Enough with the Pinch Blogging – Brandon Crawford

So Hicks and Hunter fill in for a couple days and suddenly traffic to the blog explodes. What’s that about? Hicks received 38 or so replies to his post, more than twice as many as my last one got! Hunter’s post yesterday got more than 60 replies in the last 24 hours.

            And his post started a Twitter trend — #TogetherWeAreBrandon.

Twitter   hunterpence  Lol the Brandon movement is ...

            I mean, I love the team unity and all that. But it kind of makes Belt and me feel like old shoes. Everybody’s getting their heads turned by the new guys. We weren’t enough?

            Believe, I’m going to count every reply. Not that we’re competitive or anything. The hitting groups Hunter wrote about in his blog are not batting-practice groups. They’re part of Bam-Bam’s new hitting game. Every player gets points for moving a runner over, RBI’s, extra-base hits, etc. The groups compete against each other. The group with the most points at the end of each month wins.

            There were three captains — Buster, Hunter and Pablo — who picked teams, which include the starting pitchers. Buster drafted all three Brandons, so he named it Team Brandon.

            Even before that, though, we kind of had a Team Brandon thing going on. We figured since a lot of guys have special handshakes with each other, we ought to come up with a Brandon handshake because, well, we’re the Brandons. Its hard to get a three-person handshake, but I think Belt came up with it. If you look in the dugout before the game, you’ll see it. We slap hands down and up twice, then once patty-cake style then a chest bump as we say, “Brandon!’’ in a very manly tone.

            We developed this in spring training. You might not know this, but just like we work on getting our swings back and fielding ground balls, we also work on handshakes. I have a different one for almost every guy. A  lot of them are pretty similar. For my handshake with Hunter — which he came up with — we fist-bump then I go to punch him and he catches my hand and I straighten my fingers as if I’m going to jab him in the neck as if we’re in The Matrix.

            Even with the Brandon-Brandon-Brandon handshake, Belt and I still do our own before every game. It’s a fist-bump and then I say a particular string of words to him. I won’t share the exact words. I basically called him a big dumb stupid idiot. It started after a game in which he did really well, and I’ve been saying it to him before each game ever since.

            I still want to tell you about the start of the season and other stuff, but I want to get this posted before the game. Belt and I love #TogetherWeAreBrandon. It’s another way of bringing all of us together — the players and fans, everybody. We take it as a great compliment.

            But, you know, to quote Marvin Gaye, aint nothin’ like the real thing.

-Brandon C.


nice to have you back, brandon! keep the posts coming (along with the wins). #TogetherWeAreBrandon #BeatTheRockies

Love the #brandonandbrandon blog

You should have Brandon Posey pinch blog! Yes, Brandon Posey ;D

Welcome back, nice post, well done, all that jazz.

Now get out there and #BeatCO!! :-}

(Seriously, love all you guys. So totally tickled it’s baseball season again at last. Go Giants!)

nice having you back, BC! keep the posts coming (along with the wins). will watch the dugout for the new brandon-brandon-brandon handshake. #TogetherWeAreBRANDON #BeatTheRockies

You guys are awesome. You make my day.

I’m leaving you a comment so your feelings won’t get hurt.

Listen, you and Belt are still the “original” Brandons. Hope your comments total bears that out!

You are one of the originals!!! Congrats on the great hitting lately. 💗 the Brandon’s.

Just want to say good job, you’ve been doing great this season so far, I will always #BelieveInBcraw & maybe writing about giving your first autograph?

Laughing so hard.🙂

Don’t worry. Just having fun with the new toys. Brandon and Brandon originals will remain favorites.

Okay, Brandon-C. I want those handshakes, can you post it in YouTube? I can’t catch you guys in dugout until May16 for Metallica night … Oh, wait you will be here for Dodgers series, I will look for it then.
I’m excited for Brandon-B for 5 HR already in this early season. Hoping that will continue.
And I would love to see your great defensive plays on Baseball Tonight highlight, so keep working hard🙂
I’m in Los Angeles, so don’t have much opportunities to watch Giants games, so looking forward to see my Giants on highlights.
Thank you for posting, please keep coming!

Mindy, check out SFGiants Gamer Dudes/Babes in So. Calif. on FB.

the O.G. Brandons are still the bestest! no more ignoring the blog then right?

The Brandon posts are epic – keep them coming; original Brandons, new Brandon, honorary Brandons – hilarious. Off to an awesome start in 2014, keep it up! You guys need to have an Amy G segment with the handshakes, seriously. She could break them down the way they sometimes show the starting pitchers’ hands/grips on the different pitches🙂

Brandons are the Best. Looks like the game may be coming in on a Bay Area station into Monterey County tonight. Gettin’ Lucky!! Great start to the season, boys. keep up the handshakes. probably making the critical difference. GO GIANTS!

Glad to hear from one of the original Brandons!

Original Brandon’s keeping’ it real. Love #TogetherweareBrandon and let’s be real if we can get Pablo to change his name we will have the most hilarious infield in all of baseball (ok maybe we already do)

I have been Team Brandon since it’s humble beginnings, back in 2012 when it was just you and Belt and before the mainstream attention Team Brandon has started to attract. A Team Brandon hipster, if you will. As Hunter might say, we’re all a Brandon if we believe we are but it all had to start somewhere. I trust that you legit Brandons will keep all the new Brandons representing the name Brandon well! They look to you!

While I absolutely loved Pence’s post (I was almost crying with laughter) I also look forward to yours and Belts. So I’m glad you’re back!

Love love love the Brandons!!

We still love you and belt ! You are one of my favorite players ! Our dad’s work together and I even have your signature🙂 you and belt are doing great this season and I’m sure you’ll continue to do great !🙂

So Brandon, if the giants are coming up with a game to increase competitiveness, I think there should be a prize for the team who wins after the season is over. Maybe win a date with a playmate, cause I know some of you are into that sort of thing. Or a trip to Europe on a private jet. Make it something BIG.

I’ve enjoyed watching the real thing since sitting in Chukchansi park, cheering for the two of you playing together with the Grizzlies in ’11. Pinch bloggers are great for a little variety once in a while but there IS nothing like the real thing! Go Brandons! lol

While I absolutely loved Pence’s post (I was nearly crying with laughter) I look forward to yours and Belts. I’m glad you guys are back!

I love ALL of you guys.  GO GIANTS!    *The GiantsPrincess  


You’re the best, Brandon. Or you’re the best Brandon (without punctuation)

We may admire other Brandons, but we’ll always come home to BB9 and BC35.

You will always be enough for me🙂

We LOVE the Brandon blog. You do know it’s one of the most popular of all the MLB blogs, right? Not that you’re competitive or anything.

Still–get Pence to start his own blog. We promise to read both!

#togetherwearebrandon I like!

All well done! And only you have my reply!

You two are the originals! Love you guys🙂

Favorite Brandon!! Well, tied for favorite Brandon. I don’t suppose that’s helpful… LOL!! Keep up the great work, and we’ll look for the handshakes!

You’re right! Nothing like the original Brandons! This is starting out to be a really special season, it’s in the air! Saw that the seagulls are helping out in center field too! How is your little addition to the Crawford family? Would love to have news!

Well no matter what I will always love the original blog! I didnt know you liked and read the comments so much! I will have to keep replying! I am just happy to have our original Brandons back! I dream of one day having a handshake with a Giant❤ great start to the season! Keep it up!

Hey Brandon! Everybody has a fave player-it’s a bit like Bascom Robbins! I have to confess that Brandon Walsh (90210) started my ‘Brandon crush’ , and your debut with that grand slam continued the legacy! I know that you and your fellow Brandons will use your magic well! Go Giants!

Can’t have too many Brandons, but we do appreciate the originals!

LOL!!! I did tell Brandon H. he had a lot of competition blogging. You and Brandon B. have set the bar high!

I want to associate with all the comments that you and Belt are the originals and the best Brandon Bloggers (lol). But for me you could continue to lend out your audience to others from time to time. I’d like to hear from Pagan, Pablo, Morse, Coach Meulens, Tim, Cain, Hudson and Vogey. But no matter what, you and Belt have been very conscientious about maintaining this so I think everyone here enjoys and appreciates it. I hope guys can successfully back up Madbum tonight and hold on to at least a piece of first place. Go Giants!!

I LOVE this blog. Laughed at the Brandon thing going on, but you are the originals!!

Original Recipe Brandons are the best! Totally rooting for Team Brandon in the hitting game.

Seriously though, one of the (many) reasons I enjoy you guys’ blog is that you are both very articulate and it’s a pleasure to read in addition to being fun and informative. Keep ’em coming (the entries and the hits)!

Brandon Together, Stronger together! Thanks for writing and sharing your life with us CrawDaddy! It’s such a pleasure to watch you guys play. Your guys’ attitude is so great, I love sharing baseball with my mom and girls in our house of gamer babes!

I’ve been a fan of the “originals” since I was sitting in the stands at Chukchansi Park cheering for the two of you playing together for the Grizzlies. Pinch bloggers may be fun to read on occasion, but there definitely “ain’t nuthin’ like the real thing!” Go Grizzlies (their home opener is tonight)! Go Giants! And GO BRANDONS!

Aww B-Craw! You’ll always be an OG (or should I say OB) to me! Love my Giants🙂 do us proud!

I read your blog all the time but never leave a comment but I thought I should this time so you can beat the “other Brandons”

For the record, I’ve only ever replied to you and Belt’s posts haha. Also, maybe I’ll start replying to all your posts(if thy come often?). I had more to say but I forgot what it was, keep the wins coming. #TogetherWeAreBrandon

Aww come on Bcraw. You know we love you. And Bbelt. But it was cute and fresh to have Brandon (which made sense) and then hunter (hella random) and I love the #TogetherWereBrandon movement. Especially since you and Belt are two of my faves on the team. Love you both to the moon and back. And #togetherwerebrandon is just another cute awesome way for us to all bond. And bring more giants fans together in our little twittersphere.

Now I’ll be looking for all the handshakes in the dugout all season. Much love to you and your 3 lovely ladies.

Team Brandon = Team Awesomeness!

Love this blog. Keep the posts coming!

Just checked — Hunter’s up to 80 comments now. LOL! Don’t fret. They were just the appetizers. You’re the entree, Belt’s the DESSERT!❤ I do recall seeing your handshake with Pence. It had me ROFLMAO. Cannot wait for ALL BRANDON WEEKEND!

I’ve never commented before, but I just wanted to say – your Marvin Gaye quote is perfect. You and Belt are the originals and the others will never live up to it! I’m sure that it is still a lot of fun for you guys to joke about it and for the fans too. I am a loyal Brandon Blog reader (and Blanco too), I love hearing from all of you about your lives both on and off the field. It was fun to hear about all your different handshakes! I have little cheers/nicknames that I say each time each player steps up to the plate – some are widely used names like Baby Giraffe and Panda, but I also make my own. Usually yours is Crawfish or sometimes Bran the Builder (from the Game of Thrones book series) and Blanco is Queso Blanco. 🙂 Everybody’s is different, and I’m still working on nicknames/cheers for the new guys this year. You guys are off to a great start, hope the rest of the season is amazing and keep up the blogging!

Hahaha If a little comment competition gets more blogs outta you guys (the OG Brandons) then I’m in! I love your blogs… The little antidotes are awesome to read about. Many of us twitter users have changed our display names to include a Brandon cause we are the 26th member of the SF Brandons, after all. :p

Keep up the impressive work… You guys are killing it so far with the bats. I noticed you doing a little Morse-ian on-deck hip swivel thingy last night. Made me smile. Keep rolling… This is gonna be a fun season!! #TogetherWeAreBrandon

I read this blog when I have bad days to cheer me up–though these pinch bloggers have been awesome and hilarious, nothing can ever replace the original Brandons! Keep up the great work, and expect great handshake scrutiny for the next few weeks. #TogetherWeAreBrandon (new favorite hashtag)

We still love the OG Brandons!! It’s like Toy Story…Andy loved had Woody then got Buzz and was like WHOA!!!! But in the end, Woody was champ!! 😀

I voted the Brandons commercial as best as well!!

Don’t get too jealous. The two of you got us to the blog. They just gave is a variety break. Glad to have you back!!!

Here’s the thing, Original Brandon. We love this blog so much we’ll even embrace a New Brandon, or an Adopted Brandon, or …. so keep on blogging (and swinging). Together we ARE Giant (and Brandon)!

Great blog! Made sure all my friends read it too! Nice to see the chemistry between teammates. #TogetherWeAreBrandon

I figured this was more a chore than anything else! Good to know you care. I’m old school, a loooong time Giants fan. So old I was a Giants Super Fan when you were standing up against the the rail with your sign pleading for the Giants to stay in SF. Had my pic taken with Stretch and got primo seats at a time when you could walk up 20 minutes before game time and get the same primo seats. Today I love technology and the marketing that let’s us feel we’re all a part of the team. Well done. Of course I’m certain I have an in as a former student of mine (Charley Lyons) is a close friend of Hunter’s. That’s good for something, right? Let’s go, Giants!

Isn’t “Brandon” Slavic for “I was born in the 80s and my mom liked ‘90210’”?
Joking! Maybe. ;P Love the blogs. Ban Hunter tho. He’s hopped up on Kale.

We love the Brandon’s! Pence’s post was hilarious but we love hearing about you BB and BC! BB is our local movie reviewer and I love hearing about BC and the new family. We want to learn from you all what it’s like in real life to have this opportunity and what it’s like for the families. That is real. That is the story. But above all – GO GIANTS! Keep Winning! #EvenYearsAreLucky!

First time replying to bump up your reply count. I understand competition. Go Brandon!

Here’s a comment for Original Team Brandon!🙂

As much as I enjoyed the honorary Brandons posts, it will never compare to the original Brandons!
I am very excited for this season seeing how it’s beginning for you and the team.⚾️

Pinch bloggers were fun but it’s great to have you back! I love that you guys do this! Totally awesome!

The pinch Brandons did just fine but definitely glad you and belt are back. This really is my favorite blog to read because I love all of the little “inside” stuff y’all talk about. Kind of makes us “normal” folks feel like we are in the dugout with the team. Keep writing and keep up those handshakes…whatever it takes!!

Love THE original Brandons’ blogs. Hunter’s pinch blog was a great laugh, though…

Love all the Brandons, but the originals are certainly the best. Keep on playing hard!

You guys are all awesome, but my 2 favorite jerseys are my #9 and #35. You signed my #35 jersey so I don’t wear it anymore so I don’t ruin it. I only wore it like twice, but I like seeing it on my wall. Keep up the great work!

How about another comment to help with your responses, you know since you are not competitive or anything…or does this one not count?

Btw, Love the hitting teams competition. Sounds like you all are having a great time with it.

My Dad always told me that “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”! So there you go…no matter how much they try to immitate, you’re the originals! Love the way the season is going, especially watching your hit count soar! Our first game is Sunday…can’t wait to see all the Brandon’s in person! Go Giants!!

I don’t usually comment but I must support the real Brandon’s!! You two are my favorites (don’t tell Hunter cause he thinks he is). So happy when you doing well on the field and off. I was there last night in brisk weather and was so thrilled with your strategic hit! Keep blogging–it’s so interesting. #WantToBeOnTeamBrandon

Haha, don’t worry too much. Though it was fun to have a couple guest bloggers, the original Brandons will always be the best. Loving the blog as usual and can’t wait to see what the season brings!

Hi Brandon, 😊 I apologize for not replying before – I always enjoy reading your blog; it’s a fun way for you to give us a little insight. We all know how incredible this team/fan “thing” is in SF – I shake my head when I see another ballpark half full. Keep playing hard & keep blogging; thank you for all you do! #togetherwe’reBrandon 👍

Glad to know you enjoy getting comments! I always just read your blogs & enjoy them so much but never thought a reply was important. I enjoy the family info & also have learned stuff with some of your explanations of the game. Love to those babies!!

Here’s to helping you get more comments than any other Brandon. ⚾⚾⚾
Hope you have a fantastic year. #GoGiants

Together we all are Brandons, This blog is great because it reminds us fans that you guys are regular people just like us. Tell is a little about your little girlies. We fans love hearing about the little things you guys do to each other in the Brandonhood. Love all of you but you have to know you and B. Belt are our # 1’s. Happy Brandon’s to all of you. Together we are GIANT! Grandma Huggies

Really nice to have you back Brandon C. — we were just trying to make the pinch bloggers feel welcome and loved too!!!!

Ok, Mr. Brandon Crawford, count this in your tally of comments. I’ll do what I can to keep you Brandon originals in the game! :o)

loved having the pinch bloggers and all but there’s nobody to replace you two!! the original Brandons!! you guys have started off great! Lets keep it going! !! great to see that you are still blogging! ! thanks so much! ! really love reading the blog! !

Faux-paws, faux-pearls, faux-painting can somewhat be tolerated…but not faux-Brandon’s. Ain’t nothin like the real thing! You guys are the best!

Haha! You guys will always be the best Brandons. I liked the pinch blogging but personally I like you guys blogging more.🙂 Can’t wait to watch the rest of the season! Good luck!

You two will always be first in our blogging hearts! We anxiously await every word from you, whether on the road, at home, or one of Brandon’s movie reviews. Rest assured, although you are Team Brandon, you are and always will be #1!!!!!!!

Triple!! WTG BCraw!!

I am watching the game , and you just hit your triple! I really enjoy your play and your blogs. I like when you tell us how you train. I do enjoy hearing about your family as well. As for Hunter’s post, it sounded just like he looks in the batters’ box. Funny, but I like the real Brandons best

No worries Brandon, we just wanted the two new Brandon’s to feel welcomed. It’s good manners not favoritism. They can’t come close to comparing to the great descriptive way you write and the amusing yet informative way Belt writes his movie reviews. Btw… I think were due some.

BMC- you’ll always be my favorite Brandon.🙂

You and Belt will always be the originals! Love you guys. I also love that Buster chose the Brandons! Buster doesn’t know it but we are distant cousins – ask him about Captain Posey sometime – a neighbor of George Washington and quite the character. My brother’s family will be in town this weekend, visiting from the DC area so there will be 8 of Buster’s distant cousins way up in Section 320 cheering you guys on! Go Giants!

LOVE reading the blog guys!!! Always look forward to a new post. You’re off to a wonderful start – keep it up!

Nice triple tonight. We fans love reading your blogs and getting insights into the team. Keep up the good work!

Hey Brandon!
I just wanted to comment on your post so that you can win your little competition – you totally deserve the most comments! Hunter’s post was pretty funny, and everyone wants to welcome New Brandon I guess, but I love the blog when it’s you and Belt. My only complaint is that you don’t post enough, but obviously you’re busy with baby Jaydyn (congrats!) and the season. If you have a third kid, how are you going to combine your name with Jaylynne’s?
Also, nice triple! Keep it up! Go Brandon’s and go Giants!
P.S. Can you please tell Timmy to shave the mustache! We’d all appreciate it.🙂

Brandon, you’re still my favorite Brandon, unless it’s that other Brandon. Wait, which Brandon are you?

Who has Bumgarner on their team? And how many points is a grand slam?

I love the original Brandons!!🙂 I have different handshakes with many of my 1st graders. Some are similar to each other haha the girls just like to give hugs. Love the new slogan: TogetherWeAreBrandon! See you tomorrow night!

Love the blogs from the original Brandons but have to say the recent *highjackers* are hilarious. Thank you for ALL you do. Please find out when we can get pins for the two original Brandons and even the third. I need a Brandon trio on my hat.🙂

I love you Brandon! Go team Brandon! (I’ll watch for the special handshake.) not just anyone can be a Brandon despite what the pinch- blogger says. #togetherwearebrandon

Woohoo! Stand up triple! That should help team Brandon!

Commenting, so the original Brandons know I still love them! (Though I was totally digging Sparkle Dragon’s Team Brandon movement!)

I have to say, though, I was disappointed by your hair in your official photo when I was at the ballpark on Wednesday. It does NOT do your luscious locks justice! You should ask for a redo!

In any case, keep doing what you’re doing and make all the Brandons proud!

Okay….okay..I read every blog but never comment! I love your blog! Of course I love my Brandon’s and am even happier that we have one more! You guys are really funny and interesting bloggers. Brandon (the one with the hair) haha saw that on Twitter! I love hearing about your life with the wife and both half named girls! You know what I mean by that! Whatever will you two do if you have a third child?!? Baby, maybe adult giraffe Brandon….I especially love your movie reviews! But I love how the new guys joined right in and fit right in! Hunter piece was especially funny! Love you guys! Keep up the great work on the field and the blog! OMG! MadBum just hit a grand slam! What a season so far! Go Giants!

I’m going to have to name a character in my next book, Brandon.

I did feel a little guilty for laughing so hard at Hunter’s pinch-blog. But it was one of my favorite topics, the Brandons! We love you guys! It’s like going to Baskin Robbins and trying the new “Flavor of the month.” It’s great, you like it for a little while, but you will always go back to strawberry cheesecake because it’s the best!
Keep up the blogging (and that whole baseball thing you do)!
-Lisa, Arianna, and Sienna

Brandons rule, obviously. But, there is something special about Hunter (Brandon!)

Sure enjoyed reading your blog tonight! thanks.

I LOVE your blog – you are the best!!! XOXO to your family!

I hope you get to pass the number of replies to Hunter’s pinch-post. Best of luck this season. The team is looking terrific and we appreciate the hardwork you are all putting in to be successful.

There would BE no Brandon and Brandon blog without you and Brandon B! We love reading what both of you have to say. I’ have to say, though, that I think Pence is onto something with the all-Brandon lineup. Maybe for the all Brandon weekend!

It’s a big complement.Everyone wants to be Brandon. Loved throw All Brandon Team

Dear Brandon C,
Brandon (Hunter) Pence needs to get his own blog. Or his own TV show, whichever comes first.🙂

Man, this picture I’m painting in my head right now of the all Brandon handshake is too good

Love your blog, and love The Brandon’s (originals)!

Reblogged this on THE LIGHTER SIDE OF SPORTS and commented:
The Original Brandon’s Feeling Unloved. Fix It

Can’t believe every fan’s favorite two Brandon’s are feeling unloved!
With Pence’s insparation we not only changed every active player’s name to Brandon we all changed our names to Brandon.
If you visit Twitter tonight you will see nothing but Brandon’s.
That #TEAMBRANDON #TOGETHERWEAREBRANDON thing was a product of love!
New guys can come and they can go (and they are great)but the original BRANDON’S have 1st place in this fan’s heart.
If you and Belt ever need reassurance of how much you are appreciated just head on over to The Lighterside Of Sports I re-blog your posts and heap on a lengthy report on how wonderful you are!
This just in- “Bumgarner’’ is Arabic for Brandon. http://wp.me/p1ljRh-w5

Lol, you are just too Cute!
💗 the 3B’s! Please post a video of your handshake on YouTube or how bout a new 3B-Brandon commercial!!!
(💖BC35 & big hug to your babies)
Great game tonight, I was praying you would get that Grand Slam.. So close, good for Bum.

You’re one of the original Brandons! As they say, copying is the highest form of flattery, so you should definitely be flattered about #TogetherWeAreBrandon. It sounds like you guys have got a pretty cool handshake going. Is there a prize for the winning hitting group? Awesome triple today by the way🙂

Pinch bloggers may come & go but we never forget the “OG” bloggers. Love watching you play & can’t wait to make it to the yard #TogetherWeAreBrandon

Sorry I didn’t comment on the last post! Looks like you’ve got plenty of comments on this one! I love hearing all the fun inside stuff you guys do. Ill be watching for the Brandon handshake before the games.

We’re in Hawaii for my good friend’s son’s wedding on Sunday and we couldn’t find the game last night. Bummer…..but tonight we went to a welcome dinner and there was the game on TV. Since most of the guests are from the Bay Area or Central Valley we spent a lot of time watching the TV. Nice double, Brandon. We left in the top of the ninth so we listened to the game on our iPhone and heard Romo do his magic. Oh and we were all cheering when MadBum hit that grand slam. Wow, what else can I say?

I watch your every at bat and I swear, just like it always seemed when my boys played ball, you are always up with 2 outs and runners on. So nerve wracking! Keep up the good work with the bat this year. Looks like some of that time with BB at Spring Training has helped you.

Can I just say that I am completely in love with this blog? I cannot tell you how awesome it is to be reminded that y’all are real people who are successful because of your passion, desire, and hardwork. It’s inspiring to me, and to be completely honest, it makes me believe in myself a little bit more. I’m playing ball at a juco, and am scared to death of trying to play at the 4year level…but…. for some reason reading the Brandon blog is comforting to me. I guess it just reminds me that Everyday, ordinary people do extraordinary things. So why not me? (: anyways, thanks for blogging, I appreciate it.

Awww, been getting your blog in the email. Didn’t know commenting meant so much to you. But, as a competition? Sure, I’ll reply 🙂

Hey Brandon, had to comment so you’d get more than Hunter. Had my first Spring Training this year it was alot of fun. My husband took me for our 34th wedding anniversary. Great start for the season.

5-4u hit a. Home run yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

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It’s 12:44 am and there are currently 56 comments on your post! Not too shabby there, Brandon😉 First of all, Hunter and Hicks didn’t have movie reviews (minus 10 points) and they had no baby/family/funny wife stories (minus another 10 points). No one can take your place, ever! We love you guys and your silly shenanigans. Not to mention, you are the O.G. Brandon’s and by O.G.- yes, I mean Original Gangsta cuz you’re cool like that. Now THAT’S what’s up! ha!

U r on of my main Brandon ‘s, belt is very much at the top of my Brandon, don’t know about hicks yet still to new, but the three B ‘s And the three P’s ought to be someting this year if Pablo would get his head back to the game and not the contract,or maybe it’s just a little slump I hope sure would love to see a third ring , oh Bumgarner was a birthday prest ent, I just didn’t not know it tell he started playing, 8 -1 – 50
Gaints r the best so please keep up the good work. Congrad on u r new baby . Loving my team gooooooooooooo gaintssssssss

So proud of u guys , I know it’s a job but I love to watch ,keep up the good , I love to read u r blog it seems to let us know we matter to our players thanks

I really enjoy reading your Crawford/Belt blogs…it’s nice to hear about the behind the scenes and your families. Great tag at second last night! And your triple was pretty awesome too🙂

Can there ever be such a thing as too many Brandons? I hear a resounding “No”! Keep blogging – I think your replies are even with Mr. Brandon Brandon Brandon now so you can feel loved again…

Thanks for clearing everything up.
Keep up the great work. Go Giants.

You guys are too funny! I read your and Brandon’s blogs-even looking for them in the off-season. But this is my first comment so that you know for every comment left there are probably 10 or more readers that don’t comment….so forget about the comments🙂. We are here cheering at the ball park (and from home-loudly clapping and cheering as if you could hear us). You guys can do this!!!! Go Giants!

Great game last night, Brandons C. and B.! Did you stick around for the fireworks? It was a good show, but I imagine you’d want to get home as soon as possible because you have a day game today.

Love the blog, too. Hunter need to get his own blog, but are you going to let Brandon H. join you again?

loving these handshakes and the team unity!! #TogetherweareBrandon!!! keep up all the great work brandons!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the posts – by the “real” Brandons and any others! Keep it going!!! #TogetherWeAreBRANDON

Love the #TogetherWeAreBRANDON hashtag. You can have a twitter account with that name, that way us fans can all talk about the Brandons. Hope his helps your comments counts, Crawford.

We’re blowing up your blog! Hope you both know we love you and love reading this stuff. Love all the behind-the-scenes craziness. Thanks for detailing the competition you guys have going on. I had heard about it on CSN, but they didn’t give any details. Bet Madison wracked up quite a few points last night! I’ve got a question for you – have you ever been tagged by a seagull? I would think that would be pretty distracting. Has anyone else? Keep up the great blogging work, and great hitting last night – I thought for sure that one was going out!

looks like you got all those comments you wanted! this is so great and as a big fan its great to hear that the team we root for and watch on TV all get along so well🙂 goood luck today

I may not say much, but I ALWAYS read and enjoy your posts! Go Giants!!!⚾️❤️⚾️

we love the original Brandon’s the most…. the other guys are ok too, but you two are a very class act…always signing before games.. thats why people love you guys soo much… and the fact that you’re both kinda hot!

What I want to know is who has MadBum in their hitting group, and are the other 2 groups trying to trade for him?

Great game last night Brandon Crawford, I always read the blog and you and Belt will always be the original Brandon’s! Thank you for writing this blog because I look forward to every post, makes everyone feel like we are part of the team. Go Giants!

Aw, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon! Don’t you know you’re first in our hearts, first in our thoughts? You are the original, son, our baby boy from the Bay Area! By now, you probably remember the adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” You’re gonna be late for the game today if you take time to read all of these comments … a lot of LONG comments!! Just showin’ the love, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon! 🙂

Aw, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon! Don’t you know you’re our original Brandon, our baby boy from the Bay Area, the best of the best? Ya wanted comments, huh? Remember the adage, “Be careful what you wish for?” You’re gonna be late for the game today because of reading all these comments … LONG comments! And, oh, yeah, spectacular game last night! More blogs please, more blogs!

Don’t worry, the original Brandons will always be my favorite. Also, I have an intense need to know exactly who is on each of these hitting teams. Care to share?

Hey Brandon, we LOVE our, “Original Brandons!!!!!” I’m not going to ever give up on you two. Great game last night. It’s always fun to be at the park and support my team. Together, we’re Brandon! Twenty five guys, one common Brandon!

I’m commenting here just to show love for the original Brandons. I did enjoy Brandon Brandon Brandon’s pinch Brandon, too, though.

“…I basically called him a big dumb stupid idiot.” I’m laughing out loud. That is so funny. I’m guessing there’s an f in there somewhere. So funny. Well, it’s probably not cool to post more than once to up your numbers, but I can certainly do my routine posting to your (plural – dos Brandons… I guess tres going forward) blog. Yes, ain’t nothin’ like the real thing. Wow, just scrolled through the list of replies. Oh, man, this is out of control now! Are you actually reading mine now? lol!

When Bum got up to the plate last night with bases loaded, I said to the lady next to me, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Bumgarner got a Grand Slam.” Then, “BOOM!!” – outta the park!! I couldn’t believe it!! It was epic and hysterical at the same time. I totally honed in on the dugout when he got back to see if the club was laughing as hard as I was. It looked like he got quite the reception on that one. This team is just so fun to watch. You just never know what to expect. AND YOU, B. Craw, awesome 360° tag to pick the guy off of 2nd. Your baseball gymnastics continue to amaze…

…hope this native B&B Blogger isn’t just another face in the blogging crowd now. lol! 😀 Have a great game today!


Just commenting to show the love – I’ve been a long time Brandon & Brandon Bog reader – it is in my top 5 blogs that I read because it is a little bit if everything: all about you and your families, being a Giant, what goes on in the clubhouse and on the road and how you prepare yourselves. Love hearing ubout the teams; the handshakes and everything to have the magic that is being a Giant! Go Team Brandon!!

Adding my comment to help bump up the total🙂 The original Brandon’s are the best! I love reading this blog! #TogetherWeAreBRANDON

Here’s to the original Brandons. So what’s the prize for winning the hitting competition? It looks like whichever team that has Madbum on it has a good chance. Go Giants! Keep up the good work.

Brandon you are still my favorite no matter what. Pence and those other guys don’t hold a candle to your blogs. You are my most favoritist Giant of them all. I promise, I didn’t even like those other guys blogs. It’s only you!
Enough *** kissing. I love how you have to specify that you use very manly voices in your handshake. I’m pretty sure none of us were picturing you guys using girly voices.

OH YEAH!!! It is ALL about the TRUE BRANDON! LOVE IT! Hey, what ever fires y’all up to keep doing what y’all do best! GO GIANTS!!!HUMM BABY

Just posting to show the love. It was nice to see the guests but better to have you back!

This was the funniest post of yours I’ve ever read. I love you so much. Keep up the good work!

I didn’t think you read our replys! I’m shocked! So funny! We all love your Brandon & Brandon blogs. I even share then with my daughter in law because you are her favorite player! Love hearing about the game, your kids, your wife! Keep on blogging! PS socks are cool, wear the socks. ..

I seriously didn’t think you read our comments! I enjoy reading about the game, your family, Belt ‘ s movies, all of it. I even forward the Brandon Brandon blog to my daughter in law because you are her favorite player. Keep on blogging! # together We are Brandon .

It’s so awesome to see the unity among the whole team, fans, and organization! I personally love the #TogetherWeAreBrandon! It brings something new and exciting to each game!
Hope you are having an awesome time with all of this!

Hey, I did the #TogetherWeAreBrandon correct..didn’t notice my pphone changed it. Stupid auto correct. Ps congrats on your new addition!

I love all your blog posts🙂

I love TeamBrandon🙂

You. Are. KILLING it against these lefty pitchers, BCraw! I love it. Kruk was emphatic today, after your huge double, that there should be no more talks of platooning you against leftys… To which I replied, “that’s Goddamn right!!” Haha Way to step up your game. YOU are our shortstop and there will be no other!🙂

Well, I don’t always reply but I always read the blog… besides, even my daughter knows I call you “Pretty Boy”!

Don’t worry Brandon, we’ll get your comments up. Have they ever given you Brandons numbers, like Brandon1 and Brandon2?

i read your blog everytime i just dont reply anything… but if it makes you feeel better i will start writing it and off course the old OG Brandons are the best! But Together We Are GIANTS!

Oh Brandon. You are the most gorgeous guy on the team, well, next to Belt, Pagan, Buster, Morse and, no, just kidding. Had ya going, didn’t I? I always read your blog, and always try to post! You have been doing great out there, just keep it up. Yesterday’s game (Sat) was rather disappointing, but any baseball fan knows you can’t win them all. You will come back strong today and take the series. Go Brandon, go Giants, go Hudson!

Love Hudson!

Love the Giants. Love the blog. Love you all!!

Keep up the good work Brandons! Signed, Lori Brandon Leigh Brandon.

Go Giants!

Hey Crawford – you and Belt are the real thing on this blog. I don’t mind the posers though but we love your posts the most!!! GO GIANTS!!!

I think this is my first comment here ever, but I want to support you Original Brandons. #GoGiants

i love my Giants. Love the original recipe Brandons. Love your video game competition and your commercial. There are days where i drag through a tough job and your blog makes my day. Third generation Giants fan loves you!
Tell us about your first car and your favorite ice cream.

As you know, I am sure, Barb is the feminine derivative of Brandon! Thanks for the hours of enjoyment you share with all of uf us! GO GIANTS!!!!

My first two comments didn’t take…weird. But you are the real Brandon (Solo HR) Walk Off Dude! Not just a pretty face – ha! I wear your jersey with pride. WTG Original Brandon!

Brandon, you and Brandon are still the best!!!!!

You’re right- ain’t nuthin’ like the REAL Brandons!

Fret not, favorite Brandons, it’s a fad, the fickle fans’ flattering fancy for fake Brandons. One wet walk-off and we whoop and wail, wishing we were Brandons too.

What an amazing day at the park! I’ve been attending Giants games since before you were even born, and today’s game ranks right up there as one of my most favorite…and soooo happy to see your walk-off splash hit in person! Brandon C…my favorite of all the Brandons!!! Bring on the Damn Dodgers!

Don’t you know that the reason Hunter got so many comments is that there are legions of us out here following your blog? Congratulations on your splasher today! I love watching you bat these days. You have a sparkle in your eye and a determined look — particularly against lefties.

That walk off splash hit homerun showed that you are enough! Original Brandons are the best!

Yay, Brandon, I was so happy when you hit your walk off, Happy for the Giants, happy for the fans, and so happy for you. You don’t have to sit when you are facing lefties. You defense is superb. All the commentators were raving about how you kept your shoulder closed. I guess the time with Barry Bonds paid off!

Brandon C. You were awesome today!!! Go Giants!!! Darlene W

Sent from my iPhone

As much as I loved the pinch bloggers… I still love you two!! I have been following you guys for a few seasons now, I really look forward to your posts! Sometimes I get bummed when it goes a couple of weeks with out a post… But then I remind myself that sometimes you guys have more important things to do than write on the blog😉 I follow Jalynne on Instagram, your family is absolutely adorable!!! Keep up the good work, I hope to make it to the ball park soon to see a game! Go Giants!

What an amazing day at the park! I’ve been attending Giants games since before you were even born, and today’s game ranks right up there as one of my most favorite…and soooo happy to see your walk-off splash hit in person! Brandon C…my favorite of all the Brandons!!! Bring on the Damn Dodgers!

Just trying to get you more comments than hunter! Ps. I graduated from amador in 2005. Ptown!!!

Nothing like getting out the whupass to get the brethren replying up a storm! I think #TogetherWeAreBrandon fits in perfectly with the ad that you and Belt filmed for this season, there MUST be follow-up ads that plays up this angle! Thanks for keeping in touch and keeping the humor up, I know that all of us appreciate it, even the ones who don’t normally reply anymore.

You are the real thing — and thanks for the walk off, it made my (and every other Giants fan’s) day.

Brandon- you are the original one-and-only Brandon to share childhood photos from The Stick wearing his orange and black. We love you!

BeltFord 4EVER, screw those blog bench warmers!

The ‘Bumgarner” Bat Flip was purrrrty…Nice shot into the cove. #64

Brandon, I want you to know I loved you and Brandon Belt way before Hunter or Brandon Hicks became Giants. I went to Spring Training for the first time this year and after seeing Brandon Hicks for the first time decided with a friend that we’d call him “Brandon the 3rd”. Now there are Brandons everywhere! It’s great to see you guys having more fun together. Love the inside scoop on the handshakes, but by all means, keep it to yourself not to jinx anyone. Last but not least, that walk-off splash hit Sunday was awesome! Keep up the good work!!

My husband has been behind you all the way Crawford, and I’ve been behind Baby G (yes, you will ALWAYS be Baby G to me, even when your old……sorry🙂 since the day you both were in the minors. What’s not to love about our Brandons and the Giants in general?? You wear the best colors in baseball, and I only wish the best for all 3 of you. No matter what the special handshakes are, the words you say to each other, the hits you make, the wins and losses, you are all members of an amazing team! You support each other in ups and downs and of course, you have the best fans…..I’ve been one for over 40 years….born and raised in SF and I’m pretty sure I bleed black and orange. Can’t wait to read the blogs and to see another game (we were there on Thursday and will be there for many more). Thanks for all the fun, excitement, and most definitely the SF Torture🙂

I love the original Brandons and the new Brandon! You are right ~ “ain’t nothin’ like the real thing” But Hunter’s guest blog was hilarious and had me going for a couple of his “translations”

Bottom line #TogetherWeAreAllBrandon is a translations for #SFGiantsRule

Here’s to the Brandons! Ritual handshakes are a good thing. All together now, GO GIANTS!

Love this blog! Great way to get to your fans! #TeamBrandon #TogetherWeAreBrandon

y’all are too much!

Love the Brandons, even the fake ones. Echo what the others said here – need to post a video of the handshake please!

Stay clutch, Brandon! Great to see you at the heart of both walk-offs in the last 2 games. Keep those handshakes/charms going cause they’re definitely working!

I appreciate the Brandons…thanks

It is so great to see the fun y’all have on this team. Keep it up the fans are so proud

just joined and rotfl…..great stuff! I was lucky to be at the game last Sunday and see the walk off!!! What a great moment!!!

Sorry Brandon, Pence is my favorite player (’cause he plays like a 5 year old having a bunch of fun), but YOU are my favorite Brandon. What a stud you are, LOVE to watch you play. You WOW me almost every time. Go team Brandon

Glad you’re back!

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