Not Ready to Pack Up Yet by Brandon Crawford

Not Ready to Pack Up Yet

Hard to believe there are just three games left in the season. Jalynne has pretty much packed up all her stuff. I haven’t done anything. I like going home after games and just relaxing with my two girls. I don’t want to be packing up the apartment. So I’ll do it all next week. We have the apartment until October 15. No reason to rush. Then we’ll drive to Southern California and stay a few days before driving on to Arizona.

Though the road trip was long and we couldn’t wait to get home, we had a great time in New York. Jalynne was with me, then her parents flew in with Braylyn, and my dad and some family friends were there, too. Before everyone else arrived, Jalynne and I went to see Spiderman on Broadway. I don’t recommend it. Then we saw Jersey Boys, where we ran into Bochy and his wife, Sabean and his wife and scout Lee Elder and his wife.

We had dinner at a place near Central Park called Quality Meats. It sounds like a butcher shop but it’s a nice steak restaurant. We liked it so much we went twice.

The first day we were there, the team bus left the hotel at 1 for a 7 o’clock game. That’s way too early. So the next day, I asked Belt if he wanted to try taking the subway. I knew other guys were doing it. He downloaded an app that tells you where to catch the trains and which one to take. So we did that for the Mets and Yankees games. One guy recognized Belt when we were heading to Citi Field. “Hey, take it easy on us tonight,’’ the guy said.

It was cool to be at Yankee Stadium for the Mariano Rivera tribute. I obviously don’t know him personally, but it seems like he’s the perfect guy to model yourself after as a baseball player. It would have been cool to face him. I probably would have broken my bat like everybody else. Rivera throws a cut fastball and a two-seam fastball. If you’re a righty, the ball’s breaking away, so you’re either going to hit it off the end or you’re going to miss it. If you hit it off the end, you’re probably going to break your bat. Against a lefty, it’s the same thing except the pitch is coming inside and it’ll hit the bat near your hands. Against Buster, the pitch looked like it was going to be middle or middle-away, and instead it came boring down in on him and he got jammed. The bat broke into four pieces — and Buster kept them as souvenirs.

I was surprised the other day when reporters were waiting at my locker before the game. They presented me with their annual Good Guy Award. They said they appreciated how open and cooperative I was. A Good Guy Award is always nice wherever it’s coming from.  

          We have two big vacations planned. In November Jalynne and I are taking a Mediterranean cruise that starts in Barcelona and stops in Cannes, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Venice and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Jalynne’s been to Europe but this will be my first trip. Really looking forward to it. Then we’re spending New Year’s in Park City, Utah, with Jalynne’s twin sister and her husband, and my best friend and his wife. Braylyn’s not going on the cruise, but she’ll be with us in Utah. I’m sure she’s going to love the snow.

          I’m going to change my workouts a little this off-season. Last season was so long that I felt I needed to give my body a longer rest. But when I began throwing in December, my arm was really tight. So I’ll start throwing once or twice a week beginning next month then dive into more intense workouts in December. I also want to have a more consistent workout regimen throughout the season. I’m more tired than I should be and I lost 12 pounds over the course of the season, which has never happened before. I think it might be from not working my legs and upper body enough.

          Thanks for reading. And thanks for continuing to come out to the ballpark to support us. You don’t know how much it means to all of us.

          – Brandon Crawford


That is so cool that you guys rode the subway!! It would have been awesome to run into you. It was great to get to see my home town team play in my new City. Forever a fan.

Enjoy the off season! Can’t wait to see you guys back at it.


Great read! ‘Love the fact that you take the time. Thanks!

Loyal Fan. Go, Giants!

Nice blog, BCraw, as usual. The cruise will be nice. My wife and I did that on our 1st anniversary 10 years ago. The only difference is we started in Barcelona instead of Cannes, and went a day early to see the city. Of course, it’s beautiful. Enjoy!

Thanks, Brandon, for taking the time to write to the fans throughout this season. We love getting the player perspective and enjoy the insights you guys provide. Have a great off-season and please post at least one Mediterranean cruise report!

will miss you all terribly. i always go to the first exhibition game at ATT with my nephew and his son, and a friend. THAT is my official start, and it is great going in and smelling the grass, hearing the crack of the bats, breathing it all in again ! people who find baseball boring, just don’t see what i see. a practically over the shoulder catch that you get to scuttero in time for a dbl at first. can you not watch ( this was recent so in my mind ) that catch perez made running from far middle and ending on a heap by the visiting relievers pen at dodger stadium. the outfield arms that are like rockets and right on the money for an out. i have never watched a game when i didn’t see something new….and often hysterical. only baseball. it is magic.

I’m sad the seasons over! Gonna miss seeing ya guys play! Been to Italy. You’re gonna love it! Can’t wait to see some pics!

Insightful and thoughtful – thanks for this. Have a blast in Europe! Already looking forward to next season🙂

It would be great if you would continue to write even after the season to keep us all up to date on what’s happening in your life. We all enjoy reading this blog.

I really enjoyed the behind the scenes insight on what the traveling is like. What it’s like to have a spot in a major league clubhouse. I played in HS and I got benched my senior year for a junior that ended up getting drafted high. Best athlete I ever saw. He was the next A-Rod in my eyes. He didn’t make it past short season ball. A lot of respect for how far you’ve gone at the best position in the game.
Thank you Bandon, have a great off-season with your family. Think about blogging again next year.

I can’t believe there’s only 3 games left, too! I had to “retire” early (49) due to an injury and baseball season is awesome for me to pass some of the time! :o) I catch most of the games and I love watching you guys play. Such great players, great talent. ‘Just waiting for you to get your Golden Glove, Brandon C. :o) It can’t be far off. You must do hurdles in the off-season to practice jumping over the runner coming into second when you’re throwing to first for the double play. You never seem to flinch and it never seems to disrupt your throw. Those plays are so cool to watch, just like when Buster plucks a runner off of first. Those sweet moments that make you so glad you saw it live even if you couldn’t make it to a game. I hope everyone gets some rest and can heal all their injuries in the off-season and come back renewed for 2014. ‘Looks like we win the World Series in even years so next year will be our year again! lol! Thank you guys for such a great season. We had a great time!

Jonescommadeb, we get to a lot more games now that my husband’s retired — still not as many as I’d like due to time/money (we also help out his disabled mom) but we got lucky on StubHub for some good tickets at good prices. Missing Giants baseball already — how long till pitchers and catchers report?:-/

Thanks for being a team worthy of the sacrifices some of us make to come see you play. Win or lose, my kids and I wake up with smiles the morning after we get home from the game. Enjoy your rest. I just renewed our season tickets and saving up to come see you guys for spring training. Go Giants in 2014!

already miss my giants baseball, cant wait to see you all in spring training, enjoy your vacation!! and lets beat san diego! #GoGiants

Thanks for the blog post. I love reading about what you guys are doing. I’ll miss watching you guys play. Already excited for next year! Will you keep posting on your blog during the off season? Good luck in your last games! I’m always rooting for you guys!

I will miss watching you guys on TV like I have done all season but I know you Giants have other lives so take care and enjoy your cruise with your lovely wife and I’ll see the best team in the world in March for your exhibition games and April can’t come soon enough…God Bless…lets go Giants!!!!!👍👍👍

Thank you for writing such an interesting blog n sharing your personal life with us. Have a great winter and enjoy Europe. History everywhere you look. Be Safe and take good care of your girls. Happy time off.

Have a good off season. I am going to miss you guys. What a wonderful trip you have planned. Utah isn’t bad either. Take care, and I look forward to seeing you in 2014. Take care of your self and enjoy your family.

Thank you for sharing I have enjoyed reading. I am new to online and twitter so didn’t start reading till recently. I went to my 1st game at AT&T Park it was great. Be safe during the off season. I look forward to seeing you play again next season.

I hate to see the season end, I love watching the gaints so much u and belt and bum are my favorites, can not wait for march stay healthy enjoy the family lov to all fran

Have a great off season. husband & I will be at the last game on Sunday, can’t wait! Really enjoyed reading the Brandon/Brandon& Blanco blogs. Thank you

Brandon, it’s so awesome to read about your experiences on the road! As much as we’d all love to believe that you and the rest of the G-Men jump on BART or CalTrain to get to AT&T park every night; I’m sure it was nice just being able to ride the SUBWAY through the city like all those New Yorkers. However, if you keep winning all those “Good Guy” awards, you might have to start keeping a low profile everywhere you play!! Maybe pick up a couple Gold Gloves/ MVP’s along the way though. That’ll surely do the trick…everyone here in the Bay Area loves watching you play and wishes you all the best! Have a relaxing, and successful off season with the family. We’ll all be excited to see you guys back on the field for Spring Training!

Thx for taking the time this year to share with us. We appreciate it and can laugh about the “behind the scenes” scenarios about the Team and your every day life. Have a great break and enjoy your two girls. It will be great to hear how life will change even more (and for the better) with your family’s arrival of your new bundle of joy. Thanks for all your contined hard work both on and off the field!

As a fan, I’m not ready to pack it up yet either! Regardless of the disappointing season, I still enjoy watching you guys play. Thanks for doing your best every day. I’m always upset when you aren’t in the line up. Enjoy your time off. You will love your cruise. Barcelona is a fascinating city. The others I haven’t seen yet but that cruise is on my bucket list. Utah not so much! Don’t ski so I’ll stay where it’s warm. Thanks also for taking the time to write this blog. we love to get a glimpse of who you are off the field. See you at spring training!

I am so sad the season is coming to an end. I am soooo going to have baseball withdrawl of my Giants!!! I wanted to Thank You for your posts and really enjoyed reading them. IHave a good RESTFUL season off. I’m going to miss you guys for a while!!!

Thank you for blogging during the season. It has been great to hear the inside scoop on what all goes on. I have watched the whole season this year – a first for me – and am hooked for life. You have made it special with your playing and hard charging effort at your game. Have a great off season and please do continue the blog. I will check in and see if you are. See you in the run for the ring next year.

Everyone said it better than I can, but please know how much I LOVE these blogs, and how much we’re gonna miss you guys. I’ll be there Sunday to say goodbye in person!

Thanks for your sharing your thoughts and experiences throughout the season. What a great gift to your fans. I heard a player (on another team) say, basically, “it’s none of your business” to an innocent fan question posted online the other day. He’s right, of course. One’s family life, and team experiences, etc. aren’t really our business at all. But, I think that fan was deeply hurt by the reaction their simple question got. Taking the time to do this blog is very special to us fans! We know how hard you worked this season and it’s so sad that the Giants’ season will end too soon. But, what a great treat to follow along with you — watching the games and then getting your inside skinny on life as a Giant! We’re behind you 100%! Enjoy your break, Brandon … because next season will go way into October!🙂

I’m soo going to miss watching the Giants! Have a great offseason Brandon!!

I’ve enjoyed your posts; learned some things about baseball and about your family. Have a great off-season, and fun trips. Don’t break anything skiing or boarding!! Congratulations on the accolades from reporters. Looking forward to next season.

I really love reading your blog. It’s so insightful for the inter-workings of baseball, as well as, you as a person. It’s been great getting to “know” you. I am sure you don’t realize how special that is for a fan, but it is. Thank you.

Brandon; Thank you for being connected to your fan base. Wish you well this off season and look forward to next season.

Thanks for the blog. I’ve enjoyed reading them. Have a great off season with your family. Looking forward to watching you play next year.

Thanks for the Blogs this season. It is always great to hear about your experiences. Plan to spend a couple days extra in Barcelona if you have he time, we were inSpain earlier this summer. Barcelona was one of our favorite cities. You have to visit Gaudis Segarda Familia! Also nothing better than the Spainish Rioja Wine. Sorry Jalynne.

Loved watching you all play this season and loved watching my 8 year old son grow to love baseball and knowing he will likely be a lifelong Giants fan. Thank you for taking the time to do this blog and we are going to miss you all, April can not get here soon enough!

Thank you very much for taking time from your busy schedule to share insights & stories of yourself, your family and the team. Your honesty, hard work and humility inspire us, your loyal followers. You guys are AWESOME!
Have fun on the off-season!
We look forward to 2014!

We love you guys! Have a great vacation!

Thanks, Brandon and Brandon and Blanco too! I so enjoyed your posts. I hope there will be more next season.

Brandon! just wanted to say thank you. Things didn’t turn out as we all expected but you guys played with heart, trying everyday to win even after you guys were out of it. You stayed true to each other and stuck together. That made me happy and proud. Love you guys!! I said that a lot last year and I mean it even more this year. have a wonderful and relaxing off season. I know that you guys will turn it around next season!

Thank you for sharing all season long and for the second year in a row. Any hope for a third season? One can dream…

Have fun on your cruise! Sounds fun!

I am looking forward to see your progress next season. That injury really messed you up, and whatever you can do to help you stay strong all season would be great. I would think your trainers would have a word or more on what you could do so that you are not too tired late in the season.

Have a great off season, thanks for all your hard work and good play! And go Giants!

Thanks for the postings, and for your great dedication to the Giants. Have a great off- season and enjoy your trips. Ever think of spending a couple weeks of your pre-training with Barry Bonds? I think he could be a real mentor for you. Just a suggestion……….

Hello Brandon from Sydney, Australia. Thanks so much for the blog – it’s fun and informative reading about your life. We miss the ballgame already – my son Tim and I are keen Giants fans and my grandson Morgan has even made sounds about wanting to play for SF when he’s older. He’s 8. We have our tickets for the two opening games at the Sydney Cricket Ground in March and cannot wait to see two National League games, even without Our Giants. It’s going to raise the profile of the game here so it’s all good. In Barcelona make sure you go here

and here

Have a great time and thanks again.

My mom, a dedicated Giants fan for 65 years, passed away on September 27, 2013. My husband hasn’t been a fan of MLB for yeas and became a big fan this year while watching the Giants as we cared for Mom. We even made it to a couple of games. We plan to attend more in 2014. You and your teammates made a difficult time better for all of us and we thank you.

Plus I just love your arm! Let’s go Giants!

booked for Scottsdale in March! looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the team. have a wonderful cruise and holiday with family and friends. thanks very much for sharing your season with interested fans–we very much enjoy being part of the Giants Family. Congratulations on your award:-)

Brandon’s we love you and can’t wait for 2014 to start! Have a great off season.

Sabean and Boch– we love you too,
but come on DON’T BLOW IT WITH

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