Hair Club for Men – Brandon Crawford

Jalynne and I are back home. Everything’s fine. We’re hanging out with Braylyn and having a nice quiet day. I’ll take a few minutes for a short post.

We have a team meeting most days before practice. Bochy goes over the schedule and stuff like that. It is also the time we get to know guys who are in big league camp for the first time. Bochy summons two each morning to introduce themselves. They give their name, position, where they’re from and what they like to do.

Then they get questions from the rest of the team. You can’t imagine the ridiculous questions. They make me uncomfortable. Guys will bait the new player by asking him to name his current favorite song. The player will say what it is.

Then: “OK, now sing it.’’

That’s when I think, “Oh, I’m so glad I’m not up there right now.’’

In my first big-league camp in 2010, the hardest thing I had to answer was Brian Wilson asking why I cut my hair. I had reported for physicals the day before and had pretty long hair. Later that day I got it cut because it was Big League camp and I didn’t want to come in with ridiculous long hair. So Wilson asked me why I cut it.

“Um, I don’t know,’’ I said. “I thought it was a good idea.’’

That was the toughest question. I was lucky.

It’s a fun clubhouse again this year, so Mike Morse fits right in. He’s like a combination of Ryan Theriot, Mark DeRosa and Hunter. He likes to have a good time and has a good sense of humor. He’s also a great storyteller. (I won’t share any here for a variety of reasons.) But as I saw in our first game yesterday, he’s pretty intense on the field and in the dugout. That’s the Hunter part of him.

Morse, Pagan and I are in the same BP group. It quickly became known as the Good Pelo Group. Pelo is Spanish for hair. Who has the best hair? It’s not for me to say. But if you asked Pagan, he definitely would say himself. I think Morse would probably say me. Angel spends way more time on his than I do on my mine, by the way. He puts in his products and smoothes his hair really carefully into this Mohawk kind of thing. I just put gel in and put a hat on. I’m not sure what Morse does.

Then the other day Belt joined our BP group and messed up the Pelo thing. We told him yesterday if he wanted to stay he had to grow his hair.

I hear Belt is doing yoga. It’s almost worth getting up early to see that in person. Almost. But not quite. I like yoga. I don’t like 6:15 a.m. yoga.

Back to the field tomorrow. We have a split squad: here against the Brewers, at Phoenix Municipal against the A’s. Let’s hope Morse draws the Brewers. Not sure he’s ready to see Reddick again just yet.

-Brandon C.


I liked this post. Keep coming … Pelo good story🙂
Thanks, BC!

Good to open the email and find something from one of the Brandons. This was a good one! Only ten more days and I am on my way to Spring Training for the first time. Never to late to go there, even at 79!

I can just picture Pagan in front of the mirror, doing it up, ha ha! Great story.

Wow, I didn’t know that baseball players spent as much time on their hair as One Direction probably does.

Great post, I was laughing all through it! More so, glad to hear that everything’s fine!

If Morse can hit more like Hunter than DeRosa or Theriot, I’ll be very happy. Jon Miller was just talking on the radio about how Morse hit 9 homers in April last season, and I would definitely take that, heck, half that would be great.

Who are the ones who had the toughest questions that made you uncomfortable?

Mmmm… would love to see Belt with long hair. Would love even more to see him in yoga class. Haha! Glad Jalynne is feeling better. Thanks for the updates and good luck this season!

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this post is hilarious! thanks for the laughs Crawford…. keep em comin’

Hilarious post. I am so glad to have found the two Brandons’ blogs last year and look forward to reading all season. Glad to hear Jalynne is home.

I really enjoyed your post, thank you for taking the time to write to us fans. When I saw you in Scottsdale last week you said still 2 weeks until the new baby is due. Since you didn’t make any announcement in your blog I assume that date still holds. I am very excited for you and Jalynne! I look forward to more tweets of adorable Crawford babies. Wishing the best for your wife as she goes through what every mom can agree is the most brutal experience-labor then the most precious experience-motherhood.
You have the best hair but Angel, Morse and of course Belt are all looking fab! I love the fact that my SFG players aren’t “morning people” guess I just figured it came with your gig, pro sports early days, happy to be wrong.
Keep up the amusing and heart warming posts-see you in Phoenix for opening day!
Golden Glove this season goes to…you!
Best shortstop and great guy~!

Reblogged this on THE LIGHTER SIDE OF SPORTS and commented:
This funny and refreshing post by Brandon Crawford is a definate reblog! Brandon talks about hair, who’s is best and who primps over his. Surprising because they all have that casual, “I’m not trying” look about them while being increadibly delicious! He mentions the great fit Morse is for the team, a fact that I picked up on my first day in Scottsdale. That is one attractive BP team!
No baby yet but the Crawfords are soon expecting baby number two and I am thrilled for them. Ok then…enjoy!

love this blog Crawford. I could just picture you guys priming your hair.. lol

HA HA!! The Pelo Group! Love it! Yeah, you have to make Brandon grow his hair out now and dye it orange like in the commercial he shot. That would be sweet. Glad to hear that your wife is fine (and that was so wonderful of you to stay in the hospital with her). So looking forward to Morse contributing some power to the lineup. Learn everything you can from that guy. And of course, looking forward to your amazing plays. Enjoy Spring Training!

First time I’ve read the Brandon / Brandon post. Definitely fine to read as you get to know the team members on a more personal basis. I’ll keep reading them. Thanks!

♥♥♥♥ it !!! Thank You Brandon , great story!!!

you do have good pelo brandon!!! and i’m glad jaylene is out of hospital and everything is better:O)

LOL! Belt fits in your group because his “pelo” is on his face now! (At least the last news sportscast I saw locally). So funny to hear the details about behind the scenes. This is such a kick! Does Pagan know you disclosed his hair routine to us? haha… the detailed grooming of his facial hair is already a giveaway, though, so, technically, you should be safe. lol! 😉
So glad everything is good on the pregnancy front.
This blog is hysterical. Please keep them coming if you can!

Glad JaLynne is doing better. Morse a combo of DeRosa, Theriot and Pence? Get ready for all the LOLZ this season.

So much fun to hear behind the scenes info from you guys. We just moved down south to Padres/Angels country so it’s nice to hear news about the Giants. Been following the Giants since Mays/McCovey/Marichal days. Good luck. (Headed to Scottsdale next week for first time.)

LOVE the blog! Don’t ever stop – it’s fun to read!
Congrats on the new bundle!

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