it a little more tolerable

Although I have love in my heart for all the Brandons, you’re my favorite Brandon, and seeing this made my disaster of a day just a little brighter.

Love the blatant attempt at competitive blogging. That’s one of the many facets of sports that I love, the competition. All of the Brandons are making great contributions to the overall success of the Giants. You guys rock.

You are awesome Brandon!

Good inter-Brandon competition going on🙂 I’ve been trying to channel my inner B. Belt by urging my coaches to let me play first on my softball team but I’m a foot and three inches below 6’5 so I’ll have to be a Brandon with the bat then!

You’ll always be the Number One Brandonto me. I liked you even before you hit a homer at the game I went to on my 50th birthday, but that kind of cemented it. And I like how you’re not tacky and don’t ask for comments like Some People do.

I know you joked about the life of a big-leaguer, but it must be nice to be able relax and walk the dog with your wife. 162 games a year (got my fingers crossed for more this year) is such a grind; I’m sure you could use a little chill time. Anyone who says baseball players aren’t tough should look at the schedule.

I hear good things about the Captain America movie, but then a lot of my friends are comic book geeks. Also,I saw a trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West and I think it’ll be right up your alley; it looks pretty funny.

HA! I love these blogs, thanks for taking the time to compose them!

When my son was at Basic Combat Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri last summer, his favorite thing to receive in the mail were print-outs our your blogs! Go Brandon’s! Go Giants!

Love the post!!!

This was an awesome post! And, of course, if you are going to go with that blog title, the movie you have to see is Nymphomaniac (not only bad reviews but weird director to boot!). Have you seen the Lego Movie? I heard that it’s a pretty good movie, and, of course, it’s Legos…

Hey Belt, I know it’s more of a guy blog, but you did mention your wife, Haylee. So Im gonna ask a question about the life of a wife of a Major Leaguer. How hard is it to live a life when her husband is on the road a lot following his dream and she is back at home holding down the fort. Does it get lonely? What does she do to make it bearable? SHOPPING? Travel with you? Take some fun classes? Maybe it’s not that bad at all. Just curious. Thanks, Dina

Hey BB,

I have to help out my close, personal friend prove that he’s the most popular Brandon. My dad actually calls you my close, personal friend because i met you once. lol I prefer to call you my bearded boyfriend.😉 Sorry Haylee!

Honestly, having three Brandons on the team creates a new dynamic. There’s something special when you have people with the same name working close to each other. In high school there were 3 Staceys in my class, though one of the other girls spelled it differently. It’s a fun thing to call your own name out, but referring to someone else.

Anyway, I love all the Brandons and all the Giants, but you’re my favorite. And I’m not not just dating that because you hugged me once. Lol

~Stacey J

You write fantastic blogs! They aren’t fake or cliche. Great insight… keep it up… cheers!

Gee, as soon as I saw Sex! I had to read the blog! Hey, you started off the season with a bang (no pun intended) and you’ll be smacking the home runs again. Had to laugh at the exciting life of a major leaguer. Try to stay out do the papers with your wild antics, ok? Love all you guys.

I’m a loya reader no matter the topic ! I just love my Giants !🙂 I did crack up reading the topic though, way to go Belt. Yesterday’s game was amazing team Brandon do very well this season . I just didn’t realize you read the comments so I’ll be sure to comment more often ! Best of luck tomorrow !🙂

It’s so much fun to read the Brandon blogs. So many of your comments remind me of myself back in the day. Thank you.

Hello Brandon’s, I’m a new “team Brandon” reader/fan (thanks to Hunter’s last fill-in blog, sorry) and I am inspired by your friendship to each other, the team and the game. I look forward to many many more exceptional triumphs. Go Brandons!
– Di from the Richmond : )

Go Brandon(s)! Go Giants!
See Divergent. It’s a really good adaptation of a great book! Also, I second the motion for a story about your dog. 🐺😃❤️⚾️

Hey Brandon, we love all of you Giants, esp. The ones actually named Brandon!

Loved the post! Always enjoy reading about the Brandon’s day. I grew up in the area you guys are staying at and I loved it!! Lots to do and explore. Good luck tomorrow- Beat LA!!!

You are the danger! You are the one who knocks (the ball into McCovey Cove)!!

Opened link in new tab. Looked away for ten seconds.


Maybe one day you’ll do a competiton where the winner gets to join you at the movies or something!

Always look forward to your movie reviews! Because they matter!

Love Bcraws Competitiveness! And your SarcasticNess (lol) great combo! Lol


Just because of your creative headline and your subtle begging, I will reply. Hopefully you’ll get more people like me. Neighbors looks great. Beat LA!

You are our original Brandon B! You were our first Brandon and we will never forget the emotions you had when the G’s welcomed you into the majors! Keep up your great movie reviews too…oh, and your food (restaurant) reviews!!

Gotta get that homerun lead back Brandon. Can’t let another major leaguer not named Brandon lead the league in dingers. Keep up the great work.

Your a clever person mr belt and a great ballplayer as well. Your immediate impact on the lineup is not a surprise. Anyone who understands baseball can see that your one helluva player. Have a great year. Splash hits baby!!!

You should really see draft day and captain America. They are great movies.

You guys are the BEST!!! Love reading this blog! I live in NY but I am a wicked Giants fan! Luv yas all! Good luck tonight!!! SWEEP LA!!!

May the best blogger win!😉 ♥

i have replied before, and will again. good luck with your contest !

….oh, and when you played the dreaded dodgers, i had to laugh when justin bateman, guest announcer, said ” up next for san francisco, a brandon “…..which was only slightly ruined for me when he clarified which one. i liked it like it was…..” a brandon “.

We are reading your posts even though we might not respond every day. We love the Brandon’s!

Well I’m commenting because this was hilarious, but also because you “didn’t ask” for feedback. But what I really wanted to tell you is that Captain America is a Must See. You prefer to see Neighbors?? Really??!

Congrats on the continued success. Your bat will spring back — stay patient and fresh. We can’t wait to cheer loudly for you all especially when the boys from SoCal come to AT&T. #BeatLA #orangeandblack #GoGiants

May God bless you and Haylee abundantly.

I see Brandon Crawford isn’t the only competitive Brandon. Here’s one for you!

I look forward to the blogs you guys post! I read them no matter what you put as the headline🙂

I am a regular viewer of the blog,,,not so much a commenter…so here it is🙂

Goooooo Belt, home run tonight!

I think team Brandon should start earning points with how many blog comments they get…😉

Just t shrimpake a ride to Monterey next homeatand of you get a day off, stay in Asilomar and just relax by the ocean. Head to the wharf for dinner..they got a Bubba Gumps!…fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, barbeque shrimp, sauteed shrimp..

Ugh..cell phones

I love this blog! Go team Brandon!

I always look forward to the posts, you, BCraw, and White Shark. How lucky us fans are these days to be able to get these little peeks into your collective heads. Keep up the good work at the plate and Beat LA!!

Kind of surprised you’re not interested in seeing Captain America. Thought for sure that’d be on your Must See list. Maybe if it starred Channing Tatum?

If it’s any consolation, I tried to comment last week, and I thought it was a good one, but it got moderated. Grew up a big Will Clark fan, and it’s good to see another SFG first baseman doing well.
See it, and hit it!

Seems that #brandonnation is on the rise. Take it to the Dodgers today fellas.

And now we know where you live.

let’s go Giants-Brands…..Beat LA!
(<3 all the Brandons Blogs )

Ii think the sex got you more readers. That, or, we all love you!!

We love you too, Belt! Good luck today against the dirty Dodgers!

Now we have to BEAT L.A.!!! Now it’s your turn Brandon B. for the walk off.

The more Brandons, the merrier! Now, about these recent AB’s of yours… You’ve been saying, “See the ball, hit the ball” for quite some time now, and, for the most part it seems to have worked. Simplification. Now, let me throw one little tadpole of an idea into the mix: before you step in the Batter’s Box, see yourself hitting the ball to a specific location. That’s right: Visualize. Don’t hope for it—see it. Your athletic body will figure out the way to get it done with no further help from your mind. As some old TV ad used to tell us: “Try it. You’ll like it!”

Loving being part of the CrawBlog!

Love all the Brandons! Even the one known as Pence.

I really enjoyed Divergent, don’t go by the reviews. Go see Heaven is Real when it comes out. I read the book, really good!

See it and Hit it tonight!


love the blog and the Brandon’s!!

Brandon! You did NOT take credit for that HR, did you? lol

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog this past week! It’s OK with me if you guys wanna be all competitive and such – makes y’all post more often! haha

I have a suggestion …. Brandon Crawford’s wife Jalynne is the one who started this whole guest-blogging thing … let’s get HER on here!

And to all you readers out there …. you do know that Gregor Blanco has a blog? He just wrote about his almost-in-the-park-HR ….. check it out! He doesn’t have any guest bloggers, and I do think “Gregor” is another version of “Brandon” … let’s show him a little love, too!

Love the Brandons!! So the title of your blog was really code for I HOPE there are no movies I want to see so I can stay in all day with Haylee ?

Um…being motherly here…..maybe you should be less specific about where you live…..safer that way. sorry , I’m a mom & you need to keep some info off the world wide web! I am a movie fanatic too, I liked Divergent but I read the book..Please beat those Dodgers..and thanks for wearing the socks. My dad played minor league before I was born and in all the pictures they wore the socks. I love them!

I agree. He should just whisper it in my ear. Haha! Just kidding. You’re absolutely right. You never know who’s out there with a map trying to figure out 2 exits from here and 2 exits from there.

=) funny!

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Brandon Belt, I love you so much. I watch every Giants game and I have been for all 19 years of my life. I’m not gonna say keep hitting homers because baseball is damn hard and thats not what its about. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and good luck this year! I admire you and I know youve come a long way, its always a treat watching you honestly, and I know its baseball but when the giants are playing I’m just much happier in general and a lot of that stems from you. Plus all the other guys. I hope success continues to find you!

points for creativity!! 🙂

Dude, you should not mention the word “SEX” and then tell me the general vacinity where you live! A girl has thoughts….

But seriously, I’ve loved you since your rookie season, keep up the awesomeness!

I love reading your blog! You guys are hilarious. I would recommend seeing divergent and captain America. Give them a chance. They are high quality movies! Keep writing!!!

I’m a Bay Area native so originally Brandon C. was my favorite. Boy can that man field a grounder. But splashy walk off homers not withstanding you’ve become the best Brandon on the team. I love your play and your blog. You’re wrong about the Costner movie, it was loads of fun.

what?! you two are both competitive! i’d hazard a guess and say you’re even more competitive than crawford! i mean that in the most loving way possible. let’s beat his record once and for all. and please please write up a review of the new captain america! it was phenomenal. (team brandon for life by the way.)

You might not have got the walk-off win, but you started all the hot streaks in the first 8 games. That counts! Keep it up!

Helping your numbers. GO, Brandons!

Brandon unite.One for all and all for one .Movies are at a low right now .Just wait summer is coming and all the blockbusters.

You know, if you use the philosophy from your first paragraph, you really have over 500 comments from the last 3 posts you’ve made.😉 So glad I found this blog.

Hilarious, BB!!!!

Beautiful double today to get Pagan home!!! #teamBrandon

Hey Brandon! Sounds like you live in Alamo. You should come over and we can find an Olive Garden together. 🙂

despite what you think, divergent is actually pretty good! haha congrats on everything though, it seems like you’re finally having fun out there! lol team brandon is too funny. hope nobody keeps sipping on their hater-ade. namely anyone who isn’t team brandon. (according to pence, seems like anyone who isn’t a true giant). good luck out there and keep eating belt-melts!

Hi Brandon! Trying to help you get closer to 300, but hoping you notice me in this sea of comments! We were at the game this past Sunday, my 6 year old son was so excited when I told him maybe we could get his cast signed. His first show of excitement since he broke his arm and has been benched for the season. We got to the park early, rushed to the autograph section and barely got our ticket! I was so excited for him and secretly hoped you would be signing that day. There was a mixup with the staff and the player was sent away thinking the tickets were all done. We waited hoping someone else would come out, but no luck. Sooooo my question to you, if we send you our unused autograph tickets, what are the chances of you sending us something back? I could throw in some Olive Garden dressing and some antibacterial gel to keep you healthy if that would persuade you at all…

As always, thanks for sharing your stories with us! Love the blog!

Reply 229 according to count. Go Brandon!

Sending in a reply for you, Brandon!!! Nice job on tying the game up tonight. We are cheering for you all in the 12th inning right now…

Great blog and great game tonight (this morning). So glad we got to see you #BeatLA.

Just got home after the 12 innings. Please win it in 9 tomorrow (er, tonight). Nice celebration “pat” you gave Sanchez…

Did it work? Did the word “sex” in your headline get you more reply’s? Sex sells, that’s what they say. I too am looking forward to “Neighbors”
Belt on! Proud to be a Brandon

¡Viva Branchez!

Well, you got a quite a few comments. lol I didn’t realize it was a competition here. You Major Leaguers. Good get ’em, Brandon. Love your bat this year. Keep up the good work.

You guys are total nut-jobs, I love it. Sex! Hilarious.

you guys are so cute! #TogetherWeAreBRANDON!

Belt…you are too funny. I really love reading your blogs.

Helping to get you more replies. I can’t believe you don’t want to Captain America! It was the best marvel movie. I say marvel because the Dark Knight trilogy is still way better than all the other marvel movies. I think you would enjoy C.A. If you saw it.

So now you’ve beaten the comment record – and we need a Tri-Brandon authored blog after last night’s (this morning’s?) tough win. It was a win-win-win for Brandons last night!

You guys are all great. It was fun to hear from Pence and Hicks too. Thanks for letting them contribute.

Why don’t you want to see Captain America? I saw it and thought it was good. (Though I’m no where near your level of a movie critic). If it keeps me entertained throughout the movie (and I don’t fall asleep) it’s a winner in my opinion. I think you should see it and give us your reivew. I also think you should see Divergent and let us know what you think… That’s one I still need to go see.

the trifecta of brandons need a reality show.

Even if some of us don’t post a reply….doesn’t mean we aren’t lovin’ you guys. I read every blog entry I get, but sometimes I just can’t come up with the words!!! Love you guys.

your blog is the only one i follow….really enjoy it…..makes ever game special for me.

Divergent is actually a good flick, I think you’ll enjoy. Noah, I’d pass on that one, reviews are saying super duper duper long and dull.

Dad is a Giants fan from way back 1936-37, 51, 54 etc.
In fact he was married Oct 2, 1954 and the Giants swept Cleve during his reception.
He’s in the hospital after a bypass–he’s battling.
He would say, “Moida dem Bums”, surely. Good luck this year.
It’s a special team and we love watching. Get ’em! –brian

To all the 40 Brandon’s,
According to the Chinese Zodiac this is the “Year of the Horse” In S.F. 2014 will be the “Year of the Brandon”
Remember “Where the Brandon’s go, so go the GIANTS!”

Theresa & Paul “Brandon” in S.F.
PS Happy 59th to Bruce Bochy

Brandon, you’re still my favorite Brandon, unless it’s that other Brandon. Wait, which Brandon are you?

Ah, The Creek, my hometown. And Crawford is from my hubby’s hometown, P-Town. In fact, he was a JV baseball coach when Crawford was a senior. What does he remember about Crawford? He always tells me, “He was amazing even then.” Yep, Crawford has always had it. Oh wait, this was about you, Belt. Hmmm, 1 exit from The Creek, 2 from Danville. You must live super close to Mark Mcguire’s home in the late 80s/early 90s. Nice neighborhood. Enjoy!

Go Giants!!!

Love the blog and understand the competitiveness of the Brandon’s….just watch the video of you two playing videogames!!! Love the title – but read whether title is Sexy or not because I thoroughly enjoy reading this Blog. Gives me joy:))

Yep,.sex is good, but home runs are better. Go Giants!!!!!!!!

Love it! Had to help a Brandon out…🙂

Belt…you are my favorite Giant ever since you came on board. Please tell us about your dog? Thanks.

I keep forgetting to check this every day! (Note the change in display name — it’s been a “thing” on Twitter.) Must be nice to have a day off at home once in a while. Sounds like you’re in Alamo; very familiar with that area — my oldest sister lived there for a lot of years till she and my brother-in-law moved to Livermore to be closer to their grandkids, and my second sister is right up 680 in Walnut Creek. We all grew up in the Bay Area and wanted to stay! Got a lot of movies I want to see, and others I missed so I’ll try and catch on Netflix, but baseball season keeps us busy too! Our first game at AT&T will be on the 27th for our wedding anniversary — looking forward to seeing you and all “the boys” then!

I have been wanting to respond to you for a while about you getting sick, but have been too busy. Some advice from a mom, keep your hands off of your face. The few times I have been able to watch a game on TV, I have seen you rub your nose with your hand. The same hand that touched a ball last held by Madison right after he rubbed it with both hands, right after he blew his nose and rubbed it with his finger, after getting the ball from Buster, who had been handed the ball from the umpire, who got the ball from the ball boy. Who knows what the ball boy touched before picking up the balls and handing them to the umpire. Your hands are dirty while playing ball, keep them off your face, that’s how you get sick. If your nose or eye itches, use the inside of your jersey to rub them. I think you will find a difference in the number of times you get sick if you do that. (Also, Cain licks his fingers between every pitch and rubs the ball. You touch that same ball too.)

When I am in public, and I have to touch something that many, many other people have touched, I never touch my face until I am able to wash my hands.

Stay healthy, you’re off to a good start this season. Good Luck!

I’d love to hear about your dog too! You’re the BEST!! Go Giants!!

No pity post here! Love your blog Brandon. 🙂

The title was genius

I just read this and I’d of read it regardless of the title. I enjoy not only watching you play but reading what you write. Keep playing hard!

I just read this. And yes, Brandon, as goes one Brandon, so go you all. Love, love, love the blogs. I am not sure why I didn’t get an e-mail prompt when yours posted because I got the others. Haylee’s blog was great as well. Keep it up because it is really special to feel like we (the fans) are right there with you. (Hope that doesn’t sound creepy.)🙂

Baby G, I love reading your blogs🙂 Love reading about all the antics that you get into. Keep up the good work Killer3b’s!! Can’t wait for Gamer Babe at the park in June! We will be watching!

I just started reading these blogs and I love them. Thanks for being such great guys and truly having a passion for what you all do!

I’m excited to watch you all in San Diego tonight! tomorrow!! and the day after!!! I’ll be on the field during Friday’s batting practice because one perk of being a Padres season ticket hold (I know I’m only a “Padres” season ticket hold because I don’t live in SF and just love to watch baseball games) is that I get to watch one batting practice a season on the field (of course I pick the Giants) no questions asked!!!

The sad part is they don’t let us wear our Giants swag…but no matter I’m gonna be wearing the Orange for sure!!!

YAY! Homerun # SEX! Ooops, I mean # SIX! Have a great Birthday weekend.

You two are hilarious! As always I enjoy reading the Brandon blogs. I’m curious though, do you read alllll the replies? Or just peek at the number of them? How’s the “germaphobia” goin? I remember in one of your blogs that you would like to minimize the fan hugging because you’ve been getting sick lately. Just curious. Hope you guys can get a W today! Hope you have a very happy and awesome birthday and a happy Easter! #togetherweareBrandon🙂

Happy Birthday, Brandon! Hit another one out of the park today!

Your “adult giraffe” commercial Is super funny. And Belt Melts seem like the best thing ever. And I think it’s amazing how sweet you were to the fans during the commercial shoot (and all the time). Thanks for being the nicest player to his fans ever! It really means a lot to us! If you read your own twitter and blog comments I probably sound like a broken record.

So, if there were a competition, you clearly won!

Wow, I just finished writing a research paper and reading this made my night… Thanks for the humor, Brandon! Happy birthday🙂

Wow, I just spent my entire Easter Sunday writing a research paper… Reading this was a nice night cap for a mental escape. Thanks for the humor Brandon! And happy birthday…

Brandon, how could you share your fridge with SI but not us? :^D

For everyone else, Brandon spills on his favorite foods here:

They could have gone for pork too, for alliteration, since bacon is made of pork. Latest studies have found that if you have your biggest meal for breakfast instead of the other way, for dinner, you lose weight that way, something about how the body processes the food in the morning and stuff, so have your big breakfast (and that is a lot, though maybe you could add more bacon…) without any guilt, it’s good for your body (though, of course, that means less for dinner…).

Pickles? Really? We should invite you over when we have Lee’s Sandwiches salami baguette sandwich, we always throw out the pickle.

My daughter would love you, popcorn and sour patch kids! Haribo has some nice sour gummy treats as well, she loves that sour stuff!

Brandon – definitely see Joe!!! I hear it is really good. Did you see Mud with Matthew McConaughey? It was really good. Same style and I believe the kid is the same actor as in Joe. I would definitely see Divergent too. Even though it didn’t get good reviews, Variety did write an entire article on why it was better than Hunger Games…so it would be a good experiment at the very least! You’re doing great, by the way! I just saw they have a Brandon Belt T-shirt on Amazon. I’m totally getting one!! Good luck today Belty and Happy Belated Birthday

You are awesome Brandon! I hope you get the most replies (not that you care :-P)!

Brandon I just want to say I think you, Brandon and the rest of team are amazing. I LOVE being a Giants fan!! I wish I could actually go to a game sometime and see you all in person. Living in Reno it’s hard, I have to live with going to an Aces game when they play Fresno and that’s about as close as I get. (I do root for the Grizzlies though🙂

You are my favorite Giant! Just wanted to give you another comment so you can get the most!

I’m really anxious to see Brandon go 12 for 12… and hoping it’s against the Bums (Dodgers).

I just found your guys’ blog and am SO excited!!! You should def go see Divergent! My hubby liked it!

I just found your guys’ blog and am so excited! I will probably stay up way too late to read all your posts! You should def go see Divergent! My hubby liked it!

Between Walnut Creek and Danville?? I know that little town🙂 Too bad no Olive Garden close by though …

Lol nice blog, Belt! I hope for a smooth and quick recovery. You’ll definitely be missed.

Get well quick Brandon b!

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