Family, Then Baseball – Brandon Crawford

It’s nothing serious – dehydration from a stomach bug – but Jalynne had to spend last night(Tuesday) in the hospital. She’s less than two weeks from giving birth, so the doctors are being extra cautious. They hooked her up to an IV, and she told me to go home.

​“You have a game tomorrow,’’ she said. “Go home and get a good sleep.’’

“It’s a spring training game,’’ I said.

Even if it were a regular-season game, I’d still stay, especially knowing that Braylyn was in good hands with our close friends. Family comes first, no matter what you do for a living.

I slept on one of those hospital cots next to Jalynne’s bed. They are not the most comfortable things. Even so, I know I slept better being there than going home and worrying about her. This morning, the doctors said she was doing well but they needed to continue the IV drip.

I went to the ballpark, which happens to be right across the street from the hospital, and kept in touch all day by text and phone.  After I came out of the game, Jalynne texted that the doctors want her to spend another night. So I’m going home to play with Braylyn for a little while , then will go back to the hospital. I think I’ll bring my own pillow.

Lucky for me we have an off day tomorrow. Good timing.

I hope all this doesn’t sound worse than it really is. Everything’s fine. If it wasn’t, would I be taking the time to blog right now?

I have more stuff to share but I’ll do it next time.

Thanks for reading.

-Brandon C.


you’re a good husband and dad Values in the right place

Take care, both of you.

Best wishes for you and your family.

You have your priorities in the right place. I hope to meet you when I am at Spring training to tell you in person how much I appreciate your values.

Glad to see you have your priorities straight. Best of luck, happy thoughts and prayers for your family. Now I see why you are my Daughter in laws favorite player! Play ball!

Awww, hang in there Brandon! Best wishes for you both!🙂

Thank you Brandon for taking the time to post. It is quite amazing that you and Brandon Belt do this and share your lives with the fans. I am of another generation and more private but I do appreciate reading what life is like with a professional athlete. Wishing the best with the arrival of your new baby.

Hope Jaylnne is feeling better soon. You’re a good husband Brandon!

We all hope she is feeling better soon!

You are a good guy Brandon and you definitely have your priorities in order! Hope your wife is doing fine, and all goes well with the birth. You are awesome and one of my fav Giant players!

You are a wonderful husband and father. Not only that, you’re pretty good at baseball🙂 Hope all goes well!

Hope Jalynne gets to go home today! I bet it was comforting for her to have you there at night, hospitals are not a good place for sleep. I wish her a speedy and painless delivery with a healthy baby!!! All the best!

Your love for your family is very moving. Hoping all is well. Best wishes for you all….🙂

Sending positive thoughts your way! Family first I always say. Blessing to you and yours!

I am proud of you for doing this. Your wife is far more valuable than baseball.

Family ALWAYS comes first. You did the right thing by staying with her. Family is more important than baseball.

Yes, family comes before baseball, by a country mile. That is the right priorities.
I think it is good that the doctors are being conservative, while it’s not serious, I think it’s better to play it safe with a pregnant woman about to give birth. I think it is very cool and sets a great example that you are staying with her, even if it is not serious, that’s the way to be a great husband. Thanks for sharing, but don’t worry about updating us, unless it helps you keep your minds busy, in which case, blog away. All the best to you and your family.

I have a Jaylynne at home who is 6, and I pray the good Lord that one day she finds a loving and faith husband too. Your a great role model to what a loving father and husband should be. Many prayers and blessings to your family. Go Giants!

Sending positive thoughts to you and Jalynne. I’m sure things are all good. Sounds like she’s in good hands at the hospital. You’re doing a great job as a husband / father-to-be for the second time, and current father with Braylyn in good hands with friends, with everything that’s going on at the same time right now. Personal Air Traffic Control time. From interviews you’ve been in, you seem well-grounded. Exactly what Jalynne needs as her wing man right now. Tough timing, but, again, just from interviews – Boch and your teammates seem like they would be rallying on your side, too. A lot of dad’s on the team. We’re all behind ya! Hang in there. Doing good with the juggling act! We look forward to hearing about the new addition to the Crawford family and mini-SF Giant! :o)

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Family first, BC, always. I think you know you have a lot of extended Giants family as well, and we all care about you, your wife and kids. Take good care and try not to worry. You’re a terrific example on and off the field.

Giants always strike me as a family organization — even more so since Bochy came on board. I’m sure your teammates are all behind you and praying for JaLynne’s quick recovery and safe delivery of the newest little Giant. Besides, it’s spring training. Hope you get to bring JaLynne home on your off day (love her name because my middle name is Lynn, but no E at the end). Take care you two, and hugs to Braylyn.

Sending prayer and positive thought to you and Jalynne.

Okay Brandon, Please let us know that Jalynne is doing okay! Prayers and positive thoughts being sent your way.

Best wishes for Jalynne and your family. Will keep fingers crossed that all turns out well. Love to see that you are not shy about talking about what’s important to you ! It’s a good lesson for the kids who idolize ball players – A game is just that, a game, but family, and keeping priorities is really the most important things.

Definitely the right call. I hope everything’s okay for all of your girls!

Two more weeks….wow! That’s when the fun really began!!! Your a good husband kid. Oh and your fielding ain’t bad either!

Family first, BC! See you at the park!!

I hope your wife gets better🙂

Looking forward to a great 2014!!

I am so sorry that Jalynne had to go through this sickness and hospitalization! I hope that by now she is home safe and sound and preparing for the new baby.
Please let her know that this SF Giants fan is wishing her well and happy again.
Warm regards

The Osborn hospital is amazing – you should ask for one of the cushy recliners. I spent 2 nights on them when my boyfriend and I were down for spring training and he got appendicitis. Worst part of the entire experience is that we missed 2 days of baseball games!

So glad you were a husband first and a great Giant second, Brandon. I hope Jalynne is feeling 100% very soon. You need to be rested for the next big event and I’m not talking baseball here! Lol. Best wishes for everyone’s health in the next few weeks. Oh and GI GIANTS!

Brandon! !
First, so glad to hear that Jalynne is all right! Her health is too important to mess with. She is due soon, isn’t she? I will keep her in my good thoughts! Family should always come first. Second thank you for keeping up this blog. I really you guys are going to be great this year!!! Always play with heart, determination and integrity and you can never be faulted. Love you guys!!

hoping all is better by now….heading to Scottsdale in a couple of weeks! looking forward to seeing the team play the Rockies and the A’s. see you soon be well, family!

Hi Brandon, I am the only Blogger that “liked” this! I’m Kathy Dunn who is friends with Kim Bogart. I am the one who wrote to Kim about the young athlete teenager that has “cancer of the bone” in his leg. I am a medical assistant that works with his doctor that diagnosed him. I want to thank you for sending out a package to him! He is very sick and is due for surgery soon. (April 7th) He is one of your biggest fans!! I’m sure it will mean the world to him to receive something from you!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I really enjoy your blogs, and I am so happy you & your family are doing well!! Congratulations on your new baby!! Thank you again, Kathy Dunn

Family first, great example to family , friends, the world. We love you for that !!

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