Another Day at the Office – Brandon Crawford

I’m still a little damp from Angel dumping the Gatorade cooler on me. I think he got more water on Amy G. than on me.

I’ve watched the replay twice already, I’m not going to lie. I’ll go home and probably watch it again. I might keep it on a loop. Maybe make a GIF for my phone. These don’t happen to me every day. In fact, I have never hit a walk-off home run in my life. Little League, college, minors, anywhere.

I knew it was out as soon as the barrel of the bat hit the ball. You can just tell how it feels and sounds.

Did you like that bat flip? I learned it from Bum the other day on his grand slam. Seriously, though, everybody’s got a bat flip. We call it pimping the home run. (Is that politically incorrect to say?) You give it a little individual style, like a layup in basketball. Not that I have a ton of experience. I bat-flipped only one other time that I can remember. You have to earn a bat flip. I think a walk-off splash-hit in the 10th qualifies.

I dropped the bat, then I thought for a second — with a pang — that it might curve foul.  Luckily it stayed in by about ten feet.

I had faced Brothers yesterday and hit a first-pitch fastball for a double. So in this cat-and-mouse game you play with a pitcher, I guessed that he wouldn’t be throwing me a first-pitch fastball again. He has a good slider, so I thought he’d try to get ahead of me with something like that.

Sure enough, he threw a splitter but it was way outside. OK, now I know he doesn’t have great control of his off-speed pitch. So he’s probably going to come back at me with a fastball. I got into hit mode. And there it was. (Of course if he had thrown a first-pitch fastball and gotten ahead, I would have been kicking myself a little bit.)

I’m not sure there’s a better feeling in baseball than rounding third and your teammates are going crazy at home plate, waiting for you. It’s a little overwhelming, actually. Everybody’s whacking you on the head and grabbing at you. I’ll take it. I’ll take it again on Tuesday. And as many times as I can.

When I walked into the clubhouse after my interview with Amy G, there was great music blaring from the speakers and everybody clapping and yelling. Bochy joked that he was going to start sitting me against righties instead of lefties.

I’ve got to ask Bam how many points I get for my Team Brandon hitting team. A walk-off home run has got to be about 50, at least.

Pretty nice way to go into an off day.


-Brandon C.







Simply amazing. Love you B-Craw!! Go #TeamBrandon

Yowzah! That was a great game ending! Go, Team Brandon!!!

Go get em team Brandon.

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That was so awesome. Congratulations! I gotta say, I enjoyed watching the replays, over and over again, too. It was sweet, bottom of the 10th, tied game, and you wrap it up with a solid into the water. I bet it feels good. Enjoy the high, and the day off! 😀

That was EPIC! Well done and thank you! Go team Brandon!

Freakin’ awesome! Loving how this season has started out for you.

That was perfection! Way to go.

That was a beautiful hit and in the drink no less. Thank You for the win walk off and to hear Mike call it made it even more exciting.

I’d say that homer is up there with your grand slam on your first game. Loved watching you ever since then, Brandon. My favorite player, hands down!

You made us all very happy today! You should keep watching the replays! Awesome job!

I was there – it was a thing of beauty! Lost sight of you at home plate though ’cause your teammates had exploded out of the dugout and mobbed you at home plate. Fun to see!

That was a beauty of a walkoff wasn’t it ? Haha nothing better than watch a splash hit in your beloved AT&T Park ! Congrats !🙂

I must say that we (SF Giants fans) are on the right track here. Crawford saved the day and series and Pagan was just having a little fun at the end there! Dodgers don’t stand a chance!

We are so happy you are on our team!! Enjoy all of this. Cement it in your forever memories.

Amazing hit and so fun to watch – as well as your reaction. Congratulations! Keep watching the replays…you deserve it!

Man, that post was really special. Thank you. The hit, well, that was GIANT!!! Go Giants!!!

Love hearing that SPLASH! Go Team Brandon!

i’m just really so happy for you! you’re a great shortstop and you’ve got some pretty clutch hits in you. i feel like every accomplishment you have with the giants is just that much more special because you’re playing with your dream team. my sister and i are guessing you might have a little sf giants bucketlist in your desk and today you get to check off a splash hit! only panda and belt have made splash hits on the current team.

also, i joked in a tweet that you probably gave hunter some brandon-sass after the game by saying “happy birthday…BRANDON” haha.

love my original brandons forever.🙂
have an awesome off-day!!

We were just saying how well you were hitting so far this season and, whack! Into McCovey Cove! Great hit, and it had to feel awesome! We know you had to be excited…you couldn’t wait to hit the blog. I have to share, I was wearing my “Crawford” orange jersey last Friday and my husband was wearing his “Posey” jersey. Our oldest Grandson say mine and went, “Ehhh.” He saw my husband’s and wanted it. I told him to just wait and he’s be wanting a Crawford jersey too. Thanks for proving my point!

Wow! We were at the game today and what a spectacular finish! Way to go! The energy in the park went through the “roof”. Now I need to find it myself, so I can see the replay! I want to here Kuiper say his famous “outta here” yell! You need a place to post the best Brandon plays!

Well, if my Rockies had to loose, at least it was to one of the original Brandons. Hope the rest of them didn’t hurt you with those rib punches. Good game kid!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that AWESOME HR, Brandon! My fantasy team thanks you as well! Keep it up, You’re my “sleeper” LOL!

WAY TO GO! My fantasy team is rocking with you & Angel so far! SWEET!

You are the BOMB, Original Brandon!

As soon as I stopped hoopin’ and hollerin’ … jumping up and down … and basically screaming my head off, I sent out a text with that iconic picture of you as a kid at Candlestick (hope you don’t mind) and simply saying ‘YAY BRANDON!!!’ Text went to all my friends … even the A’s fans. Jubilation in the Brandon Bay Area!

This game ranks right up there with my first game at Candlestick in 1965 … I saw the great Brandon Mays play. It was awesome. And last May 25 … my husband’s first Giants’ game … and Brandon Pagan ‘ s epic inside – the – park, walk – off HR.

OMG … I can still hardly believe it, Brandon. Right into the Brandon McCovey Cove … on Brandon Pence’s birthday … a freakin’ Brandon Splash Hit!


LOL!! Love your post here Linda. Goooo Team Brandon Giants…Thank you!

Great way to end it!!! I thought of it as a polite bat drop! lol Congrats and THANKS!! Now BEAT LA!!!

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Enjoy this moment.

BeautifulBrandonBatBash. Play it as often as you want. Lifetime Splash Hit. Congrats and enjoy the rest of your season. TEAM BRANDON!

That hit was amazing!! You have every right in the world be proud, you’ve worked hard for this! Enjoy it! We are all proud of you!!

Congrats! It was definitely fun to watch!

Here’s a great gif for your phone, courtesy of /u/DrunkenSavior on /r/sfgiants!

I LOVED the bat flip…I acted it out for my husband, who missed the end of the game. Serious style points for you!!

Love the walk off HR and love you sharing on the blog what it means to you! Congrats on the great win today Brandon!

Great game Brandon! It was awesome being there and seeing the crazy fans (including myself) go wild after the hit!!!! U have been working so hard, keep it up! Haha ❤️❤️#35

I was listening on the radio as I was washing my car. The tv broadcast is a bit behind but I had it on in the house. As soon as you hit it I ran in and still caught the walk off hit on t.v. I think my neighbors may have heard my screams! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

The walk off HR was so sweeeet! Congrats to you, savor the moment for as long as you can. Thanks, Brandon!

Now that is a way to finish out a game! Good job Brandon!

Thanks for posting a blog so soon after the incredible walk-off/splash hit. It was great fun reliving it with you! Go Giants!

B Craw you freakin rocked it today CONGRATS !!!😀

It was amazing! Congrats on your first walk off!


So excited for you today….what an awesome homer! Don’t know how many points you got from Bam Bam, but you got a ton from the fans! But you know the fans love you every day….every time you take the field or come to bat the fans know you give it your all! Watch the replay a few more times and ENJOY cuz we all will! ❤SF⚾

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Yay, Crawdaddy! Enjoy…soak in it! Thanks, B!

Way to go Brandon! I was watching it from here in Austin, TX!

You ROCK, Crawdaddy! Way to win the game! Have a stellar day off with your three Crawgirls and make sure to bring that splash hit mojo with you the rest of the week so you boys can mop the streets with those LADs!!!! BEAT LA!

I was very, very happy for you! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer were so humble in your interview with Amy…congratulations on an amazing day..see you in San Diego on Saturday..

That was awesome! My husband and I will be at the game on the 26th and would love to see another one!

I am so happy for you Brandon, not only was it a walk off home run but you freaking knocked it out of the park and into the water!!! Amazing!!! Thanks for the amazing memories, Mad Bums Grand Slam and then this… It’s going to be a great season!

That was B A D – A$$! I asked my son which home run bat-flip was better, yours or Maddies’. He said it was a tie. 😌 I love this team….

what a way to win!!! On your brother-in-law birthday!!! Its also my Gamer Mom’s 65th birthday!!!

You rock Brandon – and such great hair!

CONGRATULATIONS, “real” Brandon!!! I wasn’t able to watch the game, but my husband was keeping me updated. Suddenly he came back into the bedroom and announced, “We got a splash hit!” Then he asked, “Who was it?” I admit that I first guessed Belt, then Posey, then Pagan. Finally I said, “Crawford”?”

When he said “Yes!” I was SO PROUD of you!!! I told him about how you got (justifiably) angry in spring training when you learned that you might be platooned at shortstop, and how you vowed then to improve your hitting. And that you worked with Bonds on your stance.

Well, your vow has been fulfilled — BIG TIME! Congratulations again!!!

P.S. Reading your post just now brought tears to my eyes.

I’m so happy for you!!! That was an amazing hit and you saved the game!

Love the bat flip. Bum’s flip is more of a “whoo check out my hit”, your bat flip is a “I can’t believe you tried THAT pitch on me”.

Congratulations Brandon.  I know this is your job, but OMG what a job.  You were magnificent today.  The whole team was magnificent today.  Yourself, Pandaman, Angel, every last one of you played your hearts out and won.  I’m a Gamer Babe Grandma and I go back to the days of the San Francisco Seals at Seals Stadium.  Sis & I will see you guys for 7 games in June.  Keep up the good work and All Together, Stronger Together! ❤

Congrats, Brandon! You pimped the homerun with major style. Such an amazing way to close a game, a series & a weekend! Now let’s #beatLA.

Wonderful game and you made my dad in the hospital really happy – thank you Brandon

It was so exciting!!! I’m very happy for you and GO Team Brandon.

so happy for you!! What a hit. Awesome work. Take a day off!

you are awesome brandon!!! best moment so far this year. i yelled so loud i gave myself a headache. go giants!!!

That homer was the best part of my day! Go Team Brandon!

You pimped your blast with class, Brandon. Good guess and great execution! Great win for the Giants. You’ve done Brandons everywhere, even us unofficial Brandons, proud.

GO GIANTS!!!!! Beat la la la…

It was beautiful, brought tears to my eyes. Most memorable moment along with your grand slam.

Pavlovic has a nice gif running on his blog showing your hit and bat flip, if you are interested.

Great hit, and as you noted, your first one was pretty good too, but still, first walk-off homer, splash homer, helps to win the series and make sure Hudson’s effort was not for naught.

And great hitting for the season, many of us knew you had it in you, keep up the good work!

Plus, first since Barry did it in 2003, that’s got to feel good, given the help he gave you in spring training, clearly you have been a great student, congrats again.

Amazing Bat Flip! And looks like you are going to get a lot of comments on this post! You can brag to Pence about that

> >

Brandon: I slowed-mo’d your swing about a dozen times and showed my boys what a powerful, direct, compact big league swing looks like…….an absolute thing of beauty!! I often show them one of the other Brandon’s swing (Pence that is) on how NOT to swing (drive to the ball)…… should get extra, extra points for your model swing!! NOW BEAT LA!!!!!

Thanks for the great detail on your thought process during your at-bat and how you felt hitting the homer and winning for the team. Love the insights on what goes through a ball player’s mind. Great post. Thanks!

So happy for you! Keep it going! That’s the way to show those lefties. And you scored the first splash hit of the season (for the Giants at least). You’ve got a day to enjoy the afterglow, then get back to it! I’m rooting for a .300 season for you!

I missed the game because I was hiking in Sedona, Az. But I saw the video of your Walk Off right after you hit it, while hiking up on Bell Rock. YOU ROCK! #TeamBrandon

AWESOME!!! Wish I had video to share with my oldest son screaming to the top of his lungs during the whole amazing hit! Lol, so happy for you! Go Giants!!!

Bad ass Crawford! Reminded me of the bonds days.

I was sooooo happy when you hit that HR today! I had the biggest smile on my face, and actually, a few tears fell too. Happy tears of course. I always get emotional with walk off homeruns, I think it is because of that team unity thing where they are waiting for you at home plate. I’m glad you expressed how great of a feeling that is, to round third base and see them waiting for you at home. A humble man you are, Crawford. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

That was an absolutely Bonds-ian shot. Plus you’ve figured out how to get more comments than even Brandon Pence! Yay, you!!

Totally the most awesome thing of this young year.

Great job today Brandon! what a way to win it! and i am sure are expecting more of those swagger home runs from you 2 Brandons. im you sure you will TAKE it. btw nice job with the pimping the home run thing looked awesome… and thanks for sharing your thoughts with your Giants Family. #Together We Are Giants!

We’re here in Maui and can’t get the games on our TV and we’re somewhat busy with wedding stuff so we got the game on late…7th inning about the time bochy took Hudson out. I lay down on the couch, closed my eyes and concentrated on listening. 8th inning, 9th inning, still tied, into the 10th and you come up. Everyone else in the condo was showering and getting ready to go to the wedding. I heard the crack of the ball on the bat and listened real hard to K and K. OMG Brandon Crawford just hit a home run into the Cove and won the game. Everybody else came running to see why I was leaping around the room screaming Brandon hit a home run, they thought it was Belt. I’m yelling, no, no Crawford did it! Unfortunately we couldn’t see your interview, or the hit, or the dump or the splash but I couldn’t be more thrilled for you. And of course the team! We were talking about it at the wedding and everyone agrees that this is going to be a big year for you. Go Team Brandon.

Do you perhaps remember the double he hit down the line in one of his first game a few years ago when his Mom was in the stands. He’s a sentimental lad.

What can I say? RE-BLOG!

Reblogged this on THE LIGHTER SIDE OF SPORTS and commented:
When you are replaying the video of you’re HR you will not be alone I know I will be watching it over & over along with thousands of other Brandon fans!

It was so perfect that you are the one that got that walk off today! It was meant to be.

The bat flip was very cool and well deserved.I know how exilerating that game was for me so I can imagine you are going to tingle for a while.

I think what is making me smile right now is the fact that you had an epic day like that and you went home to write this blog. That makes a fan feel special. Like you couldnt wait to share it with us.

I knew this was going to be a magical season but it is even greater than my expectations and they were high.

Couldn’t feel more love for a team and the individuals that make up the current roster are my favorite in 56 years!
I’m proud to be a BRANDON!

That homer was HUGE. I stood up and cheered-arms up, just like those at the game. SUCH a great hit and the walkoff. In the replay you can see the sea of Giants rushing home as you rounded 3rd and then losing you in the mass–smiling all the way. Very Very Cool.

I will never get tired of watching that splash just like I never get tired of Angel’s in the park. Let us know if a walk off splash is worth as many points as a grand slam.

Congrats on a spectacular hit! Together we are Brandon! Beat LA

It was awesome, yes we watched highlight over and over again🙂
The way we lost Sat game, another nail buying game on Sun, super excited your walk off victory. Specially after Blonco missed IPH on 9th.
Play well against Dodgers series🙂 #beatla

That was so incredible! Job well done! I think my neighbors might have thought I was a little crazy for all the yelling and clapping I did🙂 Oh well I don’t care it was awesome!

So happy for you Brandon. Awesome home run! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Thank you for being who you are.

That was an awesome blast! I have long felt that you are the most exciting defensive SS we have had in SF for a long, long, time and one that I would want on the field even the hitting wasn’t there yet. But it is extra awesome to see your hitting getting better and better. Congratulations!

Congrats Brandon. I was in the house. That was truly a thing of beauty! Definitely reminiscent of Bonds….the drama, the swing, the trajectory, the splash and…..that bat flip. Keep up the good work. Go Giants!

To the best shortstop ever: Great way to end a beautiful day at the yard. It was amazing to get to see it in person. Congratulations. I am thinking of changing my name during baseball season from Sandra to Brandra. What do you think?

That was a Great hit yesterday! #TogetherWeAreBrandon

WOW, wow, and more wow. We are all pulling for you, Brandon. I’m sorry, but that picture of 5-year old Brandon from the Fishwrap just comes to my eyes each time you come to bat. That little guy is still somewhere inside you and must be thrilled. Best part, you seem to have grown into an awfully nice man with your feet firmly planted on the ground, with a lovely family and headed for a wonderful career. You got it all. Savor the moment and your awesome life.

Well, that’ll get you back to the top of the Brandon Brandon Brandon pecking order!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer Brandon … fantastic walk-off!!

Love that you are humbled about it and you’ve got a great sense of humor in the thread. Way to respect the game and inject the human element so that us fans can relate! Keep up the great work!

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Congrats. Now, go out there and beat up on the Dodgers.

I think you can let Pence & Hicks post on your blog any time they want & you’ll still get more comments. Right on, Brandon. All Together, Brandon Together!

I’ve watched the replay at least a dozen times. Highlight of the year so far.

95 and counting. You badddddd! You got ittttttt! Lol! Keep hitting hard BCRAW! We get so excited when everyone on the line up has contribute to the score bored.

This year is our year. #TogetherWeAreBrandon 👍⚾️👍⚾️👍


Brandon (Crawford), I want to reply to make you feel better (just kidding, I bet you are high on life right now, as you should be!). You are one of my favorite Brandons, if there is such a thing as a favorite Brandon in a team of Brandons. I have a mission for you: hit more walk offs and cool shit like that so I can read more cool blog posts like this that make me really happy! Haha I’m happy for you though, keep up the good work! In the mean time, I’m going to be making a Team Brandon shirt for the next game. See you then!(:

The home run and the victory put a smile on my face for hours. Can’t wait for Tuesday night’s game. Tell Boch that if he sits you against righties as well as lefties that your at-bats will go down.

You are in a hitting mode rt now keep it rolling. Walkoffs are sweet esp if you guys do it. Awesome splash hit Go Giants ♡♡♡

Awsome end to the Game! Enjoy your off day!

Yes – a walk-off splash-hit in the 10th qualifies for a bat-flip!!! Hope you/we are able to enjoy many more flips to come!

AWESOME walk off! And great blog as well! Carmen Kiew has your gif on Twitter:
Enjoy it!

Humm Baby, way to win us a game!! Sweet Sunday. 😉 *clap clap*

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Congratulations Brandon! It was awesome. I kept thinking what would that little boy watching the game at Candlestick would think!

So cool to hear the thoughts of a professional ballplayer, especially after moments like last night. I always wonder what’s going on in a hitter’s head after they absolutely smash a home run or make a tremendous play, so to hear a first-hand account of a player’s walk-off home run (especially his first) is pretty sweet. Well done, sir! Go Team Brandon! And I’m sure you could get around 75 points out of BamBam with that cove blast.

Brandon- We loved every minute of it and the serenade in the locker room from one of the players off camera, “I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man”- Even you were giggling. We saw it , even thought the sports reporters didn’t. AWESOME!!!!

Super walkoff Craw!

Brandon we loved every minute and also loved the serenade that one of the players gave you off camera in the locker room, “I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man”- We saw you giggling even though the sports reporters didn’t pick up on it. AWESOME! Let’s do it again!

Great walk off!!!

Watching you dive into the celebration at home yesterday I thought about that picture of you standing at the railing at Candlestick when you were five, with your scraped knee and your baseball cap on backwards. Who could imagine that moments like this were waiting for you. Congratulations on the win AND the moment. They were amazing.

(Be sure to tell us how many points Team Brandon (aka Gryffindor) was awarded for the splash hit walk-off!)

Son, you hit that one, where it’s gonna stay hit.

Your walk-off homer and splash hit in the 10th yesterday was simply magical. Enough said.

I think you got cheated! Don’t they blow off the steam pipes any more? Anyway it was a sight to see!

My wife and I were screaming at the TV. Awesome hit Craw!

That’s why the games are played and not just stats…loved it!

You ROCK!!! Nothing quite like a walk off win in extra innings! And a splash hit home run, at that! Wow!! Can’t believe my folks turned the game off after 9 innings! They’ll never make that mistake again! GO GIANTS!!

That was F*cking awesome. One swing of that bat and I was in such a good mood! wee-hee! Thank you! You Brandons Rock!

That. Was . a Beautiful walk-off!!!! One to remember, and a f’ing splash hit to boot!!! That deserves mega- bonus points. Go Team Brandon!

Wait what? BB writes a simple blog post and gets over 118 replies in like, what, a day? Bcraw hits a walk-off at gets 116? What is this, a school for ants?

Congrats Brandon!

That was an outrageous splash hit! I’ve been watching the replay over and over! I am so psyched to see what damage we can do to the Dodgers this week!!

One of the MOST exciting game endings I’ve ever seen!! Congrats, Crawfish. Everyone has said it all above me!

It’s so cool. I’ve watched it a few times too. I got caught up on all the blogs this morning & cracked up🙂 Born and raised a Giants fan and I love getting a glimpse of “behind the scenes” with ALL the Brandon Blogs! I loved reading your blog from Opening Day in Az & the fact that you worked so closely with Barry Bonds because you wanted work on hitting lefties🙂 I was wondering if that sticks with you at the plate amongst the nerves. Way to go Brandon! Now PLEASE GO SWEEPLA!!!!!!!

Ok just some clarification…OBVIOUSLY it sticks! You’re hitting lefties, but I think of my son when he was really little out there, going over everything at the plate he was taught, so he could hit. Lol! Is it something like that, every AB? :):)

Just wanted to say that I was at the game on Sunday, and your walk-off home run was amazing! As a HUGE fan of yours (and all the Brandons :D) I couldn’t think of a better ending to that game. I hope it’s the first of many!!😀

Congrats on the walk-off homer!!! My brother has you on his fantasy team so he greatly appreciated it. I love readin your blog. You guys are hilarious🙂 Good luck this week and keep blogging!!!!

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Congratulations! That was amazing! Beat LA TONIGHT!!

I know this is probably pretty lame, but I was so happy when I saw your walk-off home run that I cried. I recently discovered your blog and read your post about meeting and working with Bonds and to see this was just amazing! Congratulations, Brandon! My family and I are so happy for you. P.S. Good way to up those comments off yours😛

Congrats with a great win!!! #TeamBrandon

Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was great fun. All of us here at our place are fans of all the Brandons, but you top the list. Keep having a great season! Oh, and thanks for earning the winning run tonight on Hector’s base hit! Go Giants, go Brandons!!

Really a special moment, happy for you and the rest of our amazing Giants !!
Now, please go out and continue to BEAT LA so that I can have bragging rights over my dear friends who live in So Cal and root for that blue team!! 🙂

It’s so much fun watching you this year!

That game was truly amazing!!! Congrats!

It was beautiful to watch. You are such a great player, and I love reading your blog. I think you should be doing that at least once a week, ok? No pressure or anything!

Oh goodness listening to you makes me tear up so much. Loved watching your walk off. I’ve got a fantasy team of my favorite Brandons and you’ve led me to first every week so far! Love you guys!

I just love you guys and take pride in being a Giants fan. Honestly, the Giants are the best team in baseball!

I was there for that game!! Most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced!!!!

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