Pinch-blogging: Brandon Hicks

Hey, everyone. It’s Brandon Hicks. Brandon Crawford’s wife Jalynne came up with the idea that the newest Brandon ought to take over the blog for a day. The other Brandons thought today would be a good day. Great. Right after I strike out three times and make an error. Where were they when I went 2-for-4 with two doubles and two runs against the Dodgers?

I’m a pretty quiet guy, and frankly I didn’t know what a blog was until they explained it. But since my locker is right between them, and since Belt is my throwing partner every day, I figured I’d better do this.

Actually, I’m happy to fill in because it gives me a chance to tell you how unbelievable it was to start for the Giants on Opening Day here at AT&T Park. I didn’t find out until yesterday morning. I was in the lunch room around 8:30 or 9 when Bochy told me I was starting. My adrenaline started to get going. I’d never been in the starting lineup on Opening Day.

My girlfriend is here with me, so it was great to share this with her. She doesn’t know that much about baseball because she hasn’t been around it much. But she thought it was pretty awesome. How could she not? The planes, the fireworks, the screaming fans, the BatKid. I didn’t know anything about the BatKid, so Carl, our conditioning coach, told me how the city basically turned into Gotham City for him last year. That was pretty sweet to have him here yesterday.

I wasn’t nervous to take the field, but I was definitely excited. I just wanted to get that first ground ball to let my emotions calm down a little bit. You want to treat the game like any other game but on Opening Day at a park like this with fans like these, it’s clearly not just any other game. Yesterday was unlike anything I’ve been a part of.

On the double play throw, I rushed it a little bit, didn’t get my feet set and made a bad throw. You feel bad for the pitcher especially when a run scores, but you have to let it go and think about the next pitch and the next play. You have to stay in the moment.

Same with the strike-outs. You have to put them behind you. I was probably a little over-anxious and trying to do too much. It was just one of those days when you get outside your game plan. Today is a new day, so you go out and make the most of it. We play way too many games to worry about one game. You’d have a headache every day.

The most important thing is the team won. It’s the only thing that matters.

Walking back to the hotel after the game was as awesome as the game. Everybody was wearing Giants shirts and hats. The streets and the bars were packed. Everywhere we looked we saw orange and black. I have to say that was really cool.

OK, fellow Brandons, the blog is yours again. Thanks, everybody, for welcoming me. This is an awesome place to play.

-Brandon H.


Hello New Brandon! The other two Brandons have worked out great so the name seems to work for our infield. Welcome aboard.

Welcome to SF! You’ll see a lot of orange and black around here now that the season has started. The Bay Area has Giants fever!

Nice blog from Brandon hicks on the Brandon blog

Awesome! Hope you can be on here more often.


Hi Another Other Brandon!

Welcome NewB! You’ve done well on the field and in the blogosphere.

Welcome Brandon!! Great to have you on the team. Best city to play baseball!!

It’s fine by me if you want to join in more often. You are a Brandon after all. 😄. Welcome to the giants. Glad to have you

Welcome to San Francisco New Brandon! You’ll love it here-the Bay Area has Giants fever now that the season has started. Everywhere you go you’ll find people wearing Giants gear. You’ll know you have arrived once you get a nickname!

Welcome to the best team in the MLB…yes we’re prejudice! Love the 6-4-3 (or 4-6-3) DP combination…Brandon to Brandon to Brandon…priceless!

Welcome to the Giants family, newest Brandon!

Welcome Brandon number 3!

Hi Brandon. Really excited that you are now a member of my beloved Giants team. I look forward to seeing you play for several years for this team. I think you are awesome and will be an asset for the team. Just go out there and play your game!

Hi Brandon! It’s great to have you on the blog…of course you have some blogging competition with the other Brandon’s. They are both really great when they write.
Welcome to my hometown Giants!!!

Welcome to the Giants, and I hope we see you again. Opening Day is just so exciting and filled with adrenaline. Hope to see the three of you guys do your stuff. I get such a kick out of all the Brandons in baseball. You’re right-the most important thing is the Giants won!

Welcome to the Giants and the Brandon Blogs! I was wondering when you would join in the Blog. See you soon at the Ballpark! (Unfortunately, I have to miss the opening series due to work travel but I will be there Sunday!)

Welcome to the team! Enjoyed your writing. Nice to get a chance to know you a little bit. 😃

Welcome! It was a great opening day!

You should pinch-blog more often! its always fun to see what the Brandons are up to! Welcome to the Giants family! Its great to have you on the team!

You are much too hard on yourself! I was in Arizona for your Homerun and I can tell you that- you are golden! Hope you are happy as a SF Giant wishing you much sucess!

This was a fantastic first blog for you, and welcome! I think the Brandons were brilliant to come up with the idea of you sharing this blog. I will certainly look forward to future posts from you.
Good luck. And remember-you are playing on the BEST team ever!!!!

Hi Brandon H
Welcome welcome! You are a great addition to the team & thanks for being at our table at the Play Ball Luncheon.

I think it was a fantastic idea for the Brandons to share this blog with you, and yours is a great debut! Welcome to the BEST team ever. I’m looking forward to more of your posts.

The more Brandons the merrier! Welcome!

Hello! And welcome to the Giants!! it was a really great Opening Day!! quite special! ! It is how you pick yourself up from an off day is what counts! Good luck for the rest of the season! !

Just wanted to add my welcome to the “newest Brandon” Giant, and also to say that you are a terrific writer! You have a great turn of phrase (you must have had good marks in English!).

I sincerely hope that the “other Brandons” let you pinch hit for them again in future. We fans can never get enough of the Brandon blog!

Welcome…………….so good to have the 3beeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!! Best wishes for a successful and safe season. Go Giants…..

Hello Brandon Hicks! Welcome to SF!

Welcome to the team! Have fun and I look forward to seeing you play more for the Giants! Thanks for the blog post, it’s a nice start for you.

Welcome to the team, Brandon H.! Anybody who can hit a homerun off of Kershaw deserves some major respect. For being a shy guy, your write a great blog. Looking forward to your contributions to the team, both offensively and defensively. GO GIANTS!!!

Welcome to the SF Giants! Couldn’t be playing for a better team in the most beautiful ballpark. Enjoy the season! Go Giants!

Welcome, Brandon! I hope you have many wonderful years here. That homerun off Kershaw will make a very sweet memory. Loved it!

Welcome Brandon! You are in a great team and with the best baseball fans on earth.
Have fun!

Can there also be a Tim & Timmy blog?

Welcome Brandon! I think it was a FAB idea to invite in to blog. Feel free to come back anytime! And welcome to the team!🙂

Welcome to baseball central command, the Bay area. Hope your stay is a good one. Buy some neatsfoot oil for the leather.

Welcome, Brandon, to the most awesome team in baseball.

Glad to have you on board. Your contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. Appreciate your approach and hope you stick around for a long while. Enjoy the bay area as much as you can.

Hey Smitty, I’m forwarding 3 funny Brandon & Brandon blogs from a few days ago. Here’s 1 of 3.

Welcome, Brandon H. What a fantastic idea for you to pinchblog. Welcome to SF — so glad you had the opportunity to start on Opening Day especially since you earned it. Keep up the good work and know that all those cheers are meant for you since you’re wearing the orange and black.

Welcome to SF!!!! Looking forward to a great year for you. Enjoy!!!

Dearest Brandon,
I believe in you!!!! Why, you ask??? There is a look that some people get in their eye when destiny has greatness in their near future! Genghis Khan had it before his conquest of Northern China, Alexander the Great had it when he smashed the Persian Empire, Toby Maguire had it when he won MTV’s Best Kiss Award, and YOU have it before leading the San Francisco Giants to a 2014 World Series Championship!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Hunter obviously has something in his eye too!!!!

Welcome Brandon! You are doing an amazing job! We love seeing you out on the field! Your improving everyday! Keep it up! 😃

Hi Brandon (Hicks), I was checking your stats and noticed that you lately have been striking out less while walking more, and that got me wondering: are the Giants coaches giving you tips to improve your hitting or have they been letting you be yourself right now? Or is it a mixture of both? And when you change your mechanics per coach’s recommendations, now or in the past, how long does it take for you before you feel comfortable with doing that?

It has been a long hard road to reach the majors and finally have some good success as you have had so far. Was there anything this season that was different for you, or is it just a matter of opportunity and getting regular ABs without the pressure that you could be going down at any moment?

Lastly, defensive stats had you poor at 2B before but good this season. Do you feel that you have always been good so you have no idea why the stats say that, or do you think it is just a matter of finally getting a lot of reps playing 2B, or is there some coaching that you credit?

Thanks for your hard work and contributions so far, it has been fun following a young player who is having success finally in the majors, and although fans are obviously sorry that Scutaro is injured, we are very glad that you were around to not only pick it up for him, but play good ball all around, congrats on your performance so far! Keep up the good work!

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