As I Was Saying … – Brandon Crawford

I can’t believe how fast this off-season is going by. It’s been three-and-a-half months since I posted – way too long, I know. But I have excuses.

In my last post, I told you about a 12-day cruise through the Mediterranean with Jalynne planned for mid-November. It was my first time in Europe and got to see Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Cannes, Pisa, Dubrovnik. If I had to pick a city, I’d say I enjoyed Rome the most. So much history. You go to the Colosseum and can imagine 50,000 people – more than the capacity of AT&T — packing the place to watch gladiators and whatever other events they had there. You walk through the ancient ruins of the Forum and it’s like a movie set. And it’s right in the middle of the city.

I had a funny experience in Florence. Jalynne and I were walking across the Ponte Vecchio, a famous stone bridge on the Arno River. We asked an American girl if she would take our picture. She did. When she handed back the camera, she said, “By the way, are you Brandon Crawford?’’ It turned out she and her family were from the Bay Area. So Jalynne took a photo of them with me. Small world.

On the last day of the cruise, Jalynne and I celebrated our second anniversary. We had a really nice, relaxing day out at sea. But that night a storm hit, rocking the ship with huge waves and 100 mph winds. I have to tell you, it was scary. Jalynne, who was almost six months pregnant at the time,was especially happy to get back on solid ground and fly back home to Braylyn, who turned one a few weeks later on December 18.

We hosted a combination first-birthday party/Christmas celebration at our house in Scottsdale on December 22 for our families. There were 25 people! My immediate family plus my grandparents, and Jalynne’s immediate family plus a cousin. Plus husbands, wives, kids and significant others (including Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole, my sister’s boyfriend). Luckily Jalynne’s parents arrived a few days early to help with the cooking and setup. The weather was perfect for tables outside.

For New Year’s week we went to Park City, Utah, with Jalynne’s twin sister and her husband, my best friend and his wife, and my brother-in-law’s best friend and his girlfriend. It was the first time Braylyn had seen snow and she didn’t know what to make of it. We went dogsledding, snow-mobiling and snowshoeing. I didn’t join the others when they hit the ski slopes. I don’t know if skiing is prohibited in my Giants’ contract, but it’s just not a smart thing for me to do.

All the rest of the time, I’ve been working out at the Giants’ training facility with Cain, Romo and some minor league players. It’s great because our strength and conditioning coach and trainer are there. They can supervise the workouts and take care of all our aches and pains so nothing interrupts our preparation for the season.

I ended up finishing third in the Giants fantasy football league. Javy Lopez was my partner, so we talked almost every Sunday. I’ve kept in touch, mostly by text, with all the guys I played against through the football season, including Belt. He was 10-3 in the regular season; I was 6-7. But somehow I made it to the playoffs – and I beat him in the first round. Roger Kieschnick came in first with Romo and Hunter as his partners. Barry Zito came in second and Timmy fourth.

I’m a huge Niners fan, so last Sunday we had Dan Runzler and his wife Michelle and Jalynne’s brother Johnny over to the house to watch thegame. Not sure what we’ll do this Sunday for the Seattle game. We probably should have the same people. Don’t want to mess with our luck.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of you at FanFest, which is just around the corner. It will be great to be back in San Francisco, if only for the weekend. Then spring training. Jalynne’s due in March, smack in the middle of training camp. As Ron Wotus said on the phone the other day, we ought to plan the delivery to coincide with roadtrips to Surprise or Goodyear . . .

Just saw this afternoon that Clayton Kershaw signed a new contract with the Dodgers. As I said on Twitter: 7 more yrs . . . yayyyy . . .

Thanks for reading. Let me know how you’ve been spending your off-season. And what’s your one prediction for the 2014 season, other than a skinny Panda?

-Brandon C.


As you were saying 🙂 please invite the same people to watch the Hawks/Niners game. Don’t want to mess with good karma. Thank you Brandon (and Jalynne).

I predict a Giants win and definitely for Buster to fall in love with me haha

I’m predicting a Gold Glove for you, Brandon! Your defense is astounding!

Not sure about predictions but hoping no goblins messing with team energy this year ie less grouchy Bochy🙂

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I heard on Murph & Mac this morning that Pablo has lost over 40 lbs since the end of the season! Yay! Glad to read from you again! See you at the ballpark!!

Glad you’ve been having a nice off season with your fam !🙂 congrats on the second daughter ! I can’t wait for the season to start! I’ll hopefully get to more than one game this season. I predict you and the guys make it to the world series and win it !🙂 enjoy the rest of the off season and go niners !!!!! Beat the Hawks !!!!!

looking forward to the FanFest with a couple of friends. wonderful to be one of the schools invited to the brunch celebration for the Step Up To The Plate for education last month to say hello and hear about your Mom teaching 5th grade. glad you enjoyed Europe and survived the cruise. land seems safer, especially if you are not downhill skiing. thanks for the update. good luck with your training. see you soon!

So nice to hear from you. Your trip-other than the storm-sounds just luscious. Have fun with your family, and I’m looking forward to seeing you play.

I miss baseball so much. I listen to the XM MLB station. I spent the off season trying to wish away A-Rod and PEDs. Willie McCovey’s birthday was last week and I wish him well. Stretch and Jack Clark were my favorites as a little kid in the late 70s and early 80s, back when the uniforms were florescent orange with the ice cream sandwich colors on the sleeves. I got one of those jerseys for Christmas and wrote it to school for 6 months straight. We still finished last that year. It didn’t matter. My Crouix de Candlestick pin was found in the dryer lint screen more than once. Thanks for the blog Brandon. I enjoyed it last season. Kershaw’s locked down forever. Just hit B. Wilson hard, he is dead to me, just like Jason Schmidt and Juan Uribe. You don’t sign with LA and expect me to applaud you. Good luck, BC. Have a great year. This one is yours!

Yay! You’re back! Oh how I’ve missed Giants baseball like so many other fans! I can’t wait til Fanfest! Although I’m a huge Giants fan, I’ve never been to Fanfest. I don’t do large crowds, BUT I’m going to suck it up and go this year🙂 I spent the off season workin and hangin out with my 1st graders haha. I actually got to meet YOU back in December for the Step Up to the Plate grant award ceremony. 🙂 (I tweeted you the pic haha your kind wife retweeted it). I already have tickets to go to three Giants games already so thats exciting. I also been watching lots of basketball and of course, the 49ers. So good to hear from you! Congratulations on your upcoming baby girl! Hope you and the family are doing well. My prediction for the year is Giants will win the world series. Every other year, right? Have an awesome 2014 season!

Thank you for starting to blog again. I miss baseball so much…..not a football fan so I’m so looking forward to spring. I really want to do the cruise you guys did. Sounds fantastic except for the 100 mile an hour winds. Couldn’t help but feel especially sorry for Jalynne. My birthday was last week and my oldest son and his wife gave me a super present. I told them anything Giant would be fabulous but they really came through. It was a jersey with your name on the back!! Now all I need is tickets.Lots of exciting personal milestones for you and your family. Congratulations and best wishes. Go Giants!

Thanks for posting. Sounds like you had a good opportunity to get away from the pressure of baseball. I traveled to central america and I spent the holiday week in Miami, which was nice because I played all of the golf that I wanted. Of course, I followed the football and basketball teams that I root for, and I counted the days for baseball season to start again. Now I am looking forward to seeing you guys getting ready for the season in Scottsdale this year. In the meantime, I think the Niners look as good as anybody. Thanks again for posting. Go Giants!!!

No Brandon, it’s a Giant world, and a small stage with 9 men on it, and you have no idea how lucky you are to be one of them.

I am leaving this Sunday for a two week pilgrimage to Rome. I would love to know just one of your ‘must-see’ recommendations…whether it be food, drink, or whatever. Thanks!

Baseball season is almost here and I can’t wait!


So great to hear from you! Good luck with the last couple of months of your pregnancy together. My little girl is now a Sophomore at the University of Oregon. Unfortunately, the competition in the Duck’s football division was tough, and Mariota hurt his knee and wasn’t 100%, so they didn’t quite make it to the BCS Championships, but they played a great game at the Alamo Bowl. SUPER excited about the Niners-‘Hawks game next weekend. It might be the game of the year! Grew up in San Diego, so bummed the Chargers didn’t make it, but the sort of came through on a wing and a prayer as a Cinderella story to the playoffs. Watching Brady vs. Manning on Sunday, too, is going to be another great match-up to watch.

My prediction for 2014 is that you will make the All Star Team! And, sometime in the next couple of years you will win a Golden Glove. ‘Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of months!!


Well, since you asked, I’ve drowned by lack-of-baseball sorrow by becoming a Warriors fan! Definitely entertaining but I’m counting the days until Fan Fest and Opening Day. Love hearing your observations and stories! Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the boys back in action!

So good to hear from you!! Had a very busy offseason- but am so glad that pitchers and catchers report in less than 30 days!!! I am ready for baseball again and warm weather. Glad to hear that you had a nice trip and have been able to enjoy your offseason. I am hoping to make a trip out to SF this year to watch y’all play-will be my first visit to AT&T-any suggestions on must-sees and must do’s? Have a great spring training season and fabulous opening day! GO GIANTS!!

Yay! If the B&B blog is out of hibernation it must be baseball season! Always nice to hear what you guys are up to; thanks, Brandon. My off-season crutch has been working with my brother on a history of small fry baseball in our NJ home town. Lots of good memories!

Brandon! Yeah! So glad you’ve decided to keep on writing! I really enjoy reading the blog! Aside from the rough seas the cruise sounded wonderful. My husband would love to go to Rome and see the Coliseum and walk on the streets near…so much history! What have I done this off season, watched the Warriors, Sharks, 49ers. Tried not to bore my husband with too much Giants talk! LOL!! Counting the days to FanFest. Going with my mom! Utah sounds fun especially with little Braylyn! On behalf of all Giants…thanks for not Skiing! 🙂

I think you guys are going to be really good this year. You are all healthy. You will hit about .270 I know it and field beautifully as you always do! Brandon is going to take off after finally making those adjustment. Hunter will be fantastic. Mike Morse, if he can stay healthy, has prodigious power. Marco will be injury free and work his magic with his bat again and Buster will be back to being Buster!

Matt will rebound and Timmy will continue to become dominant again. And Ryan will be strong again. Tim Hudson is an excellent addition. You guys played with heart and passion last year just nothing worked out for you. Just play with the same heart and the breaks will change and you guys will be great again this season. Go Giants!!!

That should read “On behalf of all Giants FANS…Thanks for not Skiing!”

Thanks for posting! I cannot wait for baseball to start again! Congratulations on the second child! Enjoy the last month of the offseason. My prediction is you will win the Gold Glove this year! With how amazing your defense is, it’s only a matter of time until you win it! This is the year!

Predictions? I hope we have an amazing OFFENSIVE POWERHOUSE HITTERS AGAINST KERSHAW! Rotation is ROCK SOLID & A ISLANDER play for SF GIANTS! Hahahaha

So glad to see you back too blogging. I’m can’t wait for the 2014 baseball season to start. I’m super excited to see are giants go big this season. See you at Fanfest.

Glad you’re blogging again! We’ve missed hearing from you! The cruise sounded great and very much deserved. I’ve just been enjoying football season (Go Niners!), gigging with my band, Cruella, and getting ready for Fan Fest on Feb 1st. Very excited for baseball season to start again.
One cool thing about working in SF near AT&T, as I do, folks around here seem to wear Giants gear year-round. It makes waiting for baseball season a little easier.

P.S. I think we’re all happy you opted not to ski. 🙂

I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing about your trip and off season happenings! I predict that the Giants will be a force to be reckoned with in 2014…Go Giants!!!

I predict Kruk and Keip will not be happy with instant replay. San Francisco Giants
will have a better year and so will you. Your average with RISP will be 50 pts. higher and your defense will be showcased on espn highlights once a week!

Can’t wait for baseball to start. Congrats on new baby. It’s such a great time in ones life. I now take grandchildren to ball games. Let’s make Kershaw wish he’d chosen a different sport.
I enjoy your tweets. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

My prediction hasn’t changed and that is: This year all you will hear is “Fee Fi Foe Fum” 2014 is all about the SF Giants! It is my “golden year” and I live and die for my Giants baseball so…sorry every other team!
Congrats on the upcoming 2nd baby due sometime around Feb 22nd I hope. It’s a great day, my birthday and I will be spending it soaking up the Scottsdale sun enjoying being with my favorite guys ever during work outs, all wearing standard SFG smiles!
Sounds like you have had a great time with family during the off season but thankful that my favorite team is together, healthy, happy (just give Belt the 3 mill already) hope you are ready for an epic year!! I am!! I am feeling a “Gold Glove” for my fav SS.🙂
Will see you in Scottsdale!
Good luck with the baby warm regards and best wishes to both your girls.
Play bakk

Thanks, most of all for sharing your life with us here on this blog. Please don’t worry about not posting, you need to unwind during the off-season, I’m just glad it looks like you’ll be posting again this season. I think we all appreciate that.
I think we all also appreciate that your parents taught you well to consider your responsibilities to your team and not go doing something dangerous, like skiing or doing a wheelie on a motorcycle. ;^)
My prediction is that I think that you, Sandoval and Belt are poised for a breakout season, and that will help propel the Giants into the playoffs again, along with Back to the Futures seasons from Cain, Lincecum, and Vogelsong. Doing so will help the Giants continue to make a strong statement for being the Team of the 2010 Decade, which with two World Championship so far, the Giants are clearly in the lead.
Unless LA gets Tanaka, I would not worry too much about them in 2014, they just got really lucky mid-season and rode that into the playoffs, but as their playoffs showed, they weren’t ready for Showtime, because they are not as talented as the Giants were. Sure, they got Kershaw, but he can only pitch every 5 starts, and if Panda and the Two Brandons hit as well as I think you all will, even he might not be able to stop the Giants offense, led by a rejuvenated Buster.
Have a great year, I think if you can just stay healthy, you should have a good offensive year, which will help seal the deal on you having a good long MLB career. Since you are a local like most of us Giants fans, I think many of us live vicariously through your career and wish you a long successful career with the Giants. Thanks again for sharing!

Glad you had a great time in Europe and I am ready for Giants baseball!

So glad you & the boys are back, or will be soon. This will be my first year at FanFest, I don’t usually do crowds, but I’m going to brave it. I’m really excited about the season and hope to go to way more games this year, I went to about 8 last year so if I follow the instructions of the commercial I have to double that this year, right? Enjoy whats left of your “time off” & Good luck this season. I’m looking forward to more Brandon & Brandon blogs.

Hi Brandon, we are so excited baseball season will be starting soon! I’ve enjoyed following you and your wife on twitter and all the great photos of your family. We fans appreciate you all sharing with us. We wish you and Giants the best on this season and I’m so excited to be there on opening day! Next year we hope to make it to spring training, my 8 year old son would be in heaven to meet his idols!!!

Brandon, Great way to spend the Holidays, I wish I could have made it home. I too am from the Bay Area, born and raised. I’m going to do all I can to make it back to see at least one game. They wont even air a Giants game here unless we’re playing the (Uggg) Doggers, sorry to soon. HAS ANYONE TAKED TO MR. WILSON.

I wasn’t able to finish, As for Skiing, I lived in Lake Tahoe 13yrs and never skied once, I love the snow but speeding down a hill
on 2 sticks, no way, Any way good luck to you and I know you all will Kick Butt. Hope to see you there. My city by the Bay.

Congrats on a great offseason and your new daughter!! We will look for you at Fanfest and at Spring Training!! We’re taking the whole family again this year! Let’s go Giants!!!!

Hi, I’m new to reading your blog and enjoy it very much. You difinitaly have a new follower. I’m a school nurse and have been busy with the kiddies. I love being off during the summer and watching Giants baseball. We are planning a road trip to San Diego over the 4th of July to attend your series there. It’s nice to hear you and your family have enjoyed your off season time. See you at the ball park!

Thank you for keeping the fans updated with your offseason adventures. With this weather, I can’t wait for the season to start. Looking forward to the 2014 season!

We are looking for to returning to AT&T to cheer on our Giants! Brandon, thanks for posting and our best to you and your family for a great 2014.

Thanks for keeping in touch with all of your fans. You are one heck of a player, and a real asset to the game of baseball. It was great to read about your European holiday and your growing family. Play hard this season, but most importantly take good care of your health and body.

You are the hope for mankind. Family values.good goals.yummy to look at. Thanks for sharing your reality. Praise our Loving LORD

Gold glove at short stop.

Even year Baby! Go Giants!

Looking forward to see you at Spring Training. Congrats on the bun in the oven!

So glad for 7 more yrs I predict you hit more home runs and you have a healthy baby,And a great year classer look and a skinny Panda fun fun fun this year.

I’ve been following the G-men’s off season activities and staying in touch with the #ChurchOfBaseball via Twitter and Facebook. We’re all champing at the bit for Spring Training.

hi, just curious, why Surprise/Goodyear. Go Giants!

Hi Brandon. I’m so excited for you and Jalynne . I have 2 girls 2 boys and 3 grandsons. I grew up in San Francisco and lived there for 32 yrs. Were all big GIANTS
FANS!! Kids are playing basketball while waiting for baseball. My 15 yr. Old is also strengthening for baseball, were hoping for
Scholar Ship!! He’s good and GOD is great!
I will continue prayers for him and my Giants.
I wish your family all the best. God Bless

Going to Giants Spring Training 2014…Dinner with a few Giants players on Friday March 21…hope ur one of them!! Never been to spring training before but looking forward to having a “ball” …no pun intended!!! lol

Can’t wait for baseball to start but until then, football, hockey and the upcoming Olympics will keep me occupied. I am looking forward to The Brandon’s weekend which just happens to fall on my birthday weekend June 29th! Woohoo! Have fun in Arizona and congrats on the new baby. I predict you will be on the All Star team in 2014.

Just stay healthy throughout the season and you guys will be alright.

I sense a gold glove in your future… See you on Feb. 28th. The Bay Area Giants 12u team will be down there for a tournament that weekend. We will be at the Brewers game.

Happy Birthday Brandon! Have an awesome year.

Brandon — you are my favorite Giant! We have a UCLA household (my stepdaughter graduated from there) and I love your athletic play at SS. My wife’s fave is Hunter on the wall in front of the treadmill is he blasting a homer and ye turning a double play. Now that the Niners are out — my aching heart turns toward baseball. Hope you have a great year!

Welcome Back Brandon. Enjoy your blogging. And so HAPPY spring training is around the corner. I live for Giants baseball. This year is going to be Fabulous…

Thanks for the read! Congrats on the new addition to your family. My birthday false on the day of fan rest and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than at AT&T with my giants family! We just moved back to the bay so my prediction for this season is my butt in many seats this summer and a WS win😉 I think Belt is gonna have a stellar year and the Panda may blow away, he looks so skinny! Lol! You as always will be killin it on defense and I’d like to see you and belt have a “Brandon off” and see who gets more hits!!

Miss seeing all if your faces (and baseball pants), listening to K & k, john miller,flem, and the lovely Amy G!!! See you in a l weeks!!!

I predict another World Series run for the Giants. I think Tim Lincecum is going to come back strong with a 15+ win year and we’ll have strong offensive support this year. I hope we can surprise by signing Tanaka but, regardless, I see another exciting year for our team with a World Series appearance for sure.

I cannot wait until April! Good luck with your upcoming delivery. My son is expecting a baby girl on March 8th. Hope we all have beautiful, healthy babies. Go Giants!!!

OMG I was so excited to see a new post! Thanks for posting! How did you watch the 49er-Seahawk game? Man we were so close. I just tweeted to Jerry Rice on Twitter about how I was thinking the same thing he was. He posted that he was curious how the Niners would have fared in the Super Bowl with all those injuries that they sustained in that game. I guess the football gods decided it wasnt our year. On a brighter note, though, it IS an even year and based on the trend, I am gonna make a prediction for the playoffs and WS but don’t want to jinx it so I will stay mum. 🙂 Just play your hearts out every game like you guys always do cuz we believe in you! Can’t wait to see you all at fanfest!

Great to hear from you and thanks for dropping by fantasy camp again, us old timers really appreciate it!

Classic statement about Kershaw! I’m rolling! Hey, but you got plenty of time to figure him out now! barcelona was my fave city to visit, years ago. Cathedral Gaudi and Parco Nacional de Gaudi were awesome to see. Go Giants 2014!!!

Been spending the off-season waiting for baseball to start up! Best wishes to Jalynne and the new arrival…not to put any pressure but my birthday is March 4th, just saying…😉

My prediction for 2014 is 4 words: Gold Glover Brandon Crawford. You’re due, man!

See you and the crew at FanFest; my husband almost booked us for lunch with his mother on Saturday but I hastily reminded him!

My prediction is the Giants will win it all this year! After all it is an even year – 2010, 2012…

I have enjoyed the Niners’ run and love the Warriors, but have also appreciated reviewing some of those inspiring games that you guys played last September, when things were starting to gel. With key acquisitions and the ability to keep laughing with one another, I predict that, having taken the season series with dem Bums last year, you guys will play at a ridiculously high level when the occasion merits, and succeed in getting into the playoffs in whatever manner necessary. The Giants have proven that they can take their performance to the highest level, when playing on the big screen. I’ll put my money on our guys over the Dodgers, and buy the first round of beers with my winnings. Go Giants!

Always good to read your blogs, Brandon. Keep us posted about the new baby. Can’t wait to see you out in the field. I LOVE shortstops and you fill Omar’s footsteps exceedingly well! And I loved Rome, too.🙂

Congratulation on your new baby girl, the picture is so cute that was posted of your girls. So excited for the new season to get going, I see in the future a very good 2014 for you guys! Even years are a good thing. Take care and Go Giants, don’t stop believin.

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